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linuxperiaHi all. I am trying to copile ubuntu toch but i am getting this error when doing the compile: "including hardware/ril/libril/Android.mk ...05:36
linuxperiabuild/core/base_rules.mk:134: *** hardware/ril/libril: MODULE.TARGET.SHARED_LIBRARIES.libril already defined by device/xyz/xyz"05:36
linuxperiaCan anybody tell me how to fix this problem ?05:36
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FreezingColdCan I switch from Unity to another DE?06:50
FreezingColdOr no?06:50
Aybekour company wants to make phones/ produce on ubuntu touch11:08
AybekWhat are the minimum requirements for device11:10
popeyI don't think that's documented anywhere that I've seen.11:10
Aybekand where do we should start11:12
AybekIs it possible to choose any smartphone and remake ubuntu touch\11:13
Aybeki am sorry for my english11:15
Aybekhello are you here?11:15
popeyIt's quiet in here because it's the holidays.11:15
popeymore people will be around at the start of January, from the 5th11:15
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kiyakse puede instalar ubunto en un Xperia NEO V ?13:44
kiyakperdon ubuntu13:44
xperiahi all. does a phablet-4.0.4_r2 exist ? i have tryed to download it but it gives me allways a error.13:45
kiyakI have a Xperia Neo. Does someone know if can i install ubuntu on it?13:47
taiebotMerry xmas all. I am abroad and i am still facing issues with my carrier due to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/1323837 would there be anyone here with some knowledge on how to hack ofono to get stk15:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1323837 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Sim toolkit is not available on UT" [Wishlist,Triaged]15:05
taiebottrying to test test-stk-menu in usr/share/ofono/script but  i am getting this error File "./test-stk-menu", line 373, in <module>15:19
taiebot    stk.connect_to_signal("PropertyChanged", property_changed)15:19
taiebotNameError: name 'stk' is not defined15:19
taiebotlooking at https://gitorious.org/meego-ux/meego-app-satk/source/6296ebb569697c5a80ee6b518ccf8c331d7cb840:doc/sim_toolkit_design_draft.txt#L18 maybe there is some stuff i could use here15:53
taiebotanyone to port this to ubuntu touch?15:59

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