Azelphurstumbled upon this with my daily deal hunting, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vodafone-Smart-Turbo-Pay-Handset-Black/dp/B00MRS0C2400:09
Azelphurlooks pretty swish actually00:09
penguin42not bad for the money, although might be worth checking Argos's sale, they normally have good deals on phones00:11
Azelphurdoubt you'll find much cheaper than that, quad core with 4G for £6000:12
daftykinswhat's the unlocking potential like?00:13
Azelphurno clue, I literally just read the specs on paper00:14
daftykinswe have our own telcos :<00:14
daftykinsor is that :>00:15
penguin42Azelphur: Watch out for the quadness, some of them are poor spec cores00:16
penguin42Azelphur: The A7 cores are low spec cores00:17
penguin42Azelphur: I mean still better than 2 A7 cores, but slower than the equivalent A15 cores00:17
penguin42Azelphur: But people go 'woohoo quad core' and don't really notice it's 1.2GHz A700:17
Azelphuryea I guess, I figured 1.2ghz quad would be fine00:18
Azelphurthe Nexus 4 was a 1.5ghz quad and it was really nice, still is00:18
Azelphurbut yea, I suppose I should pay more attention to whether it's a crappy core00:19
penguin42Azelphur: Yeh but those were 1.5GHz Krait's00:19
penguin42I'm not sure of the performance diff between a krait and an A700:19
penguin42Azelphur: The octocore machines that have 4 fast, 4 slow, I think tend to have the A7's as the slow, and A15 as the fast00:20
AzelphurI see :)00:20
daftykinsshame Google ignore the flaws with the Nexus 400:21
penguin42Azelphur: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P4WtPGVHF-qFJbuR0LnM-kj15CzZAIAJQYUkMbvpRas/edit#gid=000:22
penguin42(from a bit of googling)00:22
Azelphurthat's a useful chart00:22
penguin42Azelphur: So I don't know if that's actually accurate, but that's saying an A7 is 1.9DMIPS/MHz, and an A15 is 3.5, Krait is 3.300:22
penguin42Azelphur: so a quad A7 just about scrapes past a dual Krait, and is slower than a dual A15 (just)00:23
AzelphurI see00:23
penguin42Azelphur: Milage may of course vary, past performance is no guarantee of future gains....00:24
daftykinsAzelphur: just a thought, if you haven't made any progress, have you thought about trying a cyanogenmod channel for anyone that might use chromecast? regardless of using said ROM of course00:39
AzelphurI asked on #android and some dude told me to use localcast which didn't work00:39
ali12341moto g is the best deal at the moment01:26
ali12341140 unlocked, android 5.0, dual sim or 4G01:26
ali12341also we just did the chromecast thing here01:28
ali12341worked fine, watched some iplayer and it was near-HD quality01:28
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mapitoso whos seen the interview05:00
shaunoI don't really plan to.  it doesn't really sound worth watching05:24
mapito9/10 on imdb tho05:25
shaunoit was 9/10 before anyone had seen it.  for the same reason slovakia voted to name a bridge "chuck norris bridge".  you can't trust the internet to vote :)05:26
mapitoso who wa behind the 'hack'05:26
shaunoif I was a betting man, my money would be on TeamGhostShell05:28
shaunothe NK angle just seems highly illogical.  they'd shared everything they had and torched the remains long before anyone made the connection with this movie05:31
shaunothat's not what you do if you're trying to use it as leverage05:31
mapitohow did they get into sony servers does anyone know what the vulnerability was05:33
shaunofrom what I've read, it sounds quite likely they had inside help05:33
shaunoand sony's reputation for security seems so bad that someone holding the door open would go a whole long way05:34
mapitowhat about the nk hack..didnt they steal fury?05:35
shaunothis is a pretty hilarious read from 2007; http://www.cio.com/article/2439324/risk-management/your-guide-to-good-enough-compliance.html05:36
shaunoit does start to paint a picture that perhaps drawing blood from their network isn't quite the feat it sounds05:41
mapitohowcome oure still up?05:59
mapitoyoure argh05:59
shaunoheh, I'm at work06:06
mapitotill what time06:09
mapitoyou work from home yea?06:09
shaunonope, in the office, till 606:09
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MooDoomorning all09:40
zmoylan-piyou might have to wait for the turkey coma to wear off for more responses... :-)10:24
DJonesMorning all10:33
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:59
SuperEngineerHoHoHo [whoops. 1 day out out]11:22
popeyYo yo yo!11:25
* Azelphur waves11:33
Azelphurboxing day sales aren't doing much, anyone see any cheap ~1TB drives?11:33
SuperEngineerAzelphur, yes - but it's busy doing backups... thanks for the concern though ;)11:35
zmoylan-pimight get bargins in russia for hard currency? :-/11:35
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* SuperEngineer loves the way the VLC icon has a Santa hat on it during Christmas11:50
zmoylan-pior plume replaces notification noise with sleigh bells11:50
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SuperMattI've made the switch to the gnome edition :)15:36
SuperMattI'm going to make the switch at work too, I just think it's that little bit nicer than using regular ubuntu with gnome installed16:29
shaunohm, here's a fun one.  I need to find a dns server that doesn't reply to tcp requests.  I suspect I may as well skip this step and go straight to headbutting walls16:32
penguin42but anyway, a firewall entry should solve that16:33
shaunotrying to 'prove' a really weird scenario - one that does appear to be affecting customers, but everyone claims shouldn't16:35
penguin42ok, so just add a firewall rule to block tcp connections on port 53 with whatever form of 'block' you want16:35
shaunowe have a loadbalancer that only replies to udp.  platform maintain this isn't an issue because it serves no 'large' requests, so tcp should never be required16:36
shaunonow I appear to be running into customers who are only allowing 53/tcp outbound (not sure whether it's intentional .. they're in India)16:37
penguin42yeh they're just wrong16:38
shaunothey're all wrong.  I want to bang their heads together.  but each claim it isn't a problem because it works for everyone else16:39
penguin42what's the largest valid udp sizes you're seeign?16:39
shaunohonestly, no idea, I'm quite removed from the actual operations16:40
shaunobut the loadbalancers serve no complex requests.  just 2 A records16:40
penguin42shauno: Curiously wikipedia has a piece of text that says 'Some resolver implementations use TCP for all queries.' but doesn't say which16:40
shaunohm, that's an interesting one.  if I can prove that, it might be just the blunt instrument required to correct our side16:43
penguin42shauno: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Domain_Name_System#Protocol_transport16:44
* penguin42 saw a segway tour underway near me earlier; it seemed very leisurely and boring17:12
mapitowhat to do17:43
mapitoive used a segway17:43
zmoylan-pithe cops use them here, looks a little silly17:43
mapitohard at irst tbh..and i cant imagine using one all round a town17:43
mapitolike in the Prague and that they do tours around the city on a segway17:44
mapitoin busy areas..i wouldnt fancy using one:D17:44
penguin42this was in a park17:44
shaunoaye I've seen the cops in dublin using them.  they look hilarious.17:44
mapitodoes seem odd17:44
mapitotheyre quite expensive too iirc?17:45
zmoylan-pithey do put the cops a few inches above the crowd so might be good in that respect17:45
mapitowhats wrong with a good ole push bike:17:45
shaunoI think they should just walk.  they ought to be approachable - not ducking out their way because they managed to balance some fat guy on 1 wheel17:45
zmoylan-picheap segways only have 1 wheel? :-)17:46
shaunoI figure if it's dublin, there'll be a brick under the other wheel17:46
zmoylan-pilook for gardai going in circles...17:47
* zmoylan-pi puts rubber mat under the humming equipment to eliminate the noise23:30
penguin42zmoylan-pi: Depends how desperate you get: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-q-0aWnlSYz0/VGN6RVUMkrI/AAAAAAAAEyM/-l7EJz5Re04/w1079-h809-no/SAM_2842.JPG23:32

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