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cmaloneyGood morning13:43
cmaloneyHappy Boxing Day and all that.13:43
rick_h_lots of boxes at the road for trash pickup14:40
rick_h_or do you a different boxing?14:40
cmaloneyJust got back from taking Dad-in-law to hospital for a test15:57
cmaloneyand then went to Microcenter15:57
cmaloneyas you do15:57
rick_h_hope all is well16:06
rick_h_and that microcenter had good toys16:06
cmaloneyDropped a new CPU cooler in my machine18:38
cmaloneyMuch quieter now.18:38
cmaloneyLike noticably quieter18:39
brousch_I ordered a Lenovo Miix 2 11" with 8B RAM23:46
brousch_$540 used23:49

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