Kiloshi magespawn gremble theblazehen_  and other lurkers05:52
magespawngood morning Kilos05:57
Squirmhey folks07:16
Kiloshi Squirm 07:23
SquirmMerry Christmas to all for yesterday07:24
Kilosty lad and the same for you, hope you had a good time07:28
Kilosat least no work07:28
SquirmYeah, flying back to Cape Town on Sunday, work on Monday, then kind of... off, but "on-call" for the rest of the week07:40
SquirmI should be at work, but I'm taking leave to spend time with the gf07:40
SquirmBut because I should be at work, I can't really go anywhere07:41
Kilosgood to spend time with gf, it is boxing day after all07:43
grembleGood morning Kilos 07:45
magespawno/ Squirm gremble 07:50
grembleHey magespawn 07:51
grembleDid you get your kids' tablets working?07:52
SquirmKilos: next week07:57
Squirmhey gremble, magespawn07:57
magespawngremble yup they happily playing away08:02
grembleHey Squirm 08:13
grembleI think I can get used to haskell :o08:20
Kilosgremble: how solid do you sleep09:44
Kilosdid you hear the big storm at 1.30 this morning09:45
grembleI was on the other side of the mountain09:49
grembleI was awake when I saw it09:49
Kilossjoe, the big bangs woke me10:04
Kiloswb magespawn what happened10:54
Kilosvoda hopper11:03
Kiloshi Cantide 14:00
Kiloshouse our korean14:00
Cantidehello :p14:01
Cantideich weiss nicht14:01
Cantidemy first class is on Jan 5 :p14:01
Kilosyou learning german too14:01
Cantidemy dad's first language is German14:04
Cantidei'm terrible at it though :/14:04
Kilosso what are you actually,  a teacher or lecturer or what?14:09
Cantideteacher :p14:13
Cantidemore like a private tutor14:13
Cantidethat teaches students 1:114:13
Kilosand you still working with IT stuff?14:15
Kilosand ubuntu14:16
Cantidenot so much14:17
Cantidebut i do some English editing for a software development company14:17
Cantidejust using Ubuntu to program some arduinos these days14:18
Cantideand for personal use14:18
Cantidei'm gonna sleep! good night!14:18
charlgood afternoon14:31
charlMaaz: coffee on14:31
* Maaz puts the kettle on14:31
magespawnhello charl 14:32
magespawnMaaz coffee please14:32
Maazmagespawn: Alrighty14:32
Kiloshi charl wb magespawn 14:34
KilosMaaz: coffee please14:34
MaazKilos: Yessir14:34
magespawnty busy working through the mysql tutorial14:35
MaazCoffee's ready for charl, magespawn and Kilos!14:35
KilosMaaz: ty14:35
MaazYou are welcome Kilos14:35
magespawnMaaz botsnack14:35
MaazThank you thank you, munch munch chomp chomp14:35
charlMaaz: danke14:36
charlhi Kilos 14:36
charlhi magespawn 14:36
charlmagespawn: learning mysql ?14:37
magespawnyup that is the idea14:45
magespawni bought a book called 'A Guide to SQL', but all the database info that is available for download for the exercises is for Access14:46
magespawnso i thought it would be a good exercise to create them all myself anyways14:48
Kilossjoe i have a fat book magespawn called mastering sql14:48
Kilos845 pages14:49
Kiloswritten by Martin Gruber14:52
Kilosi got books ill never understand, can share them14:56
magespawnback again14:58
Kilosmagespawn: run mtr -i2 -s0 -n
Kilossee if it helps you stay online14:58
magespawnnah i just had to change my connection, tablets are running out of a data14:59
magespawnyup the pdf manual from the mysql website is 3868 pages, single side so halve that for a book15:01
magespawnstill a nice long read15:02
Kilosif you interested i can post you this one in the new year15:10
Kilosor someone can fetch15:10
Kiloshmm... chanserv also decided to have a short break15:12
magespawnmaybe it ran out of data too15:13
Kilosthis book is old. my niece used it at tech15:16
Kiloshas stuff changed15:17
magespawni do not think that much but i do not know15:18
magespawnthis is my first look at it15:18
Kilosat todays prices for books it must cost spanne15:24
magespawncomputer books are always expensive15:46
Kiloswell if you get into it , this one is yours15:46
charli have never purchased a computer book in my entire life16:03
charli learn everything online by reading official manuals, googling, asking around and figuring stuff out for myself16:03
charli find that mostly computer books give you a very limited view of the software16:04
charlthe view of the author16:04
charlmost examples in computer books can also be done much better and you can learn much more from the official manual16:04
charlwhen you raed many java books for example they learn you blatant bad practices and give you terrible and often ridiculous examples16:04
magespawni have a few, i still like to read from paper16:05
charlwhat about e-paper magespawn ?16:05
charli had a kindle for a while but i hated it16:05
charlthe e-paper was great to read from though16:05
charlbut the rest of the device just sucked16:05
magespawnwhen i get a kindle or gobii that would be awesome16:06
charlgobii? never heard of that before16:06
charlyou should ask richard stallman what he thinks of a kindle16:06
magespawni am trying to sort out a hoteldruid install on my local machine, but i keep getting The requested URL /hoteldruid/ was not found on this server.16:07
charlhe said the name is a good name because you are setting fire to your books16:07
magespawncharl: gobii is from kalahari.com16:07
charloh it's a smartphone?16:08
magespawnthey do smart phones and e-readers as well16:08
charllooks a bit like the wolfgang devices16:10
charlcheap branded chinese-made devices16:10
charlthe aldi sells those here16:10
magespawnthey quality seems okay, i have played with a few16:11
charlthe big problem with the kindle is that they can remotely wipe data off your device16:11
magespawnsuperfly said apparently they stopped doing that because of the backlash16:11
charlit still doesn't change the fact that they have a permanent backdoor into your device16:13
charlvia the global umts network16:13
charlafaik it is possible to just permanently run it in airplane mode though16:14
charlso that the umts interface is disabled16:14
Kiloshi samkelo welcome to ubuntu-za16:18
samkelo8ta kilos16:19
Kilosgood ty and you?16:19
magespawni can reach the apache default config page just not the hoteldruid16:19
samkelois there anyone here who uses Cinelerra?16:21
Kilosvery few peeps here at this time, what is that thing?16:21
samkeloit's a non-linear video editing software for linux.... it's rted as one of the best , if not the best16:24
samkeloonly the source code is released... The compiking and packaging (where applicable) is mainly done by the person who wants to install it,,,16:27
Kilosoh my16:28
Kilosso you want to install it16:28
Kilosfrom source16:28
samkeloit's more suitable to 64-bit ... I have a 32-bit machine and needed assistance in installing it as I am running into errors here and there16:28
Kiloscharl: give a hand16:29
samkeloyep... I have been trying to install i from its source16:29
samkelobut to no avail16:29
samkeloits not available on any of the ubuntu/debian repositories16:30
KilosThere is a Cinelarra PPA-- Personal Package Archive-- for Ubuntu users16:31
Kilosi looked here http://www.linux.com/news/software/applications/693365-top-3-linux-video-editors16:31
samkelothanks.. I will try it out16:32
KilosMaaz: google Cinelarra PPA--  for ubuntu16:32
MaazKilos: "cinelerra : “Cinelerra-CV” team - Launchpad" https://launchpad.net/~cinelerra-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/ppa :: "Cinelerra" http://cinelerra.org/ :: "11.10 - How do I install cinelerra? - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/68142/how-do-i-install-cinelerra :: "installation - Step to step how to install Cinelerra - Ask Ubuntu"16:32
Maazhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/67164/step-to-step-how-to-install-cinelerra :: "Install Cinelerra Video Editor in Ubu…16:32
Kiloslook at the first link samkelo 16:33
Kilosmaybe this one is better16:33
Kilosnon-linear video editing software for linux16:33
Kilosbut the ppa should work16:34
Kiloswb magespawn 16:35
samkelothanks guys... i will give it a try 16:35
Kilosoh this the paw one16:35
Kilosyw samkelo 16:36
Kilosyou also welcome to visit here all the time16:36
=== magespaw1 is now known as magespawn
charlreading the log...16:51
charlsorry i have no experience with cinerella myself, never even heard of it16:52
charli can only tell you what google can tell you :)16:52
Kiloshehe i think the ppa will help him charl 16:55
magespawnaha got it working, the file permissions were incorrect16:59
Kiloseish magespawn them permissions cant drive one nuts17:00
Kiloswe gotta get rain tonight and tomorrow. temps are 19/23°c17:02
magespawnindeed, espcially since it installs from the ubuntu software center, one would assume that it would work17:05
Kilosyeah i hope so for his sake, installing from source drove me nuts17:08
Kilosmosoons in malasia now17:11
Kilosai! now i dunno if its now or old news17:12
Kiloslooks like old news17:13
afrodeitymerry xmas17:30
Kilosha afrodeity you still alive?17:30
Kilossame to you ty17:30
afrodeityvery much so17:31
afrodeityhi kilos17:31
afrodeitytardis issues17:31
inetprogood morning 17:43
Kiloshi ho inetpro 17:43
charlmorning ?! :D17:43
charlhi inetpro 17:43
Kiloshe is a crazy mixed up kid17:44
inetprouh, guess I lost the sense of time, sorry charl 17:44
charlrelax man it's the holidays :)17:45
charli only got up at around noon myself today so i'm no one to speak17:45
afrodeityit is 2014?17:46
charlhave a good evening all20:09
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:09

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