TypoUbuntu /j #hackrf00:02
betehess_hi, does an EFI partition have to be /dev/sda1?  I am trying to create it after the fact so gparted would label it /dev/sda5 in my case00:03
daftykinsit's preferred to be but it might be ok without00:03
betehess_boot-repair doesn't find it00:03
daftykinswhat's the setup?00:04
betehess_I made it fat32, and it's located at the first sector00:04
betehess_daftykins: give me 1 minute00:04
betehess_daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9620429/00:04
betehess_that's the report by boot-repair00:05
betehess_it doesn't give me the option of the EFI partition location00:05
daftykinseww encryption00:05
betehess_no choice00:05
daftykinszero experience with boot-repair i'm afraid :(00:06
daftykinslooks like a mac though, i thought they got angry with EFI ubuntu?00:06
betehess_daftykins: thanks for looking!00:06
daftykinsmaybe it's different for different models00:06
EriC^_betehess_: is it a mac?00:08
betehess_EriC^_: yes, MBP 11.200:08
betehess_or something like that00:08
daftykinsi believe the mac pages have the command to run to pull the model off to double check00:09
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages00:09
EriC^_betehess_: ok are you in a live session right now?00:09
daftykinstook your time there ubottu, must be on the sauce this Christmas (tut tut)00:09
betehess_daftykins, EriC^_, yes it's a 11.2 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro11-2/Saucy00:09
betehess_running 14.04 thought00:10
EriC^_betehess_: ok, have you mounted anything?00:10
betehess_EriC^_: I cannot boot, because I don't get prompted for the passphrase for my encrypted volumes anymore00:10
betehess_i am on a live-cd00:10
betehess_can mount the partitions00:11
EriC^_betehess_: ok, type sudo apt-get install pastebinit00:11
EriC^_then type mount | pastebinit00:11
betehess_EriC^_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9620500/00:12
wthi, I am trying to figure out why my machine will not upgrade the linux-firmware package. It doesn't appear to be in a held state.00:12
betehess_EriC^_: that's from the live session00:13
wtI am running on 14.1000:14
wtI upgraded a bit ago00:14
EriC^_betehess_: sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 blavolume00:14
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EriC^_betehess_: what's the 30gb partition?00:15
EriC^_the 8gb one is swap?00:15
betehess_EriC^_: /, then swap, then /home00:15
EriC^_betehess_: sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 root_volume00:16
betehess_EriC^_: done. nautilus even opened the volume00:16
EriC^_betehess_: hmm00:16
EriC^_type mount | pastebinit00:16
wtI actually have a number of packages in this state.00:17
phoebeHello community. I am planning to install ubuntu on my samsung np 350e7c but am a little concerned about the UEFI thing, specifically bug #1040557. Do any of you have any experience with this?00:17
ubottubug 1040557 in linux (Ubuntu Quantal) "UEFI boot live-usb bricks SAMSUNG 530U3C,np700z5c laptop" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104055700:17
betehess__EriC^_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9620541/00:17
EriC^_betehess__: try sudo mount --move /media/xubuntu/10bc3b87-d1fe-4d49-8e40-abc258517d85 /mnt00:18
betehess__EriC^_: done00:19
EriC^_betehess__: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot00:19
betehess__EriC^_: looks fine00:20
EriC^_sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/boot/efi00:20
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betehess__EriC^_: xubuntu@xubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/boot/efi mount: mount point /mnt/boot/efi does not exist00:20
betehess__EriC^_: didn't pasted the newline00:21
EriC^_ok, type ls /mnt00:21
EriC^_or mount | grep /mnt00:21
EriC^_and paste the lines here00:21
EriC^_just the mount | grep /mnt00:22
betehess__$ mount | grep /mnt /dev/mapper/root_volume on /mnt type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks2) /dev/sda1 on /mnt/boot type ext4 (rw)00:23
betehess__sorry, the webchat really sucks :-/00:23
EriC^_it's ok00:24
EriC^_why is there no efi in /mnt/boot00:24
EriC^_betehess__: try ls /mnt/boot00:24
EriC^_is there an efi dir?00:24
EriC^_and grub dir?00:24
betehess__EriC^_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9620573/00:25
EriC^_betehess__: ok type ls -ld /sys/firmware/efi00:25
betehess__EriC^_: it's there:    drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 0 Dec 25 23:25 /sys/firmware/efi00:25
EriC^_ok, so you're booted in efi00:26
EriC^_let's create the efi then00:26
betehess__EriC^_: I think the livecd (it's a key) does that00:26
EriC^_sudo mkdir /mnt/boot/efi00:26
EriC^_we'll have grub install the stuff00:26
EriC^_sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/boot/efi00:27
betehess__EriC^_: worky that time00:27
EriC^_betehess__: ok let's take a peak ls /mnt/boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu00:28
betehess__EriC^_: there is nothing there yet00:29
betehess__EriC^_: I was hoping to get boot-repair do the job00:29
EriC^_betehess__: no problem00:29
postahubI've got a very good question00:29
EriC^_betehess__: for i in /dev /dev/pts /sys /proc /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done00:29
betehess__EriC^_: so right now, /mnt/boot/efi/ is empty00:29
betehess__EriC^_: no error with last command00:30
EriC^_betehess__: sudo chroot /mnt00:30
postahubwould someone like to explain to me exactly why and how ubuntu update managed to update my OS while I was sleeping? I'd also like to mention that updates were DISABLED. WTF00:30
bubbasauresno swear acronyms please00:31
postahubsorry, I'm a bit pumped up about it.00:31
postahubIt's also a very good question00:31
daftykinsKanower: you fiend!00:31
betehess__EriC^_: I am in the chroot00:32
postahubno one is put off by this?00:32
KanowerLinux is ILLUMINATI I AM SCARED00:32
EriC^_betehess__: ok, type grub-install --recheck /dev/sda00:32
postahubthis makes me question the entire operating system now00:32
ikoniastop now please00:32
postahubI'm getting a different distribution00:32
daftykinspostahub: bye then!00:33
bubbasauresstep by step to Dante's00:33
postahubhave fun with your proprietary software00:33
postahubif you even know what that means jackasses00:33
ubottugNewSense is a GNU/Linux distribution based off Ubuntu with the aim of containing only free software. The Website is http://www.gnewsense.org  -  Support in #gnewsense, NOT #ubuntu00:33
ikoniapostahub: enough please.00:33
betehess__EriC^_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9620648/00:33
Blendtecdoes anyone know why "About this computer" and "System Settings" in the Ubuntu corner menu don't work?00:34
postahubBlendtec, after what just happened I'd recommend an entirely different distro00:35
EriC^_Blendtec: sudo apt-get install --reinstall unity-control-center00:35
EriC^_betehess__: hmm00:35
ikoniapostahub: stop now00:35
ikoniapostahub: join the conversation and assit people, or stop00:35
EriC^_betehess__: that looks like it's trying to install not in efi mode, like msdos on a gpt00:35
postahubthis is a perfectly good conversation to be having00:35
daftykinspostahub: not here it isn't.00:35
betehess__EriC^_: what is gpt?00:35
EriC^_betehess__: try sudo apt-get install grub-efi-amd64-signed ( if you have a 64 bit machine )00:36
zykotick9bazhang: fyi, that !gnewsense factoid is outdated... gnewsense is based on debian now00:36
EriC^_betehess__: the partition table type00:36
bazhangzykotick9, good point00:36
BlendtecI'm allowed to pastebin here?00:37
daftykinslink to pastebins, yes00:37
betehess__EriC^_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9620654/00:38
Blendtechmm still new to ubuntu, can't copy to clipboard the contents of xterm00:39
daftykinswhy xterm?00:40
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Chuck_NorrisBlendtec: sudo apt-get install parcellite00:40
EriC^_betehess__: try ls /mnt/boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu00:40
EriC^_betehess__: also type sudo efibootmgr -v00:40
betehess__EriC^_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9620684/00:41
EriC^_betehess__: sorry, ls /boot/efi/EFI/buntu00:41
BlendtecI use xterm for command line00:41
betehess__EriC^_: well, ls: cannot access /mnt/boot/efi: No such file or directory00:42
EriC^_ls /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu00:42
betehess__EriC^_: /boot/efi/ is empty00:43
EriC^_betehess__: does grub-install still not work?00:43
betehess__EriC^_: no error that time00:44
betehess__want the output?00:44
EriC^_betehess__: it's ok00:44
EriC^_try update-grub00:44
EriC^_then ls /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu00:44
betehess__EriC^_: holly molly!    grub.cfg  grubx64.efi00:45
EriC^_ok, no shimx64.efi though?00:45
EriC^_we need that for secure boot00:45
EriC^_and efibootmgr is using it too00:45
EriC^_is secure boot turned off?00:45
EriC^_maybe we could use grubx64.efi instead00:46
betehess__EriC^_: not sure what this is exactly00:46
betehess__EriC^_: can't believe I ahve been using linux for that long and I have never got into that stuff before...00:46
betehess__EriC^_: I don't think I have any secure boot00:47
betehess__EriC^_: only encrypted /, swap, and /home00:48
Blendtecthis is what I get when I try to reinstall the control center: http://pastebin.com/uxHQFv5200:48
daftykinsheh, EFI with secure boot is Microsoft's ongoing Christmas present that keeps on giving, came with win800:48
bubbasauresgives me a pain in the neck when I see it00:49
EriC^_Blendtec: try sudo apt-get -f install00:49
EriC^_betehess__: ok, type sudo efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\grubx64.efi -L "Ubuntu" -p 5 -d /dev/sda00:50
EriC^_betehess__: then type efibootmgr -v00:50
Blendtecreading/building/reading; 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded00:51
EriC^_Blendtec: try sudo apt-get install libcheese-gtk2300:51
kc_I have an rt2790 wireless card that's stuck in type g00:51
kc_Oh right, Kubuntu 12.04LTS00:53
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Blendtecmore unmet dependencies: libcheese7, libclutter-1.0-0, libclutter-gtk-1.0-0, libcogl1500:53
betehess__EriC^_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9620726/00:53
Chuck_NorrisBlendtec: sudo aptitude install -h00:54
Chuck_Norrissry i meant: sudo aptitude install -f   :p00:54
EriC^_betehess__: ok, sudo efibootmgr -v00:54
darkangelHello i was just curious if there is a way or a program to edit a text like lets say that u have word "example" in ur text 100 times is there a quick way of editing that?00:54
daftykinsdarkangel: yeah... find and replace in a GUI editor or sed via command line00:54
betehess__EriC^_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9620732/00:55
Chuck_Norrissomtimes aptitude behaves diferent than apt-get00:55
Blendtecon the aptitude command I got: "no pkg will be installed/removed - 0 upgr 0 newly 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded"00:56
Blendtecbut that may be because I already have aptitude00:56
EriC^_betehess__: ok, looks like installing the grub package might have fixed it already too00:56
EriC^_betehess__: type exit00:56
EriC^_betehess__: then reboot00:56
betehess__EriC^_: ok, I'll still be around as I am connected with another client :-)   trying now00:57
kc_Actually, bugger it, I'll upgrade to 14.04 next week anyway00:58
LinuxApprenticeis there a google chrome channel on freenode ?00:58
darkangelwoot =) Geany has it to just for tips, Search -> Replace00:58
betehess_EriC^_: are you a wizard or what?00:58
betehess_EriC^_: at least a genius :-)00:58
daftykinsdarkangel: i should hope so! notepad on Windows has it ;)00:59
betehess_EriC^_: are there public logs of this IRC session somewhere?  can you explain what happened and how you more or less fixed the problem?01:00
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.01:00
betehess_EriC^_: in any case, thank you so much01:00
daftykinsbetehess_: ^01:00
EriC^_betehess_: no problem01:00
betehess_daftykins: thanks01:01
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EriC^_betehess_: nothing much we chrooted and reinstalled grub and made a efi dir01:02
betehess_EriC^_: I had found some docs saying it had to be on a separate partition, as FAT3101:03
EriC^_yeah it should01:03
EriC^_betehess_: the efi dir was missing for some reason01:04
EriC^_betehess_: and it seemed to have installed grub thinking it has secureboot01:04
betehess_well, thank you all again, you cannot imagine how much you helped as I leave for French Guiana tomorrow and I will have a very crappy connection there01:04
EriC^_betehess_: i guess it hanged before or something and it froze before creating the efi dir01:05
betehess_EriC^_: what was the symptom re: secureboot?01:05
EriC^_betehess_: must be that it thinks you have secure boot cuz you have efi but you dont have secure boot cause it's a mac i guess01:05
EriC^_betehess_: great :)01:05
EriC^_what do you mean?01:06
betehess_EriC^_: I am not sure where you saw the secureboot thing01:06
betehess_EriC^_: but I guess I should go throught the commands and logs again01:06
EriC^_betehess_: it had added a shimx64.efi in the efibootmgr ( that's th efi file for secure boot )01:07
EriC^_betehess_: and apt-get complained about installing secureboot-db01:07
betehess_EriC^_: oh I see. that's the part I didn't know01:07
betehess_EriC^_: makes sense now01:07
shadaloobubbasaures: you there?01:10
shadaloonomodeset did not get me to the login screen01:10
shadalooim just stuck at a undercursor blinking01:10
bubbasauresshadaloo, It was just a starting point in a perfect world about a 3 min test.01:10
shadalooi see a text that says my hostname login01:11
shadalooand normally it would quickly flash to whatever the login manager is now01:11
shadaloobut it stays at the blinking underscore01:11
shadaloobubbasaures: if you have any other ideas i would appreciate the help01:11
bubbasauresshadaloo, no idea here. ;)01:12
BlendtecI'm still stuck on this unity control center thing01:13
EriC^_Blendtec: what happened when you tried to install libcheesegtk23?01:14
Blendtechad to scroll through the mess, found it01:16
Blendtecit threw 4 unmet dependencies at me01:16
Blendteclibcheese7, libclutter-1.0-0, libclutter-gtk-1.0-0, libcogl1501:16
EriC^_Blendtec: try sudo apt-get install libcheese701:16
EriC^_Blendtec: it might be due to a ppa01:17
Blendtecok, now it's down to two: libclutter-gst-2.0-0 and gstreamer1.0-clutter01:18
Blendtecthe latest ppa I installed was the one where I tried to speed up Flash (hardware support)01:18
EriC^_Blendtec: try libclutter-gst-2.0-001:18
EriC^_Blendtec: also try apt-cache policy libclutter-gst-2.0-001:19
Blendtecnow it has a slightly different dependency msg : libclutter-1.0-0 and libcogl1501:19
jerry1024hello... I am trying to ifinf how check 'system path' in ubuntu 14.04.. path command is not found... just installed01:20
Blendtecstill can't copy/paste even though I have installed parcellite :p01:20
whiteeagleand i am stuck on point 7 of this guid :) http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu-14.10-utopic-unicorn-server maybe someone can help a lil bit?01:22
Blendtecit spit out some data on the apt-cache: libclutter-gst-2.0-0: installed (none) candidate 2.0.8-1build1 / version table 2.0.8-1build1 0 and...01:22
Blendtec500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/main amd64 packages  / 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status01:22
EriC^_Blendtec: ok01:23
EriC^_Blendtec: try sudo apt-get install libclutter-1.0-001:23
Blendtecunmet deps: libcogl-pango15, libcogl1501:24
Blendtecfwiw I haven't fooled around with Ubuntu much, stuck to basic guides01:26
whiteeagleEric can i pm you? could you help me some step?01:28
Bashing-omBlendtec: Bopy paste xterm ( I use xterm ): hold right mouse button and drag to copy to clipboard, middle click (scroll wheel) to paste .01:28
EriC^_whiteeagle: ask here01:29
jerry1024i found it... i just have forgotten a bit and trying refresh memory about linux01:29
jerry1024echo $PATH01:29
Blendtecahh middle mouse button nice01:30
Blendtecthanks bashing!01:30
whiteeagleso, my *first* problem is, i wanna set up static ip, on restart service i am becoming "stop: job failed while stopping" and i am asking me why01:31
whiteeaglethere is a stream from console01:31
whiteeagleits on a Virtual box01:31
Bashing-omBlendtec: Yeah, I have not forgetten my amazment when I learned of that middle mouse button !01:31
Blendtecnothing like a linux distro to make you feel like a noob all over again01:32
Blendtecin the ubuntu software center it shows libcheese and libpango were removed 2 days ago01:33
Blendtecamong others01:33
EriC^_Blendtec: why? try to check the log01:35
EriC^_Blendtec: less /var/log/apt/history.log01:35
EriC^_press G to go the end01:35
EriC^_Blendtec: install pastebinit01:38
EriC^_sudo apt-get install pastebinit01:38
BlendtecI think it went wrong at apt-get dist-upgrade01:38
Blendtecthat's the day it removed those packages it breaks on now01:39
EriC^_Blendtec:  type pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list01:39
EriC^_and cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit01:39
etfbI need to get a bunch of computers and laptops talking to my printers. Nothing I've found online is helping. What's the best channel to work that ou?01:39
Blendtecok sec slowwww laptop ;)01:40
daftykinsetfb: this is an ubuntu support channel. if they run ubuntu, you can ask.01:40
bossnickerBlendtec: you should put your laptop in a blender, it will blend the speed and make it super fast01:41
bossnickera blendtec totalblender*01:41
etfbThere are Windows computers involved, but I'm deliberately ignoring them. It's the four Ubuntu computers and the two printers that I care about at this stage.01:41
etfbI'm about ready to put them all in a blender too, so don't take too long with it!01:41
Blendtecif it was a smartphone I'd consider it01:42
daftykinsetfb: this is volunteer help, you don't get to demand a timeframe on how you're assisted.01:42
Blendtechttp://paste.ubuntu.com/9620870/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/962087101:42
daftykinsetfb: in fact that attitude is an incredibly poor one, especially since you haven't even stated makes and models yet01:43
etfbdaftykins: It's OK, I've been having this problem on and off for thirty years, I'm in no hurry.01:43
daftykinswell done, one wisecrack too many. good luck, you're on your own01:43
etfbI'm not blaming you guys. I'm DEFINITELY blaming the printers.01:43
etfbBut hey, feel free to misinterpret my words in the worst possible way. Merry Christmas and fuck you.01:44
EriC^_Blendtec: oh boy01:44
Blendtecbad mess?01:44
EriC^_Blendtec: yeah01:44
daftykinshmm, feisty.01:44
EriC^_Blendtec: type cat /etc/issue01:44
BlendtecI'm running Ubuntu 14.04 with crouton/chroot01:45
Bashing-omBlendtec: EriC^_ Yeah .. precise repos on trusty !01:45
BlendtecUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l01:45
EriC^_Blendtec: ok01:46
EriC^_crouton is a distro?01:46
Blendtecit had 12.02 LTS on here before and then it offered to upgrade, so I took the plunge and it actually worked01:46
Blendtecit's a method to get Linux on Chromebooks01:46
EriC^_i see01:47
Blendtecor to get Ubuntu to work freely on it anyway01:47
Blendtecbut I am no expert and just go by guides and articles01:47
EriC^_Blendtec: did you install those ppa's?01:48
whiteeaglebtw what time do you have there on the other side? :) maybe i come tomorow again and ask? if no one has time atm :) there is 02:47 and i am realy tired :D so tomorow maybe better? its not in a hurry becouse its on a virtual box, but wanna learn :)01:49
Blendtecwhich ones? not sure where to look01:49
EriC^_the ones that start with ppa.launchpad...01:50
Blendtecnot to my knowledge01:50
whiteeagleand i think blendtec has the biger problem atm :)01:50
BlendtecI don't mind starting over if need be but it would be nice to know where I went wrong with installs01:51
BlendtecI know I have to be careful with ppa's but the only exception I made was the nilarimogard/webupd8 one because that was on a trustworthy site01:52
EriC^_Blendtec: it would probably be best to ask in the #crouton channel as we don't know if those ppa's are needed for it to work or..01:53
Blendtecok, thanks for the effort though.. if this was regular Ubuntu I guess we would've solved it by now01:54
EriC^_no problem01:54
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whiteeagleEric do you have maybe some time to look if you see somting wrong? or should i come later? after i sleep`d :D01:56
EriC^_whiteeagle: i'm afraid i'm not too good with networking, ask the channel and somebody will respond if they know01:57
whiteeagleokey no problem :)01:58
whiteeagleso ask to the chanel, does someone know whats wrong on those setings? or with this error mesage? there you can see it ---> http://www.twitch.tv/wHITEeAGLE11201:59
whiteeaglei wanna try to instal pydio from a step by step guide :) and i dont know realy much, so.. hope someone can help me at this point :)02:00
daftykinsthat's a twitch stream not a pastebin02:01
whiteeagleyeah.. o do i need to post pastebien?02:02
daftykinsdepends what you're up to02:02
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:02
whiteeaglek, how can i put it in pastebien? i cant coppy and drag right?..02:03
EriC^_whiteeagle: explain what you're trying to do and any errors you're getting and paste them in paste.ubuntu.com02:09
whiteeagleyes but how can i copy from ubuntu server console? :)02:10
EriC^_install pastebinit and then pastebinit <filename>02:10
batabatuhow do I change my locale to en_US.UTF-8? I run sudo dpkg-reconfigure localse and all it does is run through generating about a dozen locales, it doesn't give me a menu as expected to let me pick a locale. Also is there any reason why I'd want so many locales available, I can't see why I'd need anything other than en_US.UTF-8?02:12
EriC^_whiteeagle: yeah can pipe stuff to it too blablabla | pastebinit02:12
whiteeagleokey try it :)02:15
GerowenUbuntu 14.04, trying to connect to an ssh server with "sftp://address", get this, "Sorry, could not display all the contents of “ (sftp)”: The specified location is not supported"02:17
GerowenConnecting to the same server in Filezilla or via ssh in the terminal works fine.02:17
GerowenMissing package?02:17
whiteeagleboah... i am to tired -.- gonna slleeep first and try it then02:19
whiteeagleso thanks for the help!! iwill come back after my sleep ;)02:19
whiteeaglethx! and good night or day, what ever you have :)02:20
EriC^_thanks you too :)02:20
michael_pHello everyone02:23
GerowenHello michael_p02:24
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dale____sudo apt-get update has problems on 15.0402:43
EriC^_!+1 | dale____02:43
ubottuVivid Vervet is the codename for Ubuntu 15.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+102:43
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Mega1do any one know how to get 2 ftp users to see the same folder03:01
bossnickeris rationalism a cult?03:01
Ranieri_Let's do this.03:02
bossnickerAre we joining the Klan Ranieri_ ?03:02
Ranieri_bossnicker: LMAOOOO03:03
Ranieri_People who use Ubuntu as an OS are already a click.03:03
Ranieri_If all of FreeNode was a high school, Ubuntu would all sit together.03:04
linuxminthttpd seems to be broken. I can't access web interface. I checked with command # service httpd start and error: httpd unrecognised service.03:07
somsiplinuxmint: apache2 not httpd03:07
linuxmintsomsip: apache2? It httpd old then?03:07
daftykinshttpd is what some distros call apache03:08
somsiplinuxmint: dunno. I'03:08
somsipit's been apache 2 since at leat 10.1003:08
daftykinsfor at least 6 years i think03:08
linuxmintsomsip: I tried apache2ctl -k start, but error too. Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using
daftykinsyou haven't set your system hostname properly03:09
daftykinsthis is all apache basics, go read their documentation03:09
somsiplinuxmint: warning, not an error03:09
linuxmintdaftykins: hmmm, worked before. sorry I'm a noob.03:09
daftykinsthat's just a warning as somsip says.03:09
daftykinsbeing a noob doesn't excuse reading the docs :)03:09
Ranieri_What are you trying to do linuxmint03:10
linuxmintRanieri_: just have web interface which worked before. After much research, I seem to have narrowed the error down to apache2.03:10
linuxmintRanieri_: final apache2 error is: Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message. httpd (pid 1200) already running.03:11
linuxmintRanieri_: brb.03:11
daftykinsyeah that's not an error.03:11
daftykinsit's just saying your hostname isn't an FQDN03:11
bryan_whats some cool stuff i can do on linux03:19
daftykinswhat you're doing already, but with penguins.03:20
bryan_that seems cool03:20
bryan_can u game on linux03:23
daftykinsyes, Steam.03:23
bryan_ok can u hack or at least mess with ppl03:24
jeffrey_fbryan_: I've gamed windows rpg type games under wine (some degradation in vid refresh) and Linux has some games, one being Nexuiz03:24
jeffrey_fbryan_: Short answer is yes (with any OS really), but we are not here to tell you how.03:26
^Phantom^deathspawn it's up03:29
squeegilyHey guys. 720p H.264 video cannot be played on my laptop running Xubuntu. But this chip with the Poulsbo driver supposedly has great H.264 decoding all the way up to 1080p. What can I do to fix this?03:35
daftykinsGMA500, oh dear.03:45
squeegilyYeah it's a whole bag of fun03:47
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squeegilyBut it's the best I have laptop-wise03:48
daftykinswow. tough times huh?03:48
daftykinsso what player?03:48
squeegilyI tried VLC and MPlayer03:49
squeegilyAnd Parole, but it choked on the fact that this card doesn't support "Xv"03:50
Bashing-omsqueegily: Maybe as a start: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsPoulsbo . Have you seen this one ?03:50
squeegilyYeah I googled everything03:50
CrellI need some help diagnosing an issue.03:50
CrellI've a server that was running 12.04 previously without issue, although it was off for several months until recently.03:51
CrellI have reinstalled fresh with 14.04 Ubuntu-server.03:51
squeegilyAll I got on #xubuntu was some guy saying that I'm screwed because Intel doesn't support it03:51
CrellIt has been highly  unstable since then; network fails after a while and needs a reboot, random kernel panics, kernel stack corruption errors, "recursive error detected", etc.03:51
CrellAm I looking at a hardware failure that coincided with me installing 14.04, at massive driver incompatibility, or something else?03:52
squeegilyaccording to the Arch wiki, this chip should be good for H.264 decoding.. How can I check to see if it's being properly accelerated?03:52
CrellThe only hardware change is that it's now running a 3-drive RAID 5 setup rather than a single HDD as previously.  Otherwise there were no hardware changes.03:52
squeegilyCrell: maybe try going back to the 1-HDD and see if it works again?03:53
CrellI wouldn't expect NEW driver issues on hardware this old (~9 years for most of it), but I also wouldn't expect hardware failures to coincide with an OS install just by chance.03:53
Bashing-omsqueegily: Not at all, see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1984236 . maybe get the developer 'thopiekar' attention .03:53
squeegilyThat would be step 1 in diagnosing it03:53
Crellsqueegily: That is unfortunately difficult.  The old HDD is now in an external enclosure that is poorly designed so I can't get the drive back out. :-)03:53
* Crell discovered this the hard way and was displeased.03:53
squeegilyBummer :(03:53
squeegilyI thought I had it bad with my stupid Dell hard drive mounting rails03:54
daftykinsCrell: step 1 memtest.03:54
Crelldaftykins: Can that be run from a booted HDD or do I need to use a dedicated recovery CD for it?03:54
squeegilyHmm I think Ubuntu comes with it by defauly03:54
squeegilyIt is an operating system, so to speak03:55
daftykinsCrell: go via the GRUB menu, but bootable media is nicest03:55
daftykinsnot even vaguely an OS, it's an app :P03:55
squeegilySo it needs to be booted regardless. With Ubuntu, it comes on the HDD by default03:55
wacksheadhi everyone03:56
CrellAh, gotcha.  Running it now.03:56
CrellWill report back shortly.03:56
squeegily11 pages.. how do I get the Archive view on Ubuntu forums? The one with the trimmed-down HTML and one-page view03:56
squeegilyAh found it03:57
wacksheadI'm using rsync to back up a NAS to a server and then to a hdd, I'm trying to work out the best way to avoid deleting files when the filesystem is not available.03:58
wacksheadie, network or RAID fails and there are no files on the source03:58
wacksheadthe last thing you want to have happen is rsync delete the files on the target...03:58
wacksheadwhich is happening to me at the moment...03:58
squeegilyThe posts on that forum thread dated Oct 2012 say that te gma500 doesn't support video acceleration04:00
squeegilyBut the Arch Wiki page as of today says it does04:00
squeegilySo the question is04:00
daftykinsas of today? you really think something'd change in such an ancient chipset as of today? :)04:00
squeegilyDid that change due to the driver code being finished, or was it due to changes in the chipsets04:01
daftykinsthe poulsbo SCH and GMA were terrible, i remember they didn't even work with Linux for a while04:01
jeffrey_fwackshead: Are you truly backing up or just synching data?04:01
daftykins...the chipset does not change04:01
wacksheadjeffrey_f, syncing, but really trying to backup04:01
wacksheadie sync NAS->server04:02
wacksheadthen sync server->USB hdd04:02
Bashing-omsqueegily: Might check : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2107593 <-3D accelaration with Poulsbo GMA500 through EMGD: a work in progress. // Maybe EMGD has been dropped ??04:02
jeffrey_fSo, your end result would be a file or group of files on a disk somewhere?04:03
wacksheadjeffrey_f, yes.04:03
rocketpenguinANy secret tips on installing skype on 14.10?04:03
wacksheadjeffrey_f, but I need to make sure the file system isn't missing first...04:04
squeegilyIn that thread they seem to be discussing getting 3D working04:05
jeffrey_fwackshead: How about zip'ing/rar/tar to a destination?04:05
wacksheadjeffrey_f, what's the difference?04:06
squeegilyIt looks like you can use an outdated closed-source driver with an ancient kernel and X.Org version to get some mediocre 3D acceleration for Unity or Minecraft04:06
squeegilyNothing applying to H.264 decoding :(04:06
rocketpenguinany great webcam apps other than cheese?04:08
daftykinsthrow it in the bin, pick up a new machine - wahey video playback \o/04:08
squeegilyExplain step 2 in detail a but04:08
squeegilya bit04:08
squeegilyStep 1.5: acquire Money04:08
daftykinsor get donated04:09
jeffrey_fwackshead: the way you are doing it now puts copies of files, this way compresses to one or a few compressed files with many files inside to a folder.  If you name them with a date, you can remove older files to save space.....04:09
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squeegilyI have $350 in savings for a new desktop ATM.. I got this for Xmas from a friend who didn't need it anymore; I was hoping to use it for web, coding, and Anime04:09
squeegilyIt seems I may have to use it for just two of these04:10
daftykinswait, is your HD animé hi10p?04:10
daftykinsthis file you're trying to play?04:10
squeegilyNo; it's Joshiraku (H.264@720p) and maybe someday the Spice and Wolf Blu-Ray rips (1080p)04:11
squeegilyI can always just use ffmpeg to create a low-res copy.. but that makes me sad to have to do04:12
squeegilyI'm having trouble resuming from suspend on this laptop (Acer Aspire One 751h). Most people have issues with the video card, but this one gets stuck in the actual sleep mode (doesn't respond to power button or keys and I have to pull the battery)04:13
daftykinsoh lord a netbook too?04:15
daftykinswell, i'm out - sorry got no suggestions here, that thing is dead04:16
rocketpenguinWaaa skype wont work on my fresh 14.10 install DX04:16
cfhowlettrocketpenguin, "won't work ..." means ... ?04:18
rocketpenguincfhowlett, It wont launch04:18
rocketpenguincfhowlett, I have followed just about every set of instructions that i have fund04:19
cfhowlettrocketpenguin, open a terminal.  type skype        press <enter> note error messages04:19
rocketpenguincfhowlett, and still, i haven't got it to launch04:19
rocketpenguincfhowlett, skype: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:19
rocketpenguincfhowlett,  should have dont that before asking... ;_;04:20
cfhowlettrocketpenguin, great.  post the error message " + ubuntu"       into a search engine04:20
rocketpenguincfhowlett,  This is a gpu error?!04:21
schtinkyI'm on 14.10 and it seems to be slowing down/locking up occasionally. Only a hard reset will work. How can I view the system logs for the last boot. All I see under /var/log/syslog is the current boot.04:22
cfhowlettrocketpenguin, "November 26th, 2012, 12:34 PM04:23
cfhowlettI solved this problem. The .so file that existed but was reported as "doesn't exist" was incompatible with the system architecture; it was a 32 bit version, but I have a 64 bit operating system. I changed the path, so it now points to a 64 bit version,and it works. (It still has some other bugs, though)."04:23
cfhowlettschtinky, seems like an architecture disagreement:  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2088175.html04:24
rocketpenguincfhowlett, Ah. Now it launches, after installing a few of those required files04:24
rocketpenguincfhowlett, Thankies!04:24
cfhowlettrocketpenguin, happy2help04:24
MrAristoIncredibly stupid question: Is there a common (buy in bestbuy/amazon) 802.11AC wireless USB adapter that doesn't require makefiles or crazy shit, and "just works" in linux?  I'm not finding much online that lends any hope.04:25
xanguahttps://www.thinkpenguin.com/ MrAristo04:25
schtinkyMrAristo. I know that pain. This is the one I found that works for me: http://www.trendnet.com/products/proddetail.asp?status=view&prod=265_TEW-424UB04:27
MrAristoxangua, Yup, been there.  Via roughly 5 different searches.  They've got nothing.04:27
daftykinsMrAristo: atheros, typically.04:27
daftykinsMrAristo: -AC and USB is a rookie mistake though04:27
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daftykinsthat's like attaching jet engines to a plane with chewing gum04:27
schtinkyMrAristo. My internal nic and many cisco usb sticks didn't work. That trendnet one did.04:27
MrAristodaftykins, I'm pretty sure it is, but that's my constraints right now, unfortunately.04:28
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daftykinsit's down to the chipset, not the brand04:28
schtinkycfhowlett; I'm not sure I'm following you. that link doesn't appear to have anything to do with my issue04:28
cfhowlettschtinky, eeks.  sorry.  that was for someone else.04:29
MrAristoschmidtm, Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's 802.11G, not 802.11AC, correct?04:29
daftykinsMrAristo: you're mistaken if you think you must have -ac04:30
schtinkycfhowlett, np. thought I was going crazy or something. :)04:30
schtinkyMrAristo, if you're talking to me, I think that's right. Sorry I didn't see your AC requirement.04:32
MrAristodaftykins, Would you mind expounding on that?  Right now the network I'm trying to play with is a 5Ghz network only, and I'm a fair distance from the broadcast.04:32
MrAristoschmidtm, No worries mate.  Thanks anyway!04:32
MrAristoschtinky, No worries mate, Thanks anyway04:32
daftykins-n is MIMO with good range04:32
daftykinsyou're a distance away from a 5GHz? you're probably out of luck then04:33
daftykinsmost Linux drivers don't even support the 5GHz portion of the hardware04:33
MrAristoYeah, that's what I've been seeing, but I hoped I wasn't looking in the right spots.04:33
daftykinsit's a mess04:33
daftykinsdo you have another wifi device you can confirm the signal strength with? like a 5GHz capable smartphone?04:34
MrAristoI've got a MacMini that picks up the 5GHz signal just fine it looks like.04:34
daftykinsmake a wired bridge out of the mac? :)04:35
MrAristoI've been thinking about that.  Not my first choice, obviously, but if that's all I can do, I might go down that road.04:35
daftykinsi'm sure with research you could probably find a supported adapter04:36
MrAristoYeah, I've been trying for the last 14 hours.04:37
MrAristoWent down that road of screwing with makefiles to get a Netgear A6210 working after I could beat windows drivers into submission with ndiswrapper.  And the linux mediatek chipset drivers for the A6200 don't work with the A6210, sadly.04:38
daftykinsndiswrapper :( if you have to resort to that, i would already call it game over04:39
daftykinsanywho get the wired bridging going, at least you can be online to sort drivers etc then04:40
daftykinsi've gotta head off now, good luck \o04:40
MrAristoThanks daftykins.  Have a wonderful new year!04:43
daftykinsand you :)04:43
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Crelldaftykins: memtest comes back clean.  No errors after running the full suite.05:01
Crelldaftykins: Any idea what to check next?05:04
Antones97can anyone help me with this cloaking05:07
Bashing-omAntones97: cloaking as in IRC ? then "/join #freenode" and ask there .05:11
Mr_Sheeshto get a cloak usually you'd ask in #freenode05:11
Bashing-ommahi_: Hello, a support question ?05:20
mahi_i want ur help05:21
Bashing-om!ask | mahi_05:21
ubottumahi_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:21
mahi_how to chat through the ubuntu terminal05:24
Chuck_Norris!info irssi05:25
ubottuirssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.16-1ubuntu4 (utopic), package size 652 kB, installed size 2617 kB05:25
kostkon!irssi | mahi_05:25
ubottumahi_: irssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen05:25
Bashing-ommahi_: for a terminal based IRC client .. install irssi . For help with irssi join #irssi .05:25
grootreally dumb terminal question, but hard to google...what does the tilde (~) mean in the terminal? Does it mean to take action in the current directory?05:31
Bashing-omgroot: Well one meaning is ' /~ ' - short hand for " /home/<your-user_name> ".05:37
Bashing-omgroot: errr ,, opps s/b ' ~/ ' as that short hand .05:39
anmni want a really cheap tablet for 'wacom' and maybe some light 3d stuff, that'll run ubuntu more or less seamlessly, as cheap as possible...any recommendations?05:42
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lasdamhow can I set a shortcut in ubuntu to programs that requires su access, like pm-hibernate or poweroff?06:17
Stanley00lasdam: how about add that to visudoer and using sudo?06:21
Stanley00lasdam: but most of the time, you don't need to call that command, display manager or session manager can manage that.06:22
lasdamStanley00: as far as I can see (which is not very far yet) gnome-session doesn't seem to support hibernate at all nor forced (no confirmation) poweroff :/ I'll try visudo06:23
mojtabaHi, I have recently bought a new laptop, Do you know how can I transfer my old programs and their configurations to the new one?06:25
Stanley00mojtaba: most config stay in your $HOME directory, so you just need to *reinstall* your program on new machine, and copy *all* your $HOME into your new machine.06:27
mojtabaStanley00: Like thunderbird, should I install add ons too?06:28
Stanley00mojtaba: AFAIK, thunderbird's configs is at $HOME/.thunderbird, including extensions, so you don't need to reinstall add on, I think :306:30
Stanley00mojtaba: welcome :306:32
evgenyесть кто русско говорящие =)06:36
Novice201yHi. I came here just to say that I prefer Ubuntu over Fedora because Ubuntu has got Monodevelop in repo, so there's no need for compiling etc.06:40
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lasdamSomename00: visudo didn't help06:59
Stanley00lasdam: can you be more details? :307:01
lasdamStanley00: I added my username to the 'sudo' group and also duplicated the root = ALL(ALL:ALL) entry, but s/root/myusername/, logged out, didn't work, rebooted, still didn't work (neither to execute the commands with or without sudo with alt+f2 nor as hotkeys)07:03
adminewbiptable, permission to offtopic in private?07:04
Stanley00lasdam: did it give any error message? or just simply *not work*?07:04
lasdamStanley00: where does/would the error messages go to?07:05
Stanley00lasdam: you didn't run in a terminal?07:05
lasdamStanley00: no? it's to be run as a shortcut, not from a terminal07:06
Stanley00lasdam: you should test in a teminal first, and for case with the shortcut, you need to make that command can run with sudo *without* the password07:07
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lasdamStanley00: it's always worked from the terminal. but yeah, you're right on that last detail, I'll try fixing  that07:07
lasdamStanley00: do I actually need to relog/reboot for changes to take place after visudo?07:15
Stanley00lasdam: no, most of the time07:15
lasdamStanley00: hmm, well, I made the entry 'myusername    ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/pm-hibernate /sbin/poweroff' and I still can't execute either outside the terminal. I'll try to reboot07:17
chansolExcuse me, What is command for Ubuntu system reset via ssh..?07:19
Stanley00chansol: sudo reboot?07:20
lasdamStanley00: still no success07:21
chansolum.. I mean initial state07:22
chansolIs it impossible?07:22
Stanley00lasdam: your entry looks not good to me, should it be "ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ...." ?07:25
lasdamStanley00: I tried the line you wrote, but without relogging or rebooting it still doesn't work07:27
Stanley00lasdam: just a min, I need to test this on my machine07:28
lasdamStanley00: ok07:28
Stanley00lasdam: worked on my machine without reboot :(07:30
lasdamStanley00: as a shortcut/from launcher (alt+F2)?07:30
Stanley00lasdam: from terminal, with other binary file07:31
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lasdamStanley00: it's never been an issue from terminal ^^ my problem is how to get it to run as a shortcut/from launcher07:31
Stanley00lasdam: you can run sudo without password from terminal too?07:32
nginx77What does ubuntu4.1 mean in Package: apache2 (2.4.7-1ubuntu4.1) [security]? Or the -1?07:33
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lasdamStanley00: actually no, it still asks for password in terminal07:34
Stanley00lasdam: that's the problem, and reason why I always test in terminal first :307:34
kisukecan someone do me a favor? on [[ciphershed]] refs 2 and 4 link to andriod applications that are claimed to be compatible, but on those two there is no support of the format ciphershed uses, now ref 3 *may* be compatible, but i have not had a chance to check if ciphershed does infact use the TC format, I'd fix it but im stuck on mobile ATM, and my desktop is in the middle of a rebuild.07:34
Stanley00lasdam: first, can you check the file type of /usr/sbin/pm-hibernate and /sbin/poweroff ?07:35
kisukegak, sorry, wrong chan,07:36
adminewbnginx77, you'll probably find in searching through repositories, that package version numbers bear some relation to versions of related packages but not as things that make sense to dissect or compare to distro versions07:36
lasdamStanley00: I don't know how. also shouldn't we first try to fix granting of sudo access without a password entry? I tried sudo echo hi, and even that asked for a password07:36
adminewbto put a package version in context it's better to follow package history07:37
Stanley00lasdam: what is your entry in sudoer file?07:37
lasdamStanley00: john    ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL07:37
Stanley00lasdam: I don't know too, I got some problem with some program when run sudo without password too.07:39
Stanley00lasdam: what is the output of "ls -l `which sudo` ; ls -l /etc/sudoers " ?07:40
lasdamStanley00: I fixed it with this (I can run sudo without passwd now) http://askubuntu.com/questions/504652/adding-nopasswd-in-etc-sudoers-doesnt-work07:42
lasdamStanley|00: running pm-hibernate from launcher works now, but not from shortcut :P07:44
=== Stanley|00 is now known as Stanley00
lasdamStanley|00: nvm, it will probably work, I forgot to add 'sudo' to the shortcuts07:45
Stanley00lasdam: :P07:45
lasdamStanley00: crap, it still doesn't work. but I'll continue to work on this on my own. thanks for your help!07:47
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adminewbnginx77, in your apache version case, having "ubuntu" as part of its version implies they were unable to use an upstream version of the package and had to customize for ubuntu derivatives to deal with something specific to those platforms08:05
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PascaleTo enable UTF-8 support: edit /etc/locale.gen; uncomment the correct locale with a 'UTF-8' extension; run `locale-gen`; run `localectl set-locale LANG=...` for the same locale you just generated; reboot.08:14
PascaleForget about Windows.08:15
larsroverI just tried to install Ubuntu on my new toshiba satellite CL15-B1300 netbook.  it has a 32gig eMMC drive.  boots off USB fine, i left the EFI partition unformatted, removed the 3 NTFS partitions, added a 31.-whatever btrfs root filesystem.. everything "installed" fine.  and looks fine on the hard drive.  but when i rebooted, instead of the Ubuntu EFI boot process I got a blue screen informing that Windo08:15
larsroverws has been damaged08:15
larsroversafe boot is turned off, and everything else in the setup looks appropriate for linux08:15
larsrovershould I have reformatted the EFI boot partition?08:16
larsroverand what can i try to fix this?08:16
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PascaleYou could always virtualize it.08:19
ogzyi am trying systemd on 14.10 although i already made ssh to my virtualbox, when ever i say systemctl stop ssh, i dont loose my ssh connection, still there is an sshd is running although systemctl status ssh displays the ssh service is stopped. Any idea?08:20
larsroverPascale: no i want to run it natively, and again, 32gig eMMC hard drive isnt really big enough for two operating systems08:21
larsroverwindows 8.1 was consuming more than half of that08:21
htmlsmall damn linux, or puppylinux larsrover08:22
larsroverubuntu should be fine in 32gig.08:23
larsroverim asking what to try next to get Ubuntu to boot08:23
Pascaledoug64k: You might like MATE08:24
Pascalefull of python08:24
PascaleThey save files without looking in random places08:25
Pascaledoug64k: do what I did and rent a dedicated server08:26
Stanley00Pascale: are you a bot? :(08:26
Pascaleno, only tiling wm08:26
PascaleI'm probably going to give my parents a Windows KVM that doesn't save changes on reboot08:27
Pascalejrgill: where do you think I got my box? ;)08:31
Pascaledoug64k: good chance of it working well :)08:32
akaWolfhey, guys, why I have that error?08:37
Yakisoba-hi ))) can i ask you: The Unity webplayer does not work only on a certain site... On other sites it works...before everything worked fine) Ubuntu 12.04, Firefox08:39
PascalePascale I've detected a virus on your system..08:44
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PascaleCervantes: you can use an unsecure version, no problem08:45
PascaleIf you just need the ability to move the mouse then start gpm.08:46
JoshSynjoin /#cmake08:51
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Holzbeinnice channel08:59
Holzbeincan i ask a question here?08:59
Holzbeina question concerning tomboy notes09:03
roo79xhello everyone how are you? I would like to know if there is a way to  get mousepad to run in single instance mode? so if mousepad is open and I  open another file mousepad opens the second file in a new tab instead  of a new window.09:04
HolzbeinI'm not sure where i heard this but wasn't there a add in for Tomboynotes that gave advice based upon the usage of words and language?09:06
ronaldsmazitisanybody has got solution to two chrome browser icons in taskbar09:08
ronaldsmazitisgoogle doesn't give me anything working09:08
Holzbeinwhat desktop do you use?09:10
ronaldsmazitisHolzbein: as I am writing on Ubuntu, default09:11
neurosis-unity ronaldsmazitis09:11
ronaldsmazitisthis bug is for chome and chromium09:12
neurosis-ronaldsmazitis is a bug did you look it up09:13
ronaldsmazitisgoogle doesn't give me anything working09:13
ronaldsmazitisI have reinstalled both browsers few times09:14
ronaldsmazitisand bug just keeps coming back09:14
ronaldsmazitisalso deleting files09:14
neurosis-in .config09:14
Holzbeinso what's the issue? You have the google chrom .desktop file twice in the launcher?09:16
ronaldsmazitistwo icons09:16
ronaldsmazitisone works other doesn't09:17
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ronaldsmazitisact like you don't know09:17
ronaldsmazitismaybe not using chrome or chromium09:17
ronaldsmazitisor 14.0409:17
ronaldsmazitisI kinda fixed issue like 4 times09:17
ronaldsmazitisbut it keeps coming back09:18
ronaldsmazitisso I gave up09:18
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HolzbeinBios updates don't come with regular ubuntu updates?09:21
akinHolzbein: yes09:21
Holzbeinwhy is my bios updated then?09:22
cfhowlettHolzbein, bios comes from the computer manufacturer, not ubuntu09:22
akinif it is a question :)09:22
Holzbeinit's weird09:22
HolzbeinI fell asleep during a video on youtube using firefox in fullscreen09:22
Holzbeinwhen i woke up there was freezeframe09:23
Holzbeinnext restart the boot process was different09:23
Guest30304why don't Skype and Chromium launch in Ubuntu 14.04 MATE? How do i fix it so they do?09:24
cfhowlettGuest30304, ask mate ... not an official ubuntu flavor09:24
akinHolzbein: maybe you slept too long :P what is the difference in boot process?09:26
Guest30304do they launch in the official 14.04 flavours?09:26
cfhowlettGuest30304, usually09:26
Holzbeinthe manufacturer logo appears on screen also it skips the memtest09:27
ronaldsmazitis1 links09:27
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
ronaldsmazitisanswer is wrong09:27
ronaldsmazitisicon appears again09:27
ronaldsmazitiswhen pushed again09:27
Holzbeinx crashed a few times recently, idk if it has anything to do with it09:28
batabatui format a usb drive in gparted as ext2 filesystem, with a single partition of about 62Gb. Gparted finishes without error. however when I go to use the usb stick, I get errors and it won't mount " EXT4-fs (sda1): group descriptors corrupted!". Seems odd because I formatted it as ext2. Any ideas?09:30
cfhowlettbatabatu, you formatted as ext2.  OF COURSE ext4 (the default) doesn't work.09:31
batabatuok so the system tries to mount it as ext4 by default?09:31
cfhowlettbatabatu, that's what it's looking for, yes09:32
cfhowlettbatabatu, why are you using an obsolete partition scheme, i.e. ext2?09:32
batabatuI formatted the drive as ext2 because I read somewhere that that was optimal for a usb drive. Maybe I should use ext4 then09:32
cfhowlettbatabatu, this is for booting ubuntu?09:33
cfhowlettbatabatu, ...09:33
batabatuI just want to use it as a storage device09:33
cfhowlettbatabatu, ext409:33
batabatuok reformatting now. I'm sure I tried that earlier and had errors, but I'll try again09:34
batabatuEXT4-fs (sda1): error loading journal09:34
batabatuits not working as ext4 either09:35
cfhowlettbatabatu, you are using gparted, yes?09:35
batabatu wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,09:35
cfhowlettbatabatu, gparted > create partition table> msdos > new partition ext409:36
neurosis-fat32 is usually the default for flash drive09:37
batabatuhmm I seem to be missing the msdos step09:37
cfhowlettbatabatu, yep09:37
cfhowlettneurosis- true.09:37
batabatuis that the "Label" field09:37
cfhowlettbatabatu, partition table is msdos09:37
batabatumaybe thats where I went wrong, I was writing a name for my drive there09:37
cfhowlettbatabatu, :) no labels needed09:38
batabatuI don't have an option for partition table09:38
batabatui can "create as" primary partition, "File system" ext4 and "Label" is an empty text field09:38
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Yakisoba-btw.... In Disk Cleanup tool, update added is a new function to "clear the updates". I'm afraid that it will delete the update at all? So it is safe or not?09:38
cfhowlettbatabatu, unmount the current partition.  create partition TABLE09:39
cfhowlettbatabatu, gparted > device > create partition table09:39
batabatuok thanks that must be the step I missed09:40
batabatu mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,09:41
Holzbeinwhy is it sdb109:43
Holzbeinshouldn't it be sdb?09:43
cfhowlettHolzbein, it would09:44
batabatui'm selecting sdb from the drop down menu09:44
batabatuso I delete the old partition, create a msdos partition table, create a new partition of type primary, ext4.... what am I doing wrong?09:45
totesmuhgoatshey guys09:45
cfhowlettbatabatu, partition TABLE!09:45
Holzbeinso what about tomboy any help?09:45
Guest52179 nm-connection-editor says: Invalid setting IPv4 Settings: addresses09:46
totesmuhgoatsi used to have grub installed to /dev/sda1, but now i need it to be installed to the mbr on /dev/sda. if I do grub-install /dev/sda it seems to fix it for my current boot, but i get the feeling that on subsequent boots when apt runs something that updates grub it installs to the partition again09:46
Guest52179when I try to make a static connection09:46
totesmuhgoatshow can i make this change permanent?09:46
neurosis-Format not partition batabatu09:47
cfhowletttotesmuhgoats, "I get the feeling ... " errr, no.  TEST it.  Facts > feelings09:47
batabatuok so create new partition table, then new partition, then format it?09:47
totesmuhgoatscfhowlett, how can i test it? i base my feeling on the fact that when i reboot changes don't seem to be persistent the times that i don't issue grub-install /dev/sda09:48
cfhowletttotesmuhgoats, "... don't seem ..." ?09:48
totesmuhgoatscfhowlett, i agree, i would love to test it, i'm not sure how i can in this case other than to make a change and reboot and see if the change is persistent09:49
totesmuhgoatswhich i have done09:49
batabatucfhowlett: could it be that it's not working because I'm working with a usb drive and not a HDD?09:49
totesmuhgoatsso i am wondering if there's a log or something that you'd like me to consult09:49
cfhowletttotesmuhgoats, does grub menu appear as expected on reboot?09:49
cfhowlettbatabatu, should not matter ...09:49
batabatuhmm I wonder if the thing is physically damaged09:50
totesmuhgoatscfhowlett, i didn't alter the grub menu, but doing something like installing a kernel does not boot into the new kernel unless i have specified grub-setup /dev/sda on the boot when i installed it09:50
batabatualthough it was fine until I tried this09:50
totesmuhgoatslet me try altering the menu and see what happens09:50
cfhowletttotesmuhgoats, ah!  that is definitive.  grub should update with each kernel.  if it's not, you *can* manually update, but that should not be happening09:51
totesmuhgoatscfhowlett, well i figure that there is probably a setting somewhere, but /etc/default/grub doesn't seem to have anything09:51
totesmuhgoatsi'm still deciphering /etc/grub.d/00_header09:51
cfhowletttotesmuhgoats, wait, I'm unclear: IS grub now at /dev/sda?09:52
totesmuhgoatsgrub was at /dev/sda1, but i convereted to btrfs, so now it has to be at /dev/sda which i've done manually. when i do apt operations and it updates grub it updates the one on /dev/sda1 which is inaccessible because of the new filesystem, so i get the copy on the mbr which has not been updated to reflect the changes09:53
* cfhowlett prepares to bail out ...09:53
totesmuhgoatsyea, i'm considering the same myself, i'm pretty sleepy09:54
cfhowletttotesmuhgoats, I understand that btrfs acts differently with grub, but I don't know enough to advise.  sorry.  ask again in channel.  lots of smart(er) folks than I ...09:54
batabatuok so I found I can format the drive as fat32, but when I format it as ext4 it doesn't work...09:55
Holzbeinwhat if you use the standard disk-tool instead of gparted?09:55
batabatuok ill try that now09:56
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totesmuhgoatscfhowlett, thanks for at least attempting to answer :)09:56
cfhowletttotesmuhgoats, happy2help09:57
batabatuHolzbein: didn't work either. Maybe this USB stick is only capable of Fat3209:58
SharetelHi, am unable to install an application on Ubuntu as it needs Java which I have installed10:02
cfhowlett!java | Sharetel10:02
ubottuSharetel: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.10:02
Shareteljava version "1.7.0_65"10:02
SharetelOpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.5.3) (7u71-2.5.3-0ubuntu0.12.04.1)10:02
SharetelOpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.65-b04, mixed mode)10:02
Holzbeinwas there an app that gives life-advice based on Text input sort of like siri?10:09
Holzbeini'm sure there was a friend of mine once fed it the whole ICQ History and it gave great advice10:11
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Holzbeini think it was a feature of tomboy, but i don't find anythin yet10:13
neurosis-ICQ lol10:14
neurosis-back in the day10:15
trisshey all. I gave the kunubtu desktop a spin....10:18
trissdid n't like it and now my GTK themes are KDE'ified10:18
trisshow can I make everything look all unity like again?10:18
cfhowlett!pureubuntu | triss10:18
ubottutriss: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu10:18
trisscheers cfhowlett10:19
cfhowletttriss, happy2help10:19
trissnargh. half those packages can't be found.10:20
trissi'm 14.10 here10:21
cfhowletttriss, which metapackage did you install for KDE?10:21
trisskubuntu-desktop I think10:30
trissIguess thats the chap tp get ri dof first?10:31
trisserm. I guess that should be gotten rid of first10:31
cfhowletttriss, sudo apt-get purge kubuntu-desktop10:31
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trisscheers man. having a go now,10:32
trissall that did was remove the metapacakge10:32
trisseverything else still seems to be installed...10:32
cfhowletttriss, meaning "KDE-ified"?10:34
bekksDid you run apt-get autoremove as the removal of the metapackage told you?10:34
galibUbuntu 14.10 mouse pad not working10:38
alessandroserver irc.oltreirc.org10:38
trissbekks it didn't tell me10:38
cfhowletttriss, no worries.  try it now10:38
trissit doesn't appear to do anything10:39
trissnothting to remove or upgrade10:39
cfhowletttriss, now ... sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop10:39
trissah thanks. login and out?10:40
trissit was a tiny reinstall10:40
cfhowletttriss, any feedback from that command?10:40
trissyup. it installed just the one pacakge10:41
cfhowletttriss, try logout/login10:41
trissthanks guys10:41
trissno change here guys :/10:44
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)10:46
cfhowletttriss, over my head.  someone here should know.10:46
trissthanks any way man. enjoy your day10:47
cfhowletttriss, same to you.10:47
galibhi, I have problem with mouse pad in ubuntu.10:49
galibwhat can I do ?10:49
bekksYou could tell us about the specific problems.10:49
cfhowlett!details | galib,10:49
ubottugalib,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)10:49
galibI have installed ubuntu 14.10 in my hp 240, every thing is ok, but the mouse pad is not working properly. what should i do?10:51
cfhowlettgalib, I went to the doctor and said "Doc!  I'm sick!  Heal me!"  same level of detail as you provided...10:52
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r00tedcheck2 ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ...10:54
cfhowlett!test | r00ted ,10:54
ubottur00ted ,: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )10:54
galibAsk me what you need to know? My touch pad is not working smoothly like it does in windows or by external usb mouse.10:54
galibMy laptop model = hp 240, install ubuntu 32 bit, version 14.1010:58
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cfhowlettgalib, see system settings > mouse and touchpad10:59
r00tedi have allwinner android tablet, can i install ubuntu touch in it?11:00
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galib<cfhowleAlready seen, everything installed perfectly. I have11:00
cfhowlett!touch | r00ted11:00
ubottur00ted: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch11:00
r00tedoff-topic: i need some mental support, which server and channel should i join?11:02
cfhowlett!ot | r00ted11:02
ubottur00ted: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:02
r00tedi got 3 ubotto response straight ... :D11:03
c-moiHi there, I'm having two issues on xfce4 on xubuntu 14.10. The main problem is the action button which save by default the session : there is no option about it, and if the session is saved, I have when I log back a buggy xfce4-panel and xfdesktop11:06
MasterPieceHi, Happy new year :)11:06
c-moiSo I want the action button to not save the session11:06
MasterPieceI have a problem with shortcuts again , When I press the "Ctrl+Alt" the windows Maximizes :(11:07
ImpulzeQI want MINT11:07
cfhowlett!mint | ImpulzeQ,11:07
ubottuImpulzeQ,: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:07
ImpulzeQthanks mattie11:08
c-moiOh, btw, I'm quite sure I have the same issue when I use the xfce menu in fact : even if the option is disable, the session is saved when I reboot or shutdown the computer.11:08
EncryptHello there o/11:09
EncryptDo you know how to add an app to the "mail icon" so that when we receive a new message, it turns blue?11:09
EncryptI actually have Tox installed and I only get the notifications with the icon moving in the dock11:10
c-moiIt seems like the bug reported on https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=8082&p=2 and https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7930 but still "working" on xfce 4.10 / xubuntu 14.0411:11
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 7930 in Action Buttons "Panel action button Logout always save session." [Normal,New]11:11
SohamGHow do I install vagrant 1.7.1 on ubuntu(studio)? apt-get gives me an old version, and the installers on the website simply say ' error installing vagrant...'11:13
TobbeFHi Guys, anyone on?11:13
cfhowlett!ask | TobbeF,11:13
ubottuTobbeF,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:13
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:13
cfhowlettSohamG, if it's not in the repos, compile from source11:14
SohamGcfhowlett, the one in the repo's is the old version, which is of no use to me, and I am pretty sure vagrant is closed source11:16
cfhowlettSohamG, then your options are limited.  contact vagrant's publisher for advice.11:16
TobbeF>> Question <<  I'm working on setting up my own webserver using Ubuntu Server 14.04 via LAMP. So far I have followed a few different guides and noone seems to work. I am currently trying to get Apache2 to use my /homes/myusername/public_html as website home to view it from web. And it throws a Forbidden, you dont have permission to access / on this server error. I have tried adding both my11:16
TobbeFuser and the folder to the www-data group without results.11:16
* cfhowlett ubottu !info vagrant11:16
SohamGcfhowlett, ok thanks :)11:17
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cfhowlettSohamG, happy2help11:17
c-moiseems like adding the --fast option to xfce4-logout is a workaround, but I don't know how to edit either the action button, either the "Disconnect..." window's buttons11:17
r00tedTobbeeF check your apache config file ...11:18
r00tedmaybe it doesnot allow you to index files11:18
TobbeFr00ted << thats the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf right?11:19
TobbeFr00ted << what am I looking for? (I'm new to linux but not to working with command prompts and command prompts editors etc)11:20
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r00tedcreate a sample file in the folder, and try to access it11:22
c-moiI think I'll use menu-libre in order to create the "reboot" and "halt" button, with the "xfce4-session-logout --fast --reboot" and "xfce4-session-logout --fast --halt" command. I hope this will work, until the bug is fixed. If you know another not to have xfce4-panel and xfdesktop buggy in a saved session, that would be perfect.11:23
TobbeFsweet! so it seems that adding my user and the folder inquestion to the www-data group did help. I just forgot to update my apache2.conf directory reference to reflect the new folder :)11:23
TobbeFI couldn't be happier right now :)11:24
TobbeFAll in all I am starting to shift from being a windows user to an ubuntu/linux user. Sure somethings are hard and darn right frustrating with ubuntu. but when you got it going it will stay working ;)11:24
TobbeFMany thanks for your awesome help r00ted :)11:24
r00tedur welcome TobbeF11:25
cfhowlettTobbeF, http://dl.fullcirclemagazine.org/issueSE01_en.pdf11:26
nbusroneAfter I upgrade the ubuntu to kernal 3.13.0-43-generic , everytime I turn off the pc it auto restart11:26
nbusronewhat could it happen ?11:26
TobbeFcfhowlett THANKS! Is this still valid for 14.04?11:26
TobbeFnbusrone sounds like a setting that has tweaked the os shutoff to reboot instead of power off but i'm rather just guessing now. I had this exact problem with windows about 2 years ago11:27
bekksTobbeF: I dont thinks so, since that article/pdf is about 5 years old.11:27
TobbeFthanks bekks, I'll read through it non the less to see if I can learn something new (which is most likely)11:28
cfhowlettTobbeF, use it as guidance but also see the official ubuntu server guide wiki11:28
nbusroneTobbeF : I am not too sure but I can clearly heard it's more like power cut off then it restart rather than normal restart without power cut off11:28
TobbeFthanks guys, I'm pretty sure I will frequent this channel in the comming weeks and months. I'm quite tired of the windows bs and starting to appreciate ubuntu more and more11:29
cfhowlettTobbeF, https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/   happy2help11:29
pac1what windows bs?11:29
nbusroneTobbeF : would it be bios issue ?11:29
bekksnbusrone: Most likely it is a BIOS issue, specifically in the ACPI DSDT table.11:31
TobbeFpac1 for one the ever increase windows update bloating,11:32
nbusronebekks , but previous kernal works well , hm guess I need to roll back ?11:32
TobbeFanyways I need to head off guys. Once again super thanks for the help :)11:32
bekksnbusrone: I'd try to update the BIOS instead :)11:32
cfhowlettnbusrone, yep.  OR ... LTS only.  lots fewer headaches that way. YMMV11:33
nbusronecfhowlett : using LTS right now11:34
nbusronebekks , will try and update the bios , will report back11:34
cfhowlettnbusrone, nice!  update the bios, go forth and sin no more!11:35
nbusronecfhowlett : hope it successfully and doesn't crash , finger cross11:36
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theTroyHi! Having an issue with deja-dup backing up at 500kb/s to a local USB3 HDD (it backed up at full speed until a virtualbox drive file ~12GB and now backing up extremely slowly)11:46
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=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
araroblubuntu is much faster than xubuntu11:55
lotuspsychje!yay | ararob11:55
ubottuararob: Glad you made it! :-)11:55
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
cfhowlettararob, it is optimized for legacy and low specification hardware.11:55
yecril71plHi there, how do I share files from my workstation?11:56
bekksyecril71pl: Share with what?11:56
yecril71plWith LAN11:56
yecril71plI tried to find Desktop Sharing in the Dash and failed11:56
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nbusronecfhowlett : btw ,i  had been search , how to enable full time modified for ubuntu 14.04 ? the modified date only display month and day but not hours and minute where it use to be on 12.04 lts11:57
bekksyecril71pl: "With LAN" is the most generic approach at all. Which systems do you want to grant access to your shares?11:58
yecril71plLinux systems11:58
bekksyecril71pl: Can you be specific please?11:59
edgar_anyone with photoshop cs3,4,5,6 on Ubuntu 14.xx ? seems no way WINE/PlayOnLINUX.11:59
bekksyecril71pl: So just use NFS then.11:59
yecril71plOK I have to install it right_12:00
yecril71plOK I have to install it right?12:00
bekksyecril71pl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo12:00
cfhowlettedgar_, cs2 MAYBE12:00
yecril71plbekks: thanks :-)12:00
cfhowlettnbusrone, I'm on ubuntustudio ... different animal12:01
bekksedgar_: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1712:02
edgar_cs2  blast from the past.. excellent thanks12:02
cfhowlettedgar_, gimp, krita, inkscape = options12:03
White_Cathi, I have a question12:05
White_Cathow can I revert this command "sudo ln -sf /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf"12:05
bekksDid you overwrite an existing /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf ?12:06
yecril71plWhat about gnome-user-share?  The configuration applet tells me it cannot work because packages are missing.12:06
linuxmintHello, I'm receiving error: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message. Shouldn't be I tried this, but not sure where to enter ServerName localhost.12:06
yecril71plWhich additional packages does gnome-user-share need to be fully functional?12:07
White_Catbekks no its in /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf12:07
White_Catwkhtmltopdf version in apt-get is greatly outdated12:07
bekksWhite_Cat: That wasnt my question.12:07
bekksWhite_Cat: Did a file /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf exist before you used that command?12:07
White_Catno it didnt12:07
bekksThen you can just remove the /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf12:07
White_CatI purged wkhtmltopdf related files12:07
White_Catah thats easy :)12:08
White_Catdo I have to restart the server for this to work?12:10
White_Cator is there a way to list links?12:11
bekksYou dont need to restart anything, and what do you mean by "list links"?12:12
White_CatI think it was removed because it doesnt work anymore12:12
White_Catthe exact problem I have is https://github.com/odoo/odoo/issues/110512:12
bekksYou asked on how to remove it, I told you.12:12
White_CatI know12:13
White_Catit was very helpful12:13
yecril71plI reinstalled and started gnome-user-share12:15
yecril71plHow do I access the share?12:15
bekksyecril71pl: that has nothing to do with NFS :)12:15
yecril71plI hoped it would be easier than NFS :-)12:16
bekksEasier than NFS? You will not found a filesharing mechanism like that.12:16
YamakasYwhy is it possible to run a ubuntu mirror on centos but no centos mirror on ubuntu ?12:16
bekksyecril71pl: It is perfectly possible, why wouldnt it?12:17
bekks"a centos  mirror" is nothing but a http/ftp/rsync file storage.12:17
YamakasYI don't see it anywhere12:19
cfhowlettYamakasY, where/how do you document: "not possible to run centos mirror on ubuntu"12:19
bekksYamakasY: You dont see what anywhere?12:19
YamakasYI see people running ubuntu mirrors on centos, but not the other way aorund :S12:19
YamakasYbekks: google on it12:19
bekksYamakasY: Then create a centos mirror on ubuntu if you like to have to have on.12:19
bekksYamakasY: "a centos  mirror" is nothing but a http/ftp/rsync file storage.12:19
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YamakasYbekks: and for Ubuntu it's different ?12:20
bekksYou need apache2, ftp or rsync - and a bunch of files.12:20
linuxmintI can't access the web interface. apache2 seems to be running.12:20
bekksYamakasY: No. It isnt different for any distro.12:20
YamakasYbekks: I use apt-mirror on Ubuntu now, is that just rsync or so ?12:20
MonkeyDustlinuxmint  if you're using mint: it has its own channel12:21
cfhowlett!mint | linuxmint12:21
ubottulinuxmint: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org12:21
YamakasYMonkeyDust: maybe he runs Ubuntu too ?12:22
linuxmintMonkeyDust: Yes, I'm on LinuxMint, but this apache error runs on Ubuntu to run my ZoneMinder server.12:22
bekksYamakasY: It uses http, rsync, or ftp to fetch files. And then it used http, ftp, or sync to share those files. No black magic involved.12:22
YamakasYbekks: ok12:23
ObrienDavewho do the voodoo like you do? ;P12:23
YamakasYbekks: but weird is that apt-mirror is on centos and no "centos-mirror" is on ubuntu :S12:23
MonkeyDustlinuxmint  i missed that part in your question12:23
bekksYamakasY: That MAY be the cause, because Centos does not use apt but rpm... :P12:24
bekksYamakasY: And apt-mirror is specifically targetted to create an APT-based mirror.12:24
YamakasYbekks: centos supports apt12:24
YamakasYsure thing12:24
bekksYamakasY: If you like to create a Centos mirror, ask the Centos community wether they have a rpm mirror script.12:25
YamakasYkinda weird but it does12:25
bekksYamakasY: Centos doesnt, they translate the packages to rpm ;)12:25
YamakasYbekks: I know, but actually they do12:26
yecril71plapache2: Could not open configuration file /usr/share/gnome-user-share/dav_user_2.4.conf: No such file or directory; spawning httpd failed12:26
YamakasYthey want to take us over :P12:26
bekksYamakasY: They still use RPM. So ask the Centos community wether they have a rpm mirror script. Which they do.12:26
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YamakasYbekks: oikay!12:27
yecril71plI have dav_user_2.2.conf instead12:27
bekksYamakasY: Why dont you iuse NFS?12:29
bekkswrong tab.12:29
bekksyecril71pl: Why dont you use NFS? Setting up webDAV is far more complicated.12:29
yecril71plWell, I hoped it would be easier, but it seems the package gnome-user-share is broken12:30
yecril71plIt requires a different configuration file than it provides12:31
bekksyecril71pl: There is nothing more easy than NFS file sharing.12:31
YamakasYbekks: indeed, NFS rules, webdav too... but only if a package support it and you don't have to configure yourself12:31
bekksYamakasY: The NFS configuration is a ONE liner.12:31
bekksYamakasY: And it has nothing to do with "package support".12:31
YamakasYbekks: ? I know nfs is a oneliner12:32
YamakasYbekks: no but it respond in general12:32
yecril71plThe downside is that you have to be root on the client12:32
bekksyecril71pl: Which you need to be for all other file share mechanism, too.12:32
bekksyecril71pl: Thats no downside. :)12:32
yecril71plOn the client??12:32
bekksyecril71pl: Yes.12:32
bekksyecril71pl: You cannot mount shares without root privileges OR without root allowing you to mount shares.12:33
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yecril71plBut I can mount DAV shares in Nautilus without being root.12:33
rick_finger rick_12:34
bekksyecril71pl: Thats not "mounting", thats using the broken GVFS facility :)12:34
yecril71plIt is not broken, it allows me to copy and edit files.12:34
rick_anyone into mpd here?12:34
bekksyecril71pl: Good luck in setting it up then...12:35
linuxmintI've tried fixing apache, but error: http://dpaste.com/1SM3B6R12:40
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MonkeyDustlinuxmint  apache is server technology, try asking in #ubuntu-server12:41
linuxmintMonkeyDust: ok.12:42
anonymous__e cineva roman12:44
schnitzhi there... anyone available for some novice tech help, please? :-)12:47
cfhowlett!ask | schnitz12:47
ubottuschnitz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:47
schnitzcool.. will do, thanks for letting me know12:48
schnitzI have UbuntuStudio installed and it doesn't seem to detect a special PCI Audio Card (RME Hammerfall) under lspci12:49
schnitzit doesn't show up under lspci12:49
schnitzbeing a linux novice, what options do I have?12:49
cfhowlettschnitz, purchase a supported card?12:50
cfhowlett!hardware | schnitz12:50
ubottuschnitz: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:50
schnitzOh ok so basically it shows up and then its supported or it isn't and thats it... I'll check whether its supported12:51
cfhowlettschnitz, in my observation/experience, if it ain't supported out of the box, it's not worth hacking/cracking to force it.  if the option to replace exists ... also #opensourcemusians may have some guidance for you.12:52
schnitzalright... sounds good. Its a rather old card and it USED to be supported, thats for sure, but I'll dig into that myself...12:54
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White_CatIn ubuntu server does ntpupdate auomatically run by default?12:55
cfhowlettschnitz, perhaps a better option: external interface?  the presonus 1-box worked great for me for basic podcasting12:55
schnitzactually this is a PCI audio card with an external 8-channel audio interface... so I'll try and get that to run first, and then if I'm sure it doesn't work, yes I'll get something else12:56
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BluesKaj_Happy Boxing Day to those who observe it :)13:08
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soreauWhat is the name of the screensaver that shows images from a directory? like a fading slideshow13:21
cfhowlettsoreau, xscreensaver is the app.  the plugins power what you're looking for. BUT xscreensaver has been known to conflict with lightlocker.13:23
soreaucfhowlett: I am well aware of the situation, I just see that the expected one crashes..13:23
soreaucfhowlett: Or for example, GL-Slideshow doesn't allow selecting a driectory of images to use recursively13:25
White_Cathi, I am trying to follow http://acidx.net/wordpress/2014/06/installing-a-mailserver-with-postfix-dovecot-sasl-ldap-roundcube/13:27
White_CatI am a bit puzzled13:27
White_Cat"The following screenshots show the LDAP structure, the necessary objectClasses and attributes"13:27
ikoniawhat part are you puzzled with ?13:27
ikoniado you need ldap ?13:27
White_Catsince I have this on ubuntu-server I have no UI13:27
White_Catyes I need it for a mail server13:28
soreaucfhowlett: I have all xscreensaver* packages installed13:28
ikoniathere are command line tools for ldap13:28
ikoniaand do you need ldap for your mail server ?13:28
White_CatI am not 100% sure13:28
White_Catlet me explain my environment13:28
ikoniaok - so why are you following a guide13:28
ikoniawhy not either a.) research the bits you need b.) find a guide that is trusted that meets your exact requirements13:28
White_CatI have researched13:28
White_CatI always am open to suggestions13:29
ikoniaWhite_Cat: you can't have researched as you have no idea what you need13:29
White_CatAre you going to just judge me?13:29
ikoniaI'm not judging you13:29
White_CatI know exactly what I need13:29
ikoniayou don't as you don't know if you need ldap13:29
White_CatI have users whom do not have accounts on the mailserver13:30
White_Catas in unix accounts13:30
cfhowlettsoreau, I double check that "all".  there is/was a separate list of plugins (community???) that apt-get install - doesn't install.13:30
White_Catso I need to configure a mail server such that users without unix accounts can send and recieve mail from13:30
White_Catvia pop or possibly also imap13:31
White_CatIn my research LDAP seems to be the best solution so far13:31
White_Catconnections to this mail client will all be local13:31
ikoniaWhite_Cat: you're just saying "I want a mail server"13:31
White_CatI am not even half way done explaining myself13:31
ikoniaWhite_Cat: I'd suggest you try to summerise though13:32
ikoniathank you13:33
White_CatThe ubuntu-server running the mailserver will 1) send mail (smtp), recieve mail, users will read their mail through odoo so connections to pop/imap will remain local13:33
White_Cat*The ubuntu-server running the mailserver will 1) send mail (smtp), 2) recieve mail, 3) users will read their mail through odoo so connections to pop/imap will remain local13:34
White_CatI am unsure if LDAP would overcomplicate matters or is the ideal solution13:34
ikoniado you know how to use ldap ?13:34
White_CatI do not13:34
ikoniathen it would overcomplicate things13:35
ikoniaand present a risk to your service13:35
White_Catso what would be an alternative you'd reccomend13:36
ikoniathere are many, virtual users map files, relation databases, etc whatever you are comfortable with13:36
White_Catthis mail server will not recieve any external smtp/pop/imap requests. All would come from one application13:36
White_Catikonia that really answers nothing13:37
ikoniaWhite_Cat: in what way does that not answer ?13:37
ikoniaWhite_Cat: you just asked for alternatives to ldap that will store virtual users with mail services,13:37
White_Cat"so what would be an alternative you'd reccomend"13:37
ikoniaI've offered virtual user map files, and most relational databases,13:37
White_Catthat narrows it how?13:37
White_CatI am fully aware of that13:37
ikoniaWhite_Cat: why did you not select them then ?13:38
ikoniawhy did you rule them out in your previous investigation13:38
White_CatI am not exactly sure how I would use them in the first place13:38
cfhowlettsoreau, xscreensaver extras ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/9623669/13:38
soreaucfhowlett: ok13:38
ikoniaWhite_Cat: they have schemas/structure based on your requirements/design13:39
ikoniaWhite_Cat: it's up to you to determain how you use them13:39
soreaucfhowlett: I have all xscreensaver* packages installed13:39
White_Catwhatever dude, this doesnt help13:39
White_Catsorry I bothered to explain/ask you13:39
ikoniaWhite_Cat: how is this not helping ?13:39
soreauI just want to know the name of a screensaver that shows images from a directory? like a fading slideshow13:39
cfhowlettsoreau, then you have the photo display plugin.  Now you just need to ID and configure the right plugin13:40
ikoniaWhite_Cat: you're asking how to do it, I'm saying it depends on your needs, there are templates out there for certain senarios, but you may need to adapt/change them based on your requirements13:40
White_CatUltimately all you told me is "just use a relation database"13:40
ikoniaWhite_Cat: then you are not paying attention13:40
White_CatI defined you my needs13:40
ikoniaWhite_Cat: I said nothing of the sort13:40
ikoniaWhite_Cat: you didn't define your needs,13:40
White_CatI need a simple system that would habdle login for postfix13:40
White_Cat1) send mail (smtp), 2) recieve mail, 3) users will read their mail through odoo so connections to pop/imap will remain local13:40
soreaucfhowlett: Photopile?13:40
ikoniaWhite_Cat: do you need webmail services ?13:40
soreaucfhowlett: or what is it called in xscreensaver-demo?13:40
White_Catikonia I do not13:41
White_Catusers will not use the mail service directly13:41
ikoniaWhite_Cat: ok - so then discount your previous guide as that is for a webmail service13:41
llutzWhite_Cat: how many users, how often do they change?13:41
deltwhat's the best way to disable a service (ie. samba) without uninstalling it? can i do it by chmod -x a file somewhere?13:41
ikoniallutz: there we go,13:41
cfhowlettsoreau, sorry to say, I haven't used xscreensaver in so long, I don't remember.  but all plugins have a test mode so ... go wild!13:41
White_Catnot often and no more than 10-2013:41
ikoniaWhite_Cat: then why make it complex13:41
ikoniaWhite_Cat: just create 20 locked shell accounts13:41
llutzWhite_Cat: just go with postfix virtual users , flat file for user-definition, done13:41
ikoniaWhite_Cat: no need for any user / auth system13:41
ikoniallutz: I said virtual user file and he said that is not helping13:42
llutzWhite_Cat: like http://www.postfix.org/VIRTUAL_README.html#virtual_mailbox13:42
ikonia10 - 20 static users, I'd look at not even bothering13:42
ikoniajust create the accounts with no valid shells13:42
llutzWhite_Cat: more users or users changing frequently -> mysql for user database (just ONE way)13:42
White_Catmm maybe I can use postgresql13:42
llutzWhite_Cat: any db13:43
ikoniaWhite_Cat: I said this, and you said "thats not helping"13:43
ikonia20 users though...do you really want to have a RDBMS in the middle ?13:43
ikoniait's not exactly large13:43
ikoniaand adds another layer into your system13:43
White_Catthe way llutz answers and you answe is different :/13:43
deltwhat's the best way to disable a service (ie. samba) without uninstalling it? can i do it by chmod -x a file somewhere?13:44
mdogeservice samba stop13:44
deltmdoge: that only takes effect until reboot, right?13:44
mdogeupdate-rc.d samba remove13:44
ikoniachange the upstart jobs config file13:44
EriC^_delt: update-rc.d -f <service> disable13:44
mdogeEriC^_'s solution is better13:45
llutzdelt http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#override-files13:45
deltok, thanks everyone for the help!13:45
sherlock_regushow to connect to android channel13:47
ikonia /join #android13:47
ikoniasherlock_regus: try the #freenode channel for general irc help13:47
mdogewhat channel can i join to learn how to make babies13:48
nbusroneanyone can teach me how to install this script ? https://launchpad.net/~mc3man/+archive/ubuntu/nauty-mods13:49
lord4163Getting so annoyed... WiFi constantly dropping, seems to happen every time when I'm 26 minutes in a video conference?!13:50
lord4163RTL8723BE Wifi adapter....13:51
blindnbusrone: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/nauty-mods   and hit Enter when prompted. Then apt-get update && apt-get install nauty-mods13:51
lord4163I'm running the latest kernel (3.18)13:51
blinderr sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get install nauty-mods13:51
sherlock_regusjoin #android13:51
blindwith a /13:52
blind/join #android13:52
EncryptHello again!13:52
EncryptWhat is making the mail icon turn blue when I receive a message in Ubuntu?13:53
nbusroneblind : E: Unable to locate package nauty-mods13:53
blindnbusrone: ... after add-apt-repository   and apt-get update ..?13:54
Picinbusrone: the package it provides is 'nautilus' not nauty-mods13:54
EncryptI added µTox to the gstreamer properties13:54
gingitsuneHey, every once in a while i experience a hang with Open System Monitor reporting a IO wait 80% and max drive activity13:54
EncryptNow, I have µTox in the "mail icon" list13:54
nbusronePici blind , added the repository "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/nauty-mods"13:54
gingitsuneussually a chromium window hangs or dota13:55
blindnbusrone: Pici, my bad..13:55
Eldunarhello guys can u help me? I can not install via apt-get nor update system. here is output of apt-get update http://pastebin.com/KAgPNzF013:55
nbusroneblind : which mean ? sorry newbie on it13:55
gingitsunecan someone soggest a way to figure out whats the couse?13:55
blindnbusrone: try: sudo apt-get install nautilus13:55
gingitsunerunning 14.1013:56
nbusroneblind : done it install but how do I set the preference ?13:57
gingitsunekernel 3.1813:57
blindthat, I am not sure.13:57
Eldunarhello guys can u help me? I can not install via apt-get nor update system. here is output of apt-get update http://pastebin.com/KAgPNzF013:58
zykotick9Eldunar: note for next time... you might consider using a different paste site then pastebin.com... a better alternative would be http://paste.ubuntu.com/ but it's certainly up to you14:01
nbusroneblind : can't get it work14:02
nbusroneblind : worst , it can't even set "Accessed  time" on list view column14:04
dominik_hello guys can u help me? I can not install via apt-get nor update system. here is output of apt-get update http://pastebin.com/KAgPNzF014:06
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nbusroneblind : guess it works after a restart :D14:20
blindnbusrone: ah, maybe killing nautilus and restarting it would have done it :p14:20
nbusroneblind : i have another question , not sure whether you know how to set brightness on nvidia xorg.14:22
nbusroneI set it Option  "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1" but everytime I restart it got reset to 0 brightness14:22
clausenI can't get boot Grub on Ubuntu 14.10 64-bit Live CD on my Asus EeeBook, which is Windows8/UEFI-based.  Any suggestions?14:25
BluesKaj_lord4163, have you checked additional drivers? if you are installing wireless drivers then usually you need to be plugged in via an ethernet cable. Click on the Ubuntu logo in the launcher and type drivers and click on the icon that appears.14:25
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Guest56731How to solve read only permision in USB pen drive in Ubuntu?14:26
Guest56731Anybody out there?14:27
tewardGuest56731: patience is a virtue14:27
tewardand you haven't even been here a minute :P14:27
lord4163BluesKaj_, No these are included.14:28
Guest56731alright. waiting..14:28
BluesKaj_Guest56731, does the usb show up in the file manager? If so highlight it, then click properties then permissions and check the exec option14:28
lord4163BluesKaj_, There are no additional drivers available btw.14:29
Guest56731BluesKaj_: I tried that. But it says "Sorry, could not change the permissions of “XYZ”: Error setting permissions: Read-only file system"14:29
BluesKaj_lord4163, bummer14:29
lord4163BluesKaj_, It's kinda annoying.14:31
BluesKaj_lord4163, http://askubuntu.com/questions/507470/wifi-not-working-on-ubuntu-14-04-lenovo-g-50-30/535976#53597614:35
lord4163BluesKaj_, I tried that too14:36
dreamI go to #ubuntu at first14:42
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asad2005Is there a simple guide to migrate from evolution mail to thunderbird, i have a lot of local folders with rules to transfere emails to these folders14:48
bekksThere is simple approach, you can migrate the mails, but you will lose the rules, most likely.14:48
asad2005can you tell me where can i find this approach14:49
asad2005all the places i see are talking about maybe ubuntu 10 to 11 but i am now on latest 14:10 version14:50
bekksThat approach stayed the same, just migrate the mails.14:50
asad2005bekks: for my local mails fodlers what i can see is folders but they are talking about files14:58
asad2005Where is the latest guide? is there a dedicated irc for thunderird?14:59
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SoltisHow do I stop MySQL from checking every table on system startup?15:12
=== hugbot is now known as swordsmanz
coemoraesSomeone had some issue trying to connect internet through this modem TD5136V2, in ubuntu 14?15:15
william__How do i do a manual apt-get install on a other hard drive15:15
coemoraesLook like some crazy firewall15:15
cfhowlettwilliam__, apt-get install ... what?15:16
cfhowlett!msg ubottu !mysql15:16
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:16
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william__i installed ubuntu on my ssd and now its full how do i install a software on a other hard drive?15:17
cfhowlettwilliam__, bad idea.  better to move your data /home to another HDD15:17
cfhowlett!home | william__15:17
ubottuwilliam__: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving15:17
william__will do15:18
tomattohi, please how can i upgrade lubuntu 12.10 to new 14.10?15:22
tomattowhen i run apt-get update it can't found repo and download updates15:22
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | tomatto, but clean install might be better15:22
ubottutomatto, but clean install might be better: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:22
SoltisHow do I stop MySQL from checking every table on system startup? I tried disabling /etc/mysql/debian-start (threw an exit at the top) but I'm still seeing an enormous delay on reboot.15:22
kaputtubuntuI installed Lubuntu 14.04 (LVM inside LUKS and separate ext4 /boot) besides Windows and Debian. GRUB threw me into rescue mode saying "no such partition" (I did grub-install /dev/sda from chroot). /boot was a logical partition back then. I moved it into a primary one and now it throws me into grub rescue with "Filesystem is unkown".15:25
kaputtubuntuThe only partition I can read from grub rescue using "ls" is the old ext3 Debian partition. For all others (including the ext4 /boot), it complains about unknown filesystem. Partition layout: http://abload.de/img/2014-12-26-135828_102wvas5.png (sda7 Debian, sda3 the new /boot, and sda6 the new Lubuntu-LUKS). What's wrong here?15:25
tomattocfhowlett: clean install is better than eolupdate, why?15:27
squeegilyHey guys. My laptop can't suspend. I've already tried all information on Google, the wiki, forums, etc.15:27
squeegilyIf I manually enter init=/bin/bash in Grub, I can suspend from there15:27
cfhowletttomatto, download the .iso via torrent means no internet interrupt breakage for one15:28
squeegilySo I know it's the init script's "fault", so to speak15:28
cfhowletttomatto, perhaps not an issue for you.  live upgrade won't work here in china ... internet is too slow and flaky15:29
squeegilyI've already tried all combinations of --quirk- stuff, but it seems that whatever init does really breaks it15:29
tomattocfhowlett: torrent is faster in china?15:29
squeegilyIt's encrypted so it'll probably be a smidgen more reliable15:29
squeegilyAnd it's got checksumming15:30
cfhowletttomatto, torrent is faster in most places15:30
squeegilyAnd better bandwidth control15:30
BluesKaj_tomatto, sudo pm-suspend doesn't work for you ?15:30
squeegilyBluesKaj_, It's not working for me15:30
cfhowletttomatto, plus, if interrupted, torrent has safer resume than direct download ...15:30
squeegilySafer and more reliable15:30
squeegilyThe torrent client automatically discards any pieces that got damaged in transit15:31
tomattocfhowlett: i never had problem with direct download, when download was finished successfully15:31
squeegilyDid it pass an md5sum?15:31
BluesKaj_squeegily, ok I misread15:32
squeegilyIf you legitimately downloaded an 800 MB file over an HTTP file in CHINA and not one byte was changed I will have seen everything15:32
cfhowletttomatto, YMMV.  anyway, since you're upgrading so late, I'm guessing you don't do a lot of system maintenance.  suggest you skip 14.10 and install 14.04 .. it's got long term support15:32
cfhowlettsqueegily, I know, right?!15:32
JackelopeKingHello... I am trying to get some help fixing my ethernet connection. I am running Ubuntu 14.10. Am I in the correct channel?15:33
cfhowlettJackelopeKing, you are15:33
squeegilybeat me to it ;)15:33
tomattocfhowlett: fathers computer :)15:33
tomattocfhowlett: 14.10 is not lts?15:34
squeegilyIs your father the leader of China?15:34
cfhowletttomatto, what!? you let the old man run an outdated OS?  SHAME!15:34
cfhowlett!lts | tomatto15:34
ubottutomatto: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)15:34
squeegilyOnly .04 are15:34
bibi234I've installed pure ftp and it's only allowing unix users to log in, I want to allow the user I've created and not the unix users, how can I do that?15:34
JackelopeKingThanks... my ethernet connection was working fine until a few weeks ago, but after a kernel update, I haven't been able to connect to my router via ethernet.15:34
squeegilybibi234, useradd --help15:34
JackelopeKingI even went so far as to order a new ethernet card to replace my 12+ year old one, but without luck.15:35
squeegilyThen sudo useradd -m -a -G lol,stuff user15:35
squeegilyJackelopeKing: Wow15:35
tomattocfhowlett: i think, that automatic updates handles it automatically...my bad15:35
squeegilyDid you try reinstalling Ubuntu after you put the new card in?15:35
cfhowletttomatto, one more reason for LTS15:35
squeegilySo it will autodetect and install the correct driver from the CD?15:35
bibi234squeegily: how is it related to pure ftp? this is for creating standard users no?15:36
cfhowlett!who | squeegily, add the nick to avoid confusion15:36
ubottusqueegily, add the nick to avoid confusion: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:36
squeegilybibi234: I thought you asked how to create a Unix user15:36
JackelopeKingI did... no luck. I had just reinstalled a few days before because Unity decided to break on me around the same time (currently running gnome shell...)15:36
squeegilyJackelopeKing: I assume you already tried all info on the wiki and Google pertaining to those cards15:37
YamakasYI wonder can I make apache host files owned like 0:33 ?15:37
YamakasYas apache is in it's own group15:38
JackelopeKingI did... TP Link TG-3269... but since the same problem arose before I swapped out for the new card, it leads me to believe it's somewhere in the newer kernel.15:38
tomattocfhowlett: is better to download ubuntu and install lxde or fluxbox maybe or download lubuntu?15:38
squeegilyYamakasY: I don't know is 0 is a valid group15:38
YamakasYsqueegily: it seems not15:38
cfhowletttomatto, if lubuntu is the then get it.15:38
bibi234I have "no" in /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/UnixAuthentication however I can connect with unix users, why...?15:38
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squeegilytomatto: I'd recommend not tweaking the default Ubuntu to use a different system. Switching to Lubuntu would be a good idea15:39
cfhowletttomatto, I assume this works better for Dad or for Dad's hardware.15:39
squeegilybibi234: You tried restarting the server?15:39
squeegilySo it can reload the config files15:39
YamakasYsqueegily: it is a group but it seem sthat when it's owned by that apache cannot serve15:39
bibi234squeegily: yes I did15:39
tomattocfhowlett: you'r right15:39
squeegilyYamakasY: Cool username by the way15:39
cfhowlett!lubuntu | tomatto,15:39
ubottutomatto,: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.15:39
tomattosqueegily: you mean graphics system right?15:39
bibi234squeegily: service pure-ftpd restart15:40
cfhowletttomatto, 14.04.1 is the current version.15:40
cfhowlettLTS that is15:40
squeegilytomatto, I mean the window manager or desktop environment15:40
Basketballcan i get gnome software center in unity15:40
squeegilyBasketball, You could if you wanted to15:40
tomattocfhowlett: so no 14.10 i see15:41
squeegilyUnity is just a desktop envoronment15:41
Basketballsqueegily, how15:41
cfhowletttomatto, 14.04.1 is LTS.  14.10 is NOT15:41
JackelopeKingWhen the ethernet cable is connected, I can see that the connection eth1 has the status "connecting" but never gets beyond that.15:41
squeegilyJackelopeKing: Hmm have you tried static IP?15:41
JackelopeKingsqueegily: I have not. I'm afraid I can't remember how to set one up correctly.15:42
squeegilyJackelopeKing, You're using Ubuntu with a GUI, yes?15:42
JackelopeKingsqueegily: Yes.15:43
squeegilyClick the Wi-Fi icon, click Edit, then change the Ethernet connection, go the the IPv4 tab15:43
JackelopeKingsqueegily: I'm on the IPv4 screen now.15:43
squeegilyOkay, go back to the Wifi menu and click Info15:43
YamakasYsqueegily: ha thanks!15:44
squeegilyJackelopeKing,  It'll have something like
squeegilyIs the second-to-last number a 0 or a 1?15:44
JackelopeKingsqueegily: under IPv4 address on the wifi screen?15:45
cfhowletttomatto, I should mention upgrade from 12.10 to current must be sequential, i.e. 12.10 > 13.04 > 13.10 > 14.0415:45
squeegilyJackelopeKing, Under connection info15:45
squeegilyGo to the Wifi icon and info, leaving the connection editor open15:45
JackelopeKingsqueegily: got it... I'm running gnome shell at the moment, so the gui is a bit different15:46
squeegilyIs the Gateway or
YamakasYsqueegily: it seems that 33:33 is needed15:46
tomattocfhowlett: oh :( how can i do that? btw. i started thinking about downloading 14.04 iso instead, as you recommended15:47
squeegilyOkay, take a look at this: http://imgur.com/jHMakBy15:47
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | tomatto, the eolupgrade link must be invoked for each upgrade from 12.10 to target.  OR clean install as I suggested.15:48
ubottutomatto, the eolupgrade link must be invoked for each upgrade from 12.10 to target.  OR clean install as I suggested.: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:48
squeegilyJackelopeKing, Enter those details except change the final 0 to a 115:48
squeegilyOn every IP15:48
JackelopeKingsqueegily: got it.15:48
LFSveteransomeone using ubuntu on an asus t100?15:49
squeegilyLFSveteran, I've got an Asus Eee PC15:49
LFSveteranI think that one uses another SDcard15:49
JackelopeKingsqueegily: going to turn off wifi to test my connection.15:50
LFSveteranI'm looking for the correct module/driver for the sdcard reader on the T10015:50
JackelopeKingsqueegily: no luck... I'm listed as connected to the network in the network info, but am unable to connect to the internet.15:52
llutzLFSveteran: point 9 of http://www.jfwhome.com/2014/03/07/perfect-ubuntu-or-other-linux-on-the-asus-transformer-book-t100/   maybe it helps15:54
JackelopeKingsqueegily: Should I have every 0 in the fields you sent me changed to 1s, or only under DNS servers?15:57
kokutHello, somehow i cannot kill a process (pidgin) ive tried everything, even kill -9 {PID} is there anything i can do?15:59
LFSveterankillall pidgin ?16:00
Daemonkokut: did you try kill $(pgrep pidgin)?16:01
kokutDaemon: nope let me try16:01
HikaruBGhi guys16:01
kokutDaemon: it worked, thanks man16:01
HikaruBGhow can I make a folder accessible from all users in my user group?16:01
Daemonkokut: no problem dude16:01
nmatrix9I have go to say SSD's simply blow conventional raid outta the water16:02
cfhowlett!permissions | HikaruBG16:03
ubottuHikaruBG: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions16:03
=== JackelopeKing1 is now known as JackelopeKing
HikaruBGThanks, cfhowlett16:06
cfhowlettHikaruBG, happy2help!16:06
HikaruBG:) good2know!16:07
phunyguycan anyone help me get autorotation working on this inspiron 13 laptop with ubuntu?  it apparently has an acceleromoter, but I am not sure how to actually make any of that work.16:08
pungi-manCan I know a good email service which is anonymous ?16:11
k1l!ot | pungi-man16:12
ubottupungi-man: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:12
pungi-manjoin #ubuntu-offtopic16:12
adam_dddd"Untrusted application launcher". I can't run my apps in Desktop. How can I fix it?16:13
wytrzeszczanybody using termial irc chat?16:13
k1lwytrzeszcz: can you be more specific?16:14
wytrzeszczlooking for good one (comand line)16:15
Daemonwytrzeszcz: you can try irssi16:15
ivorybishopweechat is good too16:15
YamakasYman you can go wild with permissions16:16
adam_ddddHow can I create a menu (like classic menu indicator) for my applications?16:18
SoltisHow do I stop MySQL from checking every table on system startup? I tried disabling /etc/mysql/debian-start (threw an exit at the top) but I'm still seeing an enormous delay on reboot.16:21
ubottucar: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:23
sasha-I'm having a bit of an issue with my keyboard16:23
sasha-It keeps pressing stuff, here is a sample from xev: http://pastebin.com/a2DQB25m16:24
sasha-This gets quite frustrating as it pastes things and does other weird things sometimes.. drving me nuts16:24
ubottuaironchase: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:25
sasha-Anyone have an idea what could be causing this?16:25
LFSveterangot the sd working now....16:26
kate_rDoes anyone know of a good way to keep my crawler online and recover from crashes?16:27
smaudetHey, do debs do anything besides lay out files and run their doinst.sh scripts?16:38
tewardsmaudet: can you rephrase your question?  I'm not sure what is being asked16:40
smaudetteward: I'm hand installing printer drivers because I don't have anything official, so I have a .deb file, which I've converted via alien to a tgz, and then unzipped. Besides copying everything to / and running the install shell scripts, is there anything else I need to do?16:42
smaudetteward: http://support-asia.canon-asia.com/contents/ASIA/EN/0100586902.html <- printer drivers (not official)16:42
smaudetteward: source libaries (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~michael-gruz/+junk/cnijfilter-common/files)16:42
smaudetand to complicate it all I'm on fedora, so I'm only asking in here 'cause its a deb16:42
hojo_Hello! I have an issue with Ubuntu and I wonder if someone could help me here? My computer goes into black screen after starting ubuntu and I've tried everything16:43
OerHeksfedora uses RPM, makes no sense16:43
smaudetOerHeks: the alien --to-rpm option gave me a bogus error16:43
smaudetOerHeks: And there is no rpm file16:44
smaudetOerHeks: or more accurately rpm gave me a bogus error after alien --to-rpm converted it.16:44
smaudetI.e. it isn't a valid rpm16:44
smaudetAnd so hence I'm asking if there's any other information inside the .deb file that alien might have missed, esp. since it already failed to convert the deb once16:46
ashutoshHello there16:47
ashutoshthis is me first time chatting on IRC16:47
Daemonhi there ashutosh16:47
ashutoshWow first response I got16:47
cfhowlettashutosh, ask your ubuntu questions16:48
ashutoshI have been getting some trouble in ubuntu. I am using android studio. A16:48
YamakasYdoes anyone have a preseed template with raid/lvm ?16:48
ashutoshWhen using chrome simultaneously, ubuntu freezes randomly16:49
NickMessingHello guys, my "Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Device 15a1" is not listed as eth0 in ifconfig, I'm using Ubuntu based distro, can someone help me with that please?16:49
cfhowlettashutosh, insufficient data.  check your logs for events16:49
OerHekssmaudet, as RPM is not our package systems, and alien goes wild, try http://gdlp01.c-wss.com/gds/8/0100005868/01/cnijfilter-mx470series-4.10-1-rpm.tar.gz16:50
ashutoshI have given around 140gb of swap space. RAM is 4gb. I dont know the problem behind freeze16:50
OerHekssmaudet, from http://www.supportlaptop.com/2014/10/canon-pixma-mx471-drivers-download.html16:50
cfhowlettashutosh, 140 GB of swap?  GB!?16:50
tewardsmaudet: fedora uses RPM - and we can't help you if you're not on Ubuntu.  You need to reach out to Fedora suppport16:50
ashutoshYeah GB as in GigaBytes16:50
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Isil`Zhaashutosh: why?16:50
ashutoshLol, I was supposed to use another OS in that but I thought would use that later16:51
ashutoshso nothing comes up into my mind right away and made it swap16:51
=== zy3pD is now known as zy3pD_afk
ashutoshDoes having 140Gigs SWAP really matters a lot?16:52
Isil`Zhaashutosh: i see :)16:52
Isil`Zhaashutosh: no i guess not. it's just an unusual amount16:52
ashutoshI've heard to use the swap space just as the RAM16:52
ashutoshI mean same to the RAM amount16:52
ashutoshmind my english, I am from India16:53
cfhowlettashutosh, so you have 140 GB of ram as well?16:53
Paradisee_do you know any kind of program to stream on twitch with ubuntu?16:53
ashutoshLol no. I aint billionare. Just 4 Gigs of RAM16:53
Isil`Zhaashutosh: yes, or double or even none.16:53
cfhowlettashutosh, exactly. you are going to kick yourself when you run out of HDD space because you sent so much to ram.  fix that.16:54
ashutoshSo if I now decide to take back or reduce my swap space, would that require a system level format?16:54
DaemonI like to make my swap double the size of my ram16:54
Isil`Zhaashutosh: i eventually only used the swap for hibernate. anyhow that won't solve the actual issue you're facing16:54
ashutoshor Just the swap partition can be reformatted and restructured?16:54
cfhowlett!swap | ashutosh16:54
ubottuashutosh: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info16:54
cfhowlettashutosh, redo your partition table ... fairly trivial16:55
Isil`Zhaubottu: i understood he used it because he didn't have a better use for it. meant to be temporary too. fair enough i guess.16:55
ubottuIsil`Zha: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:55
ashutoshI know little bit about SWAP thanks. I am just concerned why I am facing a lag even when I have 4Gig RAM with i5 processor(3rd gen)16:55
hojo_hey i have boot-into-black-screen issue after i tried installing ATI proprietary drivers for my new graphics card. I unplugged the GPU, uninstalled drivers, xorg,conf and tried even reinstalling ubuntu-desktop but computer still doesnt load desktop. just goes black after startup. I can access tty1 though. does anyone have any suggestions what to do aside from complete reinstall?16:56
ashutoshand this much SWAP could not account for swap16:56
cfhowlett!nomodeset | hojo_,16:57
ubottuhojo_,: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:57
Paradisee_do you know any kind of program to stream on twitch with ubuntu?16:58
teward!repeat > Paradisee_17:00
ubottuParadisee_, please see my private message17:00
cfhowlettashutosh, freezes or lags?  not the same.  freeze (in my mind) means forced to reboot.  lag just means slow . to . re . spond17:00
OerHeksParadisee_, you might want to ask on askubuntu too17:00
ashutoshFirst it lags, eventually resulting in freeze. This is what happens in android studio. RAM issue17:01
cfhowlettashutosh, ONLY android studio?17:01
ashutoshbut when using chrome alone, the mouse sticks out of nowhere17:01
ashutoshand even caps lock stops responding17:01
cfhowlettashutosh, you need to see your event logs17:01
ashutoshWill see the logs17:02
lisa_hola mundo17:18
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
blackangelprlisa_, !es17:20
Holzbeinhi i have a question about tomboy! Do any of you know a plugin that gives advice based on an algorhitmic analysis of the text in the notes?17:20
fathomHi, I have Ubuntustudio. Inkscape takes 2 minutes, 20 seconds to launch. I have 8 gigs of dd3 ram and a quad core cpu plus graphics card processor. Why does inkscape take so long to load?17:27
Holzbeindo you use x or mir?17:28
fathomHolzbein, I am not sure, whatever the default s17:29
cfhowlettfathom, /swap???17:30
fathomcfhowlett, Yeah, I have swap17:30
cfhowlettfathom, top and/or htop should tell you what processes your system is using.  start there.17:32
troxsetHello. Can anyone point me to foss voice modulation software? I'm developing a game and I can't afford to hire a voice actor/actress. I'm not a sound engineer and I can't understand DAWs like Ardour. I just need to record my speech and make it sound like several different people17:32
cfhowlett!audacity | troxset17:32
cfhowletttroxset, audacity allows for modulation e.g. Vader Voice ...17:33
fathomcfhowlett, Inkscape is the big resource user while it takes its time to launch17:33
fathomcfhowlett, So far, all I see on the terminal is inkscape17:33
cfhowlettfathom, understand but something else has to be happening.  that's way too long to be normal17:34
troxsetcfhowlett: Only synthesised voices like darth vader, or actual human voices?17:34
cfhowlett!info audacity | troxset17:34
ubottutroxset: audacity (source: audacity): fast, cross-platform audio editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.5-2ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 1934 kB, installed size 6699 kB17:34
fathomcfhowlett, Umm, no, I see nothing else in terminal17:34
fathomcfhowlett, Just inkscape17:34
mikhailне могу подключить миди клавиатуру к убунту студио! помогите пожалуйста!17:34
cfhowletttroxset, whatever voices you record.17:34
troxsetcfhowlett: I will look at it again in more detail. I'm not sure it does it, but i'll check again17:35
cfhowlettfathom, check your logs.  could be something colliding or starting on inkscape launch17:35
cfhowlettfathom, what gpu?17:36
fathomcfhowlett, ATI/Radeon 8xxx17:36
cfhowlettfathom, I thought it might be ATI.  No expert, but I know that of the 3 major card OEMs, ATI is the least linux friendly.  verify your driver setup17:37
fathomcfhowlett, Verified, certified17:37
g0thcan I get any pointers on how to setup a brother network scanner on ubuntu? preferably using gimp?17:37
cfhowlettfathom, over my head head.  weird issue for sure, but I can't provide meaningful guidance so ... best of luck.17:38
g0thfirst: what plugin/package do I need to get the camera/scanner entry in gimp?17:38
fathomcfhowlett, Yeah, Ubuntu works well in some areas for my lappy, other areas it is glitch city17:38
g0thI'm guessing I it involves brscan utilities?17:38
cfhowlettg0th, getting the scanner set should satisfy gimp.  Xsane is the app you'll need17:39
adrian_1908Can anyone tell me if i need to install an OpenCL SDK (e.g. from AMD or Intel) to develop OpenCL bases programs? Is there an ubuntu package maybe?17:39
adrian_1908*bases = based17:39
g0thcfhowlett: I installed it and no scanner was detected17:39
g0thcfhowlett: also it doesn't show as Scanner/camera but instead as "Xsane17:39
cfhowlettg0tcha, installed *what* and *how*17:39
g0thmost web tutrial refer to a "Scanner/camera" entry17:40
g0thaptitude install xsane17:40
cfhowlettg0th, right that's the app ... still need to install the scanner though17:40
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troxsetcfhowlett: I can't find a way of doing what I want to do in Audacity. However I'm greatful for the help.17:41
cfhowletttroxset, pm?17:41
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g0thcfhowlett: how?17:41
TariusDN2Hello people I have problem installing linux mint 17 on pc with preinstalled windows 8. My problem is that computer not boot into installed linux distribution due to UEFI boot manager. How can I boot my installed distro ?17:41
g0thcfhowlett: I mean it is connected on the network and works fine17:41
troxsetcfhowlett: Not sure I can with the web client though ... you might have to initiate :)17:42
g0thcfhowlett: but sending huge files as emails is not exactly the best solution17:42
cfhowlett!mint | TariusDN217:42
ubottuTariusDN2: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:42
g0thcfhowlett: so ideally I would like to use a local/gimp solution for scanning17:42
cfhowlettg0th, so you CAN scan from your computer?17:42
g0thI can scan from the scanner17:43
aFeijohi folks17:43
cfhowlettg0th, on the same machine as gimp, yes?17:43
g0thon the network17:44
aFeijoI mounted my box.com account with webdav, davfs2. But I cant write files there, it returns a input/output error17:44
flexustroxset, maybe you want to try out festival speech synthesis: http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/projects/festival/onlinedemo.html17:46
EldunarHello, i have some problems with xubuntu 14.10. 1) each time when i log in to desktop its colours are mixed ( some parts of wallpaper and font is painted in red/pink) 2nd i can not get play on linux database application.17:46
cfhowlettg0th, you should have scanner control at your laptop ... but worst case; scan to a USB, carry USB to computer?17:47
g0thcfhowlett: how do I get scanner control on my laptop/gimp?17:47
g0theverything is setup over the network17:47
cfhowlettg0th xsane17:47
g0thI installed it17:47
g0thand the scanner is not listed17:47
g0thI don't even get a "Scanner/Camera" entry in the menu17:48
g0thonly an xsane entry17:48
Eldunarand what more i had fglrx drives for update. But now ubuntu switched it from it to xorg. Help me plz.17:48
g0thwhich does not match most online tutorials17:48
Eldunari can not return to fglrx17:48
cfhowlettg0th I don't know how to set up a network scan.  sorry.17:49
g0ththanks for the help anyway17:49
mikhailмне здесь не помогут?17:49
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:50
Guest45678Is there anyway to retrieve a password in Ubuntu Gnome, I have done something in my User Accounts and now I don't know what the password is. I can shutdown as I wont be able to get back in?17:50
cfhowlett!password | Guest4567817:51
ubottuGuest45678: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords17:51
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EldunarHello, i have some problems with xubuntu 14.10. 1) each time when i log in to desktop its colours are mixed ( some parts of wallpaper and font is painted in red/pink) 2nd i can not get play on linux database application. 3rd is that: previously it was fglrx now ubuntu switched it on its own to xorg and do not want to switch again to fglrx.4rd is that i can not update my system via apt-get.17:52
cfhowlettg0th, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185011417:53
Guest45678cfhowlett: I am currently still logged in my account and I don't want to reboot as I definitely won't get back in. I'm in the admin account so is there nothing else to be done?17:56
cfhowlettGuest45678, read the wiki for recovery options is the best advice I can give you.17:57
MonkeyDustGuest45678  the !factoid probably explains more than we could tell you17:57
Guest45678cfhowlett: This is a funny moment in my life, stupidity and I did not even see it :D17:59
Guest45678MonkeyDust: The Factoid?17:59
=== OrioaZzZ is now known as Orioa
CobaltEr. Hi. I have a question. I have just hooked up a bluetooth keyboard and a bluetooth mouse to my desktop. And all of a sudden, a battery indicator has popped up, with batteries on low.18:00
CobaltWhen I click on the batteries, they correspond to my two devices hooked up to my 14.10 box. What exactly are they?18:01
aFeijohttps://dav.box.com/dav on /var/backups/cloud/box.com type davfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,_netdev,uid=0,gid=0)18:01
aFeijouid should be 0?18:01
Guest45678cfhowlett: :-(|)  - Me at the moment. Thanks. Lucky I have Debian installed on my other drive, and luck this drive I have locked is of no importance.18:01
cfhowlettGuest45678, live & learn18:02
OerHeksaFeijo, shouldn't your uid=100018:02
Guest45678Indeed, anyway thanks :D18:03
aFeijoOerHeks, I'm using root18:03
Guest45678cfhowlett: Hey while I am still in the User Account, what if I just create a new administrator and delete the old?18:05
cfhowlettGuest45678, then logout/login?  sounds doable.18:06
Guest45678cfhowlett: I just realised, I need the password to create the account. It did allow me to do so earlier but not any more :-/18:07
Guest45678cfhowlett: The account is disabled, will it request a password upon the login screen or when the screen locks?18:09
cfhowlettGuest45678, you mean the new account?  by default, disabled.18:10
haxxlauihey there - what application could show me in terminal what key was pressed ?18:11
Guest45678cfhowlett: No this account I have lost the password for, I disabled it before accidentally clicking the generate password and selecting it. (Stupid password generation)18:11
blindhaxxlaui: can you be more specific?18:12
helloworldhey there - can somebody help me i want to install the tor browser add the ppa and installed it but when i start the browser it only shows me the error "Tor unexpectedly exited18:13
cfhowlettGuest45678, and you can't enable without sudo privilege.  I'd say, boot a USB, chroot to your system, make the changes (new admin account) and reboot.  BUT I've only read about this in theory.  never had to do iit myself.18:13
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squintyhaxxlaui:  xev18:13
haxxlauiblind:  i remember, there was a terminal application, what can show me what key i am pressing , f1  ; control; backspace;  ...18:13
haxxlauii need this to identify, what key i am pressing on my windos remote18:14
blindmaybe xev like squinty said ?18:14
Guest45678cfhowlett: Well I have no clue how to do it, If I were to try would you care to help me through. Nothing lost my end anyway, I'll just reinstall?18:15
cfhowlettGuest45678, if the option to reinstall is there, go for it.  more sane, less pain18:15
haxxlauithank you, xev was the right one - but it dont show me a real identifer...18:16
Guest45678cfhowlett: Yeah it seems so, I have just gone through the hassle of that and installing everything.18:20
Guest45678cfhowlett: Now I need to ask you a question, there was a reason I was in the user accounts in the first place. With my fresh install I noticed that when my screen locked I could not gain access, but when I entered my password, say in Ubuntu Software Center or the terminal it accepted (It was my password after all) Now when I went into the user accounts I noticed that my login options, password was only five characters and my password is way more. Is th18:20
Guest45678t standard in Ubuntu Gnome?18:20
cfhowlettGuest45678, absolutely not.  and different passwords?  WAY funky!  abnormal!  alert!  defcon 1!  That ain't right!18:21
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Guest64868Salve esiste per ubuntu un software per imparare lingue ?18:23
Guest45678cfhowlett: Well my laptop is installed with Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 and it has the same five characters in the user accounts but password is completely different and is still functional as root?18:23
squintyGuest45678:  if you are going by the number of "*" listed, it doesn't mean that your password is only 5 characters long.18:23
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squinty!it | Guest6486818:24
ubottuGuest64868: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:24
Guest45678squinty: Well that certainly sheds light on the situation, but why did it fail to log me in when my screen locked. I typed in my password right, I had to reboot and logged in fine.18:25
Guest45678then messed up everything :D18:25
Guest45678cfhowlett: So you would recommend a reinstall rather than trying to create a new admin, which is less hell?18:26
cfhowlettGuest45678, personally, I see way too many uncertainties to trust your system as described.  I'd wipe/reinstall but ... YMMV.  :)18:27
aethersishello, can someone tell me if there's some simple way how to record all the sounds that go through my sound card? To be more specific, I have a virtual instrument through ALSA and I'd like to record it18:28
Guest45678cfhowlett: Well it was a fresh install, reinstalling would be the same but anyway, I'll get on with it instead of wasting time. Thanks for the help and advice  -  Happy holidays :D18:29
cfhowlettGuest45678, happy2help!18:29
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squintyaethersis:  might want to check out the #ubuntu-studio irc channel and / or  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio18:33
cfhowlettaethersis, #opensourcemusicians18:33
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squintyaethersis:  man arecord18:38
Basketballdoes anyone need help18:39
aethersissquinty thanks18:40
aethersisand would it be possible to create some kind of a virtual device for this purpose that'd be accessible in skype ?18:41
Quatrokinghey guys18:43
Quatrokingon windows firefox, the file opener looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/AACfL6f.png18:44
Quatrokingon ubuntu, it looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/ZYXRuwI.png18:44
Quatrokinghow can i make the file opener in ubuntu look like windows?18:44
bubbasauresQuatroking, not a ubuntu support issue and a b it inane.18:46
Quatrokingoh, sorry. i was hoping there was a way to change it from list view to tile view18:47
Quatrokingwhere would i have to ask instead?18:47
PiciQuatroking: This is a perfectly fine place to ask, but I'm not sure that it is actually possible... are there any options when you right click?18:48
EriC^_Quatroking: you can use gwenview for picture dirs18:48
bubbasauresQuatroking, YOu want tile in ubnutu is that right?18:48
Quatrokingadd to bookmarks, show hidden files and show size column18:48
EriC^_!info gwenview18:48
ubottugwenview (source: gwenview): image viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.14.1-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 2893 kB, installed size 4681 kB18:48
Quatrokingbubbasaures, pretty much, yes18:48
Quatrokingwhen uploading an image to a site the list view is a pain because it only previews when you select a file18:48
bubbasauresQuatroking, Cool, sorry for misunderstanding.18:49
QuatrokingEriC^_, that's a picture viewer, right? I don't think it works for my usecase18:50
EriC^_Quatroking: it's like a directory viewer but for pictures18:52
Quatrokingthis works with firefox?18:52
EriC^_Quatroking: not sure if you can upload stuff to websites from it though18:52
EriC^_i'm installing a plugin right now18:53
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Basketballdoes anyone need help18:59
QuatrokingI posed a question a few lines up that I haven't found an answer for yet19:00
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Quatrokinggwenview doesn't seem to do it19:00
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sideyany ubuntu cli tools for downloading instagram photos?19:08
EldunarHello i can not upgrade my xubuntu 14.10 : http://pastebin.com/cVF7Niu4 . Can u help me?19:09
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EriC^_Eldunar: type df -h19:09
EriC^_and pastebinit19:09
MonkeyDustEldunar  it says "no space left", somewhere in that screenshot19:09
Bashing-omEldunar: "No space left on device" To see whare the space is consumed -> df -h , df -i <- . Then we see what to do .19:10
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Varanasihi all... am on Ubuntu 14.04. Am not able to run any Flickr uploader.  Reason is flickr migrated to 'https' and i get error on any flickr app for ubuntu. I searched on ubuntu WIKI too. any suggestions on wat to do?19:11
BasketballOerHeks, you here19:22
ararobso i'm trying to launch a script, its a command that launches wine against a game. It works like a charm from a terminal, but when i make a shortcut to the script, on a desktop, the game crashdumps on startup. Any ideas?19:23
nickanderararob: do you have to run it as sudo from terminal?19:23
mohammadsavadkuhinternet is very very slow on my ubuntu that is ubuntu 12.04.319:24
mohammadsavadkuhwhy ?19:24
ararobnickander, no, no need.19:24
ararobnickander, even tried to put sh /path/to/script.sh in the shortcut command, no dice..19:26
nickandertry /bin/bash script.sh?19:26
ararobnickander, it worked in xubuntu, but now on, lubuntu, it doesn't like it19:27
Basketballanyone here ever try manjaro19:27
ararobnickander, same19:28
sagredo_hello #ubuntu I recently booted 14.04 from my laptop with a USB install and it has override my display configuration to where I can no longer get any display to work (except the laptop), how can I revert the X11 config or Unity display to the default?19:28
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shadaloohello #ubuntu I recently booted 14.04 from my laptop with a USB install and it has override my display configuration to where I can no longer get any display to work (except the laptop), how can I revert the X11 config or Unity display to the default?19:32
ararobnickander, i put the script on desktop, and ran it from a terminal, works, but if i double click on it on desktop, it barks.19:33
ararobnickander, interesting, what lxde is doing, that screws that up19:33
nickanderararob: that's so messed up...19:33
shadalooif my config no longer boots to gdm-login (or whatver unity login is), if I drop to root shell and create a new user19:33
shadaloowould that reset the display config?19:34
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ikoniashadaloo: depends what your trying to reset19:34
ikoniaif you can't boot to the login manager, that suggests it's not a user related setting19:34
shadalooikonia: did you see my problem (above?)19:34
ikoniaas that happens before you get to use specific config19:34
mohammadsavadkuhwhy internet on ubuntu is very very slow ?19:34
shadalooikonia: I agree19:34
shadalooikonia: any suggestions?19:34
mohammadsavadkuhwhy ?19:34
t0bySorry - a good RSS reader *with* Unity notifications? yarssr seems to be broken in unity19:35
Guest66537hello, have problem, when right click on any widows title bar, window desepers is there way to change it to show menu with opition like 'move' and so on ... any tip please19:35
shadalooikonia: can I prune all displays from ubuntu?19:35
ikoniashadaloo: prune all displays ??19:35
ikoniawhat does that even mean ?19:35
shadalooikonia: after I booted from my laptop, all my HDMI stuff just gets stuck at a blinking underscore19:35
ikoniashadaloo: unplug all external displays and see if your primary display works fine19:36
shadalooikonia: so obviously the laptop display somehow got set19:36
shadalooikonia: it doesn't that is my issue19:36
nickanderaarobc: you should just use gnome classic :D19:37
ikoniashadaloo: I do'nt understand what you are saying19:37
shadalooikonia: sorry let me try to rephrase19:37
shadalooikonia: after booting Ubuntu from my laptop19:38
* aarobc in confused19:38
shadalooikonia: my desktop no longer boots19:38
ikoniashadaloo: unplug all external monitors, and boot, does your laptop display work19:38
aarobcnickander: oh, you were probably talking to ararob.19:38
shadalooikonia: yes the laptop display works19:38
ararobaarobc, he was probably talking to me >)19:38
nickanderaarobc: probably :D19:39
shadalooikonia: but I primarily use this drive on a desktop19:39
ikoniashadaloo: ok, so how are you configuring your external monitors19:39
shadalooikonia: and now when I try to boot from desktop I encounter a login issue19:39
aarobcFor the record, I like unity for casual computing but use i3wm at work19:39
shadalooikonia: for the desktop I have both a VGA and and an HDMI dispay19:39
shadalooikonia: neither work19:39
ikoniashadaloo: it would be really useful if you answer the questions I ask, rather than giving me information I've not asked for19:40
tomattowhat is difference between lubuntu-desktop and lubuntu minimal instalation?19:40
shadalooikonia: both start booting the kernel (and then get stuck after a text login is briefly printed to screen), then stuck at blinking underscore19:40
shadalooikonia: I boot the desktop with an HDMI19:40
shadalooikonia: i have nvidia graphics drivers19:41
Bashing-omtomatto: In a 'minimal' install there is no desk top at all installed .. It can be your choice as to what you want to install .19:43
ikoniashadaloo: sorry, I can't help, I've repeated questions and you've ignored them and given me information thats no use to me19:44
tomattoBashing-om: i thought that desktop is what lubuntu makes different from ubuntu19:44
shadalooikonia: I tried to explain how the monitors are configured19:44
ikoniaI didn't ask how they where conigured19:44
[Relic]Q: doing fresh install due to new HDs.  Thinking  -> install new data drive, partition/format, copy any old data from existing drive, remove existing drive, install boot drive, install 14.10, set proper access to data drives <-.  Am I missing anything obvious?19:45
shadalooikonia: nevermind19:45
ikonia[Relic]: seems reasonable19:45
shadaloo[11:39] <ikonia> shadaloo: ok, so how are you configuring your external monitors19:45
shadalooikonia: you are just wasting time19:46
ikoniashadaloo: I'm really not19:46
Bashing-omtomatto: The operative word there was "minimal" .. All releases have the same kernel, and yes different desktops and default applications.19:46
shadalooikonia: you just said you didn't ask how the monitors were configured19:46
shadalooikonia: and then I pasted exactly that question19:46
ikoniashadaloo: yes, I mean how are you configuring them from a software level19:46
ikonianot what connectors they had19:46
shadalooikonia: I told you I already for the HDMI display I use nvidia graphics (from ubuntu repos)19:47
shadalooikonia: my VGA display worked directly after a fresh install but now I cannot even boot to that19:48
aruncan we get the software used by ubuntu dev to add/update the repo?19:48
OerHeksshadaloo, what GPU or PGU's do you have, is it a hybrid intel/nvidia?19:49
shadalooOerHeks: yes19:50
shadalooOerHeks: that is why I needed the Nvidia drivers built for ubuntu from the repos to even use my HDMI display (and it still is very buggy)19:50
OerHeksshadaloo, oke, what nvidia exactly?19:52
shadalooOerHeks: hardware or software?19:52
shadalooOerHeks: moment I will check19:52
OerHeksor easier what laptop ..19:53
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shadalooOerHeks: it's a desktop (HP m8530f w/ GeForce 9300GE)19:55
shadalooOerHeks: and I believe it has some motherboard graphics chipset as well that is making ubuntu run with errors19:56
OerHeksintegrated nvidia 8200 and nvidia 9300, both old, those needed the 173 driver in the past19:57
Guest66537anyone know hot to stop window to disappear on right title bar click in unity on ubuntu 14.0419:57
Guest66537anyone know hot to stop window to disappear on right title bar click in unity on ubuntu 14.04 please20:01
shadalooOerHeks: if you do not mind me asking, how do you know that?20:02
OerHeksshadaloo, that 173 used to be the driver for those cards, i cannot find more info jet. http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Grafikkarten/Nvidia/nvidia says the 331 driver should work20:03
locutus1hey guy20:04
locutus1having an issue where ubuntu won't boot20:04
locutus1just like this20:04
nickanderlocutus1: SFI?20:04
locutus1nickander, sorry, don't understand your question?20:05
nickanderlocutus1: that's fine just recognized the name20:06
locutus1nickander, ic.  so suggestions for fixing?20:06
locutus1trying the solution listed, but not seeming to work20:07
EiEiOhhTrying to sahre an Ubuntu folder with windows. Installed Samba .. added new..browsed to folder.. gave it a share name .. made writeable and visible.. Allowed access to everyone but windows throws cannot access.. you do not have permissions..20:07
shadalooOerHeks: sorry I was disconnected20:08
shadalooOerHeks: what drivers did you say I would need?20:09
shadalooOerHeks: allo?20:12
locutus1anyone help? computer won't boot. :(20:13
squintyshadaloo:  might find the followin of use  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics20:13
locutus1that thred is talking about loopin, I don't have that :S20:15
bubbasaureslocutus1, The channel needs some details if you can to give help.20:15
locutus1bubbasaures, I put it up a minute ago20:16
locutus1but basically the computer won't boot, says "Target filesystem doesn't have requested /sbin/init"20:16
locutus1trying what is in this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221782920:17
locutus1not really working for me20:17
bubbasaureslocutus1, Wubi is not supported, do a dual boot if you can or a virtual.20:17
locutus1not using wubi20:17
bubbasaureslocutus1, Are any of these links actually you, and if so what is the nick?20:17
locutus1bubbasaures, not using wubi.  this is an install that has been working for quite some time.20:17
locutus1bubbasaures, they are not20:18
locutus1I just realized this was happening today20:18
locutus1this thing was working for a very long time before this happened20:18
bubbasaureslocutus1, Stop and give an accurate detailed description if you can of your issue, no links of seemingly like20:19
shadalooOerHeks: nm, checked the logs20:19
shadalooIs the nvidia 173 driver in ubuntu repos?20:19
locutus1bubbasaures, what?  ok.  my computer WILL NOT boot.  it is giving this error: "Target filesystem doesn't have requested /sbin/init"20:20
locutus1bubbasaures, that is my problem20:20
locutus1bubbasaures, I was looking for a solution, found that thread.  that is all20:20
locutus1bubbasaures, looking for solutions considering I want this thing to boot like it has been for at least the last 6 months20:21
bubbasauresloctong, Do you have more than one kernel set, I believe this is a kernel panic, we have had kernel updates lately.20:21
asderHow can i compile scripts in /media file? (when i am on other hard drive)20:21
bubbasaureslocutus1, ^^^^^20:21
locutus1bubbasaures, ?20:22
bubbasauresloctong, sorry20:22
bubbasaureslocutus1, Do you have more than one kernel set, I believe this is a kernel panic, we have had kernel updates lately.     ^^^^^ meant wrong nick used look above20:22
locutus1bubbasaures, not sure how to check that.  it does say kernel panic20:23
locutus1looking at grub it doesn't look like I have more than one kernel20:23
bubbasaureslocutus1, In the grub menu should be other kernels try the previous one.20:23
locutus1bubbasaures, don't have any20:23
bubbasaureslocutus1, have you removed any?20:24
bubbasaureslocutus1, pastebin the output of sudo update-grub20:24
locutus1bubbasaures, most likely using apt-get auto-remove20:24
Bashing-omlocutus1: Look for additional kernels under "advanced options" in the grub boot menu .20:25
locutus1bubbasaures, ok20:25
bubbasauresthats the line yeah20:25
locutus1bubbasaures, well, not sure how to do that20:25
locutus1Bashing-om, will check20:25
bubbasaureslocutus1, Do what, be specific here please.20:25
locutus1bubbasaures, pastebin considering I can't boot the system20:26
locutus1looks like I have one older in advanced20:26
locutus1tried that one, same error20:26
bubbasaureslocutus1, Ah, look in that line as Bashing-om kindly helped us with.20:26
x__hello all20:26
x__happy xmas to all20:27
locutus1recovery mode looks like it is booking20:27
locutus1still kernel panic20:28
locutus1bubbasaures, can't boot the system (without a live CD), not sure how to pastebin what you were asking?20:29
bubbasaureslocutus1, This a dual boot situation, really just to be sure the hardware is working?20:29
locutus1bubbasaures, this is not a dual boot situation20:29
locutus1bubbasaures, the only OS installed on this computer is Ubuntu20:29
bubbasaureslocutus1, YOu can boot a live though?20:29
locutus1bubbasaures, yes20:30
shadaloobefore I reinstall: AFTER booting UBUNTU 14.04 from a LAPTOP, my DESKTOP no longer boots to LOGIN, after booting the kernel Ubuntu gets jammed up loading the GDM-login and goes into a recursive blinking underscore20:30
shadaloois there an easy diagnosis for this issue?20:30
bubbasaureslocutus1, Cool, I suspect others will be better help, past this to be honest.20:30
shadalooI can still boot into ubuntu fine on my laptop20:30
Bashing-omlocutus1: // bubbasaures did request you try the older kernel . Booting recovery is the same kernel as is problematic. Trying to isolate where the problem is .20:30
krizoekis there a vnc server that allows us to click directly with the mouse, instead of one that has to be dragged?20:31
shadaloocan I remove the display profiles the laptop wrote to default display that would allow my desktop to work agian?20:31
locutus1Bashing-om, I tried the one older kernel and it still wouldn't boot.20:31
Bashing-omlocutus1: OK, back to lurking, less I have something productive to offer .20:31
locutus1Bashing-om, :(20:32
smaudetteward: you can't help me if I'm on fedora, no, but you can help with your package system...anyways thanks20:32
bubbasauresshadaloo, So you are comparing one working ubuntu running computer and another as part of your description20:32
smaudetoh ok, just didn't see my comment show up :)20:32
shadaloobubbasaures: as I explained yesterday this is an Ubuntu install on a USB drive20:32
locutus1there a way to apply updates to the system from a live cd?20:32
smaudetteward: if it would mak you happy I could get on my ubuntu machine and the fedora one would still exist, your complaint is a bit silly :P20:33
bubbasauresshadaloo, any attitude gets a free ignore here see yah.20:33
shadaloobubbasaures: you already said you had no idea beyond nomodeset, which did nothing xD20:33
shadaloobubbasaures: see yah20:33
CrellOK, I need advise.20:34
shadalooalright, lesson learned... do not use Ubuntu USB drives on multiple systems xD20:34
EncryptHello there o/20:34
shadaloounity just pooped itself20:34
EncryptHow is it possible to make the "mail icon" change color in Unity?20:35
EncryptHow should I handle that?20:35
CrellI have a server that used to be running 12.04, and I just reinstalled with 14.04.  I am getting very very weird errors from it.  Network dies periodically, especially when copying large files, occasional kernel panics, kernel stack error messages, "recursive error detected", etc.20:35
ravigehlotHow do I install just documentation?20:35
CrellI have narrowed it down to a software issue; booting a Live CD from a much older version of Linux works fine, and can copy 100 GB without issue.20:35
EncryptI didn't manage to find my answer on the internet :/20:35
ravigehlotI don't want to install the binaries. Just the documentation.20:35
guntbertshadaloo: seriously: this channel has  currently well over 1600 users, every regular helper talks to about 20-30 people a day - don't expect anyone to remember what you "said yesterday"20:35
CrellBut... the hardware is all 9 years old (aside from 3 new hard drives).20:36
CrellWould a newer kernel (14.04's kernel) *lose* working support for old hardware?20:36
CrellI've not had anything this inconsistent before, certainly not on this system.20:36
Bashing-omlocutus1: In a situation where /init is involved , I always want to insure the file system is intact . Do you have access at this time to a liveDVD(USB) from which we can run a file system check ?20:37
CrellIs 14.04 just a very unstable version, period?20:37
locutus1Bashing-om, I am booting into a live CD right now20:40
locutus1had to find a 14.04 one that I had laying around20:40
locutus1Bashing-om, and I am in.  what would you like me to do?20:41
lionrougehi, ubuntu people !20:42
hakermanialionrouge: hey there20:43
NextSteplionrouge, hi!20:43
Bashing-omlocutus1: Single hard disk AND ubuntu installed on the 1st partition ? ? check that file system with -> sudo e2fsck -C0 -p -f -v /dev/sda1 <- else; show ->sudo fdisk -lu <- .20:43
EncryptNobody know how the "mail icon" works? :/20:44
lionrougelooks like AMD hasn't released 14.10-compatible driver yet. And with opensource one my videocard's cooler is working at 100% all the time...20:44
lionrougewhat is easier : downgrade to 14.04 or adjust cooler speed ?20:45
hakermanialionrouge: I am not very happy with NVidia either. Constant screen freezes that I have to switch to tty6 and back to 720:45
lionrougeit's the first time i regret updating Ubuntu20:46
locutus1Bashing-om, ok20:46
MonkeyDusthakermania  the video in which Thorvalds gives "the finger" to Nvidia is almost legendary20:46
locutus1hang on20:46
lionrougeMonkeyDust, i liked it too. Hope he will do it for AMD. With both hands.20:47
locutus1Bashing-om, getting an error that tells me to run fsck manually20:47
locutus1Bashing-om, error reading block (attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read) while getting next inode from scan20:48
hakermaniaMonkeyDust: linky ?20:49
mojtabaHi, I have logged in to the TTY1, and I am getting this error constantly: "[224.222345] Error @wl_dev_intvar_get : error (-1)  and [224.222345] Error @wl_cfg80211_get_tx_power : error (-1)" The number is constantly increasing.20:51
Bashing-omlocutus1: UnGood. Check the health of the hard drive . In the liveDVD is "disks" run a SNART test on that hard drive .20:51
mojtabaI am running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Dell Studio 155520:51
locutus1Bashing-om, is there a program built in to do that?20:52
locutus1this is an SSD20:52
Bashing-omlocutus1: UMmmm .. not at all sure that a SMART test can be ran on a SSD . bubbasaures what are your thoughts ?20:54
queeqI'm trying to stream from usb webcam though ffserver but getting errors with standard configs. ffmpeg grabs from /dev/video0 just fine, feeds it ffserver but once I connect to it it gives tons of "Too large number of skipped frames" messages20:56
mojtabaHi, I have logged in to the TTY1, and I am getting this error constantly: "[224.222345] Error @wl_dev_intvar_get : error (-1)  and [224.222345] Error @wl_cfg80211_get_tx_power : error (-1)" The number is constantly increasing.20:58
mojtabaIt is now showing a white screen.20:58
mojtabaI can do nothing! :(20:58
mojtabaPlease help20:58
EriC^_mojtaba: sudo shutdown -h now20:59
EriC^_mojtaba: remove the battery from the laptop and the a/c plug20:59
hakermaniamr-excellent: because you are excellent20:59
EriC^_then put it back in and start the pc20:59
mr-excellenthas joined #ubuntu20:59
mojtabaEriC^_: ok, let me do that21:00
mr-excellenthow to upgrade ubuntu 14.10 from 14.04???????????21:00
EriC^_mr-excellent: sudo do-release-upgrade21:01
MonkeyDustmr-excellent  or insert the cd/usb and upgrade21:01
Bashing-omlocutus1: Before we get all hot and bothered, let's all see what we are working with -> sudo fdisk -lu | pastebinit <- .21:01
MonkeyDustmr-excellent  drop the repeating ?? please21:01
locutus1Bashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/962616521:02
mojtabaEriC^_: Same error21:02
Bashing-omlocutus1: looking at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/9626165 .21:03
mr-excellent@MonkyDust  what do you mean?????????21:03
EriC^_mojtaba: try to disable the wireless then turn it back on21:03
mojtabaEriC^_: Still same error after that21:04
Bashing-omlocutus1: Try: sudo e2fsck -f -y -v /dev/sda1 . See if it will fix the file system .21:05
mojtabaEriC^_: I entered vim, and still getting those errors in the first page of the vim!21:05
mojtabaIt is an ongoing error message21:05
locutus1Bashing-om, it just did a bunch of stuff21:07
locutus1Bashing-om, and is now complete21:07
mojtabaany idea?21:08
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mojtabaPlease help21:10
=== bob is now known as Guest7512
Bashing-omlocutus1: Fingers crossed, see if you can now boot into the install .21:11
locutus1Bashing-om, ok.  here we go21:12
EriC^_mojtaba: type lspci | grep wireless21:12
EriC^_mojtaba: type lspci | grep Wireless21:13
locutus1Bashing-om, nope. still kernel panic21:13
mr-excellenthai????can you help me??????21:13
CrellAre there known stability issues with 14.04 server?21:13
CrellI have been getting sporadic but regular fails; network disconnects, kernel panics, "recursive error detected", etc.21:14
Bashing-omlocutus1: Hang on a bit, think'n what we should next do .21:14
mojtabaEriC^_: No output21:14
TakerHello people. I try to change the keyboard layout in tty. I have a custom one and can load it with 'sudo loadkeys /etc/console-setup/boottime.kmap.gz' without problems. This file is also in /etc/default/keyboard as KMAP, but after a reboot I end up with the German standard keyboard layout. Any suggestions?21:14
locutus1Bashing-om, sure!  thanks!21:14
CrellI've managed to rule out hardware via a live CD and diagnostic tests, which leaves just 14.04 itself.  I actually fell back to that after 14.10 had other issues, too.21:14
MonkeyDustTaker  system settings > language support21:15
squintymojtaba:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/136088721:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1360887 in linux (Ubuntu) "ERROR @wl_cfg80211_get_tx_power : error (-1)" [Medium,Confirmed]21:15
EriC^_mojtaba: did you type Wireless with a capital W?21:15
TakerMonkeyDust: I don't use unity and I am in the shell.21:17
mojtabaEriC^_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9626218/21:17
locutus1Bashing-om, is there a newer kernel than 3.13.0-43?21:19
TakerIn archlinux it was pretty all I had to do. I have no idea where Ubuntu may set the keyboard for tty still. In X11 it is set as I wish.21:19
ikoniaTaker: it's should be set in the same place21:20
ikoniamost distros set the keyboard map the same way21:20
TakerI have 'KMAP=/etc/console-setup/boottime.kmap.g' in /etc/default/keyboard already.21:21
EriC^_mojtaba: type lspci -vvnn | grep 14e421:22
TakerI also tried things like 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration'21:22
chrssis there a channel for building/installing kernels on ubuntu 14.10?21:31
Bashing-omlocutus1: No, the -43 kernel is the latest. OK, I have seen advisements to run the e2fsck checks again untill there are no errors reported. And yes, SSDs do support the SMART test. sudo e2fsck -C0 -p -f -v /dev/sda1 - again .21:32
locutus1Bashing-om, ok21:32
ProfessorKaos64is there a way apt-get can reveal a deb's dependencies?21:32
tewardProfessorKaos64: this should show the dependencies... apt-cache show [package]21:33
EriC^_ProfessorKaos64: apt-cache depends <package>21:33
hakermaniaProfessorKaos64: apt-cache depends [package] is my guess21:33
ProfessorKaos64it's a deb file21:33
ProfessorKaos64not in the repos21:33
hakermaniaProfessorKaos64: then extract the deb file and look inside debian/control file21:34
ProfessorKaos64so I was thinking I can only see that by unpacking it21:34
MonkeyDustProfessorKaos64  use apt-cache -h   for basic help21:34
ProfessorKaos64yea, I supposee I will have to21:34
EriC^_ProfessorKaos64: dpkg -I <package.deb>21:34
ProfessorKaos64EriC^_, that did it, thank you very much21:34
EriC^_no problem21:34
locutus1Bashing-om, says "unexpected inconsistency; run fsck manually"21:35
locutus1Bashing-om, what is the next step?21:35
mojtabaEriC^_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/962631821:36
Bashing-omlocutus1: You are running the file system check from the liveDVD, yes ?21:36
locutus1Bashing-om, yep21:36
squintyProfessorKaos64:  iirc, gdebi will check dependancies before unpacking/installing.  if dependancies are not satisfied then it will tell you21:37
locutus1Bashing-om, also says "duplicate or bad block in use"21:37
usrzzr1is it posible if i want to remaster my ubuntu without GUI just console, ?21:37
ProfessorKaos64I could use gdebi instead, true21:37
usrzzr1*is it posible if i want to remaster my ubuntu without GUI just console, ? (but without download anything)thx21:38
ikoniausrzzr1: that seems an odd thing21:38
locutus1Bashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/962633321:39
Bashing-omlocutus1: Yhen manually is -> sudo e2fsck -f -y -v /dev/sda1 <- . I do not trust myself to be smarter than the system to fix the errors. why the -f -y -v flags are in place.21:39
ikoniausrzzr1: you could use the minimal install or the server install,21:39
locutus1Bashing-om, ok21:39
ikoniausrzzr1: the desktop and all it's tools are designed to work with a desktop, so removing the desktop would mean a lot of things won't work21:39
EriC^_mojtaba: type lspci -vvnn | grep Broadcom21:39
locutus1Bashing-om, ok.  just did that and it corrected stuff21:39
locutus1or so it appeared21:39
mrkiei have a quick question, i have made a connection with smb://sharename that works, now, can i easy make a symbolic link for it? i want to safe a torrent to it, but i can't open the network share location with Transmission (torrent client)21:40
usrzzr1ikonia,  that i mean. i want to create new  ut without gui21:40
ikoniausrzzr1: what's a "ut" ??21:41
usrzzr1*ikonia,  that i mean. i want to create new  but without gui21:41
ikoniausrzzr1: why ?21:41
Bashing-omlocutus1: Run again the 1st file system check and see now what it reports.21:41
ikoniausrzzr1: the minimal install and server install will do that21:41
usrzzr1ikonia, *but21:41
locutus1Bashing-om, seems to be reporting the same thing over and over?21:41
locutus1it isnt21:42
usrzzr1ikonia, i want simple . server? . no. i don't need server. just desktop.21:42
locutus1Bashing-om, seems to be bouncing back and forth between the same two messages21:42
ikoniausrzzr1: but you've just said you don't want a desktop21:42
locutus1Bashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9626353/21:43
chrsswhere are the ubuntu crash logs and reports?21:44
usrzzr1ikonia, i'm sorry. that i mean. i want to remaster this system with simple. but the system not used as server .21:44
EriC^_chrss: /var/log/apport*.log21:44
Bashing-omlocutus1: Well, we know the block addressing is bad. We can keep trying the file system repair. OR might be time to spare off that superblock -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2177756 .21:44
ararobnickander, got it to work eventually. You have to create a .desktop file, and run it like an application, and point it to a bash script, with Exec=lxterminal --working-directory=/home/user/ -e "./script.sh"21:44
ikoniausrzzr1: fine, then install the ubuntu server image21:44
=== bob is now known as Guest79778
ikoniausrzzr1: you don't need to remaster anything21:45
ikoniausrzzr1: the other easy things to do would be a.) use the minimal install cd b.) do a normal desktop install and just disable the desktop21:45
usrzzr1ikonia, ubuntu server?21:45
ikoniausrzzr1: yes21:45
lukbitzwhat's the best tool of cryptography of Ubuntu?21:46
ontoHi! I installed the 3.8 kernel for use with docker but it is not showing up in my grub menu. I've run grub-update twice and I can see the menuentry on my /boot/grub/grub.cfg but not in the grub menu21:46
Angeles4fourmy new 1440p monitor that i got today on boxing day can't scale to its max res. i am stuck at 1080p.  my GPU (GTX 560 Ti) is fully capable of 2560x1600 according to the official nvidia specs.  ive tried both my mini-HDMI and DVI input.  nvidia-settings doesn't give me an option higher than 1080p. what else could i try?21:46
locutus1Bashing-om, ok.  so looking at that, just one question, where it says the fsck.ext4 bit, should the drive be /dev/sda or /dev/sda1?21:46
ikoniaonto: how did you install it ?21:46
nickanderararob: wow, that sounds nonsensical21:46
mojtabaEriC^_: Could u please take a look at the last link?21:46
locutus1Bashing-om, I ask because if I try /dev/sda it says it is in use (it's swap)21:46
ontoikonia: https://docs.docker.com/installation/ubuntulinux/#ubuntu-precise-1204-lts-64-bit21:47
EriC^_mojtaba: i did, there's nothing about the broadcom card21:47
ikoniaonto: how did you install the kernel21:47
EriC^_mojtaba: type lspci -vvnn | grep Broadcom21:47
usrzzr1ikonia, thx for info .21:47
ontoikonia: sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-raring linux-headers-generic-lts-raring21:47
ikoniaonto: what version of ubuntu are you using21:47
ontoikonia: 12.0421:47
locutus1Bashing-om, nm.  I just did swapoff21:48
mojtabaEriC^_: that link is just lspci -vvnn, so u can search it21:48
EriC^_mojtaba: i did, there's no broadcom21:48
ikoniaonto: verify in the package manager if linux-image-generic-lts-raring is present21:48
EriC^_mojtaba: my wireless card shows up with -vvnn21:48
locutus1Bashing-om, but one more question.  when he says to restore the superblock, which one do I use? are they all the same?21:49
Bashing-omlocutus1: We should be working on the file system sda1 ( sda is the complete device) . And seems fsck fixed the allocations .. maybe ?? .. see what 1st test now reports before sparring of the block.21:49
ontoikonia: Present and installed21:49
chrssEriC^_: i had a kernel crash due to my wifi driver and i can't seem to find the info on that crash21:49
redDEADI'm looking for a guide/help on how to patch the synaptic driver in Ubuntu 14.10.21:49
mojtabaEriC^_:please check lines 233 and 24321:49
ikoniaonto: can you pastebin the output of "sudo dpkg -l | grep linux-image-generic" please21:49
EriC^_mojtaba: oh ok, thanks21:50
mojtabaEriC^_:Are those errors because of the wireless?21:50
ontoikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9626400/21:51
Bashing-omlocutus1: Yes, those spare blocks are all the same .. They are the spares in the event that the in-use super block gets corrupted ( might be what we have here ) .21:51
locutus1Bashing-om, hmm21:51
locutus1Bashing-om, tried restoring one, still got a bunch of errors21:52
ikoniaonto: looks good,21:52
locutus1rebooted and still kernel panics21:52
ikoniaonto: manually verify your grub.cfg21:52
EriC^_mojtaba: yes i think so21:52
ontoikonia: I checked, the menuentry is there21:52
ikoniaonto: where exactly.21:52
ikoniaonto: as in what is the path to the file.21:53
EriC^_mojtaba: try sudo apt-get install broadcom-sta-source21:53
EriC^_mojtaba: and sudo apt-get install broadcom-sta-common21:53
ontoikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9626412/21:53
ikoniaonto: what is the name/path of that file21:54
ontoikonia: /boot/grub/grub.cfg21:54
ikoniaonto: is this a dual boot system at all ?21:54
ontoikonia: I have other distros on some partitions and windows21:55
EriC^_mojtaba: which ubuntu are you using?21:55
ikoniaonto: yeah, I think we see the problem21:55
ikoniaonto: whats the other distro21:55
ontoikonia: I have debian and Linux Mint21:57
ikoniaonto: one of them is controlling grub21:57
ikoniaonto: this is why grub2 does not work on dual boot21:57
ikoniaonto: it requires /etc from the host distro, which as debian/mint can't see your ubuntu /etc partition and vice versa21:57
arunguys, what app is used by the devs to maintain the packages...?21:58
ikonia"maintain the package" ??21:58
ikoniaarun: what's your actual problem/question21:58
ontoikonia: would it work if I boot into one of those (whichever is controlling grub) and run update-grub from that?21:59
locutus1Bashing-om, are you thinking this is a hardware failure or software?21:59
arunikanobori: sorry i mean the repo21:59
ikoniaonto: no, as it can't see /etc on the ubuntu system, which is where the config files for that distro is21:59
ikoniaarun: what is the acutal problem ?22:00
EriC^_mojtaba: ? 14.10?22:00
BorisLaSaucisseHi. What's the best DNS to use?22:01
Bashing-omlocutus1: Well, Think that it might behoove us to see if we can mount that root partition and copy your data off. Not known that we can even mount it, but we can try .22:01
locutus1Bashing-om, sounds like a plan to me22:01
arunikonia: i want the software/interface used by the ubuntu devs to maintain repository...22:01
ikoniaBorisLaSaucisse: depends on your requirements22:01
ikoniaarun: it's called "bash"22:01
locutus1Bashing-om, will this allow me to either reinstall and just clone stuff back to a new install?22:01
ikoniaarun: and "rsync"22:01
arunikonia: so, they do all manually?22:02
ikoniaarun: well tools such as jenkins for example, bit that will still execute jobs such as bash shells scripts and rsync to push out22:02
ikoniaarun: packges will have to go through the test cycle before they are pushed to live servers22:02
ontoikonia: is there a way to solve this? Any pointers?22:03
Bashing-omlocutus1: just a precaution IF we do (RE-)install. and still testing to see if that is what is going to be the result .22:03
BorisLaSaucisseikonia: privacy concern22:03
locutus1Bashing-om, sounds good.  what should I do? :)22:03
ikoniaBorisLaSaucisse: whats the issue you want to solve22:03
ikoniaonto: it's a hard question, some people will give you hacks/tricks, I personally don't believe grub2 is fit for dual booting multiple distros22:04
BorisLaSaucisseikonia: I dont trust my ISP, neither Google DNS or OpenDNS.22:04
ikoniaBorisLaSaucisse: then find someone you do trust22:04
BorisLaSaucisseikonia: do you know a good one?22:04
arunikonia: so, is the whole repo maintained by a single guy?22:04
ikoniaBorisLaSaucisse: thats up to you, you seem to not trust people, I can't tell you who to trust, it's your own crazy requirements that decide who you trust22:05
ikoniaarun: no, it's pulled from debian, and maintained by teams22:05
ontoikonia: Thank you for the help! I'll look around.22:05
ikoniaonto: sorry to be negative about it22:05
ontoikonia: It's fine. :)22:05
ikoniaonto: just being honest22:05
Novice201yHello. Is there an app for Ubu to run as a clock that make sound at specified hour?22:06
arunikonia: n how does everyone in the team maintain the repo? any script or web interface to maintain?22:07
ikoniaarun: why are you asking all this ?22:07
EriC^_Novice201y: you want an alarm?22:07
BorisLaSaucisseikonia: which one do you use?`22:07
ikoniaarun: it's quite subjective as to the specific technical details22:07
roothorickgah this is driving me nuts22:07
ikoniaBorisLaSaucisse: my isp's22:07
mrkiehow i get my ip of my samba share: smb://playonhd ?22:07
roothorickwent from a GTX470 to a 750Ti, now Flash is a mess22:08
mrkiee.g. in terminal22:08
Novice201yEriC^_: Yeah22:08
roothorickvideos stuttering and horrendously bad framerate22:08
ikonianslookup playonhd22:08
mrkietried ping playonhd22:08
roothorickthe usual fixes just not working22:08
mrkiealso tried that22:08
EriC^_Novice201y: run a cronjob that plays a song22:08
mrkiemark@mark-MP061:~$ nslookup playonhd Server: Address:  ** server can't find playonhd: NXDOMAIN22:08
Bashing-omlocutus1: Let's try and mount sda1 and see what we can find out . from the liveDVD: sudo mkdir /mnt/hope , sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/hope , ls -la / , ls -la /home . Let's see what happens here .22:08
ikoniamrkie: it's sharing over net bios22:08
mrkieikonia: i can really connect to it from ubuntu22:08
ikoniamrkie: you can really connect to it ?22:09
ikoniaas opposed to not really ?22:09
mrkieyeah, i need the ip :) so i can make mount point22:09
ikoniamrkie: why do you need the IP if you can mount it ?22:09
Novice201yEriC^_: Thanks, but I just need a simple app, withour croning etc.22:09
locutus1Bashing-om, for the ls -la, where should I do that from?22:09
mrkieikonia: i get this: sudo mount -t cifs playonhd/projects /home/mark/projects mount.cifs: bad UNC (playonhd/projects)22:09
mrkiewhat is wrong?22:10
EriC^_Novice201y: sudo apt-get install alarm-clock22:10
ikoniamrkie: you have no dns lookup for the device and th eformat of your UNC is wrong22:10
Bashing-omlocutus1: Nowhere, yet, we just want to know we can access those directories .22:10
mrkieikonia: sudo mount -t cifs //playonhd/projects /home/mark/projects mount error: could not resolve address for playonhd: Unknown error22:10
mrkiethat is why i wanted the ip22:10
ikoniamrkie: there is no dns22:10
ikoniamrkie: you need to look it up on the device, or the network router if there is no dns setup for it22:11
locutus1Bashing-om, well if I do ls -la /, isn't that only going to return info for the live CD?22:11
mrkiei can connect to it from the gui in ubuntu the default file manager, i can connect to the smb://playonhd, so it should know it's ip i think22:11
ikoniamrkie: no,22:12
Bashing-omlocutus1: OH, you are so right ! ls -al /mnt/hope , ls -al /mnt/hope/home .22:12
EiEiOhhI've installled samba but it wont launch.. /etc/samba is empty except for an empty tls directory22:13
mojtabaEriC^_: Sorry for being late. It is 14.04 LTS22:13
locutus1Bashing-om, I can ls those directories22:13
EriC^_locutus1: Bashing-om :D:D22:14
mojtabaI installed those pakages and I am going to restart22:14
EriC^_mojtaba: ok22:14
=== Ladon_ is now known as Ladon
EriC^_mojtaba: try to install bcmwl-kernel-source22:15
mrkieikonia: i got the ip, but now it asks for a password, i can normally browse without a password into smb://playonhd now i use // instead22:15
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bjorn_is there a keyboard shortcut to lock the screen?22:16
mrkiecause it uses root by default i think22:16
ikoniaprobable because the password database holds an entry for the hostname,22:16
locutus1Bashing-om, what next? :)22:16
mojtabaEriC^_:It is already installed22:16
mrkiedon't what the file manager of ubuntu will use by default username22:16
Bashing-omlocutus1: As the fsck is complaining about /lost+found and /var/cache/apt/archives . Recon what would happen if we delete them after looking at what lost+found contains ?22:16
EriC^_mojtaba: ok, it seems it's fixed in Vivid's release of the package22:17
mojtabaEriC^_: But I still get same error message22:17
EiEiOhhis there a way to repopulate the etc/samba directory?22:17
=== dog is now known as Guest42649
locutus1Bashing-om, willing to try it! I just want this system to boot again :D.  what should you have me do first? :_22:18
mojtabaEriC^_: Do you know what should I do now?22:18
g0thhow do I use the middle mouse with a touchpad?22:18
g0thI need it to copy-paste stuff22:18
g0thor how to copy-paste?22:19
Bashing-omlocutus1: Take a look around in /mnt/hope and find that directory "lost+found" . then list it. See if it contains anything of value .22:19
EriC^_g0th: press both at the same time22:21
mojtabaEriC^_: How should I install the new package?22:21
locutus1Bashing-om, sorry, I have restarted the computer again, guess I will need to run the fsck to get the path again?22:22
=== l2ksolkov is now known as Guest54925
Bashing-omlocutus1: fsck did not give us a path .. ( I hope it is not embedded in . or .. ) .22:23
ktechmidashm.. so there's a package that I've changed the source for, recompiled and added to my own repository - how do I tell apt to prefer the local repo for that specific package?22:23
ikoniaktechmidas: the easy answer is to increment the build number22:24
Bashing-omlocutus1: Your paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/9626353/ for the latest fsck .22:24
EriC^_ktechmidas: man apt_preferences & man apt-mark maybe22:24
EriC^_mojtaba: i can't find the deb in releases.ubuntu.com not sure where you can get the .deb file http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/bcmwl-kernel-source22:25
ktechmidasikonia: I'm guessing if the build number increments on the official repo, that will take precedence again?22:25
ikoniaktechmidas: correct22:25
ikoniaktechmidas: the other answer is to do pinning22:25
g0thEriC^_: that doesn't seem to work22:25
locutus1Bashing-om, thanks.  I am in the directory now and I see a bunch of just numbers22:25
EriC^_mojtaba: i mean in archive.ubuntu.com22:26
locutus1Bashing-om, not sure what I should be looking for.  Sorry :S22:26
[Relic]added 2nd HDD, it is mounting as /media/(partitions labels) and is root access only I think, I keep looking around but haven't found an info page to get me to have the 2nd HDD mount as user usable drive, not sure what I am missing doing.  to me it seems as if it is trying to load it as detachable media22:28
ktechmidasikonia: Yeah I suppose, Debian broke NRPE and it seems to have filtered down and caused a lot of pain over Christmas :P22:28
Bashing-omlocutus1: Not to feel bad, I also have no idea what we are looking for. I am of a moiind to do a CHange Root. see if the package manager works, and remove archive, lost+fpund and see what results when we tru and "update-grub"  .22:28
ubuntu024pardon this likely noob question, but I cannot find a solution anywhere. Just updated to 14.04. I was looking to reduce desktop menu size, instructions are to open nautilus windows and go Edit menu -> preferences. I have no Edit menu and cannot find a way to restore it22:29
ktechmidasubuntu024: you don't see edit at the top? In the bar?22:30
ktechmidaswhat do you see?22:30
ubuntu024the top bar just has the folder name on it22:30
redDEADI'm looking for a guide/help on how to patch the synaptic driver in Ubuntu 14.10.22:30
ikoniaredDEAD: that is not a trivial task22:31
ubuntu024I considere moving to 14.10, but wasn't sure if that would have the desired effect22:32
ubuntu024I've read lots about others with the same issue, but all dead ends. Also found a bug report which suggests this should be fixed, the bug was progressed22:32
mojtabaEriC^_:Do you know what should I do then?22:33
=== Hobby_boy_a is now known as Hobby
redDEADI know but I'm looking for the info on how to do it, I'm willing to learn. Been using Ubuntu for almost 8 years and never had to until now.22:34
locutus1Bashing-om, I am all for it if you are :D22:35
tano1968buona sera a tutti22:35
ubottutano1968: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».22:35
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Bashing-omlocutus1: I have had another thought, let's see if we can boot the install from the livedvd's boot option " boot from first hard drive" , and carry on from there if we can boot from there. get out of the present /mnt -> sudo umount /mnt/hope . Reboot the liveDVD, soon as the bios screen clears depress and hold the right shift key -> language screen, escape key to accept the default -> boot options screen; choose "boot from first hard drive" ... 22:38
locutus1Bashing-om, hmm.  that brought me back to my live usb bootloader22:42
EriC^_mojtaba: are you using 64 bit or 32?22:43
linuxmintI tried # /etc/init.d/apache2 status > # apache2 is running. But I can't tell if there's a fault there, as web interface still doesn't load?22:43
EriC^_linuxmint: did you try f5?22:44
schnitzhi... I know... don't ask the ask question, but first of all, hi... :-)22:44
Bashing-omlocutus1: Well, not great .. Maybe we best at this time check the SSD with the SMART test, make sure we do ( As I think)  have a software problem . Will take a bit of time to run the tests . liveDVD ->disk -> in the utility is SMART . start it and let it run .Make sure the SSD is good .22:45
mojtabaEriC^_: 6422:45
schnitzI should post this under ubuntustudio, but this seems more general, I have a hard time getting my display res to work under ubuntustudio22:45
linuxmintEriC^_: thanks, no, but just tried now. I usually have to try Ctrl+F5 to refresh a page without cache. Maybe that command has improved over the years and only needs F5 now.22:45
EriC^_mojtaba: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/restricted/b/bcmwl/bcmwl-kernel-source_6.30.223.248+bdcom-0ubuntu2_amd64.deb22:45
schnitzrunning an AMD A6 APU mit additional graphics card22:45
EriC^_mojtaba: download it then type sudo dpkg -i bcmwl-kernel-source_6.30.223.248+bdcom-0ubuntu2_amd64.deb22:45
locutus1Bashing-om, ok.  booting to liveDVD/USB now.  will run the test :D22:46
mojtabaEriC^_: Ok thanks22:46
Bashing-omlocutus1: Might be quicker -> terminal way -> sudo apt-get install smartmontools , smartctl --all /dev/sda | pastebinit" .22:47
locutus1Bashing-om, will do that instead22:47
schnitzonly does max 1024 with 60 Hz22:47
EriC^_!it | dario_22:47
ubottudario_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:47
nmatrix9Whoo hooo!  I got my new monitor, no more stuck at 800x600!22:48
locutus1Bashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9626648/22:49
mojtabaEriC^_: I installed it, and I am going to restart22:51
Bashing-omlocutus1: look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/9626648/.22:51
mojtabaEriC^_: Still same error. :(22:53
Giwrgarascan anyone tell me why ubuntu is such a piece of shit?@@22:57
cfeddeIt did not get what it wanted for christmas22:57
acerhi all; just installed xubuntu and windows 8 doesnt show in grub menu22:58
acersome help plz???22:58
[Relic]is there any program to set up 2nd(or any) internal HDD so that the system recognizes it as a HDD and mounts to a read/writeable fashion?22:58
Bashing-omlocutus1: Looks good to me ! let's CHange root into the install. From the liveDVD -> sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt , for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done , sudo chroot /mnt .22:58
Bashing-omlocutus1: Now make sure we have networking working . -> ping -c3 google.com <- .22:59
bibi234anyone knows what's the difference between unix and pam authentication?22:59
acerhello,can anyone help me ....  just installed xubuntu and windows 8 doesnt show in grub menu22:59
mojtabaEriC^_: Any other idea?23:00
notalanturingacer: open a terminal; sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update23:01
notalanturingsudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && (boot-repair &): sudo shutdown -r now;23:01
acerhey all, is any1 able 2 help me with grub menu23:02
geirhasounds racy23:02
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acerhey all, is any1 able 2 help me with grub menu23:02
notalanturingacer: just look, what I wrote before23:02
acerwas that for me...sorry23:03
acerim a newbie here23:03
schnitzacer: there is an ISO called boot_disk_repair23:03
acercan u copy n paste it again23:03
Bashing-omacer: If you only have a single hard drive then try as above ^ boot-repair .23:03
acerok downloading this now23:03
aceri tried that, but didnt do much...i just choose repair as (recommended)23:04
acerim now downloading into a usb and will try again23:04
EriC^_acer: are you in ubuntu right now?23:04
acerat the end it ask me if i want to delete the previous to boot loader...should i choose yes??? rekon one of them is windows 823:05
EriC^_acer: type sudo parted -l and paste it in paste.ubuntu.com23:05
acerok thx...doing it now23:06
acerEric ...all done what now23:07
EriC^_what's the link to the paste?23:07
infinituxwhat's the default pin for bluetooth?23:07
EriC^_acer: if you type sudo update-grub23:09
EriC^_does it mention windows?23:09
locutus1Bashing-om, ok going to give it a try23:09
locutus1Bashing-om, networking is working23:09
schnitzI just installed ubuntu_studio and I need to become superuser to installed the right grafics driver...23:10
Bashing-omEriC^_: acer :: A 1st for me " 2      2155MB  494GB  492GB   extended " will Windows even boot in such an arrangement ?23:10
schnitzhow can I legitimate as a su?23:10
acerno....its says command not found23:10
Bashing-omlocutus1: Outstanding, now for the package manager -> apt-get update, apt-get upgrade <- .23:10
EriC^_acer: sudo update-grub  ?23:11
acernothing in terminal comes back with command not found23:11
EriC^_acer: type echo $PATH23:12
locutus1Bashing-om, says there was a syntax error with what you posted for chrooting23:12
johncarperBeside Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, Red Hat, Is there any other decent server OS without UI out there?23:12
Bashing-omlocutus1: Let me check .. be back soonest .23:13
EriC^_acer: try sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg23:13
locutus1Bashing-om, says "syntax error near unexpected token `do'"23:13
ikoniajohncarper: we support ubuntu here23:13
acersudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg23:13
acercommand not found23:13
schnitzagain: how can I become super-user under ubuntustudio?23:13
EriC^_sudo not found or grub-mkconfig?23:14
ikoniaschnitz: you use sudo to run commands as the super user23:14
EriC^_acer: type which update-grub23:14
ikoniaschnitz: eg: sudo ls will run ls as the user root23:14
acerThe program 'update-grub' can be found in the following packages:23:14
acer * grub23:14
acer * grub2-common23:14
acerTry: sudo apt-get install <selected package>23:14
EriC^_acer: ok try sudo apt-get install grub2-common23:16
acerdone...what now???23:17
EriC^_acer: sudo update-grub23:18
schnitzok understand, but what if I'm not starting something via terminal mode? The grafics driver package can be double-clicked to start running, but then stops because its needs to run as su23:18
acerdone, generated a file of some kind23:18
EriC^_did it mention windows?23:18
acerone sec23:19
EriC^_acer: try sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sda23:19
EriC^_just in case it was deleted23:19
Bashing-omlocutus1: I do not find a fault -> sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt (next) for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done (next) sudo chroot /mnt . Now you should be in the CHroot. Is the prompt now '#" ?23:19
acersays it doesnt exist23:19
EriC^_what does23:19
EriC^_grub-install doesn't exist?23:20
locutus1Bashing-om, oooohhh23:20
acererror: /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/modinfo.sh doesn't exist. Please specify --target or --directory.23:20
locutus1I did it all as one command23:20
locutus1Bashing-om, ok.  done.23:21
locutus1Bashing-om, the prompt is now #/23:21
locutus1can ping google23:21
locutus1so now the update23:21
acer: /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/modinfo.sh doesn't exist. Please specify --target or --directory.23:22
locutus1when I do apt-get update I get an error23:22
locutus1Bashing-om, apt-get update produces the following error: "apt-get: error while loading shared libraries: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcc_s.so.1: invalid elf header"23:23
EriC^_acer: try sudo apt-get install grub-pc23:23
Bashing-omlocutus1: Yuk, think'n .23:24
EriC^_acer: sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sda23:24
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acerbefore i do that, 1 window has pop up and gave me 3 opions23:24
EriC^_what window23:24
acerblue window23:25
acerpress ok23:25
acerand then i have my flash disk, HDD and something else23:25
acersda, sda8 , sdb23:26
acerwhat should i choose?23:26
EriC^_what's it asking you23:26
mojtabaEriC^_: I am getting still that error. Do you know what should I do?23:26
EriC^_mojtaba: no idea23:26
aceron each choice i have [ ]23:26
acerlooks like for me to choose one option from what i mention abobe....sda, sda8, sdb23:27
Bashing-omlocutus1: Chicken or the egg ? Can we fix the package manager with the system broke, or can we fix the system with the package manager broke ? think'n .23:27
EriC^_acer: that's all it says? choose one option23:27
cpikalocutus1: can you use Synaptic? if Synaptic works, you could perhapbs completely remove & reinstall apt.23:28
acerGRUB Install devices23:28
EriC^_mojtaba: there's a patch i saw at the launchpad site, but it seemed to be for the 3.17 kernel23:28
EriC^_mojtaba: maybe if you use an older kernel or newer one it would work, i've no idea23:29
acer[ ]  /dev/sda/23:29
EriC^_acer: choose /dev/sda23:29
acerit says installing grub23:29
EriC^_sudo update-grub23:30
locutus1Bashing-om, lol.  k.  let me know what you come up with23:30
EriC^_acer: did it mention windows?23:30
cpika(but synaptic will just be a wrapper for apt...)23:30
EriC^_acer: ok, try to add windows as a grub entry23:31
EriC^_acer: type gksu gedit /etc/grub.d/40_custom23:31
EriC^_are there a few commented lines?23:31
third3yeHey there - any other way of installing plasma 5, besides compiling it from scratch? The neon project kf5 ppa is down...23:31
acereditor pop up screen, what should i write into it?23:31
OerHeks!info os-prober23:31
ubottuos-prober (source: os-prober): utility to detect other OSes on a set of drives. In component main, is optional. Version 1.63ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 17 kB, installed size 142 kB23:31
locutus1cpika, synaptic isn't included by default, is it (not even on the live cd)? I could possibly install it if you guys think it will help23:31
locutus1brb, going to shower.23:32
EriC^_acer:  are there a few commented lines?23:32
acerexec tail -n +3 $023:32
acer# This file provides an easy way to add custom menu entries.  Simply type the23:32
acer# menu entries you want to add after this comment.  Be careful not to change23:32
acer# the 'exec tail' line above.23:32
unopasteacer you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:32
EriC^_acer: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181782723:32
EriC^_modify it to Windows 8 and set root='(hd0,5)'23:34
EriC^_acer: type sudo blkid | grep ntfs23:34
acerwhat should i do with the 40_custom document opned awhile back ?23:35
EriC^_copy the windows entry from the link above23:35
EriC^_and modify it, read above23:36
acersorry, you loosing me know23:36
acershould i change to windows 8 or leave windows 7 ?23:36
EriC^_change it to windows 8, and replace set root='(hd0,1)' with hd0,523:36
=== vifino- is now known as vifino
EriC^_sory hd0,2 with hd0,523:37
acerare we takilng about copy and paste txt from link above to document 40_custom?23:37
acerok ,one sec23:37
DecoyDroneI am a newb that just upgraded his GPU... Now my ElementaryOS doesn't boot, it is stuck on the black screen / blinking cursor. When I launch in recovery it says something about nvidia: tainted kernel. I tried to set nomodeset to launch w/o the card being probed but that didn't work (probably did it wrong)23:38
DecoyDronewhere should I go to get help?23:38
FlannelDecoyDrone: #elementary should be able to help you out23:38
acerwhat about /sda2 ...do i need to change this to something else?23:38
DecoyDroneit is ubuntu though right? under the covers that is23:38
EriC^_acer: you can change it to sda5 , it's a title23:39
FlannelDecoyDrone: It's not.  There's changes made to it by the elementary folks (that we can't keep up with) that modify its behavior.23:39
DecoyDroneok dokes23:39
EriC^_acer: you can call it Windows 8 only if you want23:39
tewardis it sane to install the g++ with C++11 alongside default on 12.04 if we specifically have specific software that needs C++11 support23:39
EriC^_type sudo blkid | grep ntfs23:40
EriC^_we need to get the uuid23:40
acergives me an error23:41
EriC^_what's it say23:41
EriC^_type that in a new terminal23:43
EriC^_press ctrl+alt+t23:43
acer/dev/sda5: UUID="349477B6947778E6" TYPE="ntfs"23:43
EriC^_ok replace --set 6040b5fb40b5d7cc with 349477B6947778E623:43
EriC^_in the 40_custom23:43
acerstill saying error23:44
EriC^_i dont follow23:44
acer(gedit:15662): Gtk-WARNING **: Calling Inhibit failed: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files23:44
EriC^_is the gedit still open?23:45
EriC^_did you save earlier?23:45
EriC^_press ctrl+c23:45
acershould have, since i opened and all info was save23:45
brrrrrBashing-om: we can smash both chicken and egg. cook sometging else to eat23:46
Bashing-omlocutus1: Still uncertain. Do you have your data backed up ? a gentle poke at the situation . What happenes -> ls -al /var/cache/apt/archives  ?? then depending we try to work with the broke package manager .23:46
EriC^_acer: did you replace the uuid?23:47
aceryes...ill chk it again23:47
Bashing-ombrrrrr: Going to have to cook something up, we are twix a rock and a hard place .23:47
aceryes, copy and paste it...all saved23:47
EriC^_acer: sudo update-grub23:47
locutus1Bashing-om, this computer really isn't doing much.  it has 3 things on it that I would like to save (configs/scripts mainly), other than that.23:48
EriC^_did it mention windows?23:48
locutus1Bashing-om, let me try ls'ing that dir23:48
locutus1Bashing-om, there is quite a bit of data in that directory23:49
EriC^_acer: ok i meant you could make it as "Windows 8" instead of Windows 8 (loader) on /dev...23:49
EriC^_acer: or you can put "Windows 8 (loader) (on /dev/sda5)"23:49
Bashing-omlocutus1: Great, we can access it ! .. try -> apt-get clean .23:49
EriC^_acer: did you erase the comments in 40_custom?23:50
EriC^_and the #!/bin/bash and exec23:50
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aceri did23:51
EriC^_acer: you shouldn't23:51
EriC^_hold on23:51
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.23:51
EriC^_acer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9626941/23:52
EriC^_acer: add those at the top23:52
EriC^_ok sudo update-grub23:53
EriC^_acer: type cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | grep -A10 Windows23:54
EriC^_acer: type cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | grep -A10 Windows | pastebinit23:54
EriC^_acer: type grep -A10 Windows /boot/grub/grub.cfg23:55
EriC^_it's there i dont know why it didn't mention it23:55
acerit does mentioned windows 823:56
Bashing-omlocutus1: Are we dead in the water ?23:56
EriC^_acer: i mean update-grub didn't mention it23:56
EriC^_maybe it doesn't mention the custom entries? i dont konw23:57
Ahmuck_what does madeinusa mean?23:57
Ahmuck_er, sorry wrong channel23:57
locutus1Bashing-om, sorry, was AFK.  going to try apt-get clean now :D23:57
Bashing-omlocutus1: k23:57
locutus1Bashing-om, same error about the invalid ELF header23:57
acerwhat now ?23:57
EriC^_acer: try to reboot, if it doesn't work we can try to add a line in the 40_custom that might help23:58
acerok...in bit...23:58
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