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neo69good morning community12:11
neo69nothing help me?12:11
cfhowlettneo69, nope.  nothing.12:11
cfhowlett!ask | neo69,12:12
ubottuneo69,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:12
neo69ok, sorry and thanks12:12
neo69my first time here...sorry12:12
cfhowlettneo69, welcome.  ask please12:12
neo69i have a problem to export long file with Kdenlive, when i try to export file (rendering) in kdenlive, the program report me an error.12:14
neo69i have ubuntustudio 14.1012:14
cfhowlettneo69, and the error is ... ?12:15
neo69i have to make again rendering for report here the code of error. Now i have clip in rendering. when the error come again i copy here the code , ok?12:17
cfhowlettneo69, :) ok12:17
cfhowlettneo69, #kdenlive           probably best place to ask.12:18
neo69ok, thanks :)12:18
cfhowlettneo69, and try openshot               it exports my videos just fine.12:19
neo69yes, for easy job but when you have to make a complex editing...to me the best is kdenlive :)12:20
cfhowlettneo69, use what works :)12:21
schnitzhi there... anyone home?12:24
ObrienDavedefinitely not home ;p12:25
schnitzhey ObrienDave :-)... thanks for responding. Merry Xmas... no worries, I'm not religious ,-) ... anway I'm trying to get my UbuntoStudio to work Audio-wise, and I'm quite a novice... so a little chat might be nice...12:28
ObrienDavework as in what way?12:28
ObrienDaveand BAH! humbug! ;P12:29
schnitzyes, thanks for asking. I have a RME Hammerfall DSP PCI card with external 8-channel audio interface, and I'm trying to get real-time multi-track recording to work...12:29
ObrienDaveoooo, way beyond my knowledge, sorry12:30
schnitzhaha... no prob :-)12:30
ObrienDavebut stick around or ask in #ubuntu. more people there to help12:31
schnitzbut in general, since I'm not so much into linux... what I miss about UbuntuStudio is some Menu where you can see all the hardware installed, like, I have no idea whether Ubuntu really 'sees' my special audio PCI card...12:32
ObrienDavein terminal type, lspci12:33
schnitzcool, checking...12:34
ObrienDaveit should show up somewhere12:34
schnitzalright, that already helped, it doesn't show up there, thought so...12:36
schnitzThanks man, that gives me at least a little hint...12:37
ObrienDavesorry i couldn't help more12:39
schnitzhey... you helped, I at least know where to look further, have a great day :-)12:43
fathomHi, I have Ubuntustudio. Inkscape takes 2 minutes, 20 seconds to launch. I have 8 gigs of dd3 ram and a quad core cpu plus graphics card processor. Why does inkscape take so long to load?17:20
holsteinfathom: try launching from the terminal, and share helpful error messages17:30
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:30
mikhailкак подключить миди клавиатуру к убуету студио?17:31
cfhowlett!ru | mikhail17:31
ubottumikhail: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:31
holstein!proaudio | mikhail17:32
ubottumikhail: For information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro17:32
mikhailjoin #ubuntu - ru17:32
cfhowlettholstein, dude!  you understand Russian?  muy impressivo!17:32
holsteinmikhail: you'll need /join17:32
holsteinmikhail: /join #ubuntu-ru17:33
holsteinnot that they will have specifics about connecting midi keyboards there.. you literally plug the midi keyboard in.. it either works or not.. then, you use JACK, explained in the link above, to connect it17:33
holsteincfhowlett: google translate FTW :)17:33
cfhowlettholstein, dah!17:34
studiohey guys, have an installation question.  I have a presario v3000 that I have been trying to install linux on but the installer crashes every time.  I tried to install first to the hard drive.  Then I removed the hard drive and tried installing to jump drive.  Every time it crashes, regardless of what OS I am trying, regardless of the installation media, i.e livecd, liveusb.  any idea what might be causing this?18:22
holsteinstudio: sounds like bad hardware18:22
studiobut what hardware?18:23
holsteinstudio: i would test the memory, and the hard disks im trying to use18:23
holsteinstudio: bad/failing hardware18:23
holsteinstudio: if you state *all* operating systems fail, the ram is a constant, as well as the motherboard, other other components, all of which will fail18:23
studiothe internal hard drive i removed.  it tested good using the disk utility on a livecd18:23
studiobut it runs good from a live setup18:24
holsteinstudio: sure, so, as i state, that just leaves *all* the other components, like the ram, *all* of which will fail18:24
studiocan I check the ram?18:24
studioor the motherboard?18:24
holsteinstudio: from *any* linux live iso18:24
schnitzcan't get u_studio to display proper grafics resolution22:52
schnitzstuck with 1024 on 60Hz22:52
schnitzusing AMD A6 APU mit additional ATI grafics card22:53
schnitzinstalled proprietary AMD driver.. 'catalyst control center', but requires su pw for the conf, which I don't seem to have...22:54
schnitzmy user pw doesn't let me into the conf programm22:54
schnitzhow do I become super-user on ubuntu_studio?23:04
schnitzstill no clue how to become su23:11
deltschnitz: in a terminal, type "su" =)23:15
deltthen it should ask you your password23:15
deltand then everything you run from that terminal will run as root.23:16
deltoh btw, i just made a modified version of the Greybird theme with mac/osx like buttons, and thicker lower border for easier resizing of windows23:19
deltjust uploaded it here ---> http://www.deimos.ca/miscjunk/greybird-mac.tar.gz23:19
deltactually just the xfwm4 stuff is modified, the rest is the exact same as regular greybird theme.23:19
schnitzdelt thanks...23:20
schnitzhowever, my pw doesn't work23:20
schnitzmy user pw is correct though23:21
schnitzit doen't let me legitimate as su23:21
schnitzalso, what if I don't want to start something via terminal mode?23:21
schnitzI have downloaded the grafics driver package I badly need to get normal screen res, and after starting that package from the GUI it says can't do it since I'm not su23:22
deltschnitz: try "sudo bash -l" (without the quotes)23:24
delt(replace bash with whatever shell you prefer)23:29
deltnow you can change your root password with passwd23:29
deltand any other user's password with passwd <username>23:29
schnitzthat worked23:30
schnitzthanks again... I'm a newbie... sorry... can I switch account when logging on the ubuntu and log myself in a superuser right away from the beginning?23:40
deltum... i wouldn't recommend that23:44
schnitzwhy not?23:44
schnitzjust curious23:44
deltusually you just use the root account when doing maintenance, installing programs etc.... for normal use it's easy to do some damage to your system by not paying attention to what you're doing.23:45
schnitzI don't mind crashing my installation, nothing on it... I'll just re-install23:45
schnitzbut I see23:45
schnitzgood point23:45
deltanyway, add yourself to the /etc/sudoers file, and you can run any command with "sudo <command> etcetc"23:46
deltas rppt23:46
delteven better, ubuntu comes with the group "sudo" added by default to the /etc/sudoers file23:48
deltso you can just edit your /etc/groups file, find the line that starts with "sudo" and at the end add your username23:49
deltfor example, my username on this system is simply "user". The sudo line in my /etc/groups looks like this ---> sudo:x:27:user23:49
deltonce that's done, (next time you login) you can run any command as root by typing "sudo command" instead of just "command"23:51
delt(that's basic unix stuff, that has existed since the late 60's early 70's :D :D )23:51
schnitzcool man, thanks for letting me know23:52
deltor...? historically i'm not sure when sudo became a common unix command23:52
deltanyway, as you can see the unix model was designed to develop and adapt, unlike the *ahem* leading brand of "operating system" that's on the market today23:53
schnitzhowever, my display driver is not working, and i HAD to install the new package by myself, and there is this rather heavy information learning process required to do so23:53
deltwhat video card?23:53
schnitzAMD A6 APU23:54
delthmm.... much less familiar with those, i've always been using nvidia myself23:54
schnitzwith an additional ATI Radion PCIe card23:54
schnitzno kidding, this is not working out-of-the-box23:54
schnitzneedless to say, it does in other OS23:55
delthmm... maybe ask #ubuntu - surely someone there will be able to help with ati cards23:55
schnitznot that I'm comparing23:55
schnitztried, no answer...23:56
schnitzthey're really involved with bigger problems though, so now offense :-)23:56
schnitzlots of newbie question over there23:56
delthehe =) there's almost always someone who can help there, regardless how "newbie" your question is23:57
deltjust out of curiosity, what do you see in the settings manager -> "additional drivers" ?23:58
schnitzno I'm sure this is all good and I really want to learn it... my observation though is, as long as the GUI stuff works everything is fine, but when there is something unexpected, the learning curve is quite steap23:58
schnitzlemme see23:58
schnitzah right23:59
schnitzbeen there 100 times23:59
schnitzso originally it had X.Org-X-Server23:59
schnitzAMd/ATI grafics driver23:59
deltthis is an actual machine and not running in a VM, right? ie. you installed on an actual partition?23:59
schnitzthat was the default23:59

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