Roo79xhi all is there a way to have single instance in mousepad?00:04
xubuntu32wHi. I'm doing an upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10 in xubuntu and it's asking me if I want to 'replace the customized configuration file '/etc/mime.types'? With choosing either "keep" or "replace." I'm not sure what to do.00:12
xubuntu32wI feel like I should choose "keep" but I've Googled around and a few people have chosen "replace" instead.00:13
xubuntu32wI'm a total newbie and don't want to wreck things by choosing the wrong thing. Thanks.00:14
knomexubuntu32w, have you change a lot of mime type associations?00:16
knomeeither option will work and not "wreck" anything00:17
xubuntu32wI'm sure I've changed things but I don't even know what mime means. The "details" show like 20-30 "differences."00:17
knomemime types mean the default applications associated to each file type00:17
xubuntu32wokay. So since there are quite a few "differences" would it be wise to choose "keep"?00:18
xubuntu32wOkay. Thanks very much, knome. I really appreciate it.00:19
knomeyou're welcome, and enjoy00:19
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mijkhi, I can't seem to write to the debugfs folder01:12
mijkeven using sudio -s01:13
mijkor sudo -901:13
mijksudo -i01:13
mijkI'm trying to set up vgaswitcheroo01:14
roo79xhello everyone how are you? I would like to know if there is a way to get mousepad to run in single instance mode? so if mousepad is open and I open another file mousepad opens the second file in a new tad instead of a new window. Thanks01:36
roo79xhello everyone how are you? I would like to know if there is a way to get mousepad to run in single instance mode? so if mousepad is open and I open another file mousepad opens the second file in a new tad instead of a new window. Thanks01:58
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squeegilyHey.. fun question, but: how can I get hardware acceleration working in VLC with Intel GMA500?03:08
squeegilyI want to watch my anime (720p H.264 MKVs) on this laptop (an Acer Aspire One, AO751h)03:08
squeegilyI already tried enabling VA-API in settings03:09
squeegilyYes I know I should be using actually supported hardware but I got this from a friend for free03:10
squeegilyIt's running Xubunntu 14.0403:10
holsteinsqueegily: it doesnt matter why you want it, you just need to check the 3d driver support for linux, and, if you have 3d support, you have 3d03:11
squeegilyThere is no 3D support03:12
squeegilyI just need 2D support for H.264 decoding03:12
holsteinsqueegily: then, you wont get what you are seeking03:12
squeegilyAccording to the Arch Wiki, this card has excellent 2D support for HD H.264 video decoding03:12
holsteinsqueegily: you should be able to play the file, and, you will be getting 2d support03:12
holsteinsqueegily: sure.., try jut playing the content03:12
squeegilyI tried that. It can't keep up03:13
holsteinsqueegily: 2d means, you *wont* get 3d support03:13
squeegilyI don't care about 3D support03:13
holsteinsqueegily: right.. its a lot for that device to handle03:13
squeegilyI don't have any games, even Minecraft03:13
squeegilyThere is literally nothing on here that needs 3D support, and I never mentioned that I need 3D support. I just need to figure out why this 2D 720p H.264 video can't be decoded in read-time.03:14
holsteinsqueegily: sure, but what you are asking about is similar, requiring driver support... intel typically supports linux well, and then are welcome to provide you a 3d driver03:14
roo79xhello everyone how are you? I would like to know if there is a way to  get mousepad to run in single instance mode? so if mousepad is open and I  open another file mousepad opens the second file in a new tad instead  of a new window. Thanks03:14
holsteinsqueegily: you meantion you want hardware acceleration03:14
squeegilyholstein: Why do you bring up 3D at all03:14
holsteinsqueegily: that will require the driver03:14
holsteinsqueegily: if you dont have the driver support, you dont get hardware acceleration, hence, why  you are asking about 2d support.. which, you have, but, its laggy, as i would expect03:14
squeegilyIs there any way to play 720p video on this?03:15
holsteinsqueegily: nothing about xubuntu/ubuntu/linux is prventing that03:15
holsteinsqueegily: if you dont have "good" driver support, the answer may be no.. or, not up to your quality expectation03:16
squeegilyI came here for troubleshooting help.. The video is not playing and I suspect it is because this hardware is shit03:16
squeegilyAnd because it is not being accelerated03:16
squeegilyWhich is driver issue03:16
squeegilyWhich is OS issue03:17
holsteinsqueegily: thats what i think, as well03:17
squeegilyWhich is why I bring it to the Xubuntu IRC03:17
holsteinsqueegily: i think you dont have the driver support from intel you need.. you were not promised a linux 3d driver03:17
squeegilyNor do I want one or have ever asked for one. What I need is H.264 decoding03:18
holsteinsqueegily: there is *nothing* xubuntu is doing to prevent intel from faciliating you playing that content, and having a nice driver.. and, they usually do03:18
squeegilyThis is the bag of fun that is the gma500 though03:18
holsteinsqueegily: you have h.254 decoding.. what you want is "better" performance03:18
holsteinsqueegily: i had one of those chips, and i passed it on ASAP..03:18
squeegilyWhat I want is to be 100% sure the GPU is doing it03:18
squeegilyBecause I'm pretty sure that if this chip can play 1080p video, like the Arch Wiki says, it should definitely by able to do this03:19
squeegilySo I'm suspecting no GPU support03:19
holsteinsqueegily: did you run a supported operating system on the hardware? you should be able to look at the intel site, and see what drivers they provide, likely for windows, and try the content in windows with the driver that intel promises supports the hardware03:19
holsteinsqueegily: no doubt, that content *will* play on something like a raspberry pi.. but the driver support is there for linux03:20
squeegilyThis chip was abandoned by intel03:20
squeegilyLeaving it in the domain of the OS maintainers as far as I can tell03:20
holsteinsqueegily: they promised support for it for windows, and released a driver for it03:21
holsteinsqueegily: sure, but its not something that linux is allowed to address..03:21
squeegilyWhat isn't something that Linux is allowed to address?03:21
holsteinsqueegily: driver support for that hardware.. *all* of linux is completely open, if intel wanted to provide support for it, and address the issue you are having they can03:22
holsteinlinux is not preventing that.. or breaking it.. but, there can be little linux can do to address, or faciliate support.. you just cant force things to work like that03:22
holsteinthough, i realize, since i actually had that chip, and abandonded it myself, i realize that it can be frustrating03:23
squeegilyI'll try VLC on Windows with this then03:23
squeegilyIf it doesn't play there, I'll just chalk it up to not-enough-powar03:23
holsteinthat would likely work as promised03:23
holsteinwell, as i stated above, we *know* its enough power.. phones, and low powered arm tablets play that content... the pi i mentioned03:24
holsteinthe deal is and was for me, when i had that chip, the driver support03:24
holsteini mean, linux is capable of playing that content, devices with lower specs than that are capable of playing that content, and that device is well known to have been not well supported in linux by intel..03:25
squeegilySo if it plays on Windows, but not on Linux.. who should I go to03:26
squeegilyI'm about to reboot03:26
squeegilyIf it doesn't work on Windows, I'll give up03:26
holsteinsqueegily: ideally, you would be able to ask intel for a driver that would faciltate the same performance in linux as in windows.. they didnt promise that, though03:26
squeegilyIf it DOES work on Windows, which channel should I complain to03:26
squeegilyso to speak03:26
holsteinsqueegily: you can ask intel, or the creators of the hardware.. but, there is nothing "broken" to complain about03:27
squeegilyFine then. What's the term for video not playing.03:27
holsteinsqueegily: they never promised "wipe windows and run whatever OS you choose and enjoy complete support of all the hardware to its fullest capacity", you know?03:27
squeegilyThat's what IRC and other support channels are for03:27
squeegilyTo help approach full capacity03:28
holsteinsure.. but we cant make tyhem give you a driver ;)03:28
holsteinsqueegily: we try, believe me.. we ask.. the upstream linux community asks..03:28
squeegilyI'm not asking for a driver from Intel. They're a faceless corporation who doesn't give two farts about Linux03:29
holsteinsqueegily: they actually factually support much of the hardware they create in linux03:29
squeegilyWhat I am saying is that if it doesn't work on Linux03:29
squeegilyI need to go to the Linux-specific support channels03:29
holsteinsqueegily: linux is 100% open.. *any* one can support it03:29
squeegilyYour point?03:30
holsteinsqueegily: intel can support it.. you can.. i can.. any one making hardware can support it.. if they dont, and didnt promise to, they may not, and some, like the chip i had, and you still have, can "fall through the cracks"03:30
squeegilyI am saying that I wanted to use this laptop for playing the videos. I cannot play the videos on Xubuntu. So I came to the Xubuntu support channel.03:31
squeegilyDon't waste time blaming Intel; they're useless. What I need is help with this OS03:31
squeegilyThis OS on this chip03:31
holsteinsqueegily: sure, and you *can* play some videos.. but, without proper driver support, you will likely not be happy with the performance03:31
holsteinsqueegily: this OS is not preventing anything from playing there03:31
squeegilySo long story short: Intel doesn't support Linux, so oh well03:31
holsteinintel actually does.. and supports linux on most chips..03:32
squeegilyholstein: but not on this one and who cares about the others03:32
holsteinsqueegily: i do, and it is just a fact, is all03:32
holsteini know it can be frustrating.. it was for me with that chip..03:32
squeegilyYes, and I'm coming here to get solutions, not to hear about how intel doesn't support it03:33
holsteincool.. enjoy your time here, and try #ubuntu since this is a larger driver issue not relating to xubuntu or xfce, you may get "better" support03:33
holsteinits just unfortunately relevant that there is not a 3d driver for the hardware available..03:34
holsteincorrect.. relevant in that, there just is no driver to do what you are trying to do.. no support for it03:35
holsteini know, for me, i just passed that netbook on, and aquired others..03:35
squeegilyWhat I'm trying to do has nothing to do with 3D though so I fail to see how it's relevant03:35
holsteinsqueegily: its the GPU driver, thats why its relevant03:36
squeegilyBut 3D is entirely irrelevant here03:36
squeegilyIn every sense03:36
holsteinhardware acceleratation is what you want..03:36
squeegilyyes, but not 3d03:36
holsteinthat *requires* the driver..03:36
squeegilyJust a 2D driver03:36
holsteinsqueegily: you *have* the 2d driver03:37
squeegilyAnd it's not decoding like it should03:37
holsteinsqueegily: you are enjoying the 3d driver right now..03:37
squeegilyHow so?03:37
holsteinsqueegily: it doesnt do hardware acceleration like you are trying to do..03:37
holsteinsqueegily: you are enjoying the 2d driver**03:37
holsteinnot the 3d... that was a typ03:37
squeegilyThis chip is specifically listed to be able to decode H.264 video at 1080p03:37
holsteinsqueegily: at intel?03:38
squeegilyAt the Arch Wiki03:38
squeegilyWhich is Linux03:38
holsteinsqueegily: sure.. anything relevant there would be relevant here03:38
squeegilyIt's the same gma500 driver03:39
squeegilySo it is03:39
holsteinsqueegily: and, they list "tricks".. try them03:39
holsteinsqueegily: you are using mplayer?.. you state using vlc.. the guide you link suggests mplayer..03:40
holsteinspecifically https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/poulsbo#Poor_video_performance03:41
squeegilyBut that's not working either03:42
squeegilyMplayer lags just as much03:42
squeegilyEven with 4 threads and frame dropping03:43
holsteinsure.. i know, as i stated before, when i had that chip, i personally just gave up on it.. these days, when i can get better supported hardware so easily, i dont fuss much03:43
squeegilyExcept I am poor03:43
squeegilyI have nothing to eat03:44
squeegilyI spent all my savings on a charging cable03:44
holsteinsqueegily: sure.. i have several supported machines that i got for free.. but, if you cant eat, why not just watch some lower res videos ;)03:44
squeegilyBecause it's a pain in the azz to recode them when this chip, properly accelADD_PARAMETERS='--quirk-vbemode-restore'Kerating, should play them O03:45
squeegilyWow that message messed up03:45
squeegilyBecause it's a pain in the azz to recode them when this chip, with proper acceleration, should play it03:45
holsteinsure.. and, as we stated, you *dont* have proper acceleration.. that is known. the link you gave states that, i know it from having the chip in the past, and you are experiencing that as well, and the creator of the hardware didnt promise it03:46
squeegilyWe *do* have proper acceleration for 2D H.264 decoding03:46
holsteinsqueegily: sure.. you are trying the svn version of mplayer?03:47
holsteinand, is https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/xf86-video-modesetting-git/ compatible with the linux kernel you are using? have you tried it?03:47
holsteinsqueegily: there are 6 steps here.. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/poulsbo#Poor_video_performance have you tried them all?03:48
holsteini dont know anything about that guide, or documenatation, or what kernels are supported by what it references, so, i cant promise you it will work.. what i *can* promise you is, you will spend a lot of time hassling with this chip and accept some compromise03:49
holsteineither, spending a lot of time forcing something mediocre to happen with it, compromising a lot of your time, or, compromise your expectations, and play lower resolution video03:50
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JesseDhammui have installed teamviewer in my xubuntu 12.4 yesterday ,, and today there were some system updates notifications...07:12
bazhangdid you follow them07:13
JesseDhammuso i updated and upgraded the system .. but after that i am not able to startup.. the boot screen shows "starting Teamviewer daemon starting" and it just hans up there .. it dosent go beyond that screen07:13
JesseDhammuhow to resolve that issue07:13
JesseDhammucos i have a database installed on that ...07:13
bazhang!info teamviewer07:14
ubottuPackage teamviewer does not exist in utopic07:14
JesseDhammuhow do i resolve this issue ..?07:15
bazhanghow was teamviewer installed07:15
JesseDhammui downloaded the package from the official website and just doubleclicked to installed it .. .07:15
bazhangsounds like it was caused your issues07:16
JesseDhammusee i restarted the sever, now its showing *stopping system V runlevel compatibility [OK]07:17
JesseDhammu*starting TeamViewer remote contorl daemon [OK]07:17
JesseDhammuand now its just freezed there ..07:17
JesseDhammuits not going further ..07:17
JesseDhammuplz help07:17
JesseDhammuif i boot in recovery mode and run dpkg would it work ..??07:22
bazhangremove it?07:25
JesseDhammuhow do i do that ..?07:32
roo79xhello everyone how are you? I would like to know if there is a way to  get mousepad to run in single instance mode? so if mousepad is open and I  open another file mousepad opens the second file in a new tab instead  of a new window.09:06
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roo79xwell this place is a hive of activity???09:42
cfhowlettroo79x, ask you ubuntu questions09:44
roo79xI did half an hour ago and I'm still waiting, even for an acknowledgement.09:47
cfhowlettroo79x, could be that folks are enjoying their xmas holiday (gasp) away from IRC.09:48
roo79xbut it's ok the friendly people over at #xfce are actually helpful..09:48
roo79xcfhowlett: then why bother being on here? (gasp) it's a help channel right? why be on here if they can't be bothered helping09:50
cfhowlettroo79x, indeed09:51
* roo79x note to self "Don't bother trying to get help on #xubuntu... it's full of lurkers09:54
xubuntu831Hi all. i have a problem whis suspend mode. My notebook can't show me desktop after exit from suspend mode/10:36
xubuntu831can You help me&10:37
cfhowlettxubuntu831, ask #ubuntu ... more eyes10:38
xubuntu092How can i deinstall apps14:20
oewopen Ubuntu Software Center, search for the application you want to remove, higlight it and click Remove14:22
xubuntu092But if it is not  listed?14:25
wolf1can u use a terminal xubuntu092 ?14:26
xubuntu092what do i have to input to do that? this is my first linux14:28
ubottuTo learn how to uninstall applications in Ubuntu - please visit http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-delete-remove-software-using-apt-get-command/14:29
wolf1ctrl + alt + t14:30
xubuntu092It worked. Thanks14:31
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EldunarHello, i have some problems with xubuntu 14.10. 1) each time when i log in to desktop its colours are mixed ( some parts of wallpaper and font is painted in red/pink) 2nd i can not get play on linux database application. 3rd is that: previously it was fglrx now ubuntu switched it on its own to xorg and do not want to switch again to fglrx.4rd is that i can not update my system via apt-get17:54
holsteinEldunar: you mean, xubuntu switched on its own to xorg in stead ot fglrx? but, thats not right either17:56
Eldunaryeah i do not know why17:56
holsteinEldunar: you are trying to say, you installed the proprietary driver? you you feel that, xubuntu automatically swtiched back to the open one?17:56
holsteinEldunar: anyways, i suggest not worrying about "why" what did what, and just see what *is* running, and make whatever you want to happen, happen17:57
holsteinEldunar: what driver are you using?17:57
Eldunari used the propertiary one for a week but when i logged in desktop was mixed and i saw taht xubuntu is using xorg not17:57
Eldunarnow its xorg17:57
ubottuX.Org is an implementation of the X Windows System, and is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart it on an Ubuntu system, type 'sudo service lightdm restart'. To fix screen resolution or other X.Org problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . See also !xorgconf17:57
holsteinEldunar: xorg is *not* the driver.. it would be in use with the propriatary driver..17:58
holsteinEldunar: so, use the link i gave, look and see what driver you are using, and share here.. please..17:58
holstein!paste | Eldunar17:58
ubottuEldunar: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:58
holsteinEldunar: so, you *are* using, as you can read there, the radeon driver..18:03
Eldunarsorry thats not it18:03
holsteinEldunar: now, the question is, why is your screen different colors, and without seeing it, i can tell you a few reasons why it may do that.. bad hardware.. bad GPU card, or monitor.. that can cause that.. you can test that with a live ISO18:04
holsteinEldunar: if the screen is "Fine and dandy" in a live iso, then, the problem is with your install somewhere18:04
Eldunarafter relog its fine. and in windows 7 its also fine18:05
holsteinEldunar: so, if its "Fine" in windows, then the hardware is likely just fine.. what do you mean by "after relog"?18:05
holsteinseems like what you have is dual GPU18:06
Eldunarnot i have not its PC.18:06
Eldunarrelog i mean18:06
Eldunarlog out18:06
Eldunarand log in18:06
Eldunarwithout restart18:06
holsteinEldunar: sure, what does that mean?18:06
Eldunarhere is radeon 685018:06
holsteinEldunar: you mean, you boot, and your graphics are "bad"? then, you logout and back in, and they are "fine" ?18:06
holsteinEldunar: from your link.. description:    Intel Graphics18:07
holsteinEldunar: intel is not amd.. ati18:07
holsteinEldunar: so, from what i see, you dont need the amd driver..18:07
Eldunarwhats weird. here is Intel i5 CPU and ati radeon 6850 so I HAVE have ati driver18:09
holsteinEldunar: im not saying, you didnt install the driver, what im saying is, you dont have the hardware18:09
holsteinEldunar: the link you give states intel graphics, which could mean you have dual GPU.18:09
holsteinEldunar: what im trying to determine is, what you did, and why?18:10
holsteinEldunar: can you start there? what did you install? and why? and when were the graphics OK? from the live iso? was the graphics fine then? then, you installed, and all was well? then, you added a driver somehow and broke things?18:10
Eldunareverything worked fine untill last restart. before i done that i made some projects in blender and i installed PlayonLinux18:10
holsteinEldunar: ok.. describe your installation of "playoninux".. did you add a PPA? what exactly did you do?18:11
Eldunarthats in software center18:12
holsteinEldunar: ok.. so, what are you saying to me, friend?18:13
holsteinEldunar: you opened the software center? searched for "playonlinux" ? and what? *exactly*18:14
Eldunari want to say that : PlayonLinux is in software center. i marked it in software center pressed install and voila, no errors, no warnings just new software aeared in menu. But now i have broken apt-get / software center i can not uninstall it or even other software18:15
Eldunaris there some way to reinsal or return to previous value apt-get ?18:16
Eldunaror sth llike that?18:16
EldunarE:Write error - write (28: No space left on device), E:IO Error saving source cache, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. ( one of errors which gave me software center)18:17
cfhowlettEldunar, you can recreate your software sources ... http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/index.php18:18
holsteinEldunar: how about this, friend.. open a terminal, and run "sudo apt-get update" and share errors.. share the entire output in a pastebin, please18:19
Eldunarit stucked : http://pastebin.com/kdykf5CD in place where u see18:20
holsteinEldunar: what does "it stucked" mean?18:20
Eldunarjust nothig. it says that dowloading headers and nothing happened for 15 min18:21
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holsteinEldunar: friend, please close *everything*... software center, other terminal.. leave *only* this windows open18:22
holsteinEldunar: then please open a terminal, right now, and run this command.. "sudo apt-get update" and share the entire output in a pastebin..18:22
drc"E:Write error - write (28: No space left on device)" tells me that his device/drive is full.18:23
holsteincould be ^ that would cause issue as well18:23
cfhowlettcould be ... :)18:24
drcEitherway, it's a problem that needs to be solved :)18:25
holsteinsure.. unless it already has been, or that message is from who knows where18:26
Eldunarafter recreating sources.list its apear to be fine18:29
Eldunarill check it by relog18:29
akishi all. since yesterday my brand's new laptop HP-14-r107nv with 14.04.1 on it functions keys worked perfectly. F1-F12 worked pressing them simultaneously with FN key and wireless on/off key (f12) nad sound on/off key (f6) and inc/decrease sound (f7&f8) where also worked properly. today f1-f12 work without need to press simultaneously FN key and all other functions are not working. On bios was enabled direct function of f1-f12 (without FN) but x18:30
akisubuntu asked for FN and although i tried to disable it (=fn+f1-f12 needed) nothing changed. any idea on this issue?18:30
holsteinEldunar: check it by opening just a terminal, and running "sudo apt-get update"18:31
holsteinthat wont fix a hard drive space issue, if you have one18:31
HassanCehefakis, how do the FN keys behave on Windows, if you have windows available on your computer?18:33
akisi dont have windows on the machine, only OS is xubuntu.18:34
HassanCehefI'd try to enable and disable the option18:35
HassanCehefThe latest Xubuntu bugs a lot I think :(18:35
akiseverything was workink perfectly till yersteday.18:35
holsteinakis: try as another user.. try with the live iso.. try looking for and applying all upgrades.. try booting the older kernel, if you took a kernel update yesterday18:36
HassanCehefI have issues with the sound, Chromium crashes at startup, and i had to reinstall everything because I had an issue with FF : it would be so slow, slowing the whole machine.18:37
holstein!bug | HassanCehef18:37
ubottuHassanCehef: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:37
akismy system is update. i didnt took any new kernel yesterday.18:37
holsteinHassanCehef: i would look at my GPU drivers for the ff slowness, but without details i can only guess..18:37
holsteinakis: but, you are implying that yesterday, something changed.. what changed?18:38
HassanCehefholstein, actually I think it was a hard drive issue.18:38
HassanCehefbut sure I also have issues with my GPU. Dual gpu intel-ati18:38
holsteinHassanCehef: cool.. then, if it is, lets not FUDD about xubuntu bugs.. file, and help us make it the best it can be18:38
HassanCehefI never managed to use fglrx :D18:39
HassanCehefwell, the Chromium & pulseaudio issues, I have them since 14.04 and on a fresh install.18:39
HassanCehefBut i'll definitely send sth for pulseaudio :)18:41
akisholstein: these are the latest updates http://pbrd.co/1H2K0Sl18:41
xanguadid you try to reset keyboard shorcuts configuration?18:42
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akisxangua: n. i just gave some new shortcuts after i read an advise on net and i made sound on/off/dec/increase to be working. but later worked without any shortcuts! and still wifi on/off doesnt work and i dont any command to arrange a shortcut.18:45
akiswhy although fn function was disabled through bios xubuntu earlier asked for fn to be f1-f12 functioned and now doesnt asked any more (and that is the reason i think dont the other functions on/off etc work) and although i enable the function of fn through bios to be working with f1-f12 xubuntu doesnt accept it?18:52
akis why although fn function was disabled through bios xubuntu earlier asked for fn to be f1-f12 functioned and now doesnt asked any more (and that is the reason i think dont the other functions on/off etc work) and although i enable the function of fn through bios to be working with f1-f12 xubuntu doesnt accept it?19:24
CoreSaintthis is crazy with the services in ubuntu19:40
CoreSaintthere is so much mixing and matching it is insane19:41
CoreSaintis there a manual that describes how to manage the system but not through gui's19:45
brainwashwhat do you want to manage exactly?19:47
CoreSainti want to know exactly what services are set to start at boot and how to disable the ones i dont want.... it seems like there are two init systems melted together19:50
CoreSaintone being dead project "upstart"19:50
brainwashCoreSaint: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/20:00
CoreSaintbrainwash, thank you...20:03
brainwashnot really a xubuntu specific question20:04
brainwash / problem20:04
brainwashalso, you could disable a service by removing the according package20:05
CoreSaintsure but you don't always want to remove the package, although i am not sure why almost every distro by default is running avahi20:08
CoreSaintit is really usless service for most people20:08
brainwashyou can set up a minimal installation and then only install the software you really want/need20:15
brainwashso, do you have any xubuntu specific questions?20:15
CoreSainti don't think i have one at the moment... i am just trying to get the feel for distro overall, just looking for a home for my main Desktop... i do like it overall, i guess i just need to learn to do thing differently then in others distros20:23
CoreSainti am also tempted to try out Mint as everyone seem to like it so much20:24
CoreSainti've been running Debian Jessie for a past few weeks, and i really liked it...20:25
bjorn_hi, is there a keyboard shortcut to lock the screen?22:17
bjorn_reason for asking is that i cant lock the screen from the "menu" (padlock) and don't understand why22:18
Wlsonjl3i have a .msi file for a game i want to play, is there a way to run it in xubuntu?23:07
knomeWlsonjl3, depends on the game23:07
Wlsonjl3pokemon uraniun23:07
knomedoesn't look like that23:09
Wlsonjl3i can't then?23:09
Wlsonjl3is there a way to run it at all?23:09
knomethat's what i said23:09
knomeyou can try with wine, but the developers don't promise that it works23:10
Wlsonjl3how do i do that?23:10
knome!wine | Wlsonjl323:10
ubottuWlsonjl3: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu23:10
Wlsonjl3oh okay, thank you Knome23:11
knomegood luck23:11

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