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d4rkn3thello everyone, I need support to deploy openstack-dashboard with juju using LXC, I followed the guide of Marco Ceppi(http://marcoceppi.com/2014/06/deploying-openstack-with-just-two-machines/) but during the deploy the charm rests in pending and after some minutes juju status gives me that (in 1/lxc/5)) http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636578/20:08
d4rkn3tsomeone may help me? thanks20:17
d4rkn3tI've also open a question on ask ubuntu http://askubuntu.com/questions/562906/deploy-openstack-dashboard-and-cinder-with-juju-using-lxc20:24
d4rkn3tanyone can help me to resolve that?20:42
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