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floownSomeone can pastebin me their sources.list pour Kubuntu ? I had a bad experience in add some deposit, I had to reinstall all :o05:23
valoriefloown: https://paste.kde.org/psefpxjwp05:39
valoriekeep in mind I have the next PPA05:39
floownvalorie: thx05:41
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monkeyjuicemorning dante__11:23
dimitriswhich is the channel for 15.04?11:58
kaddihi guys.. i'm using kdetalk but can't auth a friend of mine who is on blah.im, supposedly because it can't find the remote server.. i thought kdetalk did support server to server encryption?12:11
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kaddianyone here?12:45
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Walexkaddi: the question is whether there are any people really familiar with just 'kdetalk'13:03
kaddii've been refered to kde-telepathy, where's the a chance of getting someone.. but there seems to be noone there either13:03
Walexkaddi: only people with a Microsoft-KDE Platinum Account get guaranteed support during Sundays :-)13:07
kaddiyeah, because stating a fact now is officially considered whining and needs to be bashed...13:08
hakermaniaHow do I do a feature request for kickoff application launcher?13:27
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BluesKaj_'Morning folks14:18
jubo2G'morning BluesKaj_14:19
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l_rmy screen is locked on the guest account asking for a password15:07
l_ris this a bug or what?15:07
l_rwhat is the password15:07
monkeyjuicel_r:  is this 14.04?15:10
monkeyjuicefound this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/137749715:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1377497 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Unable to unlock guest seesion in Kubuntu 14.04" [High,Confirmed]15:10
l_ri hoped they would resolve this in k14.0415:10
l_rit's long time i have been seeing this bug15:11
monkeyjuicesomething to do with the screen saver?15:11
l_ryes, it assks me the passwor15:11
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l_ri am going to force the guest user logout by killing his session15:12
l_rbut...it's a dirty workaroung15:12
l_ri use to switch from normal to guest user and viceversa on my laptop to make other people safely use it15:13
monkeyjuicei never us guest ;)15:14
halunkeis there a german supportchan for kubuntu?15:35
halunkeenglish works for me, but german would be much easier15:36
andy123halunke: that might be #kubuntu-de15:38
j_bobJust wondering, I've recently installed the Plasma 5 tech preview and most of the apps which don't come bundled with Kubuntu have their icons showing as black squares in the application launcher...is this a known problem?17:45
soeej_bob: what kind of apps exactly ?17:47
BluesKaj_j_bob, well that's the nature of plsama 5 , but have you updated,upgraded since installing ?17:48
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j_bobI installed it from Ubuntu 14.10 a few days a go so assume it's the latest build.17:51
j_bobWhen using the search function of the application launcher all the .txt files have black squares as icons as do all image files. I recall PyCharm as definitly having a black icon too. Yet the task bar is able to display it. I've just managed to crash the application launcher so can't check more at the moment17:54
soeeare you using kubuntu-ci ppa ?17:58
BluesKaj_j_bob, don't assume that even the daily image is current, one shoulkd still update and upgrade17:59
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BluesKaj_j_bob, don't assume that even the daily image is current, one shoulkd still update and upgrade18:28
j_bobBluesKaj_ ok thanks, I've double checked as I was half asleep when I installed 15.04. I'm actually using the alpha 1 release not the daily.18:39
BluesKaj_j_bob, so have you updated and upgraded and dist-upgrade, this will bring your graphics up to date as well18:41
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j_bobBluesKaj_, yeah have run all of those. I can't however see any kubuntu PPAs listed. Do I need to add kubuntu-ppa/next while using the Alpha preview?18:52
soeej_bob: do get plasma5 ?18:55
j_bobsoee, I'm using the 15.04 Plasma5 Alpha preview18:55
j_bobWell I went ahead and added the kubuntu-ppa/next ppa anyway, on running update I'm getting 404's on it19:00
soeewhy do you added it ?19:02
j_bobI'm guessing it doesn't matter and I'll just install Alpha 2 when it's available19:02
soeeAlpha1 uses plasma 5.1.2 and stay with it :)19:02
soeeIn january 27th Plamsa 5.2 will be released and you will get updates automaticaly when it gets into Vivid archive19:03
Z_Godis there anybody in here who is involved with the maintenance of the LTS releases?19:03
j_bobAh I see, thanks soee. That's something to look forward to, as  have been very impressed with this first Alpha19:04
j_bobRegarding having alot of my icons being just black squares in the application launcher, is there anything I can do about this? I've checked the bug trackers for plasma5 and kubuntu but can't see anything relevant19:10
j_bobmaybe I need to delete the application launcher icon cache?19:12
tuxmaxi'm a new kubuntu user19:17
j_bobhey tuxmax19:20
tuxmaxsome people live in quebec canada here?19:20
MmikeHello, guys.19:50
MmikeHow can I change the transparency of the panels in KDE?19:50
MmikeI plugged in new graphic card and somehow my panels are not as transparent as they used to be19:50
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soeeMmike: do you have deskytop effects enabled ?20:00
soeeare you using propriety drivers or open ? also go to System Settings and in Desktop Effects you should be able to adjust transparency / not sure though if it applies to panel20:04
Mmikesoee, using nvidia proprietary drivers20:06
Mmikesoee, fixed id20:08
Mmikeopengl was turned off20:08
Mmikein KDE20:08
Mmikeso had to enable it again20:08
MmikeI was testing R9 280X with fglrx, and I'm assuming switching from nvidia->noveau->radeon->fglrx (and then all of that back) somehow turned openGL off20:08
Mmikeit's all dandy again! :)20:08
BluesKaj_!fr | tuxmax20:15
ubottutuxmax: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:15
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WalexMmike: I have a 7850 and it works pretty well for most stuff with the freesw driver20:36
WalexMmike: wirth the 14.04 X, MesaGL, kernel.20:36
mroizohello all20:43
Denza252Not sure where to axe this... but21:43
Denza252How good are the closed source nVidia drivers for the 700 series21:43
Denza252In utopic that is21:43
soeeDenza252: 700 are some new cards ?22:00
Denza252soee: i guess22:34
soeeDenza252: im using closed liek 2 years  now and have no problems22:36
Denza252the closed source nVidia drivers are pretty good22:37
soeeatm in my laptiop with 650M im using  346.22 beta22:37

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