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ararobi'm trying to delete a meny entry in wine->programs , when i look in wine.desktop, i don't see the subentries under ->program08:31
silverlionararob : try "menulibre" without the quotes. you have to install it via synaptic08:54
silverlionwith that you can edit/delete/enter anything in the menu08:54
ararobsilverlion, it worked, thanks09:02
silverlionararob : you are welcome ;)09:02
janolap1hi ! I have accidently formatted my boot/grub/xp partition (table partition rewrite). Can anyone help me using testdisk to recover my data and system. I'm currently on Lubuntu on the same PC.09:16
janolap1Can anyone assist me on the recovery process ?09:16
janolap1I'm quite sure the original partitions were : /dev/sda1 (ntfs+boot), /dev/sda2 (ntfs), /dev/sda3 (extended for linux), etc for linux part09:18
silverlionjanolap1 : that's way over my knowledge ... sorry09:23
janolap1ok, thanks.09:23
janolap1ok, I'll just reinstall grub, and try a datarecovery with photorec...09:24
nanogeekJanolap1 how can I install grub?09:30
janolap1nanogeek : as far as I know, you can do : sudo grub-install /dev/sda09:32
janolap1if /dev/sda is your boot disk.09:33
janolap1But I'm not really a expert in thoses tasks09:33
janolap1nanogeek : why do you want to install it ?09:34
janolap1nanogeek : why do you want to install it ?09:48
nanogeeki just want to know how to do it09:49
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Freed309I'm having an issue with my Wireless. Occasionally the hardware switch goes orange by itself and all wireless connections die. Before this used to happen when I left the computer on sleep. Now it's happening without warning.12:23
Freed309I'm using Lubuntu 14.0412:24
Freed309Originally when I killed the process, it would work. But now the process simply refuses to be killed.12:26
Freed309Anyone here?12:31
testdrFreed309: what process did you kill and does not work "killing" any more? network-manager?12:33
Freed309I killed that and modem manager. I thought Modem might be the parent12:33
Freed309But it restarted to12:33
testdrFreed309: you have to check the pid (process-id) because the network-manager will be restarted if not there12:33
Freed309I did.12:34
Freed309I was terminating them from the terminal12:34
testdrFreed309: thats what it is made for -- if you really want to stop network - you have to shutdown the service12:34
Freed309Using PiDs12:34
Freed309You're saying I should find the PiD for the service?12:35
testdrFreed309: first: how long did wireless work without problems? (until last update) Or did you have always problems (like said about sleep-status)?12:35
Freed309I always had them.12:36
Freed309I would simply kill the Network Manager and NM Applet12:36
Freed309Using the PiDs.12:36
Freed309Basically, I would open the Task manager, and then kill PiDs from the Terminal in Root.12:37
testdrFreed309: then you did wait to long - you should check the logfile (/var/log/syslog) about messages for wlan problems - and did you already check any hints (hard/software probs) about your wlan-hardware (chipset, vendor-product-id)?12:39
Freed309No, and should I show you the logfile?12:40
Freed309The thing is, I never used this laptop until recently.12:40
Freed309So whenever I would use it, I would ignore the problem.12:41
testdrFreed309: the syslog logfile could be very long -- you have to upload it to the pastebin-service and poste the link to the upload here if you cannot find the error/warn-messages about the network service (and its breaking)12:41
Freed309Pastebin is what I intended and yeah.12:41
testdrFreed309: then for this laptop - first get yourself a cable-twisted-pair for working internet-connection and make a full update (you did not say what version - 14.04?) - could be it will fix it .. or make it worse - but you need cable-connection or the update may disturbed12:43
Freed309I can't obtain a wired connection, and there seems to be several tar gz worth of logfiles.12:44
testdrFreed309: you have to get a working internet-connection for this laptop - you wont never get proper updates with a broken connection.  Check the last syslog (without gz) and maybe give some hardware-hints about the laptop, wlan-chipset or did you already look for any online hints to this hardware?12:46
Freed309Do you want to know what the Hardware is?12:47
Freed309Here's the recent one12:47
testdrFreed309: yes - you did not check for any hints for it?12:47
Freed309Any hints as to why it wasn't working or?12:48
Freed309And this is the Wireless card itself: 02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)12:49
Freed309From LSPCI.12:49
Freed309No I didn't.12:50
testdrFreed309: first quick question: why it looks (from the syslog) that the wlan is only valid for around 1 hour and dhcp needs a renew?12:50
Freed309I have no idea.12:50
testdrFreed309: the time of the dhcp-offer is setup in the router - who did it?12:51
Freed309Well, the person who installed the TWC Cable connection in my house.12:51
Freed309It works fine with my Windows system.12:52
Freed309That doesn't work12:52
Freed309Someone had the grand idea of sitting on it. :/12:53
Freed309Anyways. Before we go off into a tangent, I would have no idea how to change it, since our ISP doesn't allow you to modify Router settings.12:54
testdrFreed309: did you check even such video-hints?  Like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9wfFVjqXzw12:54
testdrvideo-title: How to fix Qualcom Atheros AR9485 problem under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS12:55
Freed309Well, was it for the situation I had, or a different one?12:56
Freed309It seems like his wasn't working at all.12:57
Freed309Mine is working, but it stops all of a sudden.12:57
testdrFreed309: open a terminal and run:   ping   -W 10   ip-number-of-your-wlan-router   (should be from your syslog)13:00
testdrthat runs a ping with a timeout of 10 seconds and should show when the network "falls asleep"13:00
testdrFreed309: if this constant ping (=network-traffic) will help - then you have to check the power-saving settings, maybe its set to disable the network and a wake-up will give you the probs (like a restart would do too).13:01
Freed309I have checked the settings, and there is nothing like that specified13:02
Freed309i found something though, I'm not sure if it's pertaining to this.13:04
Freed309testdr: In Power Info, NM is set to 0.2 in wakeup13:05
Freed309testdr: Hello?13:10
testdrFreed309: no - you did check and you are shure nothing will help - i suggested to try the "ping-command" to not let network fall asleep and to prove it maybe the power-settings. And other online-hints for your hardware are not apropriate you think - so i cannot help, because i dont have this hardware myself to do my own checks.13:13
Freed309I did set up the Ping command13:14
Freed309Yeah, cause they don't apply to my situation.13:14
Freed309I think for some reason it just falls asleep13:14
Freed309And then it creates a Zombie Process.13:15
testdrFreed309: thats what you are shure about and why should i doubt what you say?  From the kernel-version of the laptop - its from the last updates and this proves there was a lot of data-transfer (more than 100MB) ?over this faulty wlan-connection.13:16
Freed309Yeah. Now what should I do to find why it's sleeping randomly?13:17
testdrFreed309: stopping network is done with "service".   Check in terminal the output of:   service networking    and use the hints13:17
testdrFreed309: scroll back in your irc-log and read my hint about using the ping-command13:17
Freed309Yeah, I'm using it13:18
Freed309It's still running.13:18
Freed309So what I should do, is see when it stops and then try to figure out why?13:18
testdrFreed309: then you have to wait - if it wlan breaks now too or if this little wlan-traffic keeps it working . If so - you have to decide to disable the sleeping-mode (dont know if there are any hints about it), what some people may not want, if they need the short time of battery-uptime.13:20
Freed309I will disable it. I don't need sleep mode at all.13:20
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janolap1Hi there, is there a way to add emblems to folders under lubuntu ? (I mean adding small sub-icons to the folder image)18:27
ianorlinjanolap1: I haven't tried doint that and do not know how really to do that18:28
janolap1ianorlin : thanx, I know it exists under other windows managers...18:29
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janolap1how can I upgrade Lubuntu 14.04 to 14.10 ?23:22
wxljanolap1: did you read the release notes?23:22
janolap1wxl : no...23:23
tewardyou should23:23
wxlfor i suspect you will find your answer there23:24
wxland when i suspect, i mean "i know" XD23:24
teward^ that23:24
janolap1no "apt-get upgrade" ?23:25
tewardwhat planet are you from :P23:25
tewardjanolap1: apt-get upgrade only upgrades packages within the release23:25
tewardnever goes to the next release23:25
tewardnever has, never will23:25
janolap1sorry : dist-upgrade23:25
tewardjanolap1: same concept - apt-get dist-upgrade only upgrades packages within the release23:26
tewardbut packages that would get held by upgrade (kernel, wine, etc.) don't get updated23:26
tewardread the release notes23:26
wxlbe nice teward :)23:26
janolap1this one : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UtopicUnicorn/ReleaseNotes/Lubuntu ?23:27
tewardwith https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UtopicUnicorn/ReleaseNotes#Upgrading_from_Ubuntu_14.04_LTS still being relevant i believe23:27
tewardwxl: i've been bashing my head against POODLE and SSLv3 for 4 hours i'm on edge23:27
tewardit's an atypical time for me23:27
tewardwxl: Lubuntu still has all the flavor-agnostic changes from the main Ubuntu changelog included as well right?23:28
wxljanolap1: naw, start at the basic ones https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UtopicUnicorn/ReleaseNotes#Upgrading_from_Ubuntu_14.04_LTS23:28
teward(i.e. core changes)23:28
wxlteward: lubuntu is ubuntu23:28
wxlteward: tl;dr yes23:28
tewardthat's a yes :)23:28
janolap1ok, I wasn't reading the good ReleaseNotes ... That's simple now.23:29
tewardjanolap1: the Lubuntu release notes link to the base Ubuntu release notes23:30
tewardthere's a lot of flavor-agnostic changes that affect all the flavors and the main changelog does touch on those23:30
teward(like the kernel for instance)23:30
wxlmain = lubuntu?23:30
tewardmain = Ubuntu in that statement23:33
tewardsince you just said lubuntu is ubuntu :P23:33
wxlhuh they don't?23:33
wxloh :/23:33
* wxl slaps teward 23:33
* teward returns the slap with a pulse blast from a dark-matter energy pistol23:33
janolap1trying it...23:38

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