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moaghi all, please is there a safe way to download kernels from kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ ?02:42
moaglike e.g. using https?02:43
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mladouxHi, anyone know if 15.04 is going to be on systemd, or is it still on upstart, yes I realize it's still early dev, and I'm not installing it yet, I'm just curious.08:38
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elichai2 i like using the latest version of any package, and a while ago i used Arch, and Arch uses the latest versions of everything. but now i use Ubuntu, and now i got version 14.10 and i thought why not upgrade to 15.0411:49
elichai215.04, is "stable" as Arch? or less?11:49
dimitrishello. I've installed kubuntu 15.04 alpha but I don't see any updates.Is this normal or I have a problem in repos' configuration?12:07
penguin42dimitris: Do they appear if you do apt-get update  and upgrade from the command line ?12:10
dimitrispenguin42: no. They don't appear there either12:12
* penguin42 doesn't have a 15.04 to try with at the moment12:12
BluesKaj_'Morning folks14:18
elfyhi BluesKaj_14:19
BluesKaj_hey elfy14:20
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