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al_exquemelinI was wondering how to get my code from a bzr branch into a .tar.gz archive? and do I really need the latter to build a PPA package?17:34
al_exquemelinI've looked through the Ubuntu Packaging guide but still don't quite get it17:35
hjdal_exquemelin: The launchpad PPA builders can build packages directly from a bzr branch (assuming it is set up for packaging with a debian directory etc).17:42
hjdIf you wish to build it yourself, bzr-builddeb should work (I think it maybe generates the .tar.gz behind the scenes, but it too only needs the branch in order to work)17:43
al_exquemelinhjd: didn't add the /debian directory as yet, it seems I'll have to investigate the description for it17:48
al_exquemelinhjd: but where do I start with building my PPA packages? writing a recipe first?17:50
hjdThe packaging guide contains a quick overview of the debian/ directory http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/debian-dir-overview.html17:51
al_exquemelinhjd: yes, I've seen it, thanks17:52
hjdDepends what you have done so far. Presumably you have some bzr branch with a piece of software? I don't know how the packaging guide is structured, but I think a natural first step would be to make it possible to build package(s) from it locally and then do that first.17:56
hjdThe PPA recipe will list the branch (or branches more of you wish to combine) you need in order to build a package, but will require that the branch is actually able to produce a package.17:58
hjdDoes that make sense?17:59
al_exquemelinhjd: yes, I guess I'll start with filling up the /debian directory18:08

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