MrSavagemy ubuntu gnome randomly crashed as I was browsing online00:02
MrSavagethis is the 3rd time now00:02
LinDolhi all00:54
MrSavageI found a case for ubuntu gnome 14.1001:08
MrSavageeverytime i scroll down this page, ubuntu gnome crashes http://www.pcgamer.com/civilization-beyond-earth-review/01:08
MrSavageeverytime i scroll down in firefox01:09
lindolTrying to connect your link is find.02:28
lindolmy version is 34.002:29
JockeTFMrSavage: Works for me. :P03:29
MrSavageJockeTF: are you running ubuntu gnome 14.10?03:29
JockeTFMrSavage: Yes, on Intel Ivy Bridge.03:30
MrSavagethen why does mine crash?03:30
JockeTFNo idea.03:31
JockeTFMrSavage: Which GPU and drivers?03:31
MrSavageamd radeon 29003:33
MrSavageusing amd's drivers03:33
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JockeTFYeah, someone with the same configuration might have the same issue.03:56
JockeTFAlso, headpones: http://jocketf.se/files/images/other/headpones.png03:56
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superdingusI have a question about MTP support in general21:50
superdingusDo most devices that use MTP need a driver as well, or should MTP support work out of the box with Ubuntu?21:51
superdingusI also am curious if others seem to notice that use of gksudo crashes gnome-shell frequently21:57
superdingusor if this is a problem with my installation21:57
mephuxis there a clean or recommened way to upgrade gnome?23:14

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