qwebirc88222HI All, I am looking ot be able to get Chome to play sound in mythbuntu.  I am using a Intel NUC DN2820FYKH and have everything else working perfectly02:02
qwebirc88222Just read about Netflix utilizing chrome on linux so I thought I would give it a try02:02
qwebirc88222Video is fine just no audio02:03
KwishMacqwebirc88222: look in the pulse volume control gui or alsamixer from a terminal02:04
qwebirc88222Check the alsamixer, nothing is muted.  I will check the pulse volume control.  Just an FYI, all the audio through myth is via HDMI02:05
qwebirc88222Thank you for the response.02:05
KwishMacdo you have more than one sound card?02:05
qwebirc88222Nope only one, the onboard HDA02:10
qwebirc95661Hi All, just wanted to post got my volume working in Chrome for Netflix02:21
qwebirc95661I had to load pavucontrol and select the digital output02:22
qwebirc95661Thanks for everyones help02:22
KwishMacgood job02:22
qwebirc95661Thanks my wife and family are happy once again.02:23
KwishMactoo bad netflix isn't integrated into mythtv02:23
qwebirc95661I wish it was, It would be nice to have02:24
qwebirc95661Thanks again.02:24
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