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DonRichieIs it right that the file /etc/resolvconf/interface-order is only relevant when I configure multiple dns server in /etc/network/interfaces (including for example nameservers from dhcp)01:41
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jak2000hi all03:17
grendal_primecan anyone help me out with configureing a simple dns server03:29
grendal_primethat was a question03:29
grendal_primenot a challenge03:29
grendal_primeunless a challenge works faster03:30
DonRichiegrendal_prima: I have the same task at the moment :P03:31
grendal_primeits all up and i can see requests in the server log, but it is just not sending the info back.03:31
grendal_primeDonRichie, we can beat it up together03:32
tewardgrendal_prime: perhaps https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-bind-as-an-authoritative-only-dns-server-on-ubuntu-14-04 ?03:32
tewardor https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-bind-as-a-private-network-dns-server-on-ubuntu-14-04 even03:32
DonRichiegrendal_prime: do you use dnsmasq or bind?03:32
teward(note of course they suggest using their DNS stuff, but still, the guide might work)03:33
DonRichieI recently mastered the client side dns configuration and digged deep enough to fully understand the resolvconf program.03:34
DonRichieMy bind9 is resolving domains out of the box after I installed and started it. Now I am at the point to tell bind something about my domain to make it "authorative" :)03:36
jak2000not know why cant save a file on home of the user: see: http://pastie.org/9801426  any advice?03:38
grendal_primechmod that dir recursively to 77503:40
grendal_primechmod -R 775 usernamegoeshere03:41
DonRichiegrendal_prime: he uses sudo in that paste. I think he shoudl be able to write03:42
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grendal_primesyntax may be off...03:42
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grendal_primesorry still cleaning up the box wine from christmass03:42
grendal_primeDonRichie,  ya well i always assume at that point a person has sudo -s03:43
grendal_primesorry jak2000  did that work?03:45
grendal_primeDonRichie,  you have teamviewer client?03:45
tewardi don't think it's safe or sane to use teamviewer over irc03:46
DonRichiegrendal_prime: yes, but I am not sure if I can help you with your problem. I am also still learning03:47
grendal_primeim not going to do that over irc03:47
grendal_primedone are you getting resolution of local hosts?03:47
grendal_primesorry i meant DonRichie03:48
DonRichieI get resolution of internet hosts, but didn't define a local zone yet03:48
grendal_primeya that aparently is the bitch03:48
grendal_primeweird i cant believe this so complicated.03:48
DonRichieI already did it a time ago and remember it was a little bit difficult. I will look in my old config files03:49
DonRichieI think something changed. There are "db." files now. In my old config i used ".zone" files03:52
DonRichieBut maybe it is an operating system related behavior03:52
grendal_primeDonRichie,  hey  im gonna try something a little bit unconventional...or just ill advised for a second.03:56
jak2000grendal_prime: http://pastie.org/980143903:57
grendal_primetouch: cannot touch ‘rtom.sh’: Read-only file system03:57
grendal_primethats the biggie on that03:57
grendal_primereboot the machine.   is it a vm by chance?03:58
grendal_primeyou will get that with a bad live migration.03:58
grendal_primealso a drive that is fked03:58
grendal_primeummm there are a few other things that will cause it, none of them a good idea. thing is jak2000 a typical reboot will usually fix it.  there was  some sort of threat to file integrity that apparomor or the kernel picked up. It put the entire drive into read only mode.04:00
grendal_primethat way you dont loose your important shit.04:00
grendal_primeMost default drive mounts are set up to remount into ro (read only) when serious file system issues arise.04:02
jak2000grendal_prime yes04:05
jak2000rebooting. is a vps server04:05
grendal_primewhats a vps?04:05
DonRichievirtual private serer04:06
jak2000a server on the cloud04:06
grendal_primeooooo....ya those are sucky for alot of reasons.04:06
grendal_primewell i mean unless you have a great idea for a startup04:06
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grendal_primejake2000 did that work?04:20
grendal_primegrrr..ya your welcome04:20
DonRichiegrendal_prime: how is it going? Did you beat up your DNS problem?04:50
grendal_primeim starting from the gound up with an old friend04:53
grendal_primeadministrative spider04:54
DonRichieI also needed to refresh my dns knowledge a bit. I am currently reading some stuff04:54
grendal_primehad to clone a generic server04:54
grendal_primeadding the typical bs to get it where i want it.04:55
grendal_primeI WILL SLAY THIS DRAGON!!04:55
grendal_primeI AM THE GRENDAL!!04:56
DonRichieWhat do you mean with bs?04:56
grendal_primeAH  you now..i like my servers very generic..so i have to set up authorized keys,04:57
DonRichiegrendal_prime: go and get that xp and loot04:57
DonRichieexperience points04:58
grendal_primeI KILL THIS BS ON A DAILY BASIS....WOOP WOOP.. also fish i kill those allot as well.04:59
DonRichiestill dont know the abbreviation bs ^^04:59
grendal_primeoh sorry. Bull shit.05:00
grendal_primeits a rancher phrase.  commonly pronounced Booowl shit05:00
DonRichieAhhh, now I understand :)05:01
grendal_primewhat are you from england?05:01
grendal_primeahhh...there ya have it...you guys blood pudding, warm beer and hot chicks with big tits.....precision, calipers and metric system.05:02
grendal_primehere in americal we adjust things with an 8 pound hammer.05:02
grendal_primeimportant stuff....while we are drunk.05:03
DonRichienever ate blood pudding, drink  my beer cold, like big tits and also like the metric system05:04
grendal_primeNot me mind you im a model citizen.   Im differnt.05:04
grendal_primedude...we should hang out...i like big tits and the metric system TOO!!!05:05
DonRichieSure, come over!05:05
grendal_primeyou got Xtra big tits and metric system stuff to go around?05:06
DonRichieWe should go to a club and measure the size of tits with the metric system.05:07
grendal_primemore importantly, there is density and gravitational equation to take into account05:08
grendal_primeobviously you are dealing with the same dns issues im dealing with!05:09
DonRichieI am currently at the point I should be able to try defining a zone05:11
grendal_primeim using a tool05:26
grendal_primeill let you know how it goes05:26
DonRichieokay :)05:26
grendal_primeim kinda ending up at the same place...im missing something simple here05:39
DonRichieIf you weren't already using it u maybe can debug your problem by using "dig +trace +additional"05:41
DonRichieTo see where the resolution is hanging05:41
grendal_primethis tool im trying makes the settings pretty simple. but im running into the same issue ihad before05:49
grendal_primeso basically i just want a zone for my local network.  say i want that to be.  booksnmore.lan06:02
DonRichieOkay. what is your problem at the moment?06:04
grendal_primeso do i want a master slave stub forward or deligation zone?06:11
grendal_primeit just doesnt seem to me it should be so damn hard06:11
DonRichieDon't know if it helps but here is an old configuration I wrote: http://paste.ricl.de/?0f32918f75e7ef8d#V9v+5JJ1jVKCqdw1VPn+YBjMtQa3GYYnguEFmsLx1Bo=06:17
grendal_primeits working as a cacheing server basically at this point. it is forwarding on dns requests to like google.06:19
grendal_primeits just not seeing my local records.06:19
DonRichieCan you show me your zone configuration? Maybe I have an idea what to do06:21
grendal_primeif i have the clients network settings pointed to as the dns server. and on that server there is an entry stating that zimbra1 is located at than i should be able to ping that address06:21
DonRichiegrendal_prima: First, are you sure you speak to the correct DNS-Server?06:22
DonRichieIf yes: did you define search domain?06:23
DonRichieon your clients06:23
DonRichieIf not you need to resolv the fqdn for example zimbra1.domain06:24
DonRichiegrendal_prime: And check that you did not forget the tailing "." in your domains06:26
grendal_primethis is crazy.06:29
grendal_primenow i remember why i have avoided this for so many years06:29
grendal_primeoops did i think that or actually type it?06:30
grendal_primeok one step at a time...bind is installed.06:31
DonRichiedns is fun :)06:31
grendal_primefirst thing i need is a forwarding zone right?06:31
grendal_primethat way anything that is not in a local zone will be moved on to some other server correct?06:32
grendal_primeim gonna use google.06:32
grendal_primeby the way im trying to use the webmin module at this point.06:33
grendal_primethat part works06:35
grendal_primei can ping things and it figures out what the addreses are. next. I need to set up a zone for internal addresses.06:36
grendal_primeanother master zone?06:37
DonRichieyou need 2 zones. 1 for forward lookups and 1 for reverse lookup06:38
grendal_primeno reverse if for addresses to names. I dont care about that06:41
grendal_primei just need names to addresses06:41
grendal_primehere is where this gets frustrating, this is pretty simple when dealing with a hosts file,06:42
grendal_primewhy it is that the server needs to be complicated about this in the first place makes no since to me.06:43
grendal_primethis is rediculas06:52
grendal_primethere are a hudred howtos on this..i cant find a single one that works06:53
grendal_primeim starting over..setting up a small virtual network with one router as a gateway.  privete isolated netwrk that will have to go through that device,06:54
grendal_primeit will act as the router/dns server.06:55
grendal_primeone client.06:55
DonRichieif you want I can take a look at your config files06:55
grendal_primegive me 10 min06:55
gblfxt_hah, sounds like setting up zabbix, have to try different working methods at different points from different howto's.....06:56
grendal_primezabbix is easy06:57
grendal_primeDonRichie, prvt chat06:57
grendal_primewe will need screen shareing and whatnot.06:57
jerrcswhy don't you just pastebin them?06:58
grendal_primethat is slow06:58
jerrcsno it's not?06:58
grendal_primedirect screen access06:58
jerrcsyeah, that's something i would never do06:58
grendal_primeim not talking to you06:58
jerrcsyou're in a public channel, yes, you're talking to everyone, including me.06:59
jerrcsdon't be rude.06:59
grendal_primedude...im not going to screen share with you07:01
grendal_primeor everone else here.07:01
grendal_primeyou obviously have not used the app before07:02
grendal_primeit does not give the other individual any access other than viewing what you have on screen07:02
jerrcsi'm saying you could just pastebin your configs (using something like wgetpaste, makes it <30 seconds to share that) and someone could help you07:03
grendal_primethis requires a bit more than that07:04
grendal_primea birdseye view of the network creation and servers is sometiemes required...and you dont get it..this is all in a disposable environment07:04
grendal_primeits all virtual on my own isolated dev network07:05
grendal_primei appreciate your concern.. however i do know what i am doing.07:05
jerrcsno, it doesn't. it requires me to download proprietary software to establish a connection to your screen07:05
grendal_primeim not talking to you07:05
jerrcswhich many work firewalls even block07:05
grendal_primei own my own nework. and blocking outbound connections on random ports is rather difficult.07:06
jerrcsi'm not going to "force" to help you, but you shouldn't be so rude to people who are more than willing to help. in addition, not many people like unsolicited PMs. it helps other people resolve their issues if you express the concern publicly, especially since the channel is logged and someone might be able to find it useful in the future.07:06
grendal_primeill gladly post how we did this in the end07:07
grendal_primeim going to show him the environment im building he will more than likely point out what im doing wrong.07:08
grendal_primei wasnt trying to be rude. I asked him to a private chate so as not to imposing on anyone else07:09
jerrcshopefully he's able to help. have fun07:09
grendal_primewe have work to do i will talk to you later07:09
DonRichie"more than likely": I am also still learning07:10
gblfxt_ubuntu does not seem to like the external switch in hyperv07:26
grendal_primejerrcs,  this seems to be working really well so far we will let you know if we trip on our dicks07:29
jerrcsum thanks for the update. i really don't need them though, thanks07:30
grendal_primehe nailed it09:23
grendal_primewe will be giving you an entire briefing in the mourning.09:23
grendal_primenot your mourning though...ours09:23
grendal_primealso i have to buy a new motorcycle for my kid tomorro, the report may be a day late09:45
grendal_primepossibly 209:46
grendal_primealso i didnt get hacked, and i didnt have to hack anyone else, so i think its safe to say...in the end, we are both happy and un infected.09:48
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jefincokay so at work I login to a domain with my username and password, and no matter what computer I login to all my stuff is the same... how do I create a server like that?12:28
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kasadnobody seems to have idea so I came here to cry for  halp15:41
kasadI am doing friend a favour, and due to change of plans, I now have  ~100GB ntfs partition that is unused, so I was thinking of formatting it to ext4 and mounting it as /home15:42
kasadso my train of thought was like, format to ext4, mount it somewhere as say tmphome15:42
kasadrsync, edit fstab, reboot & profit15:43
kasadproblem is home dir is encrypted15:43
kasadwill that affect the procedure or it doesn't matter since I am doing everything with appropriate privileges anyway15:43
Tobbe-82|ReinstaHi guys, so after having rebroken the server (ftp filepermissions) due to following a patchwork of online tutorials I figured I'd to a clean re-install of ubuntu server 14.04 and then ask you guys for block by block help to set up a webserver following industry standards.15:44
Tobbe-82|ReinstaSo far I have re-installed a clean install using disk lvm partitioning and just run apt-get update   &   apt-get upgrade.15:44
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Tobbe-82|ReinstaI'm guessing the first thing is to set up so I can telnet into the server using putty? If so, then how would I set it up using industry standards?15:44
kasadTobbe-82|Reinsta: I suggest you start from http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-14.04-apache2-php-mysql-pureftpd-bind-dovecot-ispconfig-315:45
kasadthere is step by step everything, leave out things like dovecot if you don't want imap/pop315:45
kasador ispconfig if you plan to do everything by hand/scripts or maybe use some other solutions15:46
kasadthat's the easiest most straightforward guide I can think of right now for someone who is asking question which has "telnet into the server" in it. no offense15:47
kasadanyone got idea how to rsync/copy/whatever encrypted home to new partition16:00
kasadwill it just be unencrypted?16:03
kasadafter copying16:03
kasador will I botch everything16:04
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YamakasYah no! I get a 503 on my fpm install17:39
YamakasYphp-fpm and we cannot get it solved, just a basic setup17:39
YamakasYno noy yay17:52
Patrickdkexactly what does apt-get say when you install it?18:03
PatrickdkI mean, you posted nothing, how can you expect results?18:03
YamakasYPatrickdk: the only thing I get is  AH01074: Failed writing Environment to :18:10
YamakasYPatrickdk: this is a good example http://www.binarytides.com/setup-apache-php-fpm-mod-proxy-fcgi-ubuntu/18:10
Patrickdkwhat happened to all the stuff around that message18:10
Tobbe-82|ReinstaIs there a significant difference to running a MySql server or a MariaDB database?18:11
Patrickdkdefine, good example? that looks like a tutorial18:11
YamakasYPatrickdk: yes and we tested it, at least someone on ##php and that worked18:11
YamakasYso I wonder what goes wrong, or what I can check on apache18:11
Patrickdkcheck apache?18:11
Patrickdkyou said you got a 503 when installing fpm18:12
Patrickdkso what is going on with apt-get?18:12
Patrickdkhow exactly is apt-get failing?18:12
Patrickdkit is normally very verbose18:12
YamakasYPatrickdk: huh what has apt-get to do with it ?18:13
YamakasYmy webbrowser says 503 on it :)18:14
Patrickdkdunno about your webbrowser18:14
Patrickdkyou said you got a 503 on your fpm install18:14
Patrickdkso what is wrong with the install?18:14
PatrickdkI guess your not talking about the install at all18:14
Patrickdkbut in your php/apache config?18:14
Patrickdkin that case, well, consult whatever php application your attempting to use18:15
grendal_primehey DonRichie pretty sure the entire issue was with the client and that dns-localdomain setting18:56
grendal_primei have a really great app for managing that entire process now that we know what needs to be dont...very slick server side application and web interface18:57
frainHello. I have just installed ubuntu server and faced and problem19:24
frain with Foregin keyboard layout , can't fix my configs with VI or anything :\19:24
frainHow does one install new layout?19:24
Patrickdkdefine, layout19:25
Patrickdkoh, keyboard19:25
Patrickdkit asks you that at install time19:25
Patrickdkvm still has an installer19:25
Patrickdkunless you mean some kind of vms19:25
frainVM that automaticly installs os19:26
frainno user install19:26
frainThanks a bunch man19:27
OverandSo, I'm trying to figure something out.  (I'm looking at this on a 12.04 machine by the way) - is the linux-image-virtual kernel actually any different from the standard one?  I'm comparing a 3.2.0 kernel on my 12.04 machine with a 3.17 standard kernel on my (different distro) workstation, and the "virtual" 3.2 kernel is actually significantly larger19:38
Overandbased on a *very* brief overview of the kernel config, it doesn't look like there's actually any real difference in terms of what support is enabled.19:39
Overandugh, WOW.  there's almost no difference at all in the kernel config.  http://sprunge.us/RaAT?diff19:48
Patrickdkthere is a huge difference19:48
Patrickdkthey are the same exact kernel19:48
Patrickdkexcept the virtual one, doesn't pull in all the extra kernel modules19:49
Overanddifferent scheduler, different number of max CPUs, a couple other things19:49
Overandhm.  how so?19:49
grendal_primethere is considerably less needed for the virtual kernels19:49
Overandthe config file is basically identical, folks19:49
Patrickdkno ocfs module, I forget what else19:49
Overandtake a look at that diff i shared19:49
Patrickdkwho said the difference had ANYTHING to do with the kernel config file?19:49
Overandthat's the config of a -generic vs a -virtual19:49
Overand... then I'm confused.19:50
grendal_primebecause the hardware options are much less for the virtual ones.  remember one of the biggest things about virtualization is that the hardware appears to be the same no matter what arichtecture you are working on.19:50
Patrickdkwho said that -generic vs -virtual where compiled from different kernels?19:50
OverandFolks, I understand what virtualization is.19:50
OverandAnd I understand the idea of having less stuff.19:50
grendal_primeyou dont need a tone of different network card information to be in the kernel19:50
OverandWhat I'm *not* understanding is where that difference is, if the kernel config files are almost identical19:51
OverandThere's no difference in what's compiled as a module or installed or what - unless that's NOT happening in the kernel config19:51
PatrickdkOverand, again, what does the kernel config file have to do with anything?19:51
Patrickdkwhat does the kernel config file have to do with package management?19:51
OverandPatrickdk: Like I said - maybe I'm missing something, but my understanding is that the config file is what defines what modules get compuiled etc19:51
PatrickdkOverand, it is19:51
OverandOk, what does package management have to do with anything?19:51
Patrickdkbut that has nothing to do with the -generic and -virtual packages19:52
Patrickdkthe modules are compiled19:52
Patrickdkbut they are not *included* into the package19:52
Patrickdkyou can add them if you want, or need them19:52
Patrickdkbut by default, they are not installed19:53
Patrickdkwhere with -generic, they are19:53
Overandalright, that makes more sense19:53
Patrickdkthat is why the kernel made modules to start with19:53
OverandI understand the idea of modules, I just hadn't considered that the primary difference between the virtual kernel and the generic one is the schedulers used and the inclusion of modules in the main package19:54
Patrickdkthe size difference is all cause of the modules not installed by default19:55
OverandI understand that.19:56
OverandI'd just figured there'd be a bit less stuff compiled into the kernel itself - both are 4.8 MB19:56
OverandA lot of stuff I wouldn't expect, like CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_LCD_SUPPORT=y CONFIG_DRM_NOUVEAU_DEBUG=y - but that's likely just my lack of kernel internals understanding.19:58
OverandI think I've probably literally reconfigured & compiled a 2.6 line kernel maybe 3 or 4 times, total.19:58
AnnoyedSeems to be some confusing things about server configuration. For example, ddclient. Installed ok, but it seems that you aren't supposed to directly edit config files, such as /etc/ddclient.conf ??19:59
Patrickdkwell, nouveau won't matter in a vm, cause nouveau won't be used19:59
OverandI guess this all comes down to me wondering why the boot times seem so diffrent now than in the first JeOS releases I used (which may well have been 8.04?)  And it's likely not all that much kernel-related.20:00
Patrickdkunless you passthough a video card, but then you probably want it then20:00
Patrickdkhow is it different?20:00
OverandOne thing I've never been quite clear on re: the kernel is actually how much impact having device support compiled in has on ANYTHING if the device isn't present.20:00
Patrickdk12.04 uses upstart, instead of sysv in 8.0420:00
Overand(minus the increased security attack surface, kernel file size, etc)20:01
Patrickdkthat depends on the module20:01
Patrickdkthe module might be 100% outside the kernel, or 90%, or like 50%20:02
Overandwell, i may not have been clear.20:02
OverandLet's say I went through that virtual kernel config, and took out *everything* compiled in or set up as a module that isn't relevant to - say - running on KVM with virtio devices.20:03
AnnoyedI am used to editing config files  by hand.  Is this going to be a problem with Ubuntu server ?20:03
OverandHow much impact would that *actually* have on stuff like boot time?  (or even performance)20:03
OverandAnnoyed: not in my experience.  I edit plenty of stuff by hand.20:03
Patrickdkyou can edit anything you want20:04
Patrickdkthe problem is when you upgrade/update :)20:04
OverandAnnoyed: there are *some* things that y ou don't want to edit by hand even in most distros, if the config files are generated by something.  Like on Arch, which is EXTREMELY "do it yourself," you don't want to edit grub config by hand, generally, because there's a whoel grub detection thing most people use20:04
Overandbut i don't recall anything of the sort on Ubuntu other than exim config if you set it up that way, and maybe grub20:04
Patrickdkoverand, if your thinking the modules are affecting boot time, your off the mark20:04
Patrickdknormally what affects 95% of your boot time, is starting up all the init scripts20:05
OverandPatrickdk: modules i'd not expect as much.  compiled-in stuff i'm not sure about but yeah20:05
Patrickdkthis is why upstart was made, and why systemd was created20:05
Overandit doesm ake sense that everything's scripts20:05
OverandOne thing I like about systemd is that it's got the "bootchart" functionality built in20:05
Overandthat's SO nice20:05
Patrickdklast I looked, systemd was still a collection of scripts20:05
Patrickdkatleast for startup scripts20:05
Patrickdkin my little usage of rhel720:06
AnnoyedThat's what I'm concerned with. For example, ddclient. will debconf (or something else) change /etc/ddclient.conf  if I set it up manually?20:06
Overand" systemd-analyze" etc20:06
OverandAnnoyed: i cannot imagine why debconf would upadte it and not ask you20:07
OverandCan you provide context for "it seems you're not supposed to edit it directly?"20:07
PatrickdkI don't see anything that says don't edit it20:08
Patrickdkit only says, THIS IS AN EXAMPLE FILE20:08
AnnoyedWell, for example. ddclient. the top of the file says "Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf"20:08
Patrickdkmine doesn't say that20:08
Annoyedfile is /etc/ddclient.conf20:09
Overandwhen you installed, did you get a whole debconf prompt?20:09
AnnoyedNo, used a GUI installer. The apt-get system seems very difficult to use from command line..20:10
Patrickdkapt-get install ddclient20:10
Patrickdkseems much more simpler than gui :)20:10
OverandAnnoyed: Is there a good reason for you to be using a GUI on your server?20:10
Overandanyway - https://wiki.debian.org/debconf20:10
AnnoyedOverand : Yes, it seems that command line is crazy convoluted for some things.. For example, many packages have numerous optional components. No idea how you select options using command-line apt-get20:12
* RoyK doesn't like systemd20:12
AnnoyedSo I chose to install a bare bones GUI to get some of the GUI tools, such as software center20:13
Patrickdkyou just install the optional components20:14
AnnoyedAnd how do you know what they are?20:14
Patrickdknormally when you install the main package, it says, suggested install, xxxx20:14
Patrickdksearch for them?20:14
Patrickdkapt-cache search xxxx20:14
Patrickdkapt-cache show yyyy (of the main package)20:14
AnnoyedHmmm... didn't have much luck  with that earlier20:16
AnnoyedBut I've got that part solved with the GUI, which is not running all the time anyway.20:17
OverandAnnoyed: if you want a 'gui' maybe use 'aptitude'20:19
Overandsoftware-center seems insane, to me, to use on a server20:19
Overandat least use synaptic, maybe?  (is that included, still?20:19
AnnoyedAnd how do you go about controlling services? what runs at startup, what doesn't.  It seems to be running more than one way to control this. something called upstart...., as well as the older rc-update style20:20
Overandaptitude is a CLI 'gui'20:20
AnnoyedYeah, I tried  Aptitude, some success with that.20:20
Overandhttps://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+server+control+startup+services result 3 is https://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+server+control+startup+services which suggests 'bum' or 'rconf' but i'v never used either20:21
AnnoyedHmmm.. that looks interesting.   So the old update-rc.d  is out the window?20:24
OverandTBH I have no idea, I haven't had to enable or disable anything on my few 14.04 machines20:26
AnnoyedOne other silly question for now, anyway... It's not referring to network interfaces by the usual eth(x) terms... it calls my uplink interface " p2p1" for example.20:28
AnnoyedCan I use that name whereever I would  normally have used eth0 for example?20:29
Patrickdkthat name is what the nic calls itself20:30
tewardor rather, what the system calls the nick20:31
AnnoyedWhat is the point of making changes like this? Why not just call it eth(x) ? seems to be unneeded complexity20:31
OverandAnnoyed: Yeah.  That's been a long time coming - it's "predictable, reliable nic names"20:31
OverandAnnoyed: eth0 is great if you only ever have one NIC20:31
Patrickdketh has worked fine for me, with 12+ nics20:31
Patrickdkthis new nic naming has caused me nothing but problems20:31
Overandeth0 is terrible if you have multiple NICs and your boot performance changes a tiny bit and a different NIC gets eth0 vs eth1 each time20:31
Patrickdkdue to the renaming not working, due to conflicts20:31
AnnoyedIt's got 3... but i've always been able to tell 'em apart.20:31
Patrickdkthen I end up with nics randmoly called renamex20:32
Overanddoes ubuntu use the same nic naming stuff as arch?20:32
Patrickdkudev is the reliable way to name them20:32
Overandand udev is fine20:32
Patrickdkif you don't like it, uninstall that biosdevname package20:32
OverandIf anyone wants to read about it in SystemD:  http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/20:33
Patrickdkdon't want to read anything about systemd20:33
Overand(I have no diea if 14.04 is on systemd - i didn't think it was)20:33
OverandPatrickdk: heh - I feel you on that.20:33
Patrickdk14.04 plays with systemd, but doesn't really use it20:33
OverandThough the justification for predictable nic names is worthwhile20:33
maswanI found that the new names were less stable than the old ones20:33
Overandi've had no issues with it on arch w/systemd, haven't tried it on ubuntu20:34
Overandand i've got a weird mix of nics, PCI, PCIe, onboard, addon, etc20:34
maswanI hope this will be better in future LTSen than 14.0420:34
Patrickdkhow *much* of systemd does arch use?20:34
PatrickdkI have noticed systemd has been recreating every single cve that other programs have solved for years, all over again20:35
OverandPatrickdk: Yeah.  SystemD is...20:35
Patrickdkin it's attempt to, merge everything20:35
Overandwell, let's just say it's contentious20:35
Overandand obviously there are some implementation problems20:35
AnnoyedHmmm... I don't have any more  time to play with this now... but I think the  devs could learn a thing for Star Trek's "Scotty"... The more you overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.20:35
Overandi'm not sure that the problems it's solving are worth the hassle20:35
OverandAnnoyed: Honestly, I'm fine with the way persistent nic naming has been handled on my (non-ubuntu) systems.  I think it's great.20:36
OverandI think anyone using /dev/sda / eth0 type naming on a system that might ever have more than one nic or disk is insane20:36
Patrickdkhow so?20:37
Patrickdkthis is what udev is for20:37
Patrickdkwhen the system find a nic, it consults udev to name it20:37
Patrickdkand udev gives it a name20:37
AnnoyedI'm fine with the old way.. hell, the disk formatting utility  thought the first drive in the system was sdb, for example. Scared the shiznit out me when I spotted that20:37
Patrickdkno conflicts, no issues, it just works20:37
AnnoyedAnyway, thanks for the info.20:38
Patrickdknow, if you replace a nic, then you just update your udev with the new mac, and it's all good again20:38
Patrickdkwith this new naming20:38
Patrickdkwho knows what it will be called20:38
Patrickdkand I don't want to change it in 20+ different config files20:38
OverandPatrickdk: that does work 'fine'20:39
OverandBut it's also more work, in some ways20:39
Patrickdkhow is it more work?20:39
Overandtracking - and even touching - udev.  at all, ever20:39
Patrickdkubuntu adds new persistant entries to udev for each nic, since, well, as long as I can remember20:39
Patrickdkyou only have to edit 1 single file :)20:39
Patrickdkin /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistant-net20:39
Overandso i suppose you could always just repoint stuff to 'eth7' when you replace your primary nic etc etc20:40
Overandyes, i'm familiar with it20:40
Overandlet me rephrase:20:40
OverandI think anyone using /dev/sda / eth0 type naming on a system that might ever have more than one nic or disk is insane, *if they're not using and familiar with udev*20:40
OverandI suppose the idea of systemd/nic naming/etc stuff is to 'hide' udev20:40
AnnoyedHave a good afternoon20:40
YamakasYmore people having issues with php-fpm on 14.04 ?21:05
* Patrickdk is having no issues21:08
tewardYamakasY: no issues here21:09
tewardexcept when i screw up my chmod commands :P21:09
YamakasYmhh I'm having 503's and some strange  AH01075: Error dispatching request to :21:16
YamakasYteward: you connect on IP or socket ?21:17
tewardYamakasY: depends on the server, on my 12.04 one, both, 14.04 and later, socket only since that patch that made php5-fpm socket-listen by default in Debian with 5.4 i think it was was mine21:20
teward(I have multiple 12.04 servers ;P)21:20
YamakasYyeah I'm on 14.04 so I use IP21:21
YamakasYand socket seems to have some performance issues ?21:21
tewardYamakasY: haven't seen any performance issues comparatively21:21
YamakasYteward: I have read about them21:21
YamakasYbu ok21:21
tewardYamakasY: read, or witnessed?21:21
YamakasYteward: yeah there were some tests with it21:21
tewardi said *witnessed* as in witnessed it yourself :P21:22
YamakasYteward: nope but I din't want to go the wrong path :)21:22
YamakasYbut I wonder wht I cannot telnet my local port 900021:23
tewardbecause telnet is evil21:23
tewardnot sure why you'd be telnetting to php though21:23
YamakasYno to see of the port responds21:23
YamakasYteward: but ok, this was the idea, but I get these errors :S21:26
tewardYamakasY: in telnet?21:26
YamakasYteward: no to see why it doesn't connect to my listening IP21:31
YamakasYdebugging already all day21:31
jerrcsnetstat -tunap | grep :8021:31
YamakasYno 9000 :)21:31
tewardYamakasY: netstat -tunap | grep :900021:31
teward^ maybe that?21:31
jerrcsyou weren't specific enough.21:31
YamakasYteward: yes it listens21:32
jerrcsyou said it wasn't connecting to your listening IP21:32
tewardjerrcs: for PHP21:32
teward(scroll up)21:32
jerrcsI did21:32
jerrcsIn that case, he needs to be more specific that he cannot conect to his php-fpm socket.21:32
YamakasYI have it listen on 9000 on localhost21:32
jerrcsah ok21:33
tewardYamakasY: what's returning the 503s?21:33
YamakasYand when I access a page I get a 503 and:21:34
YamakasY[Sun Dec 28 21:48:42.928672 2014] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 4924] [client] AH01067: Failed to read FastCGI header21:34
YamakasY[Sun Dec 28 21:48:42.928757 2014] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 4924] (104)Connection reset by peer: [client] AH01075: Error dispatching request to :21:34
tewarddoesn't answer what's actually returning the 503s21:34
YamakasYapache I guess ?21:34
Patrickdkthat says port 9000 is working fine21:35
Patrickdkbut that your not TALKING fcgi21:35
jerrcsmaybe this is a dumb question, but are your PHP scripts working just fine? as in, using php-cli (php index.php)21:36
YamakasYthey were, will check a simple one21:36
jerrcsthe other thing I could think of that causes me grief sometimes, is the open tags. sometimes php-fpm reads a different php.ini than the CLI version of PHP.21:37
YamakasYyap parses well21:37
jerrcsok just checking21:37
YamakasYalways good21:38
jerrcscan php-fpm give you any logs/debug info?21:38
YamakasYjerrcs: what I just pasted21:38
jerrcsthat's apache.21:38
jerrcsphp-fpm.log, or something like that.21:38
YamakasYoh dan indeed21:38
YamakasYjerrcs: the test performs well on start it says21:40
jerrcshmm, it's been awhile since I used php-fpm, but I believe you can increase the verbosity of the log files to perhaps show you php errors or failures in php-fpm21:41
YamakasYmhh testing out21:45
YamakasYnope nothing and strace didn't gave me anything21:46
YamakasYjerrcs: mhh what shall I try21:55
jerrcsi'm not sure, sorry21:56
YamakasYme neither21:56
jerrcsthe only thing I could think of is maybe asking in a more specific channel, if they have any PHP or PHP-FPM channels.21:58
YamakasYyes we did debug on ##php but same issue we cannot find it21:59
YamakasYfpm seems to be a pain following the guys there21:59
YamakasYPatrickdk: you any clue ?22:11
Patrickdkwithout any info or context? no22:13
YamakasYPatrickdk: I have you the tut earlier, just using those settings and getting what I showed here22:13
Patrickdkposting a tutorial to me does not help22:14
PatrickdkI cannot see the logs you have22:14
PatrickdkI can not see if you FOLLOWED the tutorial correctly22:14
Patrickdkand I can not see if there is anything else going on, outside of the scope of the tutorial22:14
PatrickdkI am clearly not going assume you did everything the way the tutorial says to do it, and setup your system the exact same way22:14
Patrickdkcause if that was the case, there wouldn't be any problems22:15
Patrickdkand if that was the case, there would only be 1 tutorial existing to setup php, not millions22:15
YamakasYPatrickdk: that tut works, we tested it on ##php, I pasted the logs here, I don't have anything else, I cannot provide you what I don't have22:16
YamakasYPatrickdk: you say it cannot connect to fastcgi... so we should debug that I hies22:17
PatrickdkI never said that22:17
PatrickdkI said it clearly can connect22:18
YamakasYok, it does not talk cgi, so22:19
YamakasYhow to check why it doesn't ?22:19
Patrickdkyour config?22:20
PatrickdkI can't see it22:20
Patrickdkand as the other guy said22:20
Patrickdkcheck your logs22:20
Patrickdkon both sides22:20
Patrickdkapache and php22:20
YamakasYyes I di and pasted what I have... but modules are loaded, so I want to test them in some way22:20
Patrickdkyou posted them?22:21
PatrickdkI saw two log lines from apache22:21
Patrickdknothing from php22:21
Patrickdkand no configs22:21
YamakasYno PHP doesn;t log a thing22:21
Patrickdkit does22:21
YamakasYonly on startup that the test is OK22:21
YamakasYno it doesn't22:21
Patrickdkthen you have php configured wrong22:22
jerrcsPHP logs as well as PHP-FPM. They both need to be logged.22:22
Patrickdkor, the request is never making it to php at all22:22
YamakasYPatrickdk: that is what I tjink22:22
Patrickdkin that case, heh, something else is blocking it or is on port 900022:22
YamakasYyes, I have seen people running on other ports because of that22:23
Patrickdkthis is what configs help to confirm22:24
Patrickdkbut no configs posted22:24
YamakasYyes I know but I need to consolidate them, I don't use small configs and have comments in it22:24
PatrickdkI will not sit here and attempt to guess at the issues you have22:24
PatrickdkI will find the issue, if info is supplied22:25
Patrickdkwe could easily spend weeks debugging this at this rate22:25
YamakasYyeah yea I know... but I hope you are sitting :D22:25
YamakasYPatrickdk: it's working!23:09
YamakasYI need to reviews my config again23:09
YamakasYoh yes :D23:11
CrellOK, the saga continues.  I am now trying to install 14.04 server on a single hard drive, no RAID or anything.  The partitioning step in the installer however is failing with an error that /dev/sda1 "is apparently in use by the system", and so it won't create a partition there.23:27
CrellWhy would that be?  The drive was formerly part of a RAID setup but I'm installing from a USB key and telling it to blast the drive entirely and repartition.23:27
YamakasYPatrickdk: it fails on dynamic23:28
YamakasYpm = dynamic23:28
Patrickdkwell, that is clearly a php config issue23:29
YamakasYPatrickdk: you mean real php, so no fpm ?23:32
Crellfpm is real PHP. :-)23:37
YamakasYheh I ment php.ini or so, so no php-fpm config23:40
Patrickdkwell, where is pm=dynamic23:42
YamakasYPatrickdk: oh wrong! on socket it works23:47

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