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mapphi all04:13
mappwhats up dude04:42
mjayknot alot04:44
mjaykcant sleep so I ate a pizza04:44
mappgonna watch major crimes s1e1 then bed04:45
mappdaftykins, ? zmoylan-1i /?>04:45
mappthey passed out already?:D04:45
mjaykyea im going to retry this sleep thing04:45
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bashrcgood moaning10:04
* zmoylan-pi has just started watching allo allo since one of the writers died10:05
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:37
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penguin42ho ho14:37
SuperEngineerwho you calling a ho?!14:46
SuperEngineernot Sanity Claus I hope14:46
SuperEngineerhmmm... what to put in with the mots & parsnips mash [ready for bubble squeak]...14:54
penguin42 'mots'?14:55
SuperEngineerleft over single cream or left over double cream... quandry not solvable by programing :)14:55
penguin42seems a waste of double cream14:55
* SuperEngineer slaps mispelling wrist14:55
* penguin42 wondered if it was some curious local term14:56
SuperEngineeryeah... but... you know,  mmmmmmmmm, yummie!14:56
SuperEngineermashed mots - dangerous if you translate14:57
SuperEngineer[mot = ....]14:57
bujjiI am unble turn on the wifi in ubuntu 13.0414:58
bujjisorry bluetooth <->wifi14:59
popeybujji:  sudo rfkill list14:59
popeydoes it list the bluetooth device as "Soft Blocked"?15:00
bujjisoft blocked no15:00
popeyno idea then.15:01
bujjipopey: softblockd:no  ,hard blocked no15:02
penguin42bujji: first of all, you're on 13.04 - OLD!  secondly; when you say can't turn it on, what happens?15:02
bujjipopey:i had inbuilt bluetooth,but i am not able to on gui aswell15:03
popeyas penguin42 suggests, 13.04 is somewhat out of date. you may want to consider upgrading from your insecure and unsupported version of ubuntu.15:04
SuperEngineer[just a thought...] perhaps the bluetooth device is the problem?15:04
bujjipopey:how can i upgrade to 14 version15:05
lubotu3For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade15:05
popeyfollow that guide15:05
bujjipopey:is that no luck to switch on the Bluetooth in ubutu13.04 manually.15:15
popeyI don't know.15:16
popeyhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/286834/bluetooth-not-working-in-ubuntu-13-04 maybe?15:17
popeybut I don't know.15:17
* popey trundles off to play OpenSpades15:17
bujjipopey:Err http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ raring/universe blueman i386 1.23-0ubuntu4   404  Not Found [IP: 80] Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/b/blueman/blueman_1.23-0ubuntu4_i386.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]15:21
SuperEngineerq/ what the heck is the switch is rsync to stop it skipping "non-regular" files?15:22
SuperEngineerall help gratefully recieved15:22
bujjisuperengineer:are you talking about nfs mount15:23
SuperEngineerbujji, I honestly don't the answer the that - why would that be relevant? - for info, I'm trying to [fully] rsync the .local/steamapps folder15:24
penguin42SuperEngineer: -a15:25
SuperEngineer-a ?  - that simple! ... penguin42 - you hero!15:26
penguin42SuperEngineer: a for archive I think, or possibly all15:26
SuperEngineernow I know what to search for - Tech Info site states "a = archive - means it preserves permissions (owners, groups), times, symbolic links, and devices.£15:30
SuperEngineerI'd say that a 1000 times - but that might hog the channel!15:31
* penguin42 wonders what language the word 'wat' means 'what'16:11
brobostigonraiders, bbc2, :)16:12
ChunkzZif anyone needs a Nexus 7 2013 case, screen protector and stylus. get down to PC world. £1.99, bargain! reduced from £30. :)16:14
SuperEngineerChunkzZ, wat!?  ;0 [couldn't resist - sorry]16:17
popeypenguin42: seen https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat ?16:21
SuperEngineeraw - now that's just cruel!16:21
penguin42popey: It's just that Google offered to translate your post16:22
penguin42haha yes I think I have seen that :-)16:23
SuperEngineeryo ho yo! this morning I took work's laptop out of rucksack with full intention of catching up on unread emails - well if they can't be bothered to turn on the server... I can't be bothered to read the mails already downloaded ;)16:31
SuperEngineer#fairswap !  ;)16:31
ChunkzZlmao SuperEngineer16:33
SuperEngineertime for me to disappear - one last time-off task to do... shutdown, bleachbit & backup the whole main drive.16:51
popeyI mean o/16:51
zmoylan-pifingers crossed16:51
popeynot saying "hurray, you're leaving"16:51
popeymore "cheerio"16:51
SuperEngineeryeh .. o/ as well ;)16:51
zmoylan-pi2 raised arms is international sign of distress... :-)16:51
penguin42is it just VM having problems with Google or is it google having a problem with Google?18:45
penguin42working again18:52
daftykinsi don't miss VM's ongoing seeming lack of competence18:53
penguin42daftykins: True, but it's normally fast incompetence18:54
daftykinsmade me chuckle the other day thinking that we got the 10Mb service from VM back in ~2007 when i moved into my own place in Portsmouth, for Uni18:55
daftykinsi was all "wow i used to network at this speed... over coax"18:56
* penguin42 takes daftykins' terminator18:56
zmoylan-pidid someone type google into google?! :-)19:07
brobostigondoes anyone know of an android app, that is compatible with android tap to pay, nfc contactless paymnet system.?20:48
ali12341what do you mean?20:51
ali12341isn't the answer to that question "google wallet"?20:52
brobostigonwhich isnt available in the uk.20:52
brobostigononly the US20:52
foobarrystill have to take the bins out tonight :(20:52
ali12341well, maybe your ban has an app?20:54
brobostigonyes, but not supporting said function.20:54
ali12341can you not just use your card?20:54
MartijnVdSthere's an app from an Australian bank.. but you'll need an account with them20:55
ali12341i think barclays has one20:56
MartijnVdSGoogle should just enable Wallet worldwide20:56
brobostigonyes ali12341, however i am just wondering if it can be done or not, and the programs are avaialbe to do it, after i have done my own research most of the afternoon.20:56
brobostigonagreed MartijnVdS20:56
Azelphurali12341, hi, Google wallet questions20:57
Azelphurah, brobostigon nothing exists to my knowledge20:57
Azelphurapart from barclays+o2+galaxy s320:57
Azelphuryou can do google wallet, but you'll need a US google account along with a US card.20:58
Azelphurand thus be charged international fees20:58
brobostigonexactly, thats what my research concluded in also.20:58
Azelphurthere's also a fork of Android out there that'll let you replay attack your own credit card20:58
Azelphurwhich is pretty funny20:58
Azelphurso yea, nothing too amazing basically, sit around and wait was the conclusion I came to20:59
brobostigonoh well.20:59
foobarryfreegle site is asful21:04
foobarrycan't set up searches or do much at all21:04
foobarryhard to even search/browse21:05

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