nhainesianorlin: welcome back!04:36
ianorlinsorry just didn't join the channel04:36
ianorlinbut I was afk since like before 3 pm04:37
nhainesI'll let it slide this time.04:37
ianorlinhmm topic needs updating04:38
ianorlinas to when the next meeting is04:38
rwwianorlin: thanks for the reminder :)05:27
=== rww changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-ca to: Welcome to the Ubuntu California Local Community (LoCo) Team! | Website: http://ubuntu-california.org (has links to mailing list, forum, and more!) | Next Meeting: January 11th at 7:00pm PT | This channel is publicly logged at irclogs.ubuntu.com | We have an unlogged channel at #ubuntu-us-ca-offtopic | Go vote! (Polls close on 2015-01-01, check your email for ballot)
* ianorlin wonders if people will think wierd of ps/2 keybord for a demo computer at Scale17:13
MichaelPaoliBerkeley Linux Users Group - noon to 3 @ Bobby G's http://www.berkeleylug.com/?page_id=6719:54
darthrobotTitle: [Berkeley Linux Users Group ยป Meetings]19:54

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