theblazehen_bushtech: I thought you had just joined, but you joined an hour ago at the time05:10
Kilosmorning nlsthzn and others06:32
Kilosoh gremble bushtech Squirm theblazehen_ bmg505 inetpro as well too06:35
Kiloslurkers can greet me for their greeting06:35
theblazehen_Hi Kilos 06:35
gremblehey Kilos 06:36
bushtechja more Kilos06:37
Kilosgrumbles  look what i found. i dont understand most of it but will keep reading06:48
Kilosgrumbles = gremble 06:49
Kilosadd grumbles to your group so you get alerts for him too06:50
* Kilos hides06:50
Kilostheblazehen_: look man06:51
grembleKilos: I know that there are a couple of porting libraries to help with the process, but I don't know if it is worth it to use them if I am unsure of what they do06:53
gremblehttps://docs.python.org/3/library/2to3.html This is the better one to use06:55
Kiloslemme see06:56
Kilosoh my07:04
theblazehen_Kilos: I had a quick look..07:54
theblazehen_gremble: yeah, I used that before07:54
inetprogood afternoon10:29
inetproKilos: as far as I could see ibid stuff is already outdated even in python 2.710:30
inetproibid needs a bit of love to get going again10:31
Kilosyessir inetpro thats  why we have to convert the 2.7 to 310:31
inetproKilos: with outdated I mean, it's broken already10:32
Kilosor port it or whatever its called10:32
Kilosno man it worked fine on 12.04 with 2.710:33
inetprobut with 14.04 it's no longer working by default10:33
Kilosthats right because 14.04 has 3.4 as default10:34
Kilosremember with nikola10:34
inetprono, but even if you install 2.7 it's broken10:34
Kilosyes i tried that too10:35
inetproforget nikola, has nothing in common10:35
inetprowell, almost10:35
Kilosman thats where we needed 3.410:35
Kilosi dont know enough to do that porting thing10:36
Kiloswill those commands sort the whole thing or must it be done bit by bit10:37
Kilosi dont have the source so have no idea what it looks like even10:38
inetproit's not that simple10:39
Kilosya i should have just said10:39
Kilosinetpro: fix it10:39
Kilosits very sad actually because the new ones will braai and other stuffs as well10:41
inetproproblems start with and old SQLAlchemy 10:42
grembleThat is where I wanted to continue the conversation before I went to sleep again10:42
inetproor rather SQLAlchemy that has been updated long ago in the new version of Ubuntu10:42
inetprogremble: have you tried building it with mysql?10:43
grembleNope. :/10:45
grembleibid as a whole is released under the gpl license, but all the source that I have looked at so far is MIT 11:19
Kilosask the weed to give pointers11:23
Kilostumbleweed: morning ^^11:23
grembleC already gives me a lot of pointers11:25
Kilosi dunno what C is11:28
grembleIt is a programming language. The one in which the Linux kernel is written.11:29
grembleIt has low level memory access using constructs called pointers11:29
Kilosnow im more confused even11:32
Kilosibid is written in python so where does C figure11:32
grembleI was making an attempt at humour11:32
Kilosoh ok hehe11:33
Kilosinetpro: ^^11:48
inetpronee man11:49
inetprothe problem is not just with python, how many times do we have to tell you this Kilos?11:51
Kiloswhat else broke11:52
tumbleweedgremble was right11:53
inetprowell I guess theoretically it could still be python libraries or modules11:54
* inetpro just tried building ibid on Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS11:55
inetprofails even there11:55
tumbleweedwhat fails?11:55
Kilosi have it working on my pc-repair stick on 12.0411:55
inetproTypeError: Invalid argument(s) 'assert_unicode' sent to create_engine(), using configuration SQLiteDialect_pysqlite/SingletonThreadPool/Engine.  Please check that the keyword arguments are appropriate for this combination of components.11:56
tumbleweedah, more sqlalechmy compatibility trouble11:56
Kiloswb gremble 11:57
inetprotrouble starts with:  Downloading https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/S/SQLAlchemy/SQLAlchemy-0.9.8.tar.gz#md5=470ca4da4a0081efc830f0d90dd9168211:57
tumbleweedgremble: you are right about licensing. It's MIT, but we're prepared to distribute GPL modules11:57
tumbleweedgremble: we probably thought too much about licensing, up front11:57
tumbleweedinetpro: 0.8 certainly used to work11:57
inetproSearching for SQLAlchemy>=0.611:59
inetproReading http://pypi.python.org/simple/SQLAlchemy/11:59
inetproBest match: SQLAlchemy 0.9.811:59
grembleDeciding what to do with your life is hard D:12:00
Kilosgremble: what do you want to do? whats the choices12:04
grembleI could become a peach farmer or a dog trainer or a low level systems designer or a professional xylophone musician. I don't think the set of choices is finite12:06
grembleLet's call it transfinite. Larger than finite but not quite infinite12:07
gremble(So I can become a set theorist too)12:08
inetprotumbleweed, gremble: instructions I used for the build environment: http://slexy.org/view/s20NaoiiQ712:08
grembleDid it work/12:08
grembleYes, I just read the part where you wrote that it didn't work12:09
inetprobut maybe you can help figuring out how to make it work12:09
Kilosinetpro: you have something wrong there12:09
Kilosit should work fine in 1.04 and 12.0412:09
Kilosi ran it on both of them remember12:10
inetproKilos: you installed from PPA12:11
Kilosno i installed from a daily build package12:11
Kilosi can give you the package12:12
Kilosmight take some searching12:12
grembleKilos: We don't want that package12:12
grembleWe need to make this one work12:12
inetproexactly, thanks gremble12:12
grembleKilos: You're the one that want new toys now you just want to give us the old one? :P12:13
Kiloslol no man i want any working ibid that can braai as well12:14
Kilosmaybe there is an error where you are getting the package from12:14
grembleThe error is that it is so old12:15
gremblethat it cannot work with the new versions of the programs that come with it12:15
grembleSo there is no use to try and fix it using old versions of the other parts12:15
Kilosoh my12:15
grembleWe need to upgrade the parts as well12:15
Kilosok i understand now12:15
Kilosill sit here and chear you go12:16
grembleGood. I was trying to make a tractor analogy and realised I don't know much about fixing tractors :P12:16
Kiloslol i can fix them12:16
inetprothe old parts are out of stock, so to speak12:16
Kilosdoes that mean rewriting the whole thing?12:17
inetproguess we could force an install of the older SQLAlchemy but I don't know how12:17
grembleKilos: no, we just have to change it so that it can work with the new parts12:18
grembleinetpro: you may have to compile an older version of SQAlchemy inside the venv and run it with that12:19
inetprogremble: yes, but how?12:19
Kilosthose are my words12:21
inetprogremble: if I can do that and just get the bot running again then maybe we can figure what changed to break it12:22
Kilosons kry darem reen hierdie jaar12:22
inetproKilos: how much?12:22
Kilos8 yesterday  and 11 the day before12:23
grembleinetpro: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5226311/installing-specific-package-versions-with-pip12:23
grembleThat is mysql specific, but I am sure you can extrapolate the needed information from there12:24
tumbleweedinetpro: change that sqlalechmy requirement to say <0.9, too12:27
inetprotumbleweed: where do I change that?12:27
inetproI just uninstalled SQLAlchemy with 'pip uninstall SQLAlchemy' and installed as follows 'pip install SQLAlchemy==0.8' and still get the same error when running ibid-setup12:29
tumbleweedtry 0.7? sorry it's been a while12:30
gremblePick one that was recent 4 years ago12:31
tumbleweedI remember adding 0.6 support, it was really painful12:34
tumbleweedand left bad memories12:34
inetprohmm... I think that does the trick, but now I'm struggling with something else12:35
grembleSo am I going to have bad memories now? :P12:35
inetproDEBUG core.dispatcher: Received event from freenode source12:35
inetproDEBUG core.dispatcher: {'status': u'disconnected', 'responses': [], 'source': u'freenode', 'processed': False, 'time': datetime.datetime(2014, 12, 28, 12, 34, 14, 852778), 'type': u'source', 'sender': {}}12:35
tumbleweedgremble: only if you dive into the sqlalchemy mess12:36
tumbleweedwe put our tentacles too deeply into it12:36
grembleI have my scuba gear on...12:36
grembleCan you elaborate? :P12:37
tumbleweedwe used sqlalchemy as an abstraction over all 3 DBMSs that we support12:41
tumbleweedhowever, we wanted some features that sqlalchemy didn't provide abstractions for12:41
tumbleweedsuch as case insensitive indexes12:41
tumbleweedand the way that you hook into sqlalchemy to do this has changed a few times over the years12:42
tumbleweedalthough the rest of their API hasn't changed that much12:42
grembleTheir upcoming release is only 1.0 so it is perhaps expected. 12:43
grembleI have no idea what I am doing. But lets dive in and see12:44
grembleOh that is beautiful12:48
Kilosworking inetpro ?12:49
inetpronot quite12:49
Kiloskeep notes for domdonners12:50
gremblebeautiful soup breaks with python3.4 D:12:51
grembleOk, beautifulsoup is obsolete. The new one is beautifulsoup412:52
tumbleweedyes, use bs412:57
tumbleweedthe api is almost identical12:57
tumbleweedinetpro: all looks good to me12:58
tumbleweedexcept for connecting to IRC12:58
inetproahh, was the freenode port that gave me problems12:58
inetprohi hibana12:59
Kiloswb hibana long time no see12:59
inetprohmm... guess I can't chat back to it in the VM13:00
Kiloshibana: hi13:01
Kiloswhy you call bot hibana13:01
inetprotesting man13:01
Kiloshibana: coffee on13:01
* hibana washes some mugs13:01
inetprohibana: kick kilos13:01
hibanainetpro: What?13:01
Kiloshibana is my friened13:02
Kilosfriend too13:02
Kilosaw you killed him13:02
inetprook, killed it... it works13:02
Kilosok step by step instructions are of the order13:02
Kilosis this the bot that can braai?13:03
grembleI don't think so13:03
Kilosi was getting so excited13:04
inetproKilos: no13:05
Kiloswhy not?13:05
inetprobecause 13:05
grembleI haven't fixed that yet Kilos 13:05
Kilosinetpro: why on 10.04?13:06
Kilosis that what noddy is still on?13:06
inetprobecause I wanted to match the same version as when it was built originally just to make sure things work13:07
inetprooh and yes, that is what I have noddy on still13:07
inetprobut noddy was installed from PPA as well, which is different13:08
Kilosok now make it work on 14.0413:08
grembleHahaha if you run setup.py install it breaks very impressively13:08
inetpronow we just need to test with a newer version of Ubuntu, I think it should work13:08
inetpro$ virsh start us140413:10
inetproUbuntu Server 14.04 started13:11
inetprook, maybe I should first clone it before I mess up a clean install13:13
grembleIt is broken haha13:28
gremblesilc is borked, SOAPpy is borked and one of the libraries that feedparser uses is deprecated13:37
KilosMaaz: define borked13:38
MaazKilos: I don't know about borked. Maybe you meant Bored, Corked, Forked, Worked, Barked, Burked, Booked, bored, corked, forked, burked, booked, horked or borken?13:38
tumbleweedsuds is probably the way to go with soap, these days13:38
tumbleweedsilc is deprecated upstream, but we'll still keep support in ibid13:38
tumbleweedno need to port it to python 313:39
grembleLol suds is also python 2.6 13:40
Kilostumbleweed: is anyone still active on the #ibid channel?13:40
tumbleweedgremble: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/suds-jurko/0.613:43
grembleAh. I found the original one13:46
samkeloy'ello ppl14:22
gremble_Ok, so I don't think that I will become a developer.14:25
gremble_hello samkelo 14:25
samkeloHwzt @gremble?14:36
gremble_Not bad. you samkelo?14:37
samkelonot bad..... not bad....14:37
samkeloI think that the linux community is growing...I am quite impresed by ubuntu......14:38
gremble_Because it is impressive or just had lower expectations :P14:40
samkeloIt's impressive...14:41
samkeloI had been trying out linux since the release of  Ubuntu 9.x .... But UbuntuStudio 14.04 has blown me away...14:41
Kiloshi samkelo you happy?14:46
Kilosthese guys were working so hard i got tired and had to go have a nap14:46
Kilosinetpro: wen jy?14:48
samkeloNot very happy... I ran into trouble....I had already installed some libraries  while trying to compile the cinelerra from source... I think they are conflicitng with the cinelerra-cv package..... but I will c what I do with it14:48
Kilostry purging it first14:49
Kilossudo aptitude purge cinelerra-cv14:50
Kilosthen start again with the ppa14:50
samkelothanks bro14:51
Kilosalso look in home14:51
Kilostick view and then tick hidden14:51
Kiloslook for .cinnelara14:52
Kilosdelete it14:55
inetprohibana: wb15:04
hibanainetpro: Excuse me?15:04
Kiloshibana: coffee on15:04
Kiloshaha hy nog dom15:04
inetproKilos: hy werk op Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS15:04
Kiloswell done inetpro 15:04
inetprosorry... was in and out in between15:05
Kiloslank genoeg gevat, het jy gesukkel15:05
inetprohardware-platform = x86_6415:06
inetprosame instructions as above15:06
inetprohibana: die15:07
hibanainetpro: I'm not your bitch15:07
Kilosi love that15:08
* inetpro may be back later15:08
Kilosbe good and write it all down for me hey15:09
inetprodone already man, what's the problem?15:09
Kilosi need the package to get too or can i use my daily build15:10
inetproonly diff is that you rather install python-jinja2 but technically that is not even necessary15:10
Kilosill try ty15:11
Kilosyou work tomorrow?15:11
inetproibid's setup will install it in the virtualenv 15:11
Kiloswhy inna virtual thing15:11
Kilosmust be part of my system man15:12
inetprotumbleweed: where do I find the file requirements.txt ?15:14
inetproKilos: wat verstaan jy nie?15:14
Kilosdit moet deel wees van my systeem nie in n virtual ding nie15:15
inetprowe're trying to create a proper dev environment, not production15:15
tumbleweedinetpro: sorry, not requirements.txt, setup.py15:15
* inetpro should have figured that15:15
inetproanyway.... I be back later, if there's enough energy left15:16
Kilosas in if i install ibid using synaptic what else must i do, or have you made it run in an older version but on virtual15:17
Kilosgo rest15:17
inetproKilos: it's called life15:17
Kiloswhat ? the virtual thing?15:18
inetproit is the holiday season after all15:18
Kilosoh ya thats fine man im not inna hurry15:18
Kilosbut once back at work you are lost for a year again15:18
Kiloshi superfly 18:40
* Kilos watching gravity18:42
theblazehen_Kilos: nice, really unrealistic however :/18:51
theblazehen_But story is good18:51
theblazehen_hi gremble18:51
Kilosnot a good place to be i think18:52
grembleHey theblazehen_ 18:52
Kiloshi gremble 18:52
theblazehen_Kilos: yeah, wont happen like that IRL however.. At least not that bad18:52
theblazehen_Don't really feel like explaining, but if you want an explanation..18:53
Kilosok for fat peeps up there though. not hard on the feet18:53
grembleI want an explanation? :o18:53
theblazehen_lol, yeah18:53
grembleWhat are we talking about18:53
theblazehen_gremble: I assume you saw the movie gravity?18:53
grembleAs a rule of thumb it is useful to assume that I know nothing about movies18:55
Kilosits about accidents in space18:55
grembleI can't sit still for long enough to watch it18:55
theblazehen_gremble: you play KSP?18:56
theblazehen_http://www.moviemistakes.com/entry185798 this one is what got to me...18:56
theblazehen_"Space debris from an exploded satellite orbiting the earth catches up with Ryan every 90 minutes (as she goes from the Explorer to the ISS to the Chinese space station, all roughly at the same altitude). This is physically impossible. To do this, the debris would have to be traveling fast enough to catch up with the orbiting space stations every 90 minutes. However, objects orbiting at different speeds must travel at different altitudes. The 18:56
theblazehen_faster the orbit, the lower the altitude. So it would be impossible for the debris to "catch up" with the space stations three times. Even if the two were moving in opposite directions, they would collide once every 45 minutes, as the ISS' orbit period is 90 minutes."18:56
grembleI've heard about it theblazehen_ 18:56
theblazehen_gremble: worth the download. /msg me if you want the newest linux version18:57
grembleMy laptop can barely run chrome with 3+ tabs. I don't think a real physics simulator would do it any good18:57
grembleBut thanks 18:57
theblazehen_lol, kk :)18:58
theblazehen_I once ran it on a i3 :(18:58
theblazehen_I bought my current CPU so that it can handle the game well...18:58
* Kilos jealous18:58
grembleYou don't perhaps have a book called "Types and Programming languages"? :P18:59
theblazehen_gremble: no? Why?19:00
gremblei'm looking for it. It is an introduction to type theory and I don't want to read Church's articles on lambda calculus anymore.19:00
inetprothe single most important book in the area of programming languages in recent years?19:01
theblazehen_dafaq is type theory?!19:01
* inetpro wonders19:01
grembletheblazehen_: Have you heard of "Russell's Paradox"?19:02
grembletheblazehen_: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/type-theory/19:02
theblazehen_gremble: Maybe. I don't know anything about it though19:02
grembleThat is a fairly easy article to read on the subject19:03
grembleThat is the kind of computer science that I want to do.19:03
grembleIt is a shame that UP thinks that computer science is actually just a degree to do Software engineering19:03
theblazehen_gremble: that looks like math.. No thanks19:04
theblazehen_gremble: oh you go to UP?19:04
grembleIt is math19:04
grembleYes I do19:05
grembleStudying Applied mathematics there19:05
theblazehen_gremble: you got PM19:05
Kilosgremble: the pro got it working on 14.0419:10
Kilosbut in a vm thing19:10
inetproKilos: I'm sure he knows by now19:11
Kilosoh i thought he was away19:11
grembleI was?19:11
inetpromy instructions still need a bit of tweaking though to make sure we only install the necessary stuffs19:11
Kilosinetpro: question19:12
inetproand then we still need to test a few different scenarios19:12
Kilosif install all them things in here wont ibid work in my system19:13
Kilosi mean without the virtual thing19:13
inetproKilos: that's what we still need to work out19:13
inetprobut the "virtual thing" is not so bad after all19:14
Kilosits like that other thing isnt it. start from cli?19:14
Kiloswhat now19:15
inetproplease define "thing"19:15
Kilosthe site fixer thing19:15
inetprowhy even compare the two?19:15
theblazehen_inetpro: both python? ;)19:16
Kiloswell its gotta run in a vm not so?19:16
inetproKilos: it's not a VM like Virtualbox or KVM19:16
theblazehen_Kilos: virtual environment. Right inetpro? Or do I remember wrong19:16
theblazehen_Python virtualenv19:17
inetproit's just a different python environment19:17
inetprovirtualenv creates virtual Python instances, each invokable with its own Python executable19:19
Kilosya those things19:21
inetproeach instance can have different sets of modules, allowing the user to control which version of Python is created in the "virtual" environment 19:21
inetproI would say it is mostly meant for developers to test and experiment with different versions19:23
theblazehen_I still dunno why people keep reinventing the chroot..19:24
inetprotheblazehen_: I guess you're right in some ways, but this is limited to Python really19:25
grembleDo it in C19:25
inetproPython is very popular19:25
theblazehen_inetpro: yeah, just sometimes get annoyed. AFAIK node has something similar. And then there is LXC and OpenVZ and shit19:26
theblazehen_gremble: too much math :(19:26
grembleHaskell is fun so far19:27
theblazehen_gremble: hmm...19:27
grembleI really don't like programming. I don't know why I keep saying I will try and code something. But I enjoy learning haskell so far. Probably because it is something out of the ordinary19:28
inetproC is not for lazy developers19:28
theblazehen_gremble: tried rust?19:29
grembleI've looked at Rust. I think it will be nice when it is finally ready19:29
grembleI will not suggest it to anyone to do serious systems programming yet19:30
grembleIf you are a lazy developer you should fuck off though :x19:30
inetproif you want to do C these days you might as well do Assembly19:31
grembleor both19:31
grembleMy brother bought me an MP3 player for christmas. I'm quite happy however, the UI for the thing is shit. haha I want to learn to reverse engineer on it19:32
inetprothere are three great virtues of a programmer; Laziness, Impatience and Hubris19:32
grembleMake my own mp3 OS19:32
theblazehen_gremble: lemme get you a link19:33
grembleThat is a deeper interpretation of laziness than generally accepted inetpro 19:33
grembleNot a lot of people think that way19:34
theblazehen_gremble: nah, Firefox crashed.. Search sprites hacks19:34
gremblehttp://spritesmods.com/ theblazehen_ ?19:35
theblazehen_gremble: yeah19:36
theblazehen_His hard drive one is quite awesome19:36
theblazehen_Should introduce you to some of the stuff too19:36
grembleOh I think I've read the hardware one before19:37
theblazehen_Yeah, I think I linked it here before19:38
grembleIt is really weird that I am using my usual philosophy sources as sources for mathematics19:44
grembleIt is a shame that UP doesn't have more logic courses D:19:44
Kiloswbb just gonna get emoticons working in konversation19:48
Kilosty now i can see not read smiley things19:52
Kilosand if you hover mouse over the smiley you see the text19:53
theblazehen_https://mjg59.livejournal.com/118098.html wut19:56
Kilosnight all. sleep tight.20:01
grembleInteresting article theblazehen_ 20:05
inetprotheblazehen_: nice article20:05
theblazehen_gremble: if you have a look at the reddit comments there is a link for the Xbox Linux thing too20:06
theblazehen_Link in article is dead20:06
grembleWhich sub?20:09
theblazehen_Gremble: can't remember. Shameless plug for my Firefox add on: get view on reddit by theblazehen, and click the button to take you to the comments20:10
theblazehen_Or just add reddit.com/http://theurl.com to be redirected to comments20:10
inetprotheblazehen_: cool little addon :-)20:17
theblazehen_inetpro: thanks :)20:17
theblazehen_So my user count goes up to 52 now then? :)20:17
inetprohmm... only issue is that it wants me to subscribe to reddit20:20
theblazehen_inetpro: it does?20:22
theblazehen_Weird.. Should just be pretending reddit.com/ to the url20:22
theblazehen_Rest is handled by reddit20:22
inetprowell, unless it's just because the first url I tried has no reddit comments to start with20:23
theblazehen_Yeah, it could be20:25
theblazehen_I also kinda have a sidebar20:26
theblazehen_But due to Firefox restrictions it sucks20:27
theblazehen_You can't make http requests inside the sidebar...20:28
grembleWhat can you make inside the sidebar?21:26

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