wafflej0ckmodelengine, np you can try lsusb to see connected USB devices too but like you said sounds like the system thinks it's all good too... not sure what else to check about the spooling00:00
modelenginewafflej0ck, cpika: should i try to install it via the cups?00:00
wafflej0ckmodelengine, really recently I've just gone with the proprietary drivers for the printers cause then it installs the scanning capabilities too and SimpleScan does a nice job... simply scanning.  But if cpika can guide you on CUPS or has alternatives you may want to try that first to avoid installing binaries with no possibility of getting source.00:01
modelenginewafflej0ck: cool, thanks00:02
modelenginewafflej0ck: cpika: I did try installing it via cups first. do you think that may have messed something up?00:03
cpikamodelengine: hm, how exactly did you try to set up the printer? the folder you downloaded should include an install script...00:03
=== Maras is now known as Marasgeon
modelenginecpika: is that the .sh file?00:04
cpikamodelengine: not sure what an incorrect cups setup can do. I would open a terminal and type: 'cd Downloads/uld' enter, and then 'sudo ./install.sh'00:05
cpikamodelengine: of course, the printer should be plugged in and turned on00:05
modelenginecpika: ok just sec, oh, and yes it is plugged in and turned on :)00:05
MarasgeonHey guys in opensubtitles.org the site opens and pops up a window for username and password (authentication required, The site says "Meh"), what's the matter?00:05
squintyMarasgeon:  not really on topic for this channel but that doesn't happen here.  maybe try clearing your browers cache00:07
Marasgeonsquinty: thanks a lot, I'll chech it00:08
modelenginecpika: so after that it says this: http://imgur.com/7Wx33jM   what option should i choose?00:08
Ace2Racehi can anyone teach me how to use aircrack00:09
squintyAce2Race:  not a topic for this channel00:09
wafflej0ckmodelengine, since it's USB not network connected just do n, enter00:09
k1lAce2Race: not in this channel. if you need to use it you can take the time to read the manual. we are not helping here to hack the neighbours wifi00:09
Ace2Racei understand00:10
modelenginewafflej0ck: alrighty, it installed successfully. what would be my next step (sorry, I'm a real noob here)00:11
cpikamodelengine: try to print something00:11
wafflej0ckmodelengine, no worries just go try and print something is the easiest way00:11
cpikamodelengine: perhaps you will see the same printer several times (from the previous setup and from the new setup...) - try to choose the new one.00:11
Marasgeonsquinty: It worked, thank you very much, have  a good night!00:12
squintyMarasgeon:  good to hear. :)00:12
modelenginewafflej0ck: cpika: cool alright just sec00:14
cpikawafflej0ck: would you generally prefer open-source drivers for printers, these days?00:15
Ace2Racei need direct3d driver... but how do i get it00:16
modelenginecpika: wafflej0ck: and to think you guys don't even get paid for this! Thank you soooooo much!!!00:16
modelengineIt worked!!!00:16
wafflej0ckcpika, eh I just prefer open source if it's available and works, for the sake of being able to debug and just the better ethos00:16
wafflej0ckmodelengine, awesome glad to hear it00:16
wafflej0ckcpika, but for printers specifically MFP stuff with scanners seems the proprietary stuff works well00:17
modelenginewafflej0ck: cpika: I really appreciate the hour long free tech support you gave me. If I tried to call someone, I would be into it for over a hundred bucks right now!00:18
cpikawafflej0ck: okay. and if they work, I find the open-source drivers more reliable, in general. and no problems with updates.00:18
cpikamodelengine: glad your problem is solved. have fun with your printer.00:18
modelenginethanks both of you :)00:18
wafflej0ckmodelengine, don't remind me I charge $100 an hour... :)  really though no worries, you weren't being crazy and didn't take much time to solve, glad you're up and running00:19
modelenginemuch appreciated00:19
c3m0just a q i'm trying to setup cryptkeeper bu can't find system tools. i'm fairly new to linux in general00:22
wafflej0ckcpika, yeah for straight printing it's fine most of the time (apparently some problem in this specific case) and hplip is open source and typically works well and it looks like canon has GPL drivers too just no support offered http://www.usa.canon.com/nw3s/CanonUSA/DownloadContents/English/0100344001EN.htm00:22
wafflej0ckcpika, I dunno about the Samsung ones though as I haven't had one of my own for a few years (had a cheap black and white laser one at some point but before I used Ubuntu daily)00:23
c3m0If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.00:27
wafflej0ckc3m0, you have regular Ubuntu installed?00:27
c3m0yep ubuntu 14.04.x00:28
wafflej0ckc3m0, if so just hit winkey and type system and you should see matches you can also try settings that might be what you're after... I'm in Ubuntu Gnome edition so it's slightly different for the "control panel/settings" in here00:29
wafflej0ckc3m0, the winkey in Ubuntu opens the dash (button the the top left and searches across all your apps (and other stuff)00:29
wafflej0ckI use too many parenthesis sorry bad habit from programming00:30
wafflej0ckc3m0, did you install it and just trying to configure it or?00:31
c3m0I already installed it via apt-get just need to configure00:32
c3m0I need it to "attach" itself to top pannel basically00:32
wafflej0ckc3m0, not sure as I haven't used it but in the comments someone says, gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"00:33
wafflej0ckthey say if you run that in the command line it'll show up in the panel00:33
wafflej0ckc3m0, just installed it since it looks interesting and it shows up in the Gnome tray here but yeah looks like that command should fix it in Unity00:34
c3m0No such schema 'com.canonical.Unity.Panel' welp00:34
wafflej0ckc3m0, hmm yeah that was for 12.04 actually... I wonder if you use dconf-editor or gconf-editor if you could find the appropriate setting but really not sure00:35
UnnamedUser9961Had a quick question about networking.  I'm trying to share some folders from my trusty Ubuntu machine.  I have it partially working.  I can see windows shares in Ubuntu, but I can only see the ubuntu machine in windows - the shares are not showing up.  Any one think this could be a SMB version issue?00:36
c3m0meh ... maybe i'll install ubuntu gnome have you used both reg ubuntu and gnome ? how do they compare ?00:37
=== Yukinotteru is now known as Yukitteru
wafflej0ckc3m0, yeah I used Ubuntu from like 10.04 on pretty regularly and was using Unity till 12.04 (20-year.month) then I decided to try out KDE cause it was looking interesting and Unity changed some things I didn't like, KDE was cool but did take quite a bit in terms of resources, and was infinitely tweakable but I lost time tweaking it and messing with things, Gnome is clean and simple and more out of the way I'm really loving it bu00:39
wafflej0ckt check out some vids first00:39
wafflej0ckc3m0, you can actually just install gnome-desktop to try it out too00:40
wafflej0ckc3m0, but if you like it I would clean install to get rid of the Unity stuff since I'm on SSD and space matters, plus just like things more "pure"00:40
=== joey is now known as Guest48251
wafflej0ckso yeah now 14.04 Ubuntu Gnome edition00:40
Guest48251Just want to report success with Acer C720 (Just installed 14.04 LTS, works great!)00:41
Guest48251SO far, so good.00:41
Bashing-om!yay | Guest4825100:41
ubottuGuest48251: Glad you made it! :-)00:41
wafflej0ckc3m0, just took a snapshot of my desktop http://imgur.com/embntT600:41
wafflej0ckc3m0, I have docky and conky running too for the panel and the widgets00:42
c3m0I'm actually using vmware to use linux because there's something funky going on between linux and my g1 sniper5 mobo00:42
c3m0that does look rather nice ...00:43
wafflej0ckc3m0, yeah winkey still gives you a quick search like the dash too00:43
Guest48251c3m0: So what is the funky stuff?00:44
c3m0I read a while back that gigabytes dual bios thing was screwing with ubuntu installs00:45
=== panda is now known as Guest15111
c3m0it's either that or my ram from an unknown manufacturer00:46
c3m0but i highly doubt ram would have anything to do with an ubuntu install :p00:47
squintyUnnamedUser9961:  might want to try  system-config-samba  (available via repo's)00:47
wafflej0ckc3m0, yeah agree I imagine chipsets on the board are all Ubuntu is talking to at the lowest level00:47
Guest48251c3m0: RAM is either good or bad or partially bad. But it can get in the way of an OS install if it is partially bad.00:47
wafflej0ckc3m0, not sure about the gigabyte dual bios issue though00:47
c3m0oh crap ... i've been using 2x4GB sticks from two different manufacturers one of which i have no idea who made them00:48
wafflej0ckyeah you can run a memtest to figure out if it's RAM pretty easily though, lots of boot CDs will do it or in Grub pretty sure you can usually kick it off there too, but if the main system doesn't have a problem like random crashes it seems unlikely still00:49
c3m0i mean 2x4GB x2 btw so 16GB total00:49
Guest48251c3m0: About ram tests:  Plan to let it run for many hours. (Sometimes the defect(s) will show in the first few minutes, sometimes not so soon.)00:50
wafflej0ckyeah takes time00:50
c3m0i will do that00:50
Guest48251c3m0: I usually do ram test at night, (while I sleep).00:51
Guest48251or when at work.00:51
c3m0brb gonna wipe this VM and try out ubuntu gnome :D00:52
Jaboubuntu gnome is all i use00:53
wafflej0ckyeah aside from Nautilus dropping the split pane view I have very few complaints and that's a small one00:54
c3m0I like ubuntu because when i used it in the past it was really hard to learn and the troubleshouting was unreal so it really thought me a lot00:54
c3m0and then i started using windows again and i completely forgot00:55
wafflej0ckeh it's okay you'll forget Windows just as easily :P00:55
Jaboi don't like using windows now00:55
Jaboi don't like how it *feels*00:55
c3m0meh i can work with both00:56
wafflej0ckI just installed some windows VMs using this ievms script for the sake of testing sites in IE and yeah it all came back to me but it does feel horrible now (granted these were XP images for some of them)00:56
c3m0for some reason i hate the command line on windows though ...00:56
Guest48251c3m0: Yea, no need to forget anything :)00:56
wafflej0ckc3m0, it's terrible that's why :)00:56
wafflej0ckc3m0, if they fixed the CLI to be POSIX compliant and had a package manager (which I think is coming in 10) I'd consider it again00:57
Guest48251c3m0: Yea, I suppose cli on MS Windows feels a bit confining or limited after being exposed to ours00:57
c3m0i think the furthest i got in windows cmd was "ipconfig" :D00:57
wafflej0ckc3m0, the power shell and VBS scripts let you do a lot but they're still a nightmare00:57
=== nisscrooge is now known as nisstyre
wafflej0ckas a web dev it's so much easier to find shell scripts that do what I need to get done, and so much great open source (and many times free) software really00:58
c3m0alrighty gnome's almost installed01:00
wafflej0ckI did Windows IT work and networking for years but got a BS in CS and do web development, much of the programming community is on OS X or Linux so really you're more on your own in Windows... Visual Studio is has been and is a pretty nice tool but they're playing catch up on the JS/Web Dev side for sure, a terminal and commands to make it POSIX compliant and a shell so you could run the same .sh files in Windows too would make i01:00
wafflej0ckt more viable to me01:00
wafflej0ckc3m0, cool01:01
kuchikuuI have a fast question and I can't find the answer anywhere. Can Irssi list all the channels on the server?01:01
k1lkuchikuu: no, use alis01:01
k1l!alis | kuchikuu01:02
ubottukuchikuu: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*01:02
kuchikuuah, but tha'ts specyfic for the servers that use it01:02
kuchikuuwhat if I'm connecting to an unknown server01:02
kuchikuuand I would like to see the channel list01:02
k1lyes, it can list them but on big servers it will most likely crash the client01:03
kuchikuuThank you~!01:04
c3m0oh crap i forgot that installing vmware on a non os drive still still stores the actual data for the vms under documents01:04
wafflej0ckc3m0, heh, sorry don't know VMWare, I use VirtualBox you can just move the files with VirtualBox and update the VM settings to point to the new location for the HDD01:05
c3m0i can prob do that but this is my first time using vmware01:06
tewardwafflej0ck: ehhh, careful with that - the .vmx files like to be stupid and use hardcode paths sometimes01:06
c3m0so no idea how ... guess i'll go ask my lord and savior googol01:06
tewardc3m0: i use VMware for my VM environment, are you using player or workstation01:07
tewardc3m0: you can remove the VM from Workstation without removing the files on disk01:07
tewardthen "File">"Open" and navigate to wherever you moved the data to01:07
c3m0tnx teward i'm gonna do that right now01:10
Delta706Are there any developers who might be willing to improve a program for a modest inducement?01:12
c3m0tnx for the help with that (i need dat ssd space) :D01:14
EdlerHey guys01:17
Edleri need someone to help me with a very small bash script!01:17
kuchikuuI'm a noob but maybe you can say what's going on and someone will answer:P01:17
Edleryou see, i want to always call the curl command with a --interface eth0:1 argument01:17
Edlerso my idea is to rename curl to curl-real01:18
kuchikuunano curl-real01:18
Edlerthen create a bash script called curl, that would call the real curl and append that argument to the existing ones01:18
kuchikuuwrite curl --interface eth:1 $101:18
kuchikuuthen chmod +x curl-real01:18
Edler$1 does the trick ?01:18
Edlerwrites all arguments ?01:18
gr33n7007hEdler, alias it?01:18
kuchikuuof course if you allowed the bash shell to gain access to your ~/bin01:19
Edleralright let me try it out!01:19
kuchikuuAll would be $@01:19
EriC^^Edler: just alias it01:19
EriC^^alias curl0='curl --interface eth0:1'01:20
=== MichaelC1 is now known as MichaelC|Server
EriC^^then curl0 <arguments here>01:20
Edleralright that worked01:20
kuchikuuthat's a nice idea XD surely easier than "my" way01:21
kuchikuuwhat worked, alias or ~/bin ?01:21
Edlerbut that didn't solve my real problem01:21
Edleri moved curl to curl-real01:21
Edlerand wrote a script caleld curl01:21
Edlerthis worked01:21
Edlerhowever my php5-curl is still failing01:21
Edlerdoesn't php5-curl simply call curl?01:22
wafflej0ckEdler, you can check the source01:22
kuchikuuprobably  it calls curl, but not the curl-real01:22
Edleryup but it's not01:23
wafflej0ckEdler, looks like it uses libcurl so maybe doesn't call the system command just uses the library01:23
Edleri see01:23
Edlerso that's the problem01:23
=== bonhoeffer_ is now known as bonhoeffer
EriC^^Edler: can't you set the option for it to use eth0 somewhere?01:27
Edlerthat's what i'm trying now01:28
sector_0does anyone know how to ignore package conflicts when installing new packages?01:29
=== arj is now known as Guest79668
sector_0currently I have the proprietary ATI drivers installed and they're conflicting with the wine1.6 installation01:30
sector_0so I wann know if there's anyway I can ignore that conflict for now01:30
daftykinsmaybe ask the wine people in #winehq01:30
wafflej0ckEdler, yeah looks like you want http://php.net/manual/en/function.curl-setopt.php01:30
=== EriC^^ is now known as eeee
=== eeee is now known as EriC^^
allmountainproany advice on dual booting linux beside windows?01:37
sector_0allmountainpro, what kind of advice do you need?01:37
jeffrey_fallmountainpro: what is your desired outcome.  Please explain what os's, etc01:38
squintyallmountainpro:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI  see if anything applicable for your system01:38
allmountainprosector_0: how to do it from live cd without breaking windows01:38
EriC^^allmountainpro: do what?01:38
sector_0allmountainpro, well it's actually not that hard01:39
sector_0when you install from a liveCD you'll be given the option to install alongside the existing OS01:39
sector_0which in this case would be windows01:39
allmountainprosector_0: i want to install it on wifeys laptop as she has better hardware for coding, testing etc01:39
jeffrey_fallmountainpro: BUT, just in case, make sure you have a backup of your data.01:41
sector_0allmountainpro, like I said after you run the installation program, you'll be given an option to install alongside the existing windows OS01:41
sector_0after that, it's just a matter of setting up a couple thing (username, location etc)01:41
sector_0but mostly the installation script takes care of everything01:41
sector_0you don't really have to do/know much01:42
runbumI was formatting an external hard drive in ubuntu 14.10, when the process was interrupted. Now I can't get my drive to mount. It's a new drive, so there is no data I need to recover. I just need to know if there is any way to get it to mount.01:43
daftykinsnuke it?01:43
daftykinswhy mount what isn't working?01:44
runbumI accidentally cancelled the formatting process.01:44
squintyallmountainpro:  some rascals seem to experience problems when toggling on the "download updates and priority software" during the installation.  might want to enable those after installation has finished.01:44
daftykinsrunbum: so do it again...?01:44
jeffrey_frunbum: System Tools>>Preferences>>disks.  Remove the partition and reinstate it and try again01:45
runbumIt won't mount.01:45
jeffrey_frunbum: make sure you have the right disk01:45
daftykinsrunbum: mounting is the process of gaining access to a file system, you didn't format, therefore you cannot mount. i think you're using the wrong term.01:45
runbumOK, thanks. I'm kind of new to this.01:45
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, yeah I second everything sector_0 said and would emphasize make a full backup before you make major changes like this01:45
Edlerhey guys01:46
Edlerneed help with something else now01:46
Edlerhere's my network interfaces01:46
Edlerwhen i use curl it uses eth0 by default01:46
Edlerwhat should i do so that the eth0:1 becomes the default one01:46
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, if you have a large enough extra drive you can use clonezilla to duplicate the disk to image files that can be restored with the same clonezilla boot CD01:46
Edleror that the eth0:1 information/ip become the eth001:46
Edlerwhat would the new configuration be ?01:47
Edlercan i just change auto eth0 eth0:1 to auto eth0:1 eth0 ?01:47
sector_0allmountainpro, also after the installation, after the POST screen you'd be prompted to select which OS to load01:49
sector_0and that's about it01:49
wafflej0ckEdler, no you'd want to change the iface lines since those are defining the IPs to be used for the different interfaces, don't believe the auto line will matter...01:49
Edlerso in the iface lines i just swap the word eth0 with eth0:1 and vice versa ?01:50
wafflej0ckEdler, yeah believe that would do it, you may need to ifdown and ifup the interface or restart though not entirely sure how to have it reload the file, auto just tells it to fire up those interfaces when ifup -a is run01:52
wafflej0ckEdler, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man5/interfaces.5.html01:52
wafflej0ckEdler, also hope this is a machine you can login to locally cause otherwise fiddling with the network config is risky business01:53
runbumHi again. I went to the disk utility, and it says my external hard drive is all unallocated space. There are no partitions, it seems. So how can I format it?01:53
daftykinsrunbum: make a partition. use gparted.01:54
allmountainprosector_0: thanks a bunch01:54
runbumok. Does it matter where I place the partition?01:55
Guest48251runbum: What type of partition(s) do you want to use?  And what filesystem do you want to use?01:55
daftykinsrunbum: what are you trying to do? why not just one from the start to the finish?01:55
wafflej0ckrunbum, in the disks interface you should be able to add a new partition, then you should be able to select format... like daftykins says gparted is the trusty older one, once you have a partition made and format the partition with some filesystem then you can mount it01:55
Edleri swapped my eth0 and eth0:1 interfaces01:56
Edlerbut curl magically switched as well!01:56
allmountainprosector_0: do you by chance know how to make my external hdd a working linux box? not a live session but a full versionn that will boot when i plug it in and change the bios to boot off external hdd01:56
Edlerit's using eth0:1 by default01:56
Edlerwhy? how odes curl decide which interface to choose by default ?01:56
runbumI want to use eft4. That is why I was formatting. To change from ntfs.01:56
Guest48251runbum: (If it is unallocated space, you'll first create partition(s), and them format them.)01:56
gr33n7007h!info cfdisk01:56
ubottuPackage cfdisk does not exist in utopic01:56
gr33n7007h!info cfdisk01:56
daftykinsgr33n7007h: do that in PM when you're not sure :)01:57
sector_0allmountainpro, never did it, but it should be too hard01:57
gr33n7007hdaftykins, ok :)01:57
runbumOK. Like I said, I'm new to this. I only want one partition.01:57
sector_0if you boot from the liveCD with the external HDD plugged in, does it show up as a drive?01:57
daftykinsrunbum: so what do you mean asking 'where' to put it?01:57
daftykinshelp us out here.01:58
Guest48251runbum: So if it is an external HD, (and you're not in need of non-destructive partitioning, just use fdisk or cfdisk to create a partition). I prefer fdisk01:58
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, I sort of did this to setup an external USB drive (1TB) to run clonezilla to be able to backup/restore systems without even needing a CD but it took some fiddling01:58
allmountainprosector_0: not too sure,  let me try and ill get back on here and let you know  from live session01:58
allmountainprowafflej0ck: care to elaborate?01:59
runbumThanks Guest 48251. I'll try that, and get back to you if there are any probs.01:59
Guest48251runbum: fdisk /dev/sdf (where sdf is really the drive you are wanting to partition) sudo fdisk -l  #To list drives and their respective partitions.01:59
daftykinsi already said gparted.01:59
daftykinsway to confuse the newbie ;)01:59
allmountainprowafflej0ck: id like mine to run linux02:00
Guest48251runbum: If you want to use a GUI tool, use gparted as daftykins suggests.02:00
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, looks like there are some instructions here that basically say to just disable/disconnect the internal drive then do a regular install to the USB drive, but I personally did something to setup the USB drive to be formatted properly to boot (think it had to have some small partition aligned at the right sector for it to work) but perhaps these instructions work https://www.suse.com/communities/conversations/how-cr02:01
liberalPIGSrunbum: Yes02:01
liberalPIGSwafflej0ck: sure02:01
runbumI need to keep it simple, so I'll try the GUI option with gparted first. Thanks again.02:03
liberalPIGSallmountainpro: disconnect it first02:03
allmountainproliberalPIGS: disconnect which?02:03
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, ignore liberalPIGS02:04
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wafflej0cksorry liberalPIGS sending nasty PMs02:04
* phunyguy looks up02:05
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang02:07
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allmountainprowho is the operator here02:08
allmountainprokick liberalpigs, calling me names in pm02:08
phunyguysorry, chanserv is having some issues02:09
tewardphunyguy: i think its called lag ;)02:09
ubottuYou have lag, I don't have lag02:09
allmountainproteward: walmart connection ;)02:10
phunyguyallmountainpro: also, that person is now removed from the channel, but that won't stop the PMs.02:11
phunyguycan't do anything about those.02:12
allmountainprophunyguy: thats ok lol02:13
Guest48251Do we have a keboard configuration for Chromebook Acer C720 ?02:14
=== zz_saschpe is now known as saschpe
jasonjcknwhen I install NVIDIA drivers, then apt-get upgrade it breaks the installation, has anyone else seen this?02:28
Bashing-omjasonjckn: IF you install from Nvidia, then it is not a part of ubuntu proper, 3rd party software that the system can not track.02:31
ablest1980how do i completely remove edubuntu for ubuntu02:35
ablest1980i uninstalled and sys still shows edubuntu02:36
daftykins"sys" ?02:36
daftykins"sys still shows edubuntu" via what?02:37
ablest1980i had ubuntu theni installed edubuntu i removed ebuntu02:38
ablest1980i had ubuntu02:38
ablest1980then i installed edubuntu over ubuntu02:38
daftykinsi don't need your life history, i'm asking where you see it call it edubuntu.02:38
ablest1980i want to to complete remove edubuntu and go back to ubuntu02:38
moaghi all, please is there a safe way to download kernels from kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ ?02:39
moaglike https, signatures, checksums at least? thanks02:39
ablest1980when startup  and login menu02:39
runbumI attempted to use gparted two times, to format my external HD, and it crashed my computer both times. I'm wondering if this is because I destroyed the original ntfs filesystem when I accidentally interrupted my initial attempt to format.02:39
belal122run, but if you try to reformat it (not quick format) then that should fix it.02:40
daftykinsrunbum: nope, makes no sense. if you just tried, run "dmesg | tail" in a terminal and share it via http://paste.ubuntu.com02:40
ablest1980how do i restore ubuntu without losing my apps and settings?02:42
daftykinsfind out a list of packages in edubuntu, remove them... reinstall ubuntu-desktop02:42
runbumOK. Thanks.02:42
purnanandHi friends happy  Xmas!!02:44
jasonjcknBashing-om: i just tried installing nvidia current package instead and now it doesn't boot02:44
daftykinsnvidia-current tends to put on nvidia-304 which is ancient02:45
jasonjcknwhat packgae do I use?02:45
daftykinsjasonjckn: sudo apt-get purge nvidia*02:45
daftykinsthen try nvidia-331, depends on your card.02:45
jasonjckncan I get 343 anywhere?02:45
daftykinsmaybe via xorg edgers PPA, but we don't recommend PPAs02:46
daftykinsdon't fall into the youthful trap of thinking that updated drivers will make life hugely different, it's only if you have a very recent card you need updated02:46
purnanandI want to download ubuntu cloud on my lappy. for that what is the steps i follow?02:46
Mega1how do you set up a ftp shared folder in ubuntu02:48
daftykinswhy are you using FTP?02:48
Mega1for remote access02:49
anwarhsagoris anyone there???02:49
Bashing-omjasonjckn: Did you purge the proprietary Nvidia driver prior to installing from the software respository ? now there is a driver conflict ?02:49
jasonjcknBashing-om: yes02:49
daftykinsMega1: install openssh-server then use SFTP, no need for unencrypted nasty tech from the 90s02:49
jasonjcknBashing-om: i'm going to try 33102:49
bubbasauresanwarhsagor, If you have an support issue state it for help.02:50
anwarhsagorhow can i install software offline???02:50
daftykinsobtain the .deb's and install them02:50
Mega1daftykins: but will all users have access to same folder02:50
anwarhsagorthanks @daftykins02:51
jasonjcknpurging nvidia-* still leaves my installation broken :(02:51
Bashing-omjasonjckn: might se what is suggested .. -> ubuntu-drivers list <- .02:52
anwarhsagori added some apps to start up menu...bt they don't load at start up... why???02:52
purnanandhi friend , @daftykins, I want to download ubuntu cloud on my lappy. for that what is the steps i follow?02:52
EriC^^anwarhsagor: which apps02:53
squintypurnanand:  http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud02:53
purnanandhow to check MAAS availabilty?02:53
anwarhsagorEric^^: cairo clock and amor02:53
Bashing-omjasonjckn: With the problems you are having, this is not hybrid graphics we are trying to address is it ?02:53
daftykinspurnanand: read the ubuntu website for how to get started.02:54
revoeric how u doing...its acer from yesterday :)02:54
jasonjcknBashing-om: by hybrid you mean SLI? no02:54
EriC^^revo: hey :)02:54
revoended up having to clean all data and just installed ubuntu02:54
runbumdaftykins - I posted the results of mseg | tail. I02:55
daftykinsrunbum: oh right, with my nickname to highlight me?02:55
revostill having problems at boot (takes to long) but i dont know why ince there is no grub menu02:55
runbumOK. Sorry.02:55
Bashing-omjasonjckn: 2 graphics cards, one integrated in the mother board, the other as a PCIE added card . Can be problematic .02:55
EriC^^revo: hmm02:55
jasonjcknBashing-om: i don't have an integrated graphics02:55
revoyeah...acer revo02:56
EriC^^revo: check dmesg02:56
purnanand how to check MAAS availabilty?02:56
revosorry whats that (dmesg)?02:56
mintdoes anyone know how to disable internal hdd02:56
Bashing-omjasonjckn: Then should be straigt forwad, purge Nvidia , and install from repo. Should be good to go . (??)02:56
EriC^^revo: type dmesg in a terminal02:56
=== juned is now known as nicol
purnanand how to check MAAS server about  ubuntu cloud availabilty?02:57
daftykinspurnanand: read the website and stop bugging us02:57
EriC^^revo: it has a timestamp on the left, you might be able to see what it's taking long to do02:57
=== nicol is now known as jezz
squintyjasonjckn:  might also want to rename your xorg.conf file if one exists or was used for previous kernel02:57
revoits a big list, ill upload to pastebin02:57
_sb!google | daftykins02:57
ubottudaftykins: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.02:57
rewunsprechen Sie Deutsch?02:58
Bashing-omsquinty: jasonjckn ! +1 .. good call .02:58
daftykins_sb: reading the website about a product is not telling someone to google. do not highlight me with trivial rubbish again.02:58
squinty!de | rewun02:59
EriC^^!de | rewun02:59
ubotturewun: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!02:59
daftykinsrunbum: are you gonna paste it where i can see it?02:59
daftykinsrunbum: (the link to the paste)02:59
mintdoes anyone know how to disable internal hdd02:59
runbumOK. Hold on a sec...02:59
rewundanke shoen ubottu02:59
EriC^^mint: you can maybe turn it off02:59
wafflej0ckmint, depends on what you mean by disable, no need to repeat your question quickly though03:00
EriC^^mint: udisksctl --detach -b /dev/sdX03:00
jasonjcknhow do I chroot into ubuntu installation from livecd and still have WIFI working inside the chroot, pinging google fails. http://paste.ubuntu.com/9632961/03:00
daftykinsjasonjckn: copy the /etc/resolv.conf from the host to the /mount/point/etc/resolv.conf03:00
jasonjckndaftykins: i tried that03:00
jasonjcknno luck03:00
daftykinsjasonjckn: write nameservers into it directly03:00
jasonjckngood idea03:01
mintwafflej0ck: i am trying to make a portable linux hdd, instruct says i have to disable internal hdd03:01
jasonjckndaftykins: that fixed it thanks!03:02
daftykinsnot really surprised though ;)03:02
wafflej0ckmint, yeah so you may be able to disable it in your BIOS if not honestly removing the HDD may not be a bad plan, they're typically one of the easier components to remove assuming you don't have a mac or netbook it shouldn't be too bad if you can't disable it within the BIOS settings03:02
Bashing-omjasonjckn: Single hard drive, ubuntu installed to sda1; then my way -> sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt , for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done , sudo chroot /mnt . check that networking works -> ping -c3 google.com .03:03
mintwafflej0ck: eww that means opening my laptop lol. why so difficult lol03:03
runbumNot sure if the paste was helpful. It came after I did a manual shutdown, and rebooted, after my computer froze.03:03
wafflej0ckmint, hehe well what kind of laptop is it?03:03
wafflej0ckmint, with dell's it's like 2 screws03:03
wafflej0ckmint, but would check out the manual03:03
wafflej0ckmint, perhaps the BIOS allows you to just disable the drive without any physical stuff03:04
wafflej0ckmint, what's the laptop model03:04
daftykinsrunbum: nope you didn't even give it in click friendly form :( this is an install not a live session, yes?03:04
purnanandhttp://maas.ip/MAAS/  not  working?03:05
runbumHow about I just paste it to the chat here?03:05
soeeif i change GRUB_TIMEOUT in /etc/default/grub do i have to do anything else to have the changes applied except rebooting ?03:05
daftykinspurnanand: that's not a website03:05
revoEric: was this info for me ??? !de | rewun03:05
mintwafflej0ck: i have a toshiba c5003:05
purnanandthen what?03:05
daftykinsrunbum: just no, never.03:05
wafflej0cksoee, yeah believe it's, sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub, google it though to verify03:06
wafflej0ck!grub > soee03:06
ubottusoee, please see my private message03:06
daftykinsrunbum: so run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"03:06
EriC^^revo: no03:07
Bashing-omsoee: for a change in any of grub's files to propogate to the system, run terminal command -> sudo update-grub <-.03:07
purnanandthen how to do this "Access the MAAS UI at http://maas.ip/MAAS/ and follow the instructions to create the administrator, then login with those credentials"?03:08
EriC^^revo: this is mine, im trying to see if there's something that's obviously wrong03:08
EriC^^revo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9632978/03:08
revobut is your duo boot or single ?03:09
soeeBashing-om, wafflej0ck thanks03:09
daftykinspurnanand: the IP of your system, of course.03:09
wafflej0ckBashing-om, ah right thx for correcting, np soee03:09
revoive had to completly remove windows and dos because i couldnt get them to boot yestedrday...03:09
revothen i just installed xubuntu 14.10LTS today, but for some reason boot is still slow03:10
daftykinslol DOS03:10
daftykins14.10 is _NOT_ LTS.03:10
purnanandhow to check the IP of your system, of course?03:10
purnanandhow to check the IP of your system, of course?03:11
revook,, sorry, imeant to say after installing it updated to 14.1003:11
EriC^^revo: mine's a dual boot03:11
EriC^^it doesn't matter though03:11
purnanandmy os is ubuntu 14.04 lts?03:11
EriC^^up until the adding swap part we're almost at the same time03:11
EriC^^( 14-15secs or so)03:11
revowhat happens after ?03:12
wafflej0ckmint, looks like 2 screws for that as well, honestly I'd just do this, but I did IT work for a long time so I'm comfy with working with computers, but really think it's something anyone could do just be a bit careful if you decide to give it a go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_GUsBmhZfE and make sure you unplug and pull the battery first03:12
WillWHello all, I'm trying to network share a folder, which resides on an ntfs partition mounted on boot via fstab, and I want the folder to be accessible on the network on both Ubuntu and Windows machines, but when trying to access it on the networked machine(even after checking the 3 options in nautilus), the client PC says "failed to mount windows share: permission denied". Here is the line in fstab mounting the partition: http://pasteb03:12
revoEric: i just let ubuntu delete all my system and install OS...dint touch any partion or did any changes toinstallation03:13
daftykinsWillW: your pastebin link was chopped off at the end of your message03:13
WillWdaftykins http://pastebin.com/r8ci4A2i03:14
daftykinsWillW: your space after "defaults," isn't wise03:14
tewardWillW: no space - it messes with the fstab arguments03:15
runbumdaftykins - Sorry, but was the second part of that command "sudo parted - 1" or did I misread?03:15
tewardas fstab expects space-delimited arguments (but the options stuff needs to be all together in one blob without spaces)03:15
daftykinsrunbum: lowercase L, "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"03:15
allmountainprohey i am trying to disable internal hdd. any ideas? cant do it in bios03:16
EriC^^revo: i've no idea03:16
WillWthanks, I'll reboot and report if that wasnt the problem03:16
revodammm...mine looks nothing like yours, you have BIOS start and them jumping to memory straight after....03:16
revomines just all over the place03:16
EriC^^revo: do you still have the grub entry for windows there?03:16
revoall deleted03:17
EriC^^type grep Windows | /boot/grub/grub.cfg03:17
revoone sec03:17
EriC^^sorry without the |03:17
revonothing happens03:17
EriC^^allmountainpro: you might be able to turn it off03:17
EriC^^allmountainpro: udisksctl --detach -b /dev/sdX03:18
revothis is the command i wrote grep Windows /boot/grub/grub.cfg03:18
EriC^^revo: ok, i guess it was deleted then03:18
revobut no t received any reply from terminal03:18
allmountainproEriC^^: what will that do03:18
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, detach the target device where /dev/sdX is the target device03:18
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, you'd have to do it in a live session before choosing to install03:19
EriC^^allmountainpro: it should turn it off03:19
EriC^^allmountainpro: if i do that on my ext hdd the light turns off and it disappears from sudo parted03:19
allmountainproEriC^^: is that ubuntu specific code? and im trying to turn off the internal, not hdd03:19
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, just use, lsblk, to see what sdX should actually be03:20
daftykins"internal not HDD" ? wat03:20
allmountainproi want the external hdd to stay onn, internal off03:20
revodoes any one know where can i download acer Revo Nettop RL80 rescue disk from ?03:20
tewardallmountainpro: you can't turn the internal drive off if the OS is on the internal03:20
daftykinsallmountainpro: so use the appropriate device identifier with the command EriC^^ showed you03:20
EriC^^allmountainpro: sorry, udisksctl power-off -b /dev/sdX03:21
revorekon if i can get my hands on one, then i would be able to fix my partition / boot/ os problem in one go03:21
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, yeah it's fine what you can do is boot to the live session, use lsblk to see what devices are there (without the USB one connected) connect the USB and do lsblk again and you should see a new entry, use the command from EriC^^ with the device name for the internal drive (the one that showed up on lsblk in both instances)03:21
allmountainprowafflej0ck: makes sense, ill post link of whaat im doing so you guys can see and maybe steer me in right direction03:22
purnanandhello, hnumaan, pls give solution  how to check  the IP of  system,?03:22
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, alternatively look up how to just remove the internal drive, on many machines it's an easy process, if you can find a youtube walkthrough with your model you can see if it's worth doing, this is usually a serviceable part so it's easy to remove03:22
runbumOK. I was able to execute the first part of the command, and the packages loaded up just fine, but when I typed in "sudo parted - l  | pastebinit" the terminal came back with "Error: Could not stat device - - no such file or directory." Sorry for all the problems....pulling my hair out.03:23
=== CLINT5000 is now known as hippo6000
EriC^^runbum: are you in a chroot?03:24
daftykinsrunbum: too many spaces. "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"03:24
runbumWhat is a chroot?03:24
EriC^^ah good catch daftykins03:24
purnanandAny buzz can give  tell me what is MAAS  UI?03:25
WillW_LaptopOk, I'm back and the partition has mounted properly, and I can now share a folder via nautilus without root permissions. But, the folder still appears as permission denied on the client PC. "Others" can create and delete files, and Guest access is on.03:25
daftykinspurnanand: i wouldn't recommend you try and use that thing, you aren't even sure how to find out an IP of a system you're running so i don't think it's going to go well.03:26
daftykinsWillW_Laptop: samba logs would be good next03:26
WillW_Laptopdaftykins theres no log file in /var/ ... is there a place i can find the samba logs?03:27
WillW_Laptopoh whoops i think i misread something03:28
purnanandhey buddy  pls tell me hoe to find out ip of a system it is my homework?03:29
daftykinslol homework03:29
daftykinsno, ask your teacher03:29
purnanandyes buddy , it is punishment like?03:30
daftykins'buddy' o003:30
WillW_Laptopdaftykins: I have no idea where samba logs are, where should i look?03:31
daftykinsshould be pretty obvious on entering /var/log03:31
purnanandhi friend , Mr_Sheesh, could you tell me how to find out ip pf a system?03:33
WillWdaftykins: http://pastebin.com/2uNLxxfh03:34
allmountainprowafflej0ck EriC^^ teward daftykins : https://www.suse.com/communities/conversations/how-create-external-usb-bootable-linux-hard-drive-without-dual-boot/03:34
bazhangpurnanand, go to whatismyip website03:34
purnanandthanks buddy,bazhang!03:35
daftykinsallmountainpro: why am i getting this?03:35
wolflarsonpurnanand, ipconfig will tell you local ipaddresses and google will tell you external addresses03:35
wolflarsonto find the ip associated with a domain name just ping it03:35
runbumOK, daftykins. I got it to paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9633026/. My user name isn't runbum though, just hit some random keys on the computer as my username when I installed Ubuntu.03:35
allmountainprodaftykins: we were all discussing that topic, i was showing you guys what i am trying to accomplish03:36
EriC^^allmountainpro: you should be able to select where to install the os, regardless of the number of disks03:36
daftykinsallmountainpro: nah i'm not watching ;)03:36
daftykinsrunbum: ok so a 4TB seagate external03:36
jak2000not know why cant save a file on home of the user: see: http://pastie.org/980142603:36
allmountainproEriC^^: ill try03:37
runbumThat's right.03:37
runbumI can't access it.03:37
EriC^^allmountainpro: are you installing ubuntu?03:37
daftykinsrunbum: right so this time, run gparted and create a partition on the drive03:37
EriC^^allmountainpro: i'm assuming the installer is sane enough to offer a Something else option03:37
purnanandHey buzz, can anybody tell me what is MAAS UI?03:38
OerHeksjak2000, i think you need to create the file first? sudo touch rtom.sh && sudo vim rtom.sh03:38
allmountainproEriC^^: im not sure what to try it with, i have options, was going to put ubuntu in partition and try steamOS or mint on external hdd03:38
ubottuMetal as a Service is a dynamic server provisioning service for scalability. See more about it at https://maas.ubuntu.com.03:39
EriC^^allmountainpro: you can install ubuntu on your disk, and use a vm for mint or other distros03:39
bobbyboby do i keep gettin discounnected03:40
daftykinsbobbybob: dunno, ask #freenode03:40
bobbybobhow do i join again03:40
bobbybobby typeing here03:40
EriC^^allmountainpro: it's pretty quick if you have a fast pc03:40
bazhanghttps://maas.ubuntu.com/2012/10/16/announcing-the-juju-web-ui/ purnanand03:40
allmountainproEriC^^: vm is slow03:40
allmountainprodont need to run at same time so partitions is fine03:41
purnanandthanks buzz!!03:41
allmountainproneed the external hdd for running beside windows03:41
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EriC^^allmountainpro: oh ok03:42
=== meta666 is now known as Metacity
EriC^^allmountainpro: mint is pretty much like ubuntu03:43
EriC^^allmountainpro: install something else maybe03:43
runbumHere's the latest problem: Now gparted shows my internal HD on the GUI, but when I highlight the external drive, the internal drive stats still appear in the GUI. It shows the filesystem for my internal drive as ext4, but the Seagate shows a filesystem of "extended". (?) There is another partition now - linux swap.03:44
purnanandhey buzz,what to do about - Access the MAAS UI at http://maas.ip/MAAS/ and follow the instructions to create the administrator, then login with those credentials?03:44
daftykinsrunbum: share a screenshot via imgur.com03:44
allmountainproEriC^^: ubuntu is stable enough to experiment with and a basic setup. ill put that in partition, steamos is only beta, put that on external to keep away from my files lol03:44
EriC^^allmountainpro: yeah03:45
allmountainproEriC^^: keep mint for day to day crap, ill have fun breaking ubuntu and steamos haha03:46
jasonjcknfinally about to get a ubuntu installation that works :D03:47
purnanandhey buddy, wolflarson, what to do about - Access the MAAS UI at http://maas.ip/MAAS/ and follow the instructions to create the administrator, then login with those credentials?03:47
jasonjckn14.10 with xorg-edgers PPA03:47
EriC^^allmountainpro: i think ubuntu is more stable than mint03:47
daftykinspurnanand: stop repeating and stop asking random nicknames03:49
EriC^^allmountainpro: probably best to use that as your main os03:49
allmountainproEriC^^: ubuntu is basic and better for programming03:50
daftykinsallmountainpro: notice the slightly amusing fact of telling an #ubuntu volunteer what the OS is like ;)03:51
allmountainprodaftykins: im aware, but im doing complicated things and have researched thoroughly for what i need, ive been told that ubuntu is what i should be experimenting with03:53
WillWHey all, I asked this a few minutes ago but daftykins was also helping a ton of people: I'm trying to share a folder over the network with samba and give it guest access. The 3 options in nautilus are checked, and permissions are create and delete files for "others". But, the client PC says "permission denied" when trying to access the folder.03:53
jak2000OerHeks: http://pastie.org/980143903:56
allmountainproEriC^^: im just saying i dont want to use my buggy dist for programming and experimenting03:57
runbumdaftykins - OK. Just uploaded a screenshot.03:58
daftykinsrunbum: are you gonna link it or? :P03:59
HikaruBGhi any channel for Ubuntu Gamers?03:59
runbumYeah. Sorry. Doing that now.03:59
daftykinsHikaruBG: what are you after exactly?04:00
HikaruBGsome mame ROM-s :)04:00
HikaruBGI need to know where can I get some04:00
daftykinsHikaruBG: so no, that's against this entire network.04:00
daftykinsWillW: yeah that log didn't seem relevant. i reckon it's down to permissions, given you can't set permissions on NTFS, so unless it's a guest share you'll need to have fstab mount it accordingly04:01
HikaruBGdaftykins, understood - I see I was mislead. Thanks04:03
purnanandhey buddy,daftykins,  lol pls tell me  MASS UI is not accessed at http://maas.ip/MAAS/  ?04:04
daftykinspurnanand: no, you've been given links, go and learn.04:04
daftykinspurnanand: and you are not my buddy.04:04
daftykinsthe 90s want their word back :(04:04
allmountainpro^ oh snap04:04
WillWdaftykins: fstab has mounted the partition containing the folder with uid 1000(my user account), with defaults options. Are you saying that i need to mount the samba share in fstab somehow?04:05
_sbops please kick purnanand04:05
purnanandIt's not working ,buddy?daftykins!!!!!!04:06
daftykinsWillW: tell you what, confirm samba's happy by sharing a folder on the EXT4 volume first to test all is well04:06
WillWgood idea, brb04:06
dragizhow is everyone today04:07
=== dts_ is now known as dts|pokeball
WillWdaftykins: I can confirm EXT4 shares are accessible on the client PC04:08
daftykinsdragiz: still running a support channel that isn't for chat! :)04:08
WillWsame methods, too04:08
daftykinsWillW: good stuff, well that rules that out. i guess maybe you need a groupid to mount with too, no experience with getting fstab just right on that front though i'm afraid :(04:09
FoxhoundzExcuse me04:11
FoxhoundzI just installed avconv04:11
Foxhoundzand it's warning about it being outdated04:11
Foxhoundzis the avconv in Ubuntu's default repo outdated?04:11
runbumdaftykins - It should be up there now. Lots of hassles with my email account. :(04:12
tewardFoxhoundz: compared to upstream stable, it might be - doesn't mean that it's got security holes in it though, those might all be patched04:12
nmatrix9Anyone know how to see which program has a file lock?  Iam unable to unmount a mount point.04:12
runbumIt's under "runbum1".04:12
daftykinsrunbum: you can upload without an account 0o just go to the image and paste the link here.04:13
daftykinsnmatrix9: your own terminal isn't still in said path, is it? that's always a common gotcha04:13
Foxhoundzteward: curious. Who decides to update the ubuntu repo?04:13
WillW_daftykins: adding group ID to fstab did not have any effect :(04:14
daftykinsWillW_: answer has to be in the logs somewhere, unless your share definition in smb.conf is funny04:14
tewardFoxhoundz: it's usually not updated without good reason, except every new Ubuntu release, to prevent breakage of things that might depend on other items, and such04:15
coltaine`hi, having problems with bluetooth headset after resume, works fine on fresh boot, after resume, it only works if it's close to the laptop... like a foot away... i've tried reloading btusb, rfcomm, bluetooth modules, nothing works, thanks04:15
daftykinsrunbum: so in the upper right you need to click "/dev/sda" and change it to /dev/sdb04:15
WillW_daftykins: it is funny. Because the share def isn't there. I'm not sure how it even shows up on the network. Is there another smb.conf that isn't located in /etc/samba?04:16
tewardFoxhoundz: which ubuntu version are you on04:17
daftykinsWillW_: how are you creating these shares?04:17
WillW_daftykins: nautilus>right click folder>properties>local network share04:18
=== Rondom_ is now known as Rondom
daftykinsah GUI.04:18
nmatrix9daftykins, Yeah I looked out for that one lol.04:19
runbumWhen I click on "/dev/sda", it doesn't allow me to make the change.04:19
Foxhoundzteward: Ubuntu server04:19
Foxhoundzlatest LTS04:19
daftykinsrunbum: in what way? is sdb not listed? does it jump out and grab your mouse-arm and say NO!04:19
daftykinsnmatrix9: lsof might help04:19
runbumIf I single click, it doesn't do anything. If I double click, an dialog box pops up with more details, but no way to access it.04:20
tewardFoxhoundz: okay, yeah, assuming avconf is part of libav-tools, then yes it might be out of date - versions aren't bumped in stable releases (or any already existing releases) without really good reasons04:21
tewardFoxhoundz: from what i can tell it's not too far behind - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libav04:21
Bashing-omnmatrix9: Maybe: You can use the  command to find out which process was keeping the device busy:04:21
daftykinsrunbum: i'm going to have to call it a night now i'm afraid. i'm sure someone else can help though04:21
=== Schnabel- is now known as Schnabeltierchen
tewardFoxhoundz: relevant: http://askubuntu.com/questions/151283/why-dont-the-ubuntu-repositories-have-the-latest-versions-of-software04:22
runbumI think I need a good, strong drink...04:22
runbumThanks for the help.04:22
Bashing-omnmatrix9:  # fuser -m /dev/sdc1 . or whichever the device/partition may be .04:22
nmatrix9Bashing-om, Thanks I found a way to umount  umount -a -t cifs -l works too.04:26
aeorilI installed node.js binaries from a tar.gz on the Joyent website.  I just tar xzf'ed it into my home directory, pointed a soft link to the directory and put the path tot he binary directory in my path and it just worked.  I was a little surprised - are the differences between different binary installs really more to do with different package managers than the compiled binaries?04:26
dns53aeoril binaries expect the libraries in the same place and to be the same or similar versions. Most binaries statically link the libraries to get around this so it should work the same but then you don't receive updates on those libraries04:30
WillWdaftykins: OK, I just tried adding a new NTFS folder to smb.conf, still permission denied for the client, here's the share paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9633162/04:30
runbumOK. I finally managed to change to /dev/sdb. Weird how the process is still pending. Crossing my fingers that the computer won't crash again.04:32
runbumIt's gonna crash.04:33
aeorildns53 yes, that makes sense04:34
mortal1howdy all04:34
Bashing-omnmatrix9: Thanks, new one on me, homework . :)04:34
mortal1I just had my xfce go black on me, i'm trying to find out what the deal is in log files04:34
mortal1what log file covers xwindow type events?04:35
daftykinsWillW: hrmm guest would make it a different ballgame, but now your Windows box has a cache of the login used on that host perhaps. so might need a clean restart to reflect a guest auth. event viewer on windows might be handy to work out why it's denied on that side too. i've got to sleep now, but good luck :>04:36
WillWthey're actually both ubuntu, and i make a new folder every time i test04:36
WillWbut thanks for your help, enjoy your rest04:36
daftykinsnp :>04:36
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Bashing-ommortale: look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log and in your /home; .xsession-errors .04:38
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vpn1Hi all04:51
=== vpn1 is now known as chuxxsss
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runbumI'm wondering if anyone can help me use the terminal commands to format an external HD. Gparted isn't working.04:56
=== vpn1 is now known as chuxxsss
gr33n7007hrunbum, use cfdisk it's a lot easier :)04:58
runbumOK. I wrote down the commands for fdisk. Is cfdisk the same?04:58
gr33n7007hrunbum, yes but uses curses04:59
gr33n7007hrunbum, run this commmand in terminal `sudo apt-get install util-linux` to install cfdisk05:00
runbum"E: unable to locate package util" "E: unable to locate package linux"05:02
gr33n7007h!info util-linux05:03
ubottuutil-linux (source: util-linux): Miscellaneous system utilities. In component main, is required. Version 2.25.1-3ubuntu4 (utopic), package size 820 kB, installed size 2954 kB05:03
gr33n7007hsudo apt-get install util-linux05:04
gr33n7007h^^ copy and paste to your terminal05:04
gr33n7007hrunbum, ^^05:04
runbumGot it.05:04
runbumIt is updated.05:05
gr33n7007hdid it install?05:06
runbumYeah. It says "util-linux is already the newest version."05:06
gr33n7007htype `sudo cfdisk` in terminal does anything show?05:07
runbumA GUI.05:07
gr33n7007hpress q05:07
runbumIt's back to the command terminal.05:08
gr33n7007hok good05:08
runbummuch better05:08
gr33n7007hrunbum, do you know your external hd device node?05:08
runbumOK. I'm just learning this, so I might not be using the right terms. According to gparted, it's /dev/sda.05:09
gr33n7007his /dev/sda you believe to be external HD05:10
gr33n7007hyou can check with fdisk -l05:10
gr33n7007hmake sure you have the right one05:10
runbum"Cannot open /dev/sda: Permission denied"05:11
gr33n7007hwhat command did you type?05:11
runbumfdisk -l05:11
gr33n7007hsudo fdisk -l05:11
cfhowlettrunbum, also : paste would help immensely05:12
cfhowlett!paste | runbum05:12
ubotturunbum: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:12
gr33n7007hrunbum, is that the hard drive you want to format?05:15
runbumYes. The 4TB Seagate external HD.05:15
gr33n7007hok type `sudo cfdisk /dev/sda`05:16
runbum"cannot open /dev/sda: Permission denied"05:17
gr33n7007hAh, partition table is gpt can't use cfdisk just noticed05:18
runbumCan I use fdisk?05:18
gr33n7007hyou can use gdisk05:19
runbumOK. Are the commands the same, except to replace "cf" with "g"?05:20
gr33n7007hsudo gdisk /dev/sda05:20
runbumGPT fdisk (gdisk) version 0.8.805:21
runbumgdisk /dev/sda ??05:22
gr33n7007hsudo gdisk /dev/sda05:22
runbumOK. A list of commands popped up.05:23
gr33n7007hrunbum, What are you doing with this hdd?05:24
runbumhdd? sorry, new to this.05:24
=== chu is now known as Guest79953
gr33n7007hThe 4TB Seagate external HD05:25
cfhowlettrunbum, hdd = hard drive05:25
runbumOh. I want to format it entirely. It doesn't have any data. I just wanted to change from the ntfs file system to ext4.05:25
gr33n7007hrunbum, there is no ntfs on it05:26
gr33n7007hrunbum, there's no partitions05:27
runbumI know. There used to be ntfs on it. I accidentally interrupted the formatting process, which is why I'm having so many problems. The drive isn't damaged, I just hit the wrong key accidentally.05:27
runbumIt's all unallocated space.05:28
=== Guest79953 is now known as mwsb
gr33n7007hrunbum, try `mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda`05:28
runbumIt doesn't do anything.05:29
runbumIt erased the command, and put the cursor back to the prompt.05:30
cfhowlettgr33n7007h, run again with -V   verbose flag?05:31
gr33n7007hrunbum, try `sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda`05:32
gr33n7007hcfhowlett, that's version :)05:33
runbum"You may need to edit /etc/fstab and/or your boot loader configuration!"05:33
cfhowlettgr33n7007h, doh!  I must have an old 'man' then.05:33
skwishyCan someone help me figure out bluetooth audio? ubuntu 14.04 on a macbook pro05:34
cfhowlett!mac | skwishy05:34
ubottuskwishy: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages05:34
gr33n7007hrunbum, is it mounted to the desktop?05:34
runbumThat's the problem. It won't mount after the formatting issue.05:35
runbumI wonder if I might have more luck on a Windows machine, and could use chkdsk?05:36
runbumalthough it doesn't show any ntfs at this point05:37
gr33n7007hhave your tried formatting with gparted?05:37
skwishyubottu: I've used that a while ago, and I'm starting to think my bluetooth audio problem is more generic than just a macbook thing05:37
ubottuskwishy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:37
runbumcrashed my system with it three times05:37
skwishycfhowlett: :)  I've used that a while ago, and I'm starting to think my bluetooth audio problem is more generic than just a macbook thing05:38
skwishythe problem is that it pairs, then a few second later, it unpairs05:38
skwishyI'm kinda lost about bluetooth, I was hoping there would be more useful logs somewhere, but so far, I haven't found them05:39
runbumOne problem might be that I (stupidly) used the "erase" long duration option of formatting. I don't know why, since there was nothing to erase, but could that be an issue?05:39
gr33n7007hrunbum, I doubt it05:40
runbumThe drive hardware seems ok.05:40
gr33n7007huse sudo gdisk /dev/sda05:40
gr33n7007hthen use it like fdisk05:40
runbumsame thing...rejected the command05:41
runbumWhat does the system mean by "you may need to edit /etc/fstab and/or your boot loader configuration!" ?05:42
gr33n7007hwhat about `sudo cgdisk /dev/sda`05:42
skwishyUsing "hcitool scan" I can see the bt speaker listed, so that's good, right?05:42
runbumIt came back with "You may need to edit......etc."05:43
gr33n7007hrunbum, idk then, maybe try on your win machine05:45
gr33n7007hor wait till someone knows in here better?05:45
runbumYeah. I'll have to go to a friends place for that. I don't often wish I had a Windows machine lying around. Thanks for the help.05:46
gr33n7007hok :(05:46
runbumMaybe I'll just return it. :) Signing off.05:47
lickalotthas anyone run vitrualdub?  i've installed the gstreamer codecs but it still fails on an .avi claiming that it can't read xvid05:50
dns53lickalott so you have bad and ugly codecs?05:51
skwishyIs there a way to inspect what tools that the gnome control panel settings actually uses?  So I can figure out what it's trying to do with enabling bluetooth, and work with it "by hand" from bash?05:52
lickalottpossibly dns5305:53
=== root is now known as Guest11258
cfhowlettGuest11258, spam?  no.  stop.05:59
skwishyDoes the bluetooth settings make any logging entries?  For example, when I enable or disable bluetooth from the gnome-settings, does this get logged somewhere?06:00
cfhowlettskwishy, every linux event gets logged ... SOMEWHERE :)06:00
cfhowlettGuest11258, ask your ubuntu question06:00
skwishycfhowlett: yeah, but I'm surprised it's not syslog in this case06:00
cfhowlettskwishy, ls -ltr /var/log will show most recent log notations06:01
skwishycfhowlett: I tried that already :(06:01
skwishycfhowlett: hmm, not sure how I missed it, but it's actually logged in /var/log/syslog, so that's good!06:02
cfhowlettskwishy, :)06:02
endersendinghow do i install windows 95?06:05
skwishyah, this looks like a good clue, after trying to pair, I see this entry logged in /var/log/auth.log:06:05
skwishyDec 28 00:04:24 mbp3 dbus[977]: [system] Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.339" (uid=0 pid=8257 comm="/usr/sbin/bluetoothd ") interface="org.bluez.MediaEndpoint" member="SelectConfiguration" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination=":1.53" (uid=1000 pid=2617 comm="/usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog ")06:05
cfhowlettendersending, ask ##windows06:05
cfhowlettskwishy, paste please ...06:06
endersendingi like ubuntu but i want the web updates that netscape has06:06
skwishycfhowlett: paste?06:06
cfhowlettendersending, ask ##windows06:06
cfhowlett!paste | skwishy,06:06
ubottuskwishy,: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:06
endersendingjust fucking with ya.06:06
cfhowlettendersending, stop.  now.06:06
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList06:06
endersendingwhats your ip?06:07
cfhowlettphunyguy, thank you VERY much06:07
skwishyDec 28 00:04:24 mbp3 dbus[977]: [system] Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.339" (uid=0 pid=8257 comm="/usr/sbin/bluetoothd ") interface="org.bluez.MediaEndpoint" member="SelectConfiguration" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination=":1.53" (uid=1000 pid=2617 comm="/usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog ")06:07
skwishydoes anyone know what that means?06:09
cfhowlett!topic | Guest1125806:11
ubottuGuest11258: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic06:11
skwishyI guess I need to configure dbus permissions for bluetooth?06:13
shadaloowhat is the optimal way to start unity from tty106:17
skwishyafter editing /etc/dbus-1/system.d/bluetooth.conf, should the "dbus" service be restared?06:17
lickalottdns53, if anyone else asks.  avidemux is the way to go.  (suitable substitute for virtualdub, nandub)06:17
shadalooi have tried unity --reset, unity --replace and setsid unity, all fail06:20
shadaloowhy is unity so horrible06:20
frecelare the repos broken? I'm getting 1KB/s downloads from ppas and the official repos, I can connect to antyhing else just fine06:20
cfhowlettshadaloo, you can use ANY of the desktop environments in repo.  choose a different one.06:20
shadaloocfhowlett: no06:22
shadaloocfhowlett: that is not what i want06:22
shadalooafter I switch to a different tty I want to be able to restart unity without having to rebbot06:23
shadalooi dont want to use something 'depreciated', as unity describes 'unity --replace'06:23
skwishyWhen trying to pair my bluetooth speaker, the /var/log/Xorg.0.log seems to indicate it's trying to add it as a keyboard!06:23
cfhowlettskwishy, a "HID" human interface device?06:24
skwishycfhowlett: I guess so?  here's the log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9633432/06:25
skwishythat address is my speaker bluetooth address06:25
cfhowlettskwishy, there's probably a method to configure that to speaker ...06:25
skwishycfhowlett: It's weird, the gnome settings"Bluetooth New Device Setup" finds my speaker, and shows it as a "Device type: Headphones, headeset and other audio devices"06:28
shadalooi figured out unity will not start by itself06:30
basil1xAttempt N°2 ASUS T100TA Ubuntu 14.10 x64 with self-compiled bootia32.efi.  This is getting tedious.06:30
linuxmintHello, anyone know a good RedHat or CentOS channel please? #rhel and #dro aren't joining.06:30
shadalooand service lightdm restart06:31
cfhowlettlinuxmint, ask ##linux06:31
shadaloothanks for all the help #ubuntu06:31
knoppix246785What is redhat?06:31
shadaloo(not rly)06:31
linuxmintcfhowlett: thanks.06:31
basil1xlinuxmint, You might have to be a registered freenode user to join.  Have you registered with nickserv?06:32
cfhowlettknoppix246785, it's not ubuntu so off-topic06:32
knoppix246785Can you explain linux mint?06:32
cfhowlett!mint | knoppix246785,06:32
ubottuknoppix246785,: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:32
linuxmintbasil1x: yes, all registered, but #linux says cannot send to channel on Freenode. I'll ask LinuxMint.06:33
linuxmintcfhowlett: hmm, seems #linux on freenode is broken. Error: cannot send to channel.06:38
cfhowlettlinuxmint, ##linux        note: ##06:39
linuxmintcfhowlett: I don't understand. I tried /join #linux and /join ##linux.06:39
dns53linuxmint, i think you need to be identified with freenode before you can send a message06:40
linuxmintdns53: yes, I do have to log in. As it happens, I've logged in to freenode with the /NickServ bit to access this #ubuntu channel.06:40
skwishyIn the gnome bluetooth settings, when you click the bluetooth "ON/OFF" slider, or the Connection "ON/OFF", is there a way to do the same thing via the command line?06:41
gr33n7007hskwishy, hciconfig hci0 down/up06:42
skwishygr33n7007h: the hciconfig hci0 down worked, but up doesnt, any idea what this error means?06:44
skwishyroot@mbp3:~# hciconfig hci0 up06:44
skwishyCan't init device hci0: Operation not possible due to RF-kill (132)06:44
gr33n7007hskwishy, sudo rfkill unblock all06:45
gr33n7007hor try with sudo06:45
linuxmintdns53: thanks for helping, but I've been told the rules are to ask first before sending a PM. Yes, your link http://www.linuxassist.net/how-to-connect/ is what I have done, but ##Linux still gives error: Cannot send to channel.06:45
skwishygr33n7007h: cool, that seemed to work, thanks!!06:45
skwishygr33n7007h: any idea how to also establish an actual pairing connection via cli?06:46
gr33n7007hto what?06:47
skwishygr33n7007h: to a headset/speaker06:47
skwishygr33n7007h: maybe something like this? rfcomm connect hci0 50:56:BF:CF:3D:F206:48
gr33n7007hvia cli would imagine "rfcomm connect /dev/rfcomm0 <macaddr> <port>"06:48
coolmadmaxlinuxmint, you need to be registered to nickserv06:49
gr33n7007hskwishy, figure out what port to connect to first with sdptool06:49
linuxmintcoolmadmax: yes, I am registered to NickServ, as that's the only way I can connect and chat to this #Ubuntu channel.06:49
dns53linuxmint you also need to message nickserv every time you connect  /msg nickserv identify password06:50
linuxmintdns53: really? I connect to other channels just by /join #channelName.06:51
dns53you don't need to be registered for most channels, only some will not give you voice for that channel unless you are registered06:52
linuxmintdns53: hmm, I just tried in ##Linux field: /msg nickserv identify password <mypassword>06:52
linuxmintdns53: error: Invalid password for Password06:53
gr33n7007hlinuxmint, remove password06:53
gr33n7007hpassword is supposed to be your password06:53
coolmadmaxlinuxmint, read ---> https://freenode.net/faq.shtml#registering06:53
linuxmintgr33n7007h: oh, I see, /msg nickserv identify <password>06:53
gr33n7007hyep :)06:54
linuxmintcoolmadmax: yes, I know about the commands, but didn't know I had to log in again for ##linux. It worked now.06:55
skwishygr33n7007h: using sdptool browse, how do you determine the bluetooth port to connect to with rfcomm?06:56
gr33n7007hskwishy, pastebin "sdptool browse <bdaddr>"06:57
skwishygr33n7007h: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9633498/06:57
gr33n7007hskwishy, no rfcomm chans there? you won't be able to connect over rfcomm :(06:59
skwishygr33n7007h: I obvioulsy know nearly nothing about bluetooth, but I wonder, could I be stuck in a "hci mode"?07:00
gr33n7007hskwishy, no07:01
gr33n7007hthe speakers must connect using l2cap layer07:01
=== samfty_ is now known as samfty
skwishygr33n7007h: do you happen to have any ideas about why when I try to pair to this headset device, I get an X error about trying to add it as a keyboard input device?07:01
skwishyI just wonder if that's maybe a clue07:02
gr33n7007hskwishy, not a clue, but I thought bluetooth speaker/headset was over rfcomm but i may be wrong07:03
liberalPIGSUsb headset skwishy07:03
liberalPIGSYou have a EL-cheapo blue tooth device skwishy07:05
squintyliberalPIGS was ejected from the channel earlier today for talking absolute garbage... suggest you ignore the troll07:07
cfhowlett!ops | liberalPIGS,07:07
ubottuliberalPIGS,: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang07:07
* cfhowlett is grateful that #ubuntu-ops is on the case!07:07
* gr33n7007h think so too...07:08
wlxmhlshello! xubuntu 14.10 turns blank after 10 min while watching flash video. how can i disable blank while playing it?07:28
phunyguywlxmhls: a better option is to change the screen blanking behavior to a higher timeout.... not really sure there is another way.07:30
phunyguywlxmhls: I think maybe there could be a power saving profile option to have it never blank the screen, that you can select while watching flash videos.   As far as how to do that, I don't know.  But this should give you a direction at leasr.07:32
monstI was curious if its possible to SSH in and interact with TTY1 ?07:33
monstso it is seen on the screen07:34
jerrcsmonst: you could use something like screen or tmux to easily do that.07:34
jerrcsbut the raw tty, not sure.07:34
monsti have a raspberry pi that boots up with a little screen to tty1, id like to be able to have the screen update via SSH07:35
monstwithout having to interact first with a keyboard/mouse07:36
monstscreen would have to be have to be setup from tty1 first correct?07:36
allmountainprowafflej0ck: you know anything about partitioning?07:39
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, a bit but typically just use GParted really07:40
wlxmhlsphunyguy: it is better to detect audio/video working state: when audio/video is working, no blank screen.07:40
allmountainprowafflej0ck: does gparted walk you through it?07:40
jerrcsmonst: correct. it might not be what you are looking for honestly07:40
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, not really but it gives you all the stuff in a GUI to do it pretty easily and after you setup the changes you hit apply to commit them all at once when it looks good07:41
allmountainprowafflej0ck: whatss a gui07:41
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, really though just need one partition for the system and a small partition for swap (equal to the size of your RAM ideally)07:41
monstjerrcs: maybe I can force tty1 into a screen a boot that I can connect to.07:41
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, GUI just means graphical user interface, just a windowed application not a terminal thing07:41
allmountainprowafflej0ck: oh ok haha. i am balls deep into setting up 3 more distros. eyes are bleeding lol07:42
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, if you want to have a separate home partition too that can be useful so when you upgrade you leave the home partition with all your user data in it and just wipe out the OS partition, but personally haven't done that07:42
cfhowlett_!home | allmountainpro,07:44
ubottuallmountainpro,: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving07:44
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, yeah so with GParted you get a visual diagram of the disk and can right click on partitions to delete them or format them or whatever and it just queues up all the stuff you tell it to do, then when you hit apply it actually runs all those operations to partition the disk and format partitions however you set it up07:44
bobbybobhey all07:45
bobbybobwhats the LD tonite07:46
allmountainproubottu: do i have to move home partition?07:46
ubottuallmountainpro: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:46
allmountainprowafflej0ck: do i have to make partitions in other format for linux distros or can i make the same?07:47
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, different distros will have different filesystem support to some degree but believe ext4 is pretty widely supported at this point07:48
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, there are some more advanced ones like btrfs and zfs that still have limited support07:48
allmountainprowafflej0ck: what would i search on ye olde google to find out for each distro?07:49
sup3rs4iyanidk whatever you want07:50
cfhowlett_sup3rs4iyan, ask your ubuntu question07:50
sup3rs4iyanok...so i might sound a tad nub but how do i get GNOME on this comp...i got the latest Ubuntu version07:52
cfhowlett_!gnome | sup3rs4iyan07:52
ubottusup3rs4iyan: GNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome07:52
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, yup er check the distro documentation wikipedia has a list of defaults in here too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Linux_distributions but doesn't show all the supported ones, and support gets added over time so depends on the version07:52
sup3rs4iyanok let me open another terminal and type it in07:53
bobbybobany good tor onion site to visit ?07:53
cfhowlett_!ot | bobbybob,07:54
ubottubobbybob,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:54
wafflej0ckbobbybob, this chat is just for support really more general chat in #ubuntu-offtopic07:54
gr33n7007hdoes "free the fish" still work in ubuntu?07:54
bobbyboboh ok . thanks sorry very noob07:54
cfhowlett_gr33n7007h, eh?  test for yourself and see ...07:54
gr33n7007hI'm not on ubuntu :(07:55
gr33n7007hat the mo07:55
gr33n7007hit was alt+f2 then type "free the fish"07:56
cfhowlett_gr33n7007h, and that should do ... what?07:57
gr33n7007hdisplay a swimming fish across the desktop :)07:58
cfhowlett_gr33n7007h, might have been gnome specific ... nothing here07:58
gr33n7007hah, ok thanks for trying :)07:58
wafflej0cknope no freethefish... I use cowsay sometimes to break up text :)07:59
wafflej0ckuseful debugging tools :)07:59
sup3rs4iyangnome is unable to find a valid context for me at login and i get system program error pop ups, what do you suggest i do?08:04
chuxxssshas anyone got hostapd working over wifi08:08
=== athan_ is now known as athan
amriunixhi !! i want to asj, how can i setup the default interface for ubuntu !!! for example : i have wlan0, eth0 and ppp0 . currently ppp0 is the default interface . so how can i set eth0 as a default interfarce without close ppp0 ????08:13
allmountainproif possible i could really use some help partitioning08:19
wafflej0ck!details | allmountainpro08:22
ubottuallmountainpro: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:22
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, know generally what you're up to but where are you stuck what'd you do so far what are you trying to accomplish exactly at this point08:23
allmountainproI am trying to make partitions before i get into the live cd. ive been told its easier to do before. havent done anything yet so nothing to reverse08:24
allmountainprowafflej0ck: ^08:25
amriunixhi !! how can i setup the default network interface for ubuntu !!! for example : i have wlan0, eth0 and ppp0 . currently ppp0 is the default interface . so how can i set eth0 as a default interfarce without close ppp0 ????08:27
allmountainprowafflej0ck: do you have experience with making partitions08:28
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, typically you can just let the installer setup the partitions for you really unless you want to separately have a home partition, if you want that you should just use gparted from the live disk to setup the partitioning then during the setup you can choose to manually setup your partitions/mount points and assign the appropriate partitions for / /boot /home and your swap space08:31
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, if you don't care so much about keeping the /home separate though you can just let the installer do the partitioning for you08:32
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, it is easier to do partitioning in advance in general since it doesn't have to shift data around the disk it's all just empty space being setup with tables to keep track of the data that will eventually go into the partitions08:33
allmountainprowafflej0ck: can i resize without losing data?08:35
wafflej0ckallmountainpro, I have experience doing it but it's not something I do for my desktop setups in most cases, usually I have a backup running for my home folder so when there are major upgrades I just backup with clonezilla then wipe it all out and restore the data I need from my regular backup, you can resize without losing data but it typically take a lot longer especially if you have to move a partition, and you need to do it a08:36
wafflej0ckll from a live disk too so the partition isn't mounted (think zfs lets you modify things more fluidly without shutdown/reboot but haven't used it yet myself)08:36
mladouxI have a question about 15.04, is anyone testing it, and if so, is it on systemd, or is it still on upstart... I'm waiting for it to get a bit further along in development before I touch it, but I'm just curious.08:37
mwsbmladoux: Might be better to ask in #ubuntu+108:37
mladouxthanks, I will try there, not really a support question either way, but it helps to ask in the right place :)08:38
janolap1hi there, I need help : I have 2 disks on my system. The first one /dev/sda is for dual boot (xp/ubuntu) with 2 patitions /dev/sda1 (boot and xp) and /dev/sda2 (extended for ubuntu). This morning, I wanted to format in Fat32 /dev/sdb1 and unfortunatly I have formatted /dev/sda1 in Fat32. I didn't reboot as I think I loose grub. What can I do ?08:39
janolap1I am in Lubuntu, I have installed testdisk, but don't know what to do next...08:40
wafflej0ckjanolap1, you can re-install grub if need be http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd08:41
wafflej0ckjanolap1, could try the grub-repair program too if you prefer trying a GUI based thing instead/first08:42
mladouxI'm pretty sure grub would have installed on sda, however, if you want to be sure, you can run `sudo grub-install /dev/sda` minus the quotes, and it should set it up.08:42
janolap1wafflej0ock , mladoux : I think so : grub should be on sda. Is there a mean to restore sda on it's initial state (to get my data back) ? The format operation was really short (1 second). The data must be there again...08:44
mladouxwell, it's only written to the first 512 bytes of the disk, if I recall properly, for the stage one, and stage 2 is loaded from your boot partition of the OS it was installed from.08:45
mladouxso, it really doesn't take more than a second to install it08:46
mladouxthe whole thing won't fit in a normal boot record, especially if you're using MBR, versus GPT. Not sure what the limitations on GPT are.08:46
wafflej0ckjanolap1, typically it's just going to be rewriting the partition table or filesystem information unless you explicitly wipe the drive, there are data recovery solutions that will let you read back the files but they tend to just scan the entire drive and attempt to find data but not really good for recovering the entire system just for recovering really important data08:48
wafflej0ckjanolap1, http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Partition/recovering.html <-- this may be helpful08:49
mladouxoh, I misread I think, did you accidently reformat sda1?08:51
dts|pokeballhey guys... so ive got an ubuntu 14.04 vps, and im trying to install libapache2-mod-fastcgi which according to this http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libapache2-mod-fastcgi should be in my repos, but its not (searched via apt-cache). can someone help?08:51
mladouxbecause, if so, way out of my league buddy08:51
mladouxdid you run apt-get update?08:51
wafflej0ckjanolap1, http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/80270/unix-linux-undelete-recover-deleted-files <-- this is eluding more to the kind of data recovery stuff I mentioned above and there are services and programs (thining in windows) that will do data recovery for you but like I said that's just for data itself not fixing the partitions08:51
dts|pokeballmladoux, not specifically for this issue, but i have, yes. just a few minutes ago when adding a ppa08:52
mladouxokay, did you install a ppa for the package specifically?08:53
mladouxI know, these questions may sound stupid, I'm just trying to establish a baseline.08:54
dts|pokeballits ok08:54
dts|pokeballand no08:54
dts|pokeballi added the ppa for hhvm08:54
dts|pokeballbut now i want to set it up to work with apache (which is already running) but to do that i need the lib in question08:54
mladouxdts|pokeball, did you make sure to enable the multiverse repository?08:55
mladouxbecause that's where that package is.08:55
dts|pokeballhow would i do that?08:55
dts|pokeballsorry, i havent used ubuntu in a long time08:55
mladouxsudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu $(lsb_release -sc) multiverse"08:56
mladouxshould do it08:56
mladouxlemme know if you run into any further issue.08:56
dts|pokeballsudo: add-apt-repository: command not found08:57
dts|pokeballand apt-add-repository isnt there either08:57
dts|pokeballdo i need to install software-properties-common or something like that?08:57
Ubnoobtihi, I am using 12.04, and I am getting E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) any time I try to upgrade, remove or reinstall anything.08:58
mladouxoh, server edition, yeah, you need that. just a sec dts|pokeball I'll grab the correct command for you08:58
dts|pokeballmladoux, thanks a ton08:59
mladouxsudo apt-get install python-software-properties08:59
mladouxthere ya go08:59
dts|pokeballi knew it was something like that08:59
dts|pokeballi would rather not say why i know that though08:59
mladouxdts|pokeball, I knew you were close, but I also knew you were wrong08:59
mladouxI know that stuff because I spend entirely too much time on the CLI09:00
dts|pokeballmeh, i guess i can give you a good face palm09:00
mladouxlol, no worries09:00
dts|pokeballi was trying to install clang via source on mint09:00
dts|pokeballand it was a botched install09:00
dts|pokeballso i had to manually remove it09:00
dts|pokeballi accidently did rm -rf /usr/bin09:01
xanguareinstall ubuntu09:01
mladouxI don't even use ubuntu that often anymore, most of my machines are either arch, bsd, or RHEL/CentOS09:01
dts|pokeballi was using manjaro for the longest time09:01
dts|pokeballlove it, just not stable enough09:01
janolap1mladoux, wafflej0ck : ok, I have read the given pages. I accidently format /dev/sda1, containing grub and windows xp system. I'm trying to "unformat" it by using testdisk... if any advice...09:02
mladouxjanolap1, yeah, sorry, I can't help with that, I'll only end up destroying your system further.09:03
janolap1mladoux : :-)09:03
mladouxI know enough to know when I don't know what I'm talking about.09:03
dts|pokeballthansks mladoux worked like a charm09:04
janolap1mladoux : great skill09:04
mladouxdts|pokeball, of course it did, it was the correct way to do it.09:05
mladouxyou're welcome09:05
janolap1Anyone else to help me in an accidentual format of my grub/boot/xp partition ?09:06
Ubnoobtihey all09:08
UbnoobtiAnyone give me some advice on what to do?09:09
xanguayou do or do not, there is no try09:10
mladouxwas there a question?09:10
Ubnoobtihi, I am using 12.04, and I am getting E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) any time I try to upgrade, remove or reinstall anything.09:10
wafflej0ckjanolap1, yeah sorry don't know anything more than what I linked or what Google can answer about that specifically and too tired to be more helpful at this point09:10
Ubnoobtihow do I fix it09:10
mladouxdid you try running `sudo apt-get -f install`09:11
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, you try rebooting since you saw the error to see if some other process is causing dpkg problems09:11
janolap1wafflej0ck : ok, thanks :-)09:11
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, could also try with -f like mladoux says or check /var/log/dpkg.log09:11
mladouxyeah, that should cause it to fix any incomplete package installs09:12
mladouxthe log is useful too, because that will tell you what's broke in most cases.09:12
Ubnoobtifor -f I get E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?09:12
mladouxsomething else is using it.09:12
mladouxperhaps the lock didn't get released09:12
UbnoobtiIve rebooted,09:12
Ubnoobtino luck09:13
mladouxthen 'sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock'09:13
mladouxand try again.09:13
mladouxbut only if you've rebooted, and no other apt-gets are running09:13
notfadsssssssscan someone help me potentially? I am trying to install ubuntu and after install successfully goes through initial reboot leads to a black screen.. If someone can help I will paypal them been at this for 2 days now, I have bootlogs!09:14
Ubnoobtino other apt gets are running09:14
UbnoobtiI did the rm /var command, nothing happened09:14
mladouxnotfadssssssss, show boot logs, https://paste.ubuntu.com please09:14
mladouxyou deleted the lock, there's no feedback09:15
Ubnoobtioh god, I just want to get skype working09:15
Ubnoobtishould I just reinstall ubuntu?09:15
notfadssssssssmladoux: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9629025/09:15
zoobuntuHi there, I have a usb wifi device. Each time I reboot, the only way for me to have the system detect it is, by re-inserting the device physically.09:15
zoobuntuHow can I make it detect itself at reboot? (on a command line installation)09:16
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, not sure had to debug with just that info though can pastebin your tail -f /var/log/dpkg.log too might give us some more details09:16
Ubnoobtisoz man, do what? Tell me what to type in, and what to paste in pasta bin, very clearly,09:17
Ubnoobti-f /var/log/dpkg.log?09:17
dts|pokeballsorry, ive got a new issue now. so im trying to get hhvm https://github.com/facebook/hhvm/wiki/fastcgi to work with apache, using this page, but for some reason it still doesnt want to show the .hh file09:20
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, tail -f /var/log/dpkg.log09:20
kazzumI compiled a custom kernel (it was my college assigment), then i removed everything in boot, and thought reinstalling linux-image will bring generic image back, i reinstalled linux-image-generic but /boot is still empty,09:20
dts|pokeballsorry, ive got a new issue now. so im trying to get hhvm to work with apache, using this page https://github.com/facebook/hhvm/wiki/fastcgi, but for some reason it still doesnt want to show the .hh file09:20
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, tail just shows the last chunk of the output of a file09:20
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, -f makes it "follow" the file so it will show any new output too, you can run the apt-get command after doing the tail -f so we can see what happens when you run the command if anything in the log09:21
Ubnoobtiwafflej0ck: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9633871/09:21
mladouxnotfadssssssss, reading09:22
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, hmm crepe well that wasn't really helpful (not your fault was hoping we got something more about the error in there too)09:23
notfadssssssssmladoux: thank you like I said If anyone can help me boot this properly I will pay them09:23
Ubnoobtioh okay,09:23
kuchikuuOk... I give up... HOW to list channel in irssi09:24
kuchikuuexcept using /msg alis09:24
kuchikuubecause other servers doesn't support it09:24
kuchikuulist channels*09:24
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, did you try rerunning the command after you deleted the lock file? didn't see that had happened till just now reading back?09:24
missingplanenotfadssssssss, hi09:25
missingplanei've read your log ...09:25
notfadssssssssmissingplane: hello :)09:25
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, typically like mladoux said no messsage means no problem it deleted the lock file and you should be good to run apt-get again09:25
Ubnoobtiwafflej0ck: i got09:25
UbnoobtiV(Reading database ... 95%dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:  files list file for package 'libvncserver0' is missing final newline E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) A package failed to install.  Trying to recover: Processing triggers for menu ...09:25
missingplanecould you open private chat with me, my irc client doesnt support opening new private session09:25
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, hmm yeah not sure how to fix but at least you have something you can google on a bit libvncserver0 missing final newline09:26
=== Yukitteru is now known as Yukinotteru
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, sounds like maybe you got some half package or something and it wasn't formatted properly as a result (missing the ending new line) but perhaps need to remove and re-install that package, like sudo apt-get install libvncserver0 --reinstall or whatever includes it09:27
Ubnoobtii spent 4 hours trying to figure it out09:27
Ubnoobtiwafflej0ck: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9633885/09:29
mladouxnotfadssssssss, it seems like, and I'm not sure on this, that the system might be trying to run fsck on an encrypted volume without decrypting it first, mistaking it for a disk that needs to be repaired and thus not booting... I'm looking for a work around.09:30
notfadssssssssmlaudoux: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9633874/ here is a fresh bootlog I might have linked an old copy09:30
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, hmm yeah seems like something got seriously botched with your apt-get when it comes to creating/deleting lock files so it's thinking other apt-get processes are still running or configuration programs09:31
mladouxoh, yeah, this is different, notfadssssssss give me a moment.09:31
Ubnoobtiwafflej0ck:  ???09:32
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, if you are early on in your setup you might want to wipe it all out actually, wanted to try and help just get the immediate issues resolved but not sure about reinstalling apt-get and related components themselves09:32
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, apt-get creates these lock files so you don't run multiple instances at once since that can cause problems (two installs configuring the same files at the same time etc.) but something seems to be very wrong with how apt-get is working on your system09:33
Ubnoobtiwafflej0ck: right... So whats my next step reinstalling ubuntu?09:34
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, if you ask me yea, but you might be able to get more support from others, but like I said if you just did this setup and are having problems with apt-get that seems very suspect of other things that could be wrong... did you or can you run md5sum on the image and check with the md5sum on the site you download from, that checksum should match between the two, good to verify this to be sure your download or burned/USB co09:36
wafflej0ckpied image is the same09:36
wafflej0ckUbnoobti, gotta knock out here though 3:30am09:36
Ubnoobtialright man09:36
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mladouxnotfadssssssss, is secureboot enabled?09:38
mladouxif so, can you disable it?09:38
mladouxthat's in your bios.09:38
notfadssssssssno secure boot09:38
notfadssssssssoption in the bios09:38
mladouxno option in the bios...09:39
notfadssssssssno option*09:39
mladouxokay, I hope it's not enabled. Easy way to check, has linux ever successfully ran on this device?09:39
mladouxif so, probably not an issue.09:39
kazzumhey i removed kernels in /boot and /lib/modules, when i try to install new kernel it fails like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/9633926/09:40
mladouxalthough, Grub is complaining about secureboot, which requires Grub 2.04 or newer, I believe, and you're running grub 1.9909:40
mladouxyou may need to install an upgraded grub to get it working.09:41
mladouxor switch to the efilinux loader09:42
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retroisprestoare the ubuntu daily images build on debian testing or debian unstable?10:20
nusris anyone using wingIDE. can you tell me if there is code completion? i have the free 101 version and i can't find the feature10:21
nusrsorry wrong channel10:21
missingplanehi vimal10:25
pingouinj'aimerais faire tourner un émulateur xbox 360 depuis mon ordinateur qui est sous la distribution linux, est-ce possible ?10:26
missingplanemaaf pingouin, ini chat berbahasa inggris, apa anda tidak bisa pake bahasa inggris?10:27
missingplanehi pingouin10:28
clausenpingouin, #ubuntu-fr ?10:28
pingouinI would like to run some xbox360 games from my computer (with Linux), is it possible ?10:28
missingplanepingouin: maybe for windows, i dont know for linux10:33
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objterrorizerhi all10:41
objterrorizerwhat do i do to make java fonts look good/the same as other fonts?10:42
objterrorizerfonts in e.g. eclipse and other java apps look so thin and fragile like i'm in the 80s10:42
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Trudkoguys it is possible to shake window in Ubuntu/Unity to minimalize all other windows, like Windows does?10:44
utentesalve a tutti10:52
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smellycatubuntu sux Yeahh10:57
smellycatwollen Sie schwarzen Schwanz lutschen?10:59
cholby`who wants to suck my diiiiiiiick?11:06
Seveasapparently not the admins :)11:07
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ayidenwhat is this?11:25
ayidenSomeone in ?11:26
devcros7s.join #Ubuntu-es11:27
ayidenAre Chinese?11:30
ayidenWhy nobody talks11:34
DrManhattanI just partitioned my system with software raid. I blanked the disks completely beforehand. Is my system supposed to kick off a resync the first time I boot?11:34
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DrManhattanI just partitioned my system with software raid. I blanked the disks completely beforehand. Is my system supposed to kick off a resync the first time I boot?11:44
elichai2i like using the latest version of any package, and a while ago i used Arch, and Arch uses the latest versions of everything. but now i use Ubuntu, and now i got version 14.10 and i thought why not upgrade to 15.0411:46
elichai2anyone here running ver. 15.04?11:47
ikoniaelichai2: guys in #ubuntu+1 channel are11:49
mladoux#ubuntu+1 for that stuff I was told11:52
mladoux15.04 is still alpha from my understanding -- probably wouldn't run it as a main system.11:52
DrManhattanI just partitioned my system with software raid. I blanked the disks completely beforehand. Is my system supposed to kick off a resync the first time I boot?12:04
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vifinoHello. I want to set up a good softphone, and I found linphone. Now I want to configure sip:// or callto:// links to call through linphone, how can I do that?12:26
mikeircPlease how to solve the problem of installing ia32-libs for teamviewer and google earth12:26
snypI have to reset most of the settings i see in powertop everytime i boot my computer12:27
Freed309Hi. I need help, I've tried the Lubuntu IRC but it hasn't helped.12:27
Freed309 I'm having an issue with my Wireless. Occasionally the hardware switch goes orange by itself and all wireless connections die. Before this used to happen when I left the computer on sleep. Now it's happening without warning.12:28
Freed309Before I would kill the process, i.e Network Manager.12:28
Freed309But now that won't work.12:28
Freed309And I tried Killing the Modem Manager as well.12:29
Freed309That also did not work. The processes restarted.12:29
mikeircInstall teamviewer and google-earth on ubuntu 41.04 64 bits12:30
mikeircInstall teamviewer and google-earth on ubuntu 14.04 64 bits12:30
Freed309mikeirc: I don't see how that has to do with anything.12:30
Freed309The problem here is faulty networking processes.12:31
daychildeGood morning. Got a problem - can I jump in explaining or should I wait a bit?12:31
mikeircI have problem of dependency because ia32-libs is needed but can't be installed12:31
Freed309Sorry Mike XD12:31
Freed309mikeirc: Did it specify why?12:32
Freed309daychilde: Go ahead?12:32
daychildeThanks, just didn't want to spam the channel. hehe. #Xubuntu suggested I try here or #grub; more active here.... So was booting fine to xubuntu/win7 dual boot (haven12:33
daychilde(haven't booted into win7 for weeks) - shut down last night, booted this morning to grub rescue: "Entering rescue mode".12:34
daychildes/ops/oops (sorry, bluetooth keyboard on kindle is cramped)12:34
daychildeHave done a little bit so far:12:34
momomoHey folks, my ethernet by wired connectoin suddenly stopped working .. you are now offline .. i have tried to restart eh computer and what not.. nothing helps12:34
daychildels shows three partitions: (hd0), (hdo,msdos1), (hd,msdos2). Doing 'ls (hd0)/boot' for all three returns 'unknown file system'. Doing 'set' returns three parms, prefix, cmdpath, root. All reference hd0. Tried 'set boot=(hd0)', then 'insmod normal', but that returns unknown filesystem. Rebooting and boot= goes away.12:36
daychildeAnd finally, bootinginto livecd (which takes long time on ancient computer), gparted ran >30mins searching, nothing. But harddrive appears, but only Windows part. :/12:37
daychildeoh, and I know it'ls all NTFS12:37
Freed309I think Dual Booting sort of messed up your PC XD12:37
daychildeProbably, but it has been running this configutation for months if that helps12:38
daychildeno recent changes. upgraded to 14.10 a couple weeks ago I think12:38
Freed309I'm not too knowledgable about that. But the bootloader seems to have been messed up. And it can happen spontaneously.12:38
daychildeI believe that :)12:38
Freed309That may have been a factor.12:38
* daychilde is Linux newbie, but used to do some Windows tech support hehe12:38
* daychilde is weak on booting and partitions, though12:39
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* Freed309 is Linux Moderate user. First term of College.12:39
illusionlddaychilde: i just joined. are you add linux to an existing windows boot, or rescue a dual boot?12:42
illusionld*trying to add12:42
daychilderesuing dualboot that was working for months :) illusionld12:43
daychildesorry, keyboard is tiny12:44
illusionlddid you change any bios settings such as setting something to uefi or disabling it?12:44
daychildenope, shut down last night and booted up this morning12:44
illusionldor anything with 'windows security' in bios12:44
daychildehaven't booted into windows for weeks to motnhs12:44
illusionldwindows isn't booting either right?12:45
daychilderight, don't get boot menu anymore, just goes straight to grub rescue12:45
daychildeboot= is blank each time, too12:45
jefincdaychilde: have you tried https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair12:45
daychildejefinc: haven't yet but will gladly try that12:46
jefincdaychilde: can boot with a livecd and download to a flash drive, probably simplest way12:47
daychildecan't boot to usb drive on this old comp. lol12:48
daychildethankfully 2nd comp in house12:48
daychildeOnce I get back into xubuntu, I'm backing up my stuff and blowing it away and single-installing xubuntu, dang it. heh12:51
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VoyageCan gparted do what partion magic 8 did for windows?12:51
Voyage HI, Is there a good alternative to partion magic 8 for windows 7? I have an external HDD and its been messed. No drive letter is assinged to12:52
Voyage<Voyage> I cant do anything with windows buildin disk managment. I need to do couple of resizing without deleting data12:52
=== ARMEN_ is now known as EREVAN
littlebithi people, I wanted to copy the settings and configurations gvim from one xubuntu host to another. The dumb thing is that I thought that it would work. Now I'm standing here with a vim that gives me error messages every time when I start it.12:55
littlebitcan someone help12:55
daychildeCrap. Okay, I ran Boot-Disk-Repair and now I get a Windows boot manager that says it can't start. But I don'lt want Windows at all.... any advice on how to get back to my xubuntu installation? D:13:11
daychildegonna run it again and poke around, just hoping for advice. lol13:15
daychildeSo I can see Windows files in /mnt/boot-sav/sda2 but no Xubuntu anything anywhere... can anyone help me see it if exists? gparted only shows sda1 and sda2. boot is on sda1. And this was what I had as of a few weeks ago - somehow xubuntu was running inside the windows partition......... does that make sense?13:27
ikoniadaychilde: is this a wubi install ?13:28
ikoniait certainly sounds lke it13:28
daychildesorry, don't know what that is. When I installed, used LiveCD if that helps... at least, I'm pretty sure I did....13:28
daychildei'll google what that is, brb13:29
daychildeI don't recall anything about wubi when I installed, but I13:30
daychildeI'm somewhat of a liux newbie. Is there a way I can check to see?13:30
k1l_daychilde: did you install ubuntu into own partitions? or did you install that inside windows?13:31
daychildeTo the best of my memory, I isntalled from livecd and I don'lt know enough to manually set partitions, so I let it do it. But IIRC, I do only have these two partitions in gparted because I was going to resize xubuntus to make it larger, but couldn't figure out how13:32
ikoniadaychilde: how many disks do you have in the system13:32
daychildecan say grub came up and offered boot options when I booted... I'm sorry I'm a newbie on this :/13:33
daychildeone physical drive13:33
k1l_daychilde: can you show a "sudo fdisk -l" (small L at the end) into a pastebin13:33
ikoniadaychilde: when you say you installed from a livecd, did you boot the livecd, or put the CD in while running windows and click install ?13:33
daychildesure, working13:33
daychildeboot livecd, I could swear, but it has been several months. brb with pastebin13:33
ikoniait's going to be a wubi install13:36
daychildeso... I probably suck. lol. Any way to blow away Windows and get back my xubuntu, or..... can I safely reinstall Windows and then reinstall as wubi (and I can copy my data and blow it all away and screw dual booting)?13:37
ikoniadaychilde: what is your end goal ?13:37
daychilde1) however13:37
daychilde1) however I can, get back xubuntu. Don't care about windows. or 2) I have external drive, if I can copy files from Windows partition and use them to get xubuntu somehow...... like backup files, blow away hd, install fresh xubuntu, restore files13:38
daychildeif that akes sense13:38
daychilde*makes, sorry13:38
ikoniawhats your end target system, ubuntu, windows, dual boot ?13:38
daychildexubuntu only13:38
daychildescrew Windows heh13:39
ikoniadaychilde: so why don't you just re-install xubuntu properly ?13:39
ikoniaunless I've miss-understood you13:39
daychildeIf I do that right now, will I lose my previous installation? I was in middle of changing backups so I do have valuable data I don't want to lose if possible13:39
ikoniadaychilde: when you boot the machine, what happens, does it go to grub or boot straight into windows ?13:40
daychildebooting machine after boot-repair disk auto repair goes to Windows boot manager which refuses to boot, saying hardware changed (which is not true)13:40
daychilde(no longer goes to grub, which it used to)13:40
ikoniadaychilde: this sounds like a wubi install, that you've used boot repair on and it's screwed up your boot loader13:41
ikoniathat is a big guess though13:41
daychildemakes sense to me13:41
daychildehow is wubi install of ubuntu stored? how can I get to it? lol13:41
ikoniadaychilde: not really, it does a file system in a file thats on the ntfs windows drive,13:41
ikoniait's a pretty messy process13:42
ikoniathe boot loader setup is a real mess13:42
daychildeso basically I'm probably screwed already, from the sound of it?13:42
ikoniadaychilde: you may get back into it, but without being rude, I'm not going to put the time into walking through, wubi is a mess and it was dropped for a good reason13:42
daychildeno, understand completely and appreciate help and time13:43
daychildeam ex tech support, so completely understood13:43
daychildesounds like best bet is to do some googling - I have way more info than I had, so am very htankful - and either see if I can recover, or cut losses and blowhd away, which I can do myself. hehe.13:44
daychildeMany thanks for your help, and all of you. <313:44
ikoniano problem, sorry to not be positive about it13:44
daychildenah, as said, understand 100%13:44
ivarsonIm trying to browse my windows share from Nautilus in 14.10, im authed but get mount error: invalid argument13:48
ivarsonI don't have to mess with smb.conf or mount.cifs to get nautils to work, do I?13:49
ikoniathey are server settings13:49
ikonianot client13:49
DrManhattanI used the additional drivers app to install the ATI proprietary driver. It works well but I need to enable vsync globally so I don't get tearing when playing flash video. How do I do this?13:53
ivarsonsorry, smb.conf might, I meant you could use mountutilities on the client to mount shares, but nautilus should be independent of such ?13:53
DrManhattanI am not seeing catalyst control center anywhere13:53
ikoniaivarson: smb.conf should not be used for the client13:54
ikoniaivarson: it is a server setting13:54
ivarsonikonia: yes you're right, but mount.cifs eg. you can mount remote share to local mountpoints.13:57
ikoniaivarson: that is a binary13:57
ikoniaivarson: you don't change a binary13:57
ivarsonif you're not into reverse engineering, no of course not :-)13:58
ikoniaI'm missing your point then13:58
ivarsonsorry for being unclear13:58
ivarsonIs the cifs/smb-functionality in Nautilus dependent on more "native" functionality in ubuntu. I always get error when trying to access shares so Im wondering if there's anything I can do to get nautlius working13:59
ikoniaivarson: it uses the libraries to allow smb over fuse support14:00
ikoniaivarson: if you're getting authentication failure, it's normally the windows machine refusing your auth, normally down to the username being wrong on connection14:00
ikoniaivarson: (some guess work there based on the more common problems people have)14:01
ivarsonikonia: thanks for your patience. The windows-box accepts my creds, I can see all share including hidden adminsitrative ones14:01
ikoniaivarson: how are you inputting your credentials ?14:01
ikoniaivarson: and where are you intputting them ?14:01
ivarsonthere's a credential-popup as soon as im trying to browse the "machine", since I use microsoft-account i use an email-adres for username, keeping Domain to the default WORKGROUP14:03
jattivarson: yes it is. you can access shares from the command line14:03
ikoniaivarson: try windowsmachinename\username@domain.com14:03
ikoniaivarson: it maybe trying to auth it somewhere other than the windows machine14:04
ikoniaeg: locally14:04
ivarsonikonia: But i do get authed? If i type creds in any other way i get instant refused? it seems like a mount-issue14:04
ikoniaivarson: you could always try to mount it manually and see what it does14:05
ivarsonshares such as C$ aren't event discoverable if you're anonymous/unauthed, aren't they?14:05
ikonia(outside of nautius)14:05
ikoniaivarson: depend, you're not on a windows machine, so how they get presented to a linux desktop is questionable14:05
ivarsonsure, i can mess with mount.cifs or smbclient or smb4k. I just now that this works in gnome3 in other distros and I'd like to avoid having to mess with fstab or commandlines for this particular action14:08
ikoniaivarson: testing it an verifying it with a manual mount is step one, once we know the situation, we can move forward with nautlius from there14:09
ivarsonYou're right. Just one more Q; Do you know if and where nautilus logs this kind of activites, or is it possible to activate it in gconf-editor or something?14:10
sempatnicktürkiye kanalı ne idi ?14:10
ikoniaivarson: it's going to be a fuse based mount, so I'm not sure where you'd see that, it's worth logging at the samba logs in /var/log too, as that used to log samba client connections, not sure if that would include fuse though14:11
sempatnickturkish chanel ?14:11
ikonia!tr | sempatnick14:11
ubottusempatnick: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.14:11
sempatnickthanks :D14:11
ivarsondoesn't seem so. Thank you anyway for your effort ikonia14:12
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Tobbe82I am working on setting up a personal webserver in a local box in my home using ubuntu server 14.04. On it I am trying to install Open Atrium 2. Now I have followed various tutorials online and managed to get drupal going but then somehow broke the ability to read & write via FTP. Now the server is of a "patch work" of so in regards to settings etc. And I realise that since I'm quite a beginner14:14
Tobbe82when it comes to ubuntu servers etc. I'd need some help.14:14
ikoniaTobbe82: I'd suggest re-installing ubuntu 14.04 - then asking people to guide you forward14:15
Tobbe82First question is if I should start from scratch by doing a clean install and then set it up via the help of you guys (since all the tutorials and guides i've tried online eventuelly leads into permission problems)14:15
raidenhi, can someone help me to open ssh 22 pls?14:15
ikoniaTobbe82: you'll find a lot of tutorials online are written very badly by people who got it working from them14:15
ikoniaraiden: it's open by default on your ubuntu install14:16
raidenbut i cant access it..14:16
raidentimed out14:16
Tobbe82yes ikonia this is sortof the same conclusion i've come to myself. I mean I understand all the different aspects of the installation etc. I just don't know if off hand and what is industry standard or some garage hacking so to speak14:16
ikoniaTobbe82: approach it in blocks, eg: install ubuntu, check, install apache and get a web page working, check, install drupal and it's dependencies, check14:16
Tobbe82Ok let me go and re-partition / set up a new clean ubuntu 14.04 install and get back to you on it.14:17
raidenikonia: what should i do to open for me on other computer?14:17
ikoniaraiden: it's normally open by default14:17
Tobbe82ikonia that is sort of what I have been doing but anyways I'll re-install and run it by you guys in here14:17
ikoniaraiden: do you have the package openssh-server installed ?14:17
=== Tobbe82 is now known as Tobbe-82|Reinsta
raidenikonia: but what should i do now "operation timed out"14:18
ikoniaraiden: do you have the package openssh-server installed ?14:18
raidenikonia: yes14:18
ikoniaraiden: can you do "ssh localhost" on the ubuntu machine14:18
BluesKaj_'Morning folks14:18
raidenikonia: yes i can14:21
ikoniaraiden: is the client you are connecting from on the same network as your ubuntu machine or is it going over the internet14:21
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VoyageHi, I have an external HDD and gparted says "no valid partition table found on this device", I can however see/read data inside partitions of that drive. (not from windows though). How can I fix it without loosing data?14:24
Dwaan_copy data somwhere else14:26
Dwaan_format drive14:26
Tobbe-82|ReinstaWhen I re-install Ubuntu 14.04 server do I also install LAMP and Mail server? Or do I skip that and do the get-apt update, then update everything and then install LAMP and Mail via get command?14:27
Dwaan_the second one14:28
raidenikonia: i got all but cant connect to linux over port 2214:29
Tobbe-82|ReinstaDwaan_ was that a response directed @ me?14:29
Dwaan_Tobbe-82|Reinsta, yes14:29
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ayidenSome people learn python?14:31
Tobbe-82|ReinstaI'll be back then when I reach that stage14:32
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ayideni want to teach yourself python .Is there a good tutorial can be recommended to me14:35
Tobbe-82|ReinstaSet up disk via LVM or non LVM?14:38
R13oseIn Chrome, I have no sound, how do I fix this?14:38
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manikantaThe following packages have unmet dependencies:14:46
manikanta libboost-all-dev : Depends: libboost-graph-parallel-dev but it is not going to be installed14:46
manikanta                    Depends: libboost-mpi-dev but it is not going to be installed14:46
manikanta                    Depends: libboost-mpi-python-dev but it is not going to be installed14:46
manikantaE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.14:46
unopastemanikanta you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted14:46
manikantaHow to remove that error?14:47
Voyageis this safe for dataloss? sudo gpart -W /dev/sda /dev/sda  I dont have any partition table. but crucial data14:47
acovrigI'm having issues setting my resolution with xrandr; it says "14:50
acovrigxrandr: cannot find mode "1920x1080_60.00"14:50
acovrig" when running "xrandr --addmode VGA-0 1920x1080_60.0014:50
acovrig*sigh* stupid copy+paste, it seemed like my client ignored the \n, but I guess not... sorry.14:51
EriC^^did you do xrandr --newmode before that?14:51
acovrigEriC^^, yup, this is `xrandr`: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9635041/14:52
R13oseIn Chrome, I have no sound, how do I fix this?14:54
acovrigEriC^^, this is my newmode line: xrandr --newmode $(gtf 1920 1080 60|grep -v '#\|^$'|awk '{print substr($0,12);}')14:54
l_ri am really disappointed with ubuntu. if I 1. switch to the guest user , 2. switch  back to my initial user 3. switch to guest user again, then ubuntu asks me for the password for the guest user to login,, so what is this password ?14:57
EriC^^acovrig: the modeline is wrong14:59
EriC^^acovrig: try $(gtf 1920 1080 60 | grep -o "\".*" | awk '$1=""; {print $0}')15:01
MonkeyDustacovrig  try 60.0 instead of 60.0015:01
EriC^^acovrig: ah nevermind15:01
EriC^^acovrig: try to do it manually15:02
EriC^^xrandr --newmode 1920x1080_60.00 172.80  1920 2040 2248 2576  1080 1081 1084 1118  -HSync +Vsync15:02
manikantahow to resolve that error?15:07
manikantaunmet dependencies???15:07
mikeircI have problem of dependency because ia32-libs is needed but can't be installed ubuntu 14.0415:12
MonkeyDustmanikanta  try sudo apt-get -f install   <-- -f means fix15:13
acovrigEriC^^, thanks, that seems to have solved it, but I don't get a display after, I guess my hypervisor/VNC doesn't support 1920...15:13
manikantaMonkeyDust : I've tried that15:13
manikantano use :/15:13
MonkeyDustmanikanta  i picked this working script up in this channel -- paste as a simple text file and make it executable  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9635135/15:15
manikantaMonkeyDust: Still error persists15:20
nbusronehi , I have a question , I saw somewhere mention it's possible to move an installed ubuntu OS / partition to other partition of hard disk. Will it be complicated doing that ?15:21
MonkeyDustnbusrone  is your / on a separate partition?15:24
nbusroneMonkeyDust : having a ubuntu 12.04 at sda3 Primary which I wanted to move it to sda6 extended.15:24
Tobbe-82|ReinstaOk, I have done a clean re-install of Ubuntu server 14.04 and run sudo apt-get update     & apt-get upgrade. I figure the next step is to set it up so I can telnet into the site using putty? If so what is the industry standard way of setting this up?   (I'm working towards setting up a LAMP webserver that will allow multiple users, websites and ftp access)15:25
daychildeQuick advice: I'm a linux newbie, in the process of blowing away previous installation and starting over.... Previously, my.... /boot (I think? sorry, new and forget which was what) partition was too small (an obscure bug)... so I'm specifying partitions this time. Would it be a good idea to have a decent sized (say 25gb) root partition, then put the rest into /home, or... what should I create? And sorry to say, but please suggest 15:25
daychilde320g hd and this is a old POS from 2007, so 32-bit...15:25
MonkeyDustnbusrone ok,but is your / on a separate partition?15:26
nbusroneMonkeyDust : what do you mean ? /home ?15:27
kasadGuys, I'm suddenly having spare 100GB partition that I would like to mount as /home15:28
kasaddo I just mount it temporarily, rsync it, then edit fstab and reboot15:29
kasadconsidering that my home dir is encrypted15:29
nbusroneMonkeyDust : sorry for a newbie question . root at sda315:29
MonkeyDustnbusrone  yes, are / and home on separate partitions?15:29
nbusroneMonkeyDust : home and / are in a same partition15:29
MonkeyDustnbusrone  then copying / would be copying your complete installation15:30
kasadany ideas guys?15:32
kasaddoes home being encrypted can botch my attempt to reformat now unused ntfs partition to ext4 and mount it  as /home15:33
kasad(i was thinking, format (already done, ext4), mount somewhere as temphome or whatevz15:33
nbusroneMonkeyDust : ? , I wonder do I need to change anything ? possible as simple as tar.bz the whole / and format the sda3 , extract the tar.bz into sda6 , run live cd update grub , at terminal ( do I need to edit the UDID ) ?15:33
Tobbe-82|ReinstaOn a clean Ubuntu Server 14.04 that I just get-apt update && get-apt upgrade. Do I install SSH in order to telnet into the server?15:33
kasadrsync real home to it, edit fstab, reboot and profit15:33
kasadyou install sshd(aemon) in order to "telnet" into server via encrypted connection15:34
copswinTobbe-82|Reinsta: whay15:35
MonkeyDustnbusrone  never tried it, my advice: backup, then try that plan15:35
kasadalways use ssh, ignore telnet, I don't use telnet even on my local network :P15:35
cpikaTobbe-82|Reinsta: there's #ubuntu-server with a better chance to help you out15:35
nbusroneMonkeyDust : ok Thanks :)15:35
kastehello, I am having several issues with my new ubuntu installation. first of all it recognizes mz alt as an alt-gr which is a big issue because it bars me from using several commands that I really need (like switching irc channels)15:35
copswinMonkeyDust: sure15:35
kastesecond when I suspend the laptop I lose my keyboard on the X1115:36
kasadguys, anyone with an idea if encrypted /home will affect my plan15:36
Tobbe-82|ReinstaCopswin what do you hope to gain by sending me a private mess where you are rude?15:36
kasteI tried working around that by restarting lightdm but that made me lose permission to fiddle with the wireless configuration15:36
SchrodingersScatkasad: that's a good question, I'm not sure myself.  I'm not sure if I would transfer it encrypted and then change the mount and see if ubuntu fills in the blanks, but either way you should do backups now.15:37
copswinTobbe-82|Reinsta: I an a person not a15:37
kasadSchrodingersScat: thanks, btw is there a way to unencrypt home? actually lemme google it15:38
SchrodingersScat!info openssh-server | Tobbe-82|Reinsta15:38
Caleb--how do i unmount '/' in the recovery mode? i need to resize the filesystem and `umount /` doesn't seem to work15:38
ubottuTobbe-82|Reinsta: openssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:6.6p1-8 (utopic), package size 356 kB, installed size 1099 kB15:38
Tobbe-82|Reinstacopswin << I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve by sending unrespectful private messages to me. The only thing that will happen if you keep it up is that I'll report you to the admin requesting a ban for you due to uncivil conduct and then i'll put you on my ignore list.15:39
EriC^^Caleb--: ? i think "/" is mounted in ro15:39
Tobbe-82|Reinstaubottu << Thank you :)15:39
ubottuTobbe-82|Reinsta: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:39
clausenWindows doesn't recognise DVDs that I burn on Ubuntu (with Brasero or K3B).  Any ideas?15:39
EriC^^Caleb--: i don't think you can unmount it, boot a live usb and resize from there15:39
kasadTobbe-82|Reinsta: msged me also, prolly a bot, or some fishy thing going on15:39
kasadsmall paste:15:39
Tobbe-82|Reinstakasad most likely a troll bot.15:40
kasadcopswin> You dumb bastard15:40
kasad[16:36:31] <kasad> sup15:40
kasad[16:37:06] <kasad> I am definitely a bastard and getting dumber by the year15:40
kasad[16:37:17] <kasad> just lemme know how I did offend you in particular15:40
copswinclausen: Are you finalizing the cd?15:40
kasadyeah I guess so15:40
Tobbe-82|Reinsta To ADMIN << Can you do a ban on copswin ?? he is send myself and others very rude, non civil privates mess and is clearly here to troll/flame15:40
SchrodingersScatyou can flag people with !pm and add them to your ignore list, this is still !ubuntu support.15:40
kasad/ignore copswin15:40
Tobbe-82|Reinstathanks kasad, that will silence him :)15:41
Caleb--EriC^^, looks like it could resize it online. i remounted as rw and it worked15:41
clausencopswin, brasero/k3b don't do that automatically?15:41
MonkeyDustTobbe-82|Reinsta  simpy use /ignore copswin, it's x-mas holliday, bored kids are online15:41
Tobbe-82|Reinstathanks guys15:42
notfadsssssssscan anyone help me with my fstab ? I need to fix it to read UUID's so I can boot ><15:42
copswinclausen: is it a RW disk.15:42
EriC^^Caleb--: you're not supposed to resize a mounted partition15:43
clausencopswin, The disk is a DVD+R.  Ultimately, I'd like to disable any kind of multisession on it (for security reasons)15:43
copswinThe OPS must be on vacation. A lot of vulgar language directed about me.15:43
Caleb--EriC^^, ext supports online resizing15:43
clausencopswin, but I can't get Windows to see it at all yet!  (it looks like a blank disk to windows)15:43
Caleb--EriC^^, in fact, it wanted me to mount the partition15:43
copswinclausen: a video or data disk15:44
clausencopswin, data15:45
EriC^^Caleb--: unmounted seems to be in italics15:45
copswinWho uses DVD any more. Usb.15:45
Caleb--EriC^^, yes, when *decreasing* the size of the partition15:48
david543I need help. I just install 14.10 and i am having internet issues. My internet speed will gradually get slower over the course about 10 mins then disconnect. The only way for it to work again is to restart the machine. I am connecting view ethernet.15:48
Caleb--EriC^^,  i only needed to grow15:48
clausendavid543, wireless?15:49
=== ck is now known as Guest84251
david543clausen: ethernet15:50
=== Guest84251 is now known as ckarlsen
clausendavid543, weird, it sounds like a driver problem (which wireless is more prone to)15:50
david543clausen: although I have wireless on the machine and it will do the same thing. I don't think its a driver issue. They are detected correctly.15:50
david543clausen: Both do the exact same thing.15:50
clausendavid543, does restarting networking, unloading/reloading drivers, etc. help?15:50
david543clausen: It won't be unable to reconnect to the network.15:51
clausendavid543, even before your 10min are up?15:51
david543clausen: Only restarting the machine. Not sure exactly. Its not exactly 10 mins it varies15:51
david543clausen: once I disconnect I can't reconnect15:51
david543clausen:I don't know if its relevant, I am also having issues with my bootloader/uefi15:52
clausendavid543, I would try to debug this by trying to find the simplest thing that would kill your internet15:52
clausenfor example, does shutting down the wireless also kill the wire connection?15:53
clausenwhat about the loopback device?15:53
clausenchanging routing rules?15:53
david543clausen: I have no idea how to do that.15:53
david543clausen: Um, like only once can connect at a time.15:53
clausenon the command line, what happens if you do:  pkill -9 NetworkManager15:54
clausen(could be a Network Manager bug)15:54
unicorn437hello there, I'm running into issues accessing my newly created user. I can use su in the terminal to login to him, when I logout/reboot it doesnt accept the password however15:54
david543clausen: One sec, I will try that.15:54
mikeircPlz, I have problems installing ia32-libs on ubuntu 14.04. Without it, teamviewer and google-earth can't be installed15:57
david543clausen: System Problem Dectected. Do you want to report this problem?15:58
clausendavid543, please skip that15:58
clausendavid543, (it's probably just reacting to us unceremoniously killing NetworkManager)15:59
clausendavid543, did it affect your network connectivity15:59
david543clausen: Sorry Not sure, yet, working on it. I am having Kernel Errors16:00
david543clausen: Kernel Oops, soft lockup cpu#3 Stuck for 22s (Xorg:1647)16:00
clausendavid543, it sounds like you have Bigger Problems than just networking16:01
clausendavid543, networking is probably just one of the symptoms16:01
clausendavid543, I would look in /var/log/syslog for error messages that might give a hint about the problem16:01
david543clausen: What should I do?16:01
mikeircPlz, I have problems installing ia32-libs on ubuntu 14.04. Without it, teamviewer and google-earth can't be installed16:01
david543clausen: Would you like to see my syslog?16:03
clausendavid543, maybe you could put it on pastebin?16:03
david543clausen: Sorry the entire system just locked up. Its pretty obvious, that the generic kernel isn't working for me. If it matters i am running on an 8320 AMDFX16:06
kasad so guys, any tips on moving encrypted home dir to new partition16:07
clausendavid543, I'm sorry to hear that16:07
david543clausen: The entire computer just blacked screened16:07
clausendavid543, when you reboot, it should still have the syslog saved to disk16:08
david543clausen: wl 0000:05:05 PCI-DMA out of IOMMU space for 2048 bytes16:08
clausenkasad, I think you can just unmount the decrypted/plaintext directory, and copy the encrypted stuff across...16:09
david543eth0 failed to map tx DMA16:09
clausendavid543, can you put the whole thing on pastebin?16:09
david543clausen: Yes My computer just blacked screened saying that over and over again. Machine is rebooting16:09
clausendavid543, thanks.  hmmm, could be an io-mmu bug16:10
notfadssssssss can anyone help me with my fstab ? I need to fix it to read UUID's so I can boot >.>16:10
notfadssssssssfirst time dealing with this stuff so im a little lost16:10
kasadif I am correct, i think copying /home to new partition should leave me with unencrypted new /home16:11
kasadcan somebody confirm16:11
clausenkasad, well, it would copy both the encrypted and plaintext across...16:11
clausenkasad, (the encrypted data is stored in ~/.Private, IIRC)16:11
david543clausen: file size to large to put on pastebin16:12
clausendavid543, really?16:12
kasadclausen, but would it work normally after editing fstab and reboot?16:12
kasadclausen: check this out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving16:12
kasadit says:16:12
clausenkasad, not sure, it might confuse it...16:12
clausen(I've never used it, I confess -- just read the doc's recently)16:13
kasadIf you have an encrypted home file system, then the above will just leave you with an unencrypted copy of your files, which is probably not what you want. You could re-encrypt them after copying, or copy them in their encrypted form. Here is one way to do that.16:13
david543clausen: 5 megs, and it started a new syslog. I am uploading to a file site16:13
kasad"above" being sudo rsync -aXS --exclude='/*/.gvfs' /home/. /media/home/.16:13
clausendavid543, maybe you can compress it with gzip?16:14
clausenkasad, right, that's why I suggest unmounting the decrypted part, and just copying the encrypted data16:15
david543clausen: Syslog's uploaded tinyupload Links are:16:15
david543clausen: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=776851495586839295816:16
clausendavid543, "File ID is not correct. File doesn't exist"16:17
kasadclausen: did I mention that I don't really care if I lose encryption, in fact if I could just get rid of it I'd be happy16:17
david543clausen: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=4104145611970932486416:18
clausenkasad, ah, in that case, you just need to exclude the ciphertext from the rsync command16:19
kasadclausen: so your idea is to copy everything that isn't encrypted, then unmount and then copy encrypted data from live usb (cd) just to make sure that is what youa re suggesting16:19
kasadso I am good with sudo rsync -aXS /home/. /media/home/.16:19
david543clausen: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=77685149558683929258           fixed url16:19
k3nz0Hello guys, I'm trying to install linux alongside with windows. I launched the install and when it comes to "Installation type" it tells me that "This computer currently has no detected operating systems". But I have windows 7 installed on the computer16:19
cfhowlettk3nz0, commonly happens with GPT16:20
EriC^^k3nz0: press something else, do you see your partitions?16:20
david543clausen: let me know if you get a chance to take a look.16:20
kasadk3nz0: you will have to manually edit partition schema most likely16:20
BalzyHello! I'm struggling with Hibernating with encrypted partitions, I've described my problem here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2258493   Any suggestions or ideas are welcome, thanks!16:20
clausenkasad: I'm looking for the documentation on where the private text is stored...16:20
kasadBalzy: I have suggestion for both you and me, don't use encrypted partitions :P16:21
k3nz0EriC^^, I see /dev/sda1 ntfs and /dev/sda216:21
EriC^^what's sda2?16:21
kasadas danny nicely put it here> http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/4-reasons-encrypt-linux-partitions/16:21
k3nz0ntfs too16:22
EriC^^is sda1 small?16:22
k3nz0sda1 105 Mb16:22
strangerhellionhi all. i am using ubuntu 14.04 64 bits. i need to install teamviewer. what is multiarch ? and which package will bi fine for me ?16:22
k3nz0sda2 is 500gb16:22
EriC^^ok that's probably your boot partition16:22
kasadsda1 is most likely windows boot partition16:22
EriC^^k3nz0: ok, is there unallocated space?16:22
clausendavid543, try booting with the kernel parameter: amd_iommu=off16:22
EriC^^k3nz0: you need to resize sda2 ( shrink it ) in windows16:22
cfhowlettk3nz0, make it easy on all of us.  sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit16:22
EriC^^k3nz0: boot into win7 > control panel > disks management16:23
clausendavid543, (you can edit the kernel command-line, once-off, in the Grub boot screen)16:23
kasadk3nz0: well, you should use gparted and prolly resize your c:\ partition (backup backup backup)16:23
cfhowlettk3nz0, for reference, I have win7 / ubuntu split equally on my 500 gb HDD.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9635448/16:24
clausenkasad, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=144916816:24
david543clausen: I am unable to do that, there is no grub boot screen, just purple pause for a few seconds, no text.16:24
clausenoops, wrong way around16:24
Balzykasad you have the same issue? I need encryption, I have sensible data on my laptop16:25
clausendavid543, I think if you press shift, or escape, or something like that, you get access to the menu...16:25
david543clausen: is there a way to edit grub with in the booted terminal or gui?16:25
clausendavid543, yes, but it's a pain16:25
k3nz0Okay, I pastebin fdisk -l and I reboot on windows to shrink sda216:25
clausendavid543, and I need to get back to work in a minute...16:26
EriC^^k3nz0: we need the link16:26
k3nz0Yes yes ;)16:26
clausenkasad, yes, your plan should work, I think16:26
clausenkasad, the encrypted text is not stored in /home16:27
cylebaileyhey guys is there a channel on coding16:27
k3nz0Rebooting now on windows16:27
clausencylebailey, lots of them!16:27
blebI'm trying to use dwm by executing .xinitrc - gdm and lightdm don't seem to have the option "run x session script" which I have used in the past. Is there a way to just run .xinitrc rather than envoking MATE/Unity/GNOME?16:27
clausencylebailey, e.g. if you are learning C, try ##C16:27
cylebaileyill just make names up then ha16:27
cylebaileylike java16:28
clausencylebailey, ##java16:28
kasadclausen: didn't know that, where is it actually stored, i thought it was all in .Private16:31
cylebaileyis that to join a channel16:31
david543clausen: do i just type "amd_iommu=off" under setparams?16:31
kasadclausen: do you think this would work http://askubuntu.com/questions/138950/how-to-disable-encrypted-home-directory16:31
clausenkasad, yes, looks good16:32
clausenkasad, but your rsync approach looks safer16:32
EriC^^cylebailey: /join #channel16:32
cylebaileycheers i got it16:32
kasadwhat else do I need to rsync besides /home, where is the rest of encrypted stuff if not in .Private?16:33
clausendavid543, see http://grumpymole.blogspot.co.uk/2007/05/ubuntu-how-to-edit-grub-boot-parameters.html16:33
clausenkasad, I think you're fine just rsyncing /home16:34
clausen(but you don't need to delete anything... so you can test it out first...)16:34
clausenkasad, you might find https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome helpful16:35
cfhowlett!CAPS | choki,16:36
chokiI did all what they said in the documentation to Mysql 5.5 but nothing works, Mysql will not start then!!! They are just stupid people writing fucking bad documentation16:36
cfhowlettchoki, stop the profanity.  immediately.16:37
cfhowlett!guidelines | choki16:37
ubottuchoki: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:37
chokiand the worst thing is, i cant ask in #mysql because u need to be registered. just annoying shit16:37
cfhowlett!ops | choki, profanity16:38
ubottuchoki, profanity: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang16:38
chokiyeah !ops16:38
chokii summon an OP!16:38
popeychoki: please dial down the profanity16:38
MonkeyDustchoki  behave or leave the channel16:38
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang16:38
popeychoki: don't abuse the bot please16:39
ubottuchoki: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:39
chokiyeah i know16:39
cfhowlettchoki!*@* added to ignore list.16:39
popeychoki: it doesn't take long to register on freenode. worth it to get support in #mysql IMO16:40
chokii ll try thanks16:40
popey!register | choki16:40
ubottuchoki: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:40
chokibut first i will PAIN IN THE ASS in #debian :D16:40
david543clausen: No luck, I think i might have done it wrong though, that guide was for the old grub, and not UEFI bios.16:42
clausendavid543, oh could be16:42
clausendavid543, anyway, I have to go, maybe you can ask someone else for help...16:42
clausendavid543,  good luck!16:42
david543clausen: Thanks!16:42
ParameziusHello, i've installed rhytmbox 3.0.2 in two machines with ubuntu 14.0416:51
Parameziusthey work right but in one of the machines it freezes when i try to access the radio browser plugin16:51
Parameziusit happens since some days ago and ony in one of them16:51
Parameziusanybody could help me?16:51
=== saschpe is now known as zz_saschpe
rebsis there any easy way to disable audio power save on 14.04?16:55
kasadthis seems to be final solution and easiest if anoyone was following16:55
kasadclausen: http://virtually-a-machine.blogspot.com/2010/08/howto-disable-ecryptfs.html16:55
kasadclausen: seems as most straightforward way16:55
k3nz0EriC^^, why do I need to shrink sda2 throw windows and not through the installer ?16:57
EriC^^k3nz0: it's better to do it natively on windows17:00
dreamcat5hi! how can i unstall this specific version vv on 14.10 ??? apt search only finds v1.2. many thanks17:01
dreamcat5okay, nevermind17:11
MonkeyDustdreamcat5  ask in #ubuntu+117:13
vltHello. How can I downgrade libavcodec to a version not affected by bug https://bugzilla.libav.org/show_bug.cgi?id=793 (committed in April 2014) to be able to decode h.264 IPB video?17:13
ubottubugzilla.libav.org bug 793 in general "blocky artefacts between I-frames when decoding h.264 "IPB" from a Canon DSLR" [Normal,New]17:13
kasad!ubottu help17:14
kasadstill hesitating17:14
kasadI spend 30 hours configuring everything plus virtual machines that are inside17:14
kasadI have some of the stuff backed up, but I simply do not have space for rest (apart from the 100gig partition that is about to become new home)17:15
kasadclausen: you mentioned reading about encrypted homedirs recently17:15
kasaddid you saw anything related encrypted swap17:15
kasadthat's what is having me think that it will fail miserably17:16
kasadnot sure if I can just remount or reformat swap after the before mentioned procedure17:16
squeegilyHey guys. My laptop can't resume from suspend. I did some tests, though, and it CAN resume from suspend if the init script hasn't run17:20
squeegilySo something the init script does messes it up17:20
squeegilyIt's an Acer Aspire One 751h17:21
=== esde_ is now known as esde
squeegilyI already tried all the --quirk-*17:21
squeegilyThe only constant was that it couldn't suspend if the init script had run17:21
squeegilyHiibernate works fine17:23
ricalI have set /dev/ttyS0 for grub, kernel and init. Long story short, the last thing I can see on VGA or console is "Welcome to Grub". And I can't enter the encryption key. What to do? I have the ability to reboot into a live cd and unlock the disk. However, I can't find any grub config on any partition?17:25
MonkeyDustsqueegily  try rtcwake -m mem -- htc means real time clock and you can set a certain time to make it wake up17:25
squeegilyNice username root17:25
=== root is now known as Guest92430
squeegilyMonkeyDust: trying that now17:26
JSONDo you think it is a good idea to add myself to the root group?17:31
squeegilyMonkeyDust: WHOA. When I sleep with the rtcwake command, I CAN wake up via the keyboards17:31
=== JSON is now known as Guest34124
squeegilyJSON: no17:31
=== corey84-- is now known as Corey84-
squeegilyIf you really want, set up passwordless sudo17:31
affyHi. I have a fairly new install of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (x64). My mouse has strange movements. Sometimes when I move it straight up, it goes up to the left. The issue is consistent among regions of the desktop. It seems that in the middle of the screen, when dragging up and down, it goes sideways too. Extremely difficult to play counter-strike :(17:31
Guest34124squeegily: it is not about sudo, it is because a docker container creates some files as root and i would like to change those files without sudo.17:32
squeegilyGuest34124: Maybe you should figure out how to make those files owned by you17:32
squeegilyDoes Docker have a run-as-user option?17:32
MonkeyDustsqueegily  my laptop wakes up after 24 hours, then shuts down at 4am, unless i interrupt by waking manually   <-- energy saving17:33
Guest34124squeegily: mysql needs to be run as root in the docker container and therefore i have no idea how to tackle this convinient problem17:33
squeegilyMonkeyDust: Okay, today, for some reason, it was one of the fluke times when suspend just works17:34
squeegilyI just tried suspending via sudo sh -c 'echo "mem" > /sys/power/state' and that worked. So did sudo pm-suspend17:34
=== icetea is now known as Guest90654
mirakis there any software that allow to browse picassa albums ?17:37
=== Ali is now known as Guest7237
Guest34124mirak: idk if shotwell works with picassa17:39
mirakGuest34124: what ?17:41
Guest34124sorry idk :D17:41
notfadsssssssscan anyone help me with fstab? my partitions are not normal and i cannot boot ;\17:43
notfadsssssssscant even mount my /17:44
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: Can you boot the install Or do we work from the liveDVD ?17:44
notfadsssssssslive cd ><17:44
Ace2Racehey i need direct3d driver installed... but how do i install it17:44
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: OK, so what makes you think your fstab file is bad ?17:45
notfadssssssssbashing-on: I am in the live cd, I dont have the UUIDs in /etc/fstab17:45
notfadssssssssI cannot mount my /dev/sdc2 (which ubuntu is installed on)17:46
Ace2Racehow do i instal a direct3d driver17:47
k1lAce2Race: which video card? which ubuntu is it exactly?17:47
Ace2Race14.01 i believe is my version17:48
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: OK, we fix . from the liveDVD we mount the install: sudo apt-get install pastebinit , sudo fdisk -lu | pastebinit . Then we know what to mount where .17:48
k1lAce2Race: "lsb_release -d"17:48
Ace2RaceUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS17:49
mickey_Hey guys! I'm struggling with some GRUB2 configuration17:49
mickey_I have Ubuntu and Windows17:49
mickey_I would like the latter to appear first in the listing17:50
k1lmickey_: change the name-numbering of the grub2 script17:50
=== Yukinotteru is now known as Yukitteru
mickey_where might this be located?17:51
notfadssssssssbashing-on: it is a raid1 hardware17:51
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: Check'n 9635857 .17:52
notfadssssssssbashing-on: ??? ><17:52
Ace2Racek1l so  how do i instll direct3d so my terraria will work on steam17:53
mickey_k1l: which configuration file might that be in?17:53
AnnoyedIt seems that XDMCP is pretty much dead on ver. 14.04 ?17:53
Ace2Raceim using playonlinux17:53
k1lAce2Race: which video card?17:53
notfadsssssssssorry im new to these issues ;\ not very familiar wyet.17:53
Ace2Racei have no idea17:53
mickey_k1l: etc grub.d or boot grub17:53
=== [Arab] is now known as LogicMatters
k1lmickey_: /etc/grub.d rename the 30_os-prober to something between 5 and 1017:54
k1lmickey_: then re run the sudo update-grub17:54
squeegilyMonkeyDust: rtcwake is giving "rtcwake: suspend to "standby" unavailable"17:54
AnnoyedAnyway... How is 14.04 controlling services? seems that there are multiple systems in place.. override files, something called upstart and rc-update?17:54
k1l!upstart | Annoyed but some services still use the older sysvinit17:55
ubottuAnnoyed but some services still use the older sysvinit: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/17:55
mickey_k1l: and then do sudo grub-update?17:55
Ace2Racewhat do you mean by"whitch video card"17:55
MonkeyDustsqueegily  options are: -m mem or -m disk  <-- suspend or hibernate17:55
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: Not to know is not a sin, one does learn. However, - I do not see any provision for ubuntu. Where is the 1st hard drive 'sda' ?? Ubuntu would be installed on a partition of file system type 'ext4'. // show -> sudo blkid | pastebinit <- .17:56
k1lAce2Race: you want to install a video driver. so we need to know which video card you got build in so we can choose the video driver for that17:56
mickey_k1l: and what about the fact that there is already a 10_linux?17:56
Ace2Racehow do i check it17:57
k1lmickey_: dont rename it to 1017:57
mickey_k1l: and a 05_debiantheme17:57
notfadssssssssbashing-on: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9635903/ I cannot seem to mount /dev/sdc2 or perhaps I am doing it wrong17:57
squeegilyIt didn't wake up automatically from -m disk -s 717:57
mickey_k1l: okay so overlapping numbers are acceptable17:57
squeegilyMonkeyDust: It didn't wake up automatically from -m disk -s 717:58
squeegilyIs there a way to hybrid suspend with this?17:58
k1lmickey_: the number means the row on which the grub menu is listed. if you want the windows entry (which is the os-prober) to be listed before the linux entries make it a number smaller than 10 but after 5 so its run after the grub theming but before the linux entries are listed17:58
mickey_k1l: sorry for all the questions but if I mess this up I won't be able to diagnose it17:58
squeegilyI don't want to have to restart xchat again17:58
AnnoyedCan I just use rc-update on everything, or do some require the upstart stuff?17:58
MonkeyDustsqueegily  not sure, it works here17:58
Ace2Raceso how do i check what video card i got17:58
squeegilyMonkeyDust: What computer do you have?17:59
k1lAce2Race: "lspci" into a pastebin17:59
Ace2Racehow do i use paistebin18:00
squeegilyMonkeyDust: Wow it woke up18:00
k1l!pastebin | Ace2Race18:00
ubottuAce2Race: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:00
=== Harun__ is now known as Harun
squeegilyAce2Race: go to pastebin.com, paste the stuff into the giant box, and give us the URL18:01
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: OK, looking better, we now know that ubuntu is installed on the 3rd hard drive 'sdc', we ned now to look deeper. install the tool to look at a GPT disk -> sudo apt-get install gdisk <- then show -> sudo gdisk -l /dev/sdc. Then we know what we are working with .18:01
squeegilyMonkeyDust: Okay, it seems that whatever rtcwake does "fixes" suspend18:01
notfadssssssssbashing-on: want me to do | pastebinit after?18:02
MonkeyDustsqueegily  odd: it didnt wake from -m disk here, either18:02
squeegilyAfter I've used rtcwake to suspend at least once that boot, after that I can use other suspend methods perfectly18:02
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: Yes ! sheessh - sorry 'bout that - // sudo gdisk -l /dev/sdc | pastebinit .18:03
squeegilyMonkeyDust: It's understandable that it wouldn't auto-wake from Hibernate18:03
squeegilySince there's 0 power and the BIOS isn't that reliably controllable18:03
notfadssssssssbashing-on: erm I might have messed it up but  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9635954/18:03
notfadssssssssbashing-on: ah one second18:04
Ace2Racek1l http://paste.ubuntu.com/9635941/18:05
notfadssssssssbashing-on: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9635963/ here we go18:05
k1lAce2Race: that is an intel video card. there is no driver needed because its in the kernel. what is the issue with that card?18:06
k1lAce2Race: besides its a very old card18:07
Ace2Racei try to run terraria on steam that is in playonlinux and i get an erer that i need a direct 3d device18:07
squeegilyMonkeyDust: I just ran "script rtcwake.log -c 'sudo strace rtcwake -m mem -l -s 20'"18:07
squeegilyWould that log be useful at all?18:07
Ace2Raceso how do i get direct3d device18:09
lolekhi guys, where can I ask question regarding building custom ubuntu kernels?18:10
squeegilyMonkeyDust: http://ix.io/dTK Does this contain anything good?18:10
semitonesI haven't bought a laptop since 2010. Is there any general purpose advice I can read up on? Like the new Windows boot restriction, nvidia vs ati, touchscreen compatibility, etc18:12
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: OJ. let's mount the install from the liveDVD and see what 'fstab' is. -> sudo mkdir /mnt/test , sudo mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt/test , cat mnt/test/etc/fstab | pastebinit <- .18:13
loleksemitones: if I can give you some personal advice, I usually take linux live pendrive, and try to boot the laptop from it,18:13
semitonesGood idea!18:13
loleksemitones: or if it's used, it's easier, just find the model on the network and check if someone mentioned some problems with it ;)18:14
Turtle_111I am going to build a gaming computer running Ubuntu. Is the AMD 5350 supported?18:14
notfadssssssssbashing-on: To clarify this is the live cd I am booting from shall I still continue?18:14
vltHello. How can I downgrade libavcodec to a version not affected by bug https://bugzilla.libav.org/show_bug.cgi?id=793 (committed in April 2014) to be able to decode h.264 IPB video?18:16
ubottubugzilla.libav.org bug 793 in general "blocky artefacts between I-frames when decoding h.264 "IPB" from a Canon DSLR" [Normal,New]18:16
semitonesWhat's that new Windows secure boot called? UEFI?18:16
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: That is what we want at thois tiem .. we make a mount point " sudo mkdir /mnt/test " and from this mount point we mount the ubuntu partiton " sudo mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt/test " and then we can have a look at the installed fstab " cat18:16
Bashing-om                    mnt/test/etc/fstab | pastebinit18:17
Bashing-omat this time *18:17
skinuxI installed Ubuntu-SDK, loaded up a demo project. When I try to run the project I get a message about permission denied. How do I fix this?18:17
loleksemitones: hmmm I've got hp eliteebook model 2540p it's already uefi enabled, but I've got option inside bios to disable this thing.. but I've read somwhere that it should work with never ubuntu18:17
semitonesWork with newer Ubuntu lolek?18:18
notfadssssssssbashing-on: cat: mnt/test/etc/fstab: no such file or directoty .... did I need a space between "/test/etc" ?18:19
loleksemitones: well I recall reading something about it, but I'm not sure18:19
semitonesSame here18:19
notfadssssssssbashing-on: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636040/ THINK i got it?18:19
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: that be with a leading 'slash' cat  mnt/test/etc/fstab | pastebinit18:20
=== pzp is now known as annoymouse
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: -mouse doing weird things presently --  the command s/b -> cat /mnt/test/etc/fstab | pastebinit <- .18:22
notfadssssssssbashing-on: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636065/18:23
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636065/ .18:24
allmountainproim looking for some help partitioning. trying to install a few different distros. the instructs and readmes  are kinda confusing18:24
=== zz_XeBlackWater is now known as XeBlackWater
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: Hey, UUIDs are correct. SO describe the problem you are having .18:27
notfadssssssssbashing-on: Cant boot my ubuntu server18:27
notfadssssssssbashing-on: Cant boot my ubuntu server, after initial install with reboot does not boot basically18:27
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: OK, so what do you normally see when you boot the server, do you boot to a grub boot menu ?18:28
notfadssssssssbashing-on: no grub menu, no nothing it actually skips the ubuntu instal and goes to next boot managerl18:29
__raven_how to set fan speed temporarily manually on 14.04?18:31
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: As we are looking at GPT partitioning, is this an UEFI system ?18:33
notfadssssssssbashing-on: I believe so but I do not care for it to stay that way18:34
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: I have no experience with UEFI, might be best to get help here from others .. But, see if you can boot to grub. Back out of the "mount" -> sudu umount /mnt/test <- reboot, trying to boot the install and as soon as the initial firmware screen clears repeatedly depress and release the escape key to get the grub boot menu .18:38
EriC^^notfadssssssss: is this a hp laptop?18:38
notfadsssssssseric^^: server18:39
Bashing-omEriC^^: My hero !18:39
EriC^^Bashing-om: :D18:39
EriC^^notfadssssssss: type sudo efibootmgr -v18:39
notfadsssssssseric^^: want me to pastebinit?18:40
notfadsssssssscommand not found, should i install efibootmgr18:40
EriC^^notfadssssssss: yes18:41
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__raven_how to set fan speed temporarily manually on 14.04?18:41
=== jav3rt is now known as basichash
notfadsssssssseric^^: erm sudo apt-get bootmgr >> invalid operation bootmgr18:42
EriC^^sudo apt-get install efibootmgr18:42
notfadsssssssseric^^: oops i did that i mean18:42
EriC^^notfadssssssss: you're missing the install18:43
notfadssssssss*hits his head on keyboard*18:43
EriC^^uefi tends to have that effect :P18:44
notfadsssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636157/18:44
notfadsssssssslol your telling me ><;18:45
EriC^^notfadssssssss: it's skipping ubuntu and going to what?18:45
notfadsssssssseric^^ network18:46
notfadsssssssseric^^: network18:46
EriC^^notfadssssssss: that's odd, ubuntu is first in the order18:46
EriC^^notfadssssssss: try o add it again, maybe the other options are off18:47
EriC^^notfadssssssss: can you pastebin sudo parted -l ?18:47
=== XeBlackWater is now known as zz_XeBlackWater
notfadsssssssseric^^: of course, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636171/18:48
EriC^^notfadssssssss: type sudo efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\shimx64.efi -L "Ubuntu" -p 1 -d /dev/sdc18:48
notfadsssssssseric^^: pastebinit or no?18:49
EriC^^pastebin sudo efibootmgr -v again18:49
__raven_how to set fan speed temporarily manually on 14.04?18:49
peyamI use a dual monitor and the secondary monitor is flickering al the time18:50
peyamhow can I fix it?18:50
notfadsssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636189/18:50
EriC^^notfadssssssss: are you sure that's sudo efibootmgr -v ?18:51
MonkeyDust__raven_  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/22108/how-to-control-fan-speed18:51
notfadsssssssseric^^: that last one is  sudo efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\shimx64.efi -L "Ubuntu" -p 1 -d /dev/sdc18:51
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok after that type sudo efibootmgr -v | pastebinit18:52
frainHello. I have just installed ubuntu server and faced and problem18:52
frainForegin keyboard layout18:52
grodiungshi guys I recently deleted my ubuntu partition and installed a version of mint (along with the bootloader) bt according to my bios the uefi is still on this mysterious drive just called "ubuntu". given no id by the computer in bios. cant seem to find any parition where this 'ubuntu' resides. my bios does not seem ot detect the bootloader i installed with mint either. really need help i cant get into my windows partition since the bootloader is gone.18:52
entropiusis there any logfile for the kubuntu graphical installer? it's hung, and I have no idea why.18:52
notfadsssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636207/18:53
frainMessed up my production configs with VI and I don't know what to do. How does one install new layout18:53
EriC^^entropius: press on the tiny arrow and you'll get a terminal below it18:53
EriC^^notfadssssssss: is /mnt/test still mounted?18:54
EriC^^ive a power outage here so i might get dc18:54
entropiusEriC^^: "tiny arrow"? I don't see it. But it just died with "ubi-partman failed with exit code 141, maybe go look at /var/log/syslog"18:54
EriC^^notfadssssssss: sudo mount /mnt/test/boot/efi /dev/sdc118:54
__raven_MonkeyDust: yes but i need something like "sudo set fan0 2000rpm"18:55
EriC^^notfadssssssss: check ls /mnt/test/boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu18:55
notfadsssssssseric^^: sudo mount /mnt/test/boot/efi /dev/sdc1 is not a block device18:56
notfadsssssssseric^^ check ls /mnt/test/boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu: check is not a found command18:56
grodiungssudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair18:57
notfadsssssssseric^^: i feel like im messing something up here lol18:57
Bashing-omEriC^^: Heads up, I see "Boot0004* ubuntulog2 HD(1,800,100000,e9763a68-4c58-4347-8a04-5281589770d6" does not match blkid ot fstab ( 8a27cb38-93a4-46bc-b66f-48bc1334f8da ) . Is that an issue ?18:57
frainhelp :P18:57
BalzyHello! Is anyone willing to help me with issue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2258493   Hibernate and Encrypted Partitions18:58
skinuxIs Ubuntu SDK only for building apps for phones and tablets, or for desktop applications as well?18:58
squintyskinux: should have that info at http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/sdk/19:02
EriC^^notfadssssssss: sorry im back19:02
EriC^^Bashing-om: that's not the uuid, guid maybe i dont know19:02
nmvsinstalar ableton live 9 ayuda porfa19:03
EriC^^notfadssssssss: my bad, type sudo /dev/sdc1 /mnt/test/boot/efi19:03
nmvshacer conrrer la autorizacion19:03
EriC^^notfadssssssss: lol sorry again19:03
nmvssolo falta eso19:03
EriC^^notfadssssssss: type sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/test/boot/efi19:03
squinty!es | nmvs19:04
ubottunmvs: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:04
nmvsinstalar ableton live 9 ayuda porfa19:04
notfadsssssssseric^^ kk its mounted?19:04
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type ls /mnt/test/boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu19:05
EriC^^what's in that dir?19:05
notfadssssssssill let you know in just a sec :D19:05
grodiungshello friends. essentially i have deleted my boot partition on accident. anyone have any help about how to fix this?19:06
johnb003_hi, I think my router is croaking right now, and it dawned on me I have a nice server right here, think it would be a good idea to have my server also handle the router work?19:06
EriC^^grodiungs: /boot partition?19:06
notfadsssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636269/19:06
johnb003_anyone confident at this that could offer me some assistance if UI try it?19:06
grodiungsEriC^^: apparrently I need a Bios-Boot partition. I can no longer access the boot loader for my computer19:07
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok the .efi files are there19:07
grodiungsEriC^^: im currently on a mint usb19:07
EriC^^notfadssssssss: not sure why it's skipping ubuntu on boot19:07
EriC^^notfadssssssss: you could try to reinstall grub for good measure19:07
estacadoany knows if chrome rdp works on ubuntu;19:07
johnb003_it does19:07
notfadsssssssseric^^: im all ears how?19:07
johnb003_we use it at work in linux19:08
EriC^^notfadssssssss: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt/test$i; done19:08
bubbasaures grodiungs This a dual boot with W8 an uefi bios?19:08
estacadosame procedure as windows i presume;19:08
johnb003_estacado do you mean chromoting?19:08
EriC^^grodiungs: you deleted the bios-boot partition? or the /boot partition?19:08
grodiungsi dont know what the /boot partition is so i ddint delet it19:09
grodiungsi deleted the partition where ubuntu was installed along with the boot loader19:09
estacadoi mean the chrome remote desktop yeah19:09
notfadsssssssseric^^: i type that word for word?19:09
EriC^^grodiungs: you deleted your ubuntu installation you mean?19:10
EriC^^notfadssssssss: yeah19:10
bubbasauresgrodiungs, Preface answers to others with their nick, what is your end goal?19:10
EriC^^grodiungs: is it a fresh install?19:10
notfadsssssssseric^^: pastebinit after19:11
grodiungsbubbasaures: i need to boot into my computer. I have a windows install and a mint install on this computer, but currently no functioning boot loader. the bootloader i used was set up along with an old ubuntu install I deleted19:11
EriC^^notfadssssssss: nope19:11
bubbasauresgrodiungs, Ah, than use the mint channel to fix your grub issue, not a ubuntu issue anymore to be honest.19:12
notfadsssssssseric^^ kk no message or prompt appeared19:12
bubbasauresgrodiungs, Look up super grub and boot the mint and reload grub there.19:12
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type sudo chroot /mnt/test19:13
grodiungsbubbasaures: how would i boot into it without a boot loader? Iam currently running off a usb mint19:13
bubbasauresgrodiungs, Your not in our support schema is all I was throwing you a meat covered bone. ;)19:13
notfadsssssssseric^^: ok i did it changed from $ to #19:14
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, is this a 64bit machine?19:14
grodiungsbubbasaures: ok tahnks19:14
notfadsssssssseric^^: yup19:14
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64-signed19:15
frainno one?19:15
squintygrodiungs:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting   try Boot-repair (which is what resatux uses these days too fwiw) or the chroot method to restore your grub.  again fwiw, EriC^^ is going through the process right now with someone else19:15
notfadsssssssseric^^: finished no errors19:15
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok type update-grub19:16
notfadsssssssseric^^: done19:16
andreas_do u provide support for lubuntu?19:16
bubbasauresyes andrea19:16
=== corey84-- is now known as Corey84-
ch_kiwhere do i find a cheap keayboard with pbt keys or at least keys which doesnt get shiny/oily/greasy? or can you tell me a channel where to ask for at least? thanks19:17
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type exit19:17
EriC^^notfadssssssss: restart and see if it works19:17
andreas_sorry guys forxubuntu19:17
bubbasauresch_ki, I don't think there is a preferred shopping channel19:17
notfadsssssssseric^^: just type restart in terminal ? sorry i am just trying to be exact wanna get this server going19:17
EriC^^notfadssssssss: sudo reboot19:17
ch_kibubbasaures: which keyboard do you use? do you have shiny keys on there ??19:18
EriC^^notfadssssssss: no problem19:18
bubbasauresch_ki, This is ubuntu support, that is not even close. ;)19:18
EriC^^notfadssssssss: there might be a button that allows you to choose what to boot19:18
EriC^^notfadssssssss: esc maybe, then boot options or something19:18
ch_kibubbasaures: ok im going to emacs :D19:18
notfadssssssss4eric^^: f6 is boot manager ? ive never seen grub load19:18
fraindoes anyone sees me?19:19
EriC^^notfadssssssss: hmm, did you restart it?19:19
notfadsssssssseric^^: ytup it takes a second to initialize19:19
squinty!ask | frain19:19
ubottufrain: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:19
bubbasauresfrain, Yes, you're seen, post your support issue if there is one.19:19
notfadsssssssseric^^: client mac address booted ;\19:20
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, try to see if you can get that boot options menu19:20
EriC^^for efi19:20
notfadsssssssskk let me restart19:21
frain19:52 <frain> Hello. I have just installed ubuntu server and faced and problem19:22
frain - Foregin keyboard layout , can't fix my configs with VI or anything :\19:22
frain19:53 How does one install new layout?19:22
notfadsssssssseric^^: I am at the boot device menu, you want me to do internet EFI shell? or which were you asking?19:23
EriC^^notfadssssssss: is there an ubuntu entry?19:23
squintyfrain:  there is a #ubuntu-server channel19:23
fraindid't know. Thank you19:23
notfadsssssssseric^^: yes there is it is the first option19:24
notfadsssssssseric^^: hitting it has no effect19:24
EriC^^notfadssssssss: hmm is there a From efi file option?19:24
notfadsssssssseric^^: ubuntu/test/iba ge slotx2 /memorex tf20/ idoo luno dell/ internal efi shell/ memorex tf20/efi: memorex tf20 pmaphd(part1,sig###) , <- usb19:25
johnb003_for the wired part of my lan, I'm gonna need to buy a new switch anyway, will pretty much any gigabit switch work or would you guys recommend one?19:25
EriC^^notfadssssssss: so there's no from efi file?19:26
EriC^^or browse or something19:26
notfadsssssssseric^^: i dont see one19:26
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, is secure boot enabled?19:26
=== matteo is now known as Guest84787
fraincya, all best for holidays19:26
notfadsssssssseric^^: i didnt see secure boot in the setup19:26
jhutchinsjohnb003_: Don't go cheap19:26
notfadsssssssseric^^: tried finding it like 12 hours ago lol I can enter the setup from here if youd like me to19:27
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, give it a shot19:27
notfadsssssssseric^^: Main// Advanced//Security// server management// boot options/ boot manager19:28
EriC^^boot options19:28
quins_18how to fix import xchat in python ?19:29
bekksquins_18: First tell us whats broken :)19:29
notfadsssssssseric^^: system boot timeout, boot options 1-7, network device order, floppy order, HD order, add new boot options,delete boot options, efi optimized boot, boot option retry, usb boot priority19:30
EriC^^notfadssssssss: i'm wondering if you have a bios that will only boot windows .efi19:30
quins_18no module19:30
bekksEriC^^: Thats called "Secure boot" :)19:30
notfadsssssssseric^^: well i hope not its APtio setup utility - american megatrends19:30
EriC^^bekks: not really, secure boot doesn't allow other os to boot19:30
EriC^^bekks: ( that aren't on the safe os list19:31
bekksEriC^^: Thats not true.19:31
Eldunarhello guys, can u tell me how can i add app to the xfce panel which tell me what is the usage of every core of my procesor?19:31
MonkeyDustEldunar  try psensor19:31
MonkeyDustor psensors19:31
EriC^^bekks: some bios's wont boot anything that isn't called  bootmgfw.efi , if secure boot is turned off or on19:31
EriC^^bekks: really? wow cause i have secure boot on, and i boot shimx64.efi all the time19:32
=== __prefect is now known as nha
bekksEriC^^: Secure boot allows all entries to boot which are signed with a valid key.19:33
Eldunarthats not it. i want sth like it is on this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZPODwZ56Zk19:33
EriC^^bekks: yeah what did i say? it doesn't allow other os to boot with aren't on the "safe list"19:33
diosi installed flightgear 3 from ubuntu software center19:34
MonkeyDustEldunar  i don't start watching videos, but try conky or gkrell19:34
=== dios is now known as Guest89058
Guest89058but then i installed 3.2 from ppas19:34
EriC^^notfadssssssss: try to boot the live usb again19:34
EriC^^notfadssssssss: we can give it a shot if you want19:34
Guest89058now it doesnt work the launcher19:34
notfadsssssssseric^^ im all for it19:34
Guest89058what can i do?19:34
Eldunarthats not it, but close i want to have it in panel/tray19:35
quins_18python, ImportError: no module named xchat. how to fix it ?19:36
quins_18pleeeesss, new bew19:36
notfadsssssssseric^^: k its up19:36
squintyquins_18:  maybe ask in the #python channel here on freenode19:36
SocratesHello, my mouse isn't working. It worked before on my desktop but now it only works on my login screen?19:36
MonkeyDustnotfadssssssss  type er [tab], see what happens19:37
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type sudo parted -l and get the name of the disk that has the fat32 partition19:37
EriC^^( and the ext4 )19:38
Guest89058how can i get the latest flightgear working?19:38
bekksGuest89058: Try starting it in a terminal.19:38
Guest89058already did19:38
notfadsssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636445/19:39
Guest89058this is what i get19:39
Guest89058FATAL:Version check failed: please check your installation.19:39
Guest89058(Found data files for version '3.2.0' at '/usr/share/games/flightgear', version '3.0.0' is required.)19:39
Guest89058bekks, thats because i already installed from ubuntu doftware center19:39
Guest89058version 319:39
Guest89058but now i installed 3.2 with ppa19:40
bekksGuest89058: So uninstall both versions, and install your desired version again.19:40
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: Question, is that 1st hard drive dis-connected, Why do we not see a 'sda' hard drive ?19:40
Guest89058bekks, i dont have good bandwidth19:41
ekoeightwhere is the live cd image for ubuntu?19:41
EriC^^notfadssssssss: btw did you check the options in the bios bootmgr ?19:41
Guest89058how can i uninstall 3.0 only?19:41
bekksGuest89058: Then it will take a while.19:41
notfadssssssssbashing-me: I couldnt imagine it not being?19:41
EriC^^you mentioned a boot manager menu, i forgot to ask19:41
jhutchinsGuest89058: It sounds like you upgraded the data files but not the game engine.  Sloppy packaging, this is why sticking with official repos is smart.19:41
ekoeightdo they not do live cds anymore?19:42
Guest89058jhutchins, i did it with the official flightgear ppa19:42
notfadsssssssseric^^:options for the EFI option? yeah I typed them all out, there were only two options that said anything to do with efi.... one was efi internal shell the other was the USB19:42
squintyekoeight: not cd (except for minimum install)  dvd size or usb19:42
Guest89058please tell me theres anotherway19:42
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: EriC^^ :; seems real odd that a 'sda' is not assigned ,19:42
ekoeightsquinty: i have a machine that does not boot usbs or read dvds19:43
jhutchinsGuest89058: You can try updating the rest of the game packages from the ppa.19:43
Guest89058jhutchins, how do i do that?19:43
Guest89058wasnt update and upgrade enough_?19:44
Bashing-omekoeight: desktop editions no longer fit on a CD, one can build up from a server or minimal CD .19:44
Guest89058jhutchins, when itype upgrade it says: The following packages have been kept back:19:44
jhutchinsGuest89058: I would start by looking for instructions on the site you added the ppa from.19:44
Guest89058  fgrun flightgear19:44
Guest89058how do i make it update those packages too19:44
jhutchinsGuest89058: Specify them as what you want to upgrade.  I don't know how the ppa you've added ranks newer software, see their instructions.19:45
squintyekoeight:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot  (if you have grub already installed from a previous linux version) or see http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/ for making a boot cd so that usb's can boot from computers that don't have a "boot from usb" option19:45
EriC^^Bashing-om: yeah19:45
orbisviciscurl is not using /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt19:46
orbisvicis(in trusty)19:46
ekoeightsquinty: thank you19:47
AnnoyedI'm a bit confused about Ubuntu server 14.04, and and how  you are supposed to configure things.. For example, for ddclient.  Installed it using Software Update (I have a barebones Gnome installed for a GUI).. and /etc/ddclient.conf is almost empty.. and says something about Configuration file generated by debconf Am I supposed to edit ddclient.conf directly, or  use some other tool ?19:47
squintyekoeight:  yw19:47
AnnoyedAnd will changes get clobbered ?19:48
MonkeyDustAnnoyed  hint: there's also #ubuntu-server19:48
squintyAnnoyed:  tried the #ubuntu-server channel?19:48
rypervencheAnnoyed: sudo dpkg-reconfigure ddclient19:48
AnnoyedAh, no I haven't.19:48
Bashing-omEriC^^: Just a thought, can EFI use a device map file . used to be one could have the file in '/boot/grub/devicemap and remap the drives .19:48
l0rdn1xBluetooth: Unexpected continuation frame (len 0)19:49
Guest89058ok so i did19:49
l0rdn1xThis is flooding my dmesg lol19:49
Guest89058apt-get dist-upgrade19:49
Guest89058and it worked19:49
AnnoyedThanks, I'll try the other channel19:51
orbisvicishow do I view resolved launchpad bugs ?19:56
notfadsssssssseric^^: if it is the bios lock is there a way to check if thats what atpio does?19:57
squintyorb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu19:57
orbisvicissquinty: for a particular package, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ca-certificates/+bugs19:58
kyluc88hi all. I have a problem. tried all i could and no solution, however i have a feeling it is trivial..19:58
kyluc88i enter my password on login GUI (14.04) and .. i am waiting until computer freezes19:58
kyluc88everything else seems to be ok.19:59
NurdTurdHi everyone :)20:01
NurdTurdWhats the issue?20:01
squintykyluc88:  might want to try using the boot option "nomodeset"20:02
squintykyluc88:  Start a reboot and hold down the Shift key. Press the e key on getting the GRUB bootloader. Using arrow keys navigate to and delete quiet and splash and type the word nomodeset in their place. Press Ctrl and X at the same time to continue booting20:02
squintykyluc88:  see if that gets you into your desktop20:03
kyluc88THX squinty - i will try it now20:03
squintykyluc88:  you can also access "recovery" while in the grub boot menu too.20:04
NurdTurdsorry about my attitude20:07
=== cats is now known as grumpycat
NurdTurdWon't happen again.20:07
kyluc88squinty: i have done all as told. i come to the loging GUI, no errors. I enter my pwd and than .. it is not stuck (mouse moves) but it stops there.  ?20:09
notfadsssssssseric^^: under boot options there is a EFI optimized boot it is disabled does this need to be enabled?20:09
squintykyluc88:  might want to check from the grub boot menu recovery option to see if you have an old /etc/X11/xorg.conf and rename it (or delete it if you want) and then try rebooting.  also might want to try accessing the Guest account from the lightdm logon screen to see if the problem is particular to your account or not20:13
kasadguys help me out here last thing I did was: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils20:14
kasad LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo20:14
kasad and rebooted and now I get login prompt, I enter correct pass, then i get 1 sec like it's loading then  1-2 sec of black screen and back to login prompt20:14
kasad(other accounts login fine)20:14
kasadwhere do I start to look for fubar20:14
Bashing-omkasad: do you own these files ? -> ls -al ~/.Xauthority , ls -al ~/.ICEauthority <- ?20:17
EriC^^notfadssssssss: sorry im back20:19
kasadBashing-om: sorry had sneezing attack, i sneezed like 40 times I swear20:20
EriC^^notfadssssssss: about the bios lock it's pretty much a far fetched idea, i was wondering if that could be it, though it would be pretty funny if it was..20:20
kasadBashing-om: checking20:20
notfadsssssssseric^^: no need to say sorry, again your helping me was just making sure you didnt walk off a clifff :P20:20
k3nz0I think I've successfully installed linux in dual boot with Windows 7. When rebooting the grub doesn't launch, and it boots directly on Windows 720:20
EriC^^notfadssssssss: usually even if the bios is hardwired to that efi file you can still manually boot other files, you just have to press the boot options every time ( or do a workaround )20:21
EriC^^notfadssssssss: lol :P20:21
EriC^^notfadssssssss: we can try, but it's a long shot20:21
EriC^^notfadssssssss: did you boot the live usb?20:21
EriC^^notfadssssssss: did the pc come with anything preinstalled?20:21
notfadsssssssseric^^: yup im at live usb'20:21
notfadsssssssseric^^: yes windows server20:22
EriC^^here goes nothing..20:22
EriC^^sudo parted -l | pastebinit20:22
kasadBashing-om: yes I have them both20:22
squintyk3nz0:  if you install win7 after ubuntu you will have to reinstall grub again (probably from livedvd or usb) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting -> Boot-repair and/or chroot20:24
kasadBashing-om: you there?20:24
notfadsssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636675/20:24
k3nz0squinty, I installed ubuntu after win720:25
squintyk3nz0:  same thing applies.. have a read of that link20:26
Bashing-omkasad: But, does 'root' own either of those files ?20:26
kasadsec lemme tell you20:26
EriC^^notfadssssssss: sudo mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt20:26
squintyk3nz0:  might also want to read  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI  to see if anything applies to your system20:26
EriC^^notfadssssssss: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/boot/efi20:27
kasadBashing-om: both owned by root, and group also root20:27
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk20:27
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ls /mnt/boot/efi/EFI20:28
notfadsssssssseric^^:ubuntu comes up as an option20:28
EriC^^no Microsoft ?20:28
notfadsssssssseric^^: in blue20:28
=== soee_ is now known as soee
notfadsssssssseric^^: nope.20:28
Bashing-omsudo chown USERNAME:USERNAME .Xauthority , sudo chown USERNAME:USERNAME .ICEauthority <- where USERNAME is your actual login username .20:29
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type sudo mkdir /mnt/boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft20:29
ekoeightso is there a less resource intensive version or setting? i saw unity 2d but seems like it was merged20:29
kasadBashing-om: gotcha20:29
kasadBashing-om: thanks man20:29
notfadsssssssseric^^: k20:30
squintyekoeight: lubuntu is recommended for older, low resources boxes20:30
kasadBashing-om: while I am sucking here and you are helping me not kill myself, do you maybe have idea how to migrate /home to new partition, with encrypt home directory enabled? (now I'm beeing greedy)20:31
Bashing-omkasad: Most likely the only problem. Reboot when chmods are done and see if it is effective .20:31
kasadBashing-om: rebooting now, think that's the prob all the way, uninstalled mesa for nothing20:32
Bashing-omkasad: Not a problem to ask, but encryption is something I shy away from . can not advise in such an instance .20:32
ekoeightbtw that plop boot manager is pretty cool20:32
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type sudo cp /mnt/boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi /mnt/boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/bootmgfw.efi20:33
kasadBashing-om:nobody seems to know, damn me for enabling encryption on home dir (friends machine)20:33
rypervenchekasad: It doesn't matter if it's encrypted or not. You just need to move it when the home dir is decrypted.20:33
squintyekoeight: yes, nice app...has worked well for my purposes20:33
ardianHello, what do you suggest for drivers proprietary or open source ? (I am for open source software) but I'd like to have the best driver for my laptop, im using AMD/ATI graphic card20:33
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk20:34
entropiusIs there any way to see what is going on with the installer? I'm installing kubuntu 14.10 and it is taking an inordinately long time (on "preparing libreoffice-common"). This install has been obnoxious in other ways, despite being done on fast hardware. Is there some file I can tail to see what is going on?20:34
Bashing-omkasad: You have the right of that .. encryption is a level of complexity that is very difficult to overcome . In the event of problems . you do have a problem !20:34
EriC^^notfadssssssss: for i /dev /dev/pts /proc /run /sys; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done20:34
compdocardian, the open source should be installed already, if not activate it. See how well it runs20:35
compdocuse the proprietary if you need to20:36
bubbasauresentropius, If you ticked the update while installing it will take longer20:36
notfadsssssssseric^^: near unexpected otken '/dev'20:36
EriC^^notfadssssssss: sorry, for i in /dev .....20:36
kasadBashing-om rypervenche: thing is, friend changed his mind, allowed me to virtualize his windows, so I got 100Gig partition freed up - and I wanted to mount it as /home, but alas, I chose encrypt home dir when I installed because I am idiot20:36
ardiancompdoc: I think they run very well did not have any problems, but I saw the options for other drivers20:36
notfadsssssssseric^^: done20:36
EriC^^notfadssssssss: sudo chroot /mnt20:37
kasadBashing-om: problem with login solved, it was wrong permissions20:37
EriC^^notfadssssssss: grub-install --recheck /dev/sdc20:37
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kasadnow I am not even sure if I have to install ATI drivers or not20:37
entropiusYes, but I want to be able to tell whether the installer is waiting on some slow download (but I don't see network activity) or whether something else is going on.20:37
notfadsssssssseric^^: finished20:37
rypervenchekasad: I'm not sure where in Ubuntu it decrypts your home drive, but you can sync all of your data to your new drive, then change fstab and reboot, should work fine.20:37
EriC^^notfadssssssss: update-grub20:38
Bashing-omkasad: IF there is no direct dire need of encryption. (RE-)install ! Like I say, encryption is a level of complexity in times of trouble can not be overcome .20:38
EriC^^notfadssssssss: does it say Found linux 3.1......20:38
kasadBashing-om: tbh I don't need it, it's just that I configured everything, spent like 15 hours, and now just thinking about reinstall is making me cry20:39
notfadsssssssseric^^:found linux image : boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-32-generic        found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-32-generic             done20:39
Bashing-omkasad: See what you have installed for driver/card -> sudo lshw -C display <- what is listed in the "configure" line ?20:39
=== ian is now known as Guest2631
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type sudo mkdir /boot/efi/EFI/Boot20:40
notfadsssssssseric^^: k20:40
kasadBashing-om: configuration> drier=radeon latency=64 mingnt=820:40
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootmgfw.efi20:41
Bashing-omkasad: Should be good to go .. you are up on the open source driver .20:41
EriC^^notfadssssssss: type efibootmgr -v and pastebinit20:41
kyluc88Hi all, working with 14.04 LTS. Recently had an interrupted update due to network issue. Now, when I enter my pw on GUI, ... the desktop workspace never appears. Comp does not freeze (mouse is moving), but .. login never completes. I see only login GUI (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)20:41
CrellHi folks. I am tracking an intermittent error with Ubuntu server 14.04.  The hardware is ostly 9 years old, and using a boot CD I've verified that the hardware is all fine AFAICT.20:42
CrellHowever, copying large amounts of data when booted to the installed 14.04 system reguarly causes fatal issues, eg, kernel panics.20:42
kasadBashing-om: it says VGA compatible controller, (mobility radeon xpress 200m) etc etc, but this machine won't be used for more then surfing, most intensive apps being run will be virtualbox of his previous winxp machine and his mother using FB/Youtube, so I think I am good with the driver20:42
CrellThe error message mentions a Bad RIP value, but Googling turns up that error on a dozen different things going back to at least 2006.20:43
CrellI was able to copy 200 GB over the netwrok without incident using a Boot CD, so I am assuming the hardware is all fine. It's some issue with the OS.20:43
kasadBashing-om: is there a way to migrate all the settings to different user or something, just to avoid that encryption, then I would delete this user, and mount 100GB partition as /home20:43
CrellHow do I even start tracking this down? :-/20:43
* Crell would prefer to not spend another week having a not-quite-working server.20:43
Bashing-omkasad: :) , I run ATI card, on radeon driver , no problems at all . workie great - last long time .20:43
squintyCrell:  ubuntu-server channel is there for a purpose  :P20:44
kasadBashing-om: I found different guides telling different things, so I am kinda afraid to try it, I spent way too much time configuring this20:44
Bashing-omkasad: No I can not say .. encryption, I do not know how to cope with it .20:44
Crellsquinty: I've had mixed results there, too.  I don't know that it's a server-specific issue; it seems kernel-related mostly?20:44
kasadBashing-om: thanks anyway. you already helped me tons and saved me lots of time20:45
daftykinsCrell: was it a clean 14.04.1 install, or a history of updates?20:45
basichashHow do i pipe errors to text file?20:45
EriC^^notfadssssssss: type efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\Microsoft\\bootmgfw.efi -L "Ubuntu" -p 1 -d /dev/sdc20:45
Crelldaftykins: Clean install via USB.  The install went fine.20:46
basichashi thought it was "command parm1 param2 2&>1 error.txt20:46
kasadBashing-om: now if i could only figure how to at least migrate all the settings, I set up like million things for his mom, and him, it would take me hours and hours to configure everything again :S20:46
basichashbut that doesn't seem to work20:46
EriC^^notfadssssssss: then efibootmgr -v and pastebin it please20:46
CrellWell, almost fine.  I had to disable something in grub since I'm using RAID 5 for the drives.20:46
squinty.........and yet again, the story changes.  :(20:46
EriC^^bashusr: command 2> /path/to/textfile20:46
kyluc88Hi all, working with 14.04 LTS. Recently had an interrupted update due to network issue. Now, when I enter my pw on GUI, ... the desktop workspace never appears. Comp does not freeze (mouse is moving), but .. login never completes. I see only login GUI (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)20:47
EriC^^bashusr: that will send the stderr to the text file only, stdout wont20:47
notfadsssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636797/20:48
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type exit20:48
EriC^^and then sudo reboot20:48
daftykinsCrell: ah-har, dubious RAID. SMART data clean on all of them?20:49
BluesKaj_kyluc88, ctl+alt+F1-F6 at the login page then login to the virtual terminal and run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade, then reboot20:49
Bashing-ombasichash: For instance : exec startxfce4 --with-ck-launch > /home/sysop/errors-boot.txt 2>&1 .20:49
guntbertbasichash: see what EriC^^ said above20:49
Crelldaftykins: The drives are all brand new.  And I was able to, from an older boot CD, copy 200 GB of data off of the RAID drives to a remote system without a single hiccup.20:50
notfadsssssssslol well change is good iguess20:50
daftykinsCrell: over what protocol? you've never encountered faulty new disks? hrmm :P20:50
notfadsssssssseric^^: efi shell booted20:50
EriC^^notfadssssssss: what happened?20:50
kyluc88Blueskaj_ : i did than via grub / root access with nw..20:50
EriC^^notfadssssssss: hmm20:51
Crelldaftykins: All copying was rsync over ssh.  And yes I've run into bad drives before, which is why I tried from the boot CD.  It seems unlikely that a hardware issue would manifest itself with only one OS doing the same thing, no?20:51
daftykinswhere does 'one OS' come into this?20:52
CrellThe installed 14.04 instance vs. the older boot CD.20:52
kyluc88Blueskaj_ : when ctl+alt+f1 i get <comp> login:  which does not respond .. i enter my username it comes back to <comp> login:20:52
CrellBoth pushed 200 GB-ish over the network using rsync/ssh.  Only one died every couple of gigs and needed a reboot.20:52
BluesKaj_kyluc88, doesn't ask for pw after login on VD?20:53
schoppenhauerI am trying to access a braille line, which always worked in earlier ubuntu versions. Now, when trying to access it, I get the error "usbfs: interface 1 claimed by usb-storage while 'brltty' sets config #1". I tried blacklisting and searched for udev options, but ... nothing seems to work like it did a few years ago, so I have no clue what to do.20:53
daftykinsCrell: so what was the boot disc?20:53
CrellThe kernel panic call tace appears to be doing some IRQ handling aroun SCSI.  (At least that's the keywords in the stack trace.)20:53
EriC^^notfadssssssss: sorry my bad20:54
kyluc88Blueskaj_: no, it returns to <comp> login:20:54
daftykinsCrell: i take it the OS is alongside the data on the RAID volume?20:54
EriC^^notfadssssssss: i just checked my efibootmgr -v , and my bootmgfw.efi is in EFI/Microsoft/Boot/20:54
EriC^^notfadssssssss: boot the live usb again, we'll try to put it there20:54
Crelldaftykins: Yes, it's a single partition on a 3-disk RAID 5 array.20:54
notfadsssssssseric^^: as long as you stop saying sorry for helping me out :P20:54
Crell(Software RAID, setup by the installer.)20:54
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok :P20:55
daftykinsCrell: i'd bet that wouldn't be happening with the OS outside the volume20:55
CrellWhy would that matter?20:55
notfadsssssssseric^^: btw so now that I go to boot device menu there are not 2 ubuntus there20:56
notfadsssssssseric^^: Ubuntu and ubuntu20:56
EriC^^oh, i see20:57
notfadssssssssare now*20:57
notfadsssssssseric^^: still want me to boot from live CD?20:57
Crelldaftykins: Why would it matter if the OS itself is on a RAID partition?  (This is the first time I've tried setting up a RAID configuration.)20:58
BluesKaj_kyluc88, then use you live media/cd/dvd/usb and run kubuntu, open a terminal and do, sudo grub-install /dev/sdX , most likely /dev/sda20:58
Crelldaftykins: The boot CD was an older version of http://www.hiren.info/pages/bootcd, booted to the Linux/parted magic option.20:58
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk ready20:59
dvlThere is/was a script provided with Unbuntu's installation of Bacula (backup software) and I'm trying to locate that script in order to report a bug with it.  I figured the first step was locate the script... I'm failing.20:59
daftykinsCrell: so you don't have any prior experience with RAID but are asking me how it'd be affected? :)20:59
CrellIf I knew how it would be affected I wouldn't need to ask.  At least from the Ubuntu documentation it seemed like it should be a straightforward process.21:00
CrellGiven that it's a 20 year old technology I expected it to be fairly stable on a modern Linux version, especially when the installer directly supports it.21:01
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt21:01
EriC^^notfadssssssss: sudo mkdir /mnt/EFI/Microsoft/Boot21:01
notfadsssssssseric^^: k21:02
BluesKaj_kyluc88, or install boot-repair on a cd or usb and use that to reinstall grub or repair it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair21:02
basichashIs there a way I can pass text generated from a command (i.e. stdout/stderr i suppose?) into a command like pastebinit?21:02
EriC^^notfadssssssss: sudo cp /mnt/EFI/Microsoft/bootmgfw.efi /mnt/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi21:03
Caleb--hi, is it possible to uninstall totem and still have thumbnails?21:03
basichashi.e. instead of command 2> error.txt; pastebinite error.txt, i can just do command 2> | pastebinit21:03
Caleb--or at least to use some other thumbnailer instead of totem?21:03
Maltahli have some trouble forcing my laptop to not sleep or go supend. Ubuntu 14.04 i tried power settings and doing acpi=off in GRUB is not working either21:03
superfacepalmI've deleted my kernel...help! here's a quick rundown of where i am & what i've done http://pastebin.com/Xa6sWMN121:05
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk21:05
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type sudo efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\Microsoft\\Boot\\bootmgfw.efi -L "Ubuntu" -p 1 -d /dev/sdc21:05
Bashing-ombasichash: for instance : sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit . (??)21:06
daftykinsCrell: what is it exactly? 20 years seems incredibly doubtable21:06
entropiusis it unusual for the installer to take over an hour on a machine with a SSD and modern CPU?21:07
Crelldaftykins: You were making it sound like the proble is using RAID in the first place, which I would find highly surprising as it's hardly a new and untested technology.21:07
notfadsssssssseric^^: gotta install efiibootmgr21:07
entropiusI've seen installers finish in 5 minutes21:07
entropiusor something21:07
EriC^^notfadssssssss: hehe :D21:07
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk21:07
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, sudo efibootmgr -v21:08
kyluc88Blueskaj_: i will attempt with boot  repair21:08
daftykinsCrell: no, i'm suggesting it's going funny with your setup.21:08
daftykinsCrell: but if these disks are brand new on an alleged "20 year old" system, you must be using some kind of HBA to connect them21:09
Crelldaftykins: Well something is going funny.21:09
notfadsssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636886/21:09
daftykinsCrell: yeah so put the OS on a separate disk, use the RAID volume as a mounted data point only, then see how you get on21:09
CrellNo, the hardware is Athlon 64, about 8-9 years old I believe.  The motherboard supports SATA, which all of the new drives are.21:09
Bashing-omsuper, 1st is to make sure the liveUSB is valid . Did you verify the .iso file with md5sum ? Can you boot to the liveUSB's boot options screen ?21:10
CrellHrm.  Not sure how modern a spare HDD I have lying around.  Could take a while to set that up. :-/21:10
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, sudo reboot21:10
kyluc88Blueskaj_: may i install boot repair in recovery session as root and run it then?21:12
daftykinsCrell: ok so half the age :D BIOS update wouldn't hurt too21:12
superfacepalmBashing-om: i did verify md5. when i select usb from boot list it just gives me boot from ubuntu, recovery or memtest screen. if i select ubuntu it trys and fails to boot from hdd. but it boots live cds just fine21:12
Delta706is there an easy way to get a font fullname?21:12
CrellHm. I'll have to see if there's a bios update available.21:12
notfadsssssssseric^^: efi shell21:12
kazbloxSimple question about specific software21:13
EsoRoticaI'm having troubles with a USB optical mouse disconnecting, Have tried several ports. Dont see what I need to in the logs. Mouse works in another computer.  Seems to be something to do with usb powersave and not sure how to debug21:13
johnb003anyone tried using an ubuntu box as an internet router?21:13
EsoRoticaAlso, this is a laptop.21:13
notfadsssssssseric^^: but I never had a U(capitcal) buntu before I guess we made one, my ubuntu was just written all lower cases could you have made a work around for the one we created?21:14
BluesKaj_kyluc88, best to install-boot repair on separate media since it's a small debian based OS21:14
johnb003I'm wondering 1) Can I use a single wired port for the wan and lan, and 2) will the server itself also be behind the firewall or only the clients?21:14
kazbloxIs there any software compatible with Ubuntu/Mint that allows me to fix "TFGHT is Missing" Windows 7 error?21:14
kazbloxI accidentally fucked up sda1 system partition21:14
kazbloxDualboot setup21:14
SchrodingersScat!profanity | kazblox21:15
ubottukazblox: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:15
basichashBashing-om: ah it works, thanks21:15
kazbloxSchrodingersScat: Oh, sorry. :P21:15
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Sounds like bios is not finding the boot code on the USB and is going onto the next boot code it can find and tht is the hard drive ? .. Try and re-burn that .iso - as an image - to the usb once more ??21:15
EriC^^notfadssssssss: you have 3 ubuntu's right now, right?21:15
EriC^^Ubuntu Ubuntu and ubuntu ?21:15
rwwkazblox: not that I know of. talk to ##windows, that's generally fixable from a Windows installation disc21:15
Bashing-ombasichash: :) .. good deal .. in like Flynn .21:16
EriC^^notfadssssssss: we tried to pretend you're booting the windows .efi file from Microsoft/Boot21:16
kazblox[16:15] <rww> kazblox: not that I know of. talk to ##windows, that's generally fixable from a Windows installation disc | I don't have one.21:16
* rww sighs21:16
superfacepalmBashing-om: do i really need to be using 14.04 or should it working using the 13.10 cd?21:16
rww(and responses like that are why I don't do Windows support for free)21:16
notfadsssssssseric^^: let me check21:16
notfadsssssssseric^^: yes 321:18
=== ewdwed is now known as notprawn
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: In almost all cases, you want the liveUSB to be same same as the installed release . IF that install is 13.10 .. you do have a problem as 13.10 is End-Of-Life, and no longer has support .21:18
EriC^^notfadssssssss: try to boot the other Ubuntu21:18
marcelino671Hello, I'm new in Ubuntu, when I open more apps, my system overload, I use free -h to see the memory usage, 90% are in use, how I can see what apps are using much more memory?21:19
EriC^^marcelino671: top21:19
spittingglassmarcelino671: top21:19
notfadsssssssseric^^" none boot '\21:19
superfacepalmBashing-om: okay, i was hoping i could just use an older kernel to get it running then upgrade so i didnt have to figure out why the usb didnt work. I'll get that working and report back21:19
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, we can maybe try to manually boot the .efi file21:20
notfadsssssssseric^^: im game for anything.21:20
EriC^^notfadssssssss: in the efi shell, type map21:21
notfadsssssssseric^^: so boot the shell21:21
mr-excellenthow to upgrade ubuntu 14.04 to 14.1021:21
Lando-SpacePimpemma wants you all to know that you're all sour cunts.21:21
EriC^^mr-excellent: sudo do-release-upgrade21:21
Lando-SpacePimpThat is all21:21
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Booting the liveUSB is operating system independent. If the boot code on the liveUSB is good, then bios will look no further if the USB is set as 1st boot priority .21:21
marcelino671Have a away to run tor without the use of firefox? Because I run the torbrowser, and then open Chrome with the proxy service in port 9150...21:21
tewardmarcelino671: install the tor daemon in the backend21:22
tewardmarcelino671: tor-browser is nice if you want an all-in-one package, but it's not the actual tor daemon21:22
notfadsssssssseric^^; fs0  blk0 blk1 blk2 hd48f0b21:22
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type fs0:21:22
tewardmarcelino671: https://www.torproject.org/download/download-unix.html.en is the upstream tor repositories for the tor standalone21:23
* daftykins waves21:23
notfadsssssssseric^^: eric^^: kk21:23
tewardmarcelino671: https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en is for Debian/Ubuntu - and I suggest following it to the letter21:23
entropiusThis install is taking forever. 1 GB/sec USB drive medium installing Kubuntu to a SSD on a machine with plenty of RAM/CPU/etc. It's taken over an hour to install packages. Any idea what's going on?21:23
EriC^^notfadssssssss: type cd \EFI\ubuntu21:23
tewardmarcelino671: note you'll have a lot of sites regularly used complaining, but meh21:24
notfadsssssssseric^^: woah.... target directory not found?21:24
wafflej0ckentropius, did you select to download packages during install? what's it say on screen currently?21:24
EriC^^notfadssssssss: type ls21:24
Bashing-omentropius: What is the internet connection ? wired or WIFI ? Wired should not take longer than 20 minutes, on a good connection  .21:25
mr-excellentwhat do you think is the best version of ubuntu nice?????????????21:25
tewardmr-excellent: not sure what your question is, but that's highly opinion based.21:25
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, that's the live usb21:25
EriC^^notfadssssssss: holy..21:26
EriC^^notfadssssssss: could it be the efi partition doesnt have the ef00 type set?21:26
superfacepalmBashing-om: googling tells me to fix the missing kernel to use a livecd/usb and copy it over. i obviously messed up the first liveusb so tried the slightly different cd i had laying around. no luck with that so back to making a usb that actually works :)21:27
wafflej0ckmr-excellent, this room is for support if you want general chat go to #ubuntu-offtopic21:27
notfadsssssssseric^^: i have not the slightest idea.21:27
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Make up a USB that works . do a full CHange Root into the install and from the CHRoot, apt-get install the kernel .21:28
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, we might as well try to see the other stuff that showed up in map21:28
EriC^^notfadssssssss: try hd48f0b:21:29
superfacepalmBashing-om: i usually use dd. is there another way i should be making the usb on debian?21:29
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: 'dd' is what I often see recommended, I do not use USBs myself so I am real short on direct advise .21:30
superfacepalmBashing-om: i prefer using cds/dvds. but my machine with the dvd burner is the one with no kernel... so yeah21:31
mladouxEriC^^, he's bios booting the main system, not efi, at least that's were left off. He had the thing where it was trying to boot off of sdb instead of sda after reboot going on.21:31
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Will not matter to the operating system . You will boot the DVD and then boot into the operating system . IF ya got a DVD it will work fine to do what you need .21:32
EriC^^mladoux: nah, he's booting the right disk, but it looks like the efi shell can't get that the efi partition is there21:33
EriC^^mladoux: it's not showing up in map as a recognized file system21:33
schoppenhauer*push* I assume nobody here will know this because nobody here un21:34
schoppenhauerI am trying to access a braille line, which always worked in earlier ubuntu versions. Now, when trying to access it, I get the error "usbfs: interface 1 claimed by usb-storage while 'brltty' sets config #1". I tried blacklisting and searched for udev options, but ... nothing seems to work like it did a few years ago, so I have no clue what to do.21:34
mladouxEriC^^, that's because it's set up for bios boot, not efi on the server21:34
mladouxthere's no efi partition on the server.21:34
superfacepalmBashing-om: Bashing-om i have many dvds laying around, just not 14.04 gnome that's running on the kernel-less machine. so trying the usb21:35
marcelino671teward: Ty, I install tor, But when I try to run the command "tor" in terminal, I receive a error: apt-get install deb.torproject.org-keyring21:35
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; does swapping the usb ports they use make any difference?21:35
schoppenhaueruchuonna: no21:35
marcelino671teward: I have used tor browser, but I close before run the tor command in terminal21:35
tewardmarcelino671: that error you pasted is a command you should run, not an 'error', care to verify that's what you're seeing?21:36
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; is there some other usb drive which didn't used to be there?21:36
marcelino671teward: sorry, is this error: Could not bind to Address already in use. Is Tor already running?21:36
tewardmarcelino671: tor doesn't need manual starting - iirc it runs as a service automatically21:37
tewardmarcelino671: try `sudo service tor stop` and then `sudo service tor start`21:37
schoppenhaueruchuonna: it loads the internal sdcard, and the keyboard from there. I tried to blacklist usbhid and usb_storage, but they are reloaded again though.21:37
mladouxWe switched it to BIOS boot because EFI was just proving to be painful21:37
EsoRoticaI'm having troubles with a USB optical mouse disconnecting, Have tried several ports. Dont see what I need to in the logs. Mouse works in another computer. Seems to be something to do with usb powersave and not sure how to continue debugging. Device stays connected in lsusb, doesnt seem to be any laptop tools installed21:38
marcelino671teward: ty, I go test21:38
EriC^^mladoux: there is a efi partition21:38
mladouxthere shouldn't be, except on the liveusb21:38
EriC^^mladoux: this is his parted -l http://paste.ubuntu.com/9636675/21:38
schoppenhaueruchuonna: in the last ubuntu version, it worked.21:38
EriC^^notfadssssssss: are you there?21:38
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; is the sd card your boot drive?21:39
mladouxEriC^^, he must have converted the wrong disk21:39
mladouxor it got converted by the installer.21:39
=== ubuntu is now known as michaelwong5848
schoppenhaueruchuonna: no.21:40
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers installed21:40
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers installed21:40
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers preinstalled21:40
mladouxEriC^^, I'll let you continue to help him for a while, I need way more coffee before I get in on this one again.21:40
marcelino671teward: I set firefox to use the proxy: but not work21:40
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers preinstalled21:40
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers preinstalled21:40
mladouxEriC^^, don't be afraid to reinstall, it's a fresh system.21:40
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; what happens if you insert the sd after the braille line has loaded?21:40
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers preinstalled21:40
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers preinstalled21:40
michaelwong5848because i dont want to compile them21:41
EsoRoticamichaelwong5848: spam is not the best way to get help around here21:41
bubbasauresmichaelwong5848, wrong place21:41
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers preinstalled21:41
notfadsssssssseric^^: target not found eric^^: yes sorry21:41
schoppenhaueruchuonna: if I remove the sdcard, I get the same error with usbhid.21:41
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok try blk0:21:41
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers preinstalled21:41
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers preinstalled21:41
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: See if this helps in making up a liveUSB : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1958073 .21:41
schoppenhaueruchuonna: instead of usb_storage21:41
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers preinstalled because i dont want to install the drivers21:41
EriC^^notfadssssssss: if that doesn't work boot into the live usb21:41
michaelwong5848is there any distro with RALINK wireless drivers preinstalled because i dont want to install the drivers21:41
tewardmarcelino671: time to read https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-doc-unix.html.en21:41
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk sorry for delay was talking to mladox.21:41
teward!ops | michaelwong584821:41
ubottumichaelwong5848: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang21:42
mladouxif you're still stuck later, I'll check back in in a bit.21:42
notfadsssssssseric^^: my apologies if I messsed something up ;\21:42
tewardmichaelwong5848: stop repeating yourself crazily.21:42
EriC^^notfadssssssss: no it's perfectly fine21:42
tewardmichaelwong5848: and i doubt the drivers would be preinstalled without Internet because if there aren't open source you have to download those drivers21:42
notfadsssssssseric^^: I am in live now, would you like me to go back to efi shell or stay here21:42
EriC^^stay there21:43
tewardmichaelwong5848: and to fit every driver on an installer disk would be infinitely difficult because of limited disk size21:43
DrManhattanhow do I keep the screen from blanking when I am playing full screen video? I have tried caffeine but it crashes - and the lightson.sh script says no screensaver detected even though it is enabled for gnome-screensaver21:43
EriC^^type gdisk -l /dev/sdc21:43
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; I'm not familiar with braille lines, is there any configuration for it to make it not care about needing configuration 1?21:43
EriC^^sudo gdisk..21:43
superfacepalmBashing-om: just ran dd again and it worked. booted into 14.04 live just fine. now to chroot.21:43
EsoRoticateward: That doesnt stop windows from trying :P21:43
tewardEsoRotica: except they only have 'basic drivers'21:43
tewardEsoRotica: and that discussion is offtopic here21:43
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk21:43
atokiyahey. I am running a dual boot and I found an app (ext2fsd) to access my linux partition. I'm trying to access my files in /home but it says that it has been unmounted for security reasons. any way for me to work around it without having to boot into linux?21:43
EriC^^notfadssssssss: paste it in paste.ubuntu.com21:44
marcelino671teward: ty, I just set to port 9050 and work fine, ty for help!21:44
schoppenhaueruchuonna: no. brltty cannot access the braille line for some reason.21:44
tewardmarcelino671: you're welcome.  it should also start automatically at boot every time as well21:44
tewardmarcelino671: enjoy21:44
notfadsssssssseric^^: command is hanging one sec21:44
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Great; ya need guidance for the CHange Root routine ?21:44
notfadsssssssseric^^; http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637027/21:45
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; do you have a brand and model for this braille line?21:45
superfacepalmBashing-om: not sure yet. if its just cuz of different distro what i was doing before *should* work21:46
schoppenhaueruchuonna: c251:112421:46
EriC^^notfadssssssss: are you sure that's sudo gdisk -l /dev/sdc ?21:47
EriC^^i meant to add sudo to it21:47
notfadsssssssseric^^: oops ill resend command21:47
DrManhattanhow do I keep the screen from blanking when I am playing full screen video? I have tried caffeine but it crashes - and the lightson.sh script says no screensaver detected even though it is enabled for gnome-screensaver21:48
notfadsssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637038/ sory.21:48
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, it has the ef00 partition type21:49
EriC^^not sure why the bios won't recognize it21:49
EriC^^notfadssssssss: reboot into the efi shell again, maybe it was blk0:21:50
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk21:50
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; I can't seem to find any products using the id number of c251:1124. Could be a usb cable or controller giving corrupted data21:50
schoppenhaueruchuonna: http://mielke.cc/svn/main/brltty/Autostart/Windows/brltty.inf21:51
schoppenhaueruchuonna: actually, the device is recognized21:51
marcelino671Some tomes my Ubuntu overload, freezy for 5~sec, and them back, How I can find what do It?21:52
schoppenhaueruchuonna: it just seems that the other drivers "claim" it, so brltty (which uses libusb) cannot use it.21:52
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Mine for a bios based system : sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt , for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done , sudo chroot /mnt . Once in the CHroot, Maybe something like: sudo apt-get install linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-image-extra .21:52
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk what commmand?21:55
notfadsssssssseric^^: map then cd blk0?21:55
superfacepalmBashing-om: following this http://askubuntu.com/questions/528139/how-to-reinstall-kernels-after-accidental-deletion-with-a-separate-boot-partitio currently at second update21:55
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: :) .21:56
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk21:56
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ls21:56
EriC^^notfadssssssss: remove the live usb21:57
EriC^^then boot into the efi shell21:57
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; this looks like a bug in libusb, not so easy to correct.21:58
EriC^^notfadssssssss: try booting Ubuntu21:59
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Not real sure that networking is maintained .. What results in the CHRoot('#' as a prompt) from terminal command : ping -c3 google.com .21:59
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; is there any way for you to use a non-usb keyboard?21:59
notfadsssssssseric^^: I let the boot process go as normal it kicked me to EFI21:59
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type map21:59
notfadsssssssscannot find required map name21:59
schoppenhaueruchuonna: well, there is no /proc/bus/usb/, and I cannot create it ...21:59
EriC^^notfadssssssss: hmm?22:00
notfadsssssssseric^^: cannot find required map name22:00
notfadsssssssseric^^: map: Cannot find required map name22:00
EriC^^notfadssssssss: try fs0:22:00
EriC^^notfadssssssss: try to check out the bios settings22:00
notfadsssssssseric^^: invalid mapping name22:00
EriC^^i think Bashing-om was on to something when he mentioned it odd starting at sdb22:01
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk restarting it now22:01
superfacepalmBashing-om: update after chroot worked fine. install linux-image-3.8* is installing a ton of images. says its gonna take 30min. should i wait or cancel and just use linux-generic etc?22:01
johnb003anyone familiar with using their ubuntu box as an internet router?22:01
hassanhi every one22:01
EriC^^kind of odd you can;t access the disk from the efi shell22:01
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk in bios22:02
notfadsssssssseric^^: main Advanced   Security  Server management   Boot options   BOOt manager22:02
notfadsssssssseric^^: btw it is Aptio setup utility by American megatrends22:03
EriC^^notfadssssssss: what was in boot manager again?22:04
EriC^^efi enhanced something?22:04
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; a non-usb keyboard could work around the hid problem22:04
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok22:04
schoppenhaueruchuonna: the braille line has an integrated sd-card and keyboard.22:04
schoppenhaueruchuonna: so this is not an option.22:04
notfadssssssssEric^^: no just 3 Ubuntus test(which was something i did) and internal efi shell....22:04
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, try boot opions22:05
notfadsssssssseric^^: eric^^: in boot optiousn there is a EFI optimized boot and use legacty video for EFI OS22:05
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; in that case, it is definitely a problem in libusb22:05
EriC^^notfadssssssss: anything about disks?22:05
EriC^^is legacy boot turned off? or something hybrid going on?22:05
notfadsssssssseric^^: in advanced there is a mass storage controller configuration22:05
EriC^^what's in server management22:06
schoppenhaueruchuonna: doesn't libusb require usbfs?22:06
EriC^^notfadssssssss: can you change the physical location of the disk?22:06
wetwetwetHey people, I have one fast question:22:07
notfadssssssssassert NMI on SERR assert NMI on PERR sume on ac power loss clear system event log   frb-2 enabled    Os boot watchdog timer    plug & play BMC dection ACPI 1..0 Support  ACPI 1.0 Support Console redirection system information BMC Lan COnfiguration22:07
wetwetwetWhen I connect to a pc using SSH and do some work using that computer's processing power22:07
EriC^^notfadssssssss: i mean can you open up the server and change the location?22:07
wetwetwetwill I be using my HDD space or their HDD space?22:07
EriC^^notfadssssssss: is it easy to do?22:07
notfadsssssssseric^^: I dont see why not? the server is in the same room as me22:07
notfadsssssssseric^^: I can see if youd like me to22:08
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Ummmm .. kernel series 3,8 is real old, would not be surprised if it is NOT available .. in release 14.04 -> linux-image-3.13.0-43-generic .22:08
SchrodingersScatwetwetwet: normally theirs22:08
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, check it out22:08
uchuonnaschoppenhauer; maybe. but you could start by asking questions at the libusb development team's site, they have a page for submitting new issues; http://libusb.info/22:08
notfadsssssssseric^^: there is in danved onboard sata controller and sata mode stuff22:08
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk what am i looking for really?22:08
EriC^^notfadssssssss: i've no idea :)22:08
EriC^^Bashing-om: ? ^^^22:09
superfacepalmBashing-om: yeah it's downloading 3.13.0-* so the 3.8* command seems to work22:09
notfadsssssssseric^^: lol kk22:09
wetwetwetWhen I connect to someone's pc using SSH and do some work using that computer's processing power, will I be using my HDD space or their HDD space?22:09
BluesKaj_wetwetwet,you are essentially running the remote pc from your KB so the remote pc HDD is the one that's being used22:10
superfacepalmBashing-om: i think that just caused it to install all kernels. its grabbing generic & low latency from 3.13.0-24 up22:10
Bashing-omEriC^^: notfadssssssss . In UEFI land booting, I am lost, as I do not know what files should be where .. I am still concerned, however, that 'sda' is not assigned . No isea as to how to check .. maybe read the kernel log and see what it says ?22:10
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: How large is your /boot partition ? fingers crosssed .22:11
wetwetwetthanks BluesKaj_22:11
devnnHow much free space do I need to leave on a ext4 fs? Not many are discussing this, is it because there is no limit to how much you can fill the fs?22:12
notfadsssssssseric^^: ok so i got it open am i like... looking for loose wires at this point O.o22:13
EriC^^notfadssssssss: hmm, no it's fine22:13
EriC^^notfadssssssss: if it's easy to switch it and you've done it before go for it maybe22:13
notfadssssssssits half difficult to get to the HDDs but the raid controller I can change the connectors from the HDD to that easy22:14
superfacepalmBashing-om: hopefully larger than 3,035mb. though it was a full boot partition that caused me to delete the kernel in the first place. at least i have a working liveusb now incase this screws everything up again22:14
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: OK, Let er rip, see what results .. IF /boot come up bulging at the seams, guess we can "something else" .22:16
orbisvic1show in the world do I view fixed bug reports, say for https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssl/+bugs22:17
superfacepalmBashing-om: seeing some dpkg errors. i think /boot might be full22:17
SachUsing LibreOffice 4.2. The word count for a document (including footnotes) is 1500 words LESS than a word count for the same document with Microsoft Word. The latter is accurate. How do I fixit is LibreOffice?22:18
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, boot the live usb22:18
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk gimme a second gotta pick the damn thing back up and plug it in22:18
Caleb--I mounted a partition on /data, but whenever I delete a file there, nautilus says that it can't be put in the trash and asks me to delete. I tried creating a /data/.Trash-$(id -u) folder and changing its permissions to 700, but it doesn't work. HELP!22:18
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok22:18
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: I was afraid of that .. let it copmplete, and we look and see what we have .22:18
superfacepalmBashing-om:  3.13.0-39 and up failed22:19
Caleb--strangely enough, my home folder is under /data/home/ubuntu/caleb and there i can delete, and it goes into ~/.local/share/Trash22:19
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: dpkg -l |grep linux- | pastebinit . See what we have .22:20
notfadsssssssseric^^: wait there is a MOMENT where I just saw some blue writing appear that I guess I never noticed imma reboot and try and read it it happens RIGHT before it loads grub on live boot22:22
CalebWHello, when trying to login to ubuntu 14.04 unity de it locks up22:22
CalebWIt shows the background and the mouse but nothing else22:22
notfadsssssssseric^^: says could not... missed the next im gonna try and see it again?22:22
CalebWI've reinstalled unity and ubuntu-desktop22:23
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok22:23
SachWhat is the channel for help with LibreOffice?22:23
k1lorbisvic1s: click on advanced search22:23
k1lorbisvic1s: or are you looking for security fixes?22:24
notfadsssssssseric^^: its so fast >.> i read "could not open"22:24
Bashing-omnotfadssssssss: sometimes, scroll-lock will pause the screen, sometimne key-combo ctl+s , and ctl+o to resume .22:24
squinty!alis | CalebW22:24
ubottuCalebW: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*22:24
EriC^^notfadssssssss: try to disable that efi optimization thing22:24
EriC^^notfadssssssss: kind of curious about that one22:24
CalebWCan someone help? I'm not able to login to ubuntu anymore.22:25
k1lCalebW: what error do you get or where does it stop?22:25
superfacepalmBashing-om: pastebin.com/Nx6Edhai22:25
squintyCalebW:  whoops  sorry   meant to send that to Sach22:25
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Look'n at your pastebin.com/Nx6Edhai .22:26
k1lCalebW: ah, i see. make sure the video card driver is working properly22:26
orbisvic1sk1l: no, I'm looking for a patch from trusty->utopic explaining why openssl does not use /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt on trusty, but does on utopic22:26
orbisvic1sk1l: but thanks22:26
CalebWNo error, it just locks up and shows the background and the mouse but nothing else - k1l22:26
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk i disabled EFI optimized boot, ctrl+s to stop? or like spam scroll lock?its soo fast ;_;22:26
Sachsquinty: what is your message? I dont see it?22:27
EriC^^notfadssssssss: drop to the efi shell22:27
EriC^^and try the map again22:27
EriC^^who knows22:27
CalebWI have an intel garphics card -k1l22:28
EriC^^notfadssssssss: how was the efi partition created btw?22:29
superfacepalmBashing-om: thinking it might be easier to just start over. I can copy everything off except my /home/user folder is locked and im not sure how to unlock it22:29
EriC^^notfadssssssss: i think that just turns efi off22:29
vmarck69din romania bucuresti careva?22:29
notfadsssssssseric^^: no concept22:29
k1l!ro | vmarck6922:30
ubottuvmarck69: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro22:30
notfadsssssssseric^^: my idea is that it was done with the original owner when he put windows server on22:30
notfadsssssssseric^^: map works22:30
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, is there anything other than fs0: fs1 maybe?22:30
notfadsssssssseric^^: fs0    blk0   blk1 hd48f0b22:31
k1lCalebW: ok, try reseting unity and compiz stuff: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/how-to-reset-compiz-and-unity-in-ubuntu.html22:31
EriC^^ok nevermind i guess, turn the efi optimized boot back on22:31
notfadsssssssseric^^: live cd?22:32
CalebWI'm in a CLI so I can't run "unity-tweek-tool --reset-unity" because there's no X server22:33
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Well, (re-)install is sure to work, but all we ned to do is get the kernel installed and the package manager in a happy state, right ? I am debating on "forcing" the issue .22:33
k1lCalebW: sorry, the site i linked doesnt say "unity-tweak-tool" anywhere22:34
EriC^^notfadssssssss: installl pastebinit, then dmesg | pastebinit22:34
CalebWIt's actually in the like to the github script on that page -k1l22:34
EriC^^notfadssssssss: and sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt22:34
k1lCalebW: scroll down to method B22:35
hexchhi, can someone tell me if its possible to use ati fglrx driver to play enemy territory?22:35
k1lhexch: why not?22:35
EriC^^notfadssssssss: then sudo mv /mnt/EFI/Boot/bootmgfw.efi /mnt/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi22:35
notfadsssssssseric^^: caught the message on camera lol22:35
notfadsssssssseric^^: "Could not open \EFI\BOOT\fa---- didnt capture the rest22:36
retroisprestocan I start my own mirror hosting distribution isos?22:36
Bashing-omhexch: Late enough ATI card to install the required driver to support the game ?22:36
hexchk1l, cause I get errors like recieved signal 1122:36
notfadsssssssseric^^: seems to be a fal at the end22:36
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, cool i was just thinking it might be using the EFI/Boot dir instead22:37
hexchand when I switch back to xorg driver its playable but with low fps22:37
superfacepalmBashing-om: yeah reinstall is a bit overkill. but i know it would work.22:37
CalebW"Cannot autolaunch D-Bus without X11 $Display" -k1l22:37
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Your time, your effort, your call . ( I am always for fixing ) .22:37
EriC^^notfadssssssss: we'll try to rename the file and add it to efibootmgr22:38
superfacepalmBashing-om: gonna try to chroot a few more times before i give up i think22:38
inkjetunitogood evening. is there a way to ensure apt-get won't pull anything out of repos with bad gpg signatures?22:39
MonkeyDustinkjetunito  the repos make it sure22:39
inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: ok, so when apt-get update warns me, it's safe to keep installing things_22:40
EriC^^notfadssssssss: i guess it could be a /Boot/fallback or something22:40
notfadssssssssfalure?eric^^: cannot stat ?22:40
CalebWI used the command "dconf reset -f /org/compiz/" -k1l22:40
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ? did you mount /dev/sdc1 ?22:41
MonkeyDustinkjetunito  it's safe if it's in the repos22:41
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: OK, in that chnage root try -> sudo dpkg --force-remove-reinstreq -r linux-{,image-}generic-pae <- and then try and install the kernels and header files ; sudo apt-get install linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-image-extra . Let the system determine the version to install .22:41
k1lCalebW: you are logged in as root.22:41
notfadsssssssseric^^: didnt see that line22:41
CalebWYes, I'm in a root terminal -k1l22:41
dogasera a tt22:41
k1lCalebW: reboot to the login screen and change to tty1 there. log in as user, do the commands22:41
dogami leggete per favore?22:41
inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: sorry, i'm a bit tired, but "W: GPG error: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>"?22:41
k1l!it | doga22:42
ubottudoga: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:42
notfadsssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637268/22:42
dogaok k122:42
notfadsssssssswith mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt special deivce does not exist22:43
MonkeyDustinkjetunito  at what moment do you get that?22:43
inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: apt-get update22:43
superfacepalmBashing-om: warning: ignoring request to remove linux-generic-pae which isn't installed22:43
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt22:43
EriC^^notfadssssssss: i guess it has sda and sdb now22:44
EriC^^notfadssssssss: heh :D22:44
MonkeyDustinkjetunito  are you using a PPA?22:44
inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: aah, yeah, very likely22:44
notfadsssssssseric^^: who woulda thunk... kk i mounted it22:44
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type sudo mv /mnt/EFI/Boot/bootmgfw.efi /mnt/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi22:45
MonkeyDustinkjetunito  remove the ppa, then apt-get update again22:45
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Hummm .. What have you been practicing ? .. it is not nice to do things behind the package manager's back ..( we know it is installed, why does the PM say it is not !) .. think'n what to try .22:45
CalebWDidn't work, I got the same error -k1l22:45
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk22:45
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, type sudo efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\Boot\\bootx64.efi -L "UbuntuB" -p 1 -d /dev/sdb22:46
k1lCalebW: what ubuntu is that exactly?22:46
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inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: hmm. no PPAs. "just" universe plus all the non-free things that the default server installation adds (in europe)22:46
CalebW14.04 -k1l22:46
notfadssssssssgotta install efibootmgr?22:47
EriC^^notfadssssssss: yeah i think so22:47
notfadsssssssseric^^: pastebinit?22:47
inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: this http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637283/22:47
k1lCalebW: "gsettings reset-recursively org.compiz" then "setsid unity"22:48
EriC^^notfadssssssss: yeah pastebin sudo efibootmgr -v22:48
notfadsssssssserin^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637292/22:49
superfacepalmBashing-om: yeah i don't know. i don't tend to mess with this machine much as it's supposed to be the stable one.22:50
MonkeyDustinkjetunito  try disabling the backports22:50
CalebWit failed to commit changes to dconf because of the error I've already mentioned -k1l22:50
inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: ok. one moment22:50
EriC^^notfadssssssss: you missed a \\22:50
superfacepalmBashing-om: screw it. if i can get into /home/superfacepalm i'll just copy that and nuke the thing22:51
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: How about -> sudo dpkg -P linux-image-3.13.0-32-generic <- as a gentle poke to see what happens .22:51
notfadsssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637304/ sorry22:52
k1lCalebW: who is the owner of .Xauthority in the users home22:52
inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: wow, i commented the backports out and it looks worse now. perhaps someone managed to compromise the german mirror http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637310/22:53
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok22:53
EriC^^try ls -ld /sys/firmware/efi22:53
CalebWI am22:53
sheapcan anyone help me with this error? It's a fresh install of 14.0422:53
superfacepalmBashing-om: patebin.com/6aHM3ijQ22:53
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Look'n at patebin.com/6aHM3ijQ .22:53
MonkeyDustinkjetunito  ok, re-enable the backports, i don't know what causes the GPG error22:54
inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: ok. thanks anyway22:54
EriC^^notfadssssssss: is the dir there?22:54
MonkeyDustinkjetunito  did you install anything from outside the repos?22:54
notfadsssssssseric^^:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637317/ yup i believe so.22:55
CalebWI am -k1l22:55
inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: nope. this is  a very fresh install, too22:55
k1lCalebW: chown -R <your user>:<your group> ~/.dbus22:56
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok try to reboot22:56
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk22:56
CalebWThen what? -k1l22:56
notfadsssssssseric^^ shell ;\22:57
k1lCalebW: from beginning22:57
function9xsheap: python3 is already installed22:58
EriC^^notfadssssssss: type map22:58
CalebWI did the dconf and gsettings commands -k1l22:58
notfadsssssssseric^^: fs0 blk0 blk1 hd48f0b22:58
EriC^^notfadssssssss: fs0:22:59
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ls , is there no EFI ?22:59
CalebWDidn't work -k1l22:59
k1lCalebW: setsid unity22:59
notfadsssssssseric^^: EFI22:59
jeffrey_fk1l: I missed the first part of the conversation, but, If there is a problem with .Xauthority, log in via tty and remove it.  I've had that a few times and it never gave me issues as it gets recreated on next gui login22:59
notfadsssssssseric^^: no there is EFI22:59
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Well, not real bad .. try sudo apt-get remove linux-image-generic . IF we can get this old kernel removed, and the new -43 installed . we be in good shape // before coming out of the CHRoot and booting back into the install proper.22:59
EriC^^notfadssssssss: just EFI ? :D22:59
inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: switching to another mirror helped. hopefully the de server is just out of sync and not hacked :S22:59
notfadsssssssseric^^: yup just EFI23:00
EriC^^notfadssssssss: yay23:00
MonkeyDustinkjetunito  glad you found a solution, fellow-european23:00
EriC^^notfadssssssss: cd /EFI/ubuntu23:00
notfadsssssssstarget directory not found23:00
EriC^^ok try cd EFI23:01
CalebWI haven't been able to reset unity and config-k1l23:01
notfadsssssssskk im there23:01
k1lCalebW: you need to give way more feedback. we cant see or know what you are doing and getting errors there at all.23:01
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, cd ubuntu23:02
notfadsssssssseric^^: target not found.... when i did ls i found      .       ..     and BOOT   only three directories23:02
Lando-SpacePimpDEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT5rqKMaHAg&t=9923:02
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, cd BOOT23:03
Lando-SpacePimpHi EriC^^!23:03
k1lCalebW: exact errors and commands matter. we can just guess what you might have thre23:03
inkjetunitoMonkeyDust: which country?23:03
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk23:03
Lando-SpacePimpEriC^^, does the ^^ mean that you're part moose?23:03
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok ls23:03
notfadssssssss2 files BOotx64.EFI and gribx64.efi     2 DIR .   and ..23:04
EriC^^so odd23:04
EriC^^try grubx64.efi23:04
CalebWThe only error23:05
notfadssssssssbrought me to grub23:05
notfadssssssssblack screen, try or install or oem install check disks23:05
notfadsssssssserm, the live usb is still in server23:05
CalebWThe only error I'm getting is the "can't autolaunch dbus without X11 $Display" -k1l23:05
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok23:05
EriC^^try to remove it and reboot23:06
notfadssssssssgo to shell or let it boot (and probably end up in shell)23:06
EriC^^let it boot23:07
CalebWWhen ever I try to reset unity and compiz -k1l23:07
CalebWAnd my user is not the only one affected -k1l23:07
CrellOK, the saga continues.  I am now trying to install 14.04 on a single hard drive, no RAID or anything.  The partitioning step in the installer however is failing with an error that /dev/sda1 "23:07
superfacepalmBashing-om: yeah things arent getting better. i'm just going to nuke it. except i cant even get gksudo to work to get my files23:07
CrellOK, the saga continues.  I am now trying to install 14.04 on a single hard drive, no RAID or anything.  The partitioning step in the installer however is failing with an error that /dev/sda1 "is apparently in use by the system", and so it won't create a partition there.23:07
CrellWhy would that be?  The drive was formerly part of a RAID setup but I'm installing from a USB key and telling it to blast the drive entirely and repartition.23:08
notfadsssssssseric^^ map cannot find required name23:09
EriC^^notfadssssssss: try fs0:23:10
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: 'gksudo' in 14.04 is depreciated, 'pkexe' is the new kid on the block .. but the old way can be installed .23:10
notfadsssssssseric^^: nope23:10
EriC^^notfadssssssss: try mount blk0 efi23:10
notfadsssssssseric^^: invalid device mapping23:11
superfacepalmBashing-om: a quick google said gksudo, so i tried. got it mounted in /tmp/ecryptfx.jibberish but when i try to copy i get permission denied23:11
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Do you get an advisory that 'gksu' must be installed ?23:12
EriC^^notfadssssssss: do you have fast boot turned on?23:13
notfadsssssssseric^^: i dont believe that is an option in bios23:14
superfacepalmBashing-om: nope. i installed gksudo, sudo ecrypt-recover-private, followed the prompts and now my decrypted data is in /tmp. so now i want to copy it to NAS. can only access /tmp/ecrypt.* folder with sudo nautilus23:15
EriC^^notfadssssssss: http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-1745193/boot-anymore.html23:15
EriC^^notfadssssssss: try to reset the bios if there's an option to reset it23:15
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Bashing-omEriC^^: notfadssssssss Would the log file syslog show what is going on with the raid controller ? Is it the controller that is at fault here ?23:17
CalebWthe last package I installed was python-visual. Would that affect anything?-k1l23:17
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EriC^^Bashing-om: this is his dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637268/ it picked up sda and sdb that time though23:18
Bashing-omsuperfacepalm: Sorry, I have no idea how to deal with encrypted files systems . I be at a loss here .23:18
EriC^^Bashing-om: it looks like his efi shell can't even map out his drive23:18
notfadsssssssseric^^: ill check23:18
Bashing-omEriC^^: going for a read .23:18
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok23:18
antenoreil discorso del re23:19
EriC^^!it | antenore23:19
ubottuantenore: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)23:19
CalebWI'm downloading something with the DownThemAll firefox plugin, I cancel then download and logout. A while later I lift up the li to log back in and I accidently hit the power button.23:19
CalebWIt shuts down, I boot it back up and try to login and it locks up.-k1l23:19
CrellAnyone? Why would an install USB think that a hard drive is already in use?23:21
superfacepalmBashing-om: thanks for all the help :) i'll keep fighting with this till it gives me my damn data back23:21
EriC^^Crell: is it mounted?23:21
CrellEriC^^: I don't believe so.  Neither df nor mount mention it.23:22
notfadsssssssseric^^: there is no bios restart but what there is is "boot option retry" "this will continually retry non-efi based boot options without waiting for usser input23:22
notfadsssssssseric^^: idk if thats anything interesting but ;\23:23
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok23:23
EriC^^notfadssssssss: have you ever removed the cmos battery?23:23
notfadsssssssseric^^: nope23:24
nopfso i've borked the session. any idea how i can get a terminal/shell which does *not* start in my homedir? the system is a somewhat broken 14.0423:24
notfadsssssssseric^^: i can if figure it out23:24
function9xCrell: since no one seems to be available, I'll give it a shot. I've never tried a usb install, only dvd. When the usb boots up, do you get two options, 1. Try Ubuntu, 2. Install Ubuntu23:25
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, it's up to you, it seems it needs to be removed, i've no experience with that, unless i guess you need to be grounded while handling the parts23:25
Crellfunction9x: This is the server install.  It doesn't have a "try" option. :-)23:25
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ##hardware should know more about this issue i guess23:25
nopf(any shell which goes in my homedir hangs, because 1 zsh has a prompt which searches for things in . which are not available because of network failure. so 2 doing a login with another shell would probably also work)23:26
function9xCrell: well here ya go: /j #ubuntu-server23:26
* Crell sighs.23:26
superfacepalmBashing-om: update; added a new user with old username & pass. switched user and everything is copying fine. thanks again.23:26
nopfohno. i clicked on properties of the mount and now even the nautilus is darkening :/23:27
CalebWAnything else i can do? -k1l23:28
nopfah, it repaired itself via network timeout...23:29
nopfhm, but it killed the terminal :/23:29
notfadsssssssseric^^: kk i am gonna try this out23:29
EriC^^notfadssssssss: ok, let me know when you reset it23:29
nopf...teaches me to always keep a locked virtual console in /23:30
DrManhattanwell, surprise surprise, all the issues I had with my AMD processor in windows have magically disappeared in linux23:30
notfadsssssssseric^^: kjk back23:43
notfadsssssssseric^^: ok well heres something dangerously interesting... there are now no ubuntu installs?23:44
notfadsssssssseric^^: lets hope i didnt just break it lol23:44
bubbasauresit's all magic here23:45
Bashing-omEriC^^: notfadssssssss :: I am ata loss again "sd 4:0:0:0: [sda] 15124992 512-byte logical blocks: (7.74 GB/7.21 GiB) " only seeing 7.74 GB ? and only this one partition on that drive ( 7.277253]  sda: sda1 ) .23:46
notfadssssssssthat seems like its a live cd reading23:46
Ottoman-hi all..23:48
EriC^^notfadssssssss: that's normal, cause you reset the bios23:48
EriC^^notfadssssssss: drop to the efi shell23:48
EriC^^and type map ( live usb removed )23:48
notfadsssssssseric^^: cannot find map ><23:50
EriC^^notfadssssssss: maybe try the disk connections?23:51
notfadsssssssslike the actual sata cords?23:51
EriC^^plug it somewhere else or something23:51
notfadssssssssis the raid controller doing this efi stuff?23:52
EriC^^i think when you turn raid on it will turn efi on too or something23:52
notfadssssssssim wondering if I ditched the raid card, will efi go with it?23:53
EriC^^give it a shot23:53
notfadsssssssswell im just simply not familiar with EFI23:54
Santiago_mzahola amigos23:54
MarsXI've a problem with connecting to SSH globally!23:54
notfadssssssssi dont wanna do all that work right now, ive been troubleshooting this server since 11pm.(its now 7pm)23:54
MarsXI can connect but when I connect it freeze the terminal !!!23:55
notfadsssssssseric^^: are we at simply hardware troubleshooting now?23:55
MarsXCool you23:55
EriC^^notfadssssssss: well as far as i can tell the efi shell isn't seeing the drive23:56
EriC^^notfadssssssss: should be able to run that map command23:57
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EriC^^notfadssssssss: if you want a hack you could install in legacy mode23:57
notfadsssssssseric^^:define hack?23:57
EriC^^not really a hack23:58
hichamatQuestion : I know about find -type f -mtime -2, but I want to find files by modification date (less than a given date like 20141228)23:58
EriC^^i was about to say you could have the live usb's grub boot the ubuntu installation23:58
EriC^^that would be a pretty ugly hack23:58
notfadssssssssthe live usb doesnt even see the ubuntu installed...23:59
baneAnyone recommend a dongle for bluediving?23:59
noobixhichamat i would ask in #bash23:59
EriC^^notfadssssssss: you can just get rid of efi and use legacy, but i'm not sure if it would be useful to you later or what, plus any repercussions of why your bios wont see your drive23:59
GothicspeakerIs linux the only operating system becoming worse if you upgrade it?23:59
GothicspeakerI have version 14 and I can't even use Flash player in a normal way23:59
GothicspeakerHow am I supposed to work normally at websites in this way?23:59

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