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jarnosWhy is headphone level always up in alsamixer after boot? I put a command to make it zero volume in autostarted applications, but it does not help.10:36
redlionhello does some1 know where the .asoundrc needs to be located in ubuntu ?16:02
redlionis that home dir or root dir ?16:02
vltHello. How can I downgrade libavcodec to a version not affected by the bug #793 (committed in April 2014) to be able to decode h.264 IPB video?17:07
ubottubug 793 in Baz (deprecated) "baz pull mirrors don't work if source is not marked readonly" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79317:07
vlt(It’s libav’s bug 793)17:08
ubottubugzilla.libav.org bug 793 in general "blocky artefacts between I-frames when decoding h.264 "IPB" from a Canon DSLR" [Normal,New]17:08
noobianquestion: have guitar through amp (out via headphones) into computer - can plug in mono-mic and no issues... but only have stereo m-m cable18:09
noobiando I need mono cable to avoid excess noise?18:09
noobianI set-up the track as mono18:09
noobianjust get lots of hissing and crackling on headphone out.18:10
noobianwhich goes to mic-in obv.18:11
noobianon pc18:11
noobianhave no issues with audacity ftr18:12
noobianall asleep, or just playing idlerpg?18:13
noobianI figured as it's a headphone jack that stereo m-m cable would be fine18:14
noobian*mic direct into pc18:15
vltnoobian: If it’s a headphone out I’d rather connect it to "line in", not "mic".18:15
noobianonly have headphone and mic (front mic) on pc18:16
noobianbrb |_|)18:18
noobianmust be the lack of sleep, or excess of imbibed stimulants ([_] * 618:24
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