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slickymasterelfy, already reviewing your MP re testcase 158316:57
elfyokey doke thanks :)16:59
slickymasterjust one thing elfy, step 8 -> "Click "Execute" on the menu bar"17:00
slickymasterto whcih menu bar is the test referring exactly?17:00
slickymaster* which17:00
elfyI'm not actually about slickymaster17:00
slickymasteroh, ok17:00
elfyand I've no idea - all that I changed was what I said - I've not looked at it any further17:00
slickymasterokie doke17:01
elfyif there's anymore - mark it needs fixing and I'll get to it some time17:01
slickymasterwill do it elfy 17:02

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