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jimmydwhats is the open topic chanal again I just got e verything running in utopic unicorn and though i had too search around  its allworking fine04:54
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:55
holsteinjimmyd: is that what you mean?04:55
cq-auxhey guys, I'm on trusty, just had an update, got two battery monitors now05:01
wlxmhlshello! xubuntu 14.10 turns blank after 10 min while watching flash video. how can i disable blank while playing it?07:17
cfhowlett_!help | wlxmhls07:29
ubottuwlxmhls: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:57
daychildeGood morning. I come here in a panic because I appear to have lost the partition xubuntu is installed on. Booted, got grub rescue. Googled, did ls and tried to find boot on each of the three, but got unknown file system. Now Im booted to a livecd (which goes extremely slow on this old computer) and I see the ntfs partition on the hard drive, but not the xubuntu one. Started Gparted and it has been searching for about 15 minutes, s11:32
daychilde3 showing ni grub rescue were (hd0), (hd0,msdos2) and ...msdos111:32
daychildegparted is ";searching /dev/sda partitions"11:33
daychildesorry for typing, on a tiny bluetooth keyboard on my kindle. heh11:34
daychildeI'm not a bad Windows dude historically, but I'm rather a Linux newbie. Been using xubuntu for my OS for about a year now, learning slowly.11:34
daychildeAww, everyone's asleep on a Sunday morning. lol11:37
daychildeUp to 20 minutes on gparted searching. How long before I should give up? lol11:39
nanogeekdaychile are you using the CLI?11:43
nanogeekdaychilde are you using the CLI?11:43
daychildeAt the moment, booted into livecd11:44
daychildewith gparted now at 25min searching. heh11:44
nanogeekthis means that you can boot with your ubuntu?11:48
nanogeekthis means that you can't boot with your ubuntu?11:48
daychildeNo worries, sorry to be verbose. Right, booting computer without livecd, it boots to grub rescue, and all three listed partitions say unknown file system11:49
daychildeif you specifically mean ubuntu as opposed to xubuntu, don'lt have one, but can make one11:50
daychildeI know they're using NTFS because I was dual-booting windows11:51
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nanogeekdaychilde have a look here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc_y7OYzXtQ12:04
daychildeHad found something similar, though they said to set boot to whichever one /boot existed on, which was none of my three. If I try each one, will I harm anything? If not, I'll give it a go :)12:07
daychildeWhat I'd found said to do "ls", which returned the three results I mentioned above. Then it said to do, e.g. "ls (hd0)/boot" to find which one had boot, but each on returned unknown file system for me, so I stopped...12:09
daychildeJust did more googling and found the "set" command, which reveals that cmdpath=(hd0), prefix=(hd0)/boot/grub, root=hd012:14
daychildeSo I just ran: set boot=(hd0)12:14
daychildethen ran: insmod normal12:15
daychildewhich returned: error: unknown filesystem12:15
daychilderunning set again shows that boot is now = to (hd0)12:15
daychilderebooting returns me to grub rescue12:16
daychildeSo to be clear: boot entry was missing, but now set again, and prefix indicated which of the three partitions to use, I assume.... although still unknown file system (which is known to be ntfs)12:22
brainwashdaychilde: how is this a xubuntu problem? maybe try #grub and/or ##windows12:26
daychildeBecause I'm a newbie and I don't know what's related to what. It'ls not a Windows problem for sure, I haven't booted into Windows for months. But I'll give #grub a go, thanks12:26
brainwashxubuntu issues are mainly specific to the actual desktop environment12:28
brainwashmaybe you could also ask in #ubuntu12:28
daychildeok, thank you12:29
xubuntu51igateway error 5550014:20
xubuntu51iComment allez-vous ?14:20
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ChromtrastI'm french.14:22
knome!fr | Chromtrast14:23
ubottuChromtrast: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:23
ChromtrastIt's not problem.14:23
Chromtrastubottu > Do you speak french ? :o:14:24
ubottuChromtrast: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:24
knomethen please explain where you have that error14:24
Chromtrastknome > It's just when i am online but It's resolved14:24
_littlebhi people, I have a problem with transfering files to my htc. I get VERY slow rates and thunar gets very laggy. Any idea y?14:31
Chromtrast!en Chromtrast14:34
Chromtrast!fr Chromtrast14:34
daychildeAbout to reinstall xubuntu from livecd. Previously had trouble with boot partition being too small, so I was thinking of creating the partitions myself, but I'm a newbie and reading online I'm not sure what to do. Anyone have time to advice me what partitions to create, perchance?15:17
xanguaI just make a root and a home partition15:19
daychildeso... say... a gig for root... ext4?, then the rest for /home also ext4?15:20
daychildeor actually.... /home should be not that large, and... I know I sound dumb, but just new... root should have a decent amount of space....15:22
ChromtrastI like Xubuntu on VirtualBox. :)15:23
kasadI suddenly seem to have free 100GB partition (friend's setup, some reqs changed) that was ntfs, which I would like to format to ext4 and mount as /home15:31
kasaddo I just format it, mount it somewhere as say tmphome, rsync with home, edit fstab and reboot15:31
kasadconsidering that homedir is encrypted, does that have anything to do with it15:31
kasadso guys, any tips on moving encrypted home dir to new partition16:04
flux242kasad: disable encryption, rsync, enable encryption16:16
kasadflux242: can you point me how to disable encryption (first time I ever used it)16:24
kasadI don't care if I lose it tbh16:24
kasador is it readily available (alt tabbing and googling)16:24
flux242you better google for the precise description of doing that. I'm sure google knows16:25
kasadoh, basically just copy it16:25
kasadand encryption is gone16:25
kasad(from another user preferably)16:26
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xubuntu12ohello any one ca i install Xubuntu in my server linux ? withaut additional hardware ?20:06
xubuntu12ocan Xubuntu install on my VPS (OpneVZ) ?20:08
kasadguys help me out here20:12
kasadlast thing I did was: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils20:12
kasadLIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo20:12
kasadand rebooted20:12
kasadand now I get login prompt, I enter correct pass, then i get 1 sec like it's loading then  1-2 sec of black screen and back to login prompt20:13
kasad(other accounts login fine)20:13
kasadwhere do I start to look for fubar20:13
holsteinkasad: your xfce session21:18
holsteinkasad: the one for the "account" that is failing, which, i assume means one specific user21:19
kasad  holstein:  thanks, fixed it, was root user21:32
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo21:32
holsteinkasad: you shouldnt have a root user.. and should consider leaving it stock.. with sudo21:32
kasad  yeah dunno what i was thinking21:33
kasadthing is21:33
kasadI made horrible mistake, I am doing this as a favour to friend21:33
kasad(and his mom, it's a little off topic story, he's great guy, I owe him much, always helping everyone, and he is currently being targeted politically in media because he is on the shortlist for becoming basically 2nd man in police in my country21:34
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!21:35
kasadso corrupt politicians are now smearing his name in the media, he even got arrested for one morning)21:35
kasadand his mom is worried sick, so he asked me to fix one secure machine for him and for his mom to use as well21:35
kasadso stupidly I enabled encrypt home dir when I was installing xubuntu21:35
kasad(i said a little OT, it's a bit related)21:36
holsteinkasad: reagardless, none of that matters.. security is a balance between convenience and safety21:36
kasadyeah, and now, he agreed that we kill his old winxp install on which his mom is used21:36
kasadand I virtualized it21:36
kasadand now I got 100 GB partition that I would like to mount as /home21:36
kasadbut as you can guess, encrypted home dir is obstacle21:37
kasadI found like 5-6 guides, every single one is different21:37
kasadand I know that swap is also encrypted, so I dunno what to expect, and I spent like last 15 hours configuring everything, everything is ready, VM is finally working (after he agreed to let me virtualize XP)21:38
kasadand now I don't know what to do :S21:38
kasadI mean, i configured everything, from tons of software, their cloud storage accounts, chromium/chrome/firefox extensions21:39
kasadevery single thing21:39
kasadand now I risk losing everything :S21:39
holsteinkasad: well, you lose everything, since all hard drives fail..21:40
kasadso holstein if you have some tip how to disable encryption of home dir I would be most grateful, he is waiting for machine (actually his mom is) I've been doing this whole day (and good part of the night before)21:41
kasadwhy oh why did I enable homedir encryption21:41
drckasad: If security is the most important factor (as it sounds), I'd cut my losses, start all over and do it correctly.  Otherwise you run the chance of leaving a big hole you don't know about.21:42
holsteinyes.. i agree with drc .. reinstall, start fresh properly..21:43
holsteinkasad: you need to think about what encryption does, and if you even need it21:43
holsteinkasad: encryption, for example, doesnt do anything when the user is logged in, the partition or drive is open and in use, and the the user is compromised21:44
drcThe only thing that would cause me to encrypt would be a really good chance that someone I didn't want would have physical access to the computer itself.21:45
drcPlus what holstein said^21:45
kasadyeap, so no point in encryption, I didn't reasearch, I mean I know for that option for like years, never tried it21:45
kasadand he absolutely doesn't need it21:46
drcLive and learn, especially the last :)21:46
kasadbecause I will provide him with a vpn, since we don't hide anything from the world21:46
kasadsec coffee21:47
holsteinkasad: what a VPN do?21:47
holsteinkasad: you are trusting your VPN server.. the copper where you are and where the VPN is.21:47
holsteinkasad: you really need to research *all* of these tools, and understand the actual risk21:48
holsteinkasad: setup these things, and try and break them.. see what you are trusting, and how.. and why.. what do you own? and who can "touch" the path or the connection21:48
holsteinkasad: you can /join a security channel for more information, but, the best take away for you is.. trust no one.. and nothing21:49
holsteinkasad: anytime you have a sentence that goes "im afraid.." address that fear, and remove it21:50
holsteinkasad: it may be, your "friend" cant use the internet, and shouldnt.. and shouldnt be online at all21:50
kasadwell, he is only lets say "informately" surfing21:51
kasadhis mother is worried sick and is following every news article, his FB support page etc etc21:52
kasadother means of posting content21:52
kasadI mean aside the interviews and what newspapers/tv usually spew21:52
holsteinkasad: none of that negates any of the facts21:53
holsteinkasad: if *anyone* is online, they are exposed21:53
kasadI completely agree with you21:53
holsteinkasad: the only sure way to be "safe" online is to get offline.. that being said, there are steps you can take, and tools you can use. but, you have to research them21:53
kasadbut thing is, I can't devote myself 24/7, tomorrow afternoon, I am traveling with fiancee to capitol, for important medical exam21:54
holsteinkasad: sure.. so, you quote a rate, and leave the job as you can do it..21:54
kasadno, this is all his friends, we do everything to support him21:54
kasadyou can give fb like if you want, at fb page is called "pravda za zorana brdjanina" (means justice for Zoran Brdjanin)21:55
kasadcompletely voluntary, his friends, people whose life he touched in some way, because he is really awesome guy, always helping, always with a smile, always trying to do good21:56
holsteinkasad: you get what you pay for.. make no guarantees, state the risks..21:56
kasadI am actually music producer, kinda retired, I can write some code, just due to sheer volume of years spent using the computers21:57
kasadso my knowledge is next to none compared to you guys, never did any of this professionally, I mean I did some small things, but I am faaar from expert on the subject, and this being specific surrounding, we don't have the people who can do things that are required to be as safe as possible21:59
holsteinkasad: the facts are searchable22:00
holsteinkasad: you research each step...22:00
holsteinkasad: safe as possible is *not* the goal.. safe as needed is22:00
holsteinkasad: as i stated, and you can see no one disagrees, and you wont search and find one that disagrees, safe as possible is to get offline22:01
holsteinkasad: other than that, if all the man wants is to search the internet, give him a live cd.. tails, and dont save *anything* ever.. take the hard drive out of the computer22:01
holsteinuse something like lastpass.. research 2 factor authentication.. dont trust it either.. etc22:01
kasadhow? I am like most tech savvy person from the crew, and he needs to read news (this isn't meant for posting content), and his mother is worried sick22:02
kasadyeah that was the plan for her account22:02
holsteinkasad: sure.. address the worry with education22:02
holsteinkasad: you need to thin this out, and address the issues and the people one at a time.. stop trying to please everyone completely.. sometimes "no" *is* the answer22:03
kasad ramen22:03
kasadoh well 25 min till backup is complete22:03
kasadthen I try to mount free partition as /home, if it dies, another night w/o sleep, have to, tomorrow we (me and fiancee) are traveling to hospital, and will be absent for three days22:04
kasadand I need to return him laptop till then22:05
holsteinkasad: you seem to be assuming encrypting the home partition makes him safer online22:06
holsteinkasad: it doesnt22:06
holsteinkasad: the "best" would be, as i stated, remove the hard drive.. dont let him save *anything* ever.. and use tails.. its made for that22:07
kasadi know, I don't assume, it was stupid mistake when I was installing, then I read about it and figured it is pointless22:07
kasadbut this is not the box for posting content anyway, just reading news sites that are public22:07
drc+1  Live DVD, no hdd...start over when you get back and have time to research what you really want/need.22:07
holsteinkasad: its not a "stupid mistake".. its an assumption.. its the wrong tool for the job22:09
kasadit is stupid tho, because it offers no benefit and now it made me waste hours and hours trying to figure how to mount new /home partition22:10
drcAnd from it sounds like, Tails was/is the <right> tool for you/him/her.22:10
kasadreading up now22:10
kasadI was thinking of something like that for posting22:10
kasadI am not admin of fb page, it is some women, wife of another policeman, she is refusing any suggestions, so we are kinda losing momentum, so google+ page needs to be up asap22:11
holsteinkasad: fb is also not the right tool22:12
kasadI should have all the content ready when I am back, and I was thinking of using tor and/or vpn for posting22:12
kasadwell, I have nothing to do with it, it was the outraged people22:12
kasadwho started the page22:12
holsteinkasad: sure, so you say "you are causing a security issue with that tool, and i cant help you with that"22:13
holsteinkasad: "no" *is* the answer, sometimes.. as i said22:13
kasadneither him or me have no control over fb page22:13
kasadit's completely fan driven22:13
holsteinkasad: then, its nothing you have to touch, at all ..ever22:13
kasadwhich is good in it's own way22:13
holsteinkasad: and, its irrelevant22:13
drcthen don't use it (the fb page)22:14
kasadonly if (she) didn't started slacking last couple days22:14
kasadwe don't, never posted anything there, still gathered over 1500 likes in 2 days with 0$ spent, which is considering that over the year (when it's not summer season) there are like 5000-10000 people in the city is awesome22:15
kasadbut then she stopped posting, and he needs any media attention he can get22:15
holsteinkasad: mom? who is worried?22:15
kasadhis mom, wife mostly, they read, and they can read, as long as him, or me don't touch anything there22:16
holsteinkasad: that is a case for education..22:16
kasadforget about it22:16
kasadthis is montenegro22:16
holsteinkasad: its *you* who cant forget about it.. you are asking, and discussion security..22:17
kasadwe are like 30 years behind the world, and people like his mom, or my mom are barely able to open fb and it won't change soon22:17
holsteinkasad: then, they shouldnt be using the tools.. period.. you know this22:18
kasadwell I have pretty good idea (still need more research) what to do when we need to post content (or email it to certain reporters)22:18
holsteinkasad: anyways. this is *way* offtopic, and im happy to discuss in the #xubuntu-offtopic channel..22:18
kasadlet's move there22:18
kasadand right now I am not that worried about security, I am more worried about mounting this stupid partition and somehow disabling homedir encryption to be honest22:19
holsteinjust backup, as you should regardless, and reinsatll22:20
kasad9 mins remaining22:20
kasadyou think all guides to disable homedir encryption are flukes?22:20
kasadeveryone suggests slightly different thing22:21
kasadI was thinking simply format the newly available partition as ext4, mount is temporary somewhere, rsync, edit fstab, reboot and profit22:22
holsteinkasad: i didnt say that.. im saying, i think i would spend more time fiddling with that, and i can just resinsatll and do it properly in minutes22:22
kasadbut configuring all software, extensions, (i put 3 different browsers because I am unsure which she will prefer), set everything I could think of to make her transition to linux smoother because she really isn't tech savvy22:23
kasadI can't do that in minutes, it takes hours22:23
kasadfor me at least22:23
holsteinyou need those backed up regardless22:23
holsteinthat hard drive is going to fail.. back up the configs for everything22:24
kasadyeah, I have everything backed up, just that I had to convert vmware machine for virtualbox22:24
kasadand now that it's set up, that backup is eating most of the time, rest is backed up already22:25
holsteinkasad: if you have "everything" backed up, then, it doesnt take hours to put the configs back in place22:25
kasadit takes almost 2 hours to copy his vm (old laptop, no gigabit network connection)22:26
holsteinwhy do it over a network, at all.. that is also a security issue ;)22:26
kasadwell, it's not _that_ hardcore :), as I said we are like 30 years lagging behind the world22:27
holsteinthen, you accept the compromise22:28
kasadhe is the only cop in the country (who btw passed all positions in his career, from apprentice, to station chief) with FBI training (invited by US gvmt, and completed training with honors)22:28
kasadhe was basically picked for fighting against corruption22:29
kasadand now the "machine" is sticking it to him, smearing his public image, and he is 100% clean and honest.22:30
kasadcan you imagine this, he is being charged with corruption, for something he had to do upon insisting of high ranking gvmt official in the city he was chief of police, which was, prolong working visa for 7 physical workers who were finishing daycare center for persons with disability...22:32
kasadas someone in the news commented (since that official was highest ranking member of ruling political party in the city), what would happen if he refused? (we are aware that whole thing was a setup)22:33
kasadbackup complete22:34
kasadnow to decide upon one of 4634643 methods I found and hope for the best. (any tips welcome)22:34
kasad(btw tails rocks)22:35
kasadas far as I read which isn't much22:35
holsteinkasad: there are many tips.. you just have to research, and try.. there is no one single answer, or tool.. or way to accomplish this22:39
kasadholstein: how this looks to you https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#How_to_Remove_an_Encrypted_Private_Directory_Setup22:41
holsteinkasad: as i said, for me, personally, i feel i can do it, both quicker, and more reliably, by reinstalling and building what i want from scratch.. but, it really doesnt matter how it looks to me23:53
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