weblifeAnyone interested in reviewing a tutorials code for an Express based CRM application.  I want ensure I am using some of the best practices around before I start to elaborate on the code itself in the article I am righting?  It works fine but I want to teach only good practices, even though I think mine are great!01:09
weblifeIt is going to be part of a bigger series for deployment with Juju01:10
weblifeIf anyone has input on code for a tutorial guide I am putting together for an Express based CRM using Node.js and MongoDB, I would greatly appreciate it. The code: https://github.com/webbrandon/simple-secure-auth14:52
thumperavoine: how close is the python-django charm that supports django 1.7 and python 3?22:13
thumperavoine: bonus points for virtual envs too...22:13
* thumper would like to use it now...22:13

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