soeeRiddell: next happy user http://pastebin.com/WeMrHSyg :)01:31
joseovidiu-florin: got an email bounce over here04:52
SergobotRiddell: could you help me with gpg keys? I created one in Kubuntu, but need it in OSGeo. How to copy it?11:08
yofelSergobot: see exporting and importing private keys on http://irtfweb.ifa.hawaii.edu/~lockhart/gpg/gpg-cs.html11:17
yofelsitter: what was causing the cgroup reaping on kci again?11:36
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sitteryofel: schroot12:13
sitterwell, schroot + lb/debootstrap12:13
sitterthere's at least 2 issues at work ... schroot sometimes doesn't retain the cgroup it had which supposedly is due to suid magic or something ... and I think semi-regardless of that due to it being a schroot anything the ISO builds do can potentially change cgroups around12:15
sittermy plan is to move iso builds into a daemon-like constrcut possibly run as different user12:18
sitterthat way chroot cannot bust the jenkin's cgroups12:18
sitteranother option would be to give the user sudo access to lxc which I am very much not in favor of for the obvious security concern there12:19
BluesKaj_Hey all13:10
kranzerRiddell: hi, are you here?13:15
Riddellhi kranzer 13:19
kranzerRiddell: can you give any task?13:24
Riddellis there a new version of phonon gstreamer?13:25
SergobotRiddell: Hi. Could you help me? I created my own PPA, uploaded package there, but build failed because dependies not satisfied.13:25
RiddellSergobot: link?13:26
kranzerRiddell: I don't know13:26
SergobotRiddell: https://launchpad.net/~sergobot256/+archive/ubuntu/marble-latest13:26
RiddellSergobot: well yes kde-sc-dev-latest 4.12 isn't available13:27
RiddellSergobot: where did you test build it?13:27
Riddellkranzer: yes there is, you can package this http://download.kde.org/stable/phonon/phonon-backend-gstreamer/4.8.2/13:28
SergobotRiddell: In OSGeoLive, based on Trusty, in VM13:28
RiddellSergobot: so work out where it's getting that package from13:29
Riddelland add it to your PPA13:29
kranzerRiddell: If I need help, can I ask you?13:29
Riddellkranzer: you can try but I may not be around much, I'm in holiday mode this week13:30
kranzercan you provide this task for melange?13:30
Riddellkranzer: https://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/edit/google/gci2014/5816989368975360?validated13:32
kranzerwhere to get debian folder?13:33
SergobotRiddell: where to get it?13:33
RiddellSergobot: check on the OSGeoLive image what's in /etc/apt/sources.list and sources.list.d13:36
Riddellit probably has some extra PPAs13:36
SergobotRiddell: I fount it in repo, but there is too old version. When I built Marble I get it from somewhere and build was succesful, now I installed kde-sc-dev-latest from repository and Marble doesn't build. So, how to upload .deb file to my PPA.13:36
Riddelladd those to your PPA dependency13:37
Riddellwork out where that somewhere is13:37
kranzerRiddell: where to get debian folder?13:37
* Riddell out13:37
Riddellkranzer: from existing package13:37
kranzerRiddell: could you give a link?13:38
_Groo_is there any experimental ppa for 14.12 backport to utopic yet?13:54
BluesKaj__Groo_, do you mean this ? https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports14:06
_Groo_BluesKaj_: no, for kf5, based on kubuntu-ci daily builds14:06
_Groo_BluesKaj_: it was being worked on FAIK14:07
BluesKaj__Groo_, there is a kubuntu-ci weekly and daily snapshots here https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs#Kubuntu_Continuous_Integration_.28CI.29 , but I suppose you've already checked those14:09
_Groo_BluesKaj_: yep :)14:10
BluesKaj_looking for real blleders eh?14:10
BluesKaj_I'm waiting for alpha2 or beta or whatever the 5.2 plasma offering will be named .. heard it was going to be released on Jan 16 then yesterday I read it ewasn't going to be out until Jan 27th ....anyway I'll wait til then to change over on this desktop14:13
BluesKaj_plasma 5 on laptop still worksok, but still somewhat restricted 14:14
_Groo_im using daily builds for months now14:17
_Groo_sometimes it hurts too :D14:17
BluesKaj_the laptop is the experimental machine here, this old desktop is my stable pc, it's also our media server so i have to keep it relatively stable14:18
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mitya57Mirv: can you please copy all missing Qt modules and pyqt5 from experimental to landing-005 ppa?16:50
mitya57from Debian experimental, I mean16:50
Peace-peace and love , and happy holidays :D17:12
Peace-btw can someone tell me why the terminal emulator in dolphin doesn't read my bashrc ?17:13
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soee_hey. i ask once but had no response, if debian has fix for it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vlc/+bug/1328466 will ukbuntu use it also ?18:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1328466 in vlc (Ubuntu) "vlc package should refresh plugins cache after installing" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:39
yofelsoee_: yes19:02
Mirvmitya57: ok, syncing some of the missing. I'm away until 5th though, so I'll properly sync up existing with-delta packages only then. I wouldn't hold breath on landing 5.4.0 to archives since there are so many Ubuntu bugs filed against 5.4 that mostly no-one will look also until week 2 at earliest.19:38
MirvUnity 8 throws a black screen currently on armhf with 5.419:39
Mirv(possibly related to the earlier upstream crasher bug of having OpenGL ES2 device while Qt compiled with the new ES3 support)19:40
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Riddellkranzer: did you get anywhere?19:49
kranzerRiddell: I've done the task, but it's still not in the melange19:56
Riddellhttps://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/view/google/gci2014/5816989368975360 yeah unapproved19:57
Riddellkranzer: got the files somewhere?19:58
kranzerRiddell: yeah19:58
kranzerRiddell: I've made that packages19:58
Riddellkranzer: where?19:59
kranzerRiddell: what where?19:59
Riddellkranzer: where can I get the files to review?20:00
kranzerRiddell: ahhh20:00
kranzerRiddell: how to push them to launchpad?20:01
Riddellkranzer: file a bug and attach them is one way20:02
kranzerсщгдв нщг пшму ьу ф дштл,20:02
kranzerRiddell: could you give me a link?20:03
Riddellkranzer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phonon-backend-gstreamer/+filebug20:08
SergobotRiddell: could you help me with https://paste.kde.org/paxvuf7ws ?20:09
* Riddell looks20:10
EgorMatirovhi Riddell, kranzer http://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/view/google/gci2014/5816989368975360 is approved btw.20:10
Riddellkranzer: quick grab it!20:11
kranzerRiddell: took20:11
kranzerEgorMatirov: thank you20:11
RiddellSergobot: pastebin output of  quilt push20:11
SergobotRiddell: https://paste.kde.org/pfsskmrws20:12
Riddellkranzer: assigned, you have 72 hours!20:12
RiddellSergobot: quilt refresh20:13
RiddellSergobot: it's just complaining about fuzz which means some of the version numbers changed20:13
kranzerRiddell: oh I'm trying to push .orig20:13
Riddellquilt refresh will update them20:13
kranzerRiddell: so slow...20:13
SergobotRiddell: https://paste.kde.org/po4e4bnos20:14
RiddellSergobot: "Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected" ah maybe the patch is now applied upstream and it's part of the .orig20:15
RiddellSergobot: in which case just rm the file and delete it from debian/patches/series20:15
kranzerRiddell: pushed to comments20:16
kranzerRiddell: see it20:16
Riddellkranzer: where?20:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1405957 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu) "Please update phonon-backend-gstreamer to 4.8.2" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:16
SergobotRiddell: builds! 20:17
RiddellSergobot: awooga!20:17
kranzerRiddell: can you take a look?20:18
Riddellkranzer: hmm sorry it looks like you started with the wrong version20:19
Riddellkranzer: you started with the trusty version, you should have started with the latest vivid version20:20
kranzercan you give me alink for trusty?20:20
kranzerRiddell: oh, vivid20:20
Riddellyeah  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phonon-backend-gstreamer/4:4.8.1-1ubuntu020:20
kranzerRiddell: do I need just to change debian folder and rebuild?20:21
yofelnote: pull-lp-source <source> <release> from ubuntu-dev-tools is really handy here20:21
Riddellkranzer: that's the way to start, then check there's no new files or other issues20:26
kranzerRiddell: okau20:26
kranzerRiddell: what format should I take?20:27
kranzerdpkg-source: info: using source format `3.0 (quilt)'20:28
yofelkeep that20:28
kranzerRiddell: cause last time I changed it to 120:28
kranzerRiddell: and everything was ok20:28
yofel3.0 (quilt) is the current default, stick to that unless you have a reason to change it20:28
yofelalso, see the dpkg-source manpage20:29
yofelspecifically the "SOURCE PACKAGE FORMATS" section20:29
kranzeryofel: could you give me full way to it?20:30
yofelhuh? Open konsole and run 'man dpkg-source' ?20:30
kranzeryofel: so, I think that 1.0 is suitable20:31
yofelmost likely yes, but as the manpage says:20:31
yofel       If you don't know what source format to use, you should probably pick either "3.0 (quilt)" or "3.0 (native)". See https://wiki.debian.org/Projects/DebSrc3.0 for information on the deployment of those formats within Debian.20:31
yofelso stick to 3.020:31
SergobotRiddell: How to build just some packages, not all? 20:32
RiddellSergobot: just some of the .debs? you can't20:32
RiddellSergobot: after it has built once you can run  debuild -nc  to build it without clearing which will be much faster and  rm debian/foo.debhelper.log  to make sure foo.deb is rebuilt20:32
SergobotRiddell: oh :(. I need to build just some .debs. I don't need Marble version with KDE, just Qt.20:35
yofelyou can tell it to only build arch:all or only arch:any packages, but you can't tell it to do that20:35
yofelAFAIK at least20:36
kranzerRiddell: hmmm, building didn't make an orig archive20:37
yofelSergobot: or well, you cannot tell debuild/dpkg-buildpackage to do that, you *can* run the individual debhelper scripts by hand skipping the kde build - but that's probably too complicated20:37
yofelkranzer: orig is the upsteam tarball, you have to provide that20:38
Sergobotyofel: I thought that to do it I need just change control file20:40
yofelwell..... if you just need the debs for yourself, you can comment the others out in the control file, but you would also need to change debian/rules to not do the double-build20:41
yofelSergobot: rather stick to Riddell's idea with -nc 20:41
yofelhm, wait, marble does no double-build, nevermind20:42
RiddellSergobot: then remove them from debian/control20:43
* yofel passes sitter a cup of coffee20:43
kranzerRiddell: how to make an orig package?20:43
Riddellkranzer: download it from http://download.kde.org/stable/phonon/phonon-backend-gstreamer/4.8.2/ and rename to the right name20:44
* sitter almost managed to put all of dpkg into a path that is not root without using chroot :O20:44
kranzerRiddell: and rename it to phonon-backend-gstreamer-4.8.2.orig.tar.xz ?20:45
* sitter would like to point out that uscan should be able to get the latest tar and rename it automagically20:45
kranzerRiddell: review it)20:54
Riddellkranzer: with an underscore gstreamer_420:59
* Riddell eating tea now back shortly20:59
kranzerRiddell: see, please, how I did it)21:00
SergobotRiddell: https://paste.kde.org/p8oryl1mj21:07
SergobotCould you help me with it?21:07
Riddellkranzer: looking21:07
RiddellSergobot: hmm some header files moved21:09
RiddellSergobot: do you have libphonon-dev installed?21:09
RiddellSergobot: pastebin dpkg -S MediaObject21:10
SergobotRiddell: https://paste.kde.org/puf9b5ojc21:11
Riddellkranzer: in debian/changelog fix version number to ubuntu1, add a changelog entry that explains what the change is.21:11
Riddellkranzer: why change the Replaces: abd Breaks: in debian/control ?21:12
Riddellkranzer: don't change debian/source/format to 1.0 keep it as 3.0 (quilt)21:12
kranzerRiddell: could you give me full list what to do?21:12
kranzerRiddell: it didn't compiled with 3.021:13
Riddellkranzer: that's all21:13
Riddellkranzer: it will compile with 3.0 if you have the .orig tar21:13
RiddellSergobot: hmm, no idea21:14
kranzerokay, but now, there's no need to recompile?21:14
Riddellsitter: any ideas why Sergobot gets https://paste.kde.org/p8oryl1mj error ? he's compiling marble on trusty and has these installed https://paste.kde.org/puf9b5ojc  presumably something to do with the moving header file21:14
Riddellkranzer: you need to check it all compiles and installs21:15
kranzerRiddell: I made the control as it was but now there is another error21:19
kranzerSource: phonon-backend-gstreamer Section: sound Priority: optional Maintainer: Debian/Kubuntu Qt/KDE Maintainers <debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org> Uploaders: Modestas Vainius <modax@debian.org>,  Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer <lisandro@debian.org>,  Diane Trout <diane@ghic.org> Build-Depends: automoc,                cmake (>= 2.8.6),                debhelper (>= 9~),                libasound2-dev [linux-any],           21:19
kranzerog sorry21:19
kranzerdpkg-source: error: unrepresentable changes to source dpkg-buildpackage: error: dpkg-source -b phonon-backend-gstreamer-4.8.2 gave error exit status 221:19
kranzerRiddell: ^^21:20
Riddellkranzer: something has changed outside the debian/ directory21:21
kranzerRiddell: now it compiles21:21
kranzerthere was just an additional folder21:22
kranzeri removed it21:22
kranzerRiddell: obj-***21:22
sitterRiddell: いや21:22
kranzersuch like this21:22
sitterRiddell: is marlbe even finding phonon?21:22
sitterI find it entirely possible that the build is just broken if the optional dep phonon is not there21:23
sitterseems a bit weird21:23
sitterdefinitely not a header move though21:23
sitterphonon is a sane library 21:23
RiddellSergobot: maybe put the full buildlog on the web somewhere we can see it21:24
kranzerRiddell: done!21:28
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sitterthe wordpress twenty fifteen theme is somewhat meh I have to say21:57
Riddellsitter: url?21:57
Riddellkranzer: still needs a changelog entry.  just tell me what you'd like it to be if you want for simplicity21:58
sitterwhat this world needs is the VDG to make a wordpress theme xD21:59
SergobotRiddell: https://paste.kde.org/p3oxh9dpl21:59
RiddellSergobot: meh21:59
kranzerRiddell: I didn't undestand very much what you meam22:00
Riddellno not Sergobot!22:00
Riddellkranzer: in debian/changelog it should say what the change is22:00
kranzerRiddell: hmm how?22:00
kranzerRiddell: dch?22:00
kranzerRiddell: I didn't understand what to tell you?22:01
Riddellkranzer: in debian/changelog you have written "  * changelog"  this tells me nothing about what has happened with this upload22:02
kranzerRiddell: what do I need to write?22:02
Riddellkranzer: give me a sentence that says what you have changed22:03
Riddellsitter: https://paste.kde.org/p3oxh9dpl help at all?22:03
kranzerRiddell: how about: this package was updated to 4.8.2 ?22:03
Riddellkranzer: perfect22:03
kranzerRiddell: I have to rebuild again?22:04
sitterRiddell: -- Found Phonon: /usr/include/qt4  22:04
sitterthat's why it's broken22:04
sittercould be a marble bug (or well, a bug in their FindPhonon script22:05
Riddellkranzer: uploading22:10
kranzerRiddell: 22:10
kranzerRiddell: stop22:10
kranzerRiddell: i wrote my name wrong22:10
kranzerRiddell: I did there Danile22:10
kranzerRiddell: it has to be Daniel22:10
Riddellkranzer: too late!22:11
kranzerRiddell: (((22:11
Riddellkranzer: but it doesn't matter22:11
Riddellkranzer: keep an eye on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phonon-backend-gstreamer/4:4.8.2-0ubuntu1 to check it all compiles22:11
kranzerRiddell: okay22:12
Riddellkranzer: attach that link to the melange task and I can close it22:12
kranzerRiddell: even not waiting for compiling is done?22:13
SergobotRiddell: What should I do to fix the issue?22:13
RiddellSergobot: no idea, do you want me to start an ec2 so you can work there and me and sitter can debug directly?22:13
SergobotRiddell: okay22:14
kranzerRiddell: okay, attached22:14
SergobotRiddell: but there should be Trusty22:14
Riddellkranzer: closed!22:17
kranzerRiddell: thank you very much)22:18
kranzerRiddell: are there any new tasks?22:20
RiddellSergobot: ssh ubuntu@ec2-54-224-40-22.compute-1.amazonaws.com22:21
SergobotRiddell: Permission denied22:22
RiddellSergobot: you using this key? https://launchpad.net/~sergobot256/+sshkeys22:22
SergobotRiddell: yes, it is in my ~/.ssh folder22:23
RiddellSergobot: ok try now I've set the password to foobar22:25
kranzerRiddell: can you give me any other task?22:25
SergobotRiddell: Permission denied (publickey).22:26
RiddellSergobot: now?22:27
SergobotRiddell: the same result22:27
RiddellSergobot: now?22:30
SergobotRiddell: Connected!22:32
kranzerRiddell: are you here?22:43
Riddellhi kranzer, I'm afraid that's all I can think of just now22:44
kranzerRiddell: do you mean, that there is no new task?22:44
Riddellkranzer: not from me jus tnow22:45
kranzerRiddell: what about tomorrow?22:45
Riddellkranzer: I'll still be on holiday mode all week so probably not22:45
kranzerRiddell: ohh my life is pain22:46
kranzerRiddell: )))22:46
Riddellgosh, didn't mean to cause him pain!22:52
soeeRiddell: ping22:52
SergobotRiddell: Sorry, I was need to reboot. I have some problems with Plasma 5. Five minutas ago appeared message that plasma shell stopped. I tried to restart it, but no effect. And recovery doesn't help. I already reinstalled Kubuntu two time because this error. Now I launched LiveCD And want to reinstall Kubuntu again22:52
Riddellhi soee 22:53
RiddellSergobot: :(22:53
SergobotRiddell: Can you help me with this error?22:53
RiddellSergobot: I'd try logging out and deleting .config/plasma* in preference to reinstalling22:53
soeeRiddell: friend of mine did a few drafts for a page, a lot will change but generla concept for a frontpage main section is to have it very clear video + short description + button to download system, colors will change and teh few other things but we think about something like https://cloud.soee.pl/public.php?service=files&t=dddd0ce2684f545b1eef90881f51ca1f22:55
soeeRiddell: what do you think22:55
Riddellsoee: what's it for?22:56
soeeRiddell: the page im working on :)22:56
Riddellsoee: nicer to use ubuntu or oxygen font22:57
soeeRiddell: under this what you see on first screen, there will be 4-5 interactive sections, we think about something like https://cloud.soee.pl/public.php?service=files&t=ded43f88ced0aa7b0b156eded440ffc4 - this is only draft thugh!22:58
Riddell"and KDE Plasma" doesn't mean much to anyone  "using the Plasma desktop by KDE" maybe22:58
soeeRiddell: dont look at text or fonts ;) 22:58
soeeits just a draft to show how some elements will be structured22:58
soeea lot, lot will change but we have to start with something ;)23:00
Riddellsoee: ah right, lovely then :)23:01
soeewe have 4 months to get it done, it will rock when we finish :D23:01
soeeon one thing i need your (devs) opinions23:02
soeethe first screen uses colors from the old wallpaper, Plasma5 uses different one and maybe next releasdes will use also different. My friend wanted to use the colors similiar to teh desktop you get when you install teh system. What do you think - should we go this way or use custom colors fro main page that have nothing common with desktop style?23:04
SergobotRiddell: What does contain your ~/.config/plasmashellrc ?23:07
RiddellSergobot: https://paste.kde.org/poizibara23:10
Riddellsoee: it's nice to fit in with the desktop wallpaper, although the plasma 5.2 wallpaper is pretty bright23:10
soeeok we rethink it23:12
sittermaybe I suggest talking to the kde vdg?23:24
sitterseeing as our artwork is verbatim their artwork I am sure they'd have a thought or two on website matters relating to that xD23:24
SergobotRiddell: Any ideas how to solve my problem? :)23:36
RiddellSergobot: put it on the ec2 and I can take a look23:51
Riddellor get sitter to take a look23:51
Riddellnot sure when I can take a look as I'm doing holiday stuff for the next few days23:51

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