nicol2hi friends00:40
nicol2can we troubleshoot my "skipping" nba.tv firefox flash video on my flatscreen tv00:41
nicol2i'm not sure what to do00:41
nicol2both audio and video are skipping all the time00:41
nicol2it worked perfectly when I ran windows 7 so i assume it isn't hardware00:41
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function9xnicol2: works well here, it could be your internet connection. I'm on 14.10 btw00:53
nicol2i lowered my flatscreen resolution and the video is better but the audio is still skippy00:55
function9xnicol2: hdmi 2?00:58
DaisyLee2010nicol2: Have you tried Chrome? Pepper flash may work a little smoother00:58
nicol2yep, hdmi, and i am using the older version of linux, will install chrome and try pepper flash at half time00:58
nicol2the weird thing is vlc works perfectly, its just in the web browser00:59
somekoolI had to reinstall my computer, and I tried the new Alpha of Vivid 15.04 WOW !01:27
somekoolits rock solid01:27
somekoolI had tried the project-neon-5 packages few months back... but it has matured a lot since..01:27
soeesomekool: cool :D but you had to reinstall system not computer i think :)01:27
somekoolvery appy with my new desktop01:27
somekoolsoee: right :P01:27
soeesomekool: whats more next month, in january 27 the plsama 5.2 should land in Vivid01:28
somekoolreally cool01:28
soeeso it will be much better and ig QT 5.4 will make it to it will just rule :)01:28
somekoolig ?01:29
soeehi zakaria01:29
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nicol2is it preferable to get chrome or chromium02:03
somekoolfirefox ;)02:10
soeenicol2: depends :) if you liek to share with google with all teh sites you are visiting etc use chrome :)02:13
soeeim using chromium :)02:13
function9xfirefox here02:16
DragnslcrHas anyone had a problem with zip files created by ark show up as empty zip files in Windows?02:26
DragnslcrI'm trying to figure out if the problem is with ark or with Windows02:26
function9xDragnslcr: are you using 14.10?02:29
function9xok let me give it a go02:33
nicol2firefox won't work02:35
nicol2flash has problems on firefox02:35
nicol2so it is either chrome or chromium02:35
nicol2i went with chrome and it is working perfectly02:35
soeenicol2: you can also try Qupzilla02:36
soeeits QT and WebKit based webbrowser02:36
nicol2wow i've never heard of that before02:36
nicol2will it be better with flash?02:36
nicol2also what is QT/WebKit?02:36
soeenicol2: ah if you not familiar with them just forget :)02:37
soeethey are languages/technologes used to write webbrowser02:38
soeebut Qupzilla works pretty nice02:38
function9xyep I'm getting a problem with ark aswell, probably best post it on the forums, to figure out which package/packages has the bug02:40
function9xnicol2: nba.tv works well with my kubuntu 14.10 firefox flash, may be something is corrupted in your system02:44
nicol2hmm it must be02:46
Dragnslcrfunction9x: thanks for confirming it for me02:57
somekoolI love KDE03:05
somekoolDragnslcr: tar cvzf archive.tgz folder_to_zip03:21
* somekool trying out qupzilla for the first time03:22
somekoolnicol2: Qt is the C++ library which KDE and Webkit are both based on.03:23
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somekoolWebkit is what Apple and Google chose to use for their respective browser03:24
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somekoolimportant to mention Webkit is of fork of KHTML/KJS, you might have guessed, from KDE ;)03:24
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Denza252To clarify, WebKit is what Google used to use03:42
Denza252They forked webkit into Blink03:42
Denza252Then, Qt decided to slightly fork it into QtWebEngine03:43
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yossarianukHope everybody had a nice Xmas10:14
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obert_haivng a 'one-line' file it says that it is too much long and then it is treated as read-only mode, how can i edit it?10:59
flaX1kI've tried the kubuntu plasma, but there are no drivers for wireless11:08
flaX1kif I connect the laptop through wire and upgrade the system will the drivers be downloaded?11:09
yossarianukflaX1k: I suggest giving the following info11:16
yossarianuk(1) Kubuntu version (2)  Wireless device info11:16
yossarianukalso check for drivers in 'driver manager'11:17
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yossarianukOne last thing (I had to do this on my laptop) - check that wireless is not disabled by default - i.e activate the wireless device using the button on the laptop.11:18
Neo9can any one please help on this..?12:49
WalexNeo9: those are poorly written, so hard to understand, but most likely you should be asking the MongoDB mailing list or IRC channel.13:04
WalexNeo9: http://www.mongodb.org/about/community/ has several pointers13:05
WalexNeo9: http://www.mongodb.org/about/support/ same but a bit more focused13:05
Neo9Walex: forget about mongoDB, please tell me how to do on the fly encryption in Linux.13:06
Neo9Walex: i could be application level or disk level13:07
Neo9Walex: while doing some operations on the linux, reading & writing operations should done with encryption13:07
WalexNeo9: interestingly using "on the fly encryption in Linux" as a search string gives some answers: https://www.google.com/search?as_epq=on+the+fly+encryption+in+Linux13:08
BluesKaj_Hey all13:10
Neo9Walex: i found two limitations13:13
Neo9Walex: we should mention the encryption container size. which is not possible for the DB.13:14
WalexNeo9: what does that mean?13:14
Neo9Walex: in my case data is located in a folder which i want to encrypt.13:15
WalexNeo9: that's your choice.13:16
Neo9Walex: application 'x' will do the write & read operation in that folder. but we don't know size limitations for the application data.13:16
WalexNeo9: continuign the same gameL: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=a+folder+which+i+want+to+encrypt+linux13:18
WalexNeo9: BWT since you don't know the "ize  limitations for the application data13:22
WalexNeo9: BWT since you don't know the "ize  limitations for the application data" you cannot allocate space to it, because all existing storage devices have a fixed size, so you cannot implement the database, so encryption does not matter.13:22
Neo9Walex: Agree. but i have to check with application weather it can read decrypt data or not. i mean we should not have any manual operations for decryption & encryption.13:25
WalexNeo9: there are quite a few Linux-and-storage encryption articles and HOWTOs on the web, perhaps it would make your ideas clearer to read a couple of those in the results to the searches I have indicated before.13:31
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synksinstalling kubuntu on a vm. I'm at last stage of installation process and only see the feature slideshow with no progress bar of the installation. Is it supposed to be like that?18:09
synkstechnical preview version btw18:10
geniisynks: If it's a version based on Vivid might want #ubuntu+1 channel18:13
soeesynks: probably not, atleast it is not on the known bugs list https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/Alpha1/Kubuntu18:16
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laszlofSo I decided to see how the gnome world is doing on an existing kubuntu install. Had some issues with it, and decided to go back to KDE. in doing so, I was confronted with the following error when attempting to install the KDE packages: https://paste.kde.org/pylveccrt18:28
laszlofdesktop-base appears to be something gnome related, but it wont let me uninstall it.18:28
laszlofthe only reference I could find for the error was an old bug in 12.04 I believe18:29
laszlof(I'm running 14.10)18:29
yofellaszlof: just remove kubuntu-active and plasma-active-default-settings18:31
laszlofwell duh.. why didnt I try that18:32
laszlofseems like it did something. lets see if it worked18:33
yofelactive was the tablet configuration. Unless you have one you probably don't want those18:36
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HornetGuys, do you have this package in your repositories? I don't found it: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/ryzom/20:06
HornetGuys, do you have this package in your repositories? I don't found it: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/ryzom/20:07
HornetSorry for doble post20:07
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BluesKajHornet, nope20:10
HornetBluesKaj: Hm… I should have it if it's on the website?20:11
BluesKajHornet, 14.04 ?, I'm on 14.10 , NA20:12
HornetBluesKaj: Release:        14.0420:13
BluesKajHornet, check your package manager/sources.list , make sure you have the repos enabled as described in the package manager technical details for the correct repos20:16
BluesKajcould be main, universe, multiverse or....20:17
HornetBluesKaj: it says that here? https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/ryzom/20:18
BluesKajthen type ryzom in the software center to see the repos that it uses, Hornet20:20
BluesKajI can't see it because it's not available for my OS20:21
monkeyjuiceits not in my 14.04 eather BluesKaj20:22
HornetBluesKaj: you don't use Kubuntu?20:22
BluesKajHornet, did you click on the software center link on the ryzom website20:23
HornetYeah, it says «not found»20:24
BluesKajHornet, Ryzom is not available for kubuntu 14.10 , like i mentioned earlier20:24
HornetBluesKaj: really? Wierd... Some people say I have to install it from the repositories20:25
HornetI'll search more, thanks BluesKaj20:26
BluesKajHornet, alt+F2, kdesudo kate  /etc/apt/sources.list then remove any # from the deb urls/repositories like canonical partners etc then sudo aptr-get update20:27
BluesKajerr sudo apt-get update20:27
BluesKajin the terminal20:27
BluesKajthen sudo apt-get install ryzom20:29
TaZeRyo yo yo the latest kubuntu with plasma 5 rocks20:45
Denza252Agreed :D20:45
TaZeRi wake up every morning and ask how god could be so generous to give us qt520:48
MoonUnit`haven't had much luck with plasma5 with vm's though, try to resize the screen and the interface breaks and then crashes.20:52
laszlofwell that was a fun journey21:00
laszlofyofel: thanks btw, that did fix my problem. though I ran into a bunch of other issues.21:00
mparillokubuntuforums.net is temporarily closed. It is temporary, right?21:48
soee_mparillo: i think yes, temp21:52
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mparillosoee: TY21:52
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somekoolmy plasmashell crash in KDE 5 and even restarting my session does not bring it back...23:48
somekoolrunnign Vivid ;)23:49

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