aalexLaunchpad says my key has expired, but I changed its expiration date.05:46
aalexCan I re-import the key? Launchpad doesn't allow me to re-import it... How can it "refresh" its expiration date?05:46
aalexUnless the problem is something else? See the build log above.05:46
aalexHere is my GPG key: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x9434A4E825DAAC7505:48
aalexI re-enabled it again...05:48
aalexActually, it says: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net trusty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY05:49
cjwatsonaalex: That's a red herring.  The build proceeds well past there.  Something in your package build process is trying to call "update-mime-database /usr/share/mime", which requires root access that you don't have during a package build.06:06
aalexcjwatson: what is a "red herring"?06:06
aalexcjwatson: you mean that the real reason of the fail is what you tell me? great06:07
aalexcjwatson: how can I update the mime database in the debian way, then?06:07
cjwatsonI'm on a phone and it's too awkward to explain on this keyboard, but it's common English idiom that you can look up.06:07
cjwatsonUse dh_installmime.06:08
aalexthank you cjwatson !06:09
cjwatson(in debian/rules, and suppress whatever bit of the upstream install process thinks it has real root)06:09
aalexDo I need to put it in a target? or just like that in the debian/rules file?06:11
aalexHmm, I am not sure how to create a quilt (3.0) patch using git-buildpackage06:18
aalexI need to change the upstream source06:18
aalexI have done the changes in my git repository. Now, `git diff > debian/patches/0001-no-update-mime-database.diff`, or something?06:19
aalexAnd then add that to debian/patches/series?06:19
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semiosisi want to import a project from git that used submodules in the past, but doesn't anymore.  is there any way to import that project into launchpad/bazaar without rewriting history?17:24
semiosisi tried importing with depth=1 but that didn't help17:25
shadeslayersemiosis: nope17:33
shadeslayersince bzr fast-import parses the history and there's no support for git submodules in bzr-fastimport17:33
shadeslayersemiosis: here's what I recommend, write a small script that can be cronned, polls for new changes, when it finds new changes, git diff from last rev, apply rev to bzr branch and push to launchpad17:35
semiosisshadeslayer: thanks but the goal here is automated daily package builds when upstream commits changes17:36
shadeslayersemiosis: yeah, but Launchpad is based on polling too17:36
shadeslayerso you won't get per commit builds17:36
semiosisthats fine, as long as i dont have to do anything17:36
semiosiscan that script you mention be run automatically by LP?17:37
shadeslayeryou'll have to write one and the have to push to launchpad17:37
semiosisi'll see if i can get upstream to rewrite their history :)17:37
shadeslayerI highly doubt that17:37
semiosiswell, any other ideas for autmatic package builds?17:38
shadeslayerbut then you'll have to write your own tooling there too17:38
shadeslayerbut you get per push builds there17:39
semiosisgood call17:39
semiosisnever occurred to me to have jenkins upload to the PPAs but that would be a fine solution17:40
shadeslayerThat's what we do in Kubuntu land17:40
semiosisi <3 kubuntu17:40
shadeslayersemiosis: http://kci.pangea.pub/17:40
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tewardis anyone reporting any timeout errors when trying to manipulate bug statuses?20:15
wgrantteward: There are no known issues there.22:55
wgrantYou need to provide an OOPS ID if you report a timeout, or there's nothing we can do.22:55

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