brandonbullethello i have a problem with lubuntu and netflix03:39
brandonbulleti have lubuntu 14.10 and i still get the error code03:39
brandonbulletweird it started to work :D03:47
Benjaminhuskythis place is really quiet08:40
bytecounterHi @all. I want to move the data of mysql to another partition, so I mounted /dev/sda5 to /var/local, stopped the mysql server, moved the files, adapt the my.cnf and want to retsat10:35
bytecounterbut the restart fails in case of access erros to the data dir. But the access seems ok: user:mysql, group:mysql, user has write access to /var/local/mysql and all files included10:37
bytecounterWhat could be wrong?10:37
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Novice201yHi. I use Lubuntu on netbook and I couldn't see SAVE button for MPlayer option (which I assume is on the button of the window). How can I save my options then?21:38
ianorlinis it not saving them currently?21:39
Chelsea_Jurgensianorlin, what's up21:41
* ianorlin is wondering if you need any help otherwise there is #lubuntu-offtopic21:42
Chelsea_Jurgensi'll check out that channel, actually i do have a question21:44
Chelsea_Jurgensmy numlock does not engage automatically when i turn it on21:44
Chelsea_Jurgensi have numlockx installed, and i can turn num lock on and off from the terminal21:44
Chelsea_Jurgensbut it does not save when reboot21:44
ianorlinmight have to make a script and autostart it21:45
wxl!numlock | Chelsea_Jurgens21:45
ubottuChelsea_Jurgens: To enable Number Lock by default, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NumLock21:45
Chelsea_Jurgensso i'm new to linux21:47
Chelsea_Jurgensi did this Enabling NumLock from lightdm configuration greeter-setup-script=/usr/bin/numlockx on21:48
* ianorlin was at one point as well21:48
Chelsea_Jurgensand it crashed my system21:48
Chelsea_Jurgensthat was the only variable i had changed with that reboot, after that script i could not log in21:48

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