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shiggitayOKay so here's a Ubuntu question: is there any word of baytrail support in 15.04?04:32
shiggitayI have a baytrail tablet, and I was able to get Kububtu 14.10 running, but I couldn't get audio working properly with the ChromiumOS driver/firmware, but it was super low audio at best04:35
shiggitayif I was to make it too loud it'd distort horribly04:40
lotuspsychjesomeone tested systemd speed yet if its faster boot then classic initd services?07:41
elfyit's a bit faster than upstart here - but not using ssd, nor that bothered as I'm usually doing something else when it's booting07:42
lotuspsychjeelfy: how do you manage the services to enable/disable on systemd?07:44
lotuspsychjenow i have to disabled them manual with service.override07:45
elfyI don't manage anything - just edit the linux line in grub so it uses systemd07:45
elfynever been bothered or needed to disable anything07:45
lotuspsychjeelfy: but vivid has systemd as default right?07:46
elfyit might have systemd installed - but it does not boot with it by default07:46
lotuspsychjewill be at 16.04 then?07:47
elfyafaik they're still looking at doing so in 15.0407:47
lotuspsychjeill wait a bit longer then, tnx for info07:47
BluesKaj_Hey all13:10
RNevilleI have a file name of viber.deb how do I install on Ubuntu 14.04, pls15:36
RNevillecommand line?15:37
elfydpkg -i15:38
PiciRNeville: Also, the support channel is #ubuntu15:38
elfybut anymore for 14.04 really needs #ubuntu15:38
elfyindeed Pici :)15:38
* elfy not a touch typer ;)15:38
RNevilleelfy: thx15:39
patdk-wkman, 14.04 is old :)15:57
BluesKaj_14.04 is LTS16:43
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)16:43
patdk-wkyes, and as this channel goes, that was like 9months ago it was booted out of here :)16:46
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malinaheya... how to launch the cli of your installer from a chroot?23:26
malinait's amazing how primitive the ubuntu installer is, lol for trying to be a automagic distro' :)23:26
k1lfor ranting best is to start a own blog ;p23:27
malinaunless, there is a debootstrap of the *server* versions, of vivid, (which I guess is a 'workaround', I would like to start the installer from the mounted squashfs (chroot).23:27
k1l(so people trying to help others are not bothers to read that destructive stuff)23:27
malinasurely there is a way to do something like/bin/ubu-insteler?23:27
malinathis is a simple question , no need for blog ranting :x23:28
malinaare you saying this is not a help channel then? :)23:28
k1lmalina: i am saying with your ranting you are not motivating helpers to help you.23:29
malinatrue.. then again, perhaps, I could pre-suppose, something like: "run dcli-installer" or something along those lines was going to be unlikely??23:30
malina(typos, due to not seeing the text I am typing)23:30
penguin42malina: The easy way to install ubuntu in a chroot is to use debootstrap23:30
malinathank you enguin23:31
malinayes.. but does the vivid deboot have an ioption for the server image?23:31
penguin42malina: It's just the set of packages you pick after the debootstrap23:31
malinaas I could only figure out vivid (and assumed desktop) , as i do not know deboot well.. when I ran it, and did all the extra editing and launched the image file (I am booting it from a image), it just started as the installer23:32
malina(sorry, that was when I extracted the rootfs from the iso I mean)23:32
penguin42why did you extract a rootfs from the iso?23:32
penguin42malina: What is your host OS?23:32
malinapenguin, yes but the server image comes with a lot of preconfigured stuff. how would I know how to choose selections and apparmor prfoiles and so on for the server image?23:32
malinait is arch23:32
malinaalthough I can run vivid vm's if that helps23:33
penguin42malina: get a deboostrap tar, untar it on arch and tell it where you want your chroot23:33
malinadone that23:33
penguin42malina: then inside that you should be able to install whatever packages you want23:33
malinaI just felt itnot a server image, but I guess then, I just do something like apt-get install ubuntu-server-base or so?23:33
malinaI had a crash fro past week (wine on the mobo, luckily thwrowing it into the bathtub worked as usual :p) so I forgot a bitwhat troubles I was having.23:34
malinaright.. so I will go back to debootstrap then, but I will just ask again23:34
penguin42malina: I think probably do a tasksel server23:34
malinais there, or is there not.. a simple command to lauch a cli based install23:34
malinalaunch , when chrooting intto the iso squashfs?>23:35
penguin42malina: I see you have a higher class problem from most of our visitors; they normally spill water or coke on their motherboard23:35
malinayesh.. I also am experienced enough witht he wine, to quickly dsismantle and chuck into water..23:35
penguin42oh, erm there is a debian installer, not sure how to run that in a chroot23:35
malinaand literally the motherboard knew to switch off straight away.. no burnt damages whatsoever.. :)23:35
malinaas in debian installer (d-i?) which runs ubuntu then yes?23:36
malinait doesn't show up though :/23:36
penguin42yeh I think so23:36
penguin42but not tried that; there used to be an 'alternate cd' to run that; not sure if it's possible to get that from the server cd or not23:36
malinawell, what runs the installer when one boots the iso then?23:37
penguin42I think that's ubiquity that's the pretty installer23:37
malinaI quickly edited my iso remastering from trusty /quantal to vivid a week ago,23:37
malinabut the iso is a bit quirky23:37
malinaso I need to torubleshoot it a boit more.23:38
penguin42can I suggest you get basics working before going for quirky?23:38
malinabasics are ewasy23:38
malinaI have several vivid images on vms, aI can rsync and so on23:38
malinait is the installer which is very limited, my friend :)23:38
penguin42yeh the debian installer is much more flexible but you can also get yourself more lost in23:39
malinarewritign the iso remastering to just make an iso from a vivid installation is ok too (although as I say, some things seemed to still break even if it built) but I will get back to that. it might be useful for ubutu users, right? (the basic stuff )23:39
malinaubiquity is also not on here btw.23:39
penguin42I can't see what you're trying to do23:39
* penguin42 grabs a vivid cd23:40
malinawhen I launch the vivid installer from a debootstrapped image file, it just launches the install mewnu and doesn't seem to accept me wishing to mount a image file (or partition for that matter0 to install to23:40
malinaye.. maybe I am missing something but it really is much simpler on arch, if we extract the squash fs and chroot, we do one liner to install a system23:40
malinaafter mounting a part/image file wtaever :)23:41
malinait takes 3-5 mins to have a system running23:41
penguin42malina: I think there are ways to automate an install if you're rolling it out a lot; just not done it23:41
malinaye.. it is slightly more particular than that.23:41
malinaanyway penguin42 : thanks.. I will just chav away at it23:42
malinawhen I tried just rsyncing the rootfs on installer cd, I obviously just got launched into installer .. and NOW I think I rememebr.. when I debootstrapped, I lol copied the vmlinuz and initrd from the iso, and yet, the debootstrap iomage gave me a installer menu only23:43
malinaeven if I rebuilt the intramfs!23:43
penguin42malina: Yeh the installer CD is not what you want to run off23:43
malinathat was it... debootstrap vivid =23:43
malinano I mean debootstrap..23:43
malinaI chrooted, did all the stuff I had to do to build the system, built the initramfs23:43
malinaand still the installer menu came up23:43
penguin42I'm confused, you said you were using a chroot, what are you trying to boot?23:44
malinanvm.. IO will try debootstrapping again !23:44
penguin42malina: I suggest you get yourself used to ubuntu before trying to do +1 stuff23:44
malinaps. to answer the question..doing a apt-cache search ubuntu.*server23:45
malinayileded no server candidate, hence why debootstrap still seemed to be23:45
malinanot working so well for a server image of vivid :)23:45
penguin42malina: I suggest you get yourself used to ubuntu before trying to do +1 stuff23:45
malinahmm, I assume you ubuntu guys haven't yet made an iso remastering which works for vivid?23:45
malinaif not,, perhaps don't make +1s for devs before you got the hang of the basic stuff... like installers ,)23:46
malinaright back at ya love23:46
malinaanywho..I will solve it.. mwah.. happy new year :)23:46

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