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gcollurais there anybody here that could help me with this failed autolanding? https://code.launchpad.net/~gcollura/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-1401718/+merge/24541709:22
* mihir just waves after a break11:19
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gcolluratimp, I fixed bug #1341814 I hope you don't mind :)17:45
ubot5bug 1341814 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Using search in the header can sometimes have a text field from a different tab" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134181417:45
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DS-McGuireAkivaAvraham, o/22:25
AkivaAvrahamDS-McGuire, long time no talk22:26
DS-McGuireAkivaAvraham, Very! How are things?22:26
DS-McGuireI am sorry about that one day I didn't show up, I wasn't at home for longer than I planned to be.22:26
AkivaAvrahamGetting somewhat back on track. Oh that? I forgot about it too tbh. As said; I hate appointments.22:27
AkivaAvrahamDS-McGuire, I am loving the "Learn C++ the Qt way" it is so much fun.22:27
DS-McGuireAkivaAvraham, Haha, I knows those feels. Do link! I remember something about that.22:28
AkivaAvrahamits in the subreddit22:29
AkivaAvrahamI ended up downloading it so I wouldnt have to log in every time22:30
DS-McGuireAkivaAvraham, That's awesome. I will be taking a look at that for sure. I am currently a bit under the weather so I will be taking a look at it after that!22:31
AkivaAvrahamI just do a bit in the mornings; start from point a - its really a lot of fun22:32
DS-McGuireIs there anyway you could send me it so I don't have to register? Or should I just register anyway?22:32
DS-McGuireI am super excited!22:32
DS-McGuireIs it a big file?22:32
AkivaAvraham24 megs i22:33
AkivaAvrahamand I downloaded the website so :P22:33
DS-McGuirehah, I will just make an account ;P22:34
* AkivaAvraham must apologize for being a bit tired atm22:42
AkivaAvrahamthink I will head home and make dinner.22:42
AkivaAvrahambefore I fall asleep at the library22:42
DS-McGuireAkivaAvraham, Go do that :) Safe journey!22:48
* AkivaAvraham must peel his eyes away from reddit22:48
AkivaAvrahamDS-McGuire, Reddit is poison. Do you have any tips of mitigating its disasterous effects on a procastinator?22:49
DS-McGuireAkivaAvraham, Haha! I do not sorry. I also sucks away all my time too22:49
AkivaAvrahamdamn you reddit!22:49
ahayzen_AkivaAvraham, does ICS charge you to view/download that book?22:53
AkivaAvrahamahayzen_, ^22:54
ahayzen_AkivaAvraham, blimey! its like £30 on amazon! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Introduction-Patterns-Prentice-Software-Development-ebook/dp/B005JS276S22:54
AkivaAvrahamthat reminds me when someone used to sell open office, and it would always be like the number 1 result on google22:55
ahayzen_AkivaAvraham, thanks for the link, i'll sign up and get it :)22:55
AkivaAvrahamah glad to hear it22:55
AkivaAvrahami'm on 1.5 I think. They make you do exercises that teach you everything. Really well done imo22:56
ahayzen_AkivaAvraham, i feel after doing alot of QML i should really learn the c++/qt side as well lol22:57

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