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Striking7Hey all. I'm working on a heavily customized distro for use with LinuxOnAndroid07:01
Striking7Targetting the Armv7, though I know little about ARM processors07:01
Striking7I've put together an image using debootstrap and it looks like it works pretty well, but it's a serious pain having to test on my phone07:02
Striking7I'd like to test with qemu07:02
Striking7But whenever I try to test my image with qemu-arm I get segfaults :(07:02
Striking7Any idea how I could try to debug that, what a common mistake is that I could be making, etc?07:03
Striking7In the mean time I mounted up the image manually (since the app was mysteriously failing to do so), mounted up proc, sysfs, and dev, then chrooted into it07:26
Striking7Ifconfig gives me valid working info07:26
Striking7but if I try to ping or it tells me "socket: permission denied"07:27
Striking7This is on the android device, not in qemu07:27
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