RhondaPPA uploads must be for the RELEASE pocket.10:51
RhondaThis is what I tried: backportpackage -u ppa-wesnoth-backport-tests -s vivid -d utopic wesnoth-1.1210:52
gesertry adding "-r" to the call (it forces the release pocket instead of -backports which isn't supported by PPA)11:01
RhondaThe whole thing took ages  *sigh*11:09
RhondaGeneration of the source package, uploading that big chunk of data, …  *sigh*11:10
Rhonda"and the default, when the upload target is a PPA" - so why didn't it default to it then  :/11:11
Rhondaah.  requires to use ppa: as naming scheme11:11
RhondaWell. Will do it later when I don't need the bandwith for something else.11:12
* Laney tries to process Rhonda's backport13:39
Laney"backportpackage: Downloading wesnoth-1.12_1.12.0.orig.tar.bz2 from archive.ubuntu.com (367.574 MiB)" → oh shit, ctrl-c13:40
* Laney is on capped parentnet13:40
LaneyRhonda: if you want to upload it then I can accept ;-)13:41
Laneybackportpackage -w . -u ubuntu -c 1406234 -s vivid -d utopic wesnoth-1.1213:41
Rhonda<nelson point="Laney">HA HA!</nelson>14:56
RhondaWhat's -c?14:57
Rhondaah, of course :)14:58
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