ibeardsleequiet in the office today19:41
Atamiranot surprising. people like taking days off19:42
Atamiraim on rostered shifts, and im currently rostered off til jan 2nd19:42
* ibeardslee is getting the last of the Academy stuff sorted for starting on Monday19:47
ibeardsleewill probably also have to turn up on Sunday to get a bit done19:47
ibeardsleeor badly organised20:06
ibeardsleeor something need to be done at the last moment20:06
Atamiracant you work from home?20:43
ibeardsleefor somethings I can, but at the moment I'd find too many distractions and some of the Academy setup is physical such as moving desks, setting up network cabling etc20:44
Atamirawouldnt that be a good thing for some students to learn? how to set up the network themselves etc?20:45
ibeardsleeyeah it would be, but not sure how we could fit all that in properly20:47
ibeardsleewe already take a day of the project week with tutorials20:47

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