bazhang* Chuck_Norris is tired of trolls interrupting while people help01:41
bazhangdirected at bekks01:41
bazhangwho is as far from a troll as exists01:42
bazhanggot him in PM no response so far01:42
bazhanghe said sorry, agreed not to do it again01:53
phunyguywrongfully banned someone in #ubuntu but not really.  Even though they were correct... They were still in there to cause trouble and were banned in #ubuntu-offtopic a little bit ago.05:49
phunyguyso meh.05:50
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (whitehat-hacker FUD spam)07:58
FlannelDJones: what button did you push?08:00
ubottuIn #ubuntu, VimFleed said: ubottu, I mean what is the difference for average people like me?17:38
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k1l<allmountainpro> seems to be to start another trolling attempt23:01

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