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StuxnetHi all, I am a major ubuntu server newbie (using it for home server). During upgrade to release 14.04, I took a screen shot of a message about PostgreSQL. Is there a way to "paste bin" it here?01:16
StuxnetI hate to ask a question that I flat out know nothing about but trying to figure out what it's telling me is lke greek right now.01:16
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tewardStuxnet[A]: turn off the away announce01:20
tewardStuxnet[A]: you can upload it to imgur or somewhere01:21
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jnolletteanyone here have any experiance with zfs?06:03
jnollettemy usb pool isn't mounting on reboot06:03
bearfacejnollette: any errors? #zfsonlinux might be helpful..06:04
jnollettebeatface, basically they're not mounting, so they're unavailable06:05
jnollettehaving this issue with all usb zfs devices06:05
jnollettesata devices, no problem06:05
bearface'zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id poolname' work?06:07
jnolletteit says pool already created06:07
bearface'zpool status'06:07
bearfacebermuda being the usb devices pool?06:09
jnolletteand the cache for nevis06:09
bearfaceand in the zpool import command, did you replace poolname with bermuda?06:09
jnollette'zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id/wwn-0x5000c5004f2c431f bermuda'06:10
jnolletteminus quote06:10
bearfacejust /dev/disk/by-id   not the wwn06:10
jnollettecan i destroy the device then reimport06:11
jnollettei have the data on another drive06:11
bearfaceif not, possibly a 'zpool export bermuda' followed by 'zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id bermuda'  again not the wwn at the end06:12
bearfaceyes, you can, might not be nessecerry though06:12
jnollettenow its online!06:13
bearfaceand probably with either ata-* or scsi-* names under zpool status? i've found it more reliable than wwn names06:14
jnollettehow could i force umount06:15
bearfaceof a zfs dataset?06:16
bearfaceor a whole pool?06:16
jnollettetrying to export and import the nevis pool to bring the cache back online06:16
bearfaceif it is failing at export saying it's being used. you have to stop whatever is using it.. nfs-kernel-server being a common one if you have exports on the pool... cache are non important though and can easliy be removed and re-added06:18
bearfacenon-important as the data cached are already stored on the raidz106:18
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jnollettebearface, thats for the help, i got an rc.local blob to fix me up on load06:30
jnollettezfs is relatively painless other than this one issue... its really fast once you strip down a few of the extras06:33
jnolletteim getting like 200mb/s off 5 drives06:33
bearfaceif the proper paths /dev/disk/by-id is in the /etc/zfs/zpool.cache the mountall bundled with the unbutu-zfs cache should take care of importing things at boot06:33
bearfaceubuntu-zfs package*06:34
bearfaceand aye, i quite like zfs myself too :)06:37
grendal_primeDonRichie, hey dude06:53
grendal_primei got this all hammered out06:54
grendal_primeworking it like a boss!!06:54
DonRichieNice to hear grendal_prime, I also improved my knowledge a bit since yesterday07:07
grendal_primeya my problem from what i can triage out of our session and the results was that simple client config portion.07:08
grendal_primewould you like to see the tool im using to manage this now?07:08
DonRichiemaybe later, I will soon need to go to work07:09
grendal_primeewwww avoid that if you can07:10
grendal_primeI tell all young men i meet... "Mary rich!"07:10
grendal_primeit makes everything so much easyer...just remember ugly rich chicks need loving to!07:11
grendal_primeI got lucky...my wife is beauty full and rich.07:11
DonRichieI unfortunaly never met such a woman. Maybe some time in the future07:12
grendal_primeallright well i got that entire setup process down to about 60 seconds now.  Mostly just a few packckage intstall and the config process is all done with a gui  (addin the servers and their ips that is)07:13
grendal_primeand i got to tell ya its made everything on my internal network much faster07:14
grendal_primepeace out im studdying07:14
DonRichieNice to hear that. Have fun!07:15
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YamakasYPatrickdk: found the real issue08:51
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linociscoanybody used OCSInventory-NG on ubuntu server?08:57
linociscowith windows 7 clients agent?08:57
xFFFFI've got a dumb bash problem I'm sure someone here would be able to help me out with...11:53
xFFFFI'm trying to rsync stuff but failing when passing certain variables to my bash script...11:54
xFFFFrsync -arvz --timeout=0 --partial --progress 'username@someserver.com:/some/path/$1' /some/other/path/ 2>&111:54
xFFFFProvided $1 is a valid file / folder / ... shouldn't the above work?11:56
maxb"" quotes and '' quotes mean something different.11:56
maxbThe difference is pretty important here11:56
jerrcsnot even sure if the quotes are needed in this case, i don't believe they are.11:56
xFFFFWell if for instance $1 contained spaces, rsync would fail.11:57
jerrcsthen use double quotes11:57
xFFFFYeah, I think maxb has it.11:57
xFFFFThanks guys :)11:58
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ppetrakidoes kdump work on ec2 instances? I'm getting a hard hang when I test, the systems don't reboot.16:17
patdk-wkaccording to: http://xenbits.xen.org/docs/4.3-testing/misc/kexec_and_kdump.txt16:21
patdk-wkno, it won't work on ec216:21
ppetrakipatdk-wk, looks like I'm switching to openstack, thanks16:22
CrellHi folks. I've been trying to track down an issue with a 14.04 install for the past week.  The problem is mixed; sometimes it's a kernel panic, sometimes "recursive error detected", most often the network silently crashes when copying data.16:57
CrellI had been running it on a RAID 5 array; someone in #ubuntu suggested trying it without RAID, so I wiped and reformatted one of the drives and installed 14.04 solo to try that.16:58
CrellIt just lost the network again doing a large transfer.16:58
CrellAny idea what to try next?16:58
CrellAside from the hard drives, the rest of the system is ~9 years old and had no issues of this kind under 12.04 previously.16:58
rberg-in the past I had a very similar issue with writing data over the network to a raid array, in my case the problem was interrupt sharing, I had to force msi-x on my network adapter and this solved my stability problems.17:01
CrellHm.  I don't know what msi-x is.  It also is happening even without the RAID now.17:01
ppetrakiCrell, just a form a transporting an interrupt request, usually more efficient17:04
patdk-wkthe solution rberg said, had nothing to do with raid17:05
patdk-wkbut just that the disks and network used the same irq17:05
rberg-I cant remember what I noticed in dmesg that lead me to look at /proc/interrupts17:05
patdk-wkand one of those two drivers had a bug :) and msix worked around it17:05
CrellWould that also sometimes cause kernel panics and such rather than just network fails?17:05
CrellThe last kernel panic I saw DID say something about scsi and irqs in the backtrace.17:06
ppetrakistarving interrupts can cause all sorts of fun stuff, so yeah17:06
patdk-wkfor me, my wifi card caused kernel panics17:06
patdk-wkI had to disable my wifi, install, upgrade, then I could use the wifi17:06
ppetrakiCrell, you can see it pretty easily in htop, the cpus being pounding on get sys % much higher than the rest17:07
CrellI didn't fully understand it, but it involved those17:07
rberg-for me I didnt have the issue until I added a large array because more sata controllers need more interrupts17:07
Crellhm.  OK, so how do I set this network setting?17:08
Crell(Presumably if this works, then I would try going back to the RAID array next and see if it works there?)17:09
rberg-I would start by taking a look at /proc/interrupts to see if you have much sharing going on17:10
ppetrakiCrell, well you want to confirm where the problem is first before you start changing stuff. watch -d 'cat /proc/interrupts'17:10
ppetraki while you load the network and disk and see how the interrupts are distributed.17:10
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CrellOK, so reboot to reset the network, continue copying gobs of data while that's running, and see what happens?17:11
* ppetraki lunches, bbiab17:12
CrellOK, stand by.  It could take a while to crash again.17:12
jdzielnyhello everyone.  I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS and configure 2 of the drives in my system as a RAID 1 array, but every time I try to use the installer to do it (using the Configure software RAID option) it freezes17:14
CrellOK, so IRQ 23 has eth0, as well as usb5.  It's going nuts with over 700k counts.  (Whatever the CPU0 column means.)17:18
CrellI don't know what port the hard drive is on... there's several usb irq ports but none that say scsi.  (It's a SATA drive, which usually lists as SCSI, IIRC?)17:19
CrellOK, there's the broken pipe message again from rsync.17:39
Crellppetraki rberg-: I have proc/interupts up on watch.  What am I looking for on it?17:40
ppetrakiCrell, the counters associated with the driver name of the device, the label is all the way to the right like enpFOO for network device18:05
CrellIRQ 23 is the most active, and is labeled IO-APIC-fasteoi    uhci_hcd:usb5, eth018:07
CrellWhich I think means it's being shared by usb5 and eth0.18:07
CrellWhich, if usb5 actually means "SATA drives", would explain why it's well above 7 million after rsyncing across the network.18:08
ppetrakiCrell, can you identify which one is your storage controller?18:08
CrellNone stand out.18:08
CrellThere are two pata_via lines, but they're almost empty which makes sense as I have no PATA drives installed.18:08
Crellusb4 is also ahci,18:09
ppetrakiso what does your RAID run off of? the onboard sata or like a LSI HW RAID?18:09
Crellusb1 is also uhci_hcd:usb318:09
CrellRIght now there's no RAID, just one SATA hard drive.18:09
CrellWhen I had it configured for RAID it was a 3 drive software RAID setup, created by the Ubuntu installer.18:09
ppetrakiso AHCI would be the storage controller18:10
CrellSo that's on interrupt 21, whcih has a counter of about 6k.18:10
CrellIRQ 23 is the network, and the one that's super high.18:11
* Crell hasn't thought about IRQs since the DOS days...18:11
patdk-wkwell, that is cause mostly, irq sharing was solved18:12
patdk-wkbut that doesn't mean drivers do it correctly, yet18:12
CrellWhat's weird is that I never had this issue in older kernels, only in 14.04.18:12
CrellBut... my laptop (where I'm rsyncing the data from) is also 14.04 (Kubuntu), and it hasn't fallen over once.18:13
ppetrakithere's something to be said for not upgrading :)18:13
patdk-wkwhat kind of network card?18:13
Crellon-board VIA something or other.  I forget the model.18:13
CrellVT6102, Rhine II (according to lspci)18:14
CrellSo does this sound like the msi-x thing you mentioned would be applicable, if they're not sharing irqs?18:16
ppetrakidoubt it18:17
CrellWhat would be?18:17
CrellIs there even a theory as to the root issue?18:18
patdk-wkmsix doesn't fix the irq sharing, it just makes irqs happen much less18:18
ppetrakiinstall and configure kdump, collect a dump, post backtrace to lp bug.  http://blog.zedroot.org/linux-kernel-debuging-using-kdump-and-crash/18:18
CrellThat's the "punt to the developers" option then?18:19
ppetrakior install the 12.04 kernel, might be able to get away with it using pinning, not sure if it'll work though18:19
adrian_lchello, is there a way to install a package without launching its service?18:19
CrellRunning a 2 year old kernel on a current distro sounds like something well out of my expertise area.18:19
ppetrakimostly, sometimes we get lucky and can find that same backtrace on interwebs and viola patch!18:20
CrellIe, I fear even more "weird things" happening.18:20
* Crell tries to make sense of this blog post to get a dump.18:20
Crellppetraki: Would kdump work if I'm not getting a panic most of the time, just a network disconnect?18:21
ppetrakiCrell, it only covers half of your cases, correct, but if you deliberately stress it you'll hopefully run into it sooner than later18:22
CrellSo install this, and then beat on it until I can cause a kernel panic?18:22
CrellSigh.  Not how I had hoped to spend my day.18:23
ppetrakithere's option C, use this as excuse to buy a new all Intel MB18:23
CrellI have had that suggested to me.18:23
CrellWhy intel MB specifically?18:23
patdk-wkwell, intel southbridge and nic :)18:24
CrellThat would essentially mean whole new computer, as everything else is a 9 year old AMD Athlon-based system. :-)18:24
ppetrakiit's more like, why AMD?18:24
ppetrakinot to mean anything that AMD is substandard or anything it's just for production stuff Intel is the most well traveled18:24
CrellBut overall it sounds like a Linux kernel incompatibility with something or other on the motherboard?18:24
CrellOh you mean Intel CPU compatible, not specifically non-Asus/Gigabyte/whoever else makes motherboards these days.18:25
ppetrakiyup, that's right, which leads to the decision point of 1) downgrade 2) instrument and hope someone can help you 3) upgrade18:25
patdk-wkwell, most of those use intel chipsets18:25
patdk-wkthe ones that use intel cpu but via/nvidia/... chipsets, can still be flaky18:26
ppetrakiwhere 3) is upgrade HW18:26
patdk-wkit might be, just installing a different nic, will get around the issue18:26
patdk-wkif the issue is in the nic driver code18:26
ppetrakigood idea18:26
CrellLet me see if I have a spare NIC lying around.  If I do it's probably as old as the rest of the computer. :-)18:27
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patdk-wkthen it will likely be compatable with that system :)18:27
CrellI have several modems and multiple sound cards, but no wired NIC.  I DO, however, have some old wireless PCI cards. :-)18:29
CrellWorth a shot, I guess.18:29
patdk-wklast month, I finally trashed all my old cards18:29
patdk-wkI no longer have any pcix, pci, isa nics18:30
CrellI have a closet full of hardware I was going to audit and then recycle when I finished the server.18:30
CrellThat was a week ago...18:30
CrellI used to be a hardware geek, a decade-plus ago.  Then I decided being a software geek was cheaper. :-)18:31
patdk-wkgarage+storage unit18:31
patdk-wkfinally removed the old cisco 5500's18:31
patdk-wkhad like 180 100mbit ports on those things18:31
CrellWhen I moved from my apartment to a house a few years ago, I donated 7 computers to Free Geek.18:31
CrellThat was only half my closet.18:32
patdk-wkoh, around 440ports18:32
CrellI have a Pentium II CPU in my drawer; 2 Pentium III systems.18:32
patdk-wkya, I finally got ride of mine a year ago of those18:33
CrellA box that I THINK has a Pentium II 400 MHz in it... :-)18:33
patdk-wkI did still have some of the p3 cpu blanks18:33
patdk-wkjust have no reason to run pcix anymore, everything I have is pcie now, and the old pcix stuff is too slow or has limited 64bit support making it annoying18:34
CrellI couldn't actually tell you which of my cards was which...18:38
CrellAnd I fail at getting a wireless card to work in LInux.18:54
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lnxmenis there anyone?21:33
lnxmenI need help with ubuntu 1221:33
lnxmenand nginx21:34
lnxmenevery vhost returns 500/50221:34
tewardlnxmen: error logs - look at them21:38
teward/var/log/nginx/error.log by default21:38
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tewardread that, check what the errors are, see if you can figure it out, if not, copy-paste the error logs into a pastebin and give us the link21:38
teward(note I need to head home for the end of the day so I will be slower to respond)21:39
lnxmenteward: I did that.21:39
lnxmenI will paste it somewhere.21:39
lnxmenGenerally, php-fpm says that connection was refused.21:40
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nxvlis launchpad down?22:01
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Tobbe-82|ServerIGood evening guys, so I'm working on setting up a webserver and I keep running into problems (on my 5th re-install). First step is to get a static ip going and it's here that I'm running into trouble. I know I should edit /etc/network/interfaces and put iface eth0 inet dhcp to iface eth0 inet static and add address, netmask, network, broadcast, gateway & dns-nameservers. My problem is22:12
Tobbe-82|ServerIthat I'm not 100% sure as I'm behind a normal router in a home network. I've asked my ISP to set up a static IP adress on their end so if anyone could help me understand this it would really mean a lot to me22:12
pmatulisTobbe-82|ServerI: what is your ultimate goal?22:15
Tobbe-82|ServerImy ultimate goal is to be able to run a few personal website project on my own computer in my own home network. I have been following a tutorial called The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 14.04 but ran into issues that I think comes from not having configed a static ip properly in the beginning22:16
Tobbe-82|ServerI(I rather like the idea to being able to use a web interface to create databases etc)22:16
pmatulisTobbe-82|ServerI: who will access the website(s)?22:17
pmatulis(clients on private/home network or on the public internet)22:17
Tobbe-82|ServerIAt start myself and my brother for a more private information archive based website. I also have a community/forum idea that I'd like to start off in my own server enviroment until it grows22:18
Tobbe-82|ServerI(I also would like to learn how to set up a proper server in the process).22:18
pmatulisso not available from the internet then right?22:18
Tobbe-82|ServerIavailable from the web so it needs to be public22:19
pmatulisTobbe-82|ServerI: need to ask again.  do you want people from the internet accessing your website?22:20
Tobbe-82|ServerINo problem pmatulis, I appreciate the help. Yes people from the internet need to be able to access my websites22:20
pmatulisso you'll need to come up with a DNS strategy so people can access your website with a name22:21
Tobbe-82|ServerIright now I'm just trying to get this working on my local network. but end goal is that yes. (Still waiting for my static ip from my ISP, then i'll need to config my domain name to somehome use nameservers to link this all together).22:23
Tobbe-82|ServerIHave no clue on how to do that but figure one step and problem at a time ;)22:23
pmatulisthere are 2 modes to do this.  ① get a static IP address from your ISP and set up a static name:address mapping in DNS or ② get a dynamic IP address from your ISP and change the mapping whenever that address changes (using a utility often called a 'dyndns client')22:24
pmatulisthe IP address here is 99.9% not for your ubuntu server.  it is for your router, usually bundled with your modem these days22:25
Tobbe-82|ServerII understand that my public ip adress towards the web is different from my local area network one.22:26
Tobbe-82|ServerIso in order to set up a proper ubuntu server static ip I would need to have the static ip from my ISP first?22:27
pmatuliswhen traffic hits your router/modem you redirect it to your server (called 'port forwarding')22:27
Tobbe-82|ServerIahh yes, it what I had in mind, just don't know the practicalities of it. I figured i'd work on getting the server set up and then put that on or is that thinking backwards?22:27
pmatulisyes, backwards22:28
pmatulisset up your website.  test it locally using it's private IP address.  you can set up DNS after when you want to provide access to the internet22:29
Tobbe-82|ServerIallright, so first wait to get the static IP from ISP then configure my server with port forwarding. Wouldn't I need to have set a static IP in ubuntu in order to have a static ip to do port forwarding to?22:29
Tobbe-82|ServerIahhh good22:29
Tobbe-82|ServerIso I guess then my question becomes how do I set up a "local" static IP for ubuntu that will just work for my local network?22:30
pmatulisyes, port forwarding should be sending to a static address.  but with dhcp (dynamic) you can reserve an address for your server's hardware (MAC address); it's effectively static22:30
Tobbe-82|ServerIso there is a way to use the MAC adress as a static adress and then automatically compensate for the dhcp given ip adress?22:31
pmatulisevery network card's port has a hardware address (in hexadecimal format).  when a dhcp client asks for an IP address it broadcasts it using it's hardware/MAC address.  you can instruct a dhcp server to provide a specific IP address to that specific MAC address22:33
Tobbe-82|ServerIinteresting, I did not know that. Would setting that dhcp setting be in my router or a dhcp server I create in my ubuntu server setup?22:34
pmatulisthese days every router/modem has a DHCP server built in.  use it22:35
pmatulisit will have a web interface that you will allow you to configure these things22:35
Tobbe-82|ServerIOh yes, I just need to figure it out in regards to my router. Thank you so much pmatulis, I'll start here and will most likely frequent this channel daily from here on :)22:36
pmatulisthat's also where you configure port forwarding22:36
Tobbe-82|ServerILearning quite a lot in the process :)22:36
pmatulisTobbe-82|ServerI: np, good luck22:37

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