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Neo31hi, I need to include a dependency package available on ubuntu repository for an ubuntu touch app using a click package or another alternative. any help please?10:36
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flipapythe ubuntu phone, it also serves as a laptop right?13:42
k1l_what do you mean?13:43
julienrbtHello, what is the phone with the best support of Ubuntu Touch? Nexus 4?13:44
flipapyok K1773R lets say i get my hands on an open boot loader smartphone, a nice big one like maybe a note 3, or if im really lucky a note 4. then i get ubuntu loaded on it. i can then connect that phone to a screen through an hdmi dock with some usb's for keyboaard and mounse, then i can use it as a computer right?13:45
k1l_nexus 4 is the dev phone, yes13:45
flipapyor if i get one of those boardless screens with a keyboard and a slot for a smartphone, they have one with a touchpad to, or just use the phone screen as a touchpad.13:46
k1l_flipapy: i am not sure how good that is already included. and flipapy see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices13:46
k1l_flipapy: dont think its easy as on a pc to put ubuntu on to it. its a very differnt job on ARM13:46
julienrbtOk thanks! the future phone with ubuntu touch will be supported by Canonical or the manufacter?13:47
julienrbt(sorry for my english)13:47
julienrbtand the nexus 4 will be supported by canonical for how long?13:48
flipapybasically, i wouldlike to be ablt to link up my phone to a dock and use it as a computer, downloading files to a jump drive, writing documents into a cloud, watching netflix on a separate screen and some browsing research reading and irc. is there a phone that can currently do that?13:50
flipapyidk. loks like i'm gona have to wait longer. :) its ok. this stuf  is pretty cool as is.13:51
flipapythanks for the help though k1l_13:52
hiob10hiobHey Guys, i have problem upgrading a wirtable image on my N7. It stucks at bluez. After rebooting my N7 hangs on the GoogleScreen14:47
hiob10hiobThis problem was repeatable. I had to reflash Android and Ubuntu14:48
hiob10hiobany Ideas?14:48
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hiob10hiobHey Guys, i have problem upgrading a wirtable image on my N7. It stucks at bluez. After rebooting my N7 hangs on the GoogleScreen15:57
hiob10hiob This problem was repeatable. I had to reflash Android and Ubuntu15:57
hiob10hiob any Ideas?15:57
julienrbtThe Nexus 4 will be supported for all future version of Ubuntu Touch?16:59
julienrbt(or not?)16:59
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nhainesjustCarakas: I doubt any phone will be supported for "all future versions" of Ubuntu.  What they *used* to say was that any given phone should make it to the next LTS release.18:36
nhainesAnd then they'd evaluate from there.18:36
locusfhello, I've been trying to get ubuntu touch to work on the Jolla device since yesterday19:14
locusfnow I'm at such a stage in which the graphics are trying to get started but nothing appears on the screen19:14
locusfand I'm using systemd instead of the upstart19:14
locusfsince Jollas hardware adaptation layer requires a systemd unit to be run so its Android services initialize19:15
locusfmy question is, is this a recommended approach or should I really stick with upstart? My image I used was the latest vivid from ubuntu downloads, non-flip19:16
locusfI'm currently using libhybris libraries extracted from the device, so its not the same library as was shipped19:18
beunolocusf, I don't think the current phone codebase will work with systemd19:25
beunoapps require upstart to run, IIRC19:25
locusfbeuno: okay19:26
locusfupstart doesn't really get running well at all on Jolla19:26
locusfit doesn't initialize graphics due to probably missing firmware19:27
locusfalso I doubt that the current libhybris stuff I have on the Jolla won't work out of the box with ubuntu system compositor19:27

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