mjaykHaya all01:01
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mapphi all04:39
knightwisemorning everyone07:07
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MooDoomorning all07:59
MooDoohows everyont this morning?08:49
MartijnVdSMooDoo: amused by confusion :)08:57
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MartijnVdSMooDoo: Today is the start of "Week 1 of 2015", and people can't wrap their heads around that :)08:57
MartijnVdS(the ISO week-year is the year that 4 or more days in a week fall in.. and weeks start on Monday)08:58
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:14
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon09:17
knightwisemorning everyone !09:26
knightwisehows everybody doing today ?09:26
MooDoonot too bad thanks, what about you09:26
knightwisedoin ok , finishing up some preparations on the next podcast episode on Chromebooks09:27
knightwise+ just ordered me a raspberry pi to play with09:27
knightwiseJust put my macbook air up for sale09:28
MooDoonot into it? or just want the monet?09:28
knightwiseI was using the machine as my linux laptop , but the Chromebook can do all those things too09:29
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS09:29
knightwiseand I don't have to worry about it getting nicked09:29
knightwise+ The MBA is going on 2 years , time to sell it off09:29
knightwisemorning brobostigon09:29
MooDooknightwise: which chromebook as I was thinking about one of them....09:30
knightwiseTHe nice thing about the chromebook is , i can take it to work with me without thinking about dropping it or having it get stolen from the car09:30
knightwiseI have the Acer C730 ,09:30
knightwiseWrote up a series on the blog about my experiences so far09:30
knightwiseyou might want to read the first article of the series09:31
brobostigonmorning kn/win 1409:31
knightwisei think i just sold the MBAir09:37
knightwisethe add was up like for about 10 minutes09:37
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awilkinsWell, they are a nice bit of gear09:39
knightwisebut their value goes done a bit quicker then the value of a macbook pro09:43
knightwiseI sold that one after 3 years for 2/3rd of the original price09:43
MooDoowoohoo photography backdrop purchased09:57
Azelphurlol, I have a pretty funny way of heating my office in the mornings, 2kw wall radiator plus a 2kw space heater plus 1kw of bitcoin mining equipment for total effective heating of 5kw10:00
Azelphurgo from 15 to 21c in about 5 minutes \o/10:00
awilkinsAzelphur, Do you make a profit on the bitcoin?10:02
Azelphurawilkins: no, but it makes for great subsidised heating, I mostly run during the day and just use the normal heaters to provide that morning boost to bring it up to temperature10:02
awilkinsI realise this is a bit like asking an oil baron if he thinks petroleum is awesome10:02
Azelphurmy hardware is old now10:03
Azelphuronly makes like 20% of what it costs to run it, but hey, that's 20% off heating :)10:03
awilkinsYeah, myself I thought the notion of hosted mining was probably better10:04
awilkinsBut I never really got into them10:04
awilkinsJust kicked myself a bit for not mining a few when they were a few cents apiece10:04
AzelphurAC68U is on offer atm, kinda tempting...spent so much money recently though :/10:05
Azelphurbut I want a new router for the summer so I can beam wifi onto the beach10:05
awilkinsMy office is freezing, you're tempting me10:05
awilkinsI don't have a beach, just a cemetary10:05
AzelphurI could probably be coaxed into selling mine10:06
knightwiseTime to reinstall my Macbook Air11:05
zmoylan-piat least these days you can maintain connection to web on multitude of other devices while it's happening11:08
knightwisetrue :)11:09
knightwiseusing shellinabox in combination with Byobu11:13
knightwisepretty convenient !11:13
knightwiseok , stupid question but .. how do I let my Ubuntu server run a script at startup .. do I just punch it into chrontab @reboot ?11:41
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knightwiseif i'm correct , the @reboot command doesnt work for a non-root user in crontab ?12:17
ChunkzZtook 10 damn minutes to start my car this morning, damn UK weather! :(12:46
penguin42rather foggy here13:13
zmoylan-piup to 5c now.13:13
SuperMatthas anyone got google chrome in their .config/autostart?13:44
DJonesSuperMatt: Not I13:44
SuperMattthanks for checking. Anyone else?13:45
DJonesIs it anything to do with the chrome setting to allow it to run in the background so that when click on starter its up & running quicker?13:47
knightwiseit installs the chrome helper by default for quicker boot13:49
knightwiseat least on a mac13:49
SuperMattI either need to know how to create the .desktop file from inside chrome, or have someone send me a copy13:50
AzelphurNationwide clearly have a good development team, I can check my bank balance on my smartwatch.14:21
AzelphurLiving in the future, etc \o/14:21
zmoylan-piso muggers can read your watch and see if your worth mugging?14:22
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: uwot xD14:22
Azelphurthey'd have to ask the watch for your balance, so at that point they'd probably have already got to the whole mugging you stage, and mugging you doesn't get them access to your bank account14:23
zmoylan-pibut they can move to the drag the victim to atm stage14:24
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: if that was the strategy, wouldn't they just force you to check using your phone anyway?14:24
zmoylan-piperhaps, but just another way to check and make things prolonged14:25
* Azelphur shurgs14:27
AzelphurI still say the same thing I said when smartphones first came out and everyone said not to buy one because someone will just take it off you14:27
Azelphurgiving up things out of fear is worse than having them stolen off you14:27
zmoylan-pipeople have been giving up civil liberties for years :-)14:28
Azelphurand I've been sitting here walking around with loads of gadgets and stuff for years, not been mugged yet14:29
Azelphurtempted to get insurance :)14:29
zmoylan-pii did have a bag snatched with psion 3c but i don't think they knew there was a psion in the bag14:30
zmoylan-piand it locked down tight so no data would have been accessible14:30
Azelphuramusingly if someone stole my phone it'd be real bad for them, has theft recovery stuff embedded in the firmware14:30
bashrcIt's probably not a good idea to carry very expensive things around (including jewelry, etc). Stick to cheap technology14:31
zmoylan-piand i did have someone walking past about to rob my current phone before he saw that it was a nokia dumb phone and turned away disappointed :-)14:31
zmoylan-piwhich was a pity as i'd shifted so as to face plant him through bus shelter14:32
Azelphurbashrc: see that's the faulty logic I was talking about, rather than getting a few years use out of something that is really useful, you just steal it from yourself by not using it14:32
AzelphurI'd rather have my expensive phone stolen than never use/have it14:33
zmoylan-pinah i gave up smartphones as i wanted something with battery life above all.14:33
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: I carry a 12000mAh battery in my coat, that solves my battery problems ;)14:33
zmoylan-piand the nokia does web, email, twitter, irc, ebooks, radio, mp3s...14:33
bashrcadditionally given the pace of change it makes no sense to invest hevily in any one particular gadget14:33
zmoylan-piand it bounces14:34
Azelphurbashrc: that's somewhat true, although don't get caught in the "tomorrow never comes" loop14:34
bashrcchances are if you spend a lot of money on one gadget it'll be obsolete in a few years anyhow14:34
Azelphurbashrc: you can say the same about anything14:34
Azelphurbut obsolete doesn't mean useless14:34
zmoylan-piwhen the technology is moving fast yes, when it's a stalwart like a good swiss army knife, no14:35
bashrcnot really, because sofas don't change much from year to year14:35
bashrcor spoons14:35
bashrcbut electrical gadgets do14:35
zmoylan-pii loved my nokia n70 but it's 2gb limit on memory cards would annoy me a lot now14:35
Azelphurbashrc: sure they do, sofas of today look nothing like the sofas of 10 years ago14:35
AzelphurI bet if you had a 10 year old sofa, missus would be whining nonstop at you to get it replaced.14:35
zmoylan-pinot if it's a beautiful hand crafted antique14:36
Azelphurperhaps :)14:36
Azelphurbut then you'd be paying more than you would for a modern sofa anyway so it kinda invalidates the whole point14:36
zmoylan-pimy sister got hand made custom furniture, silly money but will be passed to her kids when she pops her clogs14:36
bashrcyou could sink a lot of money and get a top quality sofa. If you didn't abuse it much it would still be useful many years into the future. The same can't be said for gadgets14:37
Azelphurbashrc: sure it can14:37
Azelphurbashrc: heck, my PC is 4 years old now and I still don't have much motivation to change it.14:37
zmoylan-piif they release the modular mobile phone it might start to happen14:37
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: project ara is coming ;)14:37
bashrcmy last laptop I had for 7 years14:38
zmoylan-pithough i suspect the bus will need to be replaced every few years14:38
Azelphurbashrc: so yea, the same can be said for gadgets :)14:38
bashrcnot really, so there is furniture where I'm living which is probably decades old and still useful14:39
bashrca decades old gadget would not14:39
zmoylan-pihouse i grew up in had a lot of victorian furniture in good nick.14:39
Azelphurheck, up until about a month ago I was still regularly using a Sempron 140, that's like 5 year old tech and it was a bargain bin chip14:39
zmoylan-pii have a telescope in a box somewhere from 1850 that i need to get a leather worker to recover14:40
Azelphurbashrc: Pentium 4 is like 15 years old now, could still make use out of a Pentium 4 era machine.14:40
Azelphuradmittedly technology doesn't last as long as furniture does, but technology ABSOLUTELY DOES remain useful many years into the future14:41
zmoylan-pigood technology does rather :-)14:41
Azelphurit's pretty hard to buy a piece of technology that doesn't fit that criteria14:41
zmoylan-piwhen sony and ms turn off their servers when it's no longer profitable their cames consoles will be paper weights14:42
Azelphurno argument from me here, consoles are crap14:42
Azelphurdon't buy them :P14:42
zmoylan-pithey don't have to be crap, they could have made it so that the consoles could connect to one another and not need a central server but they want monthly fees14:43
zmoylan-piand from the recent news they aren't using any of that money on security14:43
Azelphurnah they're generally crap, compare a console to a PC for gaming, there's an obvious winner.14:44
Azelphurboth in terms of price and performance14:44
zmoylan-piand anytime a game comes out that allows a pc to play against a console the console players do not do well14:44
Azelphurindeed, controllers (usually) aren't very useful14:44
Azelphurand whenever they are, a PC can make use of them anyway14:44
zmoylan-pibut i'm not against consoles per se.  i like the idea of not having to rebuild my pc everytime i install a game :-)14:45
Azelphurwhat do you think the procedure is for installing a game?14:45
zmoylan-pii would point out last time i installed a game on a pc was in 90s.  it was a different time :-)14:46
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: these days, you fire up steam, find a game you like, pay for it, steam automatically downloads and installs it for you, you're done.14:46
zmoylan-pimy boss looked inside my pc after i installed the original doom and refused to touch it :-D14:46
Azelphurand the price of PC games is astronomically lower than console games14:47
zmoylan-pivery true, steam has changed things *a lot*14:47
Azelphurso yea, you can have nice things is the tl;dr here, technology doesn't randomly become useless after a year xD14:48
Azelphurthat said I'm tempted to do some upgrades on my machine soon mostly because I'd like to have proper multi monitor support14:49
awilkinsMulti monitors 4tw14:53
awilkinsI may get a third14:53
ali12341the procedure for installing a game on windows is basically: install game, reinstall game, uninstall all other games, reinstall video driver, install game, uninstall game, wait 6 months for patch that makes it work properly, reinstall game, install patch, reinstall windows, install ame, install patch, give up and buy a console15:34
awilkinsWell, it used to be15:35
zmoylan-pisee that's why i gave up in 90s, thought it had changed since.  but not enough to make me tolerate having windows at home15:35
awilkinsEven for games where that used to be the case, you can now do   "Download game from GOG.com. Install game. Enjoy game." most of the time15:36
awilkinsLike Outcast15:36
awilkinsThat was HORRIBLE to install15:36
awilkinsAnd get working15:36
awilkinsI presume it's dead easy now.15:36
foobarrychilled monkey brains16:44
foobarrydon't think i need these cds anymore http://i.imgur.com/QUFrUwb.jpg16:54
DJonesfoobarry: You might find somebody will take them off your hands though if they're trying to collect a full set of  release cd's16:59
foobarryreally? lol17:00
foobarrythere be weirdos out there17:00
foobarrypicasa no longer starts :(17:16
foobarryno error17:17
DJonesAny error running it from terminal?18:06
foobarryshows splash loading for 3 mins18:07
DJonesewww, didn't realise it runs the windows binary through playonlinux18:09
DJonesPretty much the same :)18:10
Azelphurit probably won't be wine either, it'll probably be crossover (libwine)18:10
marxjohn1onhas anyone here experienced/solved this problem with shutdown from XBMC/Kodi failing? http://askubuntu.com/questions/566635/shutdown-from-xbmc-kodi-hangs18:12
foobarrymaybe its due to my low disk space18:12
marxjohn1onfoobarry: doesn't look like it, plenty of disk space on all partitions18:14
Azelphurmarxjohn1on: I don't have that issue on 14.1018:14
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