rick_h_phew party done02:01
rick_h_nap time?02:01
cmaloneyNah, you need to keep going. :)02:08
cmaloneyMichael have a great party?02:09
rick_h_yea he's beat02:38
rick_h_big few days02:38
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cmaloneyGood morning14:32
brousch_It was14:32
cmaloneyIt still is last I checked.14:32
cmaloneyYay inadequate PTO for the end of the year! :)14:33
cmaloneyAh well14:33
brousch_Hm, I have 56 hours I am supposed to use by Jan 1714:42
brousch_But sometimes I can trade in up to 40 hours for cash money14:43
cmaloneyGo to Disneyland14:43
brousch_By myself?14:44
cmaloneyWell, you can bring the family too. I won't judge.14:44
brousch_For you Chromebookers http://liliputing.com/2014/12/crouton-chromebooks-run-ubuntu-browser-tab.html16:41
brousch_I'm not using Crouton now because it was too difficult to switch between environments. I'll have to try this16:42
rick_h_first PT appointment down, ton more to go16:48
cmaloneyHow was it?16:50
rick_h_good, feels good to start moving it16:50
cmaloneySo how many degrees of freedom? :)16:50
rick_h_a few, but a few more than I had until today so that's good :)16:51
rick_h_now to take some motrin and some ice16:51
cmaloneyYeah, I'll bet16:51
cmaloneyApparently #bookie is bunping.16:52
cmaloneybumping as well16:52
rick_h_yea, hopefully will have time to check in and pick up some stuff this week now that I'm off and everyone else is back to work16:53

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