bdukMorning everyone05:32
nuvolario/ oh hi05:51
ThatGraemeGuymorning peeps06:12
nuvolario/ hi ThatGraemeGuy 06:16
nuvolarieveryone seems asleep still06:16
bdukAnyone using tapatalk with this forum that can help me set it up?06:23
Kilosmorning all06:44
bdukMore Kilos 06:48
Kiloshi bduk 07:01
bdukHoe gaan dit vanmore?07:02
Kiloskop nie lekker vandag nie, en daar?07:02
bdukHoe so? Diekant net bietjie min gereen.07:03
Kilosai! die ding besluit self waneer dit wil pein07:04
bdukAi nie lekker nie07:04
Kilosmiskien van te veel buite werk gister07:05
Kilossal dink daaroor07:05
bdukHmmm dit kom van Sondag werk07:08
bdukMy ma se altyd 'n Sabat steek hou geen week07:09
Kilosplaas  werk het nie sondae nie07:20
bdukJa dis waar 07:23
bdukEk ken maar te goed07:24
=== Zarw is now known as Wraz
Kiloshi theblazehen_ 09:46
theblazehen_Compiling stuff using a with a USB disk in USB1.1 mode..09:54
theblazehen_And 2 GB of ram09:54
ThatGraemeGuymmm nice10:07
magespawngood day all10:18
magespawnand Kilos 10:19
ThatGraemeGuyphew, got to love LVM10:45
Kiloshi magespawn ThatGraemeGuy , sorry was busy cooking10:49
Kiloswb magespawn 11:53
charlgood afternoon11:58
charlMaaz: coffee on11:58
Kiloshi charl 11:58
* Maaz flips the salt-timer11:58
KilosMaaz: coffee please11:59
MaazKilos: Okay11:59
magespawnMaaz coffee please12:01
Maazmagespawn: Yessir12:01
magespawnMaaz large12:01
MaazIn a beer mug just for you magespawn12:01
magespawnMaaz ty12:02
MaazYou are welcome magespawn12:02
magespawnlong day12:02
magespawnThatGraemeGuy: why? disaster recovery12:02
MaazCoffee's ready for charl, Kilos and magespawn!12:02
KilosMaaz: ty12:03
MaazYou are welcome Kilos12:03
charlMaaz: thanks12:03
Maazcharl: No problem12:03
charlhi Kilos 12:03
charlhi magespawn 12:03
ThatGraemeGuymagespawn: no, migrating from 2-disk RAID1 to 4-disk RAID10 without tearing down completely and rebuilding12:27
magespawnhi charl12:42
magespawnThatGraemeGuy: does LVM just allow you to change the raid type once the disk are installed?12:42
ThatGraemeGuynot exactly12:46
ThatGraemeGuywhat i'm doing is a bit dirty12:47
ThatGraemeGuyI start with 2-disks, raid1 with lvm on top of the md device12:47
ThatGraemeGuyadd 2 disks, build a new raid10 with only 2 devices & 2 flagged as "missing"12:47
ThatGraemeGuyyes, technically this is only a raid0 at this stage12:48
ThatGraemeGuythen migrate the entire lvm vg from the old raid to the new12:48
ThatGraemeGuyremove the old raid from lvm12:48
ThatGraemeGuydisassemble the old raid, and add its partitions to the new one, replacing the "missing" devices12:49
ThatGraemeGuythe only downtime is 5 mins to add the 2 new disks, and then a quick reboot after doing some housekeeping12:49
ThatGraemeGuythe second reboot is optional but i like to do it to ensure i didn't render it unbootable12:50
ThatGraemeGuywouldn't want to realise that a few months down the line only, whenever the next reboot happens to occur12:50
ThatGraemeGuyi should also mention that the data on this server is not critical, so i'm doing this without doing a proper backup first, which would normally be a big no-no12:51
ThatGraemeGuyin fact it is one of our backup servers that i'm expanding12:51
magespawndoes the raid then use the old information/partitions to rebuild the info across the raid?12:54
ThatGraemeGuymmmm i don't understand the question :-/13:03
ThatGraemeGuyat which stage do you mean?13:03
magespawnyou have two disk with info on them and two empty disks?13:04
magespawnthe original raid 1 and the new disks?13:04
magespawnso when all the hardware is added the raid should be four disks, the two new disks mirroring the original two?13:07
ThatGraemeGuyhere's a step by step, let me know where you don't follow13:07
ThatGraemeGuyi add 2 disks13:07
ThatGraemeGuywait before that even13:08
ThatGraemeGuythe 2 original disks have 2 partitions each, a small one that is used in raid1 for /boot, and the rest another raid1 which is managed by lvm13:08
ThatGraemeGuythen i add 2 disks and partition them exactly the same13:10
ThatGraemeGuythe 2 small partitions on the new disks are added to the original raid1 that is mounted on /boot13:10
ThatGraemeGuyso now you have a raid1 with 4 devices used for /boot13:11
ThatGraemeGuyand a raid1 with 2 devices from the original disks13:11
ThatGraemeGuyare you still with me? :)13:12
ThatGraemeGuynow i create a new md device, raid1013:13
ThatGraemeGuyconfigured it as a 4-device md, but with 2 component devices missing13:14
ThatGraemeGuyso mdadm --create /dev/md2 --level=10 --raid-devices=4 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 missing missing13:15
ThatGraemeGuyor whatvever13:15
ThatGraemeGuyso now i have a "raid10" device, which is actually only raid0 for now because of the missing devices13:16
ThatGraemeGuyright, then you do "pvcreate /dev/md2"13:16
ThatGraemeGuythen "vgextend -v vg0 /dev/md2"13:17
ThatGraemeGuyand now LVM can use the new raid for the volume group vg013:17
ThatGraemeGuystill with me?13:17
ThatGraemeGuyvg0 already existed, and was using the old raid device /dev/md113:18
ThatGraemeGuythen you do "pvmove /dev/md1 /dev/md2"13:18
ThatGraemeGuythis tells lvm to physically move the data to the new raid device13:19
magespawnneat way of doing it13:19
magespawni am going to have to play around with that a bit 13:19
ThatGraemeGuyonce that is done i tell lvm to stop using the old raid13:20
ThatGraemeGuyat that point the old raid is unused, and lvm is living completely on the new raid13:20
ThatGraemeGuythen i just stop/remove the old raid device, and add the 2 underlying partitions to the new raid10 device, and it starts rebuilding the md device13:21
bushtechThatGraemeGuy, I have often thought about taking my  2 drive Raid1 up to a 4 drive setup. Is it possible to have the OS setup separate on a small (ssd?)drive  ie a 3 drive setup? Should simplify drive management13:22
bushtechI fear my /boot drive failing13:22
ThatGraemeGuysure you can do that13:22
ThatGraemeGuyassuming you have enough sata ports, etc obviously13:23
ThatGraemeGuybut from a software perspective yes that's entirely doable13:23
bushtechAaah, good to know 13:23
magespawnThatGraemeGuy: thanks for the lesson13:23
ThatGraemeGuyyou're welcome13:24
bushtechyes, enough ports is an essential13:24
ThatGraemeGuyif i wasn't so lazy i'd do a nice blog post step-by-step kinda thing :-D13:24
magespawni have never worked with any type of raid, so it is good to have some insight13:24
ThatGraemeGuyinstall virtualbox and start playing around13:25
ThatGraemeGuycreate some small virtual hard disks and build raid on them13:25
magespawnthat was a bit harsh, i just asked a question no need to disconnect me13:51
ThatGraemeGuydidn't even see the question, fwiw13:52
magespawnsoftware only supports com and lpt for printing, hardware only has usb for printing13:55
magespawnhow do i redirect the com to the usb?13:55
magespawnin windows13:56
ThatGraemeGuylol "in windows"13:56
ThatGraemeGuywrong channel :P13:56
magespawnindeed thought i would just ask anyway13:57
magespawni'll take a stop through there at some point14:09
magespawnhome time later all14:16
Vince-0Yuss this place is empty 14:19
Kiloslol hiya Vince-0 14:32
Vince-0Hi Kilos 14:32
Kiloshows things by you?14:32
Vince-0mkay, in the office bored as all hell14:32
Vince-0messing with irssi14:33
Kilosbored isnt good14:33
Vince-0I tried my hand at running a Ruby app on Asterisk but meh14:33
Vince-0bad documentation is always a problem for newbs14:33
Vince-0now, I'm bored but at least its home time14:33
Kilosgood, dont be so scarce'14:34
Vince-0I have been a bit busy with stuffs - holiday, starting a company14:34
Kiloscompliments of the season to you too14:34
Vince-0have to travel to see friends, family, weddings14:35
Vince-0and to you14:35
Kilosstarting your own company?14:35
Vince-0ya boet, can't be working for the man all my life14:35
Kiloshard to get going though14:36
Vince-0did you manage to get anything out of that hardware  ?14:36
Kilosyip ty but most only accept windows14:36
Kilosand the ram was a godsend14:36
Kilosso added 512m to the 12814:37
Vince-0I had to find some DDR-400 RAM for an old server14:37
Kilosthen gave that pc to my sis14:37
Kilosoh my14:37
Vince-0who only mostly accepts windows?14:37
Kilosthere was only one 512 in the pile14:37
Kilosthe drives14:38
Kilos6 work with windows on14:38
Kilosand i have kde on the 1TB but had to not use the first 100g14:38
Vince-0ooh, that stuffs probably been dropped a few times14:39
Kiloswas fun working through them all14:39
Vince-0I must be off - more InRealLife stuff to do14:40
Vince-0chat soon14:40
Kilosgo well14:41
Kilosand ty again14:41
Kiloshi abmo1324 16:31
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za16:31
abmo1324i'm on the website and i noticed that there had not been any updates in a year...16:33
abmo1324wondered if there was still any life in here :-)16:33
Kilosyes we are working on it at the moment16:35
Kilosmoving to a better server or something16:36
Kilosbut life and hols are keeping the guys busy16:36
abmo1324yeah... normal story16:37
Kilosabmo1324: do you need any help or info?16:37
Kilosohi superfly 16:38
abmo1324nope - just dropping in16:47
abmo1324catching up on almost a year of IRC-lessness16:47
Kilosouch thats bad16:49
Kiloswere you here a year ago?16:51
Kiloswith what nick?16:51
abmo1324just a sec16:55
Kilossjoe long sec16:56
Kiloswb ambo 17:01
ambothats better17:01
Kilostell us about yourself17:01
Kilosim trying to grow this channel. have been for 4 years now i think17:02
ambowell I used to run the za mirror17:03
Kilosthey are linked to kenya now17:05
amboyeah - the one in za got pulled due to some performance complaints apparently17:05
ambobut I don't have access to the hardware anymore... moved jobs17:06
Kilosyeah it was bad so Symmetria let us join his mirrors17:06
Kilosdo you know him?17:06
ambovery well yes17:06
Kiloshe has moved to kenya and got married17:06
ambohe and I also admin'd mirror.ac.za together once upon a time ;-)17:07
Kilosoh you know then most likely17:07
inetprogood evening18:26
Kiloshi inetpro 18:27
Kiloswhat hmm...?18:27
inetprohello Kilos18:28
inetpronetsplits as I walk in... not nice!18:28
Kilosplease tell me what you guys are doing to our website18:28
Kilosmoving it or what18:28
Kiloswhat was all the work for?18:29
inetproat least I have not had the energy to touch it since last time18:29
Kilosthats what i want to know man18:29
Kilosnot what you did today18:29
Kiloswhat is the whole plan18:29
inetproobviously we want a new website18:30
inetprosimple as that18:30
Kilosso is it going to move or just be fixed where it is18:30
Kilosek sukkel darem18:30
inetproit will have the same name and all18:30
Kilosgo on18:31
inetprodoesn't matter where it's hosted, but probably on the same server as now18:31
Kilosai! sucking blood out of a stone again18:31
Kilosi just want to know so i know what to tell peeps that ask18:32
inetproas far as I understand, the plan is to put a simple static site in place of a dynamic CMS18:34
Kilosok ill try remember that18:35
inetprojust something plain and simple to avoid too much effort and high maintenance18:36
Kilosdont you want to post something there to explain that we arent dead just busy atm18:36
inetproactions speak louder than words18:38
Kilosthe last post there is a year old man, just so peeps see we not dead18:38
inetprobut we are dead18:38
Kilosno we arent18:39
Kiloswe still kinda active18:39
inetproyou just haven't realised it yet :-)18:39
Kilosjust must slower and fewer18:39
Kiloswhat you mean we are dead?18:40
inetproI'm just joking man... 18:43
inetproyou can't expect all these wonderful results from us when we're having timeout with families in the Christmas season18:43
Kilosman im not rushing you18:44
Kiloswhat you been drinking or smoking?18:44
Kilosmust i use afrikaans18:44
inetprojust build it for us in stead man18:45
Kilosi would if i knew how man18:45
Kilosyou know that18:45
inetproeven you can learn it18:45
Kiloslol even me18:45
Kilosok gimme a link on a how to18:46
Kilosin mechanics english18:46
Kiloshi my fly18:46
inetprohello superfly18:46
Kilosinetpro: did you see the new guy18:46
Kilosas in did you read logs like you used to18:47
Kiloshi Private_User1 18:47
* inetpro is tired, to be honest18:47
superflytumbleweed: I think I'm missing a public/private key for the ubuntu-za website server. can I give you my current public key?18:47
Private_User1hey Kilos18:47
Kiloshaha inetpro whats new18:48
Kilosyou always tired18:48
Kilosget multivitamins and sleep more18:48
inetproKilos: at least I'm here18:48
Kilosyes you are, im proud of you18:48
inetprobtw, we've had like 75mm since Monday last week18:49
Kilosi think i did all that nikola stuff on another drive18:50
Kiloswb bushtech 18:50
Kilosi should get a laptop where i only have one drive to play on18:51
Kilosinetpro: question. once on the site after starting the Projects thing do i just tick on add new comment or is that only to comment on that last post?19:02
inetprosorry kilos, no idea what you're saying 19:13
Kilosi started all that stuff of nikola i think19:13
Kilosthen did all the cd moves19:14
* inetpro going to hit the sack 19:14
Kilosok then boetie. lekker slaap19:14
Kilosyou need to go back to work so you can get some rest19:15
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:36

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