noobixgothic, install chrome00:00
GothicspeakerAnd the package manager says that Flash Player is installed, that's nice, the only problem with it is that it doesn't work00:00
GothicspeakerI already have chrome, noobix00:00
GothicspeakerThe only recommendation I can give you is to NEVER upgrade to version 1400:00
GothicspeakerYou won't be able to use Flash anymore00:00
noobixgothic, then use firefox00:00
GothicspeakerDoesn't work either00:00
k1lGothicspeaker: use pepperflash with chrome00:01
k1lGothicspeaker: and first one to blame is adobe to stop making flash for linux and the websites still using flash.00:01
Gothicspeakerk1l: I just installed pepperflash, restarted Chrome, the result is:  Flash player doesn't work00:01
Gothicspeakerk1l: But Ubuntu decided to use another framework00:02
GothicspeakerI read that at a website00:02
noobixbill must have bribed them00:02
OerHeks12.04 lts will give the same browser and flash versions00:02
GothicspeakerReason for flash player issue exclusively in Chromium:00:02
GothicspeakerThe reason why this issue occurs only in Chromium is that until now Chromium used Netscape Plugin API for Flash support. Starting from Ubuntu 14.04, Chromium will stop using Netscape Plugin API. Hence, you will face issues with Adobe Flash Player with Chromium.00:02
GothicspeakerThat's what this website says:00:02
k1lGothicspeaker: "i read some site"....00:02
EriC^^notfadssssssss: what do you mean?00:03
k1l!search pepperflash00:03
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notfadsssssssseric^^: whenever i boot to live usb there should be an option there to repair00:04
notfadsssssssseric^^: there isnt00:04
Gothicspeakernow I can't use Flash anymore00:04
Gothicspeakerwhy did I have to update Ubuntu...00:04
k1lsudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree00:04
GothicspeakerAlready done that00:04
Gothicspeakerdoesn't work00:04
Gothicspeakerit still doesn't work, flash00:04
notfadsssssssseric^^: the live only sees the install when you go to re-install it00:04
k1lGothicspeaker: stop flooding the channel with that much enter00:04
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Chuck_NorrisGothicspeaker: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9492325/00:05
EriC^^notfadssssssss: can you reset CIMC ?00:05
k1lGothicspeaker: what error do you get exactly? what sites dont work? what commands did you run?...00:05
EriC^^notfadssssssss: as per thread ^^00:05
notfadsssssssseric^^: ill check00:05
k1lGothicspeaker: i am using flash in chromium and firefoxright now on 14.10 and did just 1 hour ago on a 14.04 install. so dont say it doesnt work00:05
k1lafter intsalling pepperflashplugin-nonfree do update-pepperflashplugin-nonfree --install --quiet00:06
GothicspeakerChuck_Norris: I did everything what you did, but the last step, freshplayer, doesn't work00:07
GothicspeakerChuck_Norris: Oh, no problem here, I didn't scroll to the top right00:08
GothicspeakerDo I need to restart?00:08
GothicspeakerFlash still doesn't show00:08
Gothicspeakerok wait, I 'll restart00:08
Chuck_NorrisGothicspeaker: just close and re-open firefox00:09
freerouteso I'm trying to free up my swap a bit I have the following swap situation (hopefully it illustrates this well) - http://kpaste.net/1b909eb3 - so can I in this can swapoff and then swapon and expect everything to be back to normal, except with a fresh swap?00:10
freerouteor do I have to apply special methods just because it's a cryptswap?00:10
GothicspeakerYes, it works for FF now00:10
GothicspeakerHow can I make it work for Google Chrome?00:10
GothicspeakerDoes it work for Chrome too?00:10
notfadsssssssseric^^: nope ;\00:10
GothicspeakerWhy do you sigh k1l?00:10
GothicspeakerIt doesn't work at Google Chrome for me.00:11
k1lGothicspeaker: i just explained and you still missusing your enter key00:11
notfadsssssssseric^^: so the issue you see is the efi shell is not reading the HDDs00:11
Chuck_NorrisGothicspeaker: well, i mah case, i am using chromium, i don't have installed chrome, but, i am having segfault in chromium, so i am only using firefox00:11
wafflej0ckGothicspeaker, regular chrome keeps it's own version of pepperflash updated shouldn't be an issue check chrome://plugins00:11
GothicspeakerBut k1l, I did exactly what you said, and it doesn't work.00:11
wafflej0ckGothicspeaker, check the URL in chrome I just posted00:12
Chuck_NorrisGothicspeaker: in chromium i can't even open the "store" or what ever its call,  bonus (just to check your flash :p):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iNn4ilhjYE00:13
Gothicspeakerwafflej0ck: There is no Flash Player among those 3 plugins. It only says:   Chrome PDF Viewer, Chromoting Viewer and Google Talk00:13
wafflej0ckGothicspeaker, you should see the path to the shared object it's using for the flash plugin, for me it's /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash/libpepflashplayer.so00:13
EriC^^notfadssssssss: yeah, looks like it, i'd recommend asking in #ubuntu-server as the threads that came up while searching for that error all had servers, they might know about it00:13
wafflej0ckGothicspeaker, http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/enable-flash-player-google-chrome.html <-- you can try checking out what's here, no idea why it would be disabled though00:14
notfadsssssssseric^^: thanks for all the help btw really means alot00:14
EriC^^notfadssssssss: no problem00:14
notfadsssssssseric^^: I gotta go to sleep been at this for like a full 20 hours now00:14
EriC^^notfadssssssss: yikes, ok goodnight00:25
ProfessorKaos64I've been getting into building ppa packages lately for Trusty. What determines if the package is build for Trust and not Utopic?00:28
|aaronhaving trouble with my new ubuntu install. when i boot up i get a black background with no task bar/menu. i have a mouse cursor, and i can ctrl+alt+del to bring up task manager but thats about it00:29
|aaronfresh install of 14.10 with proprietary nvidia drivers00:29
chaotixwhat is the correct forum or channel to suggest ideas for the future?00:32
somsipchaotix: the future of what?00:33
chaotixof ubuntu, of course!  :P00:33
bubbasauresProfessorKaos64, Look at the ppa's web page00:33
ProfessorKaos64I've built pkgs on my 14.04 vm bubbasaures , just wondering do I need to be on a Utopic 14.10 machine to upload packages to Utopic or make them available, im a bit new to PPA's, still learning00:34
bubbasauresProfessorKaos64, PPA's are third party not supported here repos, any repo in general has a release tag, look at your sources.list for example00:35
ProfessorKaos64ok thank you00:35
bubbasauresProfessorKaos64, Releases outside like utopic in trusty etc are really not supported and a bad idea in general, unless you know what you're doing.00:36
bubbasauresyah gotta know as the help is not really around in any ease00:37
Gothicspeakerit's not that easy to make Flash work on Google Chrome :(00:43
GothicspeakerMy family says too how for their computers it is all messed up now00:43
Gothicspeakerwith that Ubuntu Update00:43
|aaronhaving trouble with my new ubuntu install. when i boot up i get a black background with no task bar/menu. i have a mouse cursor, and i can ctrl+alt+del to bring up task manager but thats about it.. can anyone help?00:48
Bashing-om|aaron: Have you tried "recovery" mode to see what results - maybe graphics related ?00:50
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|aaronbashing-om: the grub recovery option brings me to a tty console menu.. are you referring to the "failsafeX" option here?00:53
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|aaronbashing-om: that gives me an error dialog about needing to configure my input devices, but mouse/keyboard dont work00:54
|aaronbashing-om: i can get to the root shell prompt though00:54
Bashing-om|aaron: At that fail safe menu, choose "resume normal boot", do you now boot to the GUI ( degraded graphics is OK at this point ) .00:55
ubnoobtuHey all, I am having an issue, I can install or u[grade anything. I just rebooted and opened snaptic manager, and got this error. http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637762/00:55
|aaronbashing-om: that gives me the same issue - black background, can move the mouse and bring up task manager but no launcher etc00:56
ubnoobtui cant*00:56
|aaronbashing-om: the only thing ive installed on here is the nvidia proprietary drivers. i guess i can try uninstalling those? they were working at first00:56
tewardubnoobtu: you didn't read the error did you?  run `dpkg --configure -a` and finish config steps there00:57
ubnoobtuit hasnt worked before, I am ju00:57
ubnoobtui am just going to try it now00:57
Bashing-om|aaron: Well, more than  justa graphics driver issue here. What graphics card(s) is installed -> sudo apt-get install pastebinit , lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga | pastebinit . To show what we are working with .01:00
|aaronbashing-om: its a quadro k2200. one sec rebooting01:00
ubnoobtuso  i'VE GOT A NEW ERROR WHEN TRYING TO INSTALL UPGRADES. http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637784/01:02
tewardubnoobtu: stop with the caps please?01:04
tewardubnoobtu: looks like there's a package in there that has a bug in there - which version of Ubuntu are you on01:05
ubnoobtuOk. Sorry, I'm justburnt out from trying to troubleshoot this dinglehandedly01:05
|aaronbashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637793/01:05
|aaronbashing-om: yeah i removed the nvidia driver and booted with nomodeset and i still have the same problem01:07
|aaronbashing-om: which is weird because it worked fine when i originally installed last night, and the only thing ive done since is install the nvidia driver01:07
shwaiilQ: I'm on a ubuntu desktop connected to win using team viewer. I've got a external HDD that I'd like to backup stuff to, from teamviewer win, here to ubuntu USBU connected external HDD. Is setting up a FTP server the easiest way to do this ? Any tips or suggestions ? thanks!01:08
mjaykubnoobtu: haya01:09
mjaykubnoobtu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/350505/unable-to-run-any-apt-get-command have a look at that should work for you01:09
ubnoobtuokay, ill give it a shot01:10
Bashing-om|aaron: Still, boot to the GUI login, key combo ctl+alt+F1 to gain a console, login here (username and password - there is NO reposinse when password entered) and provide the requested lspce output . We look then and see next what driver is installed and IF it matches the card .01:11
|aaronbashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637793/01:11
ubnoobtumjayk: So, what am I suppose to do, with cd /var/lib/dpkg/info?01:12
Bashing-om|aaron: Look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637793/ .01:12
|aaronbashing-om: it was definitely the correct driver, i downloaded it from nvidias site. the current stable verison anyway.01:12
|aaronbashing-om: unless i need to use a package or something01:13
ubnoobtuanyone updating ever get http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637784/ ?01:17
EriC^^ubnoobtu: try to remove /var/lib/apt/lists/*01:18
ubnoobtuhow ?01:18
EriC^^sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*01:18
ubnoobtuI got01:19
ubnoobtuconnell@connell-laptop:~$ sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* rm: cannot remove `/var/lib/apt/lists/partial': Is a directory01:19
bekksEriC^^: How is that going to help?01:19
EriC^^ubnoobtu: ok, sudo apt-get update01:19
Bashing-om|aaron: A quick look indicated the 340.xx driver .. so what is installed ? -> sudo lshw -C | pastebinit .01:20
ubnoobtuokay working EriC^^01:20
bekksEriC^^: The error is in /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0*.list01:21
bekksEriC^^: updating will ot fix the issue.01:21
ubnoobtuhow can I fix libvncserver0?01:22
bekksubnoobtu: pastebin ls -lha /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0*.list please01:22
bekksubnoobtu: Which filenames are returned?01:22
eaglesharklionwhy is missing a final newline a fatal error?01:23
EriC^^!info libvncserver01:23
ubottuPackage libvncserver does not exist in utopic01:23
bekkseaglesharklion: because of the very specific constraints of dpkg01:23
EriC^^!find libvncserver01:23
ubottuFound: libvncserver-config, libvncserver-dev, libvncserver0, libvncserver0-dbg01:23
ubnoobtubekks: EriC^^ : After update, I got http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637837/01:23
EriC^^ubnoobtu: type sudo apt-get install --reinstall libvncserver001:23
ubnoobtuI will do that next bekks01:23
bekksEriC^^: That will not fix the issue.01:24
eaglesharklionmanually add that newline01:24
bekksEriC^^: The issue is a missing newline which prevents all package operations.01:24
bekkseaglesharklion: exactly.01:24
bekksubnoobtu: Please pastebin the filelist.01:25
shwaiilQ: I need to setup an FTP server on ubuntu desktop. The file path needs to be an external usb hdd. Is that possible ? Any software recommendation ? Thanks01:25
ubnoobtuI typed http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637842/01:25
squintyhttp://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/apt-get-dpkg-error-files-list-file-missing-final-newline-271118/    seems that *.list file can get scrambled too.  article says to delete and then reinstall package01:25
EriC^^ubnoobtu: sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list /libvncserver0.list01:26
EriC^^ubnoobtu: then sudo apt-get install --reinstall libvncserver001:26
bekksEriC^^: First delete, then reinstall - otherwise the install will get prevented.01:26
ubnoobtuokay do what?01:27
EriC^^ubnoobtu: sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list /libvncserver0.list01:27
bekksubnoobtu: stop it please :)01:27
bekksubnoobtu: Show us the contents of that file please: cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list01:27
ubnoobtuokay sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list /libvncserver0.list done01:28
EriC^^ubnoobtu: then sudo apt-get install --reinstall libvncserver001:28
bekksOk, whatever, people in here try to fire canons instead investigating and fixing the actual issue.01:28
ubnoobtusorry bekks01:28
ubnoobtuim trying to figure it out01:29
bekksubnoobtu: It's not your fault :)01:29
ubnoobtuEriC^^:  I got E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?01:29
EriC^^bekks: it already says what the issue is01:29
ubnoobtuimma go with bekks advice now01:29
bekksEriC^^: And we still dont know why. Either a missing newline OR a scrambled package list.01:29
Bashing-om|aaron: Still with us ?01:29
squintyubnoobtu:  if you have synaptic open you need to close it first01:29
bekksEriC^^: Since it seems that you want to solve that issue, please continue.01:30
EriC^^bekks: so? moving the file and reinstalling should make a new .list01:30
EriC^^problem solved01:30
|aaronbashing-om: sorry yes01:30
bekksEriC^^: Fixing the file would be more targetting.01:30
|aaronbashing-om: 340.65 was the driver i installed earlier. its uninstalled at the moment01:30
sheerhello, just installed ubuntu. scrolling works but not if i push it to go up fast01:30
sheerany ideas?01:30
sheermaybe a mouse driver?01:30
ubnoobtuokay closed snaptic01:31
ubnoobtuwhat did I need to do01:31
EriC^^bekks: helping the user with his problem would be more targetting01:31
EriC^^( if you know what i mean )01:31
EriC^^this is great if i motivate you to help though01:31
ubnoobtuconnell@connell-laptop:~$ cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list cat: /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list: No such file or directory connell@connell-laptop:~$01:31
* squinty has seen newbies trying to "fix" txt files turn into a nightmare. :P01:32
Bashing-om|aaron: I had expected the 340.32 driver .. How did you uninstall the proprietary driver presently ?01:32
bekksEriC^^: If you know what I: finding the most easy way to fix the easy instead of firing nukes is even more targetting. Just continue, I'm resting that case.01:32
ubnoobtuI did cat, and got connell@connell-laptop:~$ cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list cat: /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list: No such file or directory connell@connell-laptop:~$01:32
bekks*I mean:01:32
|aaronbashing-om: --uninstall switch on the installer package01:32
EriC^^bekks: what are you talking about? deleting the file and have apt make a new one what's wrong with that?01:33
EriC^^bekks: you want to edit it and fix it go ahead01:33
|aaronbashing-om: when i selected my card on nvidias site it gives me this page with the 340.65 driver http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/80647/en-us01:33
ubnoobtuim going to have to have a cigarette at with rate, lol. I am having a headacke trying to get back into ubuntu, i just managed to repair this laptop, and now i cant gte this issue fixed easily01:33
bekksEriC^^: No, if you think that not looking at that file is the proper approach, continue. I am rsting that case as I said.01:33
Bashing-om|aaron: OK, How bout we do the 'buntu way and install from the software repository ?01:33
ubnoobtuIf  have to fix that file, that'd be cool, if I can just reinstall it, thatd be cool too01:34
|aaronbashing-om: sure okay. maybe i should do a clean install of ubuntu first?01:34
ubnoobtuI can work through any  issue, just only in proper order, you kno01:34
EriC^^bekks: what will looking at it help? you want to file a bug report?01:34
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ubnoobtuanyone want to go private?01:35
bekksEriC^^: If the file list got corrupted, filing a bug would be the generic way to fix it for other users, indeed. Just continue with your approach.01:36
EriC^^bekks: the file is still in /libserver ... feel free to look at it and send it anywhere01:36
bekksEriC^^: You took over the case, you solve it.01:36
Bashing-om|aaron: A (RE-)install is up to you, but I do not think it is needed for a simple case of installing a grahics driver . This is, after all, your system - you are the man .01:36
EriC^^bekks: i didnt take over anything01:36
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EriC^^bekks: if you think there is a better way that will be more permanent etc.01:36
EriC^^help him01:37
* monkeyjuice thinks ubnoobtu would like to get it fix01:37
Chuck_Norrisbekks: then if you wont help or solve anything, just "shut up" let EriC^^ do his things01:37
|aaronbashing-om: wow there are a ton of nvidia packages for ubuntu. do you know which one i need01:38
ubnoobtubrb for 5. smoke break01:38
function9xChuck_Norris: bekks  is a nice guy, I've seen him help a lot of people, sometime he holds their hands lol01:38
* Chuck_Norris is tired of trolls interrupting while people help01:38
bekksChuck_Norris: I dont know how that turned into your business into showing attitudes at people. I repeatedly said that EriC^^ should continue with his approach, so either stop interrupting or start helping.01:39
* Chuck_Norris wont read anything nor answer anything cuz will contribute to trash talkin'01:40
iseneNeed some help in what appears to be 'up shit creek'; I am now running my pc from the Boot-Repair usb disk. I upgraded from 14.04 to 14.10 and then my Samsung NP9004X will not boot from the HD. But, the boot-repair session finds and mounts my HD (sda2) alright. I have run the boot repair and it says it repaired the boot - but still won't actually boot from the hd. Help.01:41
Bashing-om|aaron: The package manager is smart real smart. 1st is to make sure that all the former Nvidia files are gone . dpkg -l  | grep nvidia , sudo find / -name "NVIDIA-Linux-*" . If there are no files present we can continue to install from the repo .01:42
CalebWI need some help with unity and compiz(I think..) my laptop was working fine earlier today but all of the sudden I try to login and it freezes  at the bakground. I can move the mouse, but nothing else shows up.01:43
|aaronbashing-om: well im reinstalling ubuntu right now01:43
CalebWAnd it's happining to all users not hust me.01:43
|aaronbashing-om: but what do i need to do to install from the repo?01:43
Bashing-om|aaron: PK, not a problem .. when ya get done, and are less than happy with the graphics driver, let's investigate what " Additional Drivers " advocates for a graphics driver .01:44
|aaronbashing-om: ok got ya01:44
CalebWAnyone have any ideas?01:44
aspiditesspeaking of graphics drivers, what would cause video to freeze and sound to stutter/loop?01:45
aspiditesI initially thought overheating, but I'm at 52 degrees C and have read reports of pepole operating well into the 80s without issue01:45
aspiditeshello aviationcomputer01:45
Schillingisene: one idea is to check and make sure your boot order is back to hhd...01:46
CalebWI've reinstalled unity and ubuntu-desktop, but that didn't help.01:47
Schillingit *should* boot to hd if it doesn't find the USB/DVD boot in place, but you might have to tell it the boot order. Just a guess to get you started, isene.01:47
Bashing-omCalebW: Did you do an update ? Have you tried to boot with an earlier kernel ?01:47
CalebWBashing-om: No, the only package I've installed today was python-visual01:48
ubnoobtubekks: Im back if you are available01:48
Bashing-omCalebW: Hummm .. python, wonder what that might break .. hang on a bit and let me take a gander .01:49
iseneSchilling: I did put the hd on top in the boot order in the bios setup. No go. Any other ideas?01:49
CalebWBashing-om: I've already uninstalled it, but it didn't help.01:49
aspiditesdon't know what you're talking about isene, but if you're investigating boot issues, have you looked at your grub config as well?01:50
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Schillingisene, I gotta say that's the only one I had. aspidites has a good idea though. Check your GRUB config, and search the forums for similar issues.01:51
iseneOK. Thanks so far01:51
robert_j_p_Hi, can someone help me. I am running Ubuntu 14.04 on windows 8.1 using vitrual box 4.3.20. I am using intel 4600 HD integrated graphics card. I just installed some updates(blindly...) and my screen resolutions have been limited to a bunch of low resolutions. This happens just about every time I update anything and usually I just reinstall guest additions and it fixes it, I can then set my system back to 16:9 resolution. However 01:52
CalebWBashing-om: libboost and libgtkglex were also installed when I installed python-visual, I removed them too but it didn't help anything.01:53
ubnoobtuanyone around to help me ?01:53
robert_j_p_this time I still only have 4:3 resolutions. Any suggestions?01:53
CalebWWhat's your problem? -ubnoobtu01:54
aspiditesrobert_j_p_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/451805/screen-resolution-problem-with-ubuntu-14-04-and-virtualbox01:55
aspiditesi see you tried the chosen answer already, but perhaps the second one is of some help01:55
robert_j_p_aspidites, I have already reinstalled guest additions.01:55
aspiditeshighest voted rather, not chosen01:55
aspiditesrobert_j_p_: hence why i said to try the second option...01:56
aspiditesthe one that talks about going to system settings and x86 virtualization solutions01:56
robert_j_p_I have them enabled01:56
robert_j_p_If anything is there a way to just revert recent updates?01:57
robert_j_p_I am a programmer and I need the computer for work01:58
robert_j_p_I just want it to work again and I will update when I know what's going on01:58
aspiditesrobert_j_p_: http://forum.linuxbsdos.com/topic/201/solution-for-low-screen-resolution-in-ubuntu-14-04-ubuntu-14-10-and-virtualbox01:58
CalebWrobert_j_p_: I suppose you could do a "cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep "\ install\ "" and uninstall all of the receant packages.01:59
aspiditesin particular, i'm wondering what the output of xrandr is01:59
william1978Hello everyone, quick question.  (And yes, I tried google, the forums and everything else before IRC).  How do I change a directory from hidden to unhidden?  (I don't mean to look at it, but to actually unhide it?)01:59
aspiditeswilliam1978: remove leading .01:59
william1978Thank you, that was my guess.01:59
CalebWwilliam1978: "mv .<dir name> <dirname>"01:59
robert_j_p_It is just a bunch of 4:3 and one 9:5 resolution01:59
robert_j_p_but it's like 1/2 of my sceen02:00
william1978Next question, will that mess up my PlayOnLinux if I do this?02:00
robert_j_p_super annoying02:00
mwsbIf it starts with a leading . (as in .hidden) remove the dot, if there is no dot, but it is still a hidden file, it's probably listed in the file .hidden, so remove the entry from that file.02:00
Bashing-omCalebW: well:  depends python-visual >> libgl1-mesa-glx libglu1-mesa. What now is the state of the package manager -> sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade <- are any errors reported ?02:00
aspiditesnot sure. i'm tempted to run 14.04 in virtualbox to see if i can reproduce that, robert_j_p_ (i'm technically not an ubuntu user)02:00
aspiditeswhat's your native resolution, by chance?02:00
william1978We'll, there's one way to find out, thanks again.02:00
EriC^^ubnoobtu: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall libvncserver002:01
aspiditeswilliam1978: i'd look in settings to see if there's a different directory to point to02:01
robert_j_p_I think 1080 but either way it doesn't show02:01
CalebWBashing-om: I'm upgrading right now but I haven't down so in a while so it's 200+ MB02:01
robert_j_p_just some low resolutions02:01
sivikAnyone ever set up a g key using xinput for a keyboard or mouse or headset?02:01
ubnoobtuokay EriC^^02:02
Bashing-omCalebW: OK, we be patient . 1st step is always with a happy package manager .02:02
aspiditeswilliam1978: a compromise might be to make a symbolic link to the hidden folder which isn't hidden02:02
ubnoobtuEriC^^:  I got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/9637949/02:03
william1978We'll, what I am trying to do, is install DIII Latest patches, I need to point Battle.net to the directory, and thought the easiest way would be to unhide it.  It did not install properly with PlayOnLinux, but PlayOnLinux made the virtual drive for me (Which I really don't know how to do, yet) so that is why I used the gui.02:04
william1978So, the program isn't really in PlayOnLinux as an option.02:05
william1978Kind of stinks, I'm just smart enough to break things really really well!  LOL!02:05
daftykinswilliam1978: did you look for channels for PlayonLinux, or check the wine database for compatibility? both are better ideas than asking OS support02:05
william1978Ah, will do.02:06
ubnoobtuEriC^^:  Did that fix it?02:07
EriC^^ubnoobtu: ok, type ls -l /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list02:07
ubnoobtuEriC^^: connell@connell-laptop:~$ ls -l /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list ls: cannot access /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list: No such file or directory02:08
EriC^^ubnoobtu: ok, try sudo apt-get install libvncserver002:08
robert_j_p_aspidites: I think I just figured it out. I was installing guest additions for an old version of virtual box...02:09
robert_j_p_let me reboot and I'll know if that was the problem02:10
aspiditesnice -- i'd have thought the repos would have had the two in sync (vbox and guest additions)02:10
aspiditesgood luck02:10
robert_j_p_yea not sure what happened. I just assumed I was getting the right versions02:11
sivikanyone have any luck setting up g keys in linux?02:11
daftykinsrobert_j_p: how were you installing a different version, when the VM options just tell it to mount auto - were you manually picking an ISO?02:13
robert_j_pwell crap that didn't work either02:13
robert_j_pso I tried at first with apt-get02:13
robert_j_pthen with the menu "insert guest additions CD"02:14
aspiditessivik: do you mean this -> http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/g15daemon.1.html ?02:14
=== dts|pokeball is now known as dts
robert_j_pSo i have the right version now but still not resolutions02:14
daftykinsrobert_j_p: it'd be handy if you could post your /var/log/Xorg.0.log probably, i'm somewhat guessing there's a module failure on loading the vbox driver02:14
robert_j_p*no proper resolutions02:14
sivikaspidites, thats for the lcd on a g15 g510 keyboard.02:14
sivikI'm trying to program my headset02:14
sivikhttp://elgenieben.blogspot.com/2013/10/logitech-g930-headset-g-keys-under.html i'm trying to follow this but I don't know how to get the output for #302:15
=== dts is now known as dts|pokeball
=== html is now known as neebs
daftykinsrobert_j_p: do you follow me? "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"02:15
neebstest 12302:16
sivikhi neebs02:16
daftykinsneebs: don't do that in here please.02:16
neebsis the mumble server down?02:16
neebsdo what?02:16
daftykinswhat mumble server are you talking about? there's none relevant to here02:17
sivikTests neebs and what mumble server are you referring to?02:17
neebssorry wrong channel, but still would be cool if you want to join a mumble server02:18
daftykinsneebs: what would? your talk is 100% irrelevant to this channel02:18
robert_j_pWell, I son'r understand all of what the logs are telling me but it doesn't look like anything is "failing to load"02:18
sivikI will believe if neebs gets kicked02:18
neebslook. i say this in the wrong channel.02:19
daftykinsrobert_j_p: yeah the module is loading fine and querying the EDID02:19
daftykinsneebs: bye bye then02:19
robert_j_pI should give it 1080, but it's not getting that02:19
robert_j_pis there a way to try to just manually force it maybe?02:19
daftykinsrobert_j_p: line 408, maybe try googling it.02:20
daftykins[    17.017] (II) VBoxVideo(0): DDCModeFromDetailedTiming: 1440x795 Warning: We only handle separate sync.02:20
daftykins1440x795 isn't a real res, looks like the window size of your vbox view02:20
aspiditesspeaking of forcing it, i'd be curious to know if setting the resolution through xrandr manually works (not that its ideal)02:21
sivikAny ideas on that aspidites02:21
=== zz_saschpe is now known as saschpe
aspiditessivik: ideas on  your headset you mean?02:23
ioURThangover day02:24
sivikaspidites, g93002:24
aspiditesunfortunately note. don't have that particular headset02:25
sivikaspidites, which headset do you have?02:25
sivikI'm just trying to get the key layout printed using the xinput command02:26
EriC^^ubnoobtu: reinstalling the package should recreate the .list file, i tried it on my pc, no idea why it wasn't recreated, if you want you can move it back with sudo mv /libvncserver0.list /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvncserver0.list02:26
=== DEC1US is now known as CITIZEN90
aspiditessiberia v202:26
aspiditesno fancy buttons or anything.02:27
sivikWell, this headset has some g keys and they work with the windows software but I haven't figure out how to set them in linux yet02:27
JakeHi there, I'm on Ubuntu Server version 14.04.01 LTS, I can use ssh with private keys for a majority of users but one user returns the error message "Permission denied (publickey)."02:27
revohey gents...& ladies02:27
aspiditesi tend to try and buy hardware specifically marketting linux support or with known good drivers (CODE keyboard, roccat kone xtd mouse, xbox one controller)02:27
eaglesharklionsivik, what are the keys used for?02:28
revocan sum1 help me out...with this code02:28
revo./"<Portable Nitro PDF 9 for Linux OS by TopLinuxApps.com>".run02:28
ioURTi want to buy a keyboard with an ubuntu key02:28
revocant get this to run on xubuntu02:28
revocan sum1 help me out...with this code02:28
revocant get this to run on xubuntu02:29
revo./"<Portable Nitro PDF 9 for Linux OS by TopLinuxApps.com>".run02:29
ioURTi never used the wondows key in my life02:29
aspiditesrevo: is that run file executible?02:29
sivikeaglesharklion, they can be programmed to do different things like volumes and what not.02:29
revoyes ... ibeleive so02:29
daftykinsrevo: that is really not how to install software :)02:29
revofound this online02:30
aspiditesthough, i wouldn't recommend that particular installation method02:30
daftykinsyeah don't do it02:30
EriC^^revo: maybe there's something similar in the repos02:30
aspiditesand I haven't heard of portable nitro..02:30
revoEric...how doing m802:30
=== jason_kr is now known as hL1sxa
EriC^^revo: great you?02:30
eaglesharklionioURT, it works in ubuntu (wondows key), try it02:30
EriC^^revo: try okular maybe02:31
revostill learning..feels s*ht when i dont know how to operate with this os02:31
EriC^^!info okular02:31
ioURTi always missed the point of having that key02:31
ubottuokular (source: okular): universal document viewer. In component universe, is extra. Version 4:4.14.1-0ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 1311 kB, installed size 4262 kB02:31
eaglesharklionI just found out02:31
revolet me search that on ubuntu software02:31
daftykinsrevo: don't use even masked language in here please02:32
revoEric...how do i install java on pc02:32
revook...sos m8:(02:32
ioURTrevo is a troll02:32
revotroll, what that ?02:33
revobeginner ??02:33
eaglesharklionioURT, it's advertisement. also puts in people minds pc = windows .. like wow, it's so integrated with the OS that there's even a windows key. It may also open the launch menu or something like that02:33
revosorry all...fell out of place asking all this question, appologies02:33
eaglesharklionit's a clear sign of corruption in the industry02:34
revoEric...it doesnt allow pdf editing02:35
EriC^^revo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java02:35
EriC^^revo: oh02:35
ioURTdoes it open FM on linux too?02:35
CalebWBashing-om: Ok, it's finished.02:37
basil1xioURT, It might, or it's an extra key you can make do whatever you wish.  I have it being an AltGr key right now. ;)02:37
wafflej0ckioURT, what is FM?02:37
basil1xNot having one bcos this Lenovo has a crap American keyboard... grrr...02:37
eaglesharklionFile Manager02:37
ioURTtry file manager02:37
wafflej0ckah k02:37
Bashing-omCalebW: Great .. all done with "apt-get upgrade" and there is no "held packages" ?02:37
revohaving a go at it now...just copying and pasting, see if i get tmy first soft installed via terminal02:37
eaglesharklionwooo I won!02:37
wafflej0ckwas thinking frequency modulation :P02:38
EriC^^!info pdftk | revo02:38
ubotturevo: pdftk (source: pdftk): tool for manipulating PDF documents. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.02-1 (utopic), package size 677 kB, installed size 2895 kB02:38
ioURTi was thinking faping mondays02:38
CalebWBashing-om: Yes, I have some packages that have been kept back02:38
wafflej0ckioURT, I have a Das Keyboard with the keys that are blank, so no "winkey" just keys02:39
ioURTwafflej0ck:another troll02:40
wafflej0ckioURT, but yeah can map it to whatever02:40
bazhangioURT, stop that02:40
eaglesharklionwhat is a Das keyboard?02:41
Bashing-omCalebW: A small amount of risk. doing this in the dark, but -> sudo apt-get dist-upgrade <- which will install those held packages . This has nothing to do with a release upgrade .02:41
wafflej0ckioURT, really should only be talking support in here, general discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic02:41
revothx gents..ill downloaded and have a go...but from comments it seems editing is not build in...just merging02:41
basil1xYou can get one of these cheap. ;) http://www.amazon.com/Hello-Kitty-Keyboard-Standard-Computer/dp/B00C8QWO1W/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1419820844&sr=8-3&keywords=hello+kitty+keyboard02:41
PolarisX|MetalStI have a couple questions when someone has a moment.02:41
wafflej0ckeagles0513875, it's just a clicky keyboard http://www.amazon.com/Das-Keyboard-Model-Ultimate-Mechanical/dp/B003F7WXTG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1419820892&sr=8-2&keywords=das+keyboards02:41
wafflej0ckeagles0513875, is a really nice keyboard but pretty pricey, took it apart though it's built like brick, should last a long time02:42
ioURTim using a MS keybaord and it survived a coffee spill so kudos for that02:42
wafflej0ckPolarisX|MetalSt, feel free to ask02:43
Bashing-om!ask | PolarisX|MetalSt Can not help if we do not know:02:43
ubottuPolarisX|MetalSt Can not help if we do not know:: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:43
revoEric...since the boot incident that i had to remove windows completly to install xubuntu....how do i go about partition system to install windows and also add grub menu02:43
PolarisX|MetalStI picked up a single core TF-20 Athlon laptop02:43
PolarisX|MetalStAaaaaand I need to understand how to cut down on CPU usage02:43
PolarisX|MetalStI can't run teamspeak, it uses 70% CPU02:43
PolarisX|MetalStand someone blamed it on unity02:43
PolarisX|MetalStBut I dont know enough to say02:43
wafflej0ckPolarisX|MetalSt, that's in part probably true02:44
revoalso, how do i change my colour fonts here to make it RED like u have02:44
wafflej0ckPolarisX|MetalSt, you can check, top or the system tools to see what is using the CPU02:44
PolarisX|MetalStI was looking in htop02:44
revogot it02:44
eynarquien habla español??02:44
wafflej0ckPolarisX|MetalSt, with older hardware lubuntu (Lxde) or Xubunutu (XFCE) would probably be lighter on resources02:44
wafflej0ck!es | eynar02:44
ubottueynar: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:44
PolarisX|MetalStand its /usr/bin/x - core02:44
PolarisX|MetalStect ect02:44
CalebWBashing-om: Ok I'll do it in a bit. I'm watching Amazon right now and need the bandwidth.02:45
PolarisX|MetalStSeems that teamspeak sends it for a ride.02:45
EriC^^revo: boot a live usb, and use gparted to resize the partition02:45
ioURTlinux is too passé so im going to install FreeBSD02:45
wafflej0ckPolarisX|MetalSt, yeah I'd suggest checking out Lubuntu and Xubuntu but teamspeak or whatever your run on top may still eat a lot of resources02:45
PolarisX|MetalStI understand02:45
wafflej0ckPolarisX|MetalSt, you can run a liveCD to try out Xubuntu or whatever though and see if it helps02:46
revo ok, so live usb is the same as when i downloaded xubuntu ???02:46
Bashing-omPolarisX|MetalSt: A single core Athlon processor, might get better performance install (L)ubuntu - And a lot depends on the graphics chip. Is the memory for the graphics taken from the processor ? .02:46
numbertheoristhello all, i am very new to linux. can anyone suggest a free resource that i can use to help me familiarize myself with and use linux?02:46
jflory7_Hello all. I am trying to install Ubuntu on an ASUS laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed. I am trying to make it run side-by-side with Windows. However, I am having some issues using the Aptio Setup Utility in the BIOS/UEFI to get Ubuntu to even load. I have followed the steps in this guide to no avail: http://askubuntu.com/questions/221835/installing-ubuntu-on-a-pre-installed-windows-8-64-bit-system-uefi-supported02:46
EriC^^ioURT: ou la la .. c'est tres mechant02:46
PolarisX|MetalStYes, it has a Radeon 320002:46
jflory7_The BIOS/UEFI on this laptop is confusing and does not have a clear way to make Ubuntu load.02:46
ioURTfrench is the true hipster lingo02:46
PolarisX|MetalStI got it for free, my main is an 8 core @ 4.6Ghz02:46
PolarisX|MetalStand my server is an e3 Xeon02:46
jflory7_Thank you Microsoft for being so wonderful :P02:47
PolarisX|MetalStSo I'm not used to fighting for cpu time, lol02:47
ioURTmost hipsters are canadien anyways02:47
Bashing-omCalebW: OK, no big hurry .. But it is close to my retirement time for this session . We may have to continue this tomorrow.02:47
eaglesharklionPolarisX|MetalSt, what game are you playing?02:47
ioURTfor them speaking true freanch is the ultimate hipster chanlenge02:47
numbertheoristcan anyone suggest a good starting place for a new linux user?02:48
PolarisX|MetalStNo games, its being set up as an SSH / Browsing / learning machine02:48
dts|pokeballnumbertheorist, like using linux?02:48
jflory7_numbertheorist: Depends on what you want to do02:48
eaglesharklionwhat is teamspeak then?02:48
dts|pokeballeagles0513875, voip02:48
CalebWBashing-om: it will be 40 or so min before I can do it. What time will you be on tomorrow?02:48
PolarisX|MetalStI manage a few people for a radio station that work on the dedi server02:48
numbertheoristi just need to learn linux, how to install/remove packages, the basics, etc.02:48
PolarisX|MetalStI want to learn more so I can relate to my team better02:48
PolarisX|MetalStI don't feel you can be a good manager without being hands on with your team02:49
ioURTteamspeak is the ultimate RDP02:49
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, there are lots of videos on YouTube, depends on your learning style though02:49
Bashing-omCalebW: I be on about 2100 GMT ..02:49
squinty!manual | numbertheorist02:49
ubottunumbertheorist: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:49
jflory7_numbertheorist: I don't know about what may work for you, but the best thing that got me going on Linux was learning and installing different software on a VPS. For example, there's the popular Minecraft server software called Multicraft that might be fun for you to install.02:49
numbertheoristthank you for the info02:50
dts|pokeballnumbertheorist, the great thing about linux is, unless you want to do support, basically just google "how to do x with y on z" whenever you have an issue. thats what i do02:50
ioURTtheres a new ubuntu FM02:50
revo ok Eric i got it, use the xubuntu live usb to start system and then gparted...how should i partition drives to install win and also have grub menu ?02:50
numbertheoristwhats a vps?02:50
dts|pokeballthank god for digitl ocean btw02:50
PolarisX|MetalStI understand the machine is under powered however, so if teamspeak is a resource hog so be it02:50
jflory7_VPS = virtual private server02:50
dts|pokeballnumbertheorist, its a server that you ren02:50
CalebWBashing-om: what should I do after I dist-upgrade?02:50
squintynumbertheorist:  Books: http://rute.2038bug.com/index.html.gz   http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php http://02:50
jflory7_As compared to a dedicated server.02:50
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, yeah you can just use virtualbox too though02:50
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, but cheap VPSes are pretty sweet02:50
ioURTif i tun a VPN people will rent it from me?02:50
dts|pokeballjflory7_, by dedicated do you mean a server that you have local hacces too?02:51
jflory7_Antone think they might know the solution to this problem? I am trying to install Ubuntu on an ASUS laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed. I am trying to make it run side-by-side with Windows. However, I am having some issues using the Aptio Setup Utility in the BIOS/UEFI to get Ubuntu to even load. I have followed the steps in this guide to no avail: http://askubuntu.com/questions/221835/installing-ubuntu-on-a-pre-installed-windows-802:51
jflory7_The BIOS/UEFI on this laptop is confusing and does not have a clear way to make Ubuntu load.02:51
dts|pokeballioURT, VPS not VPN02:51
=== Darknet_q is now known as Darknet
numbertheoristwell, ive done the google x,y,z thing. but id like to know what terms like sudo, apt, etc actually mean. instead of just copying/pasting lines of code02:51
dts|pokeballif you have some money, i really recommend demonvps02:51
jflory7_dts|pokeball: Dedicated as in renting out the entire machine versus sharing it with other clients02:52
dts|pokeballjflory7_, ah02:52
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, you can get books on the topic too but the manual pages linked and just doing things is generally more conducive to learning/retaining things02:52
PolarisX|MetalStMy organization does everything through OVH /Soyoustart adn we are having great luck02:52
Bashing-omCalebW: See what card is installed and IF there is a driver installed (sudo lshw -C display ), and IF that driver is proprietary .. see what happens with a 'nomodeset' boot parameter.02:52
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, also can use the, man command to get more info about specific programs02:52
dts|pokeballnumbertheorist, sudo is for giving you temporary access to root. apt(itude) is a package manager02:52
dts|pokeballman is your bible02:52
dts|pokeballhold tight to it and never let it go02:53
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, there are also courses you can take online if you're interested in getting some more guided lessons02:53
ioURTi hate religion02:53
|aaronbashing-om: finished reinstalling. the 'additional drivers' tab is empty02:53
numbertheoristso sudo logs you in as an admin basically?02:53
CalebWIt's an Intel graphic card02:53
dts|pokeballnumbertheorist, kind of. su root does that (or at least i think its su root)02:53
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, essentially but check man sudo, can see details02:53
dts|pokeballsudo just lets you do what a root can for that one command02:54
dts|pokeballand wafflej0ck is correct02:54
numbertheoristi'm not much for courses, i already have a full course load at school ;P02:54
ioURTbut theres no toot in ubuntu02:54
dts|pokeballyes there is...02:54
sivikIs there a way to match one key press with a combination of other keys?02:54
ioURTthere isnt02:54
=== esde is now known as Guest96003
dts|pokeballconsidering im logged in as root to my vps atm, yes there is02:54
EriC^^revo: how big is your disk?02:54
ioURTyou can add root user on ubuntu02:55
dts|pokeballioURT, root is the default user02:55
dts|pokeballit creates a root user on install02:55
=== pressure679_ is now known as pressure679
dts|pokeballfor desktop at lelast02:55
EriC^^revo: ok you can give windows as much as you want i guess02:55
EriC^^revo: 100gb or something02:55
dts|pokeballthough the server distro should too02:55
Bashing-om|aaron: Humm .. Surprising .. what returns -> ubuntu-drivers devices , ubuntu-drivers list <- ??02:55
revook, but how should i set it though...because when i run the windows cd, it says its going to format the entire drive02:56
revofor instance02:56
ioURTits going to format the entire partition02:56
revowhen installing xubuntu,  i parted the disk in 3 diferent logical system02:57
revoone for the swap02:57
chettikandathilwaking up from pmsuspend, i get a black screen. is there a patch for this bug?02:57
EriC^^revo: you have to choose manual partitioning in windows02:57
revoanother as mount point02:57
Bashing-omCalebW: Intel ? not according to that last output we looked at .. that were Nvidia ? Something going on here we are not aware of like ->> hybrid Graphics <<-- ??02:57
numbertheoristooh, thx. this man command will help a lot to puzzle out the terminal02:57
revoand the other as root02:57
adycan anyone tell me why hdmi dont work on laastest version of ubuntu ?02:57
wafflej0ckady, should be fine are you on 14.04 or 14.10?02:57
revoyeah, but windows 8 doesnt give you that option02:57
revoit just says install02:57
wafflej0ckady, I'm on 14.04 and all good with HDMI and VGA out hooked up Intel HD4000 graphics chipset02:58
=== Guest96003 is now known as esde
EriC^^revo: there's a manual partitioning menu02:58
revois there any youtube videos you can forward link...02:58
EriC^^not really02:59
revobe easier if i follow a video tut while doing t6hat02:59
ioURTwhy dont intell stop trying to make grafics?02:59
adywafflej0ck so mine broken02:59
revook so manual partition02:59
revoand then ....02:59
ioURTat least on desktops02:59
cabbieive tried different instals when i boot from cd it drops then only cursor upper left02:59
EriC^^revo: hold on03:00
EriC^^figure F03:00
wafflej0ckioURT, eh it's gotten better, they aren't too terrible and good to give Nvidia and ATI some competition03:00
|aaronbashing-om: both of those commands return nothing03:01
ioURTlike intell isnt expensive enough03:01
revoer <tab>03:01
wafflej0ckioURT, mine has some problem CRTC error when having the built in monitor plus two externals but aside from that it's all good for HD video just not great for games03:01
Bashing-omCalebW: IF this is integrated "It's an Intel graphic card" AND an PCIE Nvidia graphics card, then : http://www.webupd8.org/2014/01/prime-indicator-lets-you-quickly-switch.html .03:01
ioURTanything can play HD movies03:01
revoer <tab>03:01
ioURTeven a mobile cpu03:02
wafflej0ckioURT, not true you should see my parents computer :)03:02
EriC^^revo: press tab03:02
revoEriC^^,  testing03:02
ioURTeven raspbery03:02
ioURTcan play HD03:02
numbertheoristwhen i try to log in as the superuser using the su command, the terminal won't accept my password. am i missing something?03:02
wafflej0ckioURT, Raspberry Pi can but it's at the peak of it's performance03:02
wafflej0ckioURT, and it has some decent GPU03:02
ioURTwho cares just as long as it can03:03
wafflej0ckright but with no GPU it doesn't work03:03
wafflej0ckeven with a decent relatively modern CPU03:03
ioURTits not like you will be doing anything else wile watching the movie03:03
chettikandathilnumbertheorist, can you do sudo <command>?03:03
wafflej0ckioURT, yeah but on a 3.0GHz single core it's still choppy playing back video (HD is a frame every 10 seconds or something)03:04
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest74179
ioURTsingle core has grafics?03:04
wafflej0ckwith no GPU I mean and running a regular Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome edition03:04
numbertheoristyeah, i just tried using the su command to login as the superuser(im assuming thats the root), but it wont accept my password, says authentication failed03:04
wafflej0ckioURT, no it's a piece of junk, but sayin' they still exist, almost gone but still exists, and intel graphics are good enough for stuff outside of gaming03:05
revo EriC^^  test03:05
chettikandathilnumbertheorist, if you know your password, try sudo su. it will work. with your password.03:05
ioURTwith out GPU on old single core you cant watch anything03:05
wafflej0ckyeah terrible03:05
dts|pokeballwhere can i find my httpd.conf file?03:05
dts|pokeballfor apache?03:05
numbertheoristyeah that worked03:05
wafflej0ckdtcrshr, /etc/apache203:05
revo EriC^^  test03:05
somsipdts|pokeball: /etc/apache203:05
ioURTits a headless machine03:05
wafflej0ckoops meant dts|pokeball03:05
dts|pokeballsomeon, ty03:06
ioURTno gpu no screen .03:06
dts|pokeballty wafflej0ck03:06
Bashing-om|aaron: I am done for this session, IF you think you have hybrid grahics, homework: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics .03:06
CalebWBashing-om: What do you mean the last output we looked at?03:06
EriC^^revo: yeah it's working great03:06
|aaronbashing-om: thanks, no i doubt03:06
CalebWBashing-om: What do you mean the last output we looked at?03:06
numbertheoristso what is the superuser password, if it's not someone's main account password?03:06
|aaronanyone have any idea on how to get a quadro k2200 working with ubuntu? ive tried the installer from nvidia's site and the nvidia-current package, both give me the same result when i reboot: desktop background comes up but no menus/launcher/etc03:07
eaglesharklionthere is none unless you set one up numbertheorist03:07
wafflej0ckioURT, well I suppose saying "no graphics" was a stretch but no dedicated graphics chipset just on board junk, I threw a PCI one in there at some point but had physical problems cause of crappy case design so ended up taking it out03:07
Bashing-omCalebW: I could have my wires crossed, were we not working with an Nvidia, to install the 304.32/65 driver ?03:07
eaglesharklionyou just use sudo to run commands as root03:07
ioURTthats hoe secure ubuntu is for you03:07
ioURTanything can run with admin03:08
ioURTjust like windows03:08
numbertheoristso thats why ppl say linux is more secure than windows, everything is more locked down03:08
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, it's part of it03:08
revoEriC^^,  coming back to partition system03:09
ioURTlinux is safer from user input03:09
EriC^^revo: ok03:09
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, part of it is the size and education of the community, part of it is the system itself in terms of the kernel ring buffer and security stuff the kernel does to protect itself03:09
revoEriC^^,  go manual and then choose what ?03:09
ioURTif you are using the old distros03:09
revoEriC^^,  actually wait a sec there03:09
EriC^^revo: press on the free unallocated space, then press install there03:10
ioURTubuntu defeated that03:10
dts|pokeballsomsip, it wasnt anywhere there, but i have to step away. can i get your help when i get back maybe?03:10
revoEriC^^,  what about the grub menu...i currently dont have one installed03:10
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, there are lots of things that tend to make it more secure, it's a big focus, but as we all saw with heartbleed and shell shock and poodle and stuff it doesn't mean it's completely free of errors or vulnerabilities, but it has a good track record in general03:10
EriC^^revo: grub's installed, it just doesn't show up03:10
pixelkatthis channel is WAY more active than elementary03:10
revoEriC^^,  it just goes directly into xubuntu03:10
ioURTthe secure OS is openBSD03:11
revoEriC^^,  meaning when i install windows back it will pop up <grub> at start03:11
numbertheoristprobably being open source makes it more secure in general as exploits would be spotted more often03:11
wafflej0ckioURT, I have heard good things about BSD (listen to BSD now shows and from a few others), and seems very security focused03:11
ioURTthey just found s server exploits that date back from 198503:11
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, yeah that's part of it too, we don't know what the heck MS is doing or any other proprietary stuff03:12
pixelkatwhats best linux distro for making minecraft server?03:12
EriC^^revo: no, when you install windows it will eat grub and it will boot straight into windows03:12
ioURTits for cleaning up boot sector virus03:12
EriC^^revo: you'll have to use the live usb to reinstall grub afterwards03:12
EriC^^ioURT: like other bootloaders?03:13
ioURTif they boot virus03:13
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, a bit of it is security through obscurity too (not generally a good point but it's true) less users means a smaller target (not true on the server side though or mobile for that matter)03:13
ioURTyou could make a bootloader that would install a trojan on your BIOS03:13
revoEriC^^,  and is there a tutorial on how to re-install grub whitout afctng my current installation of xubuntu?03:14
ioURTlike a bios firmware update03:14
ioURTbut only that its a virus/trojan03:14
ioURTand with intel vpro that would work wonders03:14
wafflej0ckhello Poizon03:15
eaglesharklionwafflej0ck, what is the kernel ring buffer?03:15
EriC^^!grub | revo03:15
ubotturevo: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:15
wafflej0ckeagles0513875, http://www.computerhope.com/unix/dmesg.htm03:15
Darknetso i am running ubuntun on my digitalocean vps, and i want to add a ftp user to be allowed to upload stuff from a program called mircstats. I am unsure how to edit/add/remove ftp accounts. can someone explain me a little? or show me a guide? (not from 2001)03:15
revohx guys03:16
wafflej0ckeagles0513875, there are some good wikipedia articles that explain how security elevation for the kernel to access certain things differs between OS X and Windows and Linux... will let you know if I can dig it up03:16
ioURTmaking a virus/trojan that flashes it self on the BIOS its every hacker wetdream03:17
wafflej0ckeagles0513875, this one gets into it a bit but think it was a different one I read before http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microkernel03:17
ioURTeven after OS reinstall it would happily survive03:17
numbertheoristyeah, i was wondering about AV software for linux, there doesnt seem to be much03:18
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, kdenlive is nice for editing video03:18
reki007hello first time using IRC anyone can read this ?03:18
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, hydrogen is a pretty neat little music thing but think you need a ppa for that03:19
wafflej0ckreki007, yup we see you03:19
numbertheoristi meant antivirus, probably shoulve spelled it03:19
reki007wafflej0ck: :)03:19
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, ah hehe03:19
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, acronyms messing me up today :P03:19
mladouxnumbertheorist, if you don't mind doing a lot of research, blender has a lot of options that make it a good video editor, however, it has a very steep learning curve.03:19
ioURTAV is just a panacea03:19
pixelkatdid anyone asnwer my q about best linux distro for minecraft server?03:19
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, there is clamav but mostly for scanning for windows viruses, there's also rkhunter, and fail2ban (for blocking bad logins/IPs)03:20
mladouxpixelkat, anything server edition, pretty much all the same, minecraft just requires java really.03:20
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, oh yeah and lynis for checking for hardening steps you can take03:20
PolarisX|MetalStWhat about tripwire for intrusion?03:20
pixelkataye, ok03:20
Novice201yHi. Do You recommend a client for Evernote, or an alternative to it? I need an app which db could be accessed on several machines (Linux, Windows, Android).03:20
wafflej0ckPolarisX|MetalSt, have not seen that one...03:21
eaglesharklionyou don't need antivirus software on ubuntu if you only install packages signed by ubuntu... what best can be done?03:21
PolarisX|MetalStwe use it on our dedicated box03:21
ioURTyou can use the cloud to store all your files they run AV on them for you03:21
ioURTits a win win03:22
numbertheoristhmm, i might grab that lynis program03:22
revoEriC^^,  can i increase the size of my swap, the sytem created a default amount of my RAM 4gb but i wanted to have this twice the amount 8000mb03:22
EriC^^revo: it's not really needed usually03:22
numbertheoristwell, i use a flash drive between lxle and windows 7, so ill probably grab clam as well03:23
EriC^^revo: i guess you have 4gb and it made 4gb swap03:23
ioURTwindows virus dont run on linux03:23
eaglesharklionapt-get already checks every package's integrity at installation time03:23
revoEriC^^,  ok in that case...then leave it...saw a video of this girl nixie pixel, that shows to double up this size,03:23
ioURTyou can run thrm under wine03:23
PolarisX|MetalStIs that girls videos worth anything to follow or is she BS?03:24
PolarisX|MetalStI saw a few along the way.03:24
revoits ok, i guess03:24
wafflej0ckioURT, seems like a lot of work to run a virus :P but really I use it on a e-mail server, gotta scan those e-mails for your windows users03:25
ioURTcan someone kline londoncalling ?03:25
revoi dont know nothing about ubuntu and in all honesty, i feels good to follow her videos as i get to mess about with this ystem and learn with my mistakes03:25
PolarisX|MetalStSame, like I said I'm trying to manage a team but I don't know enough Linux to be hands on witht them and be the best manager I can03:25
ioURTtoo bad ubuntu doesent have snapshots03:26
numbertheoristyeah thats my main concern, i dont want a virus getting on my flash drive and then infecting my copy of windows i use on my other computer03:26
EriC^^ioURT: i think you can do that with lvm03:26
|aaronanyone have any idea on how to get a quadro k2200 working with ubuntu? ive tried the installer from nvidia's site, the nvidia-current package and sgfxi.. all give me the same result when i reboot: desktop background comes up but no menus/launcher/etc03:26
ioURTdefault install doesent use LVM03:26
revowould be great if i could insert the xubuntu installation help screen at boot...is there any way of adding that slide into my boot process ?03:26
eaglesharklionis this nixie pixel doing naked shit?03:27
EriC^^ioURT: it's an option03:27
numbertheoristnixie pixel is hot03:27
revogot really great info, actually i found out about this chat group there...i mean by pressing on the help button in that screen03:27
ioURTrevo:did the default install03:27
aaa801so.. aparantly my apt is broken03:28
revodefault install ???03:28
ioURTi was talking to EriC^^03:28
jeffrey_fnumbertheorist: You would need to put a good amount of effort into getting a virus in linux.  You can download it, but it needs specific permission to run and unlike Windows, nothing runs unless you run it (generally)03:28
ioURTyou can get it from ppas03:29
revowhat is that ppas03:29
revor u talking to me ??03:29
revodis is confusing03:30
ioURTim taslking to jeffrey_f03:30
numbertheoristi guess instead of using antivirus on linux, i could just always scan my flash drive with webroot on windows, before i use anything03:30
jeffrey_fioURT: what is ppas?03:30
pixelkatpersonal package archives03:30
numbertheoristjust to be on the safe side ;)03:30
ioURT!tell jeffrey_f about ppa03:30
ubottujeffrey_f, please see my private message03:30
pixelkatits where people host their scripts, .debs, etc.03:31
jeffrey_fioURT: I know about ppa's......just not about ppas03:31
numbertheoristmainly im using linux right now for gnu octave, as it seems to have problems on windows. my professor recommended linux, said windows is shit lol03:31
ioURTits the plural of ppa03:32
eaglesharklionyour professor is wise03:32
numbertheoristwhat is ppa? i keep seeing that term03:32
ioURTjeffrey_f: maybe you need to go back to primary03:32
numbertheoristnvm, someone answered that above me03:33
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, it's a private repository run by someone in the world, lets you get packages but isn't checked by canonical03:33
basil1xppa is a thingy that adds a private repo to apt03:33
basil1xWhat the corrugated one said.03:33
numbertheoristso theoretically ppas are more risky?03:33
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, yeah octave is interesting03:33
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, yea03:34
numbertheoristi see03:34
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, like sideloading apps on your phone03:34
jeffrey_fioURT: I got that, just temporarily confused thinking ppas was something else.....Just used to seeing acronym plurals with an apostrophe03:34
ioURTdepends on how much you trust ubuntu03:34
basil1xTheoretically.  In practice, it's hard to get by without one or two, if you're using Ubuntu for everything.03:34
numbertheoristi dont trust anyone lol03:34
numbertheoristeveryone has an agenda03:34
wafflej0cknumbertheorist, eh well you gotta trust to some degree unless you're writing your whole system03:34
Lor_M'kay...Interesting thing here. For whatever reason, Ubuntu does not seem to like my Mac's Airport hardware..03:35
ioURTi dont even trust myself03:35
numbertheoristthats true03:35
ioURTi have a calendar03:35
ioURTit commes with ubuntu03:35
brandonbullethey i need help with netflix and lubuntu 14.1003:36
ioURTah lub03:36
revois there any app that i can install that controls things like cpu, fan, memory that i can run live in my desktop?03:36
jeffrey_fif you are paranoid, ya can always grab source, inspect it, then compile it03:37
* basil1x passes over the silverfoil03:37
brandonbulleti still get the errorcode even tho libnss should be updated03:37
ioURTif you are paranoid you can make your OS from scratch03:37
numbertheoristthe truth is out there03:38
jeffrey_fThanks basil1x......03:38
basil1xLFS is not my kinda fun.03:38
ioURTi mean make your own kernel too03:38
ioURTand compiler03:38
revois there any app that i can install that controls things like cpu, fan, memory that i can run live in my desktop?03:38
=== Lor_ is now known as Loretta
eaglesharklionyou don't need to make your own, only to check the source and compile yourself03:39
numbertheoristit doesnt matter anyways, privacy has ceased to exist by and large(if it ever existed)03:39
revoany1 ???03:39
revois there any app that i can install that controls things like cpu, fan, memory that i can run live in my desktop?03:39
ioURTyou must make your compiler03:39
ioURTor read the compiler code03:40
revoiourt...r u talking 2 me03:40
ioURTand good luck with that03:40
jeffrey_fioURT: my first run in with Linux was from an installer which booted a network loader, pulled source and compiled it as it went.  At some point, a few hours later, I had a bare-bones linux box with no GUI and no software..........Just Linux03:40
numbertheoristi know an app on windows, but not on linux03:40
revoioURT,  wr u talking 2 me ?03:40
eaglesharklionproblem: what system are you going to use to do that? can you trust it? chicken and egg problem :D03:40
ioURTdo it on your own VM03:41
brandonbulletcan anyone help?03:41
eaglesharklionor hand compile (to solve the problem you mentionned)03:41
wafflej0ckeagles0513875, just start manufacturing your own chips and boards :)03:42
ioURTyou can do it using python03:42
PolarisX|MetalStWhy am I missing some system settings options? I'm on 14.10 and guides keep referencing me to settings that dont exist03:42
revois there any app that i can install that controls things like cpu, fan, memory that i can run live in my desktop?03:42
ioURTit dosent compile03:42
eaglesharklionjust directly write your OS in machine langage03:42
numbertheoristive just started learning python03:42
ioURTisnt that the way its supposed to be?03:42
revois there any xubuntu rooms here, can sum1 tell me how do i search for IRC channels03:43
ioURTthe kernel should be writen in machine code03:43
eaglesharklionit works well with other langages (like C)03:43
numbertheoristhell write it in binary03:44
eaglesharkliononly some portions in assembly03:44
eaglesharklionmachine langage is binary (not to be confused with asm)03:44
numbertheoristi see03:45
ioURTyou should be able to write a microkernel all in ASM03:45
numbertheoristi thought machine language was assembly language03:45
eaglesharklionioURT, it's hard enough in C03:45
jeffrey_frevo: do /list03:45
ioURTyou could even have difrent instaces running on difrent cores03:46
jeffrey_fasm is barely above machine language03:46
eaglesharklionnumbertheorist, asm is human readable/writable.. after assembling it results in machine code03:46
Sa[i]nTasm is barely human readable.03:46
function9xyep ^03:46
ioURTits readable bacecause binary its totally unreadable03:47
numbertheoristi see03:47
wafflej0ckyeah ASM-> machine code is a matter of mapping "human readable" like ADD, LOAD, MOVE, PUSH, POP into 0001, 0010, 001103:47
Sa[i]nTI don't know if it would be that much faster than if it was written in C.03:48
eaglesharklionwafflej0ck, that and resolving addresses, and maybe other little things...03:48
wafflej0ckeagles0513875, yeah true there are other parts to it03:48
ioURTyou dont want to use untrusted libs03:49
ioURTor libs that do way to much03:49
wafflej0ckSa[i]nT, yeah the academic point was to make a system that doesn't require you to trust others... in the case of C you have to write the compiler, I mean this is basically what RMS, Linus and friends did but just talking if you didn't trust that either, but really we all went on a far tangent, were talking PPAs originally03:50
ioURTthe more the features the more the ways to make it misbehave03:51
jeffrey_fAll languages result in machine code.  one line of C could result in 10 - 20 lines of asm03:51
eaglesharklionmake it 1-2003:51
Sa[i]nTI'd love to see an OS written in an Very High Programming Language.03:52
jeffrey_ftrue, depends on the complexity too03:52
numbertheoristidk, its all over my head at this point, im just starting to teach myself python03:52
wafflej0ckeagles0513875, what c statement becomes 1 line?03:52
function9xSa[i]nT: like C++?03:52
eaglesharkliona++; /* ah */03:52
wafflej0ckeagles0513875, don't think so that'd have to load the value of A, Add to A, and save A03:53
Sa[i]nTfunction9x, like perl, python, or Ocaml/Scala. Hell, maybe even Ruby.03:53
eaglesharkliona could be stored in a register already03:53
wafflej0ckeagles0513875, okay true I suppose, have been away from CS classes for too long03:54
function9xSa[i]nT: perl python are scripting languages.03:54
nmatrix9Anyone ever have an issue where when they tried to access a samba share through a linux app no matter what password or user account is used they always get permission denied, even when you know the password is correct?03:54
bradley23228I just hooked up dual monitors and want a new video card03:55
nmatrix9Or when you directly can access the share through a file explorer?03:55
Sa[i]nTThis is about to be 2015. Things don't have to be in assembly anymore.03:55
nmatrix9Sa[i]nT, I want my hover board03:55
wafflej0ckSa[i]nT, well most of us don't write it but it still needs to be there03:55
ioURTSa[i]nT:evey language has to translate into ASM03:56
Sa[i]nTIt should just be OS.run() by now.03:56
Sa[i]nTYeah it does.03:56
Sa[i]nTIn the end, it's all the same.03:56
wafflej0ckSa[i]nT, really a lot of stuff like Qt/QML and all the other places JS type stuff is used it really is just about as easy as you say for high level programming03:57
MrSavageI have an issue with the flash player. When I fullscreen adobe flash player, shortcuts don't work03:57
daftykinsnmatrix9: i'd read logs to see what's going on :P03:57
MrSavagewhich is interfering with the game i just bought, neoscavenger03:57
nmatrix9daftykins, which logs?  /Var/logs?03:58
nmatrix9daftykins, I am trying to use backintime to backup to a samba share on my NAS03:59
eaglesharklionon x86: INC r/m32 ... can work directly on a memory location (that's what the 'm' means)03:59
daftykinsthat's where they're kept, yep.03:59
somsipeaglesharklion: this doesn't appear to be anything to do with ubuntu support.03:59
somsipeaglesharklion: so can you take this converation private or to offtopic please04:00
oolnigHello all.  Is there a way to allow certain packages to be pulled from the repos for higher distribution versions?04:00
ioURTcan a neutron flip a ram bit?04:00
jeffrey_fnmatrix9: where is the folder located?04:01
somsipioURT: also offtopic. Can we get back on support in here please04:01
wafflej0ckioURT, numbertheorist eagles0513875  should take our conversation to #ubuntu-offtopic04:01
numbertheoristi have a question, someone suggested the ubuntu manual earlier for someone new to linux. would it work as well for lxle? as i understand it lxle is just a derivative of ubuntu04:02
somsip!manual | numbertheorist (it's here, and it contains general info - have a look for yourself)04:02
ubottunumbertheorist (it's here, and it contains general info - have a look for yourself): The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:02
shwaiilQ: When I bought this computer I've installed Ubuntu and then windows. I use windows rarely, maybe 3 times a year. I have to uninstall it and reinstall it again, because this license is not mine. Will this screw my Ubuntu ?!04:03
nmatrix9jeffrey_f, smb://dlink-5535f5/upload04:03
daftykinsshwaiil: perhaps you shouldn't break the law04:04
=== Shed-34046 is now known as MyLittlePonyBron
jeffrey_fnmatrix9: The physical folder, not the share alias04:04
MyLittlePonyBronHelp meh :(04:04
somsip!ask | MyLittlePonyBron04:05
ubottuMyLittlePonyBron: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:05
MyLittlePonyBronI'm new to ubuntu how do i get programs and do stuff!04:05
numbertheoristlol i was just given it04:05
somsipnumbertheorist: that's how this place works :)04:06
shwaiildaftykins, what do you mean ? the license was provided to me when working as a developer for someone's else's agency. I'm not working there anymore not that I'm using pirated software04:06
daftykinsshwaiil: not legal then.04:06
nmatrix9jeffrey_f, I don't think I understand the physical folder?  On my NAS?04:07
shwaiildaftykins, do you even know what you're talking about ?04:07
nmatrix9jeffrey_f, Volume_1/Public/upload04:07
daftykinsshwaiil: depends if you've explained it properly or not :)04:07
shwaiildaftykins, there's nothing wrong about what I said. I'll install a new copy of windows with a new license because the current one is not mine and will expire soon. you assumed I'm using pirated OS.04:09
shwaiiland that wasn't even my question.04:09
=== _lyc4n_ is now known as LYC4Nbeat
daftykinswell, that isn't permitted, so perhaps you should stop doing that04:09
shwaiildaftykins, are you nuts ? do you even know how companies run and get licenses for developers04:10
shwaiilwhat a douche04:10
jeffrey_fnmatrix9: (anyone correct me if I am wrong)....Permissions are top down.  Even if permissions on a subfolder is given, you may not be able to access it if the upper level folders do not allow it.04:10
daftykinsshwaiil: there's no need to start calling me names just 'cause you can't explain yourself04:11
daftykinsnobody needs to repeatedly reinstall Windows to do development work04:11
wafflej0ckshwaiil, don't resort to name calling you may want to consider installing in a virtual environment MS even provides images for testing sites in older versions of ie04:12
shwaiildaftykins, what ? I didn't said that, that's your assumption. I'm not working for this agency that provide me with the current license and I'm officially on holidays till I start a different role in a different company04:12
daftykinsi'll tell you something, it only tends to be those doing something wrong that get so defensive so quickly.04:13
jeffrey_fnmatrix9: check the top volume permissions on down and ensure you have permissions down to the sub-folder(s)04:13
shwaiildaftykins, ok cool!04:13
shiggitayAnyone here have an HP TouchPad and have developed for it?04:13
nmatrix9jeffrey_f, yeah double checking04:13
shiggitayI have but but I don't dev.... but I"m trying to get novacomd loaded04:14
daftykinsshiggitay: sorry, that's not ubuntu support really. HP pulled the SDK tools, but i think they can be found in some places still04:14
daftykinsshiggitay: #cyanogenmod-touchpad exists btw04:15
nmatrix9jeffrey_f, I think there may be a bug in Konqueror04:15
shiggitaydaftykins, I know but I don't want to put android on the TP04:15
shiggitayI simply want to communicate with it over the commandline04:16
daftykinsshiggitay: right but that channel might help with the dev tools :P04:16
daftykinsshiggitay: certainly far more relevant than here is.04:16
jeffrey_fnmatrix9: you say you mounted the NAS share on your system?04:17
jeffrey_fnmatrix9: or is the NAS being accessed directly??04:17
xoxohi does anyone know about grub2 errors?04:18
xoxoI'm getting for an error message at startup04:19
xoxoI tried reinstalling numerous times04:19
xoxogrub won't install04:19
nmatrix9jeffrey_f, I created a NAS link in Konqueror  I tried to create a mount point yesterday but that did not work.  Now my previous user account is no longer working, just a min04:22
MyLittlePonyBroncan i test file send on one of you here04:23
nniooxoxo: check ur partition04:24
daftykinsMyLittlePonyBron: no. ask in #freenode04:24
bradley23228I had Mint 17 and went back to 14.04 LTS04:25
sivikbradley23228, why didn't you like mint?04:25
jeffrey_fMyLittlePonyBron: Do not send files to me unsolicited.  Thanks!04:25
nmatrix9jeffrey_f, really weird, my previous password and access no longer works04:25
bradley23228mint was OK for a bit became unstable for me04:26
sivikthen it was probably something you installed.  I have no issue with it04:26
nmatrix9jeffrey_f, I think I'll force reboot the NAS04:26
jeffrey_fnmatrix9: isn't the NAS managed via web browser??04:26
bradley23228I like Mint just have Ubuntu now :D04:26
nmatrix9jeffrey_f, yes04:27
bradley23228my father has a PC i built on a frame with Mint and he was had WIN XP up until 6 months ago04:28
daftykinsbradley23228: this isn't a chat channel, it's a place for support questions regarding ubuntu alone. chat in #ubuntu-offtopic04:28
jeffrey_fnmatrix9: I'd use a different browser then remove and reinstate the share.  Maybe something with the browser, as you said, a bug.....use firefox or crhome04:29
shiggitayOKay so here's a Ubuntu question: is there any word of baytrail support in 15.04?04:31
xangua!15.04 | shiggitay04:31
ubottushiggitay: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will be the 22nd release of Ubuntu due for release in April 2015. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. For more info see the announcement at  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/142504:31
shiggitayxangua, thanks04:32
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nmatrix9jeffrey_f, I think when I installed backintime something was removed or uninstalled cause now non of my user accounts work04:38
jeffrey_fnmatrix9: Which user accounts?  On NAS or your system04:39
nmatrix9jeffrey_f, to access the NAS from my system04:41
jeffrey_fnmatrix9: Thats not good.  anything on NAS.....Suggest a factory reset on NAS (if you can without losing data)04:43
xoxonnioo: I earased the partition and reinstalled04:45
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
FSK405Cso why does grub install fail so bloody often on 12.04 LTS? :(04:51
npssu47081NP-Hardass: lol05:17
npssu47081that way you can't type your pw into chat05:18
npssu47081you're welcome :)05:18
npssu47081I don't see an S?05:20
UbnoobtuHey, ive got issues05:21
npssu47081still got alot of learnings yet :D05:22
npssu47081(someone tries to log in as you)05:23
npssu47081Jeremy_Cutler last 2 days, building my own kernel, troubleshooting grub, dealing with uefi and bios woes, re-compiling about 4 or 5 different kernels to learn how it's done and getting stuck at every step lol05:25
spectre_Hello everybody05:25
DJ__hey all is anyone available to help me troubleshoot some directory permissions on my server? Would super-appreciate it05:29
ioURTi could but im expensive05:32
=== npssu47081 is now known as sQuiDY
phunyguyioURT: I am here also.05:33
phunyguyioURT: tread lightly, please.05:33
allmountainproanyone here know arch05:33
phunyguyallmountainpro: as in the distro?05:33
allmountainprophunyguy: yes05:33
phunyguyallmountainpro: why are you asking about it here?05:33
=== sQuiDY is now known as whitehat-hacker
allmountainprophunyguy: beccause hardcore ubuntu people most likely know about hardcore arch :P05:34
phunyguyallmountainpro: this is not the place.  Please take it elsewhere/05:34
allmountainprophunyguy: your very helpful and welcoming05:34
ioURTtheres no shortage of ubuntu channels05:35
=== whitehat-hacker is now known as bbbbu
phunyguythere are also arch channels to ask questions in.  Go figure.05:35
DJ__My permissions for /var/www are all default. But all folders and files in thatdirectory are owned by my user and the group "webadmin" User and Group Permissions are RWX. I can upload changes to my files in that directory for a while and then I get an error about permission being denied.05:35
bbbbuAnyone want a babe?05:35
* ioURT wonders how many channels with ubuntu in its name can one make05:35
DJ__My user is a member of the Webadmin group05:35
phunyguybbbbu: no05:36
allmountainprobbbbu: lol05:36
allmountainproguess since im running 4 os and because ubuntu isnt the one im having trouble with im not welcome here. could swap ubuntu out for fedora i supoose05:37
phunyguy!ot | allmountainpro05:37
ubottuallmountainpro: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:37
allmountainproanyone here know the arch channel name05:40
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*05:40
allmountainprojeez phunyguy for all the time you sspent being a troll you could have just helped me05:41
ioURTallmountainpro:you need to register to chat there05:41
pl1xlol what's happening here?05:42
phunyguyioURT: enough with the lies please.  If you are not providing or receiving support on #ubuntu, please keep quiet.05:43
phunyguythat goes for everyone.05:43
allmountainpropl1x: phunyguy seems to think trolling is necessary when someone asks for help05:43
ioURTyou DO need to register to chat in #archlinux05:44
phunyguy*** Mode #archlinux +Cnt by asimov.freenode.net05:44
phunyguyyeah no.05:44
phunyguyok back to support.05:45
DonnoIs it possible to "tail -f" a log file05:47
phunyguyI stand corrected.  #archlinux q $~a asimov.freenode.net 141222714405:47
phunyguyregardless... offtopic chat is offtopic.05:47
jdzielnyhello everyone.  I am trying to install Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS on a system that has hardware RAID 1, and it detects the RAID but hangs at "Starting up the partitioner" every time.05:54
jdzielnyThe motherboard is an Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 and it has Intel Rapid Storage Technology hardware RAID.  4 SATA drives configured as two RAID 1 setups05:56
jdzielnyI've searched the Net for the past few hours and can't find anything05:57
daftykinsjdzielny: that's not hardware RAID, likely won't work with ubuntu and should probably be abandoned05:57
phunyguythat is fakeraid.05:57
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:57
phunyguybasically the RAID is driver-controlled.05:58
neebsmumble stop working, when i connect to a server. 14.04 64 bit05:58
jdzielnyso basically, leave the drives all set as normal HDDs and use mdadm?06:00
jdzielnyjust install to (what I'll call for discussion) Drive 0, then afterward use mdadm to combine Drive 0 and Drive 1 into a RAID 1, then do the same with Drives 2/3?06:01
jdzielnyfollowing the directions from the page you linked to phunyguy06:03
phunyguyI have to go, cya06:04
squiglenice working netflix now :)06:06
jdzielnyphunyguy, before you go, one quick question: should the SATA mode selection for the mobo be set to RAID or AHCI if I'm doing software RAID using mdadm?06:06
grilled-cheseJust did a clean install of 14.04 and am attempting to restore my nfs export backup, now when my autofs client mounts the directory on a different box all the folders appear to be owned by root06:07
grilled-chesejdzielny: ahci06:08
jdzielnygrilled-chese, thanks06:08
grilled-cheseboth my client & server have the same uid/gids06:09
grilled-chesein the past, autofs just understood the folder permissions and associated them to the correct user06:09
grilled-cheseI can touch a test file in the nfs root06:10
grilled-chesefrom the client06:10
grilled-chese and that has the right uid/gid associated06:11
grilled-chesebut, I'm confused how it's somehow different now06:11
lickalotthey all.  if I had options to download a package and they were OpenBSD, FreeBSD or Linux, which would I want for ubuntu?06:11
grilled-chesepreferably anything ending in .deb06:11
lickalottthats what I thought.  just wanted to make sure.06:11
lickalottthanks grilled-chese!06:11
phixgrilled-chese with ham, tomatoe and hot english mustard?06:21
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smikimsI've got a weird issue with workspaces: I have it set to dynamic and it won't let me create a new one. When I hit ctrl+alt+down I see the switcher thing but there's only one there and it doesn't switch.06:30
smikimsAnd when I set it to static with 4, they all show my one workspace--just 4 pictures of it in the overview06:30
smikimsI'm using nvidia's proprietary drivers if that makes a difference (dunno)06:30
lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:37
MagePsychoare you guys using dotfiles in git?06:37
=== Dwaan is now known as Guest66910
dts|pokeballMagePsycho, dot files?06:44
QueerTopHatok,why is no one here talking T_T06:56
QueerTopHat._. Hello?06:57
lotuspsychjeQueerTopHat: because this is an ubuntu support chat, only to ask questions06:57
smikimsspeaking of which, does anyone have any idea on my GNOME workspaces problem? (can't make new ones)06:58
lotuspsychjesmikims: maybe the #gnome guys can also help you?06:59
smikimslotuspsychje: no response06:59
smikimstried there first06:59
lotuspsychjesmikims: oh ok :p06:59
lotuspsychjesmikims: anything usefull in your syslog?06:59
smikimslotuspsychje: where exactly would I be looking?07:00
lotuspsychjesmikims: maybe /var/log/syslog or dmesg07:00
lotuspsychjesmikims: are you on classic or gnome shell?07:01
smikimslotuspsychje: nothing in dmesg07:01
smikimslotuspsychje: gnome shell07:01
dts|pokeballhey guys... im trying to get hhvm to work with apache on an ubuntu 14.04 vps, and followed this guide: https://github.com/facebook/hhvm/wiki/fastcgi but it still isnt working. help07:03
smikimslotuspsychje: I'm seeing "vgaarb: this pci device is not a vga device" in syslog but not sure if that's related07:03
lotuspsychje!info gnome-tweak-tool | smikims try this mate07:04
ubottusmikims try this mate: gnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweak-tool): tool to adjust advanced configuration settings for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.12.0-2ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 131 kB, installed size 1047 kB07:04
lotuspsychje!git | dts|pokeball07:04
ubottudts|pokeball: git is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)07:04
dts|pokeballlotuspsychje, my question has nothing to do with git...07:05
dts|pokeballother than the guide is hosted on there07:05
lotuspsychjesmikims: or this extension: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/484/workspace-grid/07:05
lotuspsychjedts|pokeball: just trying to help mate07:05
smikimslotuspsychje: the tweak tool doesn't help--setting it to static just shows the same workspace in all spaces07:05
dts|pokeballappareciate it anyways lotuspsychje :)07:06
sheerhello senpais07:06
smikimsit's a bug somewhere, not sure if it's GNOME or the packaging or my drivers or what07:06
sheeri'm trying to get connectable with torrenting07:06
sheercould anyone PLS Help07:06
lotuspsychje!details | sheer07:06
ubottusheer: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:06
sheerlotuspsychje: i've just installed ubuntu recently and I need a static IP in order to seed my torrents!07:07
smikimssheer: why do you need a static IP?07:08
lotuspsychjesheer: thats a question for the ##networking guys mate07:08
sheerin order to become "connectable" with torrenting07:08
sheeri'll try there, thanks lotus07:08
lotuspsychjedts|pokeball: maybe the #httpd guys might know this?07:08
dts|pokeballlotuspsychje, ty07:09
lotuspsychjesheer: you could also try qbittorent/create torrent07:09
sheerlotuspsychje: that's not it07:09
smikimssheer: what exactly is your problem? Why do you need a static IP?07:09
sheersmikims: i'm following this guide, but i'm stuck since i'm using linux not windows07:10
dts|pokeballwho got banned?07:10
sheer(or mac) https://www.myanonamouse.net/guides/07:10
lotuspsychjedts|pokeball: its an unban07:11
mwsbdts|pokeball: ubottu removed a timed ban.07:11
sheerand ummm if you can't get to that link, smikims, "If your computer / router / torrent client does not automatically  configure itself so that you are connectable, there are three basic  things that need to happen in order for you to become connectable:"07:11
dts|pokeballas you can tel, im quite tired07:11
smikimssheer: that site requires a login07:11
sheersmikims: i'm simply trying to get myself seeding07:12
smikimssheer: OK, so what exactly is going wrong?07:12
lotuspsychjesheer: wich program are you trying?07:12
sheertransmission, lotus07:13
sheersmikims: i'm "not connectable"07:13
smikimssheer: and transmission is telling you that? Is that the exact message?07:13
sheercan't even connect to tracker07:14
sheerso it's not even downloading what i want to reseed07:14
sheerit downloaded (without seeding) when i had windows07:14
sheeri downloaded the torrent files but now i can't download07:14
sheercan't connect to the tracker, it says07:15
smikimssheer: OK, so that sounds like it's beyond you not being connectable if you can't even reach the tracker07:15
nbusroneany nvidia user here ? how do I set the brightness for nvidia ? even I set it at the nvidia config setting , it get reset on every reboot07:15
smikimssheer: have you tried a different torrent/tracker?07:15
sheerdifferent tracker is NP07:16
smikimssheer: have you checked your router/firewall settings?07:17
sheersmikims: don't know how to07:17
sheeri don't think i have a firewall07:17
sheerunless it comes with ubuntu07:17
St1gma$ iptables -L --line-numbers07:18
smikimssheer: ubuntu shouldn't be blocking anything, I was torrenting something a few hours ago on a new install07:18
smikimssheer: check your router settings or maybe it's your ISP07:18
smikimsor maybe the tracker's down, idk07:18
smikimsbut none of that has to do with you having a static IP07:18
sheersmikims: i can torrent07:19
sheerjust not from the private tracker07:19
smikimssheer: oh ok07:19
nbusroneit even reset my brightness setting everytime I play a youtube video07:19
smikimssheer: well I'm no bittorrent expert, but is there some kind of authentication for private trackers? Could you be failing that?07:19
St1gmasheer: private trackers are invite only as far as I know, hence "private".07:21
=== adan0s_ is now known as adan0s
sheerSt1gma: yes, i have an account and all that07:21
St1gmasheer: then you want to check with them, doesn't quite seem like a problem with your OS.07:22
sheerIf your computer / router / torrent client does not automatically  configure itself so that you are connectable, there are three basic  things that need to happen in order for you to become connectable:07:22
sheerThe computer running your torrent client (uTorrent, Vuze, etc.) needs to have a static IP.07:22
MagePsychocan we rename the somebash.sh to somebash and move to /usr/bin folder and run globally?07:24
St1gmaif you set the shebang07:24
St1gmaMagePsycho, ^^07:24
St1gmaMagePsycho, then chmod +x <file>07:24
lotuspsychjesheer: try the #transmission channel also07:25
sheerthank you lotus07:25
MagePsychoi know that .. ./<file.sh>07:25
smikimssheer: I don't know where they got that from--I've always seeded without a static IP07:25
sheeri got that from the site and i believe i've seen it being stated before in revolutionTT's private tracker07:26
St1gmaMagePsycho, at the start of your shell file make sure you have the shebang well stated #!/bin/bash or whatever shell you are using. Then $ mv file.sh /usr/bin/file; sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/file07:26
smikimssheer: I don't think there's any way for them to tell if you have a static IP or not07:26
smikimssheer: unless you can only register one IP address with them or something like that07:27
MagePsychoSt1gma: seems it works07:27
smikimsalthough that would be stupid07:27
MagePsychoSt1gma: thanks07:27
nbusroneno nvidia user here ?07:27
St1gmaMagePsycho, np man07:27
sheersmikims: why would that be stupid?07:27
lotuspsychje!patience | nbusrone07:27
ubottunbusrone: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:27
sheerbecause it's the normal way afaik07:27
smikimssheer: it would be an arbitrary restriction that has no point07:27
MagePsychoSt1gma: where yo guys put the tools sh file? in user/local/bin or home/bin folder?07:28
smikimsand I'm just spitballing here, they probably don't do that07:28
St1gmaMagePsycho, I normally create a /usr/local/scripts directory where I still all my custom stuff then I symlink to /usr/bin07:29
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: morning07:29
St1gmaMagePsycho, but I don't know if there's any type of convention on that07:29
MagePsychoSt1gma: not bad idea, thanks man07:29
smikimsSt1gma: the convention is /usr/local/bin07:29
nbusronelotuspsychje : ok , hope someone can figure it out07:30
MagePsychoSt1gma: symlink should work fine so that you can have central repository07:30
lotuspsychjenbusrone: you have the right driver active?07:30
Shirakawasunadoes anyone know how I can see if any of my cairo-related libraries were installed from a ppa?07:30
St1gmaMagePsycho, use what smikims said. That's what I do not /usr/bin07:30
nbusronelotuspsychje : yep07:30
St1gmasmikims, thanks for the correction07:30
smikimsSt1gma: and there should be no symlinks required; /usr/local/bin should already be in your path07:31
lotuspsychjenbusrone: check your /var/log/syslog or demsg for brightness issues07:31
St1gmasmikims, I know. I like to keep my stuff separate then symlink into the path. That way I know exactly what is custom that I made and what came with the OS. Just easier to maintain.07:31
lotuspsychjenbusrone: or do a tail -f /var/log/syslog and fool around a bit, to see errors in realtime07:31
smikimsSt1gma: Well no package I know of puts stuff in /usr/local, that's kind of the point of /usr/local07:32
nbusronelotuspsychje : ok , but how do I add a brightness setting at xorg ?07:32
smikimsso you can rely on all of that being your stuff07:33
lotuspsychjenbusrone: first we have to investigate whats wrong exactly07:33
smikimsI take that back; python puts stuff in /usr/local/lib, but I think that's just pip stuff? The directories will be empty unless you install something07:34
St1gmasmikims, that's why I said that what I do serves my purpose only. In my case I run everything in git so I don't want to have that /usr/local/bin that would be counter productive. That is the reason why I symlink. I should have explained myself better the first time I guess. Besides there are some applications that do put things in /usr/local so I just don't want it mixed. Personal hygiene.07:35
nbusronelotuspsychje : it's like a driver instead , after setting the contrast and brightness at nvidia x sever setting , everytime I restart it reset , I need to start nvidia x server to take affect again.07:36
smikimsSt1gma: Ah OK that makes sense07:36
lotuspsychjenbusrone: did you install ubuntu with internet enabled/updates enabled?07:37
smikimsSt1gma: yeah apparently there are things that make directories there but they'll be empty until you do something to fill them; it's still a "your stuff" place07:37
lotuspsychjenbusrone: ubuntu version?07:37
nbusronelotuspsychje : yep , 14.0407:37
lotuspsychjenbusrone: there must be an error soemwhere, syslog,dmesg or xorg logs07:38
nbusronelotuspsychje : ok , i try and find out which causes the error07:40
phil__lol whoops07:41
St1gmaShirakawasuna: You can look at /var/log/apt/history.log or term.log /var/log/dpkg.log should also provide some insights, but I don't know if they'll indicate if a package came from any specific repo/ppa.07:44
ShirakawasunaSt1gma: okay, thanks for the info!07:44
Shirakawasunagetting a segfault when trying to use pygtk that involves cairo07:45
MagePsychoi am always confused about the parameters, for key value pairs how can i pass iin bash script07:52
MagePsychofor example: somebashscript.sh key1=value1 key2=value207:52
smikimsMagePsycho: those will be arguments and you'll have to parse them yourself07:55
whitehat-hackeru sure07:56
whitehat-hackeru guys want debian07:56
whitehat-hackeri show u07:56
whitehat-hackerthis debian version of 0x71 (xc) Our07:56
cfhowlettwhitehat-hacker, no spam please.07:57
whitehat-hackerforsake ubuntu07:57
smikimsMagePsycho: for example in your example key1=value1 will be in $1 (first argument) in your script07:57
MagePsychosmikims: what if i use - - key1=value1 - -key2=value207:57
whitehat-hackerno spam07:57
whitehat-hackerWe just laugh to ubuntu07:57
whitehat-hackeris backdoored07:57
Benjaminhuskyyes,what you are doing is spam07:57
smikimsMagePsycho: anything after the command name without whitespace in it will be a separate argument07:57
cfhowlettwhitehat-hacker, please go away07:57
whitehat-hackeru trust this OS07:57
smikimsafter that how you parse it is up to you07:57
cfhowlett!fud | whitehat-hacker07:58
ubottuwhitehat-hacker: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt07:58
whitehat-hackerget mepis.org07:58
cfhowlett!ops | whitehat-hacker FUD spam07:58
ubottuwhitehat-hacker FUD spam: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang07:58
=== badon_ is now known as badon
whitehat-hackeris taken over by 0x71 (xc) Our07:58
whitehat-hackerwhich is skraito07:58
whitehat-hackerwhich is me07:58
Flannelwhitehat-hacker: Please take it elsewhere, thanks.07:58
whitehat-hackerwho the fuck ure all07:58
MagePsychosmikims: how you suggest to pass arguments? an easier approach, new to ubuntu07:59
* cfhowlett thinks "well, that escalated quickly ..."07:59
=== dex is now known as Guest37656
smikimsMagePsycho: you're talking about writing your own script, right, not using someone else's?07:59
whitehat-hackerubuntu have 1700 backdoor stupid08:00
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MagePsychosmikims: that should help… gonna try08:12
=== administrator is now known as Guest38564
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RoryIs it possible to prevent a graphical dialogue asking for my passphrase when I use "gpg -d" from the terminal? Can I enter my password in the terminal window? I'm reasonably sure I have used a Linux distro at some point which had this latter behaviour08:23
RoryTo be clear, I still want to be prompted for a passphrase, but I want the prompt to be in the same terminal I run "gpg -d" from, and not pop up in some dialogue box08:23
BLUG_Fred Hi! I upgraded my Ubuntu LTS version from 10.04 to 14.04 and now it seems I can get only one cgi-bin working. The others give me 403. Anybody familiar with the problem?08:42
jimmydIm getting a boot failed error trying to boot off the usb stick i made bootable something with a 32 and then a comand line what do i type in to try to fix the problem08:45
Roryjimmyd: What did you use to create the bootable USB? There are instructions here http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu08:46
RoryOr for Windows, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows08:46
jimmydi used unet bootin Rory08:47
cfhowlettjimmyd, did you 1. verify the .iso   and 2. verify the USB?08:47
Roryjimmyd: I've had all sorts of problems with unetbootin. My personal favourite program for doing this sort of thing on Windows is LinuxLiveUSB http://www.linuxliveusb.com08:47
Roryjimmyd: That will also verify the iso for you08:48
cfhowlettstrangely enough, the product created by unetbootin and ubuntu startup disk creator are quite different08:48
jimmydno not really no but I am running a xubuntu that i created the same way08:48
cfhowlettjimmyd, "not really" = I didn't do my due diligence.  sloppy guesses >>> sloppy outcomes08:48
cfhowlett!md5sum | jimmyd08:49
ubottujimmyd: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows08:49
White_CatI see /dev/sda  /dev/sda1  /dev/sda2  /dev/sda3 when I run /dev/sd*08:49
White_Catdoes that mean I have one drive with 3 partitions?08:49
Roryjimmyd: It's one of two things. (1) the .iso file you have is incorrect in some way. (2) the .iso file was not written to the USB flash drive correctly.08:49
RoryWhite_Cat: Yes08:49
White_CatI have a second drive inserted to the sata slot08:49
White_CatI wonder why it isnt detected08:49
cfhowlettjimmyd, +1 rory.  thus my suggestion to md5sum both08:50
RoryWhite_Cat: Is it detected in the BIOS?08:50
White_Catbios is so convoluted :/ possibly not though08:50
White_CatI'll try to verify08:50
RoryWhite_Cat: Best to rule that out first, in order to narrow it down to being a problem with Ubuntu08:50
RoryWhite_Cat: Rather than, say, a problem with the drive, motherboard, cable etc08:50
jimmydok lots of information to go on thanks guys08:50
White_CatI just wanted to make sure what I am interpreting was correct08:50
White_Catthere is no cable in this case08:51
RoryWhite_Cat: You can use a tool like "gparted" to view/edit partiions graphically if you prefer08:51
jimmydagain can i check this stuff with a command from the prompt on the failed boot comand line08:52
cfhowlettjimmyd, read the md5sum wiki I sent you for guidance.08:52
White_CatRory I dont think gparted is compatible with ubuntu server08:54
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, not "incompatible" just ... no gui so no gparted.08:54
RoryWhite_Cat: OK, didn't realise. Was just in case you were unaware08:54
White_Catis there a console version that does something similar?08:55
White_Catwouldnt be a real gui naturally08:55
reggie-manMy DVD doesn't mount when I insert it, and when I try to manually mount it I get "mount: can't find /dev/sr0 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab"08:55
RoryWhite_Cat: Not the ncurses gui you're imagining. There are command-line tools to manage partitions though, obviously08:56
White_Catwell yes08:56
White_Catso its a text bar instead of a window08:56
White_Catsomething like that08:56
White_Catits fine if it displays the information just in text too08:57
White_CatI guess what I am trying to as is, what is a gparted-like program for ubuntu server08:57
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, fdisk is CLI and has the same functionality08:57
somsip!info parted | White_Cat (the g is for gui)08:57
ubottuWhite_Cat (the g is for gui): parted (source: parted): disk partition manipulator. In component main, is standard. Version 3.2-6 (utopic), package size 43 kB, installed size 183 kB08:58
White_Catg in gparted is gui isnt it?08:58
somsipWhite_Cat: gparted = gui parted. Parted = cli parted.08:58
White_Cathow can I check if my installation is UEFI compatible?09:01
somsip!uefi | White_Cat (other than what it says on here, no idea myself)09:02
ubottuWhite_Cat (other than what it says on here, no idea myself): UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI09:02
jimmydjust so you know im not using windows09:02
White_CatI am not either09:02
White_Catserver takes forever to boot with legacy method09:03
White_CatI am unsure how to determine if UEFI is 32 or 64 bit09:05
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, trigger the bios ... uefi options should be displayed if available.09:05
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, never seen a 32 bit uefi ...09:05
White_Catme neither09:05
ShirakawasunaI have issues with a cinnamon applet segfault - not supported, so I'm not asking how to fix that. I just tested a fresh install in virtualbox and I don't get the problem (a segmentation fault). Any ideas on how to troubleshoot that, i.e., restore to a more 'default' installation state? I know that it's system files, as I've made a new user and the segmentation fault still occurs.09:06
ShirakawasunaI'm guessing I have some cruft libraries left over, but I have no idea which ones.09:06
lolekguys, I'm trying to build my own kernel, I've made new flavour and I'm stuck with this: http://www.pasteall.org/55906 #ubuntu-kernel is sleeping probably so if anyone had any idea about this, that would be great09:06
White_Cat[ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo "EFI boot on HDD" || echo "Legacy boot on HDD"  gives legacy boot on HDD09:08
abhinavi'm new to irc09:09
cfhowlettabhinav, ask your ubuntu questions09:09
abhinavi want to start developing09:09
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, not sure of the command, but I believe that output shows current configuration ... NOT efi capable yes/no09:09
cfhowlettabhinav, OK ... and?09:09
abhinavwhere do i start09:10
cfhowlettabhinav, learn python09:10
somsip!contrubuting | abhinav09:10
abhinavi know a lot of java09:10
somsip!contributing | abhinav09:10
abhinava little bit of python09:10
cfhowlett!contribute | abhinav09:10
ubottuabhinav: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu09:10
somsipcfhowlett: thank you :)09:10
cfhowlettsomsip, happy2help!09:11
abhinavis python more useful than java?09:11
cfhowlettabhinav, download.  read.  http://fullcirclemagazine.org/ubuntu-development-special-edition/09:12
abhinavthank you09:12
cfhowlettabhinav, happy2help!09:13
White_Catare these commands rational?09:13
ravi_Hello there !! can't open .pl file in browser09:17
cfhowlettravi_, perl file?09:17
cfhowlettravi_, works perfectly for me in gedit.  what does cat /etc/issue say?09:18
Turingiwhat paint program (similar to paint.net) do people recommend for use with ubuntu, preferably gnome-based09:19
jasonjcknWhite_Cat, I think you need GPT disk format for UEFI mode09:19
somsip!info gpaint | Turingi (maybe)09:19
ubottuTuringi (maybe): gpaint (source: gpaint): GNU Paint - a small, easy to use paint program for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.3-6.1 (utopic), package size 104 kB, installed size 717 kB09:19
cfhowlettTuringi, krita is well documented and quite popular as is GIMP09:19
ravi_Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l09:19
cfhowlettTuringi, mypaint09:20
cfhowlettravi_, so it won't open in FILE browser or web browser?09:20
ravi_it's asking to download while m trying to access localhost/otrs/installer.pl09:21
cfhowlettravi_, so ... web?09:21
TuringiI tried pinta, but it lacks beziers or the ability to resize selections09:21
ravi_sry firefox09:22
cfhowlettravi_, firefox doesn't read perl ... without help. there may be a plugin.09:22
ravi_ok, which plugin shuld i install ?09:22
Turingicfhowlett: krita is nice enough though it requires the full kde stack and is currently the only app on my system that would require that09:22
cfhowlettravi_, quick search:  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cpan/09:23
cfhowlettTuringi, wait what?  full kde stack?09:24
Turingicfhowlett: all the kde-dependencies, a few hundred MB09:24
Turingibesides krita itself09:24
ravi_Thaks, let me chk out09:24
Shirakawasunadoes anyone here know how to reinstall / identify all dependencies of a given package?09:25
ShirakawasunaI'm afraid I have cruft built up somewhere and I want to remove as many non-totally-essential packages in the dependency tree, delete any extra files, and then reinstall them09:25
ravi_Sorry, you need a Mozilla-based browser (such as Firefox) to install a search plugin.09:27
cfhowlettravi_, ask #perl about this09:27
ravi_ok, thanks !!09:28
TuringiShirakawasuna: does 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y' tell you there are packages you can safely remove?09:28
ShirakawasunaTuringi: nope09:28
TuringiShrirakawasuna: afaik, you can remove apps one by one with apt-get, then do autoremove09:35
TuringiShrirakawasuna: for instance, ubuntu software center has a list of 'installed' stuff09:36
=== luke is now known as Guest9175
cfhowlettShirakawasuna, apt-get -s autoremove          to test09:36
ShirakawasunaTuringi: yeah, I'm currently just removing things I don't care about that don'e come in the default 14.04.1 LTS release09:37
Shirakawasunausing apt-get autoremove --purge09:38
Shirakawasunagonna hope that fixes it09:38
Shirakawasunanote: just packages that have no reverse dependencies09:39
=== havingFun is now known as xrosnight
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest62552
Guest62552ok i found my way into the usb stick by typing unetbootindefault after cheking sum and googleing the error message09:43
karl__Hi, can anyone help please, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 (live cd) trying to install boot-repair with the following commands "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && (boot-repair &)" but I'm getting the error message "E: Couldn't find package boot-repair" :(09:44
cfhowlettGuest62552, iso checked?  usb checked?09:44
cfhowlettkarl__, is this a server?09:45
karl__cfhowlett: it's a desktop PC09:45
cfhowlettkarl__, 10.04 is LONG since end of life.  upgrade to a supported version09:45
Guest62552i was jimmyd09:45
cfhowlettGuest62552, then the issue is not the boot media.09:45
argoneusI have a ssh key in the .ssh folder on a machine, and I want to move this key to another machine under another account because the old machine is about to be killed09:46
argoneusis it enough to just copypaste it or what should I do?09:46
Guest62552it was a problem with unetbootin09:46
karl__cfhowlett: I have no other live CD, I just need to install boot-repair to recover my partitions windows 7 rudely overwrote my MBR09:46
MasterOfDisasterargoneus: copy the id_* files.09:46
Guest62552i found the answer on the unetbootin website duh09:47
cfhowlettkarl__, you do not need boot repair.  install grub then.  boot ubuntu.  then do a dist-upgrade for grub 209:47
cfhowlett!grub | karl__09:47
ubottukarl__: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:47
sgo11hi, I encrypted my home directory and installed samba server. Now, my home directory is constantly unmounted automatically. I think this is because of samba server. how can I prevent this unmount to happen?! this is very annoyed!! "THIS DIRECTORY HAS BEEN UNMOUNTED TO PROTECT YOUR DATA"09:47
DJoneskarl__: boot-repair for Lucid doesn't exost in that ppa, probably deleted when 10.04 went end of life09:47
karl__cfhowlett: ok thank you :) gonna try that now09:47
cfhowlett!server | sgo11, might want to ask the server channel09:48
ubottusgo11, might want to ask the server channel: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server09:48
sgo11unmount happens again just now. home directory is unmounted every minute.09:48
sgo11cfhowlett, this is not a server question.09:48
sgo11cfhowlett, no server will encrypt home directory.09:48
cfhowlettsgo11, OK, I misunderestimated09:49
sgo11cfhowlett, this is about ecryptfs-mount. ok. thanks.09:49
MasterOfDisastersgo11: anything helpful in /var/log/*? Share them via pastebin.09:49
sgo11MasterOfDisaster, let me check log file.09:49
argoneusthanks MasterOfDisaster09:51
sgo11MasterOfDisaster, I don't find anything useful in /var/log. which file should I look particularly?09:52
sgo11after the automatic unmount, I will have two files in home directory only: Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop and README.txt.09:53
sgo11I can remount my home directory with command "ecryptfs-mount-private". but that doesn't really help much. because my home directory will be umounted quickly after the manual mount.09:54
supernilHow can I change fonts in ubuntu 14.10, when there is no GUI installed?09:54
sgo11this happens after I enable samba share server and share a directory within my home directory.09:54
RoryThis NTP vulnerability, are we required to update our NTP clients? Or does it only affect NTP servers which are listening on the Internet?09:55
sgo11by googling, I think umount.ecryptfs_private is called somehow. but I still can not find a way to stop it.10:03
wafflej0ckRory, it appears there are some vulnerabilities patched in ntp 4.2.8 the latest from the trusty repos appears to be 4.2.6 so doesn't look like they've been merged in yet10:10
verwilst4.2.6p5 have the fixes that are in 4.2.810:11
wafflej0ckah well okay thankx verwilst10:11
wafflej0ckah yeah looks like I got that the 22nd10:13
wafflej0ckso took 4 days from release, pretty snappy10:13
RoryOK but that doesn't answer my question10:13
Roryare we required to update our NTP clients? Or does it only affect NTP servers which are listening on the Internet?10:13
Rory(when the patch is released)10:13
wafflej0ckRory, if you have ntpd installed then I imagine you would want to update it10:14
=== Yukitteru is now known as Yukinotteru
RoryEventually, yes. I'm just trying to work out the level of urgency10:14
RoryOtherwise we'll just update it as a normal part of our next release, rather than some emergency hotfix10:14
wafflej0ckRory, dunno what to tell ya just googled about it a bit http://www.forbes.com/sites/amitchowdhry/2014/12/26/why-apple-pushed-its-first-automatic-mac-os-x-security-update-this-week/ <-- given this info I would probably go with updating it sooner rather than later but you know rollback plan and all that if this is for enterprise stuff (I don't need to be telling anyone this I'm sure though)10:17
=== tcpman is now known as Guest11640
* cfhowlett just sensed a disturbance in the force ...10:18
kostkonwafflej0ck, is this the one? http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2449-1/10:18
wafflej0ckkostkon, yeah appears to be the same10:19
wafflej0ckkostkon, same CVE numbers10:19
Lucax Hello, is there a good unix GUI where I can easily optimize picture alt tags?  title tags and alt tags10:26
cfhowlettLucax, unix?  ubuntu is linux.  and GUI doesn't edit anything = graphic user interface.10:27
abhinavcan someone give any advice on GSOC 2015?10:28
Lucaxforgive my noobiness language. what i meant is, is there a simple picture program in ubuntu where I can click properties and change the title and alt tags for my seo?10:28
wafflej0ckLucax, yeah the question really doesn't make a ton of sense, can you restate... typically alt "tags" and "title" tags are in HTML markup not in the image itself10:28
explosive!info phatch | Lucax10:28
ubottuLucax: phatch (source: phatch): simple to use Photo Batch Processor - GUI. In component universe, is optional. Version (utopic), package size 219 kB, installed size 696 kB10:28
cfhowlettLucax, pretty sure you might mean "metadata" and exif .10:28
=== lrx is now known as Guest82283
cfhowlettLucax, shotwell has flag editing as well10:30
Lucax I just saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hi95C0pnwwU and in the video he use a windows program, but I want to do the same in Ubuntu10:30
wafflej0ckLucax, the video is misguiding to some degree10:31
wafflej0ckLucax, alt tags are in the HTML on a site like <img src="image.png" alt="Some nice picture"/> and can easily be parsed by search engines and is used by screen readers for accessibility10:32
Lucaxok, thanks for clarifying. actually what I am doing is simply optimizing my picture titles manually and replacing the default camera title like CN001 to descriptive titles like "blue horse gone wild"10:33
wafflej0ckLucax, this is showing how to alter EXIF or photo metadata which typically isn't part of the SEO/indexing process (Google says they "reserve the right" to use this info but don't explicitly admit to it being used, whereas the actual alt="" property in HTML will be read by any search engine10:33
wafflej0ckLucax, ah okay so you're just really interested in the titles/tagging for sorting purposes10:33
wafflej0ckLucax, you may want to try shotwell10:34
=== ARMEN_ is now known as EREVAN
wafflej0ckoh yeah cfhowlett already suggested it too, it's good for photo organizing10:34
LucaxFirst and foremost I just want the pictures to have targeted and relevant titles.10:34
=== Dwaan is now known as Guest83155
Lucaxso then I think what I am doing is good enough (changing the titles) BUT then I read about Alt tags and got into a new world10:35
cfhowlettLucax, take a peek at darktable as well for meta-data editing10:36
Lucaxis darktable a program?10:37
cfhowlett!info darktable | Lucax,10:37
ubottuLucax,: darktable (source: darktable): virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.2-1build2 (utopic), package size 2002 kB, installed size 9225 kB (Only available for any-i386; any-amd64)10:37
cfhowlettLucax, I suggest you grab all your photo toys with: sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-photography10:38
Lucaxok thanks10:40
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abhinavhey...can someone give any advice on GSOC 2015?10:46
k1l_abhinav: is this ubuntu support related? or do you want to ask that in #ubuntu-offtopic ?10:47
abhinavits not ubuntu speific10:47
k1l_so this is offtopic in here. please use the offtopic channel then10:48
abhinavok thanx :D10:48
divansantanaafter loading linux+uefi+grub2, I can't get into the uefi boot screen. Any ideas?10:54
=== hades_ is now known as Guest2041
reggie-manMy DVD won't mount.10:56
cfhowlettreggie-man, please don't cross post in channels10:57
lotuspsychje!dvd | reggie-man10:57
ubottureggie-man: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:57
cfhowlett!nick | Guest2041,10:58
ubottuGuest2041,: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.10:58
reggie-manOh, sorry cfhowlett. It's just that I often stick to the one channel and am often told to come here and ask because there are more people. I already have these restricted extras and stuff installed. It's just not mounting.10:59
cfhowlettreggie-man, encrypted dvd??11:00
reggie-manI have to navigate to /dev/sr0 to access it, but it's not in mounted in /media or anything.11:00
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:00
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/<something>11:01
=== mike is now known as Guest17044
reggie-manSh3r1ff: ^11:05
k1l_reggie-man: the error is self explaining11:05
reggie-manWell I don't understand. Is it supposed to exist?11:06
k1l_you cant mount to folders that dont exist.11:06
reggie-manSo do I create a folder then, k1l_?11:07
Sh3r1ff!mount | reggie-man11:07
ubottureggie-man: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount11:07
cfhowlettreggie-man, http://www.ehow.com/how_5128363_mount-dvd-linux.html11:08
Zeedoxk1l_: Well, Ubuntu creates mounts for new devices automatically, so it's a bit confusing.11:08
k1l_Zeedox: that is gvfs doing it.11:09
k1l_and yes, not doing it the automatic way means doing manual work.11:09
jimmydso is there a reason not to let the software do it11:10
reggie-manWait a second. My problem here is that it's not automatically mounting and showing up in my file manager like it was before. I don't want to have to manually mount it each time.11:10
=== Guest79915 is now known as nesthib
jimmydcan you put it in the startup menue?11:11
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB11:13
Sh3r1ffcheck the section automounting11:13
=== saschpe is now known as zz_saschpe
reggie-manIt refers to a package I don't have. I don't understand, the mounting was working before. Isn't there some way to find out what happened and revert it? I don't see why I should have to install additional packages to fix this.11:15
reggie-manI guess I'll try it anyway, though. I can always remove the package.11:16
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: the link i provided to you doesn't say anything about installing extra packages11:17
lotuspsychjereggie-man: investigate why automounting doesnt work anymore, check your logs11:17
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
reggie-manSh3r1ff: It told me to use a command for a package I didn't have, so I had to install it. Also, the automount options are set to true.11:19
reggie-manlotuspsychje: They would be so long. I wouldn't know where to start.11:19
=== tizbac_ is now known as tizbac
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: dconf-editor should be installed by default11:20
reggie-manI'm on Xubuntu, so maybe that's why it wasn't.11:20
reggie-manSh3r1ff: ^11:20
RoryIs it possible to prevent a graphical dialogue asking for my passphrase when I use "gpg -d" from the terminal? Can I enter my password in the terminal window? I'm reasonably sure I have used a Linux distro at some point which had this latter behaviour11:21
RoryTo be clear, I still want to be prompted for a passphrase, but I want the prompt to be in the same terminal I run "gpg -d" from, and not pop up in some dialogue box11:21
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: even on xubuntu ;)11:22
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: check your settings for removable drives and media11:22
Sh3r1ffit is under the hardware section11:22
reggie-manWhy wasn't it for me then Sh3r1ff? Yes, they are set to automount.11:23
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: does it happen with every disc you insert? (try different types: data, video, audio, ...)11:24
lotuspsychjereggie-man: type dmesg in terminal, see what errors there are11:24
reggie-manSh3r1ff: Well there is a disc I inserted before that isn't mounting anymore. I'll try a few others.11:25
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: pastebin the content of your /etc/fstab11:28
reggie-manlotuspsychje: There are a few lines like this "CPU1: Core temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 621188)"11:28
ZeedoxWhat is a recommended way to share big(ish) files across ubuntu machines? Rsync and SCP doesn't seem to work for me.11:29
reggie-manSh3r1ff: Do you want me to dir /etc/fstab ?11:29
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: cat /etc/fstab and paste that in a pastebin11:29
reggie-manSh3r1ff: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9639600/11:31
=== bugslayer is now known as devslashhdc
reggie-manSh3r1ff: I've just tried to more discs that I haven't tried before and they didn't mount.11:34
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: add a line "/dev/cdrom /media/cdrom udf,iso9660 ro 0 0" and make sure /media/cdrom exists (mkdir /media/cdrom)11:36
InFiernoHi guys, anyone here has experience with UE3 on Linux?11:38
RenardI used a USB key to install Ubuntu on my dekstop back in the days. I completely wiped it (3-pass wipe) and despite it being empty, my Arch/ARM (rpi) machine still thinks it's an install disk and lists some sort of squashfs. What did I miss here?11:39
InFiernoRenard, Dunno if this will work but try formatting it with a windows PC if you have one (or macosx)11:40
Renarddid that, didn't change anything11:40
reggie-manAre you sure you don't mean /media/<username>/cdrom Sh3r1ff? and am I adding that line to /etc/fstab ?11:41
Renardalso the firmware seems to be set as "mkfs.fat" as the OEM string11:41
InFiernoRenard, Odd; I usually do a quick NTFS format then back to fat32 and never have issues11:43
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: you can specify any directory you want, as long as it is an existing one11:43
Renardthis behavior is consistant with another older key I have11:43
Renardsomething's definitely off11:44
reggie-manDo I add the line to /etc/fstab Sh3r1ff?11:44
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: yes11:45
InFiernoRenard, Maybe its an arch linux caching issue?11:45
reggie-manSh3r1ff: And then after that just try a disc again?11:46
reggie-manBecause that didn't work.11:47
mynameisdeletedare 4k computer optimization tutorials welcome on ubuntu website?11:47
mynameisdeletedinstructions for which graphics cards and hardware work wel at 4k.. how to disable compositing window managers, list of driver resources etc11:47
InFiernoI would certainly like it11:48
mynameisdeletedalso likely which tv/graphics card combos support 4k@60hz vs 4k@30hz11:48
mynameisdeletedprobably want a dual screen section which is a list of graphics cards adn gpu-ports that support multiple screens at 4k11:49
RenardInFierno, tried with another disk which hasn't been exposed to a Linux install and it works fine11:49
kostkonmynameisdeleted, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214360211:49
Renardalso found another one which says it's a Mac OSX install key on my rasbpi, and is blank on my desktop computer11:49
InFiernoI honestly have no idea11:50
Renardso this isn't just Ubuntu11:50
InFiernoGot it11:50
InFiernois it one of those keys with a lock feature?11:50
Renardsomething related to a boot sector? some TOC?11:50
=== zz_saschpe is now known as saschpe
=== akin_ is now known as akin
Renardformatted in Gparted, the key immediately gets a default label (when none is manually set): "Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS amd64"11:53
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: restart or do mount -a11:54
RenardWhat's annoying about that is, I can no longer use these keys on my Raspberry Pi11:54
reggie-manSh3r1ff: Okay, but that will be in a few hours. I'm ripping a DVD at the moment.11:54
=== michiwend is now known as splasher
Renardhttp://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/52129-disk-clean-clean-all-diskpart-command.html hm, maybe?11:59
InFiernoRenard, Possibly failing usb drive?12:01
cfhowlettRenard, awefully quick "no" ... they DO go bad.12:01
=== rwtrecs1 is now known as rwtrecs
=== yaroslav is now known as Guest5818
RenardIt's anew stick PLUS it happens on many keys12:01
Renardcheck yours, you probably still have a boot sector set12:02
InFiernoWhat you could try Is on windows download the windows iso maker and put an ISO on it (it basically runs the diskpart commands for you)12:02
InFiernoDiskpart, List disk, select disk #, clean, format fs=ntfs quick etc12:02
RenardI'll just try rebooting into my kinda useless Windows partition12:03
=== splasher is now known as michiwend
Frenks_4Can anyone help with adding a seccond hard drive in Ubuntu?12:07
buckstabuhi, guys. How can i report a bug in gcc 4.6 in precise/i386 ?12:17
trijntjeubuntu-bug gcc12:18
trijntjeput that in a terminal and it will collect all required information for you12:18
cfhowlett!bug | buckstabu,12:18
ubottubuckstabu,: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.12:18
buckstabuHmm. I don't have ubuntu-bug in my chroot. Which package contains it?12:20
cfhowlettbuckstabu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9639830/12:21
reggie-manSh3r1ff: I didn't realize you said OR. I did sudo mount -a and that works now, but I have two drives with a disc in each, and only one of them is mounted.12:21
buckstabuLol, i don't even have this package in repositories. Perhaps, I need to file a bug report through email/12:22
plumplumpi'm having a curious issue with ubuntu 14.10, unity, and firefox - when i type in the address bar, my keyboard output is erratic and misses keys, etc.  doesn't seem to happen in any other app except firefox12:23
k1l_buckstabu: use launchpad.net12:23
buckstabuAlso, I need to determine a type of bug. If that bug appears only on precise/i386, it's an ubuntu-specific bug?12:27
* cfhowlett ubottu !precise12:27
ActionParsnipQuiet today....12:32
cfhowlettquiet = ubuntu is humming along and trolls are sleeping12:33
plumplumplike, if i press the 'r' key five times, i get 'rrrrt' in any text field in firefox.12:33
plumplump't' keeps jumping in there12:34
notfadsssssssif anyones got some time can someone help me figure out why my efi shell cannot map my drives?12:35
ActionParsnipplumplump: does it happen in other applications? Does it happen with another keyboard?12:35
DeefHey all, anyone able to help me with a remote access issue?12:35
ActionParsnipDeef: what are you using to remote access?12:36
plumplumpactionparsnip: happens with another keyboard, only happens in firefox12:36
plumplumphad no problems with xubuntu 14 which is what i was using before12:36
ActionParsnipplumplump: can you pastebin the output of: lsb_release -a; uname -a; apt-cache policy firefox12:37
DeefActionParsnip: I am new to Ubuntu, and I have a server running in a country I'm not back in for another week. It is running TeamViewer, which no longer responds. I can access file sharing, so I can put a file on the server, but just need to launch a restart12:37
ActionParsnipDeef: what OS is the server?12:37
ubottuemanuele: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:37
DeefUbuntu 1412:37
DeefExactly which version I don't know12:38
ActionParsnipDeef: yhen why don't you use SSH? Are you seriously using teamviewer for that!?12:38
cfhowlettDeef, ssh +112:38
DeefBecause I'm new to it, that's all. I don't know if I have SSH enabled on my server12:38
ActionParsnipDeef: I'd try and SSH to it.12:39
plumplumpActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/eLS6sw32  if i type extra slowly the keys tend to input correctly.12:39
DeefOk, I'll give that a shot, I'll report back :)12:39
ActionParsnipPeople use teamviewer for the stupidest stuff12:39
rzekaI am about to run DNS servers. Can I use "ns1.domain.com" A record to point to ip and then set NS record for "ns1.domain.com" to point to "ns1.domain.com"?12:39
cfhowlettlol  too true12:39
ZeedoxActionParsnip: not really12:39
ActionParsnipZeedox: I had a dude in here jsing VNC to then launch a terminal on the desktop to use nano12:40
plumplumpfirst step on any new machine is install openssh-server :P12:40
cfhowlettActionParsnip, !  I .. he ... but ... *** facesmash to keyboard12:41
ZeedoxWell, I've spent the last couple of hours figuring out ssh bugs, so ssh is no messiah either.12:41
ActionParsnipplumplump: if you close the web browser then rename ~/.mozilla (I assume you don't use Thunderbird) then launch the browser to get a vanilla profile, is it okay then?12:41
plumplumpActionParsnip: a12:42
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: I educated, don't worry12:42
White_CatI am trying to use UEFI with ubutnu server12:42
White_Catare the directions here rational? http://askubuntu.com/questions/509423/which-commands-to-convert-a-ubuntu-bios-install-to-efi-uefi-without-boot-repair12:42
ActionParsnipZeedox: its more often than not a better tool, or web interfaces in apps12:42
White_CatI dont want to reinstall my os, just to convert traditional bios boot to UEFI12:42
plumplumpjesus, sorry bout that. tried a second keyboard. quit firefox and renamed profile, seems to work now12:42
ZeedoxActionParsnip: I'd disagree, but eh.12:43
White_Catthat is talking about a live cd but all I have is ubuntu server install usb12:43
White_Catcan I run those commands while running the OS itself?12:43
plumplumpActionParsnip: thanks, think that's done it.12:43
plumplumpI wonder if it's because I didn't restart firefox after live-plugging (lol?) my usb keyboard.12:44
plumplumpoh dear. there was a second usb keyboard plugged in simultaneously. sorry.12:45
plumplumpi didn't see it behind there12:45
ActionParsnipplumplump: obviously bookmarks and such will need resyncing blah blah but should be ok12:46
ActionParsnipplumplump: you can rename the folders back and forth if required.  Dead easy12:47
plumplumpok. it's a fresh install so i'll just import my bookmarks as it is12:47
ActionParsnipplumplump: even better12:47
ActionParsnipZeedox: transmission and vlc have web uis. You can file manage with sftp (part of ssh server). What do you use teamviewer etc for?12:48
plumplumpI've been using filezilla to do file management via sftp, perhaps he just really likes a desktop filemanager? could have vnc listen on localhost only, and then ssh tunnel to machine perhaps12:50
ActionParsnipplumplump: nautilus can connect to SSHFS / SFTP12:52
plumplumpActionParsnip: no shit?! oh man12:52
ActionParsnipplumplump: yes, its a feature rich file manager, not like the crap you get in Windows12:52
plumplumpi'll have to try this right now on my remote box at the 'rents12:53
plumplumpActionParsnip: well thats the kind of feature i didnt think to even look for12:53
ZeedoxActionParsnip: Not specifically TeamViewer, but there's nothing wrong with using a tool that is known to work.12:53
ActionParsnipZeedox: yeah but if a sleeker solution exists shouldn't it be used. I bet you use it to run updates ;-)12:54
ZeedoxRather than navigating mysterious bugs in other sw.12:54
DeefHi all again, dickhead here with the Teamviewer issue. SSH is timing out, so I don't think I've installed it. I'll do that when I get back to the box. Any other options for me to somehow restart the machine (I have access to the drive using Teamviewer file sharing) but don't know enough about Ubuntu to do anything about it!12:56
notfadsssssssdeef: crash it ?12:57
DeefWould it restart though?12:57
notfadsssssssdeef: install ssh but thats not an option i guess12:57
notfadsssssssdeef: if you control it correctly, it will reboot will it not? just find a means at which the os forces reboot.12:58
DeefIt should reboot I guess, but I don't know enough about how to force a reboot (or if it possible) by just manipulating files on the local HDD12:58
notfadsssssssdeef: I have not been reading your messages, but If you need to restart something and cannot access it via ssh and have access to drives.12:58
notfadsssssssdeef: oh just HDD drives?12:58
DeefI have access to the drive using file sharing, but can't establish a remote session12:59
notfadsssssssdeef: what os? I thought you ment drivers drivers12:59
ragnarockHi guys need help ,I am unable to ping www.github.com from my home wifi.Unable to connect from mobile too.Any  help is very much appreciated...12:59
notfadsssssssdeef: can you make a bat file?12:59
notfadsssssssdeef: and forice it to run? >.>12:59
DeefI can file share, but can't remote desktop. Just need to find a way to restart the machine if possible. If it isn't, then meh, nothing lost too much!12:59
DeefForcing it to run is the tricky bit13:00
DeefOne sec, I have access to an app console which is running on the server which might be able to launch a batch file13:00
notfadsssssssdeef: arg sorry.13:00
notfadsssssssdeef: so write a bat file to send restart command13:00
ZeedoxActionParsnip: I just dislike buggy software. ssh keeps giving me touble without any good error messages.13:00
DeefBugger, the app console only runs specific things, not a custom batch13:01
DeefNever mind, I'll keep thinking and if not I'm back at the machine in a few days anyway13:01
DeefThanks notfadsssssss13:01
plumplumpi feel idiotic, but copying and pasting within a remote nautilus connection seems to be sending the data to my local machine and then back to the remote13:03
darius93Hey, are there any arguments i can use when I do apt-get dist-upgrade to ignore any prompts and continue on (eg prompts that tells me about changes to the configuration files)?13:03
EriC^^darius93: -y maybe13:05
darius93EriC^^, thats to accept and install packages automatically though13:08
BluesKaj_Hey all13:10
ActionParsnipdarius93: man apt.conf , may give clues13:13
plumplumpwhich is more relevant to configuring the unity dock - Unity Tweak Tool or CompizConfigSettingsManager?13:13
RoryIs it possible to prevent a graphical dialogue asking for my passphrase when I use "gpg -d" from the terminal? Can I enter my password in the terminal window? I'm reasonably sure I have used a Linux distro at some point which had this latter behaviour13:14
RoryTo be clear, I still want to be prompted for a passphrase, but I want the prompt to be in the same terminal I run "gpg -d" from, and not pop up in some dialogue box13:14
k1l_plumplump: unity-tweak-tool13:14
Roryplumplump: The former is more unity-specific, it really depends what you trying to edit. Why not both?13:14
plumplumpoh ok, im hoping to have minimize window to icon13:14
newertyhappy new year...13:14
newertymerry christmas...13:15
k1l_plumplump: ccsm is not meant to be a user-tool. its very advanced in its settings and you might break more than you actually fix, in worst case disable all unity13:15
plumplumpgot it13:15
ActionParsnipRory: according to http://linux.die.net/man/1/gpg the cleartext should go to stdout, you can use --output option to spit the text to a file, then cat the file then delete it (if you want)13:18
RoryActionParsnip: No, you misunderstand. The first time after logging in when I run gpg -d, the gpg-agent (I think) pops up a dialogue asking for the passphrase13:19
RoryActionParsnip: For various not very interesting reasons, I would prefer gpg-agent to ask for my passphrase on the console13:19
ActionParsnipRory: makes sense. You could report a bug13:20
RoryIt's not really a bug though13:20
RoryI think different distros do it differently... and obviously on a system without a graphical interface you get prompted on the console. But I just don't know where it's configured13:21
mwsbRory: This could be a bit dated, but reads what you're after (as far as I can see): http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151036013:23
Rorymwsb: I had considered doing that, but that kills gpg-agent which means I'll be prompted for my password every time13:24
cfhowlett!ubuntu | robi_,13:24
ubotturobi_,: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com13:24
robi_lxde téma telepitenék terminálbol hogy kell??13:26
k1l_!hu | robi_13:27
ubotturobi_: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál13:27
Trudkoguys some user friendly program for creating animated gifs ?13:28
robi_beléptem umbutu-hu de nincs senki,13:30
kostkonTrudko, yeah there is gimme 10 secs13:30
k1l_robi_: this channel is english only13:30
kostkonTrudko, QGifer. Google it and you'll find its sourceforge website. Download the .deb from there13:30
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Trudkothis seems tobe for extracting not recording13:32
muculusI want to make my ubuntu multiseat , where can I found a good tutorial or referece? I googled it, but I couldn't find good one.13:32
kostkonTrudko, no. it's for creating animated gifs13:32
Trudkoso it should be able to record right <13:33
flipapycan ubuntu phone use any provider and any smartphone?13:33
k1l_flipapy: any provider but your phone must have a open bootloader. see #ubuntu-touch for more info13:34
kostkonTrudko, it can import videos13:34
Trudkokostkon: so i would have to record video first and then extract gif?13:34
kostkonTrudko, i think so13:34
flipapylumia 635 have an open bootloader?13:35
k1l_flipapy: microsoft lumias are very restrictive. buy a open bootloader device in the first place13:37
Sh3r1ffreggie-man: if you have two drives, you should add a line for /dev/cdrom0 and one for /dev/cdrom113:39
bipulHello, I am looking for latest document for setting a java path in Ubuntu.13:39
robi_vann téma lxdre ?13:40
k1l_robi_: this channel is english only. use #ubuntu-hu for your native language13:41
flipapythe ubuntu phone, it also serves as a laptop right?13:41
zhunnloveis this a group?13:41
k1l_flipapy: like i said: #ubuntu-touch for that specific questions. and read the topic there13:41
flipapyoh sorry, i thought i was ther, my bad, thanks k1l_13:42
robi_ez irjam a terminálba?13:43
bipulI am looking for latest document for setting a java path in Ubuntu.13:43
k1l_robi_: Ez a csatorna csak angol nyelven13:44
ActionParsnipbipul: sudo update-alternatives --config java13:46
bipulI did that13:46
bipulBut i am not able to run .class file13:46
ActionParsnipbipul: does it need marking executable?13:47
ActionParsnipbipul: I suggest you ask in #java13:48
bipulActionParsnip: I mean to say, that i am able to compile it with javac  and it's showing me .class. But the problem is that when i am trying to run it with java xyz.class it is giving me "Error: Could not find or load main class Div.class13:49
=== fox9hound is now known as Santiago
bipulI made a directory inside my home folder with name "java" inside it i am trying to compile and run the code. Do you think it's correct way?13:50
Trudkokoston i needsomething which can record to gif13:50
ChrisP1948System locked up again last night, Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, Gnome Desktop, kernel 3.14.0-031400-generic #201403310035 SMP Mon Mar 31 04:36:23 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux. My syslog again reports kernel: [219049.820014] [drm:i915_hangcheck_elapsed] *ERROR* Hangcheck timer elapsed... render ring idle, anyone have any idea? Thought this had gone away when I upgraded from the 3.13 kernel13:51
Trudkoi have found byzanz but my understanding is that you have to use it through command line and set size of window and even y/x of the window which seems odd13:53
SeveasChrisP1948: looks like a hardware issue13:54
BluesKaj_ChrisP1948, do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?13:54
ActionParsnip!info linux-image-generic trusty13:54
ChrisP1948Um I do not know, how would I check?13:54
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 28 kB13:54
ActionParsnipChrisP1948: is it the same under the default kernel for Trusty?13:55
BluesKaj_ChrisP1948, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras , in the terminal13:55
ActionParsnipChrisP1948: you have some 3rd party kernel which we cannot support here13:55
ChrisP1948I installed the 3.14 on advice after reporting the bug to ubuntu13:56
BluesKaj_i see athe i915 intel graphics driver hanging on a drm problem13:56
ChrisP1948The kernel came from here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.14-trusty/13:57
kostkonTrudko, i'm guessing you've already seen this page http://askubuntu.com/questions/107726/how-to-create-animated-gif-images-of-a-screencast13:57
ararobChrisP1948: i have that driver on my laptop, never experienced it with 3.13. or 3.16 kernels13:57
BluesKaj_ok a kernel module problem then13:58
Trudkobut all of solutions are way to complicated I rather just switch to windows where there is bunch of small and easy to user programs13:58
ChrisP1948The restricted install is stuck at some EULA for MS stuff13:58
BluesKaj_ChrisP1948, agree to it with the tab key13:59
SeveasTrudko: then why don't you? We're not forcing you to make your life more difficult :)13:59
bipulSeems though no one has time to look on my problem.13:59
ChrisP1948Duh :)13:59
TrudkoSeveas: ? not sure why did you feel like saying that but ok13:59
ActionParsnipChrisP1948: the kernel is not from the Ubuntu repos, so is not supported here14:00
mwsbTrudko: Typically, people don't appreciate guilt trips.14:00
ActionParsnipTrudko: you can use a bash script loop an image magic to take screenshots every second (or whatever is appropriate). You can then use Gimp to make the GIF14:01
Trudkoguilt trips ? wow14:01
ChrisP1948Ok, yes, it's from a PPA not a 'repo' so guess I should just leave here and find another channel? Guess I could go back to the individual from the PPA and get with him14:02
TrudkoActionParsnip: yeah sure I might I was just curious if there isnt some not know program which already does it.14:02
ActionParsnipTrudko: shouldnt be hard to make in bash14:02
ActionParsnip!info byzanz14:02
ubottubyzanz (source: byzanz): small screencast creator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.0+git20140223-1 (utopic), package size 82 kB, installed size 675 kB14:03
Trudkoi agree but  I can't realy do bash scripts and as I mentioned it would easier for me just to switch to windows and use soft there14:03
ActionParsnipTrudko: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/byzanz-record.1.html14:03
ActionParsnipTrudko: all I did was search the same Internet that you can search.....14:03
ActionParsnipTrudko: come across that page?14:04
Trudkoi take a look at byzanz but setting position and size of window through command line is clunky plus i need to remove some frames from gif (epescially at the beginig and the end of the video)14:04
ActionParsnipTrudko: time to learn a new thing14:05
Trudko   nvm I will just use windows for this ,  i don't need it that much often anway14:05
Trudkono thanks  I  have tons of things to learn already14:05
Trudkothanks guys for your time tought  i appreciate it14:05
ActionParsnipSeems like a simple enough creature14:05
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ararobanyone know of a good hex editor that will let you search for a string in a binary? there's ghex, but, it seems it only searches for offset numbers, and i'd rather not use grep in bash either.14:12
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fancyfetusHey guys14:24
fancyfetusI'm switching from windows/ubuntu to mac/ubuntu14:24
fancyfetusanything I should know before delving into it?14:24
fancyfetuswords of wisdom for running ubuntu on a brand new macbook pro?14:24
somsip!mac | fancyfetus14:25
ubottufancyfetus: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:25
fancyfetussomsip, I don't think that link has the lastest macbook pro listed.14:25
fancyfetusAren't they on 10 now?14:26
plumplumpboy, snapraid is pretty nifty software14:29
fancyfetussomsip, is this alright? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro11-1/Saucy14:31
White_Catthis is talking about the ubuntu linux live cd14:32
=== light94 is now known as Guest94011
White_Catis this different from the installation usb for ubuntu server?14:32
White_Catcan I run these commands while running the OS itself?14:32
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: don't know about the server disc, but the default installation disc is also a live cd14:34
White_Catit gives me the option to install ubuntu etc in a list14:34
White_Catis this where I am supposed to press Ctrl+Alt+T ?14:34
BluesKaj_White_Cat, create a new GPT partition table first, usually with windows then partition the unallocated space for linux and install from there14:35
White_CatI dont use windows on this machine at all14:35
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: i would say that that is not a live cd14:35
White_Catits purely ubutnu server14:35
BluesKaj_White_Cat, so why convert dos partiton table to uefi ?14:36
White_Catwhat exactly is the live cd (computer doesnt have an optical disk so it would be through a USB)14:36
White_CatBlue11 faster boot14:36
White_Catbetter detection14:36
White_Catlegacy is being wonky14:37
White_Cator else I wouldnt bother14:37
BluesKaj_yes, better driver detection ...understood14:37
BluesKaj_err hdd detection rather14:37
BluesKaj_or any othe rdrive for that matter14:37
White_Catits on a real deal server too so its causing all sorts of other pain14:38
White_Catactually is what is described at http://askubuntu.com/questions/509423/which-commands-to-convert-a-ubuntu-bios-install-to-efi-uefi-without-boot-repair logical?14:38
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: cd/usb, same thing, get the regular ubuntu installation disc, not the server one14:38
BluesKaj_yup , I had the same problem , but creating gpt partition table solved it for me14:38
White_Catfor desktop14:38
White_CatI see14:38
White_Catcan I make that happen by booting into the OS14:39
White_Catbecause I can do that14:39
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: can make what happen?14:40
newertygood evening, ubuntu.14:42
CrellGood morning, newerty14:42
newertygood evening, crell.14:42
White_CatSh3r1ff apply changes necesary for EFI14:47
newertywhite_cat, in what it has a problem?14:47
White_Catnewerty I want to convert bios boot to efi14:48
White_CatI have no idea how to do it14:48
White_Catbut this is described at http://askubuntu.com/questions/509423/which-commands-to-convert-a-ubuntu-bios-install-to-efi-uefi-without-boot-repair14:48
White_Catis that logical and if so can I apply those changes while running the OS itself14:48
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: i haven't checked the link you provided, but if you boot the live usb, you are in a regular os, so you can access the disc, run commands, ...14:49
=== corey84-- is now known as Corey84-
White_CatI dont really need the recovery disk to access the OS if I can do this form the os itself14:49
White_Catmy point is forgoing the recovery disk itself, is that a possibility14:50
White_CatSh3r1ff its a series of commands it seems14:50
White_Catnothing too complicated14:50
White_CatI am terrified of frying my drive14:50
newertywhite_cat, why to you it?14:50
erichfI have an issue where my chromium icon is opening join.me in app mode, what is the correct place to ask about resolving this?14:52
erichfI would like chromium, to open chromium in browser mode14:52
ActionParsnipWhite_Cat: you won't fry the drive. It will still function. Just be sure your backups are up to date before you start14:52
ActionParsniperichf: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue14:53
White_CatActionParsnip I dont have backups and I cannot have them14:53
White_Catthats the problem, thats why I need EFI14:54
White_Catit wont detect the backup drive14:54
White_CatI have a grub prompt on the ubuntu server installation disk14:54
newertywhy not a grub, for example?14:54
White_CatI am fairly new to linux. I am unsure how to solve this14:55
aFeijohi folks, I mounted a webdav (box.com) account, I can create a file, save it, delete using vim. But it wont work for copying files! I try with cp and scp, it return an error: input/output error, what can I do?14:55
ActionParsnipWhite_Cat: why is there no backup from when it was ok? I take it the data is disposable to you. ?.14:55
ActionParsnipaFeijo: how did you mount it?14:55
White_CatActionParsnip I am handed a problem and I am trying to fix it14:55
White_Catif I had designed it, I would have done this first14:56
White_CatI dont want to loose data14:56
ActionParsnipWhite_Cat: but is the data important?14:56
White_Cateverything is working fine asife from EFI14:56
erichfActionParsnip: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l14:56
ActionParsnipWhite_Cat: what if the drive IDE or motor failed...where is your data?14:56
White_Catits on raid 5 so its not suicidal14:56
White_Catbut no data would be lost if two drives fail14:56
White_Catthats why I want to define a backup14:57
aFeijoActionParsnip, hello :) I followed many pages with step by step to do it with box.com, but the bottom line is in the fstab file: https://dav.box.com/dav /home/xmodulo/box.com davfs rw,user,noauto 0 014:57
White_Catto do that I need EFI as drives arent being detected by legacy bios14:57
ActionParsnipWhite_Cat: raid is not an escuse to not backup14:57
aFeijoActionParsnip, I used davfs214:57
White_CatActionParsnip I KNOW.14:57
aFeijolike in this tutorial http://xmodulo.com/how-to-mount-box-com-cloud-storage-on-linux.html14:57
White_CatAll I am asking is how to convert this to EFI14:57
ActionParsnipWhite_Cat: people love to learn the hard way. You are going to have to swing and hope14:58
White_Cathard way what?14:58
White_CatI didnt design this14:58
White_CatI am trying to fix it14:58
ActionParsnipWhite_Cat: data loss = hard way14:58
White_Catif you do not know how to do this please stop wasting my time14:58
ActionParsnipWhite_Cat: people don't backup their "important" data then cry when it comes to the crunch14:59
White_CatDo you not understand the issue?14:59
White_CatThe dickhead before me didnt bother with a backup14:59
White_CatI am trying to fix that14:59
ActionParsnipWhite_Cat: the guide you posted has concise commands to chroot to the insralled OS from liveCd and convert14:59
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, language ..!!!14:59
White_CatI have many talents, time travel isnt one of them14:59
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList14:59
White_CatActionParsnip umm yes?14:59
ActionParsnipWhite_Cat: you have a guide....go for it15:00
geoffmccWhite_Cat: Do you understand that ActionParsnip has been active in this community for years and is probably one of, if not the most knowledgable people in this channel15:00
ActionParsnipgeoffmcc: I wouldn't say that :-)15:00
White_Catgeoffmcc that may be it doesnt change my plight.15:00
geoffmccWhite_Cat: your just not being very respectful15:00
White_CatActionParsnip my question is if I can run those commands from the OS itself15:00
White_Catgeoffmcc  I am sorry you feel that way15:00
White_CatI meant no disrepsect15:01
White_CatI am frustrated by the situation I am in due to the previous guy15:01
ActionParsnipWhite_Cat: i believe the disk will need to be not in use to change it15:01
White_CatActionParsnip ah, I fear as much.15:01
mcphailnewerty: please stop spamming the channel15:01
White_CatWould the ubuntu server installation disk (usb drive in my case) handle the same task? I currently have a grub prompt from it15:02
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, http://fpaste.org/164068/   note line 815:02
White_Catcfhowlett like I said, I am unable to define a backup15:03
erichfActionParsnip: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l15:03
White_CatI have great need to switch to EFI to be able to define backups15:03
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Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: as said, to have a live cd, you'll need the desktop version15:07
White_CatSh3r1ff I am downloading it as we speak.15:07
White_CatI merely was curious if the server version could handle the task15:08
White_Catit has a number of options15:08
Sh3r1ffit has been a long time since i installed an ubuntu server, but booting live isn't one of the options if i remember correctly15:09
cfhowlettSh3r1ff, still true, sadly.15:09
White_Catah my luck is terrible today :/15:09
White_Catat least its a problem with a solution15:09
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, *never done myself, but ...*   can't you boot a live cd, chroot to your target and make the changes>??15:09
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: see this as one of the many challenges life has for you ;)15:10
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White_Catcfhowlett I am downloading a live cd so it will take a short while :)15:14
White_Catinternet is slow here :(15:14
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, don't complain about slow DL.  I'm in China.  I've seen moss move faster than Chinese ISP.15:15
White_Catoh I am not complaining15:15
White_CatI remember the days of 56k15:15
White_Catwhere the connection was capped at half that15:16
White_CatI love the reaction of kids when they hear of days youtube didnt exist :p15:16
White_Catbut this is rather off topic :)15:16
BluesKaj_or here in the boonies 750Kb/s passes for 6mb speeds ..maximum available in our small town , even though the Fiber Optic Trunk Line is 2km away from us15:18
erichfHello, My chromium icon (app launcher) is labled 'hangouts' and opens the web site join.me in app mode :/ Any ideas on how to make chromium open chromium with tool bars?15:18
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BluesKaj_erichf, chromium>settings>click on "open a specific page or set of pages", then open a new tab and go to the page you want as default and copy theurl into the box and click ok15:22
erichfBluesKaj, that's not my issue -- Something is wrong with my app icon, or shortcut15:24
erichfWhere are app icon configs stored?15:24
BluesKaj_erichf, no i think the icon is ok , just try the suggestion above15:26
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erichfwhen I type `chromium-browser` into terminal I get my desired behavior15:27
erichfWhen I click chromium icon, I do not15:27
erichfI think the problem is with the icon15:27
Sh3r1fferichf: right click the launcher and change the command?15:27
erichfI don't have the option to do that15:27
erichfHow does one do that?15:28
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BluesKaj_erichf, ok then remove the icon since it obviously is configured incorrectly and try a new launcher15:28
Sh3r1fferichf: if you right click on the icon, what does it give you?15:28
nomadisthow do I telnet to my vps?15:31
nomadisthi chiedo15:31
nickandernomadist: telnet address port15:32
nomadistnickander, can I telnet to a vps if I'm already logged in to it via ssh?15:33
nomadistI'm getting: telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused15:33
nikisnomadist: what are you trying to telnet to? Do you have a telnet daemon installed on the server?15:33
nomadiston the vps I can see that telnet is installed15:34
nikis(also, using telnet for remote server access is not recommended, it is highly preferable to use SSH)15:34
nomadistI am running a spider on VPS. and I'm trying to do this from my local machine-> http://doc.scrapy.org/en/latest/topics/leaks.html#debugging-memory-leaks-with-trackref15:34
nomadistto debug an issue, but I suck at linux15:35
nikisnomadist: if that service is only running on localhost, you would not be able to connect to it remotely.15:35
nikisAs in, you would first have to SSH to your server, and from that, telnet to that port.15:35
nomadistok, another silly question then15:36
nomadistI log into my vps.. ssh ip@port15:36
nomadistI start my program on the terminal $> python run.py for example..15:37
nomadistbut now I have occupied it completely15:37
nikisnomadist: that seems odd... are you sure you are not using ssh username@ip?15:37
Pici!creen | nikis15:37
Pici!screen | nomadist15:37
ubottunomadist: screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'byobu' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen15:37
nomadistand I cannot do another ssh from another terminal15:37
Picinomadist: You really should look into screen or tmux or byobu15:38
nomadistnikis, no ip@port, I have a digitalocean vps ubuntu 140415:38
nomadistoh sorry, ^ nikis you're right15:38
nomadistPici, so I install this and I can have multiple terminals in a single ssh session?15:38
swiftwalkerHow can I disable my laptop's keyboard but keep the USB keyboard working?15:39
Picinomadist: indeed.15:39
swiftwalkerPici; any idea15:39
swiftwalkerplease help15:40
RNevilleI have a file "viber.deb" and need to install on Ubuntu 14.04, any help appreciated,pls15:40
nikisswiftwalker: you can use "xinput" to achieve that. For more detailed instructions, please refer to here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/160945/is-there-a-way-to-disable-a-laptops-internal-keyboard15:40
Sh3r1ff!dpkg | RNeville15:41
ubottuRNeville: dpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.15:41
nomadistok, so I typed screen and pressed ctrl-a-v (following this tutorial->https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-use-screen-on-an-ubuntu-cloud-server)15:41
RNevilleubottu: thx15:42
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)15:42
RNevilleno even sure how to run dpkg15:42
nomadistand I'm getting a blinking prompt at the bottom left that says "Enter digraph"15:42
RNevilleis dpkg a command line tool/15:42
swiftwalkernikis; thanks, that solution worked!15:42
nikisRNeville: it is. :)15:42
nikisswiftwalker: glad to hear that!15:42
Sh3r1ffRNeville: dpkg -i viber.deb15:43
Picinomadist: no, you pressed ctrl-a ctrl-v15:44
RNevilleSh3r1ff: thx15:44
Picinomadist: press ctrl-a then let go of both keys and press v15:44
nomadistPici, I see, thanks. This is amazing.15:46
Sh3r1ffnomadist: try "man screen" for a full set of key bindings ;)15:46
Radicalzinho+i Radicalzinho15:50
Radicalzinhoalguem ai ?15:50
JakeHi, does anyone here know how to reset the ssh failed authentications so I can login to my machine again?15:51
Jake(Ubuntu Server 14.04.01)15:51
nickanderJake: which side is refusing auth?15:52
erichfIf I `sudo apt-get remove chromium-broswer`, how is it that I am still using chromium?15:53
nickanderJake: you may just need to remove the entry from your .ssh/known_hosts15:53
Jakenickander: the server is disconnecting due to too many failed authentications, I was messing with keys and broke it a lil15:53
JakeI can still access the server through alternative means15:53
Jakebut I'd like to reset the auth count so I can actually use my accounts correctly again15:53
SchrodingersScatif you're using fail2ban, may just have to wait if that's easier15:54
JakeSchrodingersScat: I'm using the default ssh configuration15:55
JakeI don't think fail2ban is even installed15:55
Jakewhat is the wait time for it to reset anyway?15:55
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SchrodingersScatJake: I think 18015:57
Jakeseconds? minutes?15:57
Jakewell it hasn't reset in the 45 minutes I left it to watch something on YouTube15:57
Sh3r1ffJake: if you messed with the keys, do as nickander said and remove the entry from .ssh/known_hosts and try again16:01
JakeSh3r1ff: on the client or server?16:02
Sh3r1ffJake: client16:02
JakeSh3r1ff: still getting disconnected by server:  Too many authentication failures for jake16:03
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JakeWhen connecting using ssh, I'm getting "Roaming not allowed by server", perhaps this is an issue?16:08
ZequalWhat is the 'best' way to back-up an 'active' Lucid (LTS 10.04) system?16:09
JakeZequal: you could make a tar of the root directory16:09
Sh3r1ffJake: can you try ssh -o PreferredAuthentications=password user@host ?16:09
JakeSh3r1ff: password is disabled16:10
ZequalJake: You would need to shut down all services, otherwise databases will become corrupted..16:10
JakeZequal: if it's a mySQL database you can dump a copy of all databases and tables and copy that file16:11
JakeSh3r1ff: it works with password authentication but this is not ideal16:12
ZequalOkay, well.. Let's say the DB guy is out for lunch and in the meantime, I need to backup this ancient ubuntu install with a minimal chance of corruption.16:12
Sh3r1ffJake: try ssh -i <key> -o 'IdentitiesOnly yes' user@host16:12
JakeSh3r1ff: http://pastebin.com/kCfbKjY516:14
White_Catokay so when I run those commands mount prompts me for a filesystem type16:14
White_CatI am quite puzzled16:14
JakeZequal: how about rsyncing the files you need and excluding the databases?16:15
White_Catsda2 seems to have ext4 and sda3 swap16:16
White_Catsda1 appears blank16:16
White_CatI am trying to run these commands16:17
White_Catsda1 is 512k in size'16:18
Sh3r1ffJake: from what i read about it, roaming not allowed is not an error message, but just a simple debug message16:18
linsoni have a good computer & static IP internet connection &(PPTP, L2TP, IPSec Pass-through)compactible router(TD-W8968) CAN I HOST A VPN MY OWN?16:19
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: when you create a partition, use fdisk and mkfs to set the filesystem16:21
White_Caton gparted its listed as bios_grub16:21
White_CatI didnt create it though16:22
White_CatSh3r1ff I booted with live cd16:22
White_Catthis is the partition from my os, I am trying to convert it to efi still16:22
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White_Catfilesystem appears unknown16:23
linsoni have a good computer & static IP internet connection &(PPTP, L2TP, IPSec Pass-through)compactible router(TD-W8968) CAN I HOST A VPN MY OWN?16:23
linsonanyone pls help me16:23
White_Catlinson sure16:24
White_Catanyone can run a vpn16:24
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: what does fdisk -l say?16:24
White_CatSystem one says GPT16:24
White_CatI believe thats the one?16:25
BluesKaj_White_Cat, yes, I run openvpn on a PIA server16:25
White_CatSh3r1ffso I need to run the command something like sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt gpt?16:26
White_CatI dont want to make a mistake :(16:27
linsoni am from india.....here i need to set up vpn on my home computer so thst i can connect to my network when i go to dubai16:28
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: if i read your guide, you first need to add a efi partition16:28
linsonwithout using openvpn...just my computer router and internet16:28
Sh3r1ff!openvpn | linson16:28
ubottulinson: OpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!16:28
White_Catah I'll look at this tomorow16:29
White_Catthanks for the hints so far :)\16:29
linsonbut it limits user...like no of connections16:29
microporeanyone can help me ?16:30
BluesKaj_linson, if you use openvpn , then there are any number of commercial vpn services to choose from16:31
linsonlike lisence purchace...i need free....its linux16:31
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Sh3r1fflinson: number of connections is configurable, so configure openvpn with the number of connections you need16:31
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BluesKaj_linson, well I pay 8bucks/month for my vpn service ...pretty cheap by most standards16:32
microporei need to disable suspend on ubuntu 14.04, I do it using preferences menu but it doesn't work,anyone knows some command or anything else, thanks16:32
linsonso open vpn have licence purchase options16:32
microporelinson: i need to disable suspend on ubuntu 14.04, I do it using preferences menu but it doesn't work,anyone knows some command or anything  else, thanks16:33
linsonso open vpn acts as server for our vpn?.....i need my system as server16:33
BluesKaj_not only purchase type servers, there are some free ones, but they are very slow and restrictive speedwise16:34
microporeanyone can help me ?16:34
BluesKaj_linson, and not reliable16:34
microporei need to disable suspend on ubuntu 14.04, I do it using preferences menu but it doesn't work,anyone knows some command or anything else, thanks16:34
microporei need to disable suspend on ubuntu 14.04, I do it using preferences menu but it doesn't work,anyone knows some command or anything  else, thanks16:35
microporeanyone can help me ?16:35
Sh3r1fflinson: install openvpn on your system, configure your router to accept the connection and forward it to your system, and you can connect from around the globe16:35
microporei need to disable suspend on ubuntu 14.04, I do it using preferences menu but it doesn't work,anyone knows some command or anything  else, thanks16:37
BluesKaj_openvpn uses the network manager to configure the servers that you choose to connect16:37
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mattcanmicropore: have you tried this - http://askubuntu.com/questions/452908/how-to-disable-suspend-in-14-0416:38
bubbasauresmicropore, We ask you wait ten minutes before repeating your request, and suspend is something you initiate.16:39
microporebubbasaures: sorry i didnt read :)16:39
ubuntu-utnubuhi #ubuntu ... using usb for installation of last downlable version for desktop, it does not let me choose the hard drive (but see it) and it try to install it on the usb key.16:40
CalebWI can't log into my desktop after the login screen it just shows the background and the mouse. At first I thought it was unity or compiz so I install gnome Flashback and tried the Metacity session.16:40
CalebWBut it's still locked up(and it's happinging on all users)16:40
CalebWSo I think it's my libgl1-mesa-dri16:41
mijkI can't seem to create a folder called /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo so I can put a file called "switch" with the contents "ON" so I can use my AMD card16:42
CalebWubuntu-utnubu: Use "$dd if=/path/to/ubuntu/img of=/path/to/drive16:42
microporemattcan: thanks so much i try but doesnt work16:42
ramzyhello ,how can fix boot in linux16:42
bubbasauresubuntu-utnubu, make sure there is unallocated space for ubuntu.16:42
CalebWramzy: that's a pretty vague question. We have no idea what's causeing your problem16:42
bubbasauresubuntu-utnubu, There are also limitations of partition types and amounts in a msdos setup.16:43
mattcanmicropore: ah sorry, I've no idea then. Never had the problem before :(16:43
CalebWCan someone help me? My desktop's not working.16:44
ubuntu-utnubububbasaures: I have completly clean the disk .. but not ... then with a live gparted create partition for it ... but not16:44
ubuntu-utnubuis there a way to install ubuntu from command line ?16:45
Sh3r1ffubuntu-utnubu: there should be an option like manual partitioning or choose action or something like that16:45
Sh3r1ffthere you can select the disk you want to install on16:45
ubuntu-utnubuSh3r1ff: it goes directly to manual partitionning, see the disk but stay on the key, it does let me select the sda one16:46
CalebWubuntu-utnubu: Enter the command "$dd if=/path/to/ubuntu/img of=/dev/sd<letter of your drive>"16:46
BluesKaj_ubuntu-utnubu, to install/upgrade to new release?16:46
ubuntu-utnubuCalebW: it goes fine to create the key, but thanks.16:46
ubuntu-utnubuBluesKaj_: install16:46
ubuntu-utnubuon a clean drinve16:47
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD16:47
bubbasauresubuntu-utnubu, pastebin the out put of sudo parted -l16:47
ubuntu-utnubuBluesKaj_: cool thanks!16:47
bubbasauresunmentioned uefi may be the issue16:48
CalebWI need help with my intel graphics driver.16:48
cfhowlettCalebW, details16:49
CalebWcfhowlett: Well, I can't login to my desktop, it just freezes at the background and mouse.16:49
cfhowlettCalebW, recent updates?  especially kernel?16:50
BluesKaj_CalebW, at the login page or before?16:50
CalebWcfhowlett: I thought it was compiz or unity so I installed gnome-flashback and tried the Metacity Session but it didn't work.16:50
CalebWcfhowlett: after the login page.16:50
cfhowlettBluesKaj_, ideas?  this one is over my head16:51
CalebWI can do a kernel upgrade with dist-upgrade but I haven't yet(didn't know if I should)16:51
cfhowlettCalebw dist-upgrades usually solve a lot of problems.  if possible, log in to the terminal, do the upgrades then reboot16:52
CalebWIt happend yesterday all of the sudden. In the morning it was fine, then I go to login that afternoon and it locked up.16:52
=== someon is now known as someone
CalebWThe only package i installed was python-visual (don't know if that would cause a problem or not)16:53
BluesKaj_CalebW, the at the login page try ctl+alt +F!-F6 and login there , then update anf upgrade or , choose the recovery kernel at grub prompt and try try the reapir option in the dialog that appears16:53
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CalebWI'm in tty116:53
CalebWI've already upgraded but there were some packages held back16:53
CalebWI' do the dist-upgrade now16:53
BluesKaj_did you login to the the tty/vt?16:53
cfhowlettCalebW, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:54
CalebWI've done a lot of reading and a lot of the problems I've seen have to do with nvidia drivers, but I don't have a nvidia graphics card.16:55
BluesKaj_i would apt-get upgrade first then dist-upgrade, it's better to upgrade the existing packages first then the packages that are held back with dist-upgrade16:56
CalebWBluesKaj_: I've already upgraded yesterday.16:57
BluesKaj_do it agin today16:57
CalebWBluesKaj_: Just tried, nothing was installed though several packages were held back. I'm doing the dist-upgrade no16:58
fakamAnyone on that is familiar with powertop?16:59
plumplumpi just chmod 755'd my /media/<username> directory, is that bad?16:59
plumplumpi wanted plex media server to be able to read files in it16:59
fakamChmoding directories outside home is never good.17:00
CalebWplumplump: Well, only you can read,write,and excute to it. The other users will only be able to read and write17:00
CalebWI'm sorry read and execute17:00
fakamSo I installed ubuntu my batterylife is shit and is running hot? Any suggestions/17:00
plumplumpyeah.. but it was 750 root:root by default?17:01
xangua!language | fakam17:01
ubottufakam: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:01
Mike5kthi to everybody, how to install gnome in ubuntu 14:04?17:01
bubbasauresfakam, Yes, no swearing here please.17:01
cfhowlett!gnome | Mike5kt17:01
ubottuMike5kt: GNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome17:01
xanguafakam: you can try this http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/improve-power-usage-battery-life-in.html17:01
fakamI dualboot win 7 wich runs fine and is cool.17:01
fakamok I ran powertop but i have no clue what to do lol17:02
BluesKaj_fakam, no need for bad language, but check to make sure your desktop search isn't running constantly as a daemon17:03
CalebWBluesKaj_: I have been getting an error during upgrade that said"unable to autolauch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X1117:03
fakamI was told three times sorry and thank you17:04
BluesKaj_CalebW, which desktop do use?17:04
fakamI actually have xubuntu17:04
CalebWI've been using unity17:04
CalebWI tried Gnome Flashback(Metacity) and it still locks up17:04
cfhowlett!fan | fakam,17:05
ubottufakam,: fan is Control the fan  on/off  http://www.ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-12058.html17:05
fakamI will check out the links17:05
BluesKaj_CalebW, which graphics gpu ?17:06
fakamhttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-12058.html  goes to a blank page17:06
CalebWBluesKaj_: Intel17:06
fakamOkay installed tlp increased battery time.. next.. my wifi on win works fine but on ubuntu it's much slower, Thank you for the help17:08
CalebWOk, dist-upgrade is done, I'm going to reboot and see if the problems persist.17:09
fakamSo how can I get my wifi to be as fast as it is on windows?17:10
souldessinfakam: what is the problem?17:11
jdzielnyhello everyone.  I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS and configure 2 of the drives I have into RAID 1, but the installer keeps freezing whenever I try to configure software RAID17:11
fakamIn windows 7 wifi works fast in ubuntu it's slower17:11
souldessinrather, how is it not working right17:11
cfhowlett!server | jdzielny,17:11
ubottujdzielny,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server17:11
souldessinfakam: how did you test it and did you check for additional drivers?17:12
fakamI remained in the same room same place and did a att speed test.. and ubuntu was significantly slower.. No I did not check for drivers.17:12
souldessinfakam: I would bet that you have additional drivers available.17:14
trisshey all. whats the simplest way of uninstalling the kubuntu stuff on 14.10?17:14
fakamHow would I determine that?, thank you souldessin17:14
=== tcpman is now known as Guest60738
trissI installed it to look at and now all my themes under unity are ugly17:14
souldessinfakam: If you are in standerd Ubuntu, you need to search for 'additional drivers'17:15
fakamI am actually in Xubuntu.17:15
souldessinfakam: it is a sub-tab of17:15
cfhowlett!pureubuntu | triss17:15
ubottutriss: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu17:15
souldessinfakam: 'software and sources'17:15
fakamadditional drivers is here17:15
trisscheers cfhowlett17:16
souldessinfakam: just activate the right one, it may need a reboot.17:16
fakamBecause this was ubuntu and I switched to xubuntu.17:16
cfhowletttriss, happy2help!17:16
fakamsouldessin, okay it's searching, I will try it.17:16
fakamsouldessin, which one shall I choose: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48751994/Screenshot%20-%2012292014%20-%2009%3A17%3A07%20AM.png17:18
souldessinfakam: those are just for your video driver. You have to play with those and see which one works best for your hardware.17:19
fakamI don't see network drivers though.17:20
CalebWBluesKaj_: Didn't work17:20
souldessinfakam: I am checking to see if there is another solution; one sec.17:20
fakamThank you.17:20
souldessinfakam: I hate to say that this is all that I can find on short notice, http://itsfoss.com/speed-up-slow-wifi-connection-ubuntu/17:21
fakamThank you for your time souldessin.17:22
souldessinfakam: later17:22
fakamShould I use the propietary driver though17:23
=== rafael is now known as Guest60631
alex_anderhello brothers. i want ti ask, How to add theme on ubuntu 14.04?17:27
EriC^^alex_ander: install unity-tweak-tool17:28
alex_anderthanks brother. :)17:28
revohey gents/ladies...17:34
revocan any1 help me17:34
revoi want to install a transparent system monitor17:34
cfhowlett!help | revo,17:34
ubotturevo,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:34
VimFleedCould someone explain to me what is the difference between Ubuntu and Debian?17:34
cfhowlettrevo, conky17:34
cfhowlett!debian | VimFleed17:35
ubottuVimFleed: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!17:35
revook, is this on software centre?17:35
cfhowlettrevo, it is17:35
cfhowlett!info conky | revo17:36
ubotturevo: conky (source: conky): highly configurable system monitor (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.0-4 (utopic), package size 3 kB, installed size 42 kB17:36
revothx, also, since talking about software centre, how can i change the "our star apps" to a ganother background ?17:36
EriC^^!themes | alex_ander17:37
ubottualex_ander: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy17:37
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=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
VimFleedubottu, I mean what is the difference for average people like me?17:38
EriC^^alex_ander: you can download themes from those sites, and install them using unity-tweak-tool17:38
chipmadnesshello guys i am having some issues regarding steam and ubuntu 1417:38
chipmadnesscan someone please help me17:38
bubbasauresVimFleed, Not really the channel for an explanation this is ubuntu support.17:38
VimFleedoh I'm talking to a bot :S17:38
VimFleedbubbasaures, what is the place to discuss that?17:39
revook ... so im trying to install this tranparent theme, folllowed all info and instructions but i cannot see it on themes configuration17:39
EriC^^VimFleed: #ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux maybe17:39
bubbasauresVimFleed, Not sure there is one research is your muse.17:39
cfhowlettVimFleed, ##linux #debian #ubuntu-offtopic17:41
chipmadnessanyone here good with amd drivers?17:41
chipmadnessi am having major issues with my graphics17:41
chipmadnessi have a a10-5750m17:41
revothx eric, downloading unity-tweak-tool now17:42
chipmadnessshould i just get my graphics from additional drivers?17:42
chipmadnessor should i go to amd's site and get official drivers17:42
EriC^^chipmadness: yes, that'd be a good place to start17:43
chipmadnessEriC^^ whats better17:43
chipmadnessor fglrx-updates17:43
revowhats the diference between kde and gnome - has this anything to do with os - currently running xubuntu17:44
jhutchinschipmadness: The xorg drivers are usually a little better integrated into the xorg/ubuntu system and tend to have fewer glitches.  On the other hand, the AMD drivers are more likely to make full use of the GPU's features and new enhancements, and usually have better performance under high-demand (gaming) use.17:45
chipmadnessjhutchins idk what to do lol17:46
EriC^^chipmadness: what jhutchins said ^^ , if you're not gaming i'd use the xorg as they run better and cooler too17:46
jhutchinsrevo: Not strictly speaking OS.   The desktop interface you use on top of the OS.  KDE and Gnome include a suite of programs for various things like email and system configuration.17:46
chipmadnesswhat if i want to game17:46
Sh3r1ffrevo: basicly, how things are displayed17:46
skaorevo: kde, gnome, xfce are desktop interfaces on top of the os17:46
chipmadnessuse fglrx or fglrx-updates?17:46
jhutchinsrevo: You can have either or both installed, in addition to many other possibilities.17:46
skaorevo: the OS beneath is the same17:47
jhutchinschipmadness: tias.17:47
EriC^^try it and see17:47
jhutchinschipmadness: It's not an irrevocable decision, and in some cases it depends on the game.17:47
chipmadnessif i want to play counter strike17:48
chipmadnessis x.org fine?17:48
zilzneed some help with dropbox in ubuntu studio. Anyone of you can point me to the right channel? Or can help me?17:49
sivikwhat about dropbox?17:49
=== zz_saschpe is now known as saschpe
zilzi installed it and it works but i can't see it. It works but in the background. When i try to launch it nothing happens17:50
chipmadnessguys i just did the x.org17:53
chipmadnesssteam is finally working17:53
chipmadnesssteam never worked using fglrx-updates17:53
sivikcongrats chipmadness17:53
chipmadnessthats pretty sad when an open source driver is better than a propietary17:54
Sparkso xmem was removed from ubuntu with the 'alternatives exist' tag17:54
Sparkbut i can't find any alternatives17:54
Sparkand the original bug doesn't mention any17:54
willwhchipmadness: are you new tro the nix scene?17:55
willwhati are17:55
ubottuDebian bug 733668 in ftp.debian.org "RM: xmem -- RoQA; RC-buggy, useless, alternatives exist, prevent third-party migration" [Normal,Open]17:55
chipmadnessi am not new17:55
willwhin my experience, terrible in comparison to nvidia17:55
chipmadnessi have been running nvidia on my other computer17:55
chipmadnessubuntu works a ton better with nvidia is seems17:55
chipmadnessand intel17:55
chipmadnessim on my amd laptop machine17:55
willwhit's what I am running17:55
chipmadnessit sucks major d17:55
willwhah rfr17:55
chipmadnessi got a amd10-8750m17:56
willwhlaptops are usually terrible for gaming17:56
willwhdisk i/o issues (without an ssd), terrible gfx card, etc17:56
chipmadnessyeah im not looking to game17:56
chipmadnessi am looking for better battery life17:56
chipmadnessim on a thinkpad17:57
chipmadnesswindows i get 6 hours17:57
chipmadnessubuntu i get around 3-417:57
=== compdoc_ is now known as compdoc
willwhah rgr17:58
Sparkloss of xmem and no alternative is for me a good reason to avoid trusty17:59
revoso i have download and run conky, but i can chage its apperance and after  time it just disaperas18:00
revoi cant change appearnace18:00
squintyrevo:  there is a #conky channel here on freenode18:01
revohow do i get on it ?18:02
revojust copy and paste ?18:02
squintyrevo:  /join #conky18:02
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=== davidfetter is now known as davidfetter_fbn
Sh3r1ffrevo: create a file ~/conkyrc and put your config in there18:07
Sh3r1ffi stand corrected ~/.conkyrc18:09
Sh3r1ffEriC^^: thanks for pointing that out :)18:09
nomadistI have a suspicion that a process might be spawning zombies18:09
EriC^^Sh3r1ff: :)18:09
nomadistwhich command line command do I type to investigate if this is happening18:09
nomadistthe name of the process is "phantomjs"18:09
nomadistand pgrep phantomjs shows only one thing18:10
Sh3r1ffnomadist: get the pid of the process and do ps -ef | grep <pid> to see if it has child processes18:10
nomadistSh3r1ff, the PID is changing very fast, but on doing that.. I am only getting one result18:14
=== jean is now known as Guest81511
Sh3r1ffnomadist: the pid should not change, if it changes, it means the proces died and respawned18:16
=== sr_ is now known as Guest52331
nomadistoh it is changing very fast18:16
=== icetea is now known as Guest67109
nomadistI am using ps -aux | grep phantomjs to get the PID18:16
nomadistand then using the PID in the command you wrote down18:17
revoust done run unity and my xubuntu has change to ubuntu ... how do i revert this back18:17
nomadistSh3r1ff, before I wrote it it was- root      1468  0.0  0.1  11744   924 pts/5    S+   13:16   0:00 grep --color=auto phantomjs18:17
nomadistnow it is root      1475  0.0  0.1  11744   920 pts/5    S+   13:17   0:00 grep --color=auto phantomjs18:17
Sh3r1ffnomadist: that's your grep phantomjs, not the actual proces phantomjs18:18
spigotI have two serial ports on a PCI card that appear during boot, but all I get is an error indicating there is no serial port at the address whenever I try to use them.18:19
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
spigotthey're both recognized to the pnp IRQ the card shares, 8250 IRQ sharing is enabled in the kernel18:20
revojust done "run unity"  from xubuntu has apperance changed to ubuntu ... how do i revert this back to its original xubuntu scheme?18:20
xanguarestart yout session18:21
Sh3r1ffrevo: kill unity18:23
revowhere do i write this command?18:23
Bashing-1m.win 118:24
=== jeremy_ is now known as Guest5904
acovrigI'm trying to install ubuntu server on an xserve1,1; it doesn't see any installation medium I try using, mini.iso (CD or USB (unetbootin)), the amd64+mac iso (USB-unetbootin), any ideas why?18:24
Scriptonauthey guys, I'm curious if any of you have gotten chivalry medieval combat to work on ubuntu. For the longest time whenever I would try to install it, steam would say, "Sorry, this game doesn't work on this platform (linux)". However, today I tried and it installed fine. When I try to run it, it says, "failed to start game (missing eecutable)".18:24
=== Bashing-1m is now known as Bashing-om
Scriptonautit told mde to update drivers, so I did (to nvidia 331.113 or something)18:25
Scriptonauthowever still doesn't work. I'm on 12.04, I wonder if that could be the problem18:25
spigotI know everyone uses 9-pin serial ports on an expansion PCI card these days, so there should be suggestions from everybody... :)18:29
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=== Noskcaj_ is now known as Noskcaj
Sh3r1ffrevo: in a terminal ;)18:29
revo<Sh3r1ff> done kill using system monitor, but didnt go back to normal18:29
spigotScriptonaut: a missing executable given as a reason it doesnt run seems pretty specific- are you running 32 or 64 bit?18:29
revoterminal is asking for pid18:29
Sh3r1ffrevo: try ctrl+ alt + backspace to reload your session18:29
revobash: kill: unity: arguments must be process or job IDs18:29
revono luck18:29
revonothing happen18:29
Sh3r1ffrevo: ps -ef | grep unity , copy the pid and then kill <pid>18:29
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Martijn-NLHi Ubuntu friends - i'm looking for an automatic script for blocking on the internet black listed ip's for iptables. Anyonone?18:31
revoi have kill all unity process running but still no luck18:31
Scriptonautspigot: 32 bit18:31
Sh3r1ffrevo: log off and back on again18:32
Bashing-omrevo: Am I missing something here, or can you not choose which session to use at the user login GUI box ( icon in upper right corner of the login box) ?18:32
Scriptonautit seems to be a somewhat common error according to google18:32
revono, i have downlowed unity teak tool from software centre using xubuntu18:32
revoi then click on "run unity"18:33
revoand it change desktop to ubuntu18:33
spigotyour best bet is probably to find a steam forum post or some other indication somewhere on the net that the game is actually available on linux, maybe even see if the penguin appears on the store page for the game under available platforms18:33
revofor some reason i was under impression that a window would open for me to select my theme18:33
revobut insteadt it just changed this to ubuntu appearance18:33
xanguarevo: you can use xfce settings-appearence to change your theme; you didn't need ubuntu tweak18:35
th3_mol3how do I find out which desktop environment I'm running?18:35
Bashing-omrevo: Sorry, I have never used " unity teak " . I have no idea what the effect would be .18:35
revoeverything has change to ubuntu default, even the log in18:35
revodont know my way round now18:36
revohow do get back to xfce setting-appearance18:36
spigotScriptonaut: looks like it's been added to the steamdb but its only 64bit and not released yet. especially considering the only platform listed on the store page is windows http://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/chivalry-medieval-warfare-looks-closer-to-a-linux-release.457718:36
Scriptonautoh, well looks like it's time to reformat and install 64 bit18:36
Bashing-omth3_mol3: Try -> echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP <- .18:37
Scriptonautspigot (or anyone else). Do any of you know if games that run on ubuntu will run on debian?18:37
th3_mol3ty Bashing-om18:37
Scriptonautthey're pretty damn similar, but I much prefer debian18:37
Sh3r1ffScriptonaut: ubuntu is debian based, so i would say yes, if all dependencies can be met on debian18:38
ScriptonautMy only worry is debian tends to take a lot longer to update18:38
Scriptonautto release updates**18:38
ScriptonautI guess this is the type of thing I should ask in #debian18:38
spigotScriptonaut: if you're going to run debian you might as well run steamos which is built on debian like ubuntu18:39
ScriptonautSteamos is built on debian? TIL18:39
aFeijo_hi folks, I mounted a webdav (box.com) account, I can create a file, save it, delete using vim. But it wont work for copying files! I try with cp and scp, it return an error: input/output error, what can I do?18:39
spigotScriptonaut: you can enable debian repositories after the install. it's basically just debian with some bleeding edge drivers, a kernel tweaked for gaming and their own autoupdate scripts. but games that run on ubuntu will usually run on debian, yes.18:40
Scriptonautah, thanks18:40
=== ax5623 is now known as ax562
blendohi all18:42
revook ,so i removed unity tweak tool and restarted, all is back to normal18:42
ObiwantjeGuys - I got a weird issue - am on 14.10, kernel 3.13.0-30-generic18:43
Obiwantjetried to update to 3.16.0-29 - installed OK18:43
Obiwantjeget back to 3.1318:44
Bashing-omrevo: default: The directory where Xfce stores the configurations of the panel is " /home/user/.config/xfce4/panel/ " . Just erasing it and loging out and in will restore the defaults configurations that your distro ships in.18:44
entropiusI have a question involving incredibly slow SSD performance on a new laptop (2 MB/sec) and was wondering if anyone could help; there seems to be an IRQ conflict between the SSD and the Nvidia GPU, although I'm not sure if that is the problem.18:44
squintyaFeijo_:  check your file sizes you are trying to copy and then check the largest size you can upload per your account on box.com18:44
aFeijo_squinty, all under the max size, backup files under 50mb18:45
aFeijo_squinty, it worked for ages in my previous server18:45
revoba thx, but i have changed the settings back to wr i left, i just wan now to install a transparent theme but finding this task xtremelly complicated18:45
squintyObiwantje: update-grub18:46
xanguarevo: transparent theme? you can set composite and transparency in Windows settings18:46
revoxangua,  was trying to acheive this result ... http://www.webupd8.org/2011/01/how-to-install-oxygen-transparent-style.html18:47
Bashing-omrevo: I run xfce4, I am aware of some sites to get new themes, but I do not know how that would translate to Xubuntu at large .18:47
xanguarevo: you are using xfce...not kde, are you¿18:48
revoxfce...how do i make sure of it?18:48
revois there any terminal command i wrtie to chk ?18:48
xanguaand I wouldn't follow a guide from 4 years ago either18:49
revoxangua,  i was following this tutoriaal because it also shows how to remove in case i need to18:49
Bashing-omrevo: what returns: -> echo $DESKTOP_SESSION , echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP <- .18:50
revoba xubuntu , echo XFCE18:50
revoxubuntu , echo XFCE18:51
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dman79anyone know why gnu debugger (gdb) would suddenly start ignoring the disable-randomization setting?18:54
Bashing-omrevo: UnGood check that you are typing that '$" as should be " echo $DESKTOP_SESSION >> xfce " .18:54
revoBashing-om,  any ideas ?18:54
revojust comes back with xubuntu18:55
revoecho $DESKTOP_SESSION >> xfce18:55
revodoesnt return anything back18:56
revoonly echo $DESKTOP_SESSION return - xubuntu18:56
Bashing-omrevo: Now that is a good thing. I know that Xubuntu relies on xfce, but how much I do not know. If ya use xfce guidelines to install a theme, I do not know how apt it would be .18:56
revoisnt there an application that can install themes automatically...this is just to frustating18:58
revoi hardly know any terminal commands18:58
mdogethat's linux revo :)18:59
HomelessSantaHello all, I was wondering if I can remap the Super Key for Unity's Dash to another keyboard shortcut instead of having to use the default shortcut key.19:00
BaconBaconYeah, the CLI should be the first thing you become comfortable with in linux..19:00
revomdoge, yeah i guess its the only way to learn, just hope i dont die before i can master this OS19:00
HomelessSantaHehe learning the terminal won't be to hard don't give up revo. :)19:01
mdogerevo: i have been using linux for 10 years and i am still learning everyday.19:01
mdogei dont think you can know everything :)19:01
revodidnt want to install windows, but i guess, for now its i i will do19:01
Bashing-omrevo: There is, I expect, several themes installed, that from the settings tool onne can pick annd choose from. Other wise one downloads a particular theme ( do you trust that source ??) and installs it to a particular directory .19:01
revowhen u say trust, is someone gonna hack into my pc ?19:02
revoif i install some regular theme19:02
HikaruBGhi guys19:02
revowas under impression linux dont have virus19:02
jadewhey, how can I figure out why the network isn't working?19:03
dw1its not as targeted but it can be19:03
HomelessSantaLinux has malware but it isn't out in the wild as Windows is.19:03
HikaruBGwhen I create a [Desktop Entry] file Type=Link on my desktop, I can't arrange it as regular [Desktop Entry] files of Type=Application19:04
HikaruBGany idea how to change that?19:04
revogents, thx for the help...i think i just reaching "tilt" for the day19:04
squintyrevo:  http://linuxg.net/how-to-install-xfce-theme-manager-0-3-6-on-xubuntu-14-10-and-xubuntu-14-04/    found by a simple google using "how to install themes on xubuntu"  and limiting the search results to the last year.  :P19:04
revosquinty,  thx m8, will have alook at it19:05
=== saschpe is now known as zz_saschpe
HomelessSantaI am off swoosh.19:06
carlosadfI have a website server [with apache] within my LAN, for some reason, lately, when trying to access it from any other computer within the LAN, it's extremely latent. Accessing it from outside the LAN is fine. anyone have a suggestion of how to discover what's causing this or how to fix it?19:10
CalebWCan someone help me? I can't login to my desktop. The screen locks up at the background and mouse.19:15
Bashing-omCalebW: Refresh my memory . Hybrid grahics here ?19:17
PrezidentI dont understand the problem.19:18
PrezidentYou mean you are in a loop when you trying login?19:18
CalebWBashing-om: No just intel19:18
CrellBashing-om: I believe a hybrid graphics card is one that doesn't have its own memory but reuses the main system memory.19:19
CrellCommon in mid to low end systems with onboard video to save money.19:19
CalebWPrezident: When I try to log in, nothing happens. All that shows up is the background and the mouse nothing else loads19:19
Prezidentwhat happens if you do ctrl+alt+t terminal starts?19:19
PrezidentYou have it connected to 1 monitor or two?19:20
Bashing-omCalebW: Intel graphics "just work" out of the box . Is a driver loaded ? -> sudo lshw -C display | pastebinit <- .19:20
KweeroxHi. I have dualboot and want that GRUB2 won't be displayed during booting. How is this possible?19:20
CrellBashing-om: Hm, or it's that combined with a discrete?  Interesting: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/hybrid_graphics19:20
HikaruBGGuys - anyone who can help with the Desktop Shortcuts problem?19:20
ikoniaKweerox: dual boot what, linux/linux, windows/linux19:20
HikaruBGwhen I create a [Desktop Entry] file Type=Link on my desktop, I can't arrange it as regular [Desktop Entry] files of Type=Application19:20
cryptodanhybrid is one that uses an intel card for low end stuff like email and a dedicated one for highend stuff like gaming.19:21
HikaruBGwith arrange I mean - I can't drag them on different positions on the desktop19:21
Kweeroxikonia: windows/linux19:21
Prezidenti guess you have a dual view and you are on the second screen.19:21
ikoniaKweerox: it will set up the auto display of menu automatically19:21
Prezidentyou can move mouse outside the box?19:21
squintyKweerox:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2  explains it all19:22
Kweeroxikonia: Is it not possible that grub only displays if I "shift"19:22
ikoniaKweerox: shouldn't be19:22
Bashing-omCrell: Hybrid is that situation of one graphics chip (Intel) embedded to the mother board - discreet, and for performance there is another card on the PCIE . The OEMs do not give us great support . But things are looking up .19:22
CalebWBashing-om: paste.ubuntu.com/964181219:22
ikoniaKweerox: dual boot system needs the menu to select which option, so it normally defaults to menu 10 second delay (or something like that time)19:22
Bashing-omCalebW: Look'n at yopur paste.ubuntu.com/9641812 .19:23
PrezidentCan you move outside the monitor CalebW might be a really easy solotion, i had same prob19:24
Prezidentto see if you got dual view19:24
Prezidentmove mouse*19:24
CalebWPrezident: I'm on a laptop, I only have one screen and Ctr+Alt+T does nothing.19:25
Bashing-omCalebW: Well, you do have a driver loaded " configuration: driver=i915 " .. Humm .. we get any thing reported when you start the GUI from terminal ? - at the login screen key combo ctl+alt+F1 ; login here with username and password; terminal command -> sudo service lightdm start <- what results ?19:26
Prezidenttry sudo xrandr --output LVDS1 --off19:26
=== greenmon is now known as greenmon2
CalebWBashing-om: "Job already running"19:27
ObiwantjeSo I redid thing - did  update-grub19:28
Obiwantjebut it still comes back with kernel 3.1319:28
ObiwantjeIn advanced options during boot I do NOT see the 3.16 kernel either19:28
Bashing-omCalebW: K, when ya get caught up with all the advise, reboot and try again to terminal and from terminal initially start the GUI ( looking for reported errors ) .19:29
ObiwantjeI can't figure out what on earth is causing this thing to stay on a (partially unistalled it looks) kernel 3.1319:29
DaisyLee2010I'm looking into installing Ubuntu 14.04.1 onto my PC but would like to know if I should go ahead and just throw 14.10 on there. The release notes don't paint a clear picture of the benefits (if any).19:30
DaisyLee2010Any suggestions?19:30
EriC^^CalebW: type DISPLAY=:0 ccsm , check if the unity plugin is enabled19:30
CalebWBashing-om: shouldn't there be a log from the GUI somewhere?19:30
entropiusI am getting incredibly bad (2 MB/sec) SSD performance, and believe it is because the SSD and my GPU have landed on the same IRQ. There is no option to change this in the BIOS/EFI. Is there any way to fix this?19:30
CalebWEriC^^: Say's it can't open Display19:31
EriC^^CalebW: ok, can you login using your guest account?19:31
entropiusAlso, my new laptop's wifi is hardblocked (on rfkill) no matter what I do, and there is no physical switch. Are there any ways to fix this? Laptop is going back to the maker if I can't fix this soon.19:31
EriC^^CalebW: type sudo service lightdm restart19:31
squintyDaisyLee2010:  04 is LTS (5 years support) .10 is 6 months (iirc).   there should be a listing on the main site19:31
Guest56825@DaisyLee2010 i have it on my laptop and really like it so far. What are you coming from?19:31
DaisyLee2010Guest56825: I'm coming from Windows 10. I used to use Linux a lot but fell out of the game.19:33
CalebWThe guest account was removed from the login screen, but all of the other users are affected. restarting lightdm takes me back to the login screen, but when I login nothing appears.19:33
=== Hobby_boy_v is now known as Hobby_boy
EriC^^CalebW: ok, try to reinstall unity maybe, sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop compiz19:34
Bashing-omObiwantje: Something to check; out os partition space . what returns -> df -h , df -i <- ? Then we look and see what the release the system thinks is, and what kernels are installed .19:34
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
Guest56825Nice! WIndows 10 was MUCH better than 8 or 8.119:35
Guest56825I really like 14.04 so far19:35
ObiwantjeBashing-om, not sure I quite got this19:35
Guest56825was set on Arch but couldnt get it (or any flavor besides Ubuntu) installed19:35
squintyGuest56825:  keep it on topic for ubuntu help please19:36
Obiwantje$ uname -r19:36
Bashing-omObiwantje: Small steps, space constraints ? -> df -h , df -i <- will tell .19:36
Guest56825@squinty how do I target a user specifically? Just the @19:36
Obiwantje$ df -h19:36
ObiwantjeFilesystem                   Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on19:36
Obiwantje/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root   91G   30G   56G  35% /19:36
Obiwantjenone                         4.0K     0  4.0K   0% /sys/fs/cgroup19:36
Obiwantjeudev                         9.8G  4.0K  9.8G   1% /dev19:36
Obiwantjetmpfs                        2.0G  2.1M  2.0G   1% /run19:36
unopasteObiwantje you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted19:36
squintyGuest56825:  just type their nick.  or your client may support double clicking on their nick and then pasting19:37
drdozerhi - I've broken x somehow and could do with a bit of help getting it working again19:37
CalebWDidn't work -EriC^^19:37
drdozerit all went wrong when I followed the instructions for apt-getting nvidia cuda drivers19:37
Bashing-om!paste | Obiwantje19:37
ubottuObiwantje: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:37
squintyGuest56825:  suggest  you change your nick for easier response to you too.   /nick newnickhere  :)19:37
Obiwantjesorry about that !19:38
CalebWBashing-om: How do I see the kernel output during boot?19:38
dman79anyone know why gnu debugger (gdb) would suddenly start ignoring the disable-randomization setting?19:38
Guest56825squinty thank you much!19:38
=== Guest56825 is now known as testingthingsout
squintytestingthingsout:  yw19:38
Bashing-omCalebW: terminal command -> uname -r <- .19:39
CalebW3.13.0-43-generic -Bashing-om19:40
Bashing-omCalebW: You want to see the boot messages ?19:40
Obiwantjesorry about that guys - I should KNOW better! - http://paste.ubuntu.com/9641886/19:40
RNevilletestingthingsout: funny nick!19:40
Obiwantjehere is the output of both Bashing-om19:40
=== Neo31` is now known as Neo31mbl
squintyCalebW:  at the grub boot menu ->  back arrow on the Boot Options line to "splash quiet" and backspace or del those two words.  (that will display all the various files being loaded after the boot process has started rather than just the splash screen).19:41
Bashing-omCalebW: Maybe, sometime the scroll lock key will pause the output, sometimes key combo ctl+s , and to resume ctl+s . try and see IF either is effective .19:41
squintyCalebW:  you can also change it to permanent by editing your grub config file19:41
CalebWOk, I'll go see if there's anything unusual during boot.19:42
cpikadrdozer: did you remove all previous nvidia drivers before installing cuda?19:42
mobilejoin #mistic19:43
squinty /join19:43
mobilelol thanks19:43
Bashing-omObiwantje: encrypted file system " /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root " ??19:43
drdozercpika: no - I think I was running nouveau prior to that19:44
cpikadrdozer: to be sure, you could run a `sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia-*`19:45
ObiwantjeBashing-om> Obiwantje: encrypted file system " /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root " ?? <-- no clue what that is19:45
Stripes__hello i need help with grub rescue19:45
squinty!details | Stripes19:46
ubottuStripes: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)19:46
drdozercpika: that seems to have done a lot - I should reboot now? It touched my kernel I think19:46
cpikadrdozer: well, after having removed the old nvidia stuff, I think it would be best to reinstall cuda19:46
cpikadrdozer: i don't know if you can just repeat the installation procedure19:47
squintyStripes:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting   is a good place to start19:47
Stripes__So I installed Ubuntu, but wasn't happy with it. I wanted to retrurn to windows 7 but couldn't find a solution to uninstall ubuntu and install windows again with the disk. So out of frustration I clicked reformat :C and then it obviously crashed. But now I'm stuck in Grub Rescue how do I get back to windows from here?19:47
CalebWWell, the only thing that failed was "Starting SMB/CIFS File and Active Directory Service"19:48
drdozercpika: OK, I now get the graphical login page, but on trying to log in it drops me back to the login page, so lightdm is failing19:48
Stripes__So I installed Ubuntu, but wasn't happy with it. I wanted to retrurn to windows 7 but couldn't find a solution to uninstall ubuntu and install windows again with the disk. So out of frustration I clicked reformat :C and then it obviously crashed. But now I'm stuck in Grub Rescue how do I get back to windows from here?19:48
squintyStripes:  access your Windows recovery partition or recovery disks.  you need to ask in a Windows related channel though for further details19:48
CalebWBashing-om: Is there a way to see a log of an attempted login?19:48
Stripes__do you have a link to get there?19:49
Bashing-omObiwantje: well, let's check then if this system is encrypted ; terminal command -> pastebinit /etc/fstab <- . So I have an idea of the difficulty level here .19:49
squintyStripes__:  and stop spamming the channel with the same question please19:49
Stripes__srry accidentally hit the up key19:49
squinty!alis | Stripes19:49
ubottuStripes: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:49
cpikadrdozer: you've already reinstalled cuda?19:49
ObiwantjeBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9641933/19:50
cpikadrdozer: if not, it's better to stop lightdm before installing19:50
drdozercpika: no I just ran the purge command you said and rebooted - it now is using nouveau and gives me a graphical login screen, but won't launch lightdm19:50
andreashello! I have problems gettign audio to work with Chrome. It works with firefox and other applications, but I need it work with chrome.19:51
cpikadrdozer: okay, then log into a tty, e.g. by alt+f1; there, stop lightdm and kill X: `sudo service lightdm stop` and `sudo killall Xorg`. then, from the terminal, reinstall cuda19:51
andreasI mean audio through HDMI19:51
Stripes__this is way too complicated is there someone who can provide a link or who can guide me step by step19:51
CalebWBashing-om: I was reading something about the libgl1-mesa-dri package...19:52
Bashing-omCalebW: What the booting is can be looked at in the log files /var/log/kern.log , syslog and dmesg .19:52
drdozercpika: all the cuda packages are nvidia-driver specific19:53
=== spideyman is now known as Guest72675
drdozercpika: so that would mean re-installing the nvidia drivers, right?19:53
squintyStripes__:  you can also use your irc client to search the channels.  for example in xchat or hexchat, click on Server -> list of channels > search19:53
cpikadrdozer: maybe... it probably depends whether you install cuda from some .deb file or from source19:53
drdozercpika: from apt19:54
cpikadrdozer: from which repository?19:54
Stripes__don't see "server" anywhere on this page?19:55
drdozercpika: not entirely sure - presumably which ever one is on by default - I hadn't enabled a ppa19:55
squintyStripes__:  quite simple really if you just use Windows recovery options (usually available at the initial computer boot screen) or Windows recovery disks19:55
Bashing-omObiwantje: OH boy, we are encrypted .. OK, so what does the system think it it is -> pastebinit lsb_release -a <- .19:55
cpikadrdozer: oh, okay... it's strange you've run into problems then...19:55
drdozercpika: this system hasn't had a clean install for about 4 years, so it's not quite that strange19:55
Stripes__squinty: I insterted the disk then selected boot windows from disk but it keeps going back to grub rescue19:56
Stripes__probably because the disk isn't formatted in NTFS19:56
Stripes__is that possible?19:56
squintyStripes__:  google   you are off topic19:56
ObiwantjeBobby_Tables, Unable to read from: lsb_release19:56
cpikadrdozer: but searching online, I don't see that cuda is in any official repo19:56
ObiwantjeBashing-om, Unable to read from: lsb_release19:56
Stripes__google didn't provide much, that why I got here....19:57
ikoniaStripes__: are you trying to get windows back onto your hard disk ?19:57
cpikadrdozer: which how-to did you follow?19:57
ikoniaStripes__: just install windows then, or use the windows recover tools to replace the boot loader with the windows one19:57
CalebWBashing-on: I haven't found anything interesting in the logs, any other ideas?19:57
ikoniaStripes__: the guys in the ##windows channel will help you with either19:57
squintyikonia:  already told him that19:58
Bashing-omObiwantje: My bad // try as -> lsb_release -a | pastebinit .19:58
ObiwantjeBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9641980/19:58
Obiwantjein command line it says: No LSB modules are available.19:59
ki7rwubuntu 14.04 has the systemd package installed but i don't see any quicker bootup - i got the impression that systemd was suppose to boot the machine faster19:59
ikoniaki7rw: systemd is not installed19:59
ikoniaki7rw: it is a dependency for desktop packages/system packages20:00
ki7rwaccording to synaptic the package is installed20:00
ikoniaki7rw: it's not, it's a library set for things like udev20:00
ujg555how do i dollar sign?20:00
Bashing-omCalebW: IF it is X related .. look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log . and the session log are in your /home directory .xsession-errors . a hidden file (.) .20:00
ujg555make the*20:00
drdozercpika: so I still can't get from the graphical login to a working graphical desktop20:00
cpikadrdozer: if you just want a working system back without caring about cuda, I'd suggest to (re?)install nouveau by `sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau`20:00
ikoniaki7rw: systemd is not going to make your machine boot visually quicker than it is now20:00
ujg555how do i make the dollar sign?20:00
ki7rwjust another freaking thing i need to research further20:00
Bashing-omObiwantje: That do say you are utopic .. does -> cat /etc/issue <- confirm ?20:01
andreas_Hello! I am having trouble getting sound on Chrome (in ubuntu 14.04) to work sound works fine in Firefox and other programs. Chrome plays sound through laptop speakers, rest plays sound through HDMI-TV20:01
andreas_I need chrome to play sound through TV too20:01
drdozercpika: done that - x is using nouveau, but still not getting past the login page20:01
squintyujg555: shift 4 key on english keyboard20:02
ObiwantjeBashing-om, Ubuntu 14.10 \n \l20:02
Obiwantjeso yes I guess20:02
CalebWBashing-on" paste.ubuntu.com/964199620:02
ujg555how do i make the dollar sign on ubuntu?20:03
cpikadrdozer: okay, so let's remove more nvidia packages that might be in the way...20:04
cpika`sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-* libcuda* bbswitsch*`20:04
k1lujg555: depends on your keybpard layout20:04
andreas_any one? I really need HDMI-sound20:05
CalebWThat may just be from me shutting down the computer though...20:05
cpikadrdozer: and also try `sudo apt-get remove cuda`20:05
squintyfwiw   boinc-nvidia-cuda   (if installed)20:06
drdozercpika: trying that ... rebooting20:06
weaksaucewhat changed in dns resolution from 8.04 to 10.04?20:06
=== h00k_ is now known as h00k
bekksweaksauce: Nothing.20:07
=== NotANick[BDC] is now known as NotANick
bekksweaksauce: DNS still works as expected :)20:07
Bashing-omObiwantje: What presently is installed ? ls -al /usr/src | pastebinit . Then we start lokking back and see why 3.16 is not installing .20:07
weaksauceI wish that were the case bekks ;)20:07
ujg555can some one tell me how to make the dollar sign on ubuntu?20:07
weaksaucesomething broke in my bind9 config and I am trying to fix it.20:07
Piciujg555: the same way you make it anywhere else?20:07
drdozercpika: done, same symptom20:08
bekksweaksauce: Thats no change in DNS, but a change in the bind9 config then.20:08
Bashing-omCalebW: look'n at your paste.ubuntu.com/9641996 .20:08
BluesKajujg555, shift +420:08
cpikadrdozer: hm. just to check, let's what's still there from nvidia: `sudo dpgk -l | grep -i nvidia`20:08
weaksauceyeah. name resolution works fine. it's the serving up of the bind records that broke somehow. bekks20:09
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CalebWBashing-om: That's the .xsession-error20:10
drdozercpika: that's listed some stuff - uninstalling now20:10
cpikadrdozer: hm... but you've just removed everything with `nvidia*`20:11
Bashing-omCalebW: Think'n .. do look like something is crashing unity ...20:12
cpikadrdozer: just try to only remove things from nvidia itself20:12
ObiwantjeBashing-om, how would you suggest I proceed?20:12
CalebWBashing-om: No, but it's not just unity. I tried Flashback(Metacity) and nothing happened either.20:13
Bashing-omObiwantje: What is installed ? in /usr/src directory ? and then we look and see what is installed for kernels in the /boot directoty . Then I want to know that the package manager is stable and in a happy state (next) .20:14
drdozercpika: I'm seeing a bunch of things in that listing that I can't remove20:14
drdozere.g. rc  libcublas6.0:amd64                                   6.0.37-420:14
drdozer                    amd64        NVIDIA cuBLAS Library20:14
Obiwantjeyou need a list of /user/src?20:14
cpikadrdozer: okay, so don't continue removing.20:14
drdozeranyway, removed what I can and rebooted, but still can't get past the graphical login into a working kde sessino20:15
cpikadrdozer: go back to tty1, `sudo stop lightdm` and `sudo killall Xorg`. now, let's try `sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg`20:16
ObiwantjeBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642071/20:16
squintydoes kde use lightdm?20:16
Bashing-omCalebW: Grasping, what returns -> echo $DESKTOP_SESSION <- .20:16
Bashing-omObiwantje: Look'n at http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642071/ .20:17
cpikasquinty: lightdm is now used for kubuntu-desktop as well as for unity20:17
squintycpika:  ok   just a thought  :)20:17
drdozerdone, still no joy20:17
CalebWIt's empty -Bashing-om20:18
cpikadrdozer: okay, then same thing again, and in addition: `sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core libgl1-mesa-glx`20:18
drdozercpika: no bananas20:19
Bashing-omCalebW: Not real surprised IF no desktop is started .. think'n still .. what might be going on .20:19
RNevilleDoes anyone watch Jupiter Broadcasting show - Linux Action Show (LAS)?20:20
RNevilleI think it is very interesting!20:20
cpikadrdozer: so, I think there must be something wrong with configuration files. e.g., edit /etc/modprobe.d and see whether there is something about 'nouveau'. perhaps an old nvidia setting disabled nouveau by a blacklist20:20
tunafishHey, how to let unprivileged user configure/set vpn on ubuntu?20:20
squintyRNeville:  #ubuntu-offtopic   this channel is for support only  :)20:21
Bashing-omObiwantje: Curiouser and curiousier .. the headers and kernel are in place .. what is the system trying to boot ? -> ls -al /vmlinuz >- a 1 liner that you can pste back here to channel .20:21
DarknetBashing-om Meow20:21
DarknetBashing-om :P20:21
RNevilleno problem20:21
DarknetRNeville parakalwwww?20:21
DarknetRNeville m?20:21
unopasteDarknet you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted20:21
drdozercpika: the only vaguely relevant line I cna find with grep is: modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer.conf:blacklist nvidiafb20:22
cpikadrdozer: did you grep nouveau?20:22
drdozercpika: yes - no hits20:22
cpikadrdozer: http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/TroubleShooting/ says that nvidiafb must not be used20:24
cpikadrdozer: but, to be honest, I've never disabled a kernel mode20:24
revohey all, whats the best soft to download from software centre, to extract image from windows dvd into usb stick to create live usb20:24
drdozercpika: ok, but I'm not using nvidia and it's black-listed so I think that's not part of my problem20:25
drdozerthere are no (EE) lines in Xorg.0.log20:25
=== jokker is now known as Guest58483
Bashing-omCalebW: I do not know, but try -> reboot to the login screen, console with ctl+alt+F1 -> sudo service lightdm stop , sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm , sudo dpkg-reconfigure unity-greeter . Reboot and see if there ia any effect .20:25
Bashing-omCalebW: reboot command from terminal -> sudo shutdown -r now <- .20:26
Bashing-omObiwantje: You still with me on this ? Have I lost ya ?20:27
revoCan sum1 point out soft to download from software centre - want to extract image from windows dvd into usb stick to create live usb20:27
cpikadrdozer: btw what does `sudo modprobe nouveau` give you?20:28
=== Maras is now known as Marasgeon
drdozercpika: no output20:29
arcskyA windows server you need to reboot after an windows update. how ist with ubuntu ?20:29
cpikadrdozer: and any improvement?20:30
MarasgeonHow to make a process (java) not to start at boot?20:30
cpikadrdozer: or try `dmesg` to see whether it's loaded20:30
squintyarcsky:  probably ask in #ubuntu-server20:30
drdozernope, no joy20:30
CalebWBashing-om: Still nothing.20:30
=== clipse is now known as clipse_
Bashing-omCalebW: wow, the "dpkg-reconfigure -s " gave no error s ?20:31
k1larcsky: for kernel updates you need to restart.20:31
arcskyk1l: oke20:32
arcskyhow often comes kernel updates?20:32
k1larcsky: there are kernel-changing-while-running-features but they are bundeld to paid support afaik20:32
CalebWBashing-om: Oh, I didn't see that. I did " service lightdm stop, dpkg-reconfigure lightdm, dpkg-reconfigure unity-greeter, reboot"20:32
revojust resize my hdd to create another partition, can sum1 tell me when installing windows on 2nd partition do i also need to format or just leave it as "unllocated space"20:33
drdozercpika: nothing in dmesg other than two 'new session' lines, one for the failed desktop session and then one for lightdm's login screen20:34
CalebWShould I do the "dpkg-reconfigure -s" ?-Bashing-om20:34
squintyrevo:  recommended proceedure is to install windows first and then any subsequent nix OS's20:34
cpikadrdozer: hm. perhaps one should look into Xorg logs, but I've never done that.20:35
drdozercpika: the xorg logs are clean20:35
cpikadrdozer: you could make Xorg more verbous20:35
cpikadrdozer: e.g. (after having killed X, stopped lightdm) `startx -- -logverbose 9 -verbose 9`20:36
Bashing-omCalebW: No 0n the -s .. bad typing on my part .. lemme consider what else we can try, to pinpoint what is going on here .20:37
drdozercpika: I think whatever the fault is, it's happening after X is up - it's somewere in getting me a working desktop - the graphical login works just fine, so x is working20:37
cpikadrdozer: I don't know what's left to try out. perhaps removing nouveau and trying to reinstall the usual nvidia drivers... but then you're going in circles :(20:37
cpikadrdozer: yeah, you're right, perhaps X is fine... have you installed another DE than KDE to try?20:38
drdozercpika: no - what is the smallest one I could try?20:38
cpikadrdozer: openbox perhaps20:38
Bashing-omCalebW: do you have this file ? -> ls -al /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log <- The lightdm/greeter log files might give some idea what's going wrong.20:39
cpikadrdozer: `sudo apt-get install openbox` should already be enough.20:39
RNevilleMaybe wrong channel, but here goes: I want to dual boot. I have two separate hd to use.20:39
RNevilleI know windows must be on sda1 - if this makes sense20:40
angrywombathi.. i have a strange error: i have a server that was originally provisioned inside my network to (static) - i had to wipe the machine, and when i did, the DHCP set it to .207.. now when i ssh in to the reformatted machine, ssh, i get in and run ifconfig.. it reports the IP as .21420:40
angrywombatany ideas what could be causing this?20:40
angrywombati had a tmux session setup on the machine (went in to the server room, plugging in a monitor etc).. when i ssh in to the machine using the wrong IP, i can attach that session20:40
Jordan_Urevo: Windows' installer can create the partition and filesystem itself, so unallocated is probably simplest. Do be carefull when installing Windows though, it can be easy to accidentally overwrite existing partitions.20:40
RNevilleWill I corrupt my Ubuntu Install (possbily) by tryint to dual boot - i.e., could I corrupt grub?20:41
RNevilleBTW, I am really enjoying Ubuntu 14.0420:41
drdozercpika: I see no difference :(20:41
revoJordan_U, thanks, how do i get grub back on after installation...im sure windows is gonna remove it ?20:42
cpikadrdozer: can you log into a guest account?20:42
=== mish is now known as Mish_
skaoRNeville: A new Windows installation will overwrite the grub bootloader, so what you definetely need to do is to reinstall grub afterwards most likely over a live-cd20:42
Jordan_URNeville: It's possible that the Windows installer will overwrite grub, or in the case of UEFI make grub a secondary rather than primary bootloader (so only Windows boots by default). Either way, it's not too difficult to re-install grub if you have a LiveCD/USB on hand.20:42
RNevilleJordan_U: thx20:43
drdozercpika: Yes, it seems I can20:43
RNevilleskao: thx, as-well20:43
RNevilleEven if I installation using two different hd's20:43
cpikadrdozer: okay, then perhaps we have an entirely different problem. try, in a tty and after having killed X: `sudo chown YOUR-USER-NAME:YOUR-USER-NAME .Xauthority`20:44
Jordan_URNeville: revo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot , though those instructions only cover re-installing grub for BIOS based systems.20:44
Jordan_URNeville: You're welcome.20:44
RNevilleI'm willing to use bios to pick which hd to run - at startup20:44
CalebWBashing-om: Here's lightdm/x-0-greeter.log: paste.ubuntu.com/964220120:44
weaksaucehaving a problem with bind after upgrading to 10.04... https://gist.github.com/anonymous/791887a5e339ce583fd720:44
Bashing-omRNeville: IF you leave Window alsone on the 1st hard drive (sda) and install ubuntu onto the 2nd hard drive (sdb) then Windows Will not be effected . just make sure that ubuntu's grub (Grand Unified Bootloader) is installed to 'sdb' . set in bios to boot the 2nd hard drive ,and once booted into the ubuntu install run terminal command -> sudo update-grub <- to chainload Windows to it's boot menu .20:44
cpikadrdozer: (in your home folder)20:44
Bashing-omCalebW: look'n at paste.ubuntu.com/9642201 .20:45
drdozercpika: yay! I'm in - it was root:root for some reason20:45
cpikadrdozer: strange stuff20:45
valter irc.oltreirc.net20:46
ObiwantjeBashing-om, $ sudo ls -al /vmlinuz -> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 30 Dec 29 09:29 /vmlinuz -> boot/vmlinuz-3.16.0-29-generic20:47
RNevilleforgot to mention, I have encrypted my already installed Ubuntu Installation20:47
revoJordan_U,  wr should the swap be placed...before or after the 2nd partition?20:48
RNevilleI would like to unplug the sata cable on this ubuntu SSD, install Windows onto another hd - and then reconnect ubuntu hd (so no chance of corrupting Ubuntu HD)20:49
=== RAMS4 is now known as RAMSay
Jordan_Urevo: It doesn't really matter much, and you can even opt for a swap file instead of a swap partition.20:49
drdozercpika: thanks - I will have another go at installing nvidia drivers + opencl + cuda drivers :D20:50
CalebWBashing-om: Anything relevant?20:51
revoJordan_U,  i have a dvd with os, but dont have ODD available on my nettop, whats the best soft i can get from app store to extract iso image and burn/create a live usb20:52
cpikadrdozer: good luck ;)20:52
Jordan_Urevo: Are you trying to make a bootable Windows installer USB?20:53
Bashing-omCalebW: Relevant yes, something is killing unity, what I do not know .. and I do not know how to find out what is killing unity .20:53
PyroYoshiCan anyone help with including "bootonce" into grub?20:54
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: What is your end goal?20:54
Bashing-omObiwantje: Well that is as should be .. so what have we at the end of that symbolic link -> ls -al /boot | pastebinit .20:54
trismCalebW: did you explore any of the logs in ~/.cache/upstart/ gnome-session-Unity.log might be interesting20:55
Jordan_Urevo: Then please ask in ##Windows (they have linux experience as well, and this is more of a Windows question than an Ubuntu one).20:55
revook thx20:55
PyroYoshiJordan_U: I have Ubuntu 14.04 and windows 8.1. I use a bluetooth keyboard on my system. Ubuntu is the primary OS and GRUB boots into it first but I can't get to the windows boot with my keyboard20:55
CalebWtrism: paste.ubuntu.com/964226720:56
PyroYoshiJordan_U: I saw instructions for setting up boot once to let you restart into the secondary OS but im a complete newbie and have no idea how to do any of that20:56
revodont seem there is any1 in that channel20:57
I-ve-got-a-wayPyroYoshi: it is normally impossible, unless your BIOS has a full Bluetooth stack embedded in it - which would be very unlikely.20:57
ObiwantjeBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642277/20:57
Obiwantjethis is just all so weird20:58
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: grub-reboot is the tool you're looking for.20:58
PyroYoshiI-ve-got-a-way: Yes I know it would be impossible to actually use the keyboard. thats why I'm trying to configure grub to restart into the secondary OS20:58
k1lrevo: ask the ##windows guys how to make a windows usb without having windows. for ubuntu its easy to make a ubuntu usb no matter what OS you are on.20:58
PyroYoshiJordan_U: Is that an program?20:58
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: It is a command.20:58
Bashing-omObiwantje: look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642277/ .20:59
naoufalhi guys can you tel me plz how can i change the "abc" in   naoufal@abc:~$20:59
MagicMysticnaofal: edit /etc/hosts20:59
PyroYoshiJordan_U: do you have a link to an explaination for it or a walkthrough? like I said I am very new and just starting to understand terminal20:59
MagicMysticnaoufal: and edit /etc/hostname20:59
naoufalit doest whork21:00
k1lnaoufal: its called prompt21:00
MagicMysticnaoufal: logout and log back in. should have changed. or reboot21:00
CalebWBashing-om: Did you take a look at my last pastebin?21:00
etronikHi all, need yer help! my Epson USB scanner which ran just fine under prior versions of ubuntu, now under ubuntu 14.xx I get the infamous "Failed to Scan" from simple scan. helpers ?21:01
naoufal i user this command  naoufal@abc:~$ gksudo gedit /etc/hostname(21:01
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: First, configure /etc/default/grub with GRUB_DEFAULT=saved , as explained here: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#Simple-configuration , then you can run "grub-reboot foo" where foo designates what entry you want booted on the next boot (and only the next boot). The possible formats of "foo" are explained here: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#default21:01
naoufaland this was the error21:01
naoufalgksudo:6233): GConf-CRITICAL **: gconf_value_free: assertion 'value != NULL' failed21:01
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: Start by configuring your /etc/default/grub properly. The first step is to make a backup of this file that we can restore later if needed, to do so run "sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub-backup".21:02
Bashing-omCalebW: Yeah, with 3 DE's installed .. have you ever been able to activate the GUI desk top ? Or id this happen after installing some thing ? (.png image ?) .21:03
EiEiOhhNot sure if this is allowed here but...Is anyone interested in TeamViewer  into my Ubuntu machine to help me with sharing a directory with WIndows. Been at it for a week with no luck21:03
MagicMysticnaoufal: can you drop to a terminal and type 'sudo nano /etc/hosts'21:03
MagicMysticnaoufal: and 'sudo nano /etc/hostname'21:03
PyroYoshiJordan_U: Okay I believe I made the backup21:05
trismCalebW: looks like you don't have 3d acceleration anymore for some reason, although i915 should work fine with unity (it will also fail to boot flashback these days because of bug 1251281 ), what were you doing before it stopped working?21:05
ubottubug 1251281 in gnome-session (Ubuntu) "gnome-session-flashback/Unity fails to start without hardware acceleration in cloud/remote environments (Forwarded-X/XRDP/VNC/NX/X2GO/Chromoting)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125128121:05
ObiwantjeBashing-om, making any sense?21:05
CalebWBashing-om: I have been using the desktop up until yesterday afternoon(worked fine that morning). Then I go to log in and it locks up...the only package I installed was python-visual.21:05
Jordan_Unaoufal: MagicMystic: It's safer and easier to use hostnamectl to change your hostname.21:06
trismCalebW: can you share /var/log/apt/history.log with the entry when you installed python-visual?21:06
=== Xe is now known as lame
CalebW(Though it also install libboost and libgtkglex1 and libgtkglexmm)21:06
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: Great. Now run "gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub" to open the configuration file we need to edit in Gedit, as root.21:06
=== lame is now known as Xe
trismCalebW: I'm more concerned with what it may have removed21:07
Bashing-omObiwantje: Yeah, wierd, all is in place, and still not booting that 3.16 kernel .. how bout we try -> sudo update-initramfs -u <- .21:07
naoufalnow it work thx guys :D21:08
Obiwantjeoh it does not like that at ALL Bashing-om21:08
PyroYoshiJordan_U: Okay I have gedit open now21:08
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: Change GRUB_DEFAULT=0 to GRUB_DEFAULT=saved21:08
ObiwantjeBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642336/21:08
MagicMysticnaoufal: you get it sorted out?21:09
PyroYoshiJordan_U:  okay21:09
MagicMysticnaoufal: here is a quick howto http://www.howtogeek.com/197934/how-to-change-your-hostname-computer-name-on-ubuntu-linux/21:09
Bashing-omObiwantje: Yuk, that is not a good sign then . Verify the state of the package manager -> sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade <- . there, is there an advisory for "held packages" ?21:09
CalebWtrism: paste.ubuntu.com/9642344 Nothing was removed.21:10
bekksUsing dist-upgrade instead of upgrade will take care of most of the packages he.d21:10
ObiwantjeBashing-om, none it seems? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642353/21:11
CalebWtrism: And that's the last thing I installed that day before all of the problems happened.21:12
PyroYoshiJordan_U: should I save the file after editing and then?21:12
Bashing-omObiwantje: While I look at uour latestst. -> ls -al /lib/modules/3.16.0-29.39-generic-pae <- is it true this file does not exist ?21:13
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: Yes, close Gedit and when prompted choose to save the file.21:13
ObiwantjeBashing-om, ls: cannot access /lib/modules/3.16.0-29.39-generic-pae: No such file or directory21:13
drdozerok, so I've tried to install nvidia drivers so that I get cuda/opencl drivers21:14
PyroYoshiJordan_U: Okay I closed, saved, and ran update-grub21:14
trismCalebW: nothing removed in the surrounding entries? if so my first step would be: apt-get remove python-visual; apt-get autoremove;, it's unlikely to help but it would rule one thing out21:15
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: Great. Now plase pastebin the contents of /boot/grub/grub.cfg.21:15
TaralubuntPyroYoshi, past21:15
trismCalebW: meanwhile I'll try to break my system with that package, though it seems pretty benign21:15
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: You can do so by running "pastebinit /boot/grub/grub.cfg".21:15
drdozerand now x is not starting - it's detecting both the onboard intel and the nvidia card, and then bailing with (EE) modesetting(G1): drmSetMaster failed: Invalid argument21:16
drdozerand  AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for gpu driver 1 -121:16
CalebWtrism: Nope, I only installed rar the day before, but nothing was removed. Though I did uninstall python-visual after I started having problems.21:17
CalebWSince then I've reinstalled unity ubuntu-desktop compiz but nothing's worked21:17
Taralubuntap get p.anderson21:17
Bashing-omObiwantje: Package manager is in a happy state .. sheesshhh ,, ok, what about -> sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-3.16.0-29-generic-pae .21:18
PyroYoshiJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642375/21:18
Taralubuntguten tag!21:18
trismCalebW: yeah seems to make no difference here, did you ever post your /var/log/Xorg.0.log?21:19
ObiwantjeBashing-om, it is like a circus :-) -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642388/21:19
k1lTaralubunt: stop that nonsense in here21:19
Bashing-omObiwantje: look'n at http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642388/ .21:19
CalebWtrism: I'm going to reboot, login, then post that log.21:22
tunafishI am locked out of my network manager, is there a way to reset its polkit/permissions?21:23
=== lrx is now known as Guest75165
Bashing-omObiwantje: Humm .. confirm please that I have given the correct version ( I had too many windows open and closed that one out ) .. and what returns -> apt-cache policy linux-generic-pae <- .21:23
Obiwantjeversion seems indeed OK21:24
tunafisheven with root, it says "Permissions request failed: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: Action org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.enable-disable-network is not registered"21:24
ObiwantjeBashing-om, the command gives: N: Unable to locate package linux-generic-pae21:25
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: Great, now to boot into Windows only once run the following: sudo grub-reboot 'Windows 8 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)'21:25
PyroYoshiJordan_U: and ill just have to do that everytime I want to boot windows?21:25
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: Yes, you can make yourself a convenience script to make it quicker to type though.21:26
CalebWtrism: paste.ubuntu.com/964241421:26
Taralubuntjust installed last lts version. Do I need to install a firewall and antivirus please?21:28
trismCalebW: hmm, this doesn't look good: (EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/i965_dri.so failed (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/i965_dri.so: undefined symbol: _glapi_tls_Dispatch)21:29
PyroYoshiJordan_U: I just tested it quickly and it worked great. Would you be interested in helping to teach me to make a script for it as well?21:30
Bashing-omObiwantje: Not really sure what to make of that ! .. something is lying to us somewhere ! .. ok I have a thought -> ls -al /vmlinuz.old <- . Maybe not completing that link is driving the system nuts .21:31
trismCalebW: maybe: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-dri; maybe the lib is corrupt somehow21:32
CalebWI've already tried that-trism21:32
MaltahlHey i have some trouble with my Clevo W350STQ with Ubuntu 14.04. Bluetooth stopped working after updating and now i cannot get it back. i tried blueman packages but it did not work. Could someone assist me ?21:32
trismCalebW: out of curiosity, what is apt-cache policy libgl1-mesa-dri21:32
ObiwantjeBashing-om, ls: cannot access /vmlinuz.old: No such file or directory21:32
Obiwantjecrazy eh?21:32
CalebWpaste.ubuntu.com/9642445  -trism21:33
john_doe_jrhow do u extra all the images out of a pdf?21:34
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: Sure. A bash script is simply a text file whose first line is "#!/bin/bash", the simplest bash scripts simply contain commands exactly as you would run them at a bash shell. So your script could be as simple as the following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642447/21:34
Bashing-omObiwantje: I do think that is at the root of the problem .. there exists no .old for grub's config files . Need to figure out how to get an old kernel installed and those symlinks re-established .21:35
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: To make it easy to run, we'll put it in a new specially named directory, "bin" in your home directory. To make this directory run "mkdir ~/bin/".21:35
john_doe_jrHow do you extract all the images out of a pdf?21:35
Novice201yHi. I use Lubuntu on netbook and I couldn't see SAVE button for MPlayer option (which I assume is on the button of the window). How can I save my options then?21:35
Jordan_UBashing-om: Could you give a quick summary of the problem you're having?21:36
mladouxhttp://blog.markladoux.com/2014/12/29/ubuntu-14-10-apache-2-4-php-fpm-mariadb-mysql-server-composer/ <-- I was messing around with trying to get LAMP to work the way I wanted, got incomplete data from all over the net, until I figured it out, made a guide -- works perfect for me, mileage may vary21:37
Bashing-omJordan_U: Thanks .. utopic, kernel 3.16 is installed but booting up trust's kernel .21:38
=== NegativeFlare_ is now known as NegativeFlare
Jordan_UPyroYoshi: To make the script more convenient, you could have it actually reboot after changing the default with something like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642482/21:39
PyroYoshiJordan_U: Honestly I am having nothing but trouble now this this bluetooth keyboard, I think it would be easier to just keep using my wired keyboard and stop fighting with this thing21:39
Bashing-omObiwantje: Jordan_U paste again -> ls -al /boot <- .21:40
MaltahlHey i have some trouble with my Clevo W350STQ with Ubuntu 14.04. Bluetooth stopped working after updating and now i cannot get it back. i tried blueman packages but it did not work. Could someone assist me ? Im willing to wait many hours for reply21:40
ObiwantjeBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642504/21:41
sheerHi. I installed Ubuntu just yesterday. When I booted up this morning, I got a message saying there's been an error, and I was asked to report it. Also, I can't seem to be able to load Runescape on the browser. Any ideas? Thank you.21:42
theadminsheer: For the Runescape problem: you need Java, I think.21:42
=== hxm is now known as Guest87023
theadminsheer: sudo apt-get install icedtea-7-plugin21:42
sheertheadmin: i believe I have java21:42
Bashing-omObiwantje: Note no trusty kernel there .. what results -> uname -r <- .21:42
trismCalebW: how about: apt-get install --reinstall libglapi-mesa;21:43
ObiwantjeBashing-om, 3.13.0-30-generic21:43
trismCalebW: that appears to be where the missing symbol is21:43
Bashing-omJordan_U: Obiwantje :: ^^ makes absolutely no sense to me .. how can this be ?21:44
Jordan_UObiwantje: Did you install Ubuntu onto a physical machine under your control, or is this a hosted Ubuntu installation?21:45
sheerJordan_U: The first one, I think21:45
CalebWOk, I reinstalled it, I'm going to reboot. -trism21:45
ObiwantjeJordan_U, local here21:46
sheeroh you weren't asking me sorry21:46
Jordan_UObiwantje: How did you reboot to try to boot into the newer kernel?21:46
Obiwantjesudo reboot21:47
ObiwantjeJordan_U, ^^21:48
Jordan_U!bootinfo | Obiwantje21:48
ubottuObiwantje: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).21:48
Jordan_UObiwantje: Please run boot info sript and pastebin the RESULTS.txt that it produces.21:48
l0rdn1xWhy does my bluetooth adapter explode in my DMESG ?21:49
l0rdn1xIt works but floods dmesg with like millions of errors.21:49
Jordan_UBashing-om: My guess is that Obiwantje used to have a separate /boot/ partition at some point, and due to some confusion now has two /boot/ directories, one with the newer kernels and grub.cfg, and another with the old (and grub is still configured to read its grub.cfg from the old one).21:49
=== Darknet_s is now known as Darknet
ObiwantjeJordan_U, I will do so21:50
CalebWtrism: Didn't work...paste.ubuntu.com/9642546 <-- cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep .so21:51
Bashing-omJordan_U: Now that do make some amount of sense .. this install is now encrypted .21:51
guiteHi everyone, I’m currently trying to use openCL on my computer with ubuntu 14.0421:51
guiteit’s really hard :)21:51
guitemy error so far is :21:51
guiteX server found. dri2 connection failed!21:52
guiteTrying to open directly...Device open failed21:52
trismCalebW: anything missing in: ldd /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/i965_dri.so; ?21:52
=== soee_ is now known as soee
guiteI installed beignet, I have an nvidia geforce 840 M and a intel gpu haswell integrated etc…21:52
guitethere is no way I can use a sample code just to find my devices21:53
CalebWFor some reason I have both i915.so and i965.so...21:53
daftykinsguite: ah so are you using nvidia-prime ? did you install proprietary drivers?21:54
CalebWtrism: paste.ubuntu.com/964257521:54
ObiwantjeJordan_U, Bashing-om -> bootinfo output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642576/21:55
trismCalebW: theres your problem right there: libdrm_intel.so.1 => /usr/local/lib/libdrm_intel.so.1 (0x00007f623ffc5000)21:55
trismCalebW: did you build or install something in /usr/local/lib lately?21:55
etronikhow can one handle/install  .rpm files under ubuntu14 ?21:55
guitedaftykins: At first (when I installed my ubuntu) I installed nvidia-prime…21:55
Jordan_UObiwantje: How many hard drives do you have?21:56
CalebWtrism: I don't think so21:56
k1letronik: you look for .deb in the first place. what program is it?21:56
guitedaftykins: then I had this openCL problem and installed nvidia proprietary drivers21:56
daftykinsetronik: well, why try and use them at all? can't you get the software you want in the proper format?21:56
ObiwantjeJordan_U, quite a few - all ZFS but boot21:56
trismCalebW: ls /usr/local/lib; out of curiosity21:56
daftykinsguite: i'm not following you, it worked before?21:56
MaltahlHey i have some trouble with my Clevo W350STQ with Ubuntu 14.04. Bluetooth stopped working after updating and now i cannot get it back. i tried blueman packages but it did not work. Could someone assist me ?21:56
ObiwantjeJordan_U, 30-40?21:56
guitedaftykins: no, never tried before today21:56
etronikk1l, daftykins : no, I can't get .dbe for the specific epson scanner driver ... only .rpm or .tgz21:57
guitedaftykins: I mean, OpenCL never worked21:57
CalebWtrism: paste.ubuntu.com/964258321:57
etronikdbe = deb21:57
guitedaftykins: but nvidia drivers seemed to be correctly installed21:57
heinrichalguien que escriba en español?21:57
daftykinsguite: have a read of your /var/log/Xorg.0.log to check21:58
Jordan_UObiwantje: Please pastebin the contents of /proc/mounts and /etc/fstab.21:59
CalebWheinrich: va a #ubuntu-es21:59
guitedaftykins: nothing written about opencl21:59
daftykinsguite: no but you can check out your DRI2 error and see whether the drivers are happy :)21:59
trismCalebW: okay I would mv all the top-level libs there to another temporary directory and then reboot and see if you get a session21:59
EriC^^etronik: if you must, sudo apt-get install rpm21:59
EriC^^!rpm | etronik21:59
ubottuetronik: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !dpkg, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)21:59
Bashing-omObiwantje: Jordan_U :: reading the boot-info script . be a while .22:00
EriC^^!info rpm | etronik22:00
ubottuetronik: rpm (source: rpm): package manager for RPM. In component main, is optional. Version 4.11.2-3 (utopic), package size 110 kB, installed size 380 kB22:00
trismCalebW: although you could just try /usr/local/lib/libdrm_intel.so.1 alone22:00
guite[    37.793] (II) Loading sub module "dri2"22:00
guite[    37.793] (II) LoadModule: "dri2"22:00
guite[    37.793] (II) Module "dri2" already built-in22:00
trismCalebW: but there may be more issues there22:00
CalebWSo I mv all of the *.so to a bk dir ?22:01
ObiwantjeJordan_U, Bashing-om : http://paste.ubuntu.com/9642602/22:01
trismCalebW: yeah, rather than just delete them because we don't want to break your system further22:01
guitedaftykins: I don’t even know if this is an error >_<22:01
k1letronik: alien. but i am not sure if that works as expected with driver stuff22:02
trismCalebW: though most important is /usr/local/lib/libdrm_intel.so.1 you could just try that alone first if you wanted22:02
tunafishI am locked out of networkmanager, even as root, (32) Not authorized to control networking. easy way to fix this?22:02
Jordan_UObiwantje: sudo mount /boot/ #Now you should see the /boot/ directory you have actually been booting from22:02
pasqualeiron man22:02
CalebWJust the *.so or the *.so.(1.0,etc)?22:02
daftykinsguite: it's pretty obvious since at the start of the Xorg log it tells you II is information, EE is error and WW is warning. :)22:03
daftykinsguite: have you read http://askubuntu.com/questions/131506/how-can-i-get-nvidia-cuda-or-opencl-working-on-a-laptop-with-nvidia-discrete-car ?22:03
trismCalebW: just: mv /usr/local/lib/libdrm_intel.so.1 /some/temp/location; then reboot, you can get more drastic and move them all if that doesn't work22:04
trismCalebW: it's got to be what is screwing you up, but we don't know why you have them there, otherwise I would say just delete them all22:04
ObiwantjeJordan_U, Bashing-om: sudo mount /boot/ -> mount: can't find /boot/ in /etc/fstab22:05
guitedaftykins: no, I didn’t… so I need to install bumblebee…22:05
daftykinsguite: hah, no - read it22:05
Jordan_UObiwantje: Indeed, I just now noticed that you commented it out. Why did you do that?22:05
ObiwantjeJordan_U, I don't think I did?22:05
guitedaftykins: ok, thanks :)22:06
Jordan_UObiwantje: Someone or something did.22:06
Jordan_UObiwantje: In fact you have two commented out lines for /boot/, which is even more odd.22:07
ObiwantjeJordan_U, you want me to put it back in and rebooot?22:07
etronikerr how do I find out if I have 14.04 or 14.10 ?22:07
k1letronik: lsb_release -d22:08
etronikk1l, ah! thanks,22:08
Dinqquick question on running my own local repository:  i have 1 server that can reach the internet, running a mirror, and a second server inside that cannot reach the internet, using server1 as it's repository22:08
Jordan_UObiwantje: Uncomment one of the entries, run "sudo mount /boot/", then re-install the kernel package you want, then reboot and you should boot into the new kernel.22:08
CalebWtrism: didn't work22:08
Dinqi also have a package in a specific PPA repo on the mirror (haproxy 1.5.3 on ubuntu 14.04 is what i'm trying to do)22:09
trismCalebW: what is: apt-cache policy libdrm-intel122:09
tunafishto hell with this networkmanager, I am switching to wicd22:09
grilled-cheesehas anyone had any luck with zfs yet?22:09
Dinqinternal server isn't seeing the new haproxy version yet........22:09
bekksgrilled-cheese: People did, yes.22:09
sheer$5 to charity if someone helps me load runescape on 14.04 :) Thanks22:09
etroniknow the Epson scanner thing, stopped working with 14.04, was working before, searching leads me to all sorts of confusing info ... how should I go about getting it to back to working condition  with simple scan ? TIA22:09
grilled-cheeseis there a good reference out there for the sharenfs property?  I get lost in the solaris, bsd, obsolete documentation and the manpage isn't very helpful22:10
ActionParsnip0sheer: isn't it just a java app!22:10
CalebWtrism: paste.ubunut.com/964262722:10
grilled-cheesesheer: the people fund?22:10
sheergrilled-cheese: whichever you want22:10
sheerActionParsnipi guess so but it doesn't load for me22:11
sheeran d i'm a complete linux noob22:11
k1lsheer: just state the ubuntu issue22:11
grilled-cheeseoracle java or openjdk?22:11
ActionParsnip0sheer: webupd8 has a PPA for Oracle java22:11
sheerk1l: I cannot load Runescape?22:11
sheergrilled-cheese: openjdk I think22:11
k1lsheer: errormessages matter22:11
bekksgrilled-cheese: http://askubuntu.com/questions/450971/zfs-on-linux-setting-up-nfs-on-ubuntu-14-04-with-os-x-mavericks-client -- the server part stays the same, since thats the Ubuntu part.22:11
sheerActionParsnipI don't know what that means22:11
ActionParsnip0sheer: if you use TAB you can autocomplete nicks22:11
ObiwantjeJordan_U will try22:11
sheerI got no error message22:11
trismCalebW: okay so that is fine, does: ldd /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/i965_dri.so; show the correct libdrm_intel now?22:12
ActionParsnip0sheer: go find out, the web will tell you22:12
Obiwantjemind checking if I uncommented the right thing?22:12
sheerActionParsnip0:  know of that, thank you.22:12
sheerfind out what?22:12
Bashing-omJordan_U: Wow, that was quick .. some kind of sharp are you  :)22:12
sheersorry, few people talking22:12
sheerwhat am i finding out?22:12
k1lActionParsnip0: did you see this and did it work? http://www.webupd8.org/2012/07/how-to-install-runescape-linux-game.html22:12
trismCalebW: are you sure you didn't build anything from source recently?22:12
grilled-cheesebekks: that helps if I were trying to connect a mac22:12
bekksgrilled-cheese: As I said, the Ubuntu (server) pat is always the same.22:12
k1lsheer: "my car is broken" "what is broken exactly" "its broken"    that doesnt help others help you.22:13
CalebWtrism: paste.ubunut.com/964264322:13
sheerI'm aware, but I know nothing of how cars work, so I have no clue what is broken about it, it's just not running22:13
bekksgrilled-cheese: And even the mount command on the client (if you are using Ubuntu there) is the same, too.22:13
sheerrunescape won't run and i get no error message eithe22:13
grilled-cheesebekks: I used to use no_root_squash, no_subtree_check in /etc/exports and on the ubuntu client side with the same uid/gid it would map correctly the usernames22:13
grilled-cheesebekks: but now it just mounts up as root everywhere22:14
CalebWI built mesa from source a couple of weeks ago but I thought I uninstalled everything...22:14
CalebWwhen it didn't work...22:14
trismCalebW: nope libs are still there22:14
grilled-cheesebekks: even though the ownership on the server is set to my user22:14
trismCalebW: though it is strange that it just breaks now22:14
CalebWremove them all?22:14
trismCalebW: yeah22:14
CalebWThat's what a I thought..22:14
=== yourname is now known as JNixx
bekksgrilled-cheese: then what did you change?22:15
CalebWtrism; So all of the libdrm* in /usr/local/lib22:15
trismCalebW: makes me think this isn't going to help and something else is broken, can I see: ldd /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so; before you do?22:15
grilled-cheesedid server rebuild with 14.04 instead of 12.4 and this time switched to using zfs instead of dmraid22:15
=== brian is now known as Guest33172
trismCalebW: I'm going to grab some dinner I'll be back in about 15 minutes22:16
CalebWtrism: paste.ubunut.com/964265322:16
grilled-cheesesheer: what happens if you try to launch it from the command line?  do you get any useful messages?22:16
bekksgrilled-cheese: And you switched to sharenfs instead of just sharing using /etc/exports, correct?22:16
gradushello. i am hoping for some help. i have deleted my ubuntu parition along with the grub files, now i cannot access my windows parittion. when my computer boots it just sits at a blank screen witha  single flashing cursor and I cannot type. any help?22:16
sheergrilled-cheese: it's a browser based game, so afaik that doesn't involve the command line at all22:17
bekksgrilled-cheese: Try using the "old" /etc/exports approach again, and disable sharenfs22:17
grilled-cheesesheer: does it download a jar file?22:17
sheerwhat does happen is: I load the site, the game says: setting up graphics to suit you as it's the first time> then if I click OK, it all goes blank. And the firefox browser freezes22:17
sheergrilled-cheese: If it does, it doesn't alert me to it22:17
grilled-cheesesheer: ok, have you tried using chrome?22:18
sheerno, I'll try chrome then22:18
carif_what's the difference btwn the command line utility 'apt' and 'apt-get'/'apt-cache'? Is 'apt' considered the successor to 'apt-get'?22:18
grilled-cheesesheer: just to be sure it isn't a browser specific problem22:18
Jordan_Ugradus: Do you want to re-install Ubuntu, or just get Windows booting again?22:18
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
Chuck_Norrissheer: it's a java game ?22:19
grilled-cheesecarif_: apt-cache uses the locally downloaded information from the repos22:19
sheergrilled-cheese: gotcha. Also, I just installed this OS from scratch yesterday yet when I boot, it says an error's been found22:19
sheerChuck_Norris: yes it is22:19
gradusJordan_U: just get windows booting again for now22:19
squintygradus: you need to use your Windows recovery disks or Windows recovery partition to fix22:19
carif_grilled-cheese, ty; does that mean 'apt' doesn't?22:19
Chuck_Norrissheer: sudo apt-get install icedtea-plugin22:20
Jordan_Ugradus: OK. Do you have an Ubuntu LiveDVD/USB, or a Windows install DVD/USB that you can boot from?22:20
grilled-cheesecarif_: apt/apt-get tie in more to the remote repositories22:20
gradussquinty: i attempted to use the guide here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreUbuntu/XP/Vista/7Bootloader , i ran the two commands successfully but upon rebooting i saw the same thing22:21
gradusi have an option in my boot menu simply called 'ubuntu' that i think is still attempting to boot with priority22:21
gradusJordan_U: as well22:21
l0rdn1xnautilus[2273]: segfault at 33 ip this caused me to have to do a hardboot22:21
sheerChuck_Norris: yes. Yes, I cam see why you're called Chuck_Norris22:22
Chuck_Norrissheer: :p22:22
sheermy primary (and only) hard drive is a WD green, is that kind of bad? as it's aimed at storage22:23
squintygradus: see my previous comment   simplest and recommended method imho.22:23
grilled-cheesebekks: switched back to /etc/exports and it still doesn't map the zfs vdevs correctly, still wants to use root instead of the real user22:24
ki7rwthat's the fourth time i downloaded and burned 14.04 disks and i still get a malformed file error message at bootup - k3b verified the written iso22:24
gradussquinty: i did that but it still is seeing something called 'ubuntu' in bios and going to a blank screen22:24
grilled-cheesebekks: that includes a restart of the nfs kernel server & the autofs client22:24
sheerChuck_Norris: what happens this time is: I get a "Profiling.." little box come up which is new. normally it's all just blank. However.. the browser is now stuck22:25
sheercan't open a new tab22:25
sheerand it's stuck on profiling. my computer isn't old at all.22:25
squintygradus:  then you need to access a windows related channel.  you deleted ubuntu...22:25
gradussquinty: obviously the knowledge about ubuntu is essential to fixing this problem22:26
sheeri think something is wrong. Ubuntu is running slow at times despite my computer being fast.22:27
trismCalebW: get rid of /usr/local/lib/libGL.so.1 too22:27
squintygradus:  what makes you say that?  you obviously don't know what you are doing to start with deleting willy nilly.........22:28
etronikok so giving up on the scanner ever working on 14.04....22:28
Chuck_Norrissheer: idk, run: htop   and see if there is a process at %10022:29
Jordan_Ugradus: Is this a UEFI or BIOS based machine?22:29
gradussquinty: you are aware youre in a support chat right22:29
gradusJordan_U: bios22:29
CalebWtrism libGL.{la,so,so.1,and so.1.2.0?22:29
Jordan_Ugradus: And you're currently booted from an Ubuntu LiveDVD/USB?22:29
bubbasauresetronik, simple scan does not see it?22:30
gradusJordan_U: though i believe when grub 2 takes over for the first time it implements some sort of uefi system, is that right?22:30
squintygradus:  yes more than obviously you do.  type /topic and read plus understand. this is a ubuntu support channel not windows22:30
gradusJordan_U: i am currently on another machine though i can boot from an ubuntu or a windows 8 usb on the other22:30
etronikbubbasaures, it does see it, but somehow fails to connect to it (I presume from the countless similar reports)22:30
Jordan_Ugradus: No. You either have UEFI firmware or you don't, grub can't give your computer UEFI.22:30
sheerChuck_Norris: i can't even open Chrome22:31
sheerI just installed it22:31
trismCalebW: yeah22:31
bubbasauresetronik, never had an issue here and " (I presume from the countless similar reports)" is gibberish to me. ;)22:31
QwertieDoes anyone know how to get ubuntu to keep my wacom tablet keymapping after reboot?22:31
guntbertKeelious: do you need help? If so please ask a concrete question.22:31
gradusJordan_U: the other meaning the one with the problem. for some reason int he bios i see this item called "ubuntu" which i think is a messed up version of the old partition i deleted22:31
CalebWtrism: here's my /usr/local/lib paste.ubunut.com/964270522:32
trismCalebW: oh, wait get rid of the libglapi ones too22:32
bert_binaryI'm trying to get my logitech bluetooth mouse to act as a 3 button... ubuntu 14.. anyone have a solution. google didn't give me a solution that works yet.22:32
Jordan_Ugradus: Please boot from an Ubuntu Live media on the problematic machine, then run boot info script and pastebin the RESULTS.txt that it produces. (I suspect that you do in fact have UEFI based firmware).22:32
Jordan_U!bootinfo | gradus22:32
ubottugradus: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).22:32
etronikbubbasaures, well, simple scan is even more gibberish than me, it just says "failed to scan"22:32
bert_binarymmb not working in browsers or anywhere.22:33
CalebWWhat about the libglfw? -trism22:33
gradusJordan_U: its an asus mobo and the utility at boot is caleld a "UEFI BIOS" utility22:33
gradusso i guess uefi?22:33
Keeliousguntbert : I have absolutely not need help but thank you22:33
trismCalebW: that's were the missing symbol is supposed to come from, in fact since you now know where most of it came from, you might want to just delete all those top level libs22:33
gradusJordan_U: yes it is uefi im sorry22:34
bubbasauresetronik, Has before worked from what you post, have you tried it in the guest account or on a live cd of this release, What would help us is knowing what you have done if any configs were changed since you have two scan apps.22:34
squintygradus:   and uefi is used by...... can you guess?22:34
trismCalebW: is that dri file a directory or a file? is there anything in it if it is a directory?22:35
gradussquinty: im sorry is your purpose here to antagonize people who are asking for support?22:35
gradussquinty: do the mistakes of others personally bother you?22:35
etronikbubbasaures, not tried with guest nor live CD - will try and report - but unfortunately not right now - thanks for the tips22:36
CalebWtrism: /usr/local/lib/dri/ paste.ubunut.com/964272422:36
squintygradus: nope quite happy to give *relevant* support in the applicable channel.  guess what this is not?   end of discussion for me22:36
trismCalebW: ahh, you might want to remove the dri directory too then, although X is trying to load the file from the correct location so it might be okay there for now22:37
gradusJordan_U: working on the log for now ill be back22:37
bubbasauresetronik, bummer when this happens, simple scan is a generic setup, I doubt epson made any changes and it is the same simple scan as always.22:37
CalebWtrism: but moving the libdrm-intel.so.1 didn't fix my problem.22:38
ikoniayou can't just move libraries around22:39
trismCalebW: yeah I really don't know where the problem is if it was still working for weeks with those libs, it can't really hurt much more to get them out of the way22:39
trismikonia: he has a bunch of libs in /usr/local/lib overriding the default packages (though by my last comment getting them out of the way may not help I guess)22:40
ikoniatrism: depends on why they where there and how they got there and what was using them22:40
trismikonia: he said earlier he built mesa from source so that would explain it, though since his unity only stopped loading today, I'm not really sure...the only thing we have to go off of now is:22:41
ikoniaMesa is in the repos, so I don't know why it would be built from source22:41
trismCalebW: hmm, this doesn't look good: (EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/i965_dri.so failed (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/i965_dri.so: undefined symbol: _glapi_tls_Dispatch)22:41
trismikonia: ^ from his Xorg.0.log, checking ldd on that lib showed all the libs in /usr/local/lib22:42
trismikonia: I do have to admit I'm kind of out of ideas if getting them out of the way so the default libs are found doesn't help22:42
ikoniahe's changed the xorg config,22:43
ikoniaor worse replaced and linked the original ones to the /usr/local ones22:43
sheerhello, I am seeking assistance, please22:44
CalebWtrism: what are the undefined symbols?22:44
ikonianormally caused by expecting one module , and a different one being loaded22:44
CalebWWhat do you need? -sheer22:44
sheerCalebW: Just installed Ubuntu. Cannot seem to be able to play Runescape (www.runescape.com).22:44
sda_hi all, I have a forward problem: First I don't want use a NAT. I set an advanced routing on my router to the second router (linux box). When I traceroute on lan2 it shows the right gateway address to reach it but then it stops. Any Idea?22:45
ikoniasheer: looks like it's flash based22:45
ikoniasda_: what device does it stop on22:45
CalebWSheer: well I don't know much about runescape but others here might.22:46
sheerikonia: nice to hear something new. Everyone's been saying "java".22:46
ikoniasheer: ahh it may well be java22:46
ikoniaI don't play it so don't know22:46
sda_ikonia, the linux box that should redirect22:46
ikoniasda_: what do you mean redirect ?22:46
ikoniasda_: where is it redirecting to ?22:46
ikoniasheer: it is java22:47
sheerikonia: CalebW any ideas how to troubleshoot?22:47
revocanany1 tell me what does this mean22:47
CalebWsheer: run it from the terminal and look at the output.22:47
ikoniasheer: it says "Linux no longer supported"22:47
sda_ikonia, to the second network. something similar to this situation http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Linking_Subnets_with_Static_Routes22:47
ikoniasheer: http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Minimum_requirements#Plug-ins22:47
revoYou have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to22:47
revowrite to Launchpad or access private data.  See "bzr help launchpad-login".22:47
revoBranched 132 revisions.22:47
ikoniasda_: how are you doing the routing on the second box22:48
sheerCalebW: how do I do that? Sorry, I'm ignorant22:48
sudormrfhaving some major issues here22:48
sudormrfwas working with beets22:48
CalebWsheer: Is it a jar file?22:48
sudormrfthe tagger to tag some MP3s22:48
trismrevo: it just means you are not logged into your launchpad account, you need to set up ssh keys for that, it's not an issue if you don't want to push to launchpad22:48
sheerNo clue CalebW22:48
sda_i have the kernel flag ip_forwarding set as 1 and route as follow http://pastebin.com/M2VQxrdp22:49
sda_ikonia, i have the kernel flag ip_forwarding set as 1 and route as follow http://pastebin.com/M2VQxrdp22:49
sudormrfand now, from the CLI I get "bus error" when I try to LS the directory and "Segmentation Fault" when I try to reboot the machine.  any ideas what I can do?  this machine is currently remote22:49
revotrism,  i have installed conky and it comes with some themes and i just follow some ramdom instruction online22:49
OerHekstons of info on their site, sheer http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Linux_Native_Clients & http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Linux_Setup22:49
daftykinssudormrf: reboot22:49
ikoniasda_: that won't route clients, that will only route the router it'self22:49
ikoniasda_: you need to setup routing rules, such as using iptables22:50
sudormrfdaftykins, trying to.  " and "Segmentation Fault" when I try to reboot the machin"22:50
sudormrfas I said22:50
revotrism, http://www.webupd8.org/2014/06/conky-manager-gets-revamped-ui-new.html22:50
trismrevo: ahh then it just means whatever repo on launchpad you branched will now be in the currect directory22:50
daftykinssudormrf: oh yeah, i'm kinda multi tasking :> what kind of machine is it? VPS?22:50
sda_ikonia, ok, how? what can I search? I just find NAT stuff22:50
revotrism, whats the lauchpad btw ?22:50
sudormrfdaftykins, just a machine at my house that I was ssh'd in to22:50
ikoniasda_: your router will have to nat or forward for you to cross networks22:50
daftykinssudormrf: so go ask someone to kick it22:50
sudormrfdaftykins, no one is home22:50
jhutchinssheer: THere's also planeshift.22:50
daftykinsunlucky then22:50
sudormrfI can still ping it22:51
sheerjhutchins: planeshift?22:51
sheeri'll try that22:51
trismrevo: launchpad is the site ubuntu uses for bug tracking and version control http://launchpad.net/22:51
trismrevo: it also hosts many other projects22:52
revotrism,  and how do i do this  Launchpad ID, and you must do this to22:52
revowrite to Launchpad or access private data22:52
grilled-cheesesheer: http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/sl=0/forums.ws?25,26,5,6532968422:52
sda_ikonia, ok, I don't wanna nat. I want to access to the second network client with their IP. How I forward?22:52
trismrevo: you don't need to do that unless you want to make changes to the code and push them back, if you just want to download and use the repository you can ignore that message22:52
revotrism,  thx22:53
jhutchinssheer: It's a similar game, much more directly written to run on linux.  Runescape on linux looks like a pretty horrible hack.22:54
sheertrying that grilled-cheesethanks you're a champ :D22:54
sheerjhutchins: oh.22:54
jhutchinssheer: There's no native code, it's running the Windows or Mac code through wrappers.22:54
sheerI don't see why they don't make a linux client .22:55
sheerit runs on java, don't know why it doesn't even load on browser22:55
CalebWsheer: have you installed the icedtea plugin for firefox?22:55
sheerCalebW: yes22:55
allmountainprophunyguy: can we get along today?22:56
sudormrfkind of worried about this22:56
sudormrfthis system borked itself over the holiday22:56
sudormrfI reinstalled everything22:56
sudormrfnow it looks like it is doing it again22:57
sudormrfcan't ssh in22:57
raulvelardeque rollo22:57
sudormrfwhen I try, it says "ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer22:57
k1lallmountainpro: make sure to read the !guidelines and stick to them. dont start drama here. keep this place a place for technical ubuntu support. thanks22:58
sudormrfseems like there is no way for me to restart this thing remotely, correct?22:59
allmountainprok1l: i got trolled for asking a question22:59
k1lallmountainpro: you are about to start drama again. keep this channel clear of it. thanks23:00
jhutchinssudormrf: Start by using the -v option and see what's actually happening.  If you rebuilt it, your ssh client thinks it's a different server.23:00
sudormrfjhutchins, I was ssh'd in to it all day23:01
sudormrfit just kicked me out23:01
sudormrfjhutchins, since it is being closed by the remote host I don't think there is anything I can do locally to solve the issue, no23:02
sudormrfit said something about a read only system23:02
sudormrfsomething major has gone wrong again23:02
sudormrfwonder if this is a hardware failure23:03
Jordan_Ugradus: I'm leaving now but I will probably be back some time tomorrow.23:04
sda_ikonia, -A FORWARD -p tcp -m state -d your_network_ip.0/ --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT23:04
sda_ikonia, could be?23:04
sudormrfI guess I am stuck until I get home23:05
sudormrfand possibly even further than that if this machine is borked or not23:06
sudormrfmaybe a failing ssd23:06
CalebWtrism: Do you know how to resolve those undefined symbols?23:08
=== tcpman is now known as Guest71383
trismCalebW: did you remove those libs in /usr/local/lib and reboot? I mean, I guess it should find that missing symbol in libglapi through libGL, but if it isn't the libs you installed in /usr/local/lib messing it up I'm not sure where the error is23:10
CalebWI'll reboot right now.23:13
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unsecur3djoin #networking23:14
grilled-cheesesheer: even though it is a java app, that does not mean that it is automatically portable to any platform which has a jre.  There are subtle differences, especially when it deals with OS integration that have to be explicitly handled.  Also not all JRE are created equal.  The JRE you find in a mobile device is different than what you might find in a windows desktop, which is different than the linux openjdk23:16
grilled-cheesejava isn't 100% magic23:17
sheergrilled-cheese: interesting23:17
sheersure does seem like magic to me ;)23:17
grilled-cheesethere is a good bit of it23:17
sheeram I wrong to be under the impression that computers work with quantum mechanic principles?23:17
k1lsheer: yes23:17
grilled-cheesein properly built applications, it's not difficult to handle OS specifics in java apps23:18
grilled-cheesethat being said, most applications arn't built with that in mind23:18
=== karim is now known as Guest94206
londoncallingsheer, there are some that operate using quantum principles23:18
sheergrilled-cheese: seems to me like someone's being lazy (jagex, creators of RS)23:18
londoncallingsheer, but 99.9% of computers are just silicon based :)23:18
grilled-cheesethere is a reason web interfaces, javascript, & html5 are taking over slowly but surely23:19
CalebWReboot didn't work23:19
sheerhah. silicon, add a bit of a magic.. bam.23:19
londoncallingsheer, pretty much23:19
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest49171
trismCalebW: is Xorg.0.log the same?23:19
Guest49171why there are "2 steams" in software center, just the steam and steam-launcher? which one should i get?23:19
CalebWtrism: No, paste.ubuntu.com/964288423:21
CalebWtrism: grep for .so23:21
=== ihatenewyearsnot is now known as XCVB
grilled-cheesesheer: when writing applications you're constantly under pressure to deliver and debug, also many applications start small and grow, it takes telling users no and deal with it while rearchitecting occurs, this is why it rarely happens23:21
grilled-cheeseyou just can't do that if they're paying your salery23:22
sheeri could understand somewhat, maybe, but with a huge company like jagex, not offering access to linux users... seems strange23:22
malinaubuntu can be so amazingly backwards, wow. anyway23:23
trismCalebW: oh that might be good: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx; then ldd /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so23:23
malinahow does one launch a cli installere for ubuntu in a chroot?23:23
malinaeg. vivid23:23
malinaubiquity seems to be gone.. d-i ?23:23
londoncallingguest49171, if it is a server, install steam23:24
londoncallingotherwise, install from the site directly23:24
sheermalina can you explain what you mean about ubuntu to someone that has never used linux?23:24
malinaI am not into explaining linux, and ubuntu and so on to someone who has never used it.23:24
malinaIs thee a dev channel then, if that is beyond a reasonable linux quer23:25
squintymalina:  #ubuntu+1 for unreleased versions23:25
squinty!alis | malina23:26
ubottumalina: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*23:26
EriC^^hey notfadsssssss23:27
stale_hey eric23:27
EriC^^hey stale_23:27
notfadssssssserc^^: hello23:27
TomAstroHello folks....  Being that I spent two days trying to find out about a LIRC issue i thought I would stop by here..  I am still having an issue with ir-keytable.  Can someone point me to an active IRC or group?  lirc.org is not much help.23:28
stale_i love mac n cheese :323:28
notfadssssssseric^^:before you ask, no luck yet... I am having a buddy take a look at the issues tomorrow whom apparently understands EFI and how to tell it to piss off23:28
TomAstroI'll just post the error just incase someone has seen this.  Couldn't find any node at /sys/class/rc/rc*23:29
CalebWtrism: paste.ubuntu.com/964290523:29
Guest49171is there no google chrome on ubuntu?23:29
grilled-cheeseGuest49171: yes23:29
k1l!chrome | Guest4917123:30
cryptodanGuest49171: www.google.com/chrome23:30
Guest49171why its not in software center?23:30
Guest49171only chromium23:30
k1lGuest49171: well, get the .deb to install from google23:30
TomAstroThat is it Guest23:30
grilled-cheeseGuest49171: http://askubuntu.com/questions/510056/how-to-install-google-chrome-on-ubuntu-14-0423:30
EriC^^notfadsssssss: oh ok, report back!23:30
trismCalebW: might try another reboot, see what happens23:30
stale_whats the app that adjusts your monitors color settings to reduce fatigue n whatnot?23:30
k1lGuest49171: ask google why they dont want it in the softwarecenter.23:30
squintystale:  apt-cache search redshift23:31
notfadssssssseric^^: oh trust me I will im just as curious as to what the issue is, I looked up the motherboard and raid controller seeing if there were issues that could come about from hardware as well23:31
stale_ty squinty23:31
Guest49171well it says that google chrome is commercial product but there are other commercial products in software center23:31
notfadssssssseric^^: again thank you with your patience and help again23:32
Guest49171steam for example23:32
EriC^^notfadsssssss: no problem23:32
TomAstroGoogle can't stop Linux users from wearing tin foil hats as in MS so we have a light version of chrome so they can't get into our heads :)23:32
notfadsssssssGUest49171: being that ubuntu is opensource I cannot imagine it supporting something like chrome despite its hyper threading abilities23:32
k1lGuest49171: ask google. if they refuse to put it there or let it be put there it doesnt matter if steam or other stuff is there. its googles decision.23:33
OerHekschrome is based on chromium, so you have a choise23:33
Guest49171oh ubuntu has to ask for permission to put it in software center23:33
CalebWtrism; It worked! dunno how it got messed up in the first place but thanks.23:33
k1lGuest49171: yes. and its not ubuntu putting stuff there its stuffs company putting stuff there.23:34
trismCalebW: excellent23:34
TomAstroGuest  Google "why Chrome is not in Linux distros.  There was an explanation some time back23:34
Bashing-om!yay | CalebW23:36
ubottuCalebW: Glad you made it! :-)23:36
londoncallingguest49171, you don't have to download things from the software center23:36
TomAstroAny LIRC (IR Remote) experts here before I go and wear google search out some more??23:37
notfadsssssssshould get use to the CLI (imo)23:37
Guest49171is apt-get install essentially the same as ubuntu software center23:37
ObiwantjeBashing-om, I can access boot again23:37
notfadsssssssGuest49171: its better23:37
Obiwantjeand indeed I see the 3.13 kernel files there23:37
k1lGuest49171: yes. its kind of a front end to the same processes23:37
Obiwantjegoing to update now23:37
londoncallingguest49171, yeah but better. You can install software like you would with a windows PC. Just go to chrome.google.com to install chrome etc.23:37
Bashing-omObiwantje: Great .. ain't Jordan_U wonderful .. That did have me in a tizzy .23:38
Dinqgood evening. I have 2 servers - 1 with internet access, the other without, and I'm trying to use a PPA (for haproxy 1.5) on a local repository, but the internal-only server does not see the new version. Any ideas?23:39
ObiwantjeJordan_U, is the bomb23:39
ObiwantjeI am installing 3.16.7 now23:39
squintyGuest49171:  depends on the person using any method of installing/quering software...23:39
notfadsssssssnashing-on: hey Ill let you know whatever happens I am meeting up with a friend who understands EFI better then I do and taking a look at it, I think your right about the HDD allocation SDB stuff23:39
Obiwantjethat is the last one that runs ZOL23:39
ObiwantjeBashing-om, Jordan_U - thank you guys so much for being patient and helpful23:39
Obiwantjewhat a great community23:40
EriC^^notfadsssssss: do you feel like trying something?23:40
notfadssssssseric^^: im always game23:40
* squinty wonders if there is any use for #ubuntu-server channel as very few seem to use it or know about it. ;-)23:40
EriC^^notfadsssssss: ok, boot with the live usb in, and let it drop to the efi shell23:40
TomAstroGuest49171:   Here ya go....   https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95346?hl=en23:41
Bashing-omnotfadsssssss: Yeah, but over my head as to the why of it .. would be interested to learn the why . Now that is getting down to the nuts and bolts and all that grease that makes this system operate .23:41
Guest49171TomAstro, yeah i found it long time ago :D thanks anyway23:42
notfadssssssseric^^: kk23:42
EriC^^notfadsssssss: type mount blk0 efi23:42
notfadssssssseric^^: arg one sec23:43
TomAstroJust wish I could find a direct answer for my issue here.  All the search engine stuff has me going around in circles  for the past two days23:44
notfadssssssseric^^: akk23:45
notfadssssssseric^^: device mapping table            efi    :removable harddisk23:45
cryptodanTomAstro: what is your issue?23:46
XCVBI need a cool robot name for my bot23:46
EriC^^notfadsssssss: ok, type efi:23:46
k1l!ot | XCVB23:46
ubottuXCVB: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:46
notfadssssssseric^^: kk23:46
EriC^^notfadsssssss: ls23:46
guest_hello, i have multiple soundcards but the audio controller only controls one. how do i have it control them all?23:46
stale_fuckin magnets23:47
stale_how do they work>23:47
stale_i'm jk23:47
notfadssssssseric^^: .disk   efi  readmen.diskdefines   autorun.inf   boot casper   dists install isolinux md5sum.txt pics pools pressed wubi.exe23:47
TomAstro<cryptodan> having an issue with an IR remote ir-keytable gives this error and no keymapping23:47
k1lstale_: please stick to ubuntu technical support in here.23:47
TomAstroCouldn't find any node at /sys/class/rc/rc*.23:47
EriC^^notfadsssssss: ok, thats the live usb i guess23:48
notfadssssssseric^^: yup23:48
Guest49171if same games is available on windows as well as on ubuntu does it use same amount of resources on either os or one is better? or it depends on particular game?23:48
EriC^^notfadsssssss: try mount blk1 efi123:48
cryptodanTomAstro: maybe you need to install IR Support23:48
notfadssssssseric^^: mounted then did ls same result?23:49
EriC^^notfadsssssss: type efi1: first then ls23:49
cryptodanTomAstro: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=10115123:49
notfadssssssseric^^: dir not found23:49
TomAstro<cryptodan>  LIRC sees the remote under mode2 but will not see it under ir-keytable ot irw23:50
EriC^^when you typed efi1: it said that ?23:50
notfadssssssseric^^: eric^^: no when i did ls23:50
notfadssssssseric^^: eric^^: I am in efi1\>23:51
ShirakawasunaHi! I'm having a problem with my installation somehow. I'm trying to use cinnamon, but I don't think that's actually causing the problem, since this problem doesn't exist on fresh installation of ubuntu 14.04.1, but does on my current 14.04.1 installation. I was able to isolate the problem to running "Gdk.cairo_surface_create_from_pixbuf" - a gtk/cairo function - which causes a segfault. e.g. if I run this file, I ge23:51
Shirakawasunat a segfault: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9642972/23:51
notfadssssssseric^^: yup23:51
EriC^^notfadsssssss: ok, does ls EFI return anything?23:52
notfadsssssssefi1:\> ls/dir cannot open current directory - not found23:52
ShirakawasunaMy question is - any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? I was able to find that it's this function that does it, but I don't know where to go from there - what to reinstall? What to delete?23:52
ShirakawasunaI feel like I probably have some leftover libraries installed on this machine that it's picking up, or something23:52
EriC^^notfadsssssss: ok, try mount blk2 efi2 i guess23:52
notfadssssssseric^^: eric^^: efi1:\>  is EFI     ls/dir: Cannot open EFI - Not Found23:52
TomAstrocryptodan:  Been there3 done that.  Real odd issue.  This should work since it sees the remotes.  I built a serial IR remote sensor active low sense, but just can't get it see the remotes from the lirc.conf files I have23:53
notfadssssssseric^^: mount blk2 efi2       mount: invalid device mapping lk2  - Invalid parameter did i need :?23:53
bubbasauresShirakawasuna, we don;t support ppa's here23:53
Shirakawasunabubbasaures: it's not an issue with the ppa23:53
Shirakawasunathat script I posted uses only python-gi23:54
bubbasauresShirakawasuna, all this is on the cinnamon desktop right?23:54
TomAstrocryptodan: I'll take another shot at that since I am using Kodi here.  It should work before I hack Kodi to work with it though23:54
cryptodanTomAstro: that page should assist you23:54
EriC^^notfadsssssss: nope23:55
Shirakawasunabubbasaures: that script causes a segfault if I'm in ubuntu as well23:55
Shirakawasunaand xubuntu23:55
Shirakawasunaand if cinnamon desktop is uninstalled23:55
EriC^^notfadsssssss: that's a typo though right? lk2 ?23:55
Shirakawasunaand does not segfault on a fresh installation that has the cinnamon ppa enabled and cinnamon installed23:55
TomAstrocryptodan:  Thanks...  I'll kick that page around again23:55
notfadssssssseric^^: oops yeah lol23:55
notfadssssssseric^^: mount blk2 efi223:56
notfadssssssseric^^: is the command I send23:56
bubbasauresShirakawasuna, well I'm not I can help, but really see no good description of the actual issue, that helps.23:56
notfadssssssseric^^: bah sent* lol23:56
EriC^^notfadsssssss: ok, try to boot the live usb23:56
cryptodanTomAstro: also try here http://askubuntu.com/questions/440668/lirc-in-14-04-needed-for-xbmc23:56
TomAstroI went to the LIRC   IRC and it was created in 2008 and I thik the people logged in there are the same that logged in 2008.  Probably have cobwebs hanging off them23:56
Shirakawasunabubbasaures: I posted an exact way to replicate my bug... and described that it segfaults23:56
notfadssssssseric^^: kk23:57
Shirakawasunabubbasaures: did you see the pastebin?23:57
unixist_I'm writing an out-of-tree kernel module that I want to make available in at least ubuntu's repo. Since a module must be built against the same kernel version that is currently running, how do I go about ensuring that the module gets built against all versions of the kernel that are available in ubuntu's repo?23:57
bubbasauresShirakawasuna, Yeah seen the link, not something I can help on really.23:58
=== unixist_ is now known as unixist
TomAstrocryptodan:  Thanks for your help23:58
Shirakawasunaunixist_: I haven't done it myself, but dkms might help out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DKMS23:59
unixistShirakawasuna: Thanks, reading23:59

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