vhosakotHi cloud-init team, I am seeing the bug bug # 1315501 (https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/1315501), and cannot access the Ubuntu 14.04 VM. eth0 of the Ubuntu 14.04 VM does not get its IP address when the VM boots. Hence, I cannot ping and SSH into the Ubuntu VM. I have emailed about this issue. Is there a work-around/fix/patch for this bug please ?01:52
vhosakotcould anyone please help me ?01:55
vhosakothelloooo :)02:03
Akshatneed some help in cloud-init06:43
AkshatI want to understand is it possible to use multiple datasources in a single cloudinit config06:44
waynehi. why isn't there a way to include unit files?15:06
waynei imagine some kind of cloud-init.tar.gz that has the main yaml file and potential included files15:06
wayneor even pulling from a repo somewhere15:07
JayFYou can inject arbitrary files with cloud-init.17:24
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