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mitya57Mirv, thanks a lot, and of course we shouldn't hurry *now*.07:32
mitya57I will be also missing until Jan 7th probably, after that can help if needed.07:33
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bukaiRiddell: ping11:38
_Groo_hi/2 all12:45
bukai_jose: ping12:57
_Groo_hi/2 all12:58
_Groo_anyone knows if sddm (in kf5) has a kcm module? i remember one in kf5 some time ago that was pulled12:58
SergobotRiddell: could you give me IP of ec2 server again?13:03
BluesKaj_Hiyas all13:19
_Groo_found it14:23
_Groo_is someone packaging this?if not, im gonna do one for myself14:23
_Groo_can someone tell which packages contains qt5designer-config.cmake?14:36
_Groo_cant find it anywhere14:37
_Groo_found it , qt5designer-config.cmake in qttools5-dev14:46
SergobotRiddell: Give me please IP of the ec2 server17:13
soeeRiddell: one user reported this problems in 12.04 with backports enabled [18:28] <baxeico> http://pastebin.com/uH3x9fJf18:13
* yofel checks18:15
yofelok, this is totally borked :/18:32
soeeyofel: thank maybe itsa good idea to remove it from backports  ?18:33
yofeltoo late for that, I would have to essentially delete most of the backports18:34
yofelsoee: there's a quick fix though18:35
soeeyofel: and what is it ? :)18:39
yofelactually copying all packages from the test repo -.-18:39
yofellibkolab is too old18:39
soeeyofel: so you will fix it ?18:40
yofelyes, will be fixed once launchpad is done with the publishing18:40
soeeyofel: cool thank you18:42
yofelhm, that's fixed. Now something else is broken19:17
yofelminor thing though, and that really seems to be the last thing19:23
SergobotCould anyone help me? I have uploaded .changes file to launchpad but it rejected package because "Source/binary (i.e. mixed) uploads are not allowed.". What should I do?19:29
yofelSergobot: you can only upload *source* packages to launchpad. You make them with "debuild -S"19:30
Sergobotyofel: oh, will try19:30
soeethe vdg has some irc channel >19:31
soeesomeone can help Alumin on #kubuntu ?20:50
soeeits about building packages20:51
SergobotHow to backport package from my ppa on launchpad?21:30
bukai.join #wordpress21:44
SergobotRiddell: I can't build kdelibs5-dev at Launchpad. debuild always stops at libkio5. I don't know why, because it is just backport from vivid.23:42
Sergobotyofel: can you help me? ^23:45
yofelcan you point me to the log?23:46
Sergobotyofel: http://goo.gl/RXEesP23:46
yofeloh heh, a classic with backports.23:48
yofelSergobot: short version: remove any .symbol files from the package and upload again23:48
yofellong version: gcc has a tendency of adding version specific symbols, and as the release you're backporting to has a different gcc version from vivid the symbol table is different (there's one symbol missing, which is the error) and the build fails23:50
soee_yofel: can you take a look @ #kubuntu ? is it related to teh upgrade problems we had ?23:53
yofelurgh digikam23:54
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Sergobotyofel: so, how to solve it? find / -iname *.symbol returns nothing23:56
yofelbah, curse my keyboard. symbols, not symbol23:56
yofeljust rm debian/*.symbols23:57

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