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KTarinperhaps you guys can help me (using KDE/Plasma since yesterday) ;D I seem to have done something to the panel - it does't show my open programs anymore and I don't find some way to change it back08:09
KTarinI'm sure it's qute simple, but I can't find it -.-08:09
Tm_TKTarin: you're missing task manager applet from the panel?08:10
Tm_Twidget is the term I think08:11
KTarinTm_T: Tried it - works :D I seem to have deleted it accidentaly08:12
KTarinso easy and I tried for the last 30 min. Thanks for the help!08:12
Tm_TKTarin: I tend to keep my plasma widgets locked08:12
KTaringood idea08:13
KTarinwill do that too08:13
KTarinthx :)08:14
shiggitay|irssiI'm trying to install Linux (not a *buntu) onto a 32 GB SD card in my BayTrail tablet, but the sdcard will not show up under my liveUSB of choice (System Rescue, which is Gentoo Linux based)08:54
shiggitay|irssican anyone help me get the SD card showing up in /dev?08:54
shiggitay|irssiit should be /dev/mmcblk1 and under Kubuntu 14.10's liveUSB I have I made a partition so I should also see /dev/mmcblk1p1 as well08:55
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DolaxHello Kubuntu folks! I have a problem with my Kubuntu 12.04 after installing recent updates on the KDE environment this morning. After login, the screen stays black, only the mouse is visible. Any ideas?10:12
DolaxI can still switch to a console session using CTRL-Alt-F1 and login there10:19
DolaxHow could I find out what is wrong with my KDE since the upgrade of packages this morning?10:20
DolaxJust noticed that there is no process kwin running, so I tried to start one. This gives "kwin: FATAL ERROR while trying to open display"10:24
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BluesKaj_Hiyas all13:19
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  good morning!!14:14
EvilRoeySo the Kubuntu do-release-upgrade -d messed up14:14
EvilRoeyand thankfully I was able to reboot14:15
BluesKaj_'Morning Roey14:15
EvilRoeyI ran apt-get -f install and then apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade the remaining packages,14:15
EvilRoeybut the kernel is still 3.13 (kubuntu 14.04; I am trying to upgrade to 14.10)14:15
BluesKaj_better to get the dailies and just install to /14:16
EvilRoeylsb_release   shows utopic14:16
EvilRoeybut still I don't know how to complete this upgradee14:16
BluesKaj_updgrade to 15.04?14:16
BluesKaj_because upgrade -d means devel OS14:17
EvilRoeyupgrade to 14.1014:19
EvilRoeyI did -d because it wouldn't upgrade otherwise.14:19
EvilRoeyanyway, it started upgrading to 14.10.14:19
BluesKaj_don't use -d for upgrading to an official release because -d will try to go to 15.04 not 14.1014:20
BluesKaj_EvilRoey, if you're on 14.04 and upgrading to 14.10, make sure your LTS only upgrade is turned off in the update manager14:27
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  What's the command to launch the update manager? I did everything from the command-line..14:27
BluesKaj_just try update-manager14:28
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  ^ I get that.14:31
BluesKaj_probly too late, but try updatemanager or dbus-launch update-manager14:32
BluesKaj_EvilRoey, being a terminal pursit in this case is not a good idea just open the package manager and look for the update/upgrade options then uncheck LTS only14:38
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  I tried.  both updatemanager and update-manager crash14:39
BluesKaj_pk , noe try the package manager gui as I suggested14:40
EvilRoeyI tried both14:40
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  should I just re-install?14:44
BluesKaj_EvilRoey, do you have separate / and /home partitions ?14:45
EvilRoeyon this system, yes.14:45
EvilRoeyon my home system, it's all a BTRFS partition with separate subvols for /, /home, /archive, etc.14:46
EvilRoeyon my home system I was worrying about how to cleanly re-install14:46
EvilRoeybut then I fixed it.14:46
EvilRoey(it was a problem in ~/.kde)14:46
BluesKaj_then just use manual partitioning in ubiquity and format /  then set the mount point for /home , but don't format14:47
BluesKaj_why btrfs ? it just restricts your oprions when a reinstall is needed14:48
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  sure does14:50
EvilRoeywish I had thought of that earlier..14:50
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  even more, why didn't Ubuntu consider the possibility that folks may want to re-install but preserve individual subvols14:51
EvilRoeyI mean14:51
EvilRoeyBTRFS' snapshotting makes these things much more possible14:51
BluesKaj_EvilRoey, that's what the / and /home partitioning options are for14:52
EvilRoeyyeah I know14:53
BluesKaj_well, dunno never used btrfs  and had no resaon to do so14:53
EvilRoeybut the Ubuntu/Kubuntu installer uses ONE partition and just generates subvols for / and /home instead of making separate partitions for them (I didn't realize it would act this way)14:53
EvilRoeyso you suggest re-installing then?14:54
BluesKaj_EvilRoey, I always setup the partitions before installing the OS14:54
BluesKaj_usually with gparted on cd or usb14:55
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  same, same14:56
BluesKaj_that's up to you then as long as you have your data backed up somewhere or can save your /home partition like I mentioned above14:56
rberg-btrfs is pretty awesome, I cant wait for it to become stable.. snapshots are so much more convenient when you can teat them like files on the filesystem unlike lvm14:59
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  ok14:59
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  thankfully here at work my /home is on EXT414:59
BluesKaj_yeah EvilRoey and keep it that way :)15:00
EvilRoeyrberg-:  the way Ubuntu's installer handles it is messed up though15:01
BluesKaj_not if you use the manual options for partitioning ,.it's really quite easy and straight forward, simpler than the guided or autoIMO15:03
rberg-ohh, when I did btrfs with subvolumes I did a simple flat brtfs install and did the subvolumes manually, but this was a few releases ago.. #btrfs can be a scary place.. personally I use xfs for large arrays.15:03
BluesKaj_a plain  home user here and even I don't fool with unknown and experimental FSs ...that's uncharted territory for me , so I stay away15:05
EvilRoeyrberg-:  I've experienced data loss with xfs15:06
EvilRoeysame as ubuntu when I try to upgrade i15:06
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  I like your style15:06
EvilRoeythen again you are older and probably more conservative in general15:06
rberg-wow, I have seen xfs take some major abuse from the layers below it (stoopid hardware raid)15:06
rberg-and I should say it recovered.. reiserfs otoh I have lost data to15:07
BluesKaj_I cdonsiderd using LVM but even the LVM web page was confusing and unclear to me so i didn't fool with it15:07
BluesKaj_err considered15:07
rberg-lvm is the other way to get snapshotting but you need to leave some free space in the VG for the snapshot diffs15:09
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BluesKaj_too many terms that i didn't understand ...I hate that about technical pages , there are no definitions to the them included in the instructions ..and I'm a tech guy who worked in a laboraory for 32 yeaqrs15:10
BluesKaj_definitions to terms that is15:11
rberg-ohh yeah, I hear 'read the man page' all the time.. 1/2 the time you need read up a bit on the topic before you can grok the man page at all :)15:12
EvilRoeyrberg-:  oh, I've lost data to reiserfs as well.15:12
BluesKaj_yup, written by geeks who deliberately try to make one feel uneducated by using arcane terms without any explanations, I recall reading newsletters at work that were similar15:14
EvilRoeyBluesKaj_:  that sounds like Wikipedia15:16
EvilRoeyWikipedia frequently introduces big words just because they are big words15:16
BluesKaj_EvilRoey,  in some cases yes15:16
EvilRoeyand then links to them as if to show you how proud they are that they have used that word.15:17
EvilRoeylike demonym15:17
BluesKaj_I'm running 15.04 on my laptop , that's experimental enough for me :)15:21
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soeein Dolphin is it possible to set that if i click to show videos previe in one folder thwy will be also active in all subfolders ?17:21
baxeicoHi, I'm on kubuntu 12.04 and today a big update was proposed from backports-ppa17:27
baxeicoBut some packages have unmet dependencies17:28
baxeicoAre those issues worked on?17:28
BluesKaj_baxeico,, do you have any ppas that could be causing trouble?17:33
BluesKaj_if so, comment the ppas with a # on the deb line and update the sources then try again17:35
baxeicoBluesKaj_: I have some ppas, but nothing kde related17:35
baxeicovirtualbox, google chrome, heroku17:35
BluesKaj_goota go17:35
baxeicoseems that some nepomuk libs are not updated with kdelibs17:38
baxeicoBluesKaj_: I have to go now, thank you for your help17:41
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soeebaxeico: ping18:39
baxeicosoee: here i am18:39
soeebaxeico:  devs know about this problem you mentioned18:40
soeeit is going to be fixed soon18:41
baxeicosoee: thank you!18:42
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PhilSarsissue with 12.04 LTS update today libnepomuk4 broken dependencies. Other same issue ?19:01
soeePhilSars: yes, fix is on the way19:01
PhilSarsOk thanks for fast feedback19:02
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yofellibnepomuk4 has to be removed actually, nepomuk isn't functional in that release19:23
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ildefonsoand X is still leaking memory with kwin :(19:27
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m_tadeuhi....is there a gnome-disks like utility for kde?20:47
AluminI'm trying to build a package with Qt support (KVIrc, if it matters) and the (CMake) build process says it can't find Qt.  I'm on Kubuntu 12.04, and I've got qmake in my $PATH.  Any suggestions on packages to install?  I've got the obvious ones, like libqt4-dev, libqt4-core, libqt4-gui20:48
soeem_tadeu: what does it to ?20:48
Aluminm_tadeu: not familiar with that utility, but maybe qtparted?20:48
soeem_tadeu: partitionmanager20:49
AluminI also tried "apt-get build-dep kvirc", which did pull a few packages in but didn't solve the problem20:50
m_tadeusoee: I'm checking that now....but it doesn't seem to be able to run SMART tests nor benchmarking, is it?20:51
soeem_tadeu: probably not20:52
rberg-Alumin: did you run build-dep first to get those out of the way?20:54
Aluminrberg-: I don't understand the question20:54
AluminI tried the build again after installing those packages if that's what you mean20:55
m_tadeusoee, Alumin: thanx20:55
rberg-oh I am asking if you ran "apt-get build-dep kvirc" to install the known dependencies20:55
rberg-ok, just getting the obvious out of the way..20:56
Aluminyeah, this is turning into a real head-scratcher20:57
Aluminmy usual SOP for this situation is to figure out exactly what the build process is trying to _do_ to determine if X is installed, but CMake is not making that easy20:57
AluminI'm just hitting abstraction after abstraction trying to swim upstream until I finally get something like "test -e /usr/lib/foo" etc.  :)20:57
Aluminso that I can then do "dpkg -S libfoo" and figure out which package it wants :)20:58
PhilSarsAny idea when the libnepomuk4 unmet dependecies for 12.04 could be solved ?21:28
yofelPhilSars: never, please remove that21:29
PhilSarsOk. Can you explain why Kdenkive is not working anymore since today update and how to have it backon track ?21:34
* PhilSars is away: Gone away for now21:37
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Scunizilatest upgrade fails with the kipi-plugins-comm, kipi-plugins & digikam leaving a lot of packages in an 'not upgraded' status. Is this a running theme with this upgrade?23:50
soee_Scunizi: in what Kubuntu version ?23:53
ScuniziBut I believe I've used the newer PPA for the kde libraries23:53
ScuniziSorry.. not newer PPA but PPA for the latest kde files.23:54
soee_newer ?23:54
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Scunizinot newer.. ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu precise main23:55
yofelcould you please pastebin what apt says right now?23:56
Scunizisoee: ^--^23:56
soeeScunizi: look what yofel said :)23:56
ScuniziSure.. give a sec.23:57
Scuniziyofel: soee http://pastebin.com/5k59q4Zw23:58
yofelScunizi: please again with "apt-get -o debug::pkgproblemresolver=1 dist-upgrade"23:59
Scuniziok.. and pastebin that?..23:59
yofelyes, please23:59

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