wxlhow do i set up a bluetooth dongle?03:30
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup03:31
wxlyeah wasn't exactly useful03:31
holsteinwxl: there are handy commands..03:31
holsteinto make sure that its showing up, and all..03:31
wxlhcitool provides nothing for me03:32
wxlyet lsusb shows the adapter03:32
holsteinlsusb doesnt mean it has a driver, though03:32
wxllemme look into that03:33
wxlah lsusb doesn't provide driver info03:34
wxlso how does one find this out?03:34
holsteinwxl: well, ideally, the manufacturer would consult all the free and open information, and just support linux... but, if they dont, then, you can get anything in the range from, hacking something, or building something from source, or a kernel module, etc.. or, it'll just magically work03:36
holsteinwxl: i would take my lsusb output and search "ubuntu + that output" and see what i see..03:37
wxlfunny it's the same chip men tioned in those docs03:37
holsteinyou might need to add things to lubuntu03:38
wxltl;dr you don't know which? :)03:38
holsteinwxl: you mean, i dont know which to add to lubuntu? thats correct.. i have only one bluetooth item like that, and what i did was, i did the troubleshooting in a main ubuntu live iso03:39
holsteinthat was around 12.04.. i then just added what was missing to lubuntu, and set it up there.. though, i dont have the hardware anymore03:39
testmanSup dudes13:16
testmanI have problem13:16
testmanI set autologin, but it does not work13:16
testmanIn /etc/lxdm/default.conf I changed line from "#autologin=dgod" to "autologin=myusername" but it does not seem to have effect13:18
testmanI am on latest and updated version of Lubuntu13:18
christatedaviesHello.  I am running a lubuntu 14.04LTS server in my garage. It has no peripherals apart from a keyboard. It runs VNC (x11vnc) on startup without me having to enter a password. However, sometimes, it does not start. Usually I bring the PC into the house, and plug in a monitor to see whats going on, but then it works. So instead of doing that, I want to see if I can fix it remotely, using SSH. Can anyone help guide m13:31
christatedaviesFirst thing I want to discover, is the window server running...?13:31
testdrtestman: maybe you have to set "autologin-user-timeout=0" too13:33
testmanwill try13:33
testman>However, sometimes, it does not start.13:34
testmanYou restart your server?13:34
christatedaviesWell, yesterday it ran out of disk space. It killed VNC13:34
christatedaviesI made some room, and restarted it13:34
christatedaviesBut VNC did not come back up13:34
testmanlike you said, you can SSH into it and check if services are running13:35
testmanapt-get install rcconf13:35
testmanto get nice almost-gui for services13:35
christatedavieswill try that now13:35
christatedavieslightdm wasn’t selected13:37
testmanyes, lightdm is your desktop manager13:37
testmancan you do ssh -X and try to run some GUI program like web browser or siple text editor or something?13:38
testmanjust add "-X" (capital x) when sshing into your server13:39
testmanif that works, it means that your X server is working13:39
testmanif you get some "could not find display" shit, than X is not running13:39
christatedaviesfrom my local machine? ssh user@ip_address -X13:40
christatedaviesthat worked13:40
testmanso yes, just do "service lightdm start" on your server13:41
testmanand then run your VNC server13:41
testmanand try to connect to VNC then13:41
testmanbrb restart13:41
christatedaviesservice failed to start13:42
christatedaviessorry, “Job failed to start"13:42
testmanwell there is your problem13:42
christatedaviesjust looking in the log now13:42
testmanI tried changing autologin timeout to 0, but it does not help13:57
testmanchristatedavies: any progress with VNC stuff?13:57
ianorlinhmm a santa hat is still on my vnc icon will it stay there forever?13:59
testmanvnc? I taught Santa hat goes on VLC icon14:10
ianorlinvlc sorry14:11
testmanIt will probably be gone after new year14:11
christatedaviesHi testman, not really, not yet14:11
christatedavieskind of googling anything that looks like an error14:11
christatedaviesThats what I’m looking at14:12
testmandoes /var/log/xorg.0.log say anything interesting?14:14
christatedavieswill check now14:16
christatedaviesMissing drivers?14:34
christatedaviesNot sure how they would be missing14:35
testmanprobably not that14:35
christatedavieswould lspci -k should me PCI-e devices?14:39
christatedaviesbecause if so, my gfx card isn’t showing up. I wonder if its loose…14:39
testmanDude, I'm sorry, but I never encountered problem like this, so all I can offer are speculations14:41
christatedaviesNot a problem… Any speculations might lead to the answer. I’m gonna power it down and check the slots. It would explain why it fixes itself when I bring it in usually14:51
christatedaviesNot that. I’ll keep beavering away. Thanks pal15:02
christatedaviestestman. Just to update you. I moved the GFX card to a different PCI-e slot and all is good again17:41
christatedaviesthanks for your help17:42
thor480Hey. How do i get the wifi not to search. So the signal keep stable all the time18:23
ianorlinrfkill could possibly work but be sure to read manpage18:23
thor480I know there is a a way keep it at 54 mb. but cant remember how18:25
thor480ianorlin: rfkill is not the way18:26
ianorlinah yeah that stops it from transmitting18:26
jjbeefcakeHello all, trying to get XRDP working on Lubuntu installation. When I RDP to the Lubuntu box, I get a login and then get what looks like grey checkered background and the X windows cursor19:28
jjbeefcakeCan anyone point me in the correct direction?19:29
wxloh jeez xrdp is such a pain19:29
wxlbut i will tell you that using it on lubuntu is no different than anywhere else19:30
wxlyou most likely have to dig through the config files19:30
wxlmake sure you're using the right session or whatever they call it19:30
wxli know that's not incredibly helpful, but i can confirm that lubuntu doesn't create additionall challenges19:31
jjbeefcakeWhat is the default desktop in the lubuntu installation? I think I may be trying to go to a desktop that isn't there19:31
ianorlinit is blue19:32
jjbeefcake I made a change to startwm.sh, #. /etc/X11/Xsession . /usr/bin/startlxde19:32
jjbeefcakeper an article here http://wademurray.com/2014/xrdp-remote-desktop-on-lubuntu-14-04/19:33
jjbeefcakebut noluck19:33
jjbeefcakeso I guess what I need to know is, is "startlxde" the correct command to get to the default desktop? How do I know if I am booting to LXDE?19:40
jjbeefcakewxl: any thoughts on where to get additional help? the guys at #ubuntu aren't giving me much either20:35
jjbeefcakethis is the background I get to. Familiar from when I Was trying to get VNC running on a server installation... But I am linux newb so not sure how to fix20:36
jjbeefcakelubuntu 14.10 does not have lxde installed. there was no "startlxde" in . /usr/bin. Now I'd rather actually have the default lubuntu 14.10 gui desktop, anyone know what that is called?21:29
terratomaso i can connect to a wifi wpa network in ubuntu.  if i run into a new one, i cant connect to it with wicd( i think?) in lubuntu21:44
terratomai end up logging with ubuntu to use the wifi network.  then it works fine21:45
terratomaubuntu + network manager works21:45
terratomaso ubuntu + network manager asks for the wifi password21:45
terratomalubuntu and wicd asks for the encryption passphrase21:45
terratomaperhaps they are 2 different things ?21:45
terratomamaybe i have to convert my password into hex for lubuntu + wicd ?21:45
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