DS-McGuireAkivaAvraham, Are you okay with everything in the sub?00:27
AkivaAvrahamDS-McGuire, yep; looks fine to me :)00:28
DS-McGuireAwesome, yeah everything is fine. I was just checking :)00:29
AkivaAvrahamDS-McGuire, I think it actually looks quite nice tbh00:29
DS-McGuireAkivaAvraham, Wish we had more stuff going on though, but I guess that will come in time. Yeah I agree, styling it to fit with the Ubuntu design just makes it look awesome!00:30
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X_oI have this error can someone give a idea how to fix it thx >>>> 00:27:18: Could not start process ""  Error while building/deploying project B_p_Proj (kit: UbuntuSDK for i386 (GCC ubuntu-sdk-14.10-utopic)) When executing step 'Make'05:28
X_okit: UbuntuSDK for i386 (GCC ubuntu-sdk-14.10-utopic)) When executing step 'Make'06:34
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Mulklouvhum why Ubuntu Sdk don't detect the device emulator?13:54
MulklouvI don't find it in "Ubuntu Devices" but I see it in "Log".13:55
Mulklouvin log I've that: Detecting device.. Checking installed emulator package. ii ubuntu-emulator 0.4+14.10.20141002-0ubuntu113:58
Mulklouvbut I don't find this in "Ubuntu Devices"13:58
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GrownI should use i386 or arm for emulator?15:18
GrownI, I've installed ubuntu touch emulator but I've an issue16:12
Grownmy screen is too small16:12
GrownI can't see the entiere emulator16:12
GrownHow resize?16:12
DanChapmanGrown: you can change the scaling from the devices tab in QtCreator.16:13
Grownok, well, but where?16:14
GrownI don't find it16:14
DanChapmanGrown are you running it from terminal or QtCreator?16:15
DanChapmanGrown: did you follow this tutorial? http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/sdk/tutorials/using-the-ubuntu-emulator/16:20
Grownnope, thanks!16:20
DanChapmanGrown: yw16:20
Guest20596I'm trying to set up a project for an "app with QML extension library" but at the end of the setup process, I'm prompted to manually locate the cmake executable with the message "no cmake executable was found in the path"17:31
Guest20596Do I have to manually install something?17:32
Guest20596I don't necessarily even want to make a project like this.  What I actually want to do is just take the QML project that I've got now and run a system command19:13
Guest20596But apparently in order to do that I've got to make a new project19:13
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