mybithi everyone01:51
mybitdoes anyone have any idea why /bin/login -f would be spawning bash processes that take up 100% of the cpu? im running ubuntu 14.04 on an odroid c101:51
mybiti straced the pid of this bash process that is taking up 100% cpu and it is this http://pastebin.com/W36Q0yhj01:51
mybitnvm i figured it out, there is a serial port that needs to be disabled, that was pegging out the core02:05
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francogrexhi,  can I redeem an old htc device that came with windows mobile installed on it? get rid of windows and install linux? or at least be able to use an assembler directly?16:38
k1l_first make sure that the device got a bootloader that supports other installs than the windows stuff16:38
francogrexk1l_: how can I verify. I can't circumvent the windows interface. most likely the bootloader is strictly for windows CE16:41
k1l_see on xda-developers. or other smartphone custom rom szene in the net16:42

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