darkxstensonic, I don't think you will get far building latest gnome on trusty, there are probably numerous libraries that are too old, you can run ` jhbuild sysdeps` to see03:20
Noskcajdarkxst, speaking of jhbuild, should version 3.12 be packaged?04:28
darkxstNoskcaj, it wouldnt hurt, but I think most people build jhbuild from git (well they should)06:48
ensonicdarkxst, actually the gnutls is ne of the biggest issues right now08:55
ensonicdarkxst, other than that plympouth (only needed for gdm and we just miss that by a minor version mismatch) and libsystemd (have 204, need 209), so its pretty close08:56
darkxstensonic, plymouth is a build time dep, it might work at run time without08:56
darkxstsystemd will be a problem08:57
darkxstbut really if you want the lease pain, when building with jhbuild you should use the current devel release09:00
darkxsthi ricotz09:52
darkxstdid you get a chance to look over my gdm merge?09:52
ensonicdarkxst, its my company laptop and we use a LTS :/10:12
ensonicdarkxst, any idea why I can't install the new gnutls or why the mentioned dev packages depend on the older version?10:12
darkxstensonic, no, never looked, its from the trusty archives?10:13
ensonicdarkxst, yes10:14
darkxstensonic, file a bug10:14
darkxstI have nothing to do with gnutls10:14
darkxstno experience even10:14
ensonicoki, I don't know enough about debs to know wheter this is expected or not, filing a bug10:15
darkxstensonic, its pretty unexpected for a package form the proper archives to be uninstallable10:16
ricotzdarkxst, hi, sorry, no, i got ill and concentrated on other things10:20
darkxstricotz, ok, thats no good,10:21
ricotzensonic, you cant have them both iirc, *28 is in universe and conflicts with the *26 trusty default which everything is built against back then10:21
ricotzso you can try to add the needed gnutls to jhbuild10:22
darkxstif you can take a quick look some time would be good, it was a pretty big merge and I doubt anyone else is going to care enough to review10:22
ricotzdarkxst, did you try to go for a sync here?10:23
ricotzor at least heavily reduce the delta e.g. going for "gdm3" too10:24
darkxstI suppose we could rename that source that would make it easier in the future10:29
darkxstI just force renamed everything with sed, and then massively reduced the current delta10:30
ensonicricotz, I see, will try that then10:30
ricotzdarkxst, that is just a thought, but it would ease things in the future10:31
darkxstricotz, would be nice to get it to a sync but still quite some delta https://github.com/darkxst/gdm-merge10:34
darkxsta lot of that is due to the renames though10:41
darkxstanyway Im off to bed10:42
ricotzdarkxst, i see11:23
ricotzensonic, btw, might be time for a new gtk-doc release if there is a reasonable amount of changes/fixes ;)11:24
ensonicricotz, guess why I am running jhbuild :)12:24
ricotzensonic, i see ;)12:33

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