alkisgHi, I want to include some file called "someconfig.in" in my package, which will contain a line like "my arch is @ARCH@", and the @ARCH@ will be replaced with the compile-time architecture.14:39
alkisgThe rest of the package files are in shell or python, nothing gets compiled so we're not using autotools etc yet14:40
alkisgWhere should I look? What part processes .in files? Is that autotools?14:40
sneythat is14:40
alkisgThanks, googling... :)14:41
geserare you wanting to include this upstream or only in your packaging?14:42
alkisgI'm both upstream and packager, so I guess it would be better to include it upstream14:43
alkisgWould a simple makefile be enough, since I only want that one simple thing?14:43
alkisgWith some sed expression inside to replace ARCH?14:43
RhondaLaney: uploaded for utopic, not yet for trusty, it's pending for when I don't need the bandwidth. :)15:00
psusihow do you slap bzr upside the head and get it to stop unapplying quilt patches all the time?  I can find nothing about bzr and quilt in the documentation or web.15:12
* alkisg can't find an $ARCH variable in Makefiles...15:35
alkisgIf I have to find it myself with shell, dpkg --print-architecture etc, then why would I use make instead of a plain #!/bin/sh file?15:35
geserit's up to you if you use a Makefile for the sed call or use a shell script to do the same15:38
alkisggeser: not for the sed call, but for detecting the build architecture15:39
alkisgE.g. amd64 in debian vs x86_64 in other distros15:40
alkisgI wouldn't want to use distro-specific code there, would I?15:40
alkisgIn some distributions I would see it with `uname -m`, in debian-based distros with `dpkg --print-architecture`, but it sounds like a very common problem, I would assume a more elegant solution would be available...15:41
alkisgOh well, if we're going to have distro-specific code anyway to detect the target arch, we can just leave the `sed /s/@ARCH@/$ARCH/` part up to the packaging process...16:55
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