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Guest60675Is there an official Ubuntu phone that can be purchased.02:06
k1lthere will be on February02:08
Guest60675Are we still looking purchasing one of the supported phones. Then start a porting process?  If there was a phone to choose what would the best phone to choose.02:09
pheatureSorry I dropped out for some reasons02:15
pheatureI was asking about the best supported phone to use as a poorest device.02:16
pheaturePorted.* auto correct..sorry02:16
k1lnexus4 is the dev device. see #ubuntu-touch topic for more on how to install02:16
pheatureThank you, how is it for dogfooding?02:17
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Guest74623Question : how can i configure my hdmi tv configuration to eork properly and where can i find if any driver is left uninstalked ?13:27
Guest74623what is counterpart of device manager in Ubuntu as we have in windows13:30

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