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ogiMerry Christmas11:31
ogito all11:31
ogiWIll someone tell me can i add ubuntu touch to my old model nexus 7 tablet11:32
lotuspsychje!devices | ogi11:42
ubot5ogi: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices11:42
ogiits the old model .. i think 720p11:47
ogiits with 3g modem .. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices says wifi only :|11:48
lotuspsychjeyou got the 2012 nexus7?11:54
lotuspsychjethen you cant run ubuntu-touch sorry11:59
lotuspsychjeonly 2013 wifi model11:59
saidinesh5hey w00t12:25
whitesnexcuse me, i have never done any porting before, I would like to ask whether or not it is possible to port ubuntu touch to an android device without kernel being released officially?12:26
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices12:46
aquariusdaker, can I override the user agent in a webapp? or do I need to create a tiny qml wrapper?12:52
aquariusaha, this is an alex-abreu question, actually12:55
aquariusalex-abreu, how do I override the user agent in a webapp? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webbrowser-app/+bug/1245465 seems relevant here but even after looking at the merge proposal I can't see how to do it :(12:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 1245465 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "should offer a commandline option to override the user agent in webapp mode" [High,Fix released]12:56
popeyaquarius: i used a wrapper...13:05
popeyfor my shonky apps13:05
aquariuspopey, yeah, daker's post describes how to do that. But that's a hack -- it looks like there was that bug filed to allow overriding in a pure webapp and the bug's been closed as fixed, but I can't see how to actually *do* it :)13:05
aquariusand the documentation is, er, short :)13:06
popeyi dont see it from that patch13:08
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aquariuspopey, nor me, hence asking alex-abreu :)13:21
julienrbt(I ask many questions because I haven't bought a devices supported by Ubuntu Touch) but, the best device is the nexus 4, how long will be supported by canonical? Should I wait or buy this? (sorry for my english)13:21
aquariusok, now spun up a tiny qml file, and stupid Amazon CLoud Reader is pretending to not work still. Next step: work out how to turn on the devtools inspector in an oxide qml app13:22
aquariusthis is a chrisccoulson question but he's not around.13:22
* aquarius pings coulson on twitter :)13:23
popeyjulienrbt: I'd wait and get the BQ device which launches in just over a month13:24
julienrbtok, february, it is a good device? it will be supported by Canonical or Bq?13:25
popeydefine "supported"?13:28
julienrbtupdate by canonical13:28
julienrbt(like nexus by google)13:28
popeyboth really.13:28
popeypart of it is updated by us, part by bq AIUI13:29
popeywhy ☹ ?13:29
julienrbtso when bq don't want to update we don't have update?13:30
julienrbt(so sorry for my english)13:30
popeythats not how it works13:31
julienrbtand the Bq is less powerful than the nexus13:31
popeycanonical do the updates to the base, bq only have a layer on top13:31
popeythere's not a lot in the performance between the two in my experience13:31
popeyI benchmarked them both with a couple of HTML5 games and got the same FPS on both13:32
popeyalso, the BQ has an sd card slot which is handy13:32
julienrbtand 1gb is ok?13:32
popeyyeah, would prefer more of course ☻13:32
julienrbtit will be released in France?13:33
aquariusahahaa! WebContext.devtoolsEnabled ftw.13:35
popeyjulienrbt: it will be available to buy online from BQ in spain13:35
dakeraquarius: i think you can now, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8642612/ (i didn't test it)13:38
julienrbtyou know how long the nexus 4 will be supported by canonical compared to the Bq?13:38
popeyjulienrbt: i dont13:39
popeydaker: nice find!13:39
julienrbtbecause with android, if we don't take a Nexus, updates come later..13:39
aquariusdaker, I have just written a little blog post explaining how, and linking to yours :)13:41
dakeraquarius: wow more backlinks :D13:42
dakeraquarius: true it wasn't possible that time13:44
aquariusit is now, hooray!13:44
aquariusand a tiny little bit more documentation now exists13:44
aquariusoxide is viciously underdocumented :P13:45
dakerwell yes13:54
ssddkkaallcan ubuntu be made to run on galaxy s7580 w\o CM14:00
aquariuswoo, progress; amazon cloud reader needs localStorage enabled, which I now have done.14:12
aquariusdaker, I get about a zillion warnings like this; do you know what it means? [1230/141241:WARNING:quota_manager.cc(196)] Create directory failed for path14:13
dakermaybe it's related to localStorage that you have enabled ?14:16
dakeror you don't have enough space in you device ?14:17
aquariusnot likely to be space -- I'm running this on my desktop, which has lots of space :)14:18
aquariuswould be useful if it told me *which* path it was failing on :(14:18
aquariusthis does rather suggest that the localStorage stuff just flat doesn't work, though.14:19
aquariusaah, maybe I need to set cachePath on the webcontext?14:19
aquariushuh, I need a profile path.14:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 1405844 in webbrowser-app "Incorrect cachePath and dataPath set when using WebView with qmlscene" [Undecided,New]14:21
aquariusset datapath, that helps :)14:22
dakeryes i was going to say that https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/webbrowser-app/trunk/view/head:/src/app/webcontainer/WebApp.qml#L4314:23
* aquarius affects-me's the bug14:24
ssddkkaallhow do you build ubuntu for galaxy 758014:27
aquariusalmost perfect... just that Cloud Reader doesn't work in narrow screens :(14:32
rickspencer3o/ all14:33
* rickspencer3 sips coffee14:33
aquariushm, I think that might be a showstopping limitation. How annoying.14:33
rickspencer3aquarius, so, after your comments on my g+ post, I went back and added tests for qmltestrunner for my u1db14:34
aquariusooh, you hero14:34
aquariuswell played.14:34
rickspencer3and realized how aweful terrible and smelly my api was14:34
popeyaquarius: you working on kindle cloud reader?14:34
aquariusI can't work out for the life of me how to test push notifications.14:34
aquariuspopey, yep!14:34
popeyI know Elleo has had that working on devices in the past14:34
popeywith some significant hacks14:35
aquariuspopey, really? Elleo, ping :)14:35
aquariusI have cloud reader working fine, it's just that cloud reader itself assumes your screen is wider than a phone14:35
rickspencer3I really wish I wrote the tests first :/14:35
* rickspencer3 updates app for the store than refactors 14:35
aquariusthis is probably why you get the "use the app" thing and they don't support cloud reader on phones...14:35
aquariusrickspencer3, yeah. This is, indeed, why to write the tests first. I get burned by this every time that I don't do that...14:36
aquariusElleo, is there source available for erudite?14:38
aquariusElleo, or, failing that (because it's a paid app, so no problem) how did you deal with screen width? in particular that cloud reader assumes you have a screen wider than a phone14:40
rickspencer3wow, click package build at 9:38am, update approved at 9:39am14:40
popey\o/ Robots!14:41
popeynumber of clicks is climbing... http://popey.mooo.com/mirror/clicks/graph.png14:42
* popey stabs btrfs14:43
aquariusElleo, aha, gitorious.org/erudite, winn0r14:44
aquariusdaker, what's the best way to add custom override styles to a page opened in a QML Oxide widget? Add a user script?14:44
alex-abreuaquarius, yes you can w/ --user-agent-string= as a command line arg14:58
alex-abreu(for the custom ua)14:58
aquariusalex-abreu, ah, cool. that seems undocumented?14:58
aquarius(even in the help...)14:58
alex-abreuaquarius, you are running V?14:59
aquariusalex-abreu, hell no. 14.04 :)15:00
alex-abreuaquarius, it has not bee backported to 14.04, yet15:00
aquariusalex-abreu, ah, OK, that explains it then...15:01
ssddkkaallhave a samsumg 7580 lying around; looks like a souped up rbpi can buntu be installed on this thimg15:11
aquariusyeahhhhhh! cloud reader success!15:29
aquariushuh, daker, that bug Elleo filed about dataPath is more serious than it looks, because the correct path doesn't even get *created* and so you can't save anything in it15:49
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Elleoaquarius: I have a vaguely working version of erudite for UT I can send you later if you like15:59
aquariusElleo, heya!15:59
aquariusElleo, I've got things working here, except that the stupid datapath bug breaks things15:59
Elleoaquarius: not all of the CSS hacks from webkit work in the same way on oxide, so there's still some stuff that needs fixing after applying the scaling stuff to it (mostly dialogs go in the wrong place)16:00
aquariusElleo, I've done the scaling slightly differently from you16:00
aquariusElleo, but the principle is still sound, I think.16:00
Elleoaquarius: ah cool, for my app that was having those issues I just ended up manually setting the dataPath and cachePath from in the webcontext by addign a function as a C++ extension that reads the QStandardPaths stuff16:00
aquariusElleo, irritatingly, as far as I can tell, the correct path (/home/phablet/.cache/org.kryogenix.Seshat) doesn't even get created, so even if I explicitly point to it, things stull don't work :(16:01
Elleoaquarius: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~michael-sheldon/cachemere/trunk/view/head:/app/ui/BrowserTab.qml#L83 and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~michael-sheldon/cachemere/trunk/view/head:/backend/modules/Cachemere/cachemodel.cpp#L12916:02
Elleoaquarius: ah yeah, I create those paths if they don't exist elsewhere in my code16:02
aquariusI can't do that from qml :(16:02
aquariuscall me Mr Irritable16:03
aquariusI wonder if it works if I do a pure web app?16:03
aquariusall I need is my custom script to fix up the styles, and a user agent override, and I believe they're both doable with a pure web app16:03
Elleoaquarius: I'm also wondering if it works if the app id is set from C++ prior to enabling the QmlEngine, you'd still need a tiny C++ wrapper for that though16:03
aquariusno C++ for me. :)16:04
Elleoaquarius: oh yeah, and friendly warning; Amazon's lawyers may pester you a bit ;)16:04
Elleoaquarius: but don't worry, they've been all bluster and no bite so far ;)16:05
aquariusElleo, that's why it's called Seshat. :P16:05
Elleoaquarius: yeah, on my first release their IP lawyers complained about the name (Firestarter) which is why it got changed to Erudite, and then shut up when I explained it was basically just a special web browser16:06
Elleoaquarius: but on the Symbian release the head of Kindle dev stuff moaned at me too, regardless of the name16:06
Elleoaquarius: and then eventually also stopped talking to me16:06
aquariusthat's a bit annoying.16:07
Elleoyeah, I think part of their complaint was that I was charging for it though16:07
ElleoI asked them if they'd stop hassling me if I made it free16:08
Elleoand they just stopped responding, so I left it as it was and stopped caring16:08
aquariusElleo, ah, right, I'm not gonna do that for this, it's too simple16:13
aquariusalthough I can't actually build a webapp, unusefully16:13
aquarius:-1: error: security_policy_groups_webapp (Seshat.apparmor): found unusual policy groups: debug16:14
aquariusbut I do not have debug in Seshat.apparmor!16:14
Elleoaquarius: that's normal16:14
Elleoaquarius: QtCreator adds that automatically when you deploy via QtCreator16:14
aquariusit's an exclamation-mark build error :(16:14
Elleoaquarius: if you go to the "Publish" page and then "Create click package" it'll make one without debug enabled16:14
aquariusand my user agent override isn't being used :(16:15
aquariusalex-abreu, is http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~webapps/unity-webapps-qml/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/data/all-in-same-folder/webapp-properties.json still correct?16:15
Elleoaquarius: are you able to do CSS overrides with webapp-container? I didn't think that was possible?16:15
aquariusElleo, according to daker and alex-abreu, yep -- I can add a user script16:16
Elleoah, okay; cool16:16
aquariusElleo, see http://paste.ubuntu.com/8642612/16:16
aquariusit is undocumented afaict :P16:16
Elleoaquarius: I have a feeling unity-webapps are different to webapps-container stuff16:16
Elleoaquarius: but I could easily be wrong16:16
aquariusit works, though; it's injecting my user script (yay!)16:17
Elleoah, cool16:17
aquariusbut it is *not* overriding the user agent16:17
aquariusso cloud reader barfs16:17
Elleoaquarius: I thought there was a commandline switch for the useragent with webapps-container?16:17
aquariusso did I think that16:18
aquariusthere is, afaict, not.16:18
aquariushence using the webapp-properties.json16:18
aquariusI might be wrong16:18
aquariusit is hard to know because there is no bleedin' documentation for this stuff :)16:18
alex-abreuaquarius, Elleo I cannot answer right (kids), but I'll get back to you a bit later (also on the datacache "bug")16:21
alex-abreuaquarius, for devtools you can override & use the oxide context devtoolsEnabled (and optionally devtoolsPort & devtoolsIp)16:21
Elleoaquarius: based on the code I think you should be able to use "--user-agent-string="16:22
aquariusalex-abreu, yep, I worked that one out abou the devtools (and wrote a little blog post about it :))16:22
alex-abreuaquarius, in the webbrtowser-app there is a flag, and the ubuntu webview  plugin uses an env var to gather the values (easier for AP) http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/webbrowser-app/trunk/view/head:/src/Ubuntu/Web/UbuntuWebContext.qml#L8616:22
alex-abreuElleo, aquarius yes you can (--user-agent...), but the trick is that when you use the webapp-properties you then have to switch exclusively to it (even for ua override defs)16:23
alex-abreuwhich is something inconvenient I plan to fix16:23
Elleoalex-abreu: ah, didn't realise that16:23
aquariusalex-abreu, I don't think that my user agent is being set by webapp-properties.json16:24
aquariusalex-abreu, should the key be "user-agent-override" ? I think that isn't working...16:24
Elleoaquarius: I have to head out for the evening now, good luck :) it'll be very cool to have the reader stuff working nicely on UT16:25
aquariusElleo, more news as it happens, and cheers for the pointers :)16:25
ElleoI'll be following with interest :)16:25
aquariusblimeym, I can't even find where th webapp model search path stuff even gets read16:28
aquariusalex-abreu, when you're back (no problem if you're dealing with kids, they're more important) I'd like to try and work out why my user-agent-override in webapp-properties.json is being ignored :(16:40
aquariusalex-abreu, ah. https://bugs.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app/+bug/1379497 is the problem. The user agent override just plain doesn't work :(18:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 1379497 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu RTM) "[webapp-container] UA Override from an optional webapp-properies.json file is not set" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:15
aquariusalex-abreu, ah. Also, a web app script is not loaded into every page that loads (including iframes); it's only loaded and inserted *once*, on the first page. Is that the way it's meant to work?18:36
aquariusalex-abreu, sadly, that makes web apps which need an injected script and a ua override unpublishable, I think, because the click reviewers tools say "should not specify --webappUrlPatterns when using --webappModelSearchPath".20:16
aquariusit feels a bit like nobody's testing this stuff end-to-end. :(20:16
aquariusI know that's an unfair criticism, of course.20:17
popeyperhaps that's why it's not documented?20:21
aquariushttps://bugs.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app/+bug/1406643 filed anyway.20:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 1406643 in webbrowser-app "Webapps requiring a content script and a UA override are unpublishable in the click store" [Undecided,New]20:21
aquariuspopey, if that's the case, if webapps with UA overrides are just not supported yet, then OK; I'd just like someone to say "don't bother writing these for a few months". :(20:22
aquariusmy amazon cloud reader app works now fine, but the click reviewers tools reject it in favour of insisting I take an approach which doesn't actually work :(20:24
popeydoes it reject in the store?20:30
aquariusI don't know. I am loath to upload something to the dtore which is explicitly disallowed by the review tools, even if the review tools are wrong.20:31
aquariusI can try it, I suppose, but I'm worried it might break things.20:31
popeywell the same tools run on the store to be fair so it should reject20:31
aquariusand in theory it *ought* to bin it.20:31
popeythe click works though?20:31
popeyyou dont have to publish it20:32
aquariushrm. The publish pane in Ubuntu SDK complains because the review tools fail. I didn't try actually building the click by hand and installing it20:33
aquariusI shall try that.20:33
aquariusok, the click works, afaict20:35
aquariuswant to try it?20:35
aquariusit is possible that it doesn't work if you have to log in first, and I can't find a way of clearing a webapp's stored data :(20:36
popeyaquarius: https://imgur.com/BpXCqfD20:38
aquariusit works for me in the emulator :(20:39
aquariusthat means that the user agent override isn't being applied.20:39
aquariusand I try to apply it *twice*, once in the desktop file (which should work) and once in the json overrides file (which ought to work and doesn't because of bug #1379497)20:40
ubot5bug 1379497 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu RTM) "[webapp-container] UA Override from an optional webapp-properies.json file is not set" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137949720:40
aquariuspopey, can you see the console output from it, somehow?20:40
aquariuscan you pastebin that?20:41
popeyaquarius: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9647457/20:41
aquariusok, so overriding in the json file doesn't work because of the bug, and overriding in the desktop file is being ignored.20:42
aquariusso, it is just flat not possible to build a webapp with an overridden user agent right now.20:42
aquariusand it's not possible to embed oxide in a pure qml app and do it that way either because of bug #140584420:43
ubot5bug 1405844 in webbrowser-app "Incorrect cachePath and dataPath set when using WebView with qmlscene" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140584420:43
aquariusso, nothin' works. Oh well. There's a day I'm not gonna get back, then. :(20:44
dakeraquarius: why ? you can set the useragent manually23:40
aquariusdaker, how? not in a web app, as far as I'm aware23:40
dakeraquarius: http://daker.me/2014/05/how-to-use-oxide-in-your-ubuntu-qml-application.html23:42
dakerUserAgent section23:42
aquariusdaker, https://bugs.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app/+bug/1405844 means that I can't use Oxide in a QML app.23:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1405844 in webbrowser-app "Incorrect cachePath and dataPath set when using WebView with qmlscene" [Undecided,New]23:42
aquariushence me trying to use a web app23:42
aquarius(also, this is clearly a webapp job; I don't need a qml wrapper here)23:43
dakerah yes :/23:43
aquariusdaker, hence I am blocked from progress. Hence sad face. :(23:51
dakeri see23:52
nhainesThis is also why I can't use the Amazon Cloud Reader on Ubuntu.23:53
aquariusnhaines, that's precisely what I've been trying to fix.23:53
aquariusand I can make the cloud reader work perfectly23:54
aquariusright here23:54
aquariusit works23:54
aquariusI just can't build the app which uses it because the user agent override, which works in my development version, is broken on the actual system.23:54
aquariusotherwise, it works :(23:54
nhainesaquarius: \o/23:55
aquariushttp://screencloud.net/v/5GJF and http://screencloud.net/v/5GJF23:55
aquariusyou are welcome to the code if you want it :)23:55
aquariusbut (a) user agent overrides don't work in a webapp-properties.json file (bug #1379497), (b) you can specify a user agent override on the .desktop file Exec line but (i) that gets rejected by the click review tools (bug #1406643) and (ii) works on my 14.04 machine and in my emulator but doesn't work on popey's more up-to-date device, and (c) I can't just make my own QML wrapper because Oxide can't save any data b23:58
aquariusecause it gets the data path wrong (bug #1405844).23:58
aquariusall paths to success are blocked.23:59
ubot5Error: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1379497 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1379497). The error has been logged23:59
ubot5bug 1406643 in webbrowser-app "Webapps requiring a content script and a UA override are unpublishable in the click store" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140664323:59
ubot5bug 1405844 in webbrowser-app "Incorrect cachePath and dataPath set when using WebView with qmlscene" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140584423:59
aquariusElleo got around problem (c) by writing a small C++ thing to get the paths correctly, but I'm not doing that.23:59

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