tumbleweedsuperfly: yes02:43
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Kiloshi ambo  and Frootloops 04:42
Kilosmorning theblazehen_ superfly inetpro nuvolari bushtech and others04:43
Kilosand Squirm 04:43
Kiloshi bduk 05:43
bdukMore Kilos  and everyone05:45
Kiloshi SubOracle 05:54
SubOracleHi Kilos05:55
Kilosmorning ThatGraemeGuy 06:10
ThatGraemeGuymornings :)06:18
Kiloshiho inetpro 07:07
ThatGraemeGuy'lo pro07:21
ThatGraemeGuywait, wait, one at a time guys, can't keep track of the conversation in here08:05
Kilosonly time we have life here anymore is meeting time08:11
ThatGraemeGuyyeah everyone stopped talking about minetest :P08:14
Kilosfunny only us 3g peeps and you seem to be mad about it08:18
ThatGraemeGuyfly comes on every now and then08:20
ThatGraemeGuyis our server even running anymore?08:20
* ThatGraemeGuy checks08:20
ThatGraemeGuyha it is08:21
ThatGraemeGuymaybe i should update it for a change08:21
Kiloshi samkelo 08:31
samkelohi Kilos08:31
Kilosok ty and you?08:32
Kilosare you on a cell phone?08:32
samkeloI doin' just fine08:32
samkeloNope, I am not on a cellphone... If I may ask, why r u askin?08:33
Kiloswe dont abbreviate everything08:33
samkeloAreOh!!! My goodness.... I am so used to using that ......08:33
Kiloswhere are you?08:34
samkeloEastern Cape08:34
Kiloswe have guys from all over here08:34
samkeloI guess of the them are from RSA08:35
Kilosoh there was a group in the PE area i think08:35
Kiloshavent seen them here for a long time08:35
Kilosmost are ZA yes but some in netherlands and UAE and so on08:36
Kilosbelguim and the uk and some at silicon valley in the states08:36
samkelothat's good to hear...08:36
samkeloInteresting!! 08:36
Kilossilicon valley stole some of our boffins08:36
samkelowhat's the name of the PE group?08:37
samkelochannel name?08:37
Kilosthey didnt name themselves i think but if i remember correctly they were at a varsity there08:37
samkeloyou say the silicon valley guys stole some of your boffins? How did they do it?08:38
Kilosby offering big salaries08:39
samkeloYeah, human capital normally follow cash in these days......08:40
samkeloI need to get hold of those PE guys as I am looking for EC based programmers...08:41
Kilosi wonder if they have a lug there08:42
samkeloI will see what comes of the search.....08:42
Kilosyou can try asking the capetown lug08:42
Kilosclug i think it is08:43
Kiloswhy dont you join our mailing list and ask there? many peeps that dont use irc use the mailing lists08:44
Kilosregister there and introduce your self and state your plans or ask for help08:45
samkelothanks Kilos08:45
bdukKilos:  weet jy hoe om die forum op 'n tab op te stel? Tapatalk? Ek kry nie die een as ek search nie08:48
Kiloseish! daai goet is te veel vir my08:54
Kilosmy sus het een, ek kyk maar net08:54
Kilosbushtech: gebruik jy die goed?08:55
bdukAg nee ek dag dan jys die slimste outjie hier08:55
Kilosnee man, die domste08:55
bdukGlo nie daai een nie08:56
Kilosmoenie op jou kop staan as jy vir my kyk nie08:56
Kiloswat se masal van die ding08:57
Kiloshy is slim08:57
bushtechKilos, no08:57
Kilosi battle just with whatsapp on the xperia08:58
Kilostablets to me are for headaches08:58
bdukHyt ook nie een nie. Ek kry ander forums wat ek wil gebruik maar nie die een nie, daar is 'n ubuntu-ru en nog een of twee ander08:58
bdukok nie van hulle gehou nie maar dis nogal handig08:59
Kilosjy moet kinders vra, hulle weet als08:59
bdukhet nie09:00
inetprowatse forums praat ons van?09:02
Kilosbduk: antwoord die pro man09:04
Kiloshy het kinders en is self een09:04
bdukinetpro: dink ek het 'n fout gemaak dink aan teveel ander goed. Miskien moet ek so vra. Dit wat hier gesels word, kan ek dit op my tab kry soos met tapatalk of rss feed of so iets?           besig Kilos man geduld09:05
Kiloso irc09:05
bdukor irc 09:05
inetprobduk: ah, maar dan moet jy net 'n irc client installleer09:05
KilosMaaz: google irc client for android tablets09:07
MaazKilos: "AndroIRC - The best IRC client for Android your device need" http://www.androirc.com/ :: "AndroIRC - Android Apps on Google Play" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androirc&hl=en :: "AndChat (Free) - Android Apps on Google Play" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.andchat&hl=en :: "Chatting On Android: The 4 Best IRC Client09:07
MaazApps - MakeUseOf" http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/chatting-android-best-irc-apps/ :: "IRCHelp.o…09:07
bdukEk kyk gou in die speel stoor09:07
inetprobduk: ek gebruik Quassel, maar help net as jy reeds 'n Quassel Core ook het09:07
inetproof eerder, op Android gebruik ek Quasseldroid09:08
bdukWat is quassel? ok. Ja die ouderdom sien nou andchat wat ek al gebruik het, Sal daai quassel droid probeer09:09
inetproAndroIRC lyk heel goed09:10
ThatGraemeGuyi have androirc on my phone09:10
ThatGraemeGuyi don't use it often enough to have any meaningful opinion of it though09:11
bushtechI use Yaaic on my droid phone09:11
ThatGraemeGuyit works and doesn't crash, i can say that much09:11
Kilosi wonder if my xperia can do that09:11
bdukNice to be in touch when not at the pc09:11
bushtechalso not used it enough to form an opinion09:11
inetprobduk: see http://quassel-irc.org/09:12
ThatGraemeGuyis it an android xperia?09:12
Kilosyeah ThatGraemeGuy 09:12
Kilostouch screen thing09:12
ThatGraemeGuythen yes, install it from the play store09:12
Kilosmini pro they call it09:12
ThatGraemeGuyI need to sell my phone sometime09:13
ThatGraemeGuyif anyone wants an htc one x, 32gb model, great condition, let me know :)09:13
Kilosthey too expensive them things09:13
ThatGraemeGuyR2k, good price i think09:14
AndChat|163449Aha looks like I done it09:23
inetprowb AndChat|16344909:23
bdukWhats that change nick command again?09:23
Kiloshaha well done09:24
inetproguess with that it's also time for me to update my core09:24
Kilos  /nick nick09:24
Kilosi dont even see the playstore on my xperia09:25
Kilosit wanted my gmail addy and all mails went there so i killed it i think09:25
Kilosinetpro: wat breek julle nou weer09:25
bdukweet nog nie09:26
inetproKilos: just updated our core from v0.8.0 to v0.10.109:27
Kilosso fast?09:27
inetproas easy as that09:27
bushtechKilos, don't think you can get into play store without logging in with gmail address09:28
Kilosya bduk most likely, but then it gets all my mails there too, 09:28
Kilosi even went and changed my password so it couldnt sync with mails all the time09:29
bushtechstop fighting google, you won't win :)09:30
Kilosmaybe i should get a new gmail account and use that09:32
ThatGraemeGuyyou don't have to sync your email09:32
ThatGraemeGuysign in to your google account and then go to account settings and turn of sync for gmail09:33
Kilosoh can you turn it off09:33
ThatGraemeGuyand whatever else you don't want to automatically sync09:33
Kiloscool ty lemme try09:33
ThatGraemeGuyyou're going to have a tough time using an android device without signing in to your google account09:34
bdukI dont like to use these other mails like google or hotmail 09:34
Kilosi actually just needed whatsapp so ian gave me his old fone09:35
Kilosbut dont like using it much'09:36
Kilosneed to change glasses and then sukkel with the tiny keyboard09:36
bdukThats why a tab is better the keybord is a bit bigger09:37
ThatGraemeGuynobody is forcing you to use gmail09:37
Kilosnee man09:37
Kilosi can buy an i5 cpu for the price of a tablet09:38
bdukYou are forsed to open an account to use the store 09:39
bduki was forsed to open a yahoo account also when i wanted to join the repeater-builder forum also. 09:40
bdukits true Kilos  but its difficult to carry an i5 around with you09:41
Kilosi had jirc on my nokia at one time09:42
Kilosbut big work on fones09:42
Kilosand always flat batteries sjoe09:42
bdukI wont put it on a phone. just so much easyer on a tab, i dont even watsup on my phone anymore, get spoiled with a tab. Leve the phone things for the young ones with the good eyes and only use the phone for calls09:44
bdukGoing to town quickly see you okes later09:45
Kilosi go mow some lawn10:06
magespawngood afternoon10:43
Kiloshi magespawn 10:59
inetproPortuguese Startup Brings WiFi To The City By Equipping Vehicles With Routers http://www.ubergizmo.com/2014/12/portuguese-startup-brings-wifi-to-the-city-by-equipping-vehicles-with-routers/11:03
inetproKilos: ^^11:03
Kilosi saw something similar in mybroadband mails inetpro 11:03
Kilosmaking a wifi web with taxis and things11:04
inetproyep, using NetRider devices11:04
Kilosthat still dont help us though11:04
inetprosomebody just needs to start something similar here man11:05
Kilosonce ive saved enough for an i5 cpu then ill start saving for the ptawug goodies11:05
Kiloshere? as in town?11:05
ThatGraemeGuyyou really need an i5?11:06
ThatGraemeGuylike some significant cpu-heavy thing you have to do?11:06
inetproVeniam turns vehicles into WiFi hotspots www.veniam.com11:07
Kilosi still battle with some things ThatGraemeGuy , like kde is slow on this dual core11:07
ThatGraemeGuykde is slow on everything :)11:07
ThatGraemeGuythat's more down to slow hard disk than your cpu, almost certainly11:07
Kilosrofl no man11:07
ThatGraemeGuybe careful you are putting your money in the right place11:07
Kilosdual cores are way behind arent they11:08
Kilosmb supports ddr311:08
Kilosso only the cpu is slow still here i think11:09
ThatGraemeGuyI'm just saying, for general browsing use, there's almost certainly a greater need for a faster hard disk or more ram than a better cpu11:09
Kilosand fancy graphics cards are just too expensive11:09
bushtechThatGraemeGuy, is right, I run ubuntu with kde on a ssd and it's pretty snappy11:09
ThatGraemeGuyyou don't need fancy graphics either unless you're gaming11:10
Kilosi have a newish 1TB sata drive in here11:10
ambono no no11:10
amboSSD :-D11:10
ThatGraemeGuyyeah i would far sooner spend on an SSD before a CPU 99% of the time11:10
Kilosssd too expensive for such tiny things11:10
ThatGraemeGuyhow much is an i5?11:10
ThatGraemeGuydude c'mon seriously11:10
ambohow much is a 64GB SSD ?11:11
ThatGraemeGuyget a small/medium ssd for your OS11:11
Kilos64g too small11:11
ThatGraemeGuydata can be on whatever slow SATA nonsense you have11:11
ThatGraemeGuymeh i give up, ok buy the i511:11
ThatGraemeGuydon't cry here if your speed issue doesn't change at all11:11
Kiloswont the cpu make a diffs11:12
ThatGraemeGuyalmost certainly not11:12
Kilosoh my11:12
ThatGraemeGuyyou should try tracking your cpu usage11:12
ThatGraemeGuyjust install munin or similar11:12
ThatGraemeGuyleave it alone and then check the graphs for your cpu usage over time11:12
ThatGraemeGuyand memory, etc11:13
ThatGraemeGuyalmost guaranteed you will find that spending money on cpu is completely wasted11:13
bushtechKilos, listen to da man11:13
* Kilos listening, munin installing11:14
bushtechos on small ssd, data on big drive ROCKS!11:16
bduki agree with that11:16
inetprofor interest sake, what is the cost of a 64GB SSD drive these days?11:17
bushtech& if your OS crashes your data is completely undisturbed11:18
ThatGraemeGuyinetpro: starting at around 700 iirc11:19
bushtech128Gb Corsair ssd R909 on takealot11:19
ThatGraemeGuyah even better11:19
Kilosok so explain then, the ssd is where you do your install right11:21
Kilosdo you then make /home on the sata drive11:21
Kilosor what goes where11:21
ThatGraemeGuyi'd have everything on ssd except data11:22
ThatGraemeGuyvideos, pics, whatever11:22
Kilosoh so your sata drive becomes only sleeping storage11:23
Kilosreading this11:25
inetproThatGraemeGuy: for longer drive life I would actually put /var on HDD11:28
inetprothough SSD would definitely be faster11:29
ThatGraemeGuyafaik the lifetime issues aren'11:29
ThatGraemeGuyafaik the lifetime issues aren't much of a hassle anymore unless you are doing a ton of writes11:29
ThatGraemeGuylike way way more than an average pc11:30
ThatGraemeGuybut I don't follow this stuff closely, just read stuff here and there, happy to be pointed in the right direction11:30
ThatGraemeGuyi mean you have laptops nowadays that only have ssd, and last plenty long11:30
ThatGraemeGuymine is already more than a year an no sign of slowdown11:31
ThatGraemeGuymy BIOS POST takes longer than the O/S booting11:31
ThatGraemeGuyI was lucky this was the laptop they gave me but now that I've used SSD I will never own a PC without one11:33
ThatGraemeGuythe difference is insane11:33
inetprotheblazehen_: thanks for mentioning ncdu the other day11:34
ThatGraemeGuyinetpro: also check kdirstat if its on a GUI machine11:35
inetproThatGraemeGuy: I've used kdirstat a lot11:35
inetproprefer the cli as much as possible though11:35
* inetpro surprised to see a 2GB /usr/lib11:37
inetprogrown quite a lot since my last check11:38
Kilosgaan ons koop inetpro 11:39
inetproKilos: I'm happy with my performance11:39
Kilosya but you arent using a dual core i bet11:40
Kilosim very tempted ThatGraemeGuy 11:42
Kiloscan buy one soon11:42
ThatGraemeGuycpu isn't the bottleneck for the massive majority, didn't you hear what we said11:42
Kilosyes i heard11:43
Kilosoh sorry what command do i use for munin?11:43
ThatGraemeGuydid you install it already?11:44
ThatGraemeGuyjust 'apt-get install munin'11:44
Kilosi looked at man munin inetpro 11:44
Kilosi did aptitude install munin11:44
ThatGraemeGuyyeah same thing11:44
Kilosbut dunno how to start it11:45
Kilosor where it is11:45
ThatGraemeGuyit runs every 5 mins, you can find the files it generates in /var/cache/munin/www i think11:45
ThatGraemeGuytry /var/cache/munin/www/index.html in a browser11:46
KilosThis webpage is not found11:48
KilosNo webpage was found for the web address: file:///var/cache/munin/www/index.html%20in%20a%20browser11:48
ThatGraemeGuyI think its time for you to take a stretch your legs break :P11:48
Kilosoh my11:49
Kilosmowing lawn is hard work11:50
Kilosthey shoulda shot rolux magnum when he trecked through africa11:50
bdukHere Kilos  get out of the sun...file:///var/cache/munin/www/index.html11:51
bdukor go to that file and rightclick open with browser11:52
Kilosi have it running in browser, but been running too short a time to see much11:53
Kilosi should have used this /var/cache/munin/www/index.html11:54
bdukLots of info there i think i must go mow a lawn11:54
Kilosnot with the in a browser at the end as well11:54
bdukthat wont work11:55
ThatGraemeGuyyeah that's why i said you install it and leave it for a while11:55
ThatGraemeGuylike a week or so11:55
ThatGraemeGuyand just do your normal stuff you do on the pc11:55
bdukThe problem for us over 50's is that we cant remember this next week, hell cant even remember what i had for breakfast11:56
Kilosbut im convinced about the ssd. have saved 1400 towards the i511:57
Kilosso can get one then maybe if its as fast as you say save further for a wireless setup11:57
Kiloshow do they connect in your pc?11:58
Kiloslike this scsi drive i have needs a controller11:59
bdukHave you bin in the sun again Kilos?11:59
ThatGraemeGuyhow do SSDs connect?12:00
Kilosdont tune me man tell me how do you connect the ssd?12:00
ThatGraemeGuysame way a normal rust-spinning disk does12:00
Kilosoh same sata cable?12:00
Kiloslovely. ty12:00
Kiloswill get one12:00
ThatGraemeGuysame interface different controller and physical media12:01
Kilosbduk: you using a ssd?12:04
bduknope was to expensive for me sofar but i am interested12:05
bdukSorry yes in my work laptop yes12:05
Kilosim just band that i get messages like your /  partition is full12:09
ThatGraemeGuywhat are you doing that could possibly fill up /12:09
Kilosi dunno12:10
Kilosive had that message a couple of times over the years12:10
ThatGraemeGuyif by some weird circumstance / fills up you just clean it up a bit12:13
ThatGraemeGuythis isn't windows, it isn't the end of the world :)12:14
Kilosalso that was on them old drives12:14
Kilosso who knows12:14
Kilosnow im scheming about whether to get the 128g rather than the 64g ssd12:15
bdukmy 2 cents, im thinking 2 x 64 and use one as an imige backup12:16
Kilosim just scared of buying a rubbish one12:23
Kilosis transcend good or cheapy12:23
bdukI have no idea, but if you want to wait till next week i can ask my supplier and mabe get it at a better price from him.12:27
bdukI will rather buy from him then i know where it came from and there will be a guarentee12:27
Kilosdoes he deliver?12:28
Kilosor where is he12:28
bdukhe is in Centurion but he work in Rosslyn and all over i dont think it will be much of a problem12:29
bduk2I think I'll get one february12:35
=== bduk1 is now known as bduk
ThatGraemeGuybuy 2 and RAID1 them together12:54
Kilosim trying to find where that place is13:09
Kilosthey want 6 to 9 days shipping time13:09
Kilosby then ive forgotten about ssds13:10
Kilosinetpro: ian says you can get wifi on our busses like greyhound15:21
Kilosso we getting there15:21
Kiloswb bduk 15:22
inetproKilos: ai!16:47
Kiloswat nou inetpro ?16:48
inetproKilos: the idea with the above story about wifi is almost like that of the WUGs16:49
Kiloswhat no internet?16:50
inetprono man!16:50
inetproyou share the interwebs with everyone 16:50
inetproyou get the widest possible coverage at the lowest possible cost16:52
Kilosi8s that bad?16:52
inetproall I'm saying is that what you get in the greyhound bus is most likely some isolated network only for the passengers16:54
Kilosas dit goed is hoekom ai! jy man16:54
Kilosoh eventually i see what you are getting at16:54
Kilosi should do like you and say i dont understand that16:55
inetprowhat we really need in this lovely country of ours is for peeps to start thinking big16:55
inetprolike they have done in Portugal16:56
Kilosi think local taxis are also starting to supply wifi16:57
Kilostalk to them and tell them how to get better16:57
Kilosinetpro: you must worry more about getting mobile data costs down17:17
Kilosor getting wireless to us17:19
inetprowat verstaan jy nie van "you get the widest possible coverage at the lowest possible cost"?17:24
Kilosjy meen ek sal dit hier kan kry?17:26
Kilosman dont give me other stuff to think about now. ssd is main aim now17:31
Kiloswb ThatGraemeGuy 17:57
ThatGraemeGuyty :)18:05
ThatGraemeGuyhaha yourself o_O18:14
* inetpro was laughing at Kilos18:32
inetproThatGraemeGuy: he said, "man dont give me other stuff to think about now. ssd is main aim now"18:33
inetproKilos: why so quiet now?19:21
Kilosian is here. im trying to convince him to take me to get a ssd19:40
Kiloshi samkelo 19:40
Kiloswhere would i get one here in pta inetpro ?19:41
Kiloshe only knows rustenburg pc suppliers19:41
inetprooh goodness, I have no clue19:42
Kilosbut thats far to go19:42
inetprosurely every PC shop has something?19:42
inetproimportant is that you know your pricing19:43
Kilosi have no idea but he wants to go home and water his plants so i might go with19:43
Kiloswell ill get him to fone first, ive seen prices from online shops19:43
inetprodon't rush into it19:43
Kilosthen i can compare19:44
inetprolisten to what ThatGraemeGuy said!19:44
Kiloswhat did he say19:44
inetpro<ThatGraemeGuy> yeah that's why i said you install it and leave it for a while19:44
inetpro<ThatGraemeGuy> like a week or so19:44
inetpro<ThatGraemeGuy> and just do your normal stuff you do on the pc19:44
Kilosoh on the munin thing19:45
inetproyebo yes19:45
inetprootherwise you won't be able to compare19:45
Kilosya but i want it now19:45
inetproyou sound like my kids19:45
Kilosyou remember the need for speed blog19:46
Kilosdo you still have my blog19:47
Kilosi wanted to restore it but some pages are missing19:47
inetprouh, no19:47
* inetpro never had a copy of it19:47
Kilosya man19:48
Kilosi mailed it to you years ago19:48
Kilosyou even made me rewrite one that was gone19:48
Kilosthen still had the cheek to tell me it wasnt the same19:49
inetproKilos: I just have this one: http://slexy.org/view/s21iCxiEZm19:52
Kiloswonderful. ty inetpro 19:53
Kiloslemme see if i have need for speed19:53
Kilosinetpro:  http://slexy.org/view/s2RCmi1q2N19:59
Kilosi think thats the whole one. when i fetched them off blogspot i didnt do it carefully enough20:00
inetproah I remember now, nice little story20:04
inetprobut that was not all of it20:05
inetprostill some stories missing20:05
Kilosthat was the need for speed one only i have lots more but not sure which fits where20:05
Kilosill try get ian to help me sort them20:06
KilosThatGraemeGuy: go read the need for spped20:06
Kilosspeed too20:06
Kilosthe one where i got rebooted i dont see inetpro 20:07
inetproand you mentioned there, "Somewhere in this time I even joined Facebook. Good I didnt leave this out. Becomes very important later."20:07
Kilosi remember that bit. will look when im more awake. but now you letting me forget the ssd20:10
Kilosty for the help inetpro 20:27
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:27
inetprogood night20:27

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